I have a birthday party to go to

Ken’s Birthday Bash, September 21st, circa 2005
note: not his his actual birthday, just a headcanon of mine
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Kaiser: Welcome to my birthday party~

Kaiser: Leave your presents on the stage and enjoy the food.

Kaiser: Okay… is that everyone? Everyone gave me a birthday gift, right?

Taichi: Yeah, uhh, I’ve got a few questions!!

(artist note: the symbols actually spell things out)

Kaiser: Hm? What is it, Yagami-san?

Taichi: We came to your party, can we go home now?

Meiko: UHM!!

Yamato: And give Meiko back her cat!

Everyone: YEAH!!!

Gabumon: This food is really good…

Yamato: G-Gabumon…

Mimi: Oh! And can I have the recipe for that ham?

Takeru: And where are the others?

Hikari: Yeah, Miyako, Iori, Daisuke?

Jou: They went missing alongside you, Ichijouji-kun

Kaiser: Look, everything will be explained in due time–

Ken: That’s not me! I am! That’s an imposter!

Daisuke: Do you guys have any idea what we’ve been through trying to get back here?

Miyako: Our phones didn’t work, our D-Terminals were broken.

Iori: Ken-san didn’t even have his because someone took it.

Everyone: TWO Ken’s???

Hikari: I-Ichijouji-kun???

Dai: Gennai, actually.

Kaiser!Gennai: [thinking] maybe I can sneak away while they’re distracted….

Ken: You stole my face! You stole my image! You stole my title! BUT I AM NOT LETTING YOU STEAL MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!


Iori: Is Ken-san okay?

Miyako: Yeah, just let him get his anger out. Better Gennai than us.

Daisuke: SUUUUUUUUUP guys, how’s school been?

Taichi: Daisuke! Where’ve you been??

Hikari: Gennai-san was the Kaiser? How awful…!

Everyone enjoyed the party once Ken tied up Gennai and stuck him in Koushirou’s virtual space in his office.

And so Ken went on to sue Gennai for stealing his face and making everyone believe he was the Kaiser again~ 

Happy Birthday Ken-chan <3

The End.

(So is anyone alive after Kokuhaku?)

Its Caturday again. No one wants to get up. But there’s always things to do. Maybe I’ll hide under the covers like Lucy.

Medication hangover today.

Have to go to my grandpa’s birthday party this afternoon. He’s 91. A very sweet man but my heart’s not in it. I need a break from family. From drama. I feel alone, different. Because I don’t share their values. I like me better than I like them.

I remember growing up listening to them throwing around the “n” word. Bashing the poor, the non-Christians, gays, basically anyone else who was not like them. Looking back I wonder how I came out of this family. It disgusts me. Makes it hard to spend time with them. And the worst part is they know how I feel and they dont have respect enough for me to tone down their conversation. Because they don’t care.

They wont just leave things alone. They post things on my FB page, I delete them, and then they post about me deleting them. You can’t win for losing with some people.

@semicullen, you’re right. There’s some you just don’t engage.

Would it be bad of me to delete all of them from my FB? Or is that being childish and playing the same stupid game? I know its just FB and I could delete my account but there are genuinely people I want to keep in contact with and local events and businesses I follow. Am I over thinking this?

Well, I better get moving. This body isn’t going to shower itself. Wish me luck with lots of patience today. I’ll need it.

Have a great Saturday friends in my phone. 😘

i might be going to a joint birthday party today for a 94 year old and a 93 year old who are best friends and have the same birthday if i decide to get ready lol

jk i take that back i don’t want to spend time with any human i’m too sick. i’d rather spend time with a dog. my dog. but i don’t have a dog unfortunately. so i guess that means just spending some time with my gluten-free dairy-free ice ‘cream’ and a tellanovella until i have to drag my sick self out of bed and go to a wedding and then a birthday party. oh also supposed to check on a friend’s cat. i just need to sleep people. sleep and heal and do nothing. i love you but i’m having a hard time breathing without coughing and it’s really exhausting and it’s only 2:30 and i’m ready for not doing anything else for the rest of the day.

My plan was to hit up Target, buy some birthday presents, go to the shoe store and get some shoes, then high tail it out to the burbs for the birthday party, yadda yadda, then cruise home for a run around the park in my new shoes.

Until I checked the store hours for my shoe store of choice. Not enough time.

Guess I’ll go after the party, but that will make parking harder at the store. I don’t want to stop at a store out in the burbs because if I have to return/exchange shoes if I’m not happy with them I don’t want to have to trek all the way back out there.

ballroompink  asked:

Knee Socks, Hay Rides, Rainy Afternoons

Knee Socks:  If you were starring in a movie, who would you want as your co star?

Paul Rudd. So I could tell him about how he went to school with my brother for a year and came to his birthday party, so when I was about 6 or 7 I met Paul Rudd. Who would have been 10 at the time.

Hay Rides:  What fictional world would you want to live in?

I was thinking Pawnee but there are some really stupid people there. So I’m going to say Portlandia’s version of Portland.

Rainy Afternoons: What is the last book you read for fun? 

Right now I’m reading The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Language of Food. The last book I finished was The Kitchen House, which was kind of eh. Too rushed at the end.  

12 Tips To Improve Grades And Organization

Written by natuhrist | Edited by merhcy | Saturday August 8, 2015

School, for some, can be the worst period of their lives. Testing, teachers, friends, boyfriends - and sometimes people we wish we had never known can be thanked for that. But here I have whipped up a quick list of ways that have helped me with my organizational study throughout my school years.
If you want better results and better organization, these may be the solution to your problem.

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“Sullivan is sick with the flu!”

Seriously? I thought we were done with that last rotation!

So, I locked Sully in the boys’ bathroom, and had Scot make him some comfort soup, which cured him nicely, so hopefully we’re really done with the flu now.

The rest of the evening was spent gardening, taking care of Elizabeth, having dinner and doing homework.

In the morning, Scot and the kids headed off to school, and Sadie was left home with Elizabeth. She spent her day gardening, looking after Elizabeth and playing computer games, and then called for Elizabeth’s birthday party about the time Sal and Sully got home from school.

hogwarts house girl gangs (x)

slytherin; they loan out their makeup, show up to every game in support of each other, force each other to study furiously for exams. they fuss a lot about whose stuff goes where, and teach each other neat tricks with their hair or useful charms.they stay in their dorms during every other hogsmeade trip to throw tiny parties, ungodly amount of inside jokes

hufflepuff; they buy each other surprise sweets from honeydukes, put supportive notes in each others bags and textbooks like ‘dont forget to smile’ and ‘youll do great today’. they throw really big celebrations for birthdays and will spend an entire night studying if one of them isnt getting a subject well enough. they give each other flowers and cute little ‘it reminded me of you’ gifts.

gryffindor; they cover for each other constantly and have such a  ‘i am spartacus’ thing going, braid each others hair and do each others make up almost every morning, sleep in each others bed sometimes, share clothes religiously, constant compliments and teasing, piggy back rides in the halls

ravenclaw; they loan out the same book and all add little sticky notes with their reaction to a part for the next reader, when study sessions get dull they start singing songs together in silly voices, lots of hugging and hand holding, they have a really healthy competition going, use pet names a lot

College Confession #20

I was walking around in the middle of the night with some friends (completely sober at that point) and met an Australian guy who demanded we all find a party to go to.  After 5 minutes my friends and I just wanted to go home so the drunk guy hugged us all goodbye and as he was hugging me, I said, in a jokingly way “your jacket is soft and looks warm, can I have it?”  Without missing a beat he took it off and gave it to me even when I insisted I was kidding. 

A few weeks later I had a huge birthday party with a couple hundred people and he showed up randomly and realized who I was, asked for his jacket back because he didn’t have another one. However, he got really drunk again and forgot his jacket.

I never saw him again so I sold the jacket a few months on and made £20.

The University of Kent

Today, I fucked up... by accidentally water boarding myself

So this fuck-up took place last week, at my nephew’s 6th birthday party. We were having this party at my parents house by the lake, and we have this floating divingboard thing like 10-15 meters out from the ‘beach’. So people were swimming, diving, generally just having a blast. My nephew’s favorite thing is Spiderman, he fucking loves Spiderman. So I dressed up in a Spiderman-looking morphsuit. You know the green tight suit 'hilarious’ guys wear, yeah, that kind. So I suited up, and after a while I decided to go swimming in said suit. I swam out to the floating divingboard, climbed up and got ready to jump. Dived into the lake, swam 3-4meters underwater, then resurfaced. When I came up for air, I quickly realized that the morph suit drastically looses its ability to let air through the breathing points when it gets wet. The thing is, the morph suit is really hard to take of, it unzips at the back of your head, which is a tricky spot to reach when you’re basically drowning. So I tried to remove it by taking my hands behind my head, which resulted in me sinking into the water. I repeated this process of going up trying to breathe, and sinking from trying to take of the morph suit. Eventually I had to be rescued by my older brother. TLDR: Dived into a lake with a morphsuit on, couldn’t breathe, had to be rescued by my older brother.

my friends on feb. 1st: hey do you wanna hang out later?”

me: oh n o osrry i can’t!! i have to go to a birthday party :))

friends: oh that’s okay! whose party is it?


We need your help!
As you all may or may not know, we have another younger brother named Sherose. Next month on May 22nd he’ll be turning 18. Sherose may be turning into an official adult, but he will always be a child at heart and mind. Sherose was diagnosed with Autism when he was around the age of 3, however as a family we have never let him feel he was different from others while growing up. Although we have tried our best to give Sherose the most normal lifestyle, we know that Sherose does not have many friends nor has he gotten some opportunities to be social or have close friends like other teenagers. He doesn’t get invited to birthday parties, he doesn’t go out to play sports, basic things that every teenager does. Every birthday, we spend it together as a family, but I wanted something different for Sherose on his 18th birthday.
 Anyone whom has gotten the chance to meet Sherose will know that it is his friendliness and his excitement to meet others is what stands out. He loves to talk to people, he likes to make new friends. Since he was very young, he has had an obsession with receiving items in the mail, with something addressed to him. Even if is simple junk mail, or something I have bought for him online, his eyes will light up when he sees his name on the envelope. He waits for the mailman and personally gets the mail every day. Soha and I want to reach out to our friends, acquaintances and the community. To see if you could write a letter or send a birthday card for Sherose’s birthday. A small “Happy Birthday” letter or card which can take 5 minutes of your time, will mean the WORLD to him. Some of the things that Sherose loves include: Transformers, Disney movies (He is a fanatic about movies), Marvel and etc. If you would like to send Sherose something, the address is below. I will hold all letters and cards until May 22nd and give them to him on his Birthday.
P.O. Box 5037
Springfield, VA 22150
If you can, please share this post!

If you leave in such a place where sending a letter or a post card is not possible or is difficult, I have made an email account for Sherose that I will print out messages from and add them to his collection of cards. It is:


If you come to my birthday party and start talking about “entropy” and “the inevitable heat death of the universe” I’m going to politely ask you to leave because I have a firm grasp of these concepts and have had it since my first (1st) existential crisis at the age of 11. No need to bring it up again.


I like to imagine that the FAHC have little traditions for each crew members birthday.

Like for Jack’s birthday they all go for a plane ride to Chiliad during which they aren’t allowed to bitch or moan about Jack’s piloting so she always pulls ridiculous stunts just to try to make them sick (Ryan’s the only one who hasn’t cracked yet.) They parachute to the top of Chiliad and have a nice picnic on the mountainside and watch the sunset together.

Contrary to popular belief Geoff’s party doesn’t involve a lot of bar hopping and a ridiculous amount of blackmail material the morning after. Instead they meet up at the lake to do some fishing (and drinking), all of them in boats in the middle of the lake. Geoff and Jack are usually the most patient, while the lads get bored easily so it usually ends with loads of explosions but not before the guys all give Geoff some small presents they thought he would like (and he would always cry but deny it vigorously.)

Michael’s would be a pool party at the top of some skyscraper with all his friends and copious amount of booze. The night would include drinking, wrestling with Gavin as well as ridiculously high bets on if Ryan could hit a pedestrian with his diet coke can from the top of the rooftop (he always would and Gavin always lost all his bets.) The crew would also usually organize some sort of explosion or commotion within eye sight from the rooftop (last year they blew up the V in the Vinewood sign much to LSPD despair).

Gavin’s party would be the most lavish, as the lad liked his gold. Michael and Geoff would compete in finding the most ridiculous golden jewelry to see if either of them would finally find something Gavin didn’t wear (Michael had gotten the nearest with a garish golden ring that was so awful it actually made the TV-news a few years ago). The day would usually also include some sort of “great idea for a video” Gavin had seen on the internet somewhere that he liked to try to recreate (last years stunt had led to a broken foot, an angry fisherman and a few million in property damages.)

Jeremy being the newest recruit didn’t have a lot of traditions but that didn’t stop the lads on coming up with something that would stick. One year they had tried to have an organized treasure hunt that led to a party but Geoff had gotten lost somehow, and another years attempt on going scuba diving had led to chaos as Ryan somehow had managed to booby trap their boat (it was an honest mistake I swear). After that Jeremy had confessed to actually just enjoying their company and didn’t require any sort of special events. (He had no idea that Gavin and Michael had been planning an advanced series of pranks and practical jokes already for the next year that involved among other things a fake baby, a live donkey, an ambulance and a bag full of pink glitter.)

And as much as Ryan loved his chaos he also loved a good meal, so his birthdays usually started with a morning of causing chaos in the city including a competition on who could steal the most ridiculous thing from the LSPD HQ downtown, followed by an evening at Geoff’s penthouse with a delicious meal as they gathered around to compare what each of them had managed to steal from the police station (Jack had won last year with a vending machine. Nobody knew how she had gotten it out of the station and into the penthouse without anybody seeing her but they were all very impressed.