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HELLO hello first of all your art is one of my favorite thing in the world you have no idea how happy it makes me !!! also i was wondering if comics were hard to draw ? like.. do you use references for every panel or just go with the flow and see what happens ? im really curious :D i hope im not bothering, have a great day!!!! 💓💗💖💕

hello!! thank you a lot for the praise, I’m so glad I can make you happier with my art!! <3
I haven’t been making comics for very long to be honest, and I’m still learning a lot. obviously my main influences are manga, but I think no matter your style the key is to…read a lot of comics and pay attention to how they are constructed?
for the little comics I’ve been posting here, I honestly don’t put much thought about it other than those small rules: make it vertical so it’s easily readable on tumblr’s dashboard (as in, I don’t draw two panels next to the other) ; and make it as short as possible to avoid clogging said dashboard (haha…)
my advice would be to start drawing a draft/story board of your entire comic before making a finished version. I didn’t save any drafts of the tododekus I’ve done but I guess it should look like something like this

A.K.A the “I don’t care about drawing itself, I’m focusing on composition, panels placement, gag-delivery, etc”

my example isn’t very good but if you guys are interested in this I can post actual drafts next time

hope this helps a little bit..! I’m wary about giving advices because I still have a loooooot to learn myself…

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I'm honestly so done with Miraculous tbh... :/ I feel your pain. The only things that interests me now is the Gabriel/mama Agreste plot. And they delayed the realease date AGAIN. They said it was this Fall. December is def. not Fall... (Anyway but the Voltron panel was beautiful. They got to watch episode one. (There was a klance moment and I'm CRYING AND SCREAMINGGG.)

i guess i should have wasted my time watching the voltron panel! and now im angry bc i could have seen a stream of it if there was any and bc of this damned panel! 
I can’t even express how sad i am bc this panel was bad, very bad. They keep spoiling useless stuff, revealing some useless stuff and they don’t share much good content. I was expecting so many things and yet nothing. And the release date is another good shit, they delay it more times than the times i change my clothes! I just….. I can’t explain! It was bad and i’m sure that a big part of the fandom kinda knows that?
I mean what was the fucking necessity to reveal who was going to be troublemaker?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!? i love penny but man i guess we could live very well without knowing that fact until december.

About gabe and mama agreste, yep they and their rare friends are the main reason for me to be here lmao (tbh there was even a small thing in may where thomas spoke about them but i cant find that persicope rip) but yep i hope we find more about them on s2 and that things develop on a nice way idk
(now i’m getting very sleepy and that’s why i’ll stop writing now otherwise i’ll only scream more nosense lmao, but hey if you want to cry w/ me about gabe and his missing wife my askbox will always be open heh)


A little sketch comic about how bisexuality is totally cool and good and not bad.

The format is cliché!  I know.  But it makes it easy to talk about things I want to talk about.  Thanks for reading!

(I shouldn’t have to say this, but since a lot of people wanted to educate me on twitter: The words listed in panel seven [yes even in the parentheticals!] are just examples of how often acceptable language around gender and sexuality changes.  They are not lists of synonymous words, and many of them are now considered unacceptable.  That’s why they’re on the list. That’s what the list IS. I know.)


White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

SHOOT Reunion Panel

Sarah and Amy had lunch together a couple weeks ago - they are good friends and they have a lot in common so keeping in touch is fun.

Sarah’s favorite things about Shaw: her eating food with knives.
She also says Shaw’s foreplay would have been cutting each other and punching each other and biting.
Shaw was masculine and always equal to the boys - never portrayed otherwise. That was her most favorite part - how tough and violent.

Amy’s favorite part about Root? “I think Sarah should answer.”
Amy loved getting to flirt with and annoy Shaw, because Sarah is good at portraying the anger. “But I knew she loved me.”
“Both the characters kind of ran things - the girls in charge” - Amy on Shoot

Sarah’s fave ep was 6741!
Sarah took the role because it went to dark places you don’t get to go to on TV.
Sarah’s fave scene: end of 6741 by the carousel! It was very challenging but will always be the 1st thing she thinks of when thinking of POI
Sarah says “I only look good because Amy makes me look good.”

Amy says she liked the part (in 6741) “was when Sarah was biting me”
Amy says she loves their first meeting - the iron and all the sexual tension.
“Was this relationship always meant to happen?” Sarah: (shouting) YES! F**K YEAH!!

“How do you prepare to do a different version of the character, like in 6741?” SARAH: Acting is a lot of human psychology and we are all more than just one thing. With actors you find the closest part of you to the character; she tried to tap into herself there.
Sarah: “There were plenty of times when I was playing Shaw that I didn’t know if I was doing a good job.”
Sarah: I wasn’t supposed to emote much, but we aren’t like robots.

SS: “Kissing Amy is like biting into the most succulent peach. It’s sweet & juicy & just a little wet. It’s better than your dream, sister.”

Someone asked them to improve a scene and Amy says “Hasn’t someone here written some fanfic? … We’ll do a stage reading of anyone’s fic.”
Sarah and Amy acting out Root coming back alive.
“Did you miss me?”
“Is that you?”
“Are you ready for this?”
“I’ve never been more ready”
“Look behind you”
(They [fake] kiss)

Someone asked about SHOOT kinks and Amy just said “we’re gonna keep things ziptied.”

Sarah says Shaw definitely realized she loved Root back in s4; that at the beginning she didn’t have a thing for Root & took her by surprise
“In an alternate universe the two of them were together and made little SHOOT babies.” - Sarah
Sarah says in s4 the flirtations started working, like when Root picked her up on the bike & when Shaw realized she needed Root to help her
Sarah says 6,741 was a result of the fans feedback on Twitter.

Amy says that Root got her hacker skills from playing Oregon Trail.

Sarah said kissing your friend is like kissing your sister.

Amy says the weird part is the audience of the cast and crew when shooting, but she was glad Sarah was there.
Amy also said that there’s not a person she’d rather have that experience with than Sarah. (About shooting 6741)

Amy says Root made the decision in s5 she did because if she chose Shaw, there would be no world anyway.
Amy also says that being The Machine was the closest Root could get to having both.

Sarah likes doing films because you can take more chances and move at a slower pace.
Amy likes TV because you gain a family in the crew & the characters get to evolve and change. “But I guess shows can be cancelled.”

“In canon we see Shaw has a PD, and Root probably does as well, how does that change the way you approach the characters?”
Amy says that’s where you got a lot of quirks of the characters, but you just play them as truthful to what’s on the page.
Sarah says she remembers she had to look up Axis II disorders to learn how to play things accurate.

Sarah loved working w/Bear b/c the takes were different because you had to work w/what he wanted to do. “You’re not gonna out cute the dog”
Amy telling a story about how they were shooting outside and it was SO COLD they were both getting frostbite but they had to keep shooting. But then the animal handler came & had to take Bear because it was too cold for him, so she was jealous.

When asked, “Did Root have a crush on Hannah?” Amy said, “She was before your time, you don’t have to be jealous.” To Sarah.

Talking about new projects- Sarah: It’s kind of like a TV version of Inception. She goes into people’s subconscious to help them.
Sarah also did an Amazon pilot called “Halfway House” where she plays a meth addict.

Amy says she’s afraid to talk about her new project.

Sarah closes the panel by acknowledging the support of fans and is thankful because they’re why they are where they are.

Thank you to starrymag

Hey just a few things from Irene Koh at the ECCC panel

- Irene Koh says Korra and Asami will kiss twice

- She ships Zutara

- She also says she’s a firebender and her favorite specialized type of bending is lightning bending

- She says Mike and Bryan have allowed her to include elements in the comics that they didn’t include in the show. More on that later

- She also says she sometimes includes her boyfriend as a background character and lets him get beat up by the likes of Jinora

- Speaking of which, she says there will be interaction between Jinora and Kai as the airbenders will feature prominently in this

- She’s also included some Korean and South Asian characters in the comics

- And she also says she doesn’t check Tumblr much anymore because y'all don’t know how to act and made her feel uncomfortable here (good job!)

I also have footage of the panel and will upload it to my YouTube channel later.

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hit me up w/ some voltron goodness 8)

Lance puts his foot down, and Shiro/Slav have a long overdue talk.

Shiro never figured Lance for the snapping type. They all had their moments, under the constant stress of intergalactic rebellion, but Lance kept a reasonably calm lid on it – his self-titled “rivalry” with Keith aside. Looking at him now, there is only surprise at the way he’s holding himself, the set of his expression: Lance looks both nervous and pissed off.

‘Keith – could you give us a minute?’ he says, in a deliberately calm voice. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Keith hesitate, as if reading the tenseness of the situation and worrying that it might get out of hand. ‘Now, Keith. Go check on Slav’s sector.’

Reluctantly, and with a suspicious look at them both, Keith exits. Lance looks even more nervous when he does. More so when silence settles on them, and he raises a brow at Lance. Well? says the look, say what you have to.

‘I just… you’re way too hard on him,’ Lance repeats, a far cry from the irritated way he’d snapped Can’t you just cut Slav some slack? ‘He’s trying to help, Shiro. I-it’s not… he doesn’t mean to annoy you. It’s just how he… is.’

‘Excuse me?’ His previous calm turns to surprise. He keeps his voice low, not meaning to menace – but Lance scowls a little deeper, mistaking it for nonchalance.
Don’t, Shiro. You sound just like Iverson when you do that, a-and he was an ass,’ Lance says, voice rising only in pitch. Angry and nervous, like a cornered cat. Shiro takes a small step back to give him breathing room, but Lance stays tense. ‘Slav only wants to help. You treating him like a nuisance isn’t – it’s not fair, okay. He can’t help being jumpy; he was a prisoner for ages –’

It takes a second or two for that to sink in. When Shiro goes quiet, when his stare goes vacant as he processes this, Lance steps forward, speech picking up momentum as he grew more defensive.

‘– and it’s not easy to adapt out here,’ there’s a note of hurt in his voice, and it hits Shiro more than the chastising. ‘Slav got taken from his people and thrown into a war just like we did. He’s handling it different. YOU handled it different, we all did. I thought you’d understand him because of it, since you both got tortured by the Galra.’

That’s almost an accusation, and now Shiro fully understands what has Lance so fired up, so recalcitrant. And that understanding brings with it a sense of guilt, especially with the way Lance had said I THOUGHT you’d understand.

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Touka always stands out from the rest of the people Kaneki cares about

this isn’t very important but it might give you some touken feels so heya.

Something I really take into consideration is the fact that Touka always, always stands out from the rest of the people when it comes to Kaneki’s feelings.

In chapter 72, Kaneki having saved Yomo from Arima, Ayato being there as well and having left Hinami behind… the first person he looks at, is Touka. He doesn’t even look at Yomo to ask him if he’s alright (poor uncle), second page of the chapter and his eyes are already glued on Touka in a huge panel.

then he thinks of everyone, asking if they managed to escape, but the first person he mentions is Touka. He was there exclusively to save Hinami, he could have said “I hope Hinami and the others are okay”, but he puts Touka first.

then comes Ayato, explaining how everyone trust in him and expect great things from him, but he doesn’t include Touka within the rest, he dedicates a huge special panel to his sister, excluding her from the rest of the people he cares about, making like a honorific mention. 

Then here. Kaneki says that it was “Yoshimura’s perspective” what made him change his mind and recognize his mistakes, but he thinks solely of Touka. 

Same here. He’s thanking everyone, but dedicates a panel to think especially about her.

I’m probably missing more scenes, but my point is that Touka most of the time stands out from the rest of the people he cares about, and everyone (including Kaneki) acknowledges something to her, she always gets a special panel when the scene is focusing on Kaneki’s feelings towards others, she’s always being separated from the rest, implying how important she is for him, in a different way compared to the other characters. 

There are so many things about this panel that kill me.

1. Alfred always assuring Jason that they all love him and this is his home.
2. Jason accepting it.
3. Roy teaching Damian how to play football.
4. The fact that Damian dies in like a week or two after this panel.

Just a short little comic thing..yeah. :D

Panel 1- Judy: Nick! Hey Nick! Where are you going? 

Panel 2- Judy: Nick!!…Hey what’s the matter? Why are leaving? I thought we were having a good time?

Nick: Oh so now you want to give me your attention…I thought that hunky tiger was all you wanted to care about. How pretty he is..how muscular he is..

Judy: That was hours ago Nick…..I..I didn’t know it hurt you like, I was just playing around…

Panel 3- Nick: Well I don’t want your apology now..it’s too late for that.

Judy: I didn’t think you would take it so hard Nick, I’m sorry. 

Panel 4- Nick: Yeah you better be! How do you think I feel when you compare me to someone like that!!!

Judy: B-but I wasn’t comparing-

Nick: Well you didn’t have to do it right in front of me. Even if it was a joke…I can’t..compare to that anymore..now that I’m like..this..I look gross..I feel gross. I’m all swollen in my stomach, my ankles, feet. Everything aches I struggle to move around and bump into things by accident. I’m sloppier, I’m more…gassy than normal….I get nauseous from certain smells. I CONSTANTLY have to pee all the time! I..I..just don’t feel or look like the fox I used to be okay!?

Panel 5- Judy: *rushes over and embraces Nick* Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say that about yourself! There’s nothing you should be ashamed of. 

Panel 6- Judy: *looks up at Nick with a soft smile on her face* Why would you think of something so silly? You’re still the same, handsome fox I became close with…*boops his nose* And like I said before you’re still a beautiful red fox and nothing will change that. 

Nick: I’m sorry, it’s just that…y’know..I’m more sensitive to things now. Just hearing you compliment anyone makes me kinda jealous now, especially if their looks are better than mine…I was being a dumb, hormonal fox.

Panel 7- Judy: Yeah you were, but I’m not gonna let you take all the blame. I’m sorry too. I should have thought about what I was doing and how they might hurt you. And don’t be so down about the way you look, you’re just pregnant. A lot of pregnant women go through this and feel like they’re not attractive anymore.

Nick: I don’t understand how females get through all this every time..it’s so stressing…and emotional.

Judy: As long as they have someone who can support them and make sure they’re loved and happy, they’ll be okay in the end. Just like how you have me.

Panel 8- Nick: *Hugs Judy* Thanks Carrots…

Judy: No problem, I’ll always accept you no matter how huge..or gassy..you get.

Nick: *chuckles* And I appreciate that..

Panel 9- Nick: …………wait…*pulls away from the hug* …I’m huge? Really. Are you serious? *glares*

Judy: (Oh sweet cheese!) Oh! No..I didn’t mean it that way! I-I was using it as an example!!

Nick: You couldn’t have chose a better way to say that….

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Hi! I was wondering how you feel about non-AZA accredited zoos. The Pittsburgh Zoo lost their accreditation a few years ago (because of an issue with one of their programs I think) but I still think it's an excellent zoo. Do zoos have to be AZA accredited to be good zoos?

Congratulations, you have pinpointed one of the largest cans of worms in the animal care industry! The response I’m about to give you is absolutely, definitely controversial - because honestly, there’s no one answer that everyone will agree with. 

I do not believe that lack of AZA accreditation should automatically condemn a zoo. (They will probably be very unhappy with me for stating this, since they’ve been advocating since at least the 1970′s for the government to recognize them as the only accrediting authority and shut down every facility they don’t accredit). As far as animal care, education, and conservation work goes AZA accreditation is the best reliable indicator of quality for public - but there’s a lot of reasons a zoo might choose not to be accredited in the first place, or might lose accreditation, or might choose not to be re-accredited. So no, not all “good zoos” must be AZA - but the public needs to be much more critical consumers in order to determine which non-AZA facilities are good zoos. 

One of the biggest reasons a zoo may not be AZA accredited is functional. AZA accreditation is designed to support and accredit primarily large urban zoos with a lot of funding. It really isn’t a good fit for smaller suburban or rural zoos: those that do decide to go for AZA accreditation spend years and a huge amount of money trying to meet AZA’s standards, and even after all that work not every non-urban zoo decides to stay accredited because the priorities of AZA doesn’t necessarily line up with what the organization needs to do to survive or what the community that supports it wants to see at their local zoo. This could be, for instance, that the type of education and conservation messaging AZA wants to see from its facilities isn’t appropriate for a rural setting or that the internal structure of the organization that AZA requires just isn’t functional at a smaller zoo. Mill Mountain Zoo, in Roanoke, Virginia, recently mutually split from AZA because it just wasn’t a good fit - but their animal care programs are still the same, and AZA thinks highly enough of them that they’re still allowed to participate in highly prestigious SSPs such as snow leopards, pallas cats, and red wolves. 

Another reason a zoo may not be accredited is because of differences in agreements over animal care requirements. Lack of accreditation due to these types of issues can’t really be qualified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reasons because each case is so individual. Sometimes facilities choose not apply for AZA accreditation in the first place because of a known conflict with their requirements. To pick a controversial example - and this is only a hypothetical - a facility like Myrtle Beach Safari would probably choose not to apply for AZA accreditation because their facility breeds color morph tigers, which AZA standards prohibit. The facility’s entire philosophy around tiger breeding and exhibition would have to shift drastically in order for them to make the changes AZA would require. Other times, facilities choose to leave AZA and/or purposefully lose their accreditation because of a disagreement over new rules. That’s what happened with Pittsburgh. Management at Pittsburgh didn’t agree with the requirement that all AZA zoos transfer over to working their elephants in protected contact, and eventually chose to lose the zoo’s AZA accreditation - and all the grants and federal exemptions that go along with it - in order to continue working with their elephants in the manner they believed was best for their specific animals. 

It’s also worth noting that some facilities may choose not to be part of AZA because of political reasons. AZA is notoriously condemnatory to any facility they don’t accredit. I’ve heard a lot of AZA staffers and surrogates, including directors or upper management at AZA facilities, say really nasty things about rural or smaller zoos with incredible frequency. They call them “roadside zoos” and though there’s no actual definition of the term, the official AZA usage appears to denote “anyone AZA doesn’t accredit.” (I wrote more about that here, if you’re interested in that specific political rabbit hole.) AZA as an organization itself appears to have partnered with HSUS in the fight to shut down all “roadside zoos” - including an officially sanctioned panel addressing it at the 2016 national conference - and the CEO of HSUS has been indicating in his messaging that AZA is now helping them police the rest of the zoo industry. This treatment doesn’t necessarily get better when a zoo starts working towards accreditation - I know someone whose facility was referred to as a “roadside zoo” literally as they were being congratulated for having been accredited. The official AZA messaging is that it has a cordial and professional relationship with other accrediting bodies like the ZAA - but they consistently publish documents that denigrate ZAA’s credibility as a professional organization and urge lawyers and lawmakers to not only ignore their input but even help regulate them out of existence. With that sort of blatant political enmity, it’s understandable that zoos external to AZA might be utterly uninterested in working to join the group that constantly publicly attacks their existence and professionalism and instead go it alone or join a different accrediting group. 

I would also hazard a guess that more organizations may choose not to associate with AZA given their apparent inclination to partner closely with animal rights organizations like HSUS. Smaller zoos get harassed endlessly by the animal rights organizations, regardless of their actual quality, and would absolutely have no interest in working to gain membership in a trade group that appears to be in bed with their long-time antagonists. 

Tl;dr: Accreditation and who has what why is really complicated. It’s not as simple as the “good vs bad” messaging AZA has been promoting. It’s very tied into industry politics, animal care philosophies, and the practical realities of running zoos. As discussed above, there are all sorts of reasons a zoo might choose to not get or to forfeit AZA accreditation. Some are reasonable, some are not, and it ends up being something consumers have to study in depth for each non-AZA facility they’re interested in to figure out if they want to support it.  

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hello gin!!! your newest update for 'price of a soul' is amazing! can i ask you to talk about all this symbolism in the comic (and also why do you love to hurt us so much with it)


I think the most important thing I wanted to work on this comic is how it is told from Tamashi’s eyes. That’s how I decided to build the characters through the story, for example, what Tamashi sees most is Allen’s face, honest, straightforward, kind, sweet, smiling, always open and welcoming: 

Whereas he doesn’t see Kanda’s face, Kanda is always turned to him. And when he does, it’s from an low angle:

I had fun thinking it would be important that we, as Tamashi, know of Kanda what he does: Kanda is the father he doesn’t know anything of. Intimidating, scary, tall, unreachable, always with his back turned on him. (With his back turned to him, but I guess you wouldn’t offer your back to an enemy). I aim to, gradually, expose Kanda’s features as Tamashi grows confident, making him look more human and less of a jerk than what he does now (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also have you noticed how everyone bends forward to talk to Tamashi? Or squats down to be at his level? So Tamashi can stare directly at them. It’s a very simple gesture but it’s one that says I’m reducing my world to your perspective because you are as important, which Kanda never does.

The first time I read DGM i had to go through the Alma arc three times to made sure I fully understood Kanda (I keep thinking there are hints of his personality I keep missing, as I do with Allen… DGM is such an amazing artwork) so when I thought of him for this story I wanted to be very careful building the conceptualism around a character that has never forgiven himself and doesn’t want redemption. Can you imagine, you spend your life trying to fulfill a promise of love and then you find out -because you slipped once, only once, you are as human as the rest even if it might not seem so-, that you have a kid you never intended on having, even less with someone you’ll never love maybe not even remember, who kinda looks like Alma when they were kids, who is called Tamashi, who, surprise, is there to bite him in his ass. Tamashi is the perspective of a future Kanda never allowed himself to have and now he’s forced to deal with it (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Good thing Allen is here to be the bridge between present Kanda and past Kanda, Allen you angel  (//▽//)ゞ So, basically, what we see of Kanda is an unforgiving Kanda, intimidating, pretending to not mind when he so clearly does (in the last update with Tamashi sleeping outside of Kanda’s room he spends there looking at the boy how long? Five minutes? Ten? He didn’t awoke Tamashi either, just lets him be. He’s trying to make his way out of this without a fuss but OH YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY KANDA The denial Is Strong). 

Oh! Also I was very careful with colors and including some… … … … little details (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ 

Both panels with the flowers are very important…! they are different types of flowers in different palettes… Allen’s one are somewhat fresh and rainy, so springy, whereas Kanda’s seem to be floating on an abandoned place… Pretty, but isolated (•̀௰•́ ) This is funny because oH WELL SPOILER I GUESS / CRASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW AND FLIES INTO THE SUN


Lindsey Morgan deserves all of the love in the world and here’s why...

For those of you who don’t know, I was at the Unity Days convention. I was there for all 3 days. Lindsey was asked by a fan at the “The 100 Women Panel”, the last panel before the closing panel, about Raven’s disability. The question was ‘what is it like acting with the brace on?’ Lindsey revealed something about her role that I had never heard before. I don’t know if she has ever said this publicly before but it made the respect I have for her as a person and as a performer grow tenfold. 

The brace actually causes imbalance in Lindsey’s body. Her leg and hip are a bit messed up because of it. Alongside that, her shoulder on the same side of her body as the brace was dislocated in season 3, while she was under the possession of ALIE..

Due to wearing the brace and the dislocated shoulder, her physiotherapist has said that her body is basically crooked. She has to do physiotherapy exercises and she has to be very careful with her left side. 

Despite all of this, Lindsey said she wouldn’t trade her job for anything. She loves being Raven. She loves showing people that your weaknesses can become your strengths. 

I don’t know what Lindsey said that made people start sending her this hate. I was not there when she allegedly said, “Bellarke is boring.” It might have been at a meet and greet but I don’t know if she ever said this or in what context.

What you need to know is that Lindsey had been working all day on Saturday filming for the show. She was very sick today and was taking a lot of NyQuil. She said so herself at the Welcome panel and I heard her manager speak about this as well. Despite being sick and working like a dog, she still came to the Con. She still made time for us. She’s amazing for doing that. At 4:30, the closing panel ended and Lindsey had to immediately run to go do stunt rehearsal. They have 3 more days of filming. Basically, she left the con to go straight back to work. The work that she has to do physical therapy for! She probably read all those nasty tweets on the way to the set. How awful. How can anyone who was at the convention say these hateful things about her? After hearing how much she gives and gives for this show. 

I think it’s okay for me to share this. She said this in full confidence at the panel. She wouldn’t have shared these stories knowing that this information about the brace could spread. Let me emphasize that she never blamed the show! She never said “oh the 100 is so crap because they gave me a brace that hurts my body.” She never, ever said that. Or anything like it. She loves her coworkers. She loves playing Raven and inspiring people through her. She was nothing but positive and I don’t understand what’s so difficult about giving that positivity back. She was on fire, guys. She gave multiple long, inspirational speeches about loving yourself and turning your weaknesses into strengths. She said she loves the fans. These cons reenergize her because the fans inspire her. 

If you want to debate me on this, save your breath. There is no reason to hate on Lindsey Morgan. There’s no reason to be nasty. Choose kindness, please! You might find that you’ll end up as a happier person when you choose kindness instead of hate. 


Chuuya explicitly declares that he attempted to kill Dazai in the past.

boi better give me a backstory quickly

(Scanlation credit: EGScans)

EDIT: Some people have been bringing up that Chuuya was simply saying that he would’ve killed Dazai if he was incompetent, nothing more. I don’t think this is the case. Look at how it’s drawn: in the top panel, they did the thing where they hid his eyes, and in the bottom they drew the scene so strikingly and vividly that I believe it’s suggesting something deeper.

Perhaps they got into spats in the past that wound up getting really intense, and that was what he was referring to. We just have to wait and see.

A lot of us have already talked about why this panel is great, so I figure I’ll share my take on it. Obviously, I love it.

1) The very first thing that stood out to me is Gray’s bashful face. This is not a typical Gray Fullbuster face. I’ve seen quite a few say he is blushing here, but I’m pretty sure that’s just dirt because it’s not particularly where Mashima draws blushes. Nonetheless, that face says a lot and a blush isn’t exactly necessary. It’s not embarrassment, it’s a bashful and happy expression that was supposed to be on the way to a serene resolution…until Natsu went and disappeared. (As an aside, that was of course, the major, major, MAJOR event of the chapter…)

2) So, is it REALLY about just apologizing? Given that face, the fact that Juvia’s literally the first thing that comes up on what he’s going to do post-war, and Lucy’s facial expression, I think we know he’s probably trying to “play it cool”. The boy damn well knows that he promised an answer after the war. He also knows that he’s already been ripped raw and showed his cards on what his feelings are. He’s ready, he’s nervous a bit, and he knows it’s time to jump into the deep end. He’s also pretty darn happy about it for that look. It was Mashima throwing back to “after the war” as a fake-out giving us the very temporary sense that the war is over, and reiterating that the conversation is definitely going to happen. It’s a priority for Gray–it’s THE priority for Gray.

3) It’s probably about so much more than 499, even if that’s what Mashima decided to convey. I’ve seen some criticism that these were the choice for demonstrating Gray’s need to apologize for the fight instead of Iced Shell, but I think it’s more that he felt he failed to protect her. He put things off in 453 to keep focused and keep her safe…and that technically did not happen. The 499 moments reiterate exactly HOW much things impacted him.

4) As @thatsvicchan pointed out, this little gem is a throwback parallel to Tartaros. This time, instead of Juvia seeking out Gray to apologize, Gray’s the one who feels the need to reach out. As we saw in 416, that apology was about way more than merely apologizing. It was the moment that started to pull it all together, raw emotion, and a beautiful display of their bond. Now we have the guy who promised to be “more serious” keeping up with that promise. I can’t wait (you know, after we figure out how Natsu comes back and this Acnologia mess gets straightened out).

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ok what's your top 5 zoro and sanji moments/interactions?

[choked screaming at the back of my throat]

the quick answer for this is every single time they interact and breathe near each other but if i have to pick top five:

1. zou arc, luffy’s “i know you’re all worried about sanji, aren’t you?”. this moment is a cinematic masterpiece. zoro stumbling with his words, accidentally saying kick instead of cut because he’s thinking about sanji. zoro listening in but pretending not to. luffy seeing through the whole thing. i still can’t believe that panel wasn’t from a doujin

2. davy back fight arc, groggy fight. this is the first one piece manga that i picked up and read and i fell in love instantly. they came up with an attack together without even having to say a word to each other. that’s Shonen Gay 101

3. alabasta arc, this one moment when they protected vivi together from an attack which is text book Power Couple Aesthetic™. “two seconds is enough”

4. enies lobby arc, the moment throughout the crash-landing/breaking into enies lobby. them bickering as if they weren’t being attacked by marines, zoro teasing sanji by calling him Pirate B, “walls? I don’t see any walls in front of us” [proceeded to break down the wall together]

5. skypiea arc, they have so many quiet moments in this arc (building the campfire together, sitting side by side during dinner, etc) but my most favorite part is this soft exchange between them

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trimberly harry potter au, kim takes trini home for spring break and tells her parents they're dating. this is news to trini.

“I might as well have placed a full body-bind you.”

Trini jerks out of thought, rubbing her hands on her slacks and looking up at Kim, who’s wearing a look that might be called ‘concerned’ if not for the slight quirk of the right corner of her lips.


“You don’t need to be nervous. My parents are pricks, but they’re not going to say anything uncivilized. To your face,” she adds after a moment’s pause. 

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Hobrien Moment

I’m sure you’ve already heard about it already from various sources and possibly me from Twitter, but I just want to tell you because IT HAPPENED IN MY PRESENCE AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT OKAY?!

So basically during the VIP panel with Hoechlin and Shelley, someone asked Hoechlin about the Mets and how Dylan was a Mets fan and how she noticed Hoechlin was rooting for them and if he and Dylan watched games together and how that was. Hoechlin answered saying that he and Dylan watch baseball games all the time together and that they don’t really talk to each other while they watch but that they have silent communication and they are usually on the same page about things. He says that they make the same sounds in reaction to things that happen on the screen, etc. Then he said that he was planning on flying out to New York to go to a Mets game with Dylan if they were doing well in the World Series, but it didn’t work out. (And he seemed kind of disappointed about that.)

THEN someone in the back yelled that Dylan went to a Mets game and that he was in NY. And Hoechlin was like, “WHAT?! That little! I’m mad, he is so loosing points with me. I’m texting him.” Then he whips out his phone and starts texting Dylan (very fast with one hand… just sayin’). Meanwhile Shelley keeps answering questions and Hoechlin is just like “yeah uhuh” while he continues to text Dylan.

Then we move on with the rest of the panel and then at the end while they got up to leave, someone asked Hoechlin if Dylan had texted him back. He pulled out his phone and said, no not yet.

THEN I went to the autographs and when I was getting my Hoechlin autographed, I asked him if Dylan had texted him back yet. He at first said no, and then was like wait, and pulled up his phone and was like, No he has. Then he unlocked his phone to read it. I didn’t want to be obvious in trying to see what it actually said, but I will say that there were 2 messages from Dylan. Then he looked a little smug, and was like “He knows he’s in trouble.”