I have gif it so many times



“I think my biggest struggle was also, oddly enough, my biggest motivation. As crazy as it might seem I had a ton of people tell me that I couldn’t do this. Or wouldn’t do it. And I’m grateful because it was that kind of "eff you” to them that gave me the motivation to be like ‘you know what? I’m gonna do it even bigger and better than I thought I could because you told me I couldn’t.’ So any time somebody says you can’t do something or rolls their eyes or whatever, don’t get upset. Just go 'alright, I’m awake now, dawg! Let’s go! I’m gonna go back to work or whatever it is you do.’ That’s an energy you can’t replace with anything else.”


because it’s not the fall that kills you. it’s not the fall, it’s never the fall. it’s the LANDING.


I can’t believe that, even though I have watched this scene so many times, I have never noticed that Magnus was literally giving Maryse a peace sign. 


This is my coming of age record. I’ve learned so much in the last few years and have been able to use the many experiences – good and bad –  as inspiration when writing this album. This is the album that I’ve been able to steer most confidently and proudly, from the writing to the production to the artwork. A lot of the album is about finding light in the dark and overcoming the times when we feel completely lost. Beautiful Lies BTS


I dont have many pictures but! This morning there was a sudden and intense lightning storm, the thunder was so loud and kept on for like 5 minutes every time?? So of course I went to stand in it and then film from the balcony

Then this afternoon I walked laps around the park for like 2-3h to hatch eggs.


It was cp 449, too!! (I named it MemeChild)

Met two other players doing the same, it was fun!

Oh yeah and i bought string to try my hand at friendship bracelets for the first time, gonna make a team Instinct bracelet!! (And make some for my friends if it looks good)

look at my dumb boyfriend i love him so much. ive been such a bad girlfriend throughout our relationship but i finally got it together and i hope i’m better to him now. he’s my best friend and any time i get to see him it’s a good day. we’ve been together for over a year and i would have never believed that that would happen to me. we both were put through a lot and we’ve had our ups and downs but i guess it just proves we’re capable of handling anything. i love him very very much and he’s going to do so many wonderful things in life. our lives are constantly changing for the better and i know that this upcoming school year will be great for him. i’m very lucky to have travis.