I have a lot of feelings about how often they are separated

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❤️ - There was always a mutual understanding that both of them needed space from time to time. Every so often they’ll go like,, 2 days (never more) without talking but that never means they feel like they’re separating or getting bored of each other, they just like to go do their own thing once in a while and when they rejoin there’s lots of kisses and tales about what the other missed while they were away 

❤️ - Kdin knows how to ride horses, it’s just that he prefers to have his feet planted on the ground and horses can intimidate him sometimes, but once he and alexis start dating he wants to get to know more about the animals alexis loves so much and asks him for horse riding lesson and how to properly care for them. really it wasn’t until alexis taught him all these things and gushed about how great horses are that he’s even considering getting a horse of his own and naming it Sprinkles 

❤️ - alexis also teaches him how to take care of plants, because wow kdin is horrible at it. he tends to forget how delicate flowers are and watering them everyday made him start to get impatient and just damn who knew plants needed so much love and attention amirite? But alexis would remind him to be gentle with the flowers and even set up a schedule for kdin to water them so it makes it easier for him. eventually kdin’s house has pretty plotted plants in front of it and it just makes his home look more friendly, all because of alexis.  

❤️ - while kdin likes to be treated roughly in the bedroom,, outside of it kdin is a sucker for alexis’ gentle and loving touches. he’s so used to being treated harshly so he just can’t get enough of whatever alexis has to offer. and in return, he likes to play with alexis’ hair, massage his shoulders, stroke his arms when they’re just cuddling on the couch. alexis is the first one he really really want’s to be gentle with and it’s really obvious. and from time to time, when playing with his hair, he’ll make little braids and put little flowers in the braids and tell alexis he looks beautiful