I have 2 drawing classes


my animation final!!!! or you know the bare basics to pass

audio from prozd

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)

the Salt & Vinegar zine is shipping out now!! this is the proudest of the two pieces I submitted for the zine - kickstarted the whole WALL-E AU thing of mine with it. Glad for the opportunity!! 


ughhh i draw too much spn i should calm down a bit
dont artists do one big art dump and leave it at that why am i like this

👶 Houndmaster as a child, for @marveloustf2

Here is 6 years old Houndmaster with Dad by her side. I’ve been wanting to draw this for ages so thank you for giving me the push I needed to go through with it!!

semi-late new years resolutions

- work on drawing backgrounds

- finish at least one sketchbook

- draw more guys

- start being confident in my art

I don’t have too much goals because if I have too much I might not even do them

so like my first day back to second semester wasn’t the worst but also i’m so annoyed at my first class and that dumbass fine arts teacher who said shit like ‘i don’t believe identity is important or should dictate what art you make’ and ‘illustrators and comics artists will never have to work as hard as fine artists and photography majors’ .Then he ignored all of us in favor for the photo and fine arts majors lol. I dropped him in an instant for a lady teacher i know is actually amazing lmao

otherwise it was good to be back. i’m working on a personal logo/banner/icon brand for myself and my writing fiction class is nice and taught by an amazing dad dude who has published shit before and i’m excited to actually get a grasp on organization instead of my brainless word spews with little organization

mondays wednesdays and fridays are going to be wholesome as fuck this semester babey!!! the only class i have is my 2 hour drawing class starting at 8 in the morning and then im Big Chillin on campus w my HOMEBOYS for as long as i want