I hate seeing the people I love upset

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Do you remember this like 2011 gif set of Miles talking about how much it hurt people thought he was "just the other one in the Puppets"?

Please don’t remind of that right now I’m getting so upset :(

But, yeah, that’s exactly what I thought about as well. He gets so upset when things like that happen and he really doesn’t deserve this. He puts so much passion and effort in his songs and his performances how can you hate it?! And the last thing i wanna see is someone being dragged down for his own passion.

Also: if you love alex that much then let me remind you how upset he himself sounded when in 2008 they only mentioned him and not Miles in their AOTU’s album? Or how many times he mentioned that it’s all because of Miles that he reached this level of creativity and talent? It’s because of him that he got into artists like David Bowie or Leonard Cohen? It’s because of the first shadow puppets album - the first COLLABORATION with Miles - that Alex wrote your favourite indie tunes! Whatever you love about Alex in tlsp is all thanks to Miles. They are bound, they work together. It’s a FACT.

And let me tell you something else: if you love one you have to love the other cause they’re practically so entwined it’s getting hard to imagine one without the other!

And if you just can’t stand Miles don’t listen to his music (TLSP included!) and shut your mouth about it :)

It’s nice to see people stepping up and criticizing the hate that got spread last night, but I’ve noticed a trend in a lot of people’s arguments to “leave everyone alone” and “let people ship what they want to ship”. Almost all of them have the phrase “I don’t ship Solas/Abelas x Trev” or “it’s not my cup of tea,” and while I appreciate that these people are attempting to stand up for people who have been attacked, this is really, really upsetting.

We get that most people don’t see Abelas or Solas falling in love with a Trev (or literally anything other than a Dalish elf). We’ve seen your reasoning, some of it measured and well-thought-out and some barely more than elves are the only ones who deserve their faves. We know why you don’t ship it. We don’t need to be told why you don’t ship it. We don’t need to be reminded that the majority of Solas and Abelas fans would never dream of romancing them with a human. 

You are entitled to your opinion, but when you feel the need to qualify any support you offer with the caveat that you don’t actually support these rare pair creators, you’ve undermined the very thing you’re trying to do. 

It’s the same thing we hear when we get messages telling us that you “don’t ship this usually, but this is amazing!” as if the writer just stumbled into a pile of gold in the middle of a field of shit and did the dirty work of polishing it for you before letting you see it. I support you or this one specific instance, but I don’t support what you’re doing and I don’t support the rest of it. 

Rare pairs are rare for a reason. As much as I and some others have attempted to make people see that it’s not an automatic NOPE whenever you see a Solas/Trev or Abelas/Trev story, I can’t force you to like something. It’s your prerogative to like whatever you want. I can ask that you keep an open mind, that you judge a work based on the quality of the writing and the consideration with which the romance or story is told and not on the characters’ ethnicities. 

But when you want to come to bat for people who receive hate on the regular for writing something you don’t like, it’s not your place to tell us you don’t like it. I don’t know why people feel the need to do this, maybe it’s not wanting your followers to think you ship That Thing of Which We Do Not Speak, maybe it’s that you’re trying to convey that even though you dislike something, you’re big enough to make a post supporting the author (but not the work, never the work). I hope it’s more unconscious than that, but it’s hard not to question it when some of your defenders are apologizing for what you’ve chosen to do. 

If you want to support rare pair writers, support them. Reblog their stuff. Hell, even give it a ten minute read. If it’s not your thing, pass on by, no one’s feelings will be hurt. But when you denounce the hate but don’t denounce why the hate is being spread, you’ve just knocked the knees out from the writers you’re trying to support.

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He knows people love to drag Taylor so he is using that to make himself look good. I don't think he realizes that more people like Taylor then hate her it's just the haters get more attention. I just find it funny how people are refusing to see that Tree only confirmed she wrote the song she didn't comment on Taylor being upset about what he said on Ryan's show at all. Calvin needs to get himself a publicist because he turned this into more then it actually needed to be.

‘haters get more attention’ exactlyyyyyyy


I’m so sick of the news at the moment. It upsets me to see so much suffering in the world. It makes me feel bad for not being able to help more than donating a bit of cash where I can. 

I’m not commenting on one event here, but many, including the Orlando shootings, all terror attacks, Police shootings of black people, all of it. When is the world going to realise that this kind of violence is not the answer? More guns and weapons are not going to lead to more peace, just carry on this senseless violence. 

What does it matter what colour someone’s skin is? We’re all human, we all hurt, and we all feel. White people should not have privilege because they happened to be born white.

What does it matter who someone falls in love with? You can’t help who you fall in love with. If you disagree with a gay lifestyle, don’t engage in one. There is no need to spread senseless hate over the LGBTQ+ community because of your own prejudice (ignorance). If you can’t say anything nice, it’s best not to say anything at all!

What does it matter what religion someone identifies with as long as they aren’t hurting anyone? I’m obviously not talking about extremists and terrorists here as I do not believe any religion would condone violence and fear. 

I could go on but my point is how has the world got to this state? That every day we wake up to news of more tragedies, more shootings, bombings, extremists, death, pain. 

I do believe love will always win over hate, but it starts at home. It starts with us - every single person on the planet. Caring for each other, encouraging each other, looking after our children, trying to create an environment of acceptance and understanding. Just because something is different or unknown doesn’t mean it is bad.

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I see a lot of people hating Laurie Holden because she's "a bitch." I love the fact that she stands up for herself and her character and is open about the shitty way they treated her. She clearly loved working on the show and loved Andrea and was willing to work through things behind the scenes. It upsets me that she was treated badly. (And still is by fans just for being honest.)

I agree. It bothers me as well. She and Andrea were both treated horribly. I think it’s unfair for people to get angry at her for speaking out. She even said that working on TWD was the time of her life. Of course she is upset and hurt about what happened. Even after all this time. I would be too. I’m still pissed about Andrea’s death and I always will be. And she spoke about it today at WSC during her panel. She’s at a con that’s centered around TWD and she was likely prompted to talk about the situation so I don’t get why anyone would be faulting her for being honest about it.

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Yona chan I am sorry for what I am about to say but, I feel so terrible after reading chapter 125. I have to confess I've never been a Soo Won fan. But I know there's lots of people in this fandom that love him and defend him...(you?) I could never bring myself to do that... and now after this last chapter I really feel that I HATE him from the depths of my soul. I feel like crying right now, seriously T.T I officially hate him now. I feel Hak's disappointment and pain.. T.T

Don’t be sorry~ It can be hard to read Hak’s side of the story and not get really upset and want to defend him - and feel a dislike for Soo-Won. Though I adore Hak with all my heart, I kinda get the feeling that I’m very close to sharing Yona’s opinion on Soo-Won: I don’t necessarily love Soo-Won, but I find him intriguing and want to know more about him and his motives. But, I totally understand how some could view him more as Hak does: with a sadness or hatred that can’t be cured and eats away at them. So… I guess the question to ask is are you a Hak or a Yona when it comes to Soo-Won? :P Both outlooks are valid to me, even if I myself can’t truly hate Soo-Won.

*hugs you* It is hard to see Hak suffer though DX I just want him to be happy~

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Hi, I read your post about why Armin is your fav and it legit made me cry. as a person who also sees myself in armin - I also was always really upset at all the Armin hate that was online. luckily it seems like almost everyone loves armin now - considering how upset the fandom got over the idea of him “dying”.

Hello, anon! 

*hug* Oh, hope I didn’t upset you too much! 

Yeah, in the middle of that unholy hell, it really helped to see just how many people were affected by Armin’s “death”. It felt amazing to see how many people he had reached and how many hearts he had touched! Of course, it was sad that so many got heartbroken, but boy was it a testament to how amazing this boy was and is! Hopefully, his near death experience opened the eyes of people who took him for granted - they might appreciate him more now that they’re aware of how bummed they’d really be if he didn’t get to reach his dream! <3

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I know it's not my place but I saw the anon upset over their English on my dash and I honestly just felt so horrible for them and couldn't scroll past without saying something. I want them to know that they shouldn't be upset ! Their English is very good! Muy bien ! I hate seeing people upset over their language and I'm sending love to them ❤️

So true! Oh my gosh thank you for this. Thank you. It upsets me that they apologize because I know it’s because rude people (mostly ignorant people who can only speak one language) snap at them and get upset and impatient because they might not be able to understand their accent. Like this lovely person is learning MORE THAN ONE LANGUAGE and that’s so amazing and inspiring to me.

If you ever are at the counter and the person serving you has a thick accent, please just chill out and have patience. Smile at them, tell them, “Hey, could you please repeat that?” and then tell them that they’re doing an awesome job and just please show kindness. They’re working so hard and doing what they can. Snapping at them and getting upset and impatient doesn’t help anything and really just makes you look like a jerk.

Someone mentioned that whole discourse over Eliza Taylor and her comment and this was my response to them that I thought I would share on here.

‘’My view on Eliza lately has been to not focus on cons of public events that she would attend because it was like chewing a piece of gum, it was the same thing over and over.

I get her angle on all this and I’m sure she thinks she’s doing the right time by dedicating each con to Lexa but the fact of the matter is, Lexa is dead. She’s gone and Eliza needs to focus on the future. I would also love for her to educate herself on bisexuality since she’s representing it but to each their own.

That Bellarke shit comment didn’t really change anything I felt because I wasn’t expecting much from her. I was upset to see so many people discouraged. Because they were begging hours before for no fan to ask a Bellarke question so they wouldn’t get hated on by anyone. Then Eliza brings it up and adds on the word shit. It’s a long list of things that I am not going to go into. Actors don’t matter in the scheme of the writing so Eliza’s opinion means next to nothing to me. But if she’s going to decide to take part in cons and interact with fans now, she needs to know what she’s saying and what she’s doing. Being neutral on all ends of the spectrum wouldn’t be too much work and would go a long way.

That’s my opinion.’’

I think everyone who is able to should take time to go see Ghostbusters.  They took the time to do right by the franchise and I think that they did a stellar job and I want this film to succeed so badly.  So many people hate it purely because it stars women.  There have not only been sexist comments made, but there has been so much racism and even homophobia surrounding it and I just really want to see these women rewarded and loved for their hard work and dedication to doing right by not only the franchise, but to the fans.  It makes me so upset that so many people want to drag this film through the mud without even seeing it.  So please, if you can go see it, do so.  Also, send your love and good, uplifting vibes to the wonderful and hilarious actresses of this film. Support these ladies.  Support Ghostbusters.

K it’s time for sleep and I do apologize for putting silly senseless drama on your dash, I’ll probably wake up in the morning nice and sober and will clean up my blog accordingly but until then rest assured I love my friends and I pride myself on being friends with good people and if I see someone getting undeserved hate and backlash I’m gonna speak out. Sorry for any upset feelings that might have caused. Night everyone!

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I'm fed up about all of this... On every got7 blogs I follow they only talk about this and man we don't know we can't know we're not with them why don't we wait a little before saying that they've upset everyone and that they are the worst. I just wanted happy news about Mark being happy in LA with his familly but people are so full of hate. I'm sorry. And I love you. Thanks, please be okay, you're beautiful !

hi anon, i’m sorry that you keep seeing these on your dash. do feel free to unfollow me if you don’t want to see my replies about this issue. but tbh as i’m not part of the community i don’t think i have the rights to say anything about they feel about this issue as their feelings about it are valid but thank you for your concern💕.

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I love your views on high school romances! I'm a big believer of making most of your time in high school, but entering your future without the weights of a relationship holding you back! (That may sound harsh, I'm sorry!) I can see how people would be upset, but Spencer and Toby grew apart for a reason, as did most of the other couples! They should not get hate for exploring new ones!

Yes!! I absolutely agree. It’s harsh, but it’s the absolute truth. Truth be told, I stayed with my high school boyfriend long after I had graduated and it’s one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I made so many bad decisions that I wish I could take back. But I have to live with them. And frankly, they’ve held me back and yeah. So I’m very against not exploring new relationships. I was convinced I was going to marry this guy. *shrug* 

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hi i just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts on fandom! honestly it's kind of upsetting how hateful we can get sometimes considering how love & forgiveness is at the core of the show

it really is upsetting to see how the fandom threat people who part of the same thing, we don’t have to like everyone but there’s no need to say hurtful of shitty things to people.

this fandom is so hard to be in sometimes seeing hate is so tiring and it’s sad that so many people are getting upset over it i kinda want to do a positivity post or something and just like write people short drabbles and send them love idk i’m just tired 

Shoutout Time!

I saw a lot of hate on Tumblr, and it made me upset, so I’m gonna do something to spread some love. It’s cheesy, but I really want to see some positivity.
If you’re tagged, I want you to tag a few people you like and tell them some nice things. You can say something nice about whoever tagged you, too, of course! Or, if you don’t want, you can just not reblog at all.

You’ve been a great manager for NMW. Between shouldering most of the work and visiting a lot of the streams, I can tell you’re a hard worker. Your art is nice, and I wish you the best in whatever you do. You give off an intelligent, gentle aura that is perfect for any leader.

Pine, you’ve been a huge help to me without even realizing it. Your advice has helped me take on the labels I have today, and your outlooks on things like therianthropy are fascinating, mature, and well thought-out. It’s a joy having you on the chat.

Katie! I’m so excited to see you soon. You’re pretty, intelligent, and kind. I’m proud of you for overcoming the obstacles you’ve faced in your life, and we both know you’ve faced a lot. You are so strong. Your courage rubbed off on me! I’m more confident than ever, thanks to you.

Rayden, the compassion you hold for your animals is outstanding. Taking care of your puppy, your rats, your cat… It’s that love for others we need in this world. Your art is a treat to look at, and I always love seeing it. The stories and creativity you hold is something I admire. I hope you understand you are a handsome, creative person with so much to offer.


First I see a post that says, “White people are the devil.” “White people are demonspawn.” “Fuck white people.”

Now. It’s that goddamned post of “me before and after I heard about cops being killed in Dallas”

I am so UPSET at all of this. I just wish people would fucking LOVE each other and stop all of this goddamned hate. 

There are bad people of every race and occupation, this is true. Why can’t we just band together against them? Why do we have to constantly down everyone and everything and assume everyone is the same?

Don’t sleep on the good people. You’d be surprised where you can find them and just how easily.

This is probably really random and silly of me but I felt the need to post this. I hope you guys know I’m always here for you if you need to talk or vent about anything. I really mean that because I hate seeing anyone upset and it breaks my heart. So if you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to message me at any time. I may not see it right away but I’ll reply as soon as I see it. You are never alone. You should never feel alone. You are loved and I hope you all know that. You are wonderful people don’t ever forget that okay? I love and care about you all so much.


okay so there’s someone i wanna talk about. I wanna talk about someone who i first talked to on this site and roughly a few years later we met up at a concert and became friends. Since that day we’ve been extremely close and i consider this person super dear to me. I hate to see them upset and when they are upset i can’t help but feel a bit of the pain myself. Even though its a common joke i’m the mom friend among my group of friends, this is someone i look up to and i adore to the fullest. This person is honestly the best big sister figure friend i could ever ask for in my life. I love her with all of my heart and I wish nothing more but the best. She’s a beautiful human being and she was here for me when i was going through my toughest times. Now its my turn to be here for you and I want you to know that I love you so so so much and I wish nothing me for you to be happy in love. This person is @aquasxn ,, i love you a bunch girl things are gonna look up i promise ☼