I have a lot of father-daughter feelings with these two

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how Zuko accidentally spoke against his father and begged for forgiveness, on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got half his face burned off and banished from his home

Then Zuko betrayed his uncle and everything Iroh had ever taught him, begged for forgiveness on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got a hug and complete forgiveness and unconditional love

Mario Loiseau works two jobs, including long hours as a parking lot attendant to help pay for his 9-year-old daughter, Mabou’s, tutoring. Mabou is a science and language prodigy, and is already studying college-level algebra.

“So Daddy, how did you feel when I was born?” she asked her father during a recent visit to StoryCorps in New York City.

“It was like a dream come true,” he said. “I wanted a child forever, and you were my first and only born. You know, so, when I went to the nursery to see you, you were sleeping. You opened the eyes and look at me. Everyone was amazed, even the doctor said, ‘You see the connection she make with you?’”

'I’m So Proud To Have You As A Daughter’

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Holsom Dads Part 2

I had more feelings about Holsom Dads, so here’s a continuation of this post.

- Okay. So, Dad Ransom is the first to whip out pictures of his beautiful family to anyone he talks to for more than five minutes. (As mentioned here)

- Dad Holster on the other hand is a little more low-key… Except that his desk at work is cluttered with about 8-9 carefully placed picture frames so that each photo is easily visible. Rans tried to buy him a digital frame once, but he insisted that he didn’t want to wait for any particular photo to rotate through if he wanted to see it.

- Holster’s favourite photo is one that he got for Father’s Day when the twins were a year old. It’s of Ransom and their two sons and two daughters all dressed in nice white shirts – and salmon shorts! He grins like an idiot every time he sees it.

- Lots of people have weird/annoying/offensive reactions when Ransom shows off a photo of their oldest son (who is basically a sandy-blond clone of Holster) but Ransom continues on through their initial surprise and gushes about how “He looks so much like his dad, it’s not even funny. Not sure he’s got any of his mom’s DNA, that one. Well – he’s got a normal sized head, so maybe that. Seriously, put him up against a pic of Holtzy at 5 years old and you CANNOT tell the difference!”
“Oh? You’re his stepfather?”
“No, I’m his dad. We’re doing like a three-parent thing. We share custody and are all his legal parents.” 
“So you know his actual father?” (this question always gets to him) “It’s nice you get along with him.”
“I should hope so, he’s been my husband for two years.” (then while they try to get their foot out of their mouth, he pulls up more family pics and drives the point home because they’re BOTH “actual” fathers, damn it!)

- Holster likes to take credit that both of their daughters got their beautiful singing voices from him, despite not being biologically related to either of them. Whenever Rans points this out, Holster responds “Then it’s settled. Nurture trumps Nature, obviously.”

- Their kids’ friends are legitimately confused about their relationship until they grow old enough to understand. Not because they have “two dads” but because those dads frequently call each other “bro” and they can’t grasp whether they’re married or brothers.

- They both have the same picture as the background on their phones. It’s of Evan (the oldest) reading a book to his younger siblings in bed. He’s 13 at the time, their eldest daughter is around 7, and the twins are 4 or 5. Evan is fast asleep – all the younger kids are wide awake and grinning at the camera. (They totally show that picture at his wedding, btw)

- They get called into the principal’s office on at least 6 different occasions because one of their children has disrupted their class with the “Attic vs. Roaches” debate. They laugh every single time and then continue the debate as a family over dinner that night.

- It’s not uncommon to get a message from another parent from class the next day that just says “Okay, but… It’s roaches, right? Obviously.”

If you guys didn’t watch BMW, you wouldn’t understand WHY Topanga and Cory care so deeply for Maya, WHY Shawn and Maya’s father/daughter relationship is not just important to those two but to the people that care most about them because the two are a catalyst for the other’s healing—they bring each other hope because they lead each other to futures they never thought they had.


This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read regarding Cory, Topanga, and Shawn in the GMW era. 😭😭😭 (Riley and Maya too, but…THE ORIGINAL OT3 GIVES ME A LOT OF FEELS MMMK?)

Favorite Platonic or Romantic Relationship: Tino’s Mom & Dixon

Because I always thought it was cute the way these two were always teasing each other. :)

But more importantly, I love the way the show handled their relationship, especially regarding how it affected Tino. Both Dixon and Tino’s Mom had a lot of open, honest communication with Tino, and they were always careful to consider his feelings in addition to their own. It showed how serious they were about their relationship– not just as a couple, but as a potential family.

I wish we had seen more of Dixon’s daughter, Moira, though. It would have been interesting to see how she got along with Tino and his Mom. (Also, speaking of Moira, I thought Carver’s instant crush on her was kind of cute; I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that.)

Clips from:
S01E13: Dixon
S02E04-B: Brain Envy
S03E06-B: Broken
S03E07-A: Father’s Day

Robin and Barney do get divorced and Barney does have his daughter with number 31 (Barney loved kids too much not to be a father). He is able to become a responsible adult. After many years of jet setting Robin finally decides to settle down and returns to NYC. On her first day back she goes to MacLaren’s wanting to surprise everyone but realises everyone has moved on while she was too busy to keep up with them. Feeling down she goes to the bench where she hallucinated telling ‘her kids’ the story of how she met their dad and finds Barney sitting there with his baby. The two of them realise they were meant to be together but had a lot of growing up to do first. Although Robin doesn’t want kids since Barney and 31 have shared custody she decides she can handle that and they reunite.

Lily and Marshall’s ending stays the same, their third child is a boy.

Ted and Tracy have the train station meeting (it was adorable) but she doesn’t die. She got really sick and came close to death but she pulled though. Ted is telling the story because Barney and Robin are getting remarried and he and Tracy have been making plans for their ten year anniversary. The mother walks in and says “You’re still telling the story? Two words, Train. Station.” They laugh and the kids take the opportunity to escape. Ted and the mother smile at each other and the reminisce about their wonderful lives.

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I Will Save You - Part 2

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi!! You’re such an amazing writer! Always look forward to seeing you post. Can you do a part two to the one about Dean telling his daughter he’s going to hell? Like her reaction to him being alive again? Thank you :)


You couldn’t save him. You didn’t find anything because you didn’t know a lot of things about monsters and your father, Dean Winchester was almost always at your side.
Then, he died. One night he left and he never came back. He didn’t say that he was leaving and never come back, he said he had something to go check out.
It has been four month since he died and you feel lonely. Your Uncle Sam left you, and you are stuck at Bobby’s, going to school. Your grades has fallen, because you don’t have the heart to concentrate at school. You try, for your father, because you know that this is what he would have wanted.
Once again, you sneak out at night, escaping from the window and walk to your Dad’s grave. It is a long walk, but it is the only way you can feel close to him.
One there, you sit in front of the wooden cross and stare at it.
“Hi, Dad” you smile sadly feeling the tears in your eyes “today I tried to do my homework… but I didn’t understand them… you know Bobby isn’t the best to help me with them, Uncle Sam was… though, he doesn’t call back. I miss you so much!”
You start crying into your hands, trying to image your father’s voice in your head, saying that everything is going to be alright.
Though, it is like you forgot his voice.
“Dad” you cried harder “I miss you so much!”

You open your eyes and sit up, rubbing your eyes and stretching your arms. Every muscle in your body hurts, and you understand why when you see that you are still outside beside your father’s grave.
“Shit” you cursed “Bobby is going to be pissed!”
You jump up on your feet’s and give a last look at the cross.
“See you later” you simply said and start running.

Arrived at the house, you enter your room by the window, hopping Bobby didn’t came upstairs to see you. It is Saturday and he usually lets you sleep, when you can. You have a problem with sleep since your father died.
Relieved, you see that everything looks normal. You go take a shower and get dressed in black jeans and an old t-shirt that was your fathers.
You grab your book and jump in your bed and start reading about demons. You almost read all of the books in Bobby’s library, it is the only thing you think is right to do. You want to become a hunter, and Bobby already explained to you what a hunter is. Your father already talked to you about it, when he told he was dying. Though, you wanted to know more.

Four hours later, you are still reading, another book. You stretch your legs and close your eyes, trying to get some sleep, because now your head hurts.
“(Y/N)?” You heard Bobby call knocking on the door.
He enters the room and sighs seeing the full plate of pasta on your nightstand.
“You didn’t eat?”
“I’m not hungry”.
“I have something to tell you, and I want to assure you, that it’s okay, all right?”
You frown, his face is serious and it scares you. One thought has gone in your mind, the fact Sam might die.
“(Y/N), your daddy is downstairs. I made the tests, it’s him”.
You don’t take the time to listen to anything else. You jump out of bed and run downstairs and see him. Your father, standing there, and when he sees you, he smiles.
“Hey, baby girl”.
“Dad” you cried.
You run into his arms and burry your face in his neck.
“Dad” you cried holding him tighter.
“Oh, my girl” he says placing a kiss on your head “I’m here now… I’m here now…”


Alright, I know this post is going to get a lot of hate but here it goes..

I grew up in a two-parent household where my mother was more dominant and stronger than my father and got her word in the majority of time, of course daughters usually taking after their mothers I too developed this dominant strong-willed personality.

Most of the time I feel greatly ashamed of my more passionate strong-willed personality because it conflicts with my inner nature. I have become a lot more cynical and contemptuous of others as a result of my severe bullying because of my seemingly more docile and reserved nature (in public!!) so it only hardened my preconditioned behavior from what I seen in my household.

Sometimes I wish I can become that vulnerable, docile, genteel, sensitive girl again I was closer to when I was a little younger - even though people did see it as a sign of weakness where I lived and I felt like I couldn’t defend myself I still miss it.

I hope maybe when I leave this place I can finally attune to my true “feminine” self and be appreciated for it, and I know what certain types of people like that and accept it.

I’m getting tired of being the argumentative, stoic, witty, arrogant, quiet girl who is almost everyone’s enemy.

Maybe that’s better than being the weird, reserved, but quiet/shy girl who is nearly everyone’s object of ridicule.