I have no idea who that girl is lmao

  • Mother:*sings along to the radio* Who dat who dat? I-g-g-y~
  • baby:b...b-...
  • Mother:*stops*...Your first words!
  • baby:B-B...
  • Mother:C'mon sweetie, you c--
  • Mother:W-...W-
  • Mother:I-I--
  • Mother:...

Crying now because:

I would trade any top 40 music artist to have half of a Jean-Michel available to me. Like think about how Justin Bieber being arrested was tight lmao. But those same girls flicking the bean to JB have no idea who this is. baffling. 

i feel like, as a lesbian, i’ve kinda internalised this idea that i have to fancy every woman (especially, but not limited to, women who are viewed as icons in lesbian and wlw spaces)

and then if i don’t feel attracted to someone, or i’m not interested in a relationship with another girl, suddenly i feel like i’m faking being gay

which is bullshit, obviously. women who like men don’t fancy every single guy they come across, or even a majority. even the conventionally attractive men. even celebrities. or men who seem to be exactly their “type”. or the men they might like at first, but not want to date/sleep with.

i love the focus on happy, often long-lasting relationships in wlw spaces. i love thinking that i might have that someday. i love depictions of our lives that aren’t solely about tragedy or heartbreak or oppression.

but being single/not being into anyone/not fancying every attractive woman in the world doesn’t make someone “less gay” (of course), and i think i need to move past the feeling that it does


NOW IF THIS ISNT THE DOPEST SHIT THEN I DONO WHAT IS 😩🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕 thank you to the person who messaged Tess, thank you to my girls commenting with nothing with positiveness, thank you all for always supporting me! Let’s hope she loves it like y'all do! 🙏❤️


Hey guys i had a brilliant and original idea :) okay so i’m looking for 3 girls to join me we’re gonna be the first non-kpop kpop girlgroup we’re gonna sing amazing songs in non-korean :) okay who’s with me :)
we’re gonna call ourselves not2ne1 isn’t this brilliant :)))))
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we’re gonna debut in non-korea OmGGG we’re gonna be famous!!!!1!!one!

sabotage [ikea au]

name: sabotage

pairing: yang/weiss (freezerburn)

words: 1195

description: there was a clear line when it came to yang and what she was willing to put up with. messing with her bike was about a mile over that line.

notes: ikea au. neo is a little shit. yang is a bigger shit in response. based on this post. freezerburn isn’t the focus but you can tell yang has a giant crush on her cute friend lmao.


“Yang, this is probably the worst idea you’ve ever had.” Blake was running to keep up with her co worker, who was sprinting towards the office. They swerved around customers who were just trying to go about their day while shopping for some fancy Swedish furniture. Yang nearly ran over a tiny brunette that she vaguely recognized as a girl from her days in high school out shopping with her girlfriend. “No, you know what? This definitely is the worst idea you have ever come up with since I met you freshman year. I’ve known you for five years, Yang. You’ve had a lot of bad ideas in that time.”

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fluorescentgaylescent  asked:

hi steph do you think all this no terfs wlw/sapphic positivy blogs and also the most popular no terfs lesbians blogs are lesbians i'm kinda like confused about it if they are lesbians or no because if they feel genuine sexual attraction to trans women (aka males) they aren't lesbians

I feel like plenty of them are bisexual girls who are attempting to redefine lesbianism out of their own misguided ‘idealism’ (which we all know is just plain homophobia and misogyny + the need to be validated by men and appeal to men by taking on a “lesbian” identity yet still expressing attraction to men). Many of them even outright admit they are grossed out/feel sick with the idea of being attracted to vulva/pussy and yet would gladly enter a relationship with a transwoman and them having a dick wouldn’t stop them so that is clearly not lesbian sexuality lmao!

But I also feel like plenty of these blogs are only saying that to not get harassed and/or want to distinguish themselves from the “bad” (which = unapologetic) lesbians so they don’t get witch hunted. And tbh with all the hate lesbians get, I can see why they do that although it doesn’t nearly excuse them blatantly throwing other lesbians under the bus.

This is so funny bc the blonde girl on right is my old primary school best friend who turned on me and made my life a literal living hell as a devil driven ten year old and I’d pretty much forgotten she existed until this photo popped up on my news feed bc the brunette girl (one of my sister’s old hs friends) is my fb friend and got tagged in it lmao. Wild world. Good job @ my brain for such effective memory blocking ey?

so here is this plot idea i had for my girl james. she is a reluctant uptown princess who is kind of sick of it all. she hates that people think she is a vapid princess and nothing more than that. she’s really smart and has all these ambitions to go places and do things but people have very little faith in her. so, the dude~ in the request isn’t rich or anything. he is either middle class or “poor” (lmao i hate that word) but he’s in school with her or something so they both really smart and he has all this faith in her that she is so much more than a pretty face. but she knows damn well she can’t bring him around her family or friends or they would not let her live it down. so kinda lady and the tramp like?? idk hmu if you want in. 

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WHO the crush? Or like. Describe them?

Lmao idk if I’d exactly call it a crush

But there’s this girl who’s a year ahead of me and she’s super tall and beautiful with a really pretty smile. She knows me, and smiles and says hi to me every time she sees me.

Idk what it is but when I see her I start acting really awkward and tongue tied because she’s just so pretty and she acts like she has absolutely no idea

I just wish I could have a casual conversation with her without freaking the hell out or be friends with her or something. I just really admire her from afar lol

Idk if it’s a purely romantic crush, but it’s a crush alright. More like a strong sense of platonic/slightly romantic admiration, than anything else.

anonymous asked:

10, 36, 46, 58, 71, 97, 99 :)

10:do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

back and side

36:which band’s sound would fit your mood right now?

ummmmm idk something really happy!!

46:tell us the worst pun you can think of.

what do u call a Nordic robot that analyses birds


58:who’s the wine mom and who’s the vodka aunt in your group of friends? why?

ummmmmmm I actually have no idea?? friends help me out

71:what’s your favorite kind of tea?


97:myer briggs type, zodiac sign, and hogwarts house?

INJF, virgo, slytherin

99:list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them.

the get down soundtrack

the Hamilton soundtrack

vintage SHINee and girls generation lmao

alias: harper
pronouns: she/her
timezone: pacific
fav snapchat filter: the rabbit and the face swap w/ your photos. i love to become luke hemmings lmao
fav types of plots: MESSY messy messy plots. i want unrequited love/cheating/ possessive couples / boys that don’t call i want my characters to basically be miserable 24/7
last show you binge watched: i’ve been catching up on the flash lately!
one plot/character idea you have: i have a girl who is going to steal a lot and fight almost everyone. she’s really trashy and is just around to call people out and give “tough love” 
what you’d like to see on bad decisions: friends!!! i love plots that are so intertwined and real. i don’t want just a love interest for my character - i want their coworkers, people from elementary school, etc. i love inclusiveness and i just want everyone to have a great time.