I have a lot of feelings about how often they are separated


Aquarians can come in great variety running towards either Saturn or Uranus… Saturn being most conservative, steady and Uranus being more eccentric and wild…

One saying is that they are either the tips of genius or madness Creative, perhaps Artistic. Enjoys getting into people’s brains and understanding other’s from a Psychological point of view. Tendencies in a strong intuitive nature, maybe even in the Psychic direction.

Many tend to have an easier time separating emotions and are often ‘thinking’ about how they want to feel about something, instead of just diving into the emotion.
Stubborn, optimistic, eccentric… able to make awesome things happen in life!

Common attributes or qualities of your typical Aquarius is probably being a bit aloof and detached, but friendly, somewhat talkative and very caring, especially on a worldly scale. They tend to be outgoing and their sign is a masculine one (this doesn’t mean that all people under this sign are typically masculine).

I’ve also noticed in music that a lot of Aquariuses are hopeless romantics.

A good person who doesn’t judge.
A person that can make you feel special in the world.
A person who knows how to have fun.
A person who isn’t arrogant.

but this is what it’s like to me:

it’s a lot like vicious.
like “if you hurt them,
you’ll pay.”
i can’t tell you the number of times i have gone
too far over my head playing protector.
i would fight the world for them if i had to.

it’s a lot like fond.
like softness and warm tea
on a cold day
pulling them in close for an embrace
or shooing them to bed,
gently chiding.

it’s a lot like fierce.
like standing on a windy cliff
or in front of the raging ocean.
i can’t tell you how much it hurts to breathe,
caring this much; this deeply.

it’s a lot like always.
time and space separates me,
too often,
from so many i feel this way about,
but no matter of years or distance
has allowed the feelings to fade.

this is love, to me–
not kisses in the moonlight
or under the sheets, but this–
this brutal kindness; this protective fire
i feel towards friends and family.

i feel so ablaze with it
i can’t see how there’s any other kind of love
i’d ever need.


no romo, Drea O.

[companion piece to this]

anonymous asked:

How does one study in a group study?

It really depends what you want to do and how you learn best. Depending on what I’m doing, I use group studies differently. 

Sometimes I go in a group study with my friends, and we all do our separate work but occasionally chat and ask each other questions/for help if we’re stuck on something. I find this a very nice and relaxing way to study, because you get to be with your friends and don’t feel like you’re holing yourself up in the library like a hermit.

Another way is to have a big discussion together about a topic. I think this works best for subjects like English or philosophy, where there’s lots of opinions and viewpoints to go through.

For knowledge-based subjects, a good one to do is ask each other questions and go through the answers together - share your knowledge. For medicine, we also often make up scenarios for the other person to go through - so for example my friend will be like ‘ok so a woman comes in dehydrated with blood in her vomit what do you do?’ and I’ll talk through it.

Another way is to teach each other. The group study rooms in my uni’s library usually have a whiteboard, so you take it in turns to write up and teach the others about a topic. Studies have shown that teaching something is actually one of the best ways to remember a topic!

Hope that helps! x