Teachers are so confusing


When you have a spelling test but you’re Panic! af

i have a teacher who literally pins her only two classes against each other like she’ll tally up our class averages and tell them to each class and my class’ average is lower than her other class’ and she always says “uh-oh fourth period is beating you guys” and she sounds so disappointed like it pisses me off does she realize how many students with anxiety and shit are in her class and all honors teachers always say “you guys are honors kids you can handle it” like no, fuck you, I’m not some mini adult I’m still a child who can’t handle certain situations and work loads and you using that “but your an honors kid!” excuse is gettin old because i have friends that aren’t in honors who could kick my ass intellectually and handle more than i can and it just makes me so fucking angry why do they treat us like kids and adults at the same time I’m literally a teenager and by the time I’m twenty I’m still probably gonna have an urge to raise my hand to ask to go to the bathroom what the fuck I’m so mad

I don’t want to go to school tomorrow 😐😩

I’ll always be the second choice and I hate that about me.