I have all these everlark feels

Day 580. Still salty that we didn’t get a passionate Everlark kiss/intimate scene at the end of Mockingjay Part Two.

Fuckbuddies, CH 2

Anyone ready for chapter 2? Writer’s Block will be out tomorrow, and then I’ll be focusing solely on this new story. Hopefully that means weekly updates! I can’t wait for you all to see where this one is going. ;) Oh, and happy Halloween! Talk to me! Pbg

The Hob is bustling when Katniss arrives. She’s thirty minutes late, but she kept her promise to show up. She scans the area, eyes quickly roaming over the shiny, black-topped bar with it’s mirrored background that makes this small bar look twice its size. There’s a second room with a few pool tables and a jukebox off the back, and Katniss makes her way there when she doesn’t spot her coworkers.

Sure enough, a handful of them are there. Her eyes find Peeta immediately with his light blonde hair and easy smile. He’s standing next to Becky, who’s holding a wobbling pool stick in the wrong position and bending over the table. It’s so obvious to Katniss that she’s faking it - no one is that bad.

She watches with thinly veiled interest as Peeta gives Becky pointers on how to hold the stick, leaning down beside her with his own in hand. He’s not touching her, and Katniss knows he’s friendly and helpful with everyone, but after Becky’s trip to her office earlier in the day, Katniss isn’t fond of Becky’s usual display. It seems more… personal.

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Mockingjay Manor - Ch 1

Revived from the dead after a wee bit of technical difficulty… Welcome to round two of everlark-your-own-adventure!

We kick this round off in style, courtesy of the hilarious and talented @burkygirl (with an assist from @xerxia31). You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Thursday, August 31st). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be!

My skirt is crawling up again. I twitch it back into place and shift uncomfortably in my chair in the lawyer’s office. I’m not sure why I’m here, really. Haymitch Abernathy was my uncle, but mostly he was just an annoying pain in my ass who spent family diners criticizing my decisions from the other side of his highball glass.

So when his lawyer called after his funeral and said my presence was needed at the reading of his will, I was floored. At best, Haymitch only tolerated me. Why in God’s name he’d leave anything to me while that crazy wife of his had her claws firmly clenched on the wallet where he kept his dotcom millions was a complete mystery. I’d immediately decided not to go. The lawyer could call me later.

The reason for my change of mind is sitting right beside me, holding my hand and projecting an aura of confidence while Effie, Haymitch’s wife, covertly sneaks glances in our direction and thinly veils her irritation at our presence.

Peeta convinced me that it was disrespectful to not attend the reading if I’d been asked to be there, but honestly, I think he just wanted a front seat to the drama. The corner of his mouth twitches every time he catches Aunt Effie staring at us. If she was only looking at him, I’d understand. My boyfriend, with his brawny physique and golden hair, looks hot in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but he’s devastating in his navy sports jacket, white shirt and orange tie. He shifts in his chair and winks at me. The shit. He’s loving every second of Eff-zilla’s reaction to our attendance.

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Hey everyone.

You may have noticed I’m reblogging through my first posts and what really brought me here to Tumblr in the first place: I wanted to highlight all the Everlark in The Hunger Games trilogy. It’s always been my goal to show how there’s been hope and love throughout the entire series in the midst of all the turmoil and devastation. It was my life’s mission.

I didn’t know that I’d be in five years deep, make some of the most amazing friendships, learn what it means to be a fangirl in an amazing fandom, and share my heart and life with you. It’s been the most wonderful journey. We’ve definitely proven that Everlark is endgame and will always be endgame.

I say all that to tell you that I’m stepping away from Everlarkedalways indefinitely. I’m leaving the blog up and queued, but after the last post, that will be all for me. It’s just time. :)

I have lots and lots of thanks to give to so many of you. Words and a post cannot do what I feel justice. My heart is overflowing with gratitude, insane amounts of memories, and just joy from having been able to experience all of this with you. I’ve had three babies, gone through some highs and lows in my personal life, and have grown immensely. You have lived life with me. So, thank you. You have impacted my life in so many ways. More than you can ever really know. I will seriously miss you. If we’ve had a personal relationship, I’d love to stay in touch with you via Facebook or you can email me at everlarkedalways@gmail.com, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Know you are loved, missed and appreciated. Ara

“Peeta and I grow back together.

There are still moments when he clutches the back of a chair and hangs on until the flashbacks are over. I wake screaming from nightmares of mutts and lost children. But his arms are there to comfort me. And eventually his lips. On the night I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, I know this would have happened anyway. That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers,

“You love me. Real or not real?” I tell him, “Real.”


Mother! giving Post-Mockingjay realness

Chapter 1: An Occurrence at the Three Broomsticks Inn

Summary: “Are you,” the disembodied voice moaned lowly, its tone shaking her guts, rattling her lungs, robbing her of air, cleaving her heart into halves. “Are you coming to the tree?

A/N: The Hunger Games/Harry Potter crossover. AU Everlark/HP canon divergent. Takes place several decades after the events of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows but has absolutely nothing to do with anything that happens in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Rated E for explicit language, minor character deaths, disturbing imagery, and sexual content.

With thanks, as always, to my betas: @dandelion-sunset, @eala-musings, @everlylark, and @jennagill. For @thegreatorangedragon

Available on AO3.

The candle resting atop the pocked mahogany desk guttered, its feeble flame hissing as it met a sudden and unceremonial demise. It was the sixth time in as many minutes that a passing draught had extinguished the flame, and, plunged into darkness yet again, the witch who had been attempting to read by it sighed impatiently.

Lumos,” she grumbled under her breath, watching the letters of the charm curl away from her in the frosty air by the light of her wand. (Twelve inches of mahogany, with a phoenix feather core, the wood as unyielding as the witch who now held it and as scarred and battered as the desk in front of her).

But it was pointless.

Her office in the Astronomy Tower—with its ancient, cracked stones held together by crumbling mortar—was freezing. Whenever the east wind blew, the room became an ice cave, colder and darker and more haunted than the deepest reaches of the Great Lake. There was no spell or charm that could rid the tower of the pervasive chill that insisted on seeping into it, settling its way into the bones of anyone unfortunate enough to have to linger there for long. Even with a thick Himalayan Yeti wool blanket draped across her lap, she couldn’t stop shudders from wracking her body, rattling her slender frame so hard her teeth clacked in her skull.

So be it.


The Effect You Have On Me, 5

Originally posted by becllamyblake

A/N: I know it’s been a while for this one to be updated, and possibly most of you don’t know this story even exists, but it only has a few more chapters left. I will be focusing on it more regularly so that I can mark it complete. I hope you’re still interested, and that this update makes you squee instead of roll your eyes. I have delicious plans for this universe! @sunsetsaremydreams, I dedicate this chapter to you, since you’ve been waiting so patiently while still letting me know how much you love it. Thank you, darling! And many thanks to the girls that keep me in line when I write - @burkygirl and @xerxia31. You can find the first 4 chapters on Ao3 and FFnet

It’s been a week since Madge came home. We quickly fell into our old routine of busy and busier thanks to our demanding lives and now the wedding. Every time I try to have a conversation with her to tell her what I did while she was away, her phone rings with some catering question or flower emergency, and it’s not like I can just blurt it out. Instead, it sits inside, festering. It may come out in a way I’m not prepared for if I wait too long. And the bakery is no place to talk about it, either. No one else needs to know our personal business.

I know weddings are stressful and take months of planning. I do plenty of cakes for them, but all of this seems to be more of an inconvenience at this point rather than the exciting time it should be. I always thought if I felt any nerves about getting married it would be because I was deliriously happy and anxious. Sadly, what I’m feeling is definitely not that.

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Meadow Grows Green, Chapter 3

by @shesasurvivor

When I saw that @loveinpanem‘s April challenge was focusing on spring, hope, and renewal, I couldn’t resist using the opportunity to post the next chapter to my post-Mockingjay fanfic, Meadow Grows Green. It focuses on those same themes, and I’ve drawn upon my own real-life experiences recovering from grief, trauma, and PTSD to write this. If you’d like to read the first two chapters, they are available on FFN and AO3.

HUGE thanks to @deinde-prandium for cleaning up my mess, and to @bigbigbigday006 for pre-reading and providing advice and insight.

Summary: Putting yourself back together after falling apart is the hardest thing to do. But Katniss has always been a survivor… And maybe now she can even learn how to thrive. Post-Mockingjay, canon compliant, Katniss and Peeta healing and growing back together.

Rating: T

It makes no difference to me that it’s my birthday. As far as I’m concerned, I shouldn’t ever have had one again. I’m not entirely sure I should have had one to begin with. If I hadn’t been born on this day eighteen years ago, how different would things be? I can’t help thinking of all the lives that would still be preserved today. Would Prim still be around? Would she even have been born if I hadn’t, triggering that sequence of events?

Maybe it would have been just as well. Then she never would have had a life to lose in the first place.

The others insist on celebrating my birthday. Well, by that, I mostly mean Greasy Sae. No doubt, she’s acting on orders given to her by Plutarch himself, who probably would have made a nation-wide event of the whole thing if I weren’t so unpopular for ratings right now. No, the Mockingjay who murdered the wrong president is not the right person to be making a fuss over at this point. That’s fine by me. The last thing I want is any more attention.

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I think Captain Swan is it for me.

Which isn’t me saying I’m done with the show or anything. I absolutely loved the twist with Old!Hook/Rogers and I am 1000% satisfied with that and Captain Swan’s ending on the show.

When I say Captain Swan is it, I mean to say in terms of ships (all ships, period) I think they’re my last big one. I say think because I can’t know for sure what might come along down the line that I am like ‘yeeeeeah!!’ about in terms of shipping. Something might. Captain Swan certainly wasn’t anything I had planned, so who knows for sure.

But in terms of feelings, right now, I’m just… not connecting to any other ship anymore. Romance, outside of Captain Swan, just doesn’t have the same pull. No ships are truly speaking to me. Even when I shipped Spacecakes and Everlark, there was always some other ship somewhere that I had some interest in. This isn’t the case now. In fact, the more ships I see everywhere, the more I retreat into Captain Swan (Spacecakes will always hold a very special place in my heart and nothing undoes that one, but even Everlark has lost its spark for me).

Maybe it’s because Captain Swan is such an amazing ship, with it’s perfect story, that I feel satisfied. I want for nothing here, so why waste my time on stuff that may or may not happen. The fight doesn’t seem worth it anymore when your OTP was the greatest around for you.

Preview: “Enough of a Hero”

This is just the beginning part…and I think it might be three parts–but who can say?

Anyway, enjoy this little bit.

Summary: Lila Mellark always knew of her parents’ tragic childhood. However, when the past comes out in their hometown of District 12, will she lose all she holds dear?

The final companion to Good Enough and Strong Enough.



Filtering behind my closed eyelids…drifting in my in-between dreams…filling my nostrils with its soft, sweet scent…

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Gadge Day Reflections: My Journey with Gadge

This might be a bit of a rambling mess (I’m running on so much anxiety and so little sleep), but here goes:

I’m the kind of girl who sees romantic ships everywhere - the stray word, the slightly too-long look, the almost-unnoticed touch - and pounces on them. Which is why it’s rather painful to admit that I didn’t see Gadge as a ship till it started cropping up in the fanfics I read, and even then I didn’t understand where the pairing had come from. (This was circa 2012, by the bye. All three books were out and the THG movie was in theaters.) I remember wondering at one point why people would ever put Madge and Gale together and being mortified that Madge bringing the morphling after Gale was whipped hadn’t given me proper shipper pause. It wasn’t so much that I’d overlooked the scene or its significance; rather, I identify strongly with Katniss and she hated the implication (made by Haymitch, who I’ve never been able to stand) that something might be going on between Gale and Madge, and somewhere between that and the wretched post-whipping Galeniss, the notion of any sort of relationship between Gale and Madge vanished like wisps of vapor. After all, Madge was Katniss’s friend, so it made sense (to me at the time) that she would make a courageous gesture to help Katniss by helping Gale.

At this point in my little shipper head, Gale was little more than an obstacle to Everlark, especially since I was still in that purist “T-rated canon post-MJ fics only” stage, which meant at the very best, Madge might show up in Katniss’s nightmares. My very first fic - which started as a joke with my sister and quickly turned into a legitimate premise - was Something Good: a gender-reversed (canon post-MJ) Everlark story loosely based on The Sound of Music - naturally, with no Madge whatsoever and Baroness!Gale as a major obstacle.

And just before I could post the first chapter of that fic, in a twist that even I couldn’t have predicted, I was unexpectedly, abruptly, intensely inspired to write an Everlark version of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon.”

“What has this to do with Gadge?” you may ask. For starters, it was the first time I had to be a grown-up and write Gale (in spite of my feelings) as Katniss’s friend, however briefly, as they part in the woods in Ch 2. And then I wanted Madge to come over and say goodbye in Ch 3, which meant that someone had to go and tell her that Katniss was leaving. And that’s where all the trouble started. ;)

Gadge exited Stage Left of the WtMiverse at that point (some four years ago) but they were still dancing around the fringes of my fics, for those with eyes to see. I’d discovered a passionate fondness for AU!Gale, who was easy to make a relative of Katniss and therefore no longer an obstacle-to-Everlark, so I had no trouble writing said Gales as attractive and deeply fascinating (i.e., the gamekeeper cousin in The Threshing Floor and Eomer!Galen in The Steward and the Bow-Maiden), but of equal importance, I think, was the fact that I was starting to envision and even imply Gadge relationships on the fringes of those fics. In Threshing Floor Haymitch accuses Peeta of never noticing Wessex girls till Katniss showed up in the field and makes a special note of “Viscount Undersee’s girl [riding] across your field in her petticoat at Midsummer,” which I always assumed was something to do with Hawthorne the gamekeeper (be it to impress him, get his attention, or meet him for a lover’s tryst), but as I never went back to write the epilogue I’d intended, the question was never answered. Bow-Maiden was supposed to have an epilogue too (”The Bride of Ithilien”), in which a Tolkienesque wedding night would be preceded by Eowyn!Katniss receiving new bride counsel from Queen Anniwen and - guess who? - Madriniel, princess of Dol Amroth and new wife of Eomer!Gale. (Heck, somewhere in there I was determined to write my own version of Marion Chesney’s delightful Six Sisters series, in which Regency era social divide!Gadge was very much on the docket, particularly as Madge would be the only one with prospects for a decent society marriage!)

And then a whole dump-truck of very bad life stuff happened to me (there’s no other way to say it :/) and all things writing fell away for a very long time. I managed to produce a little more WtM from the mire but trying to write anything at all was like trying to walk on a broken leg. (It still is, for the majority of the time. :( The prolific enthusiasm has never come back.) But some way, somehow, from the depths of that morass, I got an impulse to write Six Months to Strawberry Time, or rather, what I thought would be the entirety of the fic: one quick spiky Gadge oneshot to show Madge becoming Gale’s hunting partner (something I’d intended for the WtMiverse almost from the beginning but which wasn’t supposed to come up till Everlark visited the district in spring, by which time Gadge might also be in a romantic relationship…). 

I felt pretty good about the oneshot (for so I thought it would remain) and figured I’d leave the fic in-progress in case other quick oneshot-esque chapters presented themselves…and then this July, as I was trying desperately to work on Honey-God (and binging on adaptations of Jane Eyre, for which we might be partially able to blame my roommate), Strawberry Time suddenly roared to the forefront of my mind in thorough, lavish detail and demanded to be written. Which put me in an awkward place all around, but these were the only words that had come to me in many months and so of course, I had to chase them.

Three months later Strawberry Time is sitting at just under 40,000 words (and counting), and I can only be grateful to the Gadge devotees for letting me crash their party so late in the game and apologetic to my Everlark readers, to whom this fic (and especially my Gadge Day queue) must feel like a massive betrayal. I most assuredly didn’t plan to start a massive multi-chapter Gadge fic but I’m curiously glad that I have - in part to finally explore these characters and their dynamic (and let me tell you, having to write Gale honestly telling Madge about his feelings for Katniss was hard as nails) but also because opening the door in the other direction - into Twelve rather than the woods - has provided a delicious opportunity to follow all the parallel rabbit trails, from Primko’s windowsill courtship to Rooba’s mythical bacon buns. Strawberry Time has already given me opportunities to drop hints about future (and significant past) stuff in the WtMiverse that would never have fit into WtM itself, and of course we’ll soon have Gadge kisses (and very possibly Gadge smut ;D) as the icing on the strawberry cake.

Will I ever write Gadge outside of the WtMiverse (ex. Jane Eyre, Beauty and the Beast)? I truly have no idea. Depression is relentless and brutal, and I had to claw my way to the surface just to produce this Gadge Day queue. But Gadge presents a delicious dynamic all their own (as do Marko/Prim and Jack/Raisa, if you’re me :D) and once they’re a part of your shipping lineup, you start getting besieged by plot bunnies you would never previously have thought twice about - bunnies that could be made to serve other pairings but into which the perfect pairing fits like a key in a well-oiled lock. Which gets you wondering if maybe you should start spending more time with that pairing that fits so well into all these wonderful plots…

I know this isn’t really a “why I ship Gadge” piece - I tried to write one such and this is what came out, and I’m far too tired to try again - but I really hope it will suffice, if for no other reason than to begin to explain to folks following me why I crawled out of my dark hole and spent an insane amount of hours tagging and scheduling over 100 Gadge-centric posts for the blog I haven’t worked on in many months. Thanks for letting me ramble. *hugs*

Feels Like Home - Chapter 5

A new chapter is up tonight! Special shout-out one to @reminiscentrain88 for being an amazing beta and friend. 

If you’d prefer to read on AO3


Katniss and Peeta spent almost every evening together, usually Thresh or Madge was there too. Sometimes it’s a bigger group of them, sometimes less, but it’s rare that they spend an evening just the two of them. Katniss and Peeta started texting more and sending messages on gchat during class. They only hook up when their roommates were gone and they thought they have fooled everyone around them. One weekend Thresh had gone home to visit Rue and Madge was staying over at Annie’s since they have to work late on their Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. Katniss and Peeta were up in his apartment. They’re laying in bed naked and exhausted from their orgasms, though they had agreed early on to wait before going all the way, that hasn’t stopped them from using their hands and mouths to pleasure each other as frequently as they can manage. Peeta glanced at the clock and realized how late it was so he told her to just stay the night. Katniss tiredly agreed to stay and asked him for something to sleep in. He threw her an old shirt and she pulled it on and fell into bed. In the morning Katniss woke up and told Peeta she needed to go get ready before she met with her study group. She kissed him and he sleepily grabbed for her and mumbled for her to stay.

“I’ve got to go. Peeta…” Katniss reluctantly insisted.

“Ok I’ll see you later?” Peeta asked, his face looked hopeful and boyish in his sleepy state.

“Yes later.” She promised as he rolled over to go back to sleep.

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                  you     l o v e     me 
                                                      real    or    not    real?

                                                                          r e a l .

Man, Catching Fire really is the love story of the trilogy. I’m only six chapters in, but already I have so many feelings about Everlark, because Suzanne Collins does THAT great a job developing the romance between them. I have all these feelings I want to write about, but I can’t even find the words to express what I want to say about them. But they are so well done, and it’s just…. Beautiful.

The fact the Peeta and Katniss end up genuinely happy and are able to enjoy a life with hope just makes me so happy?

Peeta is a victim child abuse, put through two Hunger Games, is captured and tortured to the point where he is convinced the girl he was in love with is evil and a monster. Than confused even more when told this ISN’T true, and put on a battle field to fight a rebellion.

Katniss had PTSD, goes though two Hunger Games, made a mouth piece, forced into things she is uncomfortable with and made a symbol. Not to mention, loses the ONLY person she did ALL of this for. Her baby sister. Being forced to watch her be blown to bits.

But they find each other again. Grow back together and learn to love one another just as much as before, be happy and enjoy the life they suffered so much for. Not only that, but look to the future optimistically. With hope. Have two children that they love and that are so clearly children of a home filled joy.

Yea. Katniss and Peeta have scars. Some days they have to fight to be happy, to feel any good feelings at all. But they undoubtable had a happy life after all the hell they were put through.

anonymous asked:

I'm actually okay with any ship but ste*ek tbh :) mostly edits and gifs? :) I really appreciate it!! You're so nice!!

okay great! that helps. and it’s no problem :)

so i’ll just name you the blogs that i think are mostly tw blogs (some are exclusively, but most also blog other stuff heavily so check their faq/byf) do note that some of them also have occasional st/rek but it’s anything but excessive or i wouldn’t include them on the list (also most of my long time mutuals do not ship them at all, but some of my new mutuals and amazing gif/edit makers do so i’m gonna rec them to you anyway and you can decide). also this list is not exhaustive since I’M the one who’s exhausted so i apologize if i left anyone out (possible reasons include: 1) you do blog st/rk and don’t create content. 2) you don’t blog very much and i hardly see you on my dash 3) my brain is full of holes and i really did just forget).

sciles centered blogs:

@tylerstitties- monica is a sparkling gem in this world. blogging tw/sciles/mchaleinski/posey/o’brosey and writing incredible fic. no st/rk to be found (bless).

@queerlyalex- fucking same as above and one absolutely wonderful person. loves 1D and occasionally lapses back into sciles overdrive. extremely rare st/rk posts mainly for nostalgic feels. 11/10 would recommend.

@clarz - true lover of sciles and 90s movies, clara is a fucking mastermind. genius scientist who leaves lydia martin in the dust, and she will change the world. follow because Tag Queen. (also lots of 1D. there’s a little club apparently ;)

@xproskeith- a sweet and gentle soul…until you mention a certain chimera. would die for sciles and loves scott and stiles in equal measure. obsessed with 21pilots but you will find zero st/rk here. skeith is a good safe zone. luv ya buddy.

@anomalagous- LC is an artistic genius and psychic who literally reads stiles’ mind. unbelievable sciles art and fic, one of the nicest people on this hellsite. a must follow.

@quicklikelight- anne is a beautiful soul and one of the best writers i have EVER encountered no fucking exaggeration. her sciles fics are unparalleled and the biggest blessing to our fandom. when in tw mode, she blogs sciles/femslash/lady appreciation/mchaleinski. i don’t think i’v’e ever seen her blog st/rk but i could be wrong.

@danielzharman- natalie is just the nicest fucking person okay. she blogs sciles and stisaac and all the rare-pairs. i love her so much go follow her.

@imaginesciles- aleshia is a GIFT. all sciles all the time. the Most. a huge blessing to the sciles fandom.

@lozenger8- loz is another person at the top of my fave writers list. her love for sciles is strong like bull, and her logic always just as sturdy. blogging lots of tw/sciles but occasionally other oldies+ goodies.

stydia centered blogs:

@stileslydias- ellie is one of my best friends on tumblr. she is incredibly talented and her gifs will make you swoon. #1 nice person and excellent taste, i don’t know where i’d be without her. also blogs a lot of gmw but not much other stuff.

@wellsjahasghost- it’s all jade’s fault. without her i would not be here and i would have lost my mind by now. also one of the best writers you will ever read, and a gifted artist. blogs lots of tw/the 100 and occasionally other things.

@rongasm - a must follow for stydia content. amazingly talented and prolific writer, and a huge fan of musical theatre/harry potter/pjo/everlark. A++++++ blog.

@redstringbanshee- maggie isn’t around much anymore but i still love her so much and miss her often. big stydia shipper, incredible writer, and fucking gorgeous lydia martin lookalike. blogs all tw.

@slowburnotptrash- farah is a sweetheart. follow for endless stydia but have your anti tags on the blacklist, she’s a pistol ;) also excellent fucking giffing skills you’ve come so far bb i feel like a proud auntie!! occasional st/rk reblogs but i don’t think she ships them.

gif/edit makers who are incredibly talented (again, some might blog st/rk, but they’re so good and all nice people so i follow them anyway):

@stiles-lydia, @stydiaislove, @stilinskikissme, @stydiadetectives, @stileslydiah, @lovingmccall, @scottymccall, @lydiastlinsks, @loverxo1234 , @ludi-lin, @lydiastxles, @kurt-cobains, @killianjonec, @princediana, @lydiamartinn, @clakregriffin, @isaacllahey, @skittlestrash, @elenaxrodriguez, @dylanz-obrien, @mrtinsky, @grounderstiles, @argentist, @harley-quinns, @eleveun, @yossiacar

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hi, don’t you miss those everlark days years back? bc I honestly do. things were much simpler then and it saddens me that even I kinda lost touch with my otp too and yeah I know it’s because time keeps moving and blah blah but man I just miss the feelings everlark and being part of the fandom gave me. I have new fandoms but it isn’t the same tbh and it just sucks. Lol sorry I’m feeling a bit dramatic I think LMAO

of course i do. nothing will ever compare to those days for me, so i’m sad it’s over. but no one will replace Everlark in my heart completely. hopefully some years from now we’ll get some kind of reboot of The Hunger Games, and we can go through the mania all over again <3

anonymous asked:

I started reading Everlarks just few days ago and i feel a little bit lost with all this FF. You seem an expert about it woud you mind to tell me your favourite post mj (Canon) ones

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Everlark fanfiction! I have too many favorite Post MJ Canon fics to list, but @everlarkficquestions has three awesome lists you can use. Check them out here:

Post Mockingjay

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite everlark fics set in panem? (no AU please)

Wow.  This is a difficult question to answer. I’ll have to look through my favorites list. I’m kinda of a fluffy AU person. 

Peeta Mellark’s Five Favorite Things to Bake 

Hotel Paper

Twelve Nights by mellarksloaves

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by sponsormusings

The Miner’s Wife by mockingjayflyingfree

Portrait of a Victor by sponsormusings

The List by silvercistern

The Good Wife by silvercistern

157 Days by cinnamonanddildo

These are all great stories. I just know I’m missing some that weren’t favorited. I hope this is helpful. For a better resource, check out everlarkficquestions. They’re way cooler and way smarter than I am.