I have things to say about this panel


With thanks to @justbadpuns for helping me realise my full potential as a serious artist.

Sans and Papyrus buy a looooot of milk. Having Frisk around also means they’ve ended up doubling what they usually buy.

The store bunny’s gonna kick them out in a second. But she’ll let them come back. They’re loud but they never actually break anything so they’re rather harmless.

The Nice Cream Man is probably my absolute favourite secondary character in the game. He’s so sweet it’s ridiculous. He just came to buy some ingredients! D’:

Normally I’d try and avoid having Frisk talk on camera, but there was no way for this joke to work without having them say something. Sorry about that. Hopefully it’s not too jarring.

I had to use 3 different fonts on this thing and it physically pained me. That’s bad design, kids. Don’t do that type of thing. Unless the characters you’re drawing talk in font-specific text.

I’m not a 100% satisfied with the paneling here. I wanted a closer zoom on the bros on the second beat but because Papyrus is SO FRIGGEN TALL I had to keep it rather zoomed out to fit both of them in frame. Despite this though, I’m rather happy with the over-all results here. I’m really happy with a LOT of the posing here.

I changed how I draw Papyrus by just a fraction and decided I could loosen up with his expressions a bit. I’m happy with the results

it’s 4 in the morning and I’m going to bed now.

I just saw an amazing post by emphanadas (I’m sourcing it), talking about what Dan said in his liveshow today (4th August) about what happened at Vidcon with Glozell in the ‘Laughing at us and with us’ panel and how he didn’t really consent to it and it made him uncomfortable. And I realized that this issue has been bugging me since Vidcon ended. I’m not about to lie and say I didn’t laugh, take screenshots, retweet, fave, blog, everything about the twerking thing (so much that Glozell tweeted me) at the time but after that I felt bad because thinking about it, would Dan have ever consented to something like that? He’s already stated that even something like the sexy endscreen dance makes him feel uncomfortable, so is it any surprise he didn’t like the lap dance? It’s obvious it wasn’t planned and nothing he would ever suggest or agree to, it was Glozell being her usual ‘wacky’ self.
Glozell can be funny at times, but she takes some things too far, like all of the things she did to Dan: twerking on him, picking him up and putting her hand right on his crotch, and later licking his face. But the thing about Dan is that he’s just going to sit there and take it, because that’s the Dan mentality.
Dan has created his entire enterprise on self deprecation. His videos are all about the embarrassing things he’s done and are meant for people to laugh at. His twitter bio is ‘I make videos and people laugh at me’. So Dan lives up to his reputation by taking all of the things those people on the panel dished out at him, being the butt of the jokes, being treated like the 'eye candy’ for the fans by making them scream every time the host said 'Dan Howell’, all of the stuff Glozell put him through, and then being subjected to having to watch his first video even though he has stated many times how uncomfortable that makes him. But as he is kind of like the 'little kid’ of the group–meaning that the other panelists are more experienced and higher profile comedians and his videos are not directed solely at comedy–he’s not about to say 'Stop’ because that would ruin the fun. The point is to laugh at him.
But I don’t want to laugh at Dan at the expense of his comfort. In a situation where Dan was comfortable and in control, none of that would’ve happened. I wish he knew that it was okay to speak out against stuff even to the disappointment of people because more than anyone, this is his life. Sure, he is an entertainer, he wants to cater to the fans, but as a fan I can say that I would much rather he be happy than not just for a cheap laugh.


Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One

Hobrien Moment

I’m sure you’ve already heard about it already from various sources and possibly me from Twitter, but I just want to tell you because IT HAPPENED IN MY PRESENCE AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT OKAY?!

So basically during the VIP panel with Hoechlin and Shelley, someone asked Hoechlin about the Mets and how Dylan was a Mets fan and how she noticed Hoechlin was rooting for them and if he and Dylan watched games together and how that was. Hoechlin answered saying that he and Dylan watch baseball games all the time together and that they don’t really talk to each other while they watch but that they have silent communication and they are usually on the same page about things. He says that they make the same sounds in reaction to things that happen on the screen, etc. Then he said that he was planning on flying out to New York to go to a Mets game with Dylan if they were doing well in the World Series, but it didn’t work out. (And he seemed kind of disappointed about that.)

THEN someone in the back yelled that Dylan went to a Mets game and that he was in NY. And Hoechlin was like, “WHAT?! That little! I’m mad, he is so loosing points with me. I’m texting him.” Then he whips out his phone and starts texting Dylan (very fast with one hand… just sayin’). Meanwhile Shelley keeps answering questions and Hoechlin is just like “yeah uhuh” while he continues to text Dylan.

Then we move on with the rest of the panel and then at the end while they got up to leave, someone asked Hoechlin if Dylan had texted him back. He pulled out his phone and said, no not yet.

THEN I went to the autographs and when I was getting my Hoechlin autographed, I asked him if Dylan had texted him back yet. He at first said no, and then was like wait, and pulled up his phone and was like, No he has. Then he unlocked his phone to read it. I didn’t want to be obvious in trying to see what it actually said, but I will say that there were 2 messages from Dylan. Then he looked a little smug, and was like “He knows he’s in trouble.”


There are so many things about this panel that kill me.

1. Alfred always assuring Jason that they all love him and this is his home.
2. Jason accepting it.
3. Roy teaching Damian how to play football.
4. The fact that Damian dies in like a week or two after this panel.


Sneaker Mashups and the Art of @filfury

To see more creative sneaker mashups from Phil Robson, follow @filfury on Instagram.

“I hate sneakers getting old and tired. My art acts as a way of preserving them,” say UK graphic artist and director Phil Robson, aka “Fury” (@filfury).

Using his own photographs and some Photoshop ingenuity, Fury creates digital sneaker mashups of things like insects, bats, skulls and moths. To create a butterfly from a pair of Nike Air Max 93s, Phil plays off the sneaker’s various textures. “I love the shoe’s paneling, the soft curves of the upper and the harsh rubber chiseled sole. The two surfaces contrast, and makes me think about a before and after, like the soft wings of a butterfly have come from the hard casing on the cocooned sole.”

Fury is especially drawn to objects that have bold forms, symmetry, and sharp angles. “I love taking the recognizable textures from my favorite shoes and making a new form with them,“ he says. “I guess it was a natural progression for me to mix my passions.”

His digital artwork shared on Instagram began as a passion project but is now developing into some real life sculpture interpretations. “Next level for me,” Fury says, “would be to direct an animated piece based off my mashup stylings. I’m just waiting for the brief.”


“What would have happened, if you had chosen me first?”

An AU, I suppose, sort of a window into how things could possibly have gone if Harley had Pam as a patient first, instead of Joker. Based almost entirely on the fact that in the BTAS episode “Mad Love” where we got Harley’s origin story, Harley says something about gravitating toward extreme personalities, while looking directly in Pam’s cell. Also, based on the few panels in GCS where we get a brief look into Harley befriending Pam as a psychiatrist in Arkham.

God, this was nearly twelve hours of work.

So I have been asked to sum up the Q&A with Darren and I’ll gladly do it but some things are a blur so don’t expect me to write the exact questions or answers! Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t want to report false things and put words in their mouths! I’ll sum up what Darren said in a few points (for now at least)

1)Darren joked about not having any problem with Dianna saying to him she’s expecting her child (this was a joke following Mark talking about Quik storyline from s1

2)Darren showed the Hedwig promo photoshoot to Mark and the translator saying that she looks really good. Mark played along and pretended to be attracted to Hedwig/Darren and put a arm behind him. Darren joked and said “probably there are cameras behind me and you’re all gonna see it, it always happens”. Sorry there wasn’t any camera.

3)”Do you know or can you tell us when the photoshoot is gonna come out?” [my Q]
He said he doesn’t know, it’s not his work. To quote him “I’m just in heels not on the computer. I’m not the right person to ask”. He said he assumes he’s gonna be out soon since he starts in a month.

4)He said he liked the wedding episode. It was “bound” to happen. He said he and Chris were very glad it wasn’t all about them and that it wasn’t a cliché, a stereothype of “the big gay wedding”. It was beautiful but not over the top.

5)He would have liked to sing more “American classic” music.

6)He said one of the funniest things was the vaporape scene. He loves Tina. He said it was weird having his chest hair trimmed and that it was fun because he only had to pretend to be asleep but he couldn’t because feeling her hands all over his body was making him laugh.

7)He and Mark used to make up random dirty songs. One of them is called “there is nothing better then” and it’s probably about sex (they didn’t say but there were innuendos)

8)They know the response to Glee is huge. The cons, the ITunes charts, the shows. They feel our love.

9)He prefers This Time to Rise

10) “if you want to talk about your writing process” it depends. Writing for musicals (starkid) is easier because you know the story, the character, their background, their accent, their vocal extension. The same is for This Time. He knew Rachel story and the fact that the show itself was ending and Lea’s range (three octaves) helped him “I made her do two octaves and a half”. Writing pop music is harder because “nobody knows how to write a numer one hit”. When you listen to a song on radio and say that it sucks it doesn’t metter, it’s on the radio and you have it stuck in your head so it’s a good pop song.

11) He confirmed he put the album on standby because he’s “focusing on his acting career”. He was too busy with Glee and now with other projects, first of all Broadway, and he wants to take his time. He doesn’t like working with deadlines and “standards”, he wants to do it in his own way with his own ideas. No compromise. That’s why he’s waiting till he will be ready to dedicate time to this project.

12)Darren wants to be a songwriter. He didn’t say it directly but during the concert he told us to please buy This Time to place it in a good position on charts. This will let him continue to write song “for other people”.

13)If he could choose a singer to write songs for it would be Naya Rivera. She’s one of Darren’s favorite famale singers. “And since Adele and Katy Perry are out of my reach”.

14)He’s glad he doesn’t have to wear the hair gel anymore but he really didn’t mind it because it helped him to always “be in character”. He was lucky because he doesn’t like to be himself when he’s acting and, while some actors had to basically play themselves on the show, he had to be a completely different guy. He his like this “beard, jeans, curls” so putting gels and shaving everyday really helped him.

15)He confirmed the heads-up game was not in the script. Himself and Chris decided to do it to show the tension between the two of them and David. Then he said it was weird because they have spent more time in that elevator than Kurt and Blaine. It took them three days to shoot those scenes.

16)He’s favorite song by Mark is “Sweet Caroline” while for Mark, his favorite song by Darren, is “Teenage Dream”

17) About who makes more jokes and funny stuff on set. Mark said Darren is the one who jokes the most off camera while they both said that Chord “is always an idiot” off and on camera. A lot of Chord’s off camera jokes became Sam’s jokes on the show.

There are a lot of posts coming out about Furuta this week and what is going on in his mixed up head and a bunch of them are making a similar claim that there is some sort of “ghoul nature” or “ghoul side” or “ghoul instincts” we are seeing with that final panel.

This is a mistake that a lot of characters in the series, especially CCG officers, make, but there is no such thing as “ghoul nature” in terms of an inherently sadistic personality or an inborn lack of empathy. Ghoul nature is limited to their required diet and the fact that their hunger will take over if it is not sated. But ghouls are born with the same capacity for emotion and empathy as humans. The idea that a ghoul cannot be a good person, cannot genuinely be friends with a human, cannot genuinely desire to keep people safe - these are the lies that Amon struggles against after he encounters Kaneki.

The conversation to look back on is the one between Yoshimura and Kaneki after Kaneki escapes from the ghoul restaurant in chapter 40.

It’s worth noting, in retrospect, and in light of this chapter, that this is right after the first appearance  of Furuta as well. So if anything, we should be paying special attention to this conversation. 

Ghouls are not inherently unable to empathize. They are forced to become that way. And as we see over and over, even then they don’t really end up killing their emotions all together. Nishiki, who is introduced as someone who clearly thinks life is cheap - not only human life, but ghoul life - is shown to actually care deeply about those close to him. Tsukiyama, who we assume this conversation is about on the first read, is proven to actually have all those emotions in him, just buried.

This is part of what people are forgetting, I think, this week, when talking about how Furuta has a “ghoul side” and has been running from his “ghoulish impulses.” There is no ghoulish impulse to kill. Hinami is proof of that. 

Furuta’s sadism isn’t because he’s part ghoul. Let’s not forget that Kanou is human, as was Kaneki’s mother and aunt. That Tokage and Kijima and Mado Kureo were human.

The other thing that I think mixes people up is that Kaneki, for a long time, thought about himself as having a ghoul side and a human side, a tendency only exaggerated in fan interpretation. But that was never true.

It is true that Kaneki has a tendency to dissociate the violence he is capable of from his sense of “true self” and his gentleness. It is true that after his torture, Kaneki’s defense mechanism was to shove all the parts of himself he felt uncomfortable with but deemed necessary onto a notion of himself as a ghoul so he could retain a sense of himself without them.

But there were never really two Kanekis. There was the part of Kaneki still clinging to the notion that it is better to hurt than hurt others, who was terrified of becoming like his mother and hurting those he loved, that wanted to be innocent and far away from violence, and this was the part that we see smile and cut Hinami’s hair. But after his torture, Kaneki embraces the necessity for violence. The impulses he has to hurt others, though, are not because he is a ghoul. They come from being raised by abusive people and seeing abuse from a young age - and even if he would never act on it, learning abusive patterns of behavior. They come from being tortured. Not from being a ghoul.

The fact that Kaneki ascribes these impulses and this behavior to something from Rize or Yamori is a coping mechanism and not a reality.

In fact, it’s almost as if Ishida has preemptively realized that we might make this error with this reveal about Furuta and thus put it right after Kaneki’s own revelation that it was never true for him. That it was never Rize. It was always him.

This is not to say Furuta doesn’t have a complicated relationship with the fact that he is a half ghoul. He clearly does. I don’t think there is any part of his identity he doesn’t have a complicated relationship with.

If Furuta, like Kaneki, has chosen to think of his ghoul half and his human half as somehow distinct, it is not because they fundamentally are. It is because he has chosen to do so or because doing so is a defense mechanism. Furuta the ghoul doesn’t have any traits Furuta the human doesn’t have because they aren’t different things, unless Furuta maintains a false notion that they are.

But we’ve seen him being plenty sadistic before.

So I see no reason to assume he has any sort of ghoul side at all. Not all half ghouls do. Eto doesn’t. She has an alter-ego, sure, but not a “ghoul side.” 

Furuta wears a lot of masks and has a lot of personas. His dialogue in the last panel may have been a change from the persona he was using in the rest of this chapter, but it isn’t one we haven’t seen him use before, even while acting the part of a human. It’s a switch from Furuta playing the wacky child using humor and regression and out of control gestures as his set of coping mechanisms and redirects to Furuta the in control sadist who uses displays of dominance and threats. It isn’t a new mask or a new side. He’s switching masks, I think, not revealing something new.

Now, it’s certainly possible he grabbed for this mask because the other one had started to crack quite a bit there, started showing some of his genuine fears, started letting some of his genuine traumas bleed through.

And while I don’t think Furuta has a split personality or a hidden ghoul side, I do think he has an unstable sense of self and plenty of issues with all sorts of parts of who he is.

It certainly seems like he’s been holding out on revealing his ghoul abilities for some reason other than just keeping his cards close to his chest. He might very well dislike having to rely on his ghoul strength for one reason or another. At this point, I don’t know if we’ve seen enough to say why.

It’s possible it has something to do with his desire to maintain control and the possibility of losing control over himself while using his ghoul abilities. This is Kaneki’s big fear, that he will turn into someone who hurts the ones they love. That’s why the most devastating things for him were almost eating Hide and what happened with Banjou in Kanou’s lab. 

I imagine whatever it is for Furuta, in a way, it will foil this. So maybe it is the same fear, but for different reasons. Or perhaps the parallels lie in the fact that relying on their ghoul abilities brings back memories of trauma. I think it’s very likely that as a child under V’s thumb, Furuta, the half-ghoul experiment, was treated harshly and that he likely associates his ghoul side with what V made him and with V’s control over him. 

The way the V member yells at him to fight and the way that Furuta waits until they are all dead to actually activate his kagune makes me think that it was the parts of him that were ghoul parts that V controlled and conditioned as a child. Rather than associating this violence with someone else’s abuse he fears he’ll become, I think Furuta might associate relying on his ghoul abilities with the abuse he received and doesn’t want to relive.

Rather than hiding from his “ghoul side,” or his “ghoul nature,” I think Furuta might be hiding from his past.

Of course, it’s all a guess at this point. We’ll have to see where he goes from here.

Things I’m Looking Forward to in Season 2

  • Todoroki’s backstory
  • The Human Cavalry Battle
  • Hatsume Mei
  • Gran Torino
  • The Tetsutetsu and Kirishima arm wrestling competition
  • All of Class 1-B
  • Uraraka being a badass (proving she isn’t a week heroin)
  • This panel to be animated!
  • Class 1-A Cheerleaders
  • The Stain fight!
  • Bakugou and Blue Jeanist
  • The entirety of the Todoroki/Midoriya fight
  • Iida and his brother
  • Fumikage and Dark Shadow
  • All Might cheering on Midoriya
  • The human disaster that is monoma
  • “You All Might’s illegitimate child, or what?”
  • Iida vs Hatsume
  • midoriya learning how to use the full cowl

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these two arcs?!


Rejected Princess Theatre: The Bet

Here’s what you need to know: Julie d’Aubigny (blue) and Catalina de Erauso (orange) were basically two of history’s most awesome pickup artists. Except they were bisexual swordswomen who sometimes killed people. Seriously, you should click those links if you don’t already know who they are, they’re pretty interesting.

Notes and trivia:

  • The lyrics for the song about Julie’s father in panel 2 come courtesy of Tumblr user Skemono, who came up with them many moons ago.
  • On the second page, we have cameos from former RP entries Khutulun and Sermerssuaq.
  • I stayed up ’til 3 AM chatting with native speakers of French in Japan, New Zealand, and Paris, because I knew one of y’all would harp on my usage of the language. Suffice to say: I know what doesn’t make sense about what I wrote, and at this point I don’t care.
  • Same thing goes with the music notation.
  • I love the fact that Catalina de Erauso randomly flinging a knife into a crowded bar is totally in character.


Been a bit since we did a straight-up fairytale, so let’s do that! I have two new books to go through, so if they have better stories waiting therein I might change which one I’m doing, but for now your hint is: the Big Bad Snake is no match for the power of Micronesian sisters.

(for other RP Theatre comics, click here!)

OK, a little more about the Meet & Greet

OK, so for my own question (which was the most rewarding question I ever asked in my life, because of what I will write below…)
I was actually asked to ask it by @mindyourhelm (thank you dear!!! You have no idea how grateful I am of it!!!!)

I asked him about his audition (later in the panel someone asked something similar, but it was very different response…) I told him that we never heard him talking about it, that we know that A&E loved it, and that Eddie’s wife loved it and said “take him” (he was blushing in that moment), but he never comment on that. So he started by saying that he never saw the audition, but that he did Hook in a Irish accent (same thing he said on the panel), he also said that he was reading scripts from scenes from 2x04.

By that he was actually answering what I wanted to know, but then he continued and took it to an unexpected place. He was then talking about how he got into character before the audition, he said that he wanted to bring out a special and different kind of Hook, and so he was inspired by an Irish actor (that he didn’t want to say who) he said that he’s married and all, but he was thinking, why this character is a villain, but I still find him “sexy”? And that he wanted to understand what would make someone be a villain but that people will love him all the same.
And then came the most incredible moment ever!!! He suddenly looked straight at me with penetrating look and said “and so I realized that if you look at someone deep into the eyes (his voice became slower and more sexy then, still looking into my eyes the all time), you create a connection” then he took his eyes away and said “because usually when you talk to someone, even me now (in the meeting), you look at all different places”. Then he laid his eyes on me again and got back to that slow sexy a la captain Hook voice and added “but like this, when I’m looking at you only to the eyes, it’s like it’s just the two of us, we’re the only ones here, there’s no one else in the room” (at that point I actually said, “I can see what you mean” and people laughed), and then he added “so when you are like that, even if you end up killing a person (he obviously talked about Hook, but I almost died right there on the spot from what he just did), this person is still charmed by you because by looking only at him, you made him feel important to you”.

And that was it. As I write these words I actually feel like it sounds like I’m making this up, and maybe I didn’t remember correctly the exact words, (and who could blame me while he was staring at me with his blue eyes for more than 30 seconds straight) but that was it in general :)

More about the other questions from others (there where so many great ones!!!) later :)



Mike Zacharias: Gee thanks for reminding me of his screaming and tears, guidebook. Let’s talk instead about how he laughs through his nose. HEE.
Nanaba: “A young soldier…” I wonder how old she was. Can’t be that young. “Resolve” matches ‘determination’ well I think… I love that they acknowledge that Mike inspires her. Huehue.
Gelgar: “Boozy” though. Facepalms. HE LOVED LIQUOR BUT HE HELD BACK! Poor Gelgar. I’m glad they do have intelligent things to say about him here, though. I’m a little sad that Lynne and Henning weren’t even acknowledged, but…whatever.
Thomas: A talented rider which is cool… But I totally forgot about him? Yet he’s still alive somewhere… Thomas, where are you? I also vote that he has “biggest mouth” he looks like a titan in that one panel…
Dita Ness: Okay I thought Ness was pretty cute. I’m still bitter.
Ilse Langnar: Her wits score should be lower imo, since she ran around during the daylight with a journal out instead of paying attention to where she was walking. Maybe by that point she didn’t care anymore, though.


Nami’s silent panels from the first 100 chapters.

I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but every time I reread One Piece I keep noticing that Nami has a lot of panels dedicated to her not saying anything while putting an emphasis on her expression, usually in scenes where she’s not involved but clearly has thoughts on what’s going on. She does have moments where her thoughts are expressed in those light bubbles but these always caught my eye. They’re interesting to me because One Piece chapters are usually filled to the brim with dialogue, that Oda would sacrifice a panel just to show Nami’s expression during a scene (and it’s just her too, no one else). Sure, other characters had these sorts of panels but Nami’s were the most frequent.

No, no! I’ve only just read the first… the second episode. They keep it so under wraps. I barely even know when I’m flying up to start filming. Obviously things are not looking too great for Lexa on Clarke’s side. She’s a little angry. But Lexa loves Clarke, that’s pretty clear.

i feel like we need to talk about this 

All Might doesn’t lie. he may stretch the truth or hide some things, but he’ll never outright lie to someone.

Bakugou says pretty much the same thing in the second panel. he doesn’t do what he doesn’t wanna do, which, as he says, includes lying.

i feel like this parallel is intentional for a few reasons

during the first scene, All Might is talking about One for All. he’s explaining to Izuku about the nature of his quirk, and explaining that no matter how outrageous it sounds, he isn’t lying about it.

in the second scene, Bakugou is about to be rescued by All Might, and immediately afterwards, he’s kidnapped again by All for One, All Might’s most dangerous villain and his counterpart. just before this scene, Bakugou explained that he’s inspired by All Might, which is why he won’t join the Villain Alliance.

i think it’s interesting to point out that we’ve never seen All Might say this to anyone else. just to Izuku. so Bakugou’s declaration is totally of his own violation, not influenced by something All Might said. he’s chosen not to lie because of his own morals.

(of course, Bakugou lies to himself fairly often, and is in denial about quite a few things. but he never says something he truly believes is a lie.)

(also, it’s possible All Might’s said something about lying being dishonorable on the news or at a press release, but still. we’ve never seen it in canon, at least not yet)


There are so many amazing people on this website who get passed off as consumers rather than creators because of their age. So what if they had a panel? A panel to get their voice heard, to inspire all others who want to start making videos, to talk about editing and creator anxiety, to remind people that you don’t have to be a certain age to make cool things.

That’s what Emily & I propose with YoungTubers. But we need your help.

Send an email to ideas@vidcon.com saying that you would like to see a Youngtubers panel at Vidcon 2014 and include a link to this video.

Please share this video around and maybe it’ll happen :]

Ch 84 Spoilers

People are fucking losing it, saying Levi doesn’t give a shit about anyone but Erwin. They’re losing their fucking minds because of the look Eren and Levi give each other in one of the panels. Do you not think Levi is going through possibly the toughest decision of his life? I’m so fucking sick of the ship wars and people sending others death threats because “Erwin deserves it more!” or “Armin deserves it more!”. Its fucking gross and this is why we can’t have nice things.