I hate packing


Packing Like A Pro 👌🏾

It rained cats and dogs today so I decided to finish packing for my trip tomorrow since I was stuck inside anyway 🙄 That didn’t go well at all because I hate packing lmao 😂 I always end up just packing my entire closet because I can’t make executive decisions like which pair of shorts to take 😬 After what felt like forever, I got bored and ended up taking selfies 💁 These are those selfies *dun dun* 

2 days left until I move out of my apartment, never to return. First is pre-DragonCon madness trying to finish costumes with friends, then DragonCon itself in all its splendor, then 2 days of Baltimore Comic Con (working) and then I join the Marvel Universe Live tour. Just in case anyone missed the big news, I will NOT be at New York Comic Con or Comikaze or any 2014 conventions after September. ok back to packing and crying 

My thought process while packing
  • me: ugh i hate packing
  • me: where the fuck is my suitcase?
  • me: is this gonna be big enough?
  • me: eh whatever i'll make it fit
  • me: oh this is cute i'll bring this
  • me: i forgot i owned this!
  • me: i just came up with the best idea for a textpost!
  • me: i've packed like 5 shirts, time for a break
  • me: tumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblr
  • me: okay im actually gonna pack now
  • me: what's the weather like where im going?
  • me: is this too sumery?
  • me: how long am i gonna be there?
  • me: whatever just toss some shit in there
  • me: fuck i have to do laundry
  • me: where is that one shirt i saw three months ago...
  • me: damnit i need stuff to wear on the way there...
  • me: do i have enough clean underwear?
  • me: one pair of socks should be enough right?
  • me: now for books!
  • me: geeze i hope this doesn't weigh too much
  • me: aww damnit i forgot to pack this!
  • me: now i don't have enough room in my suitcase...
  • me: i'll just pack another one
13 days left.

I leave in 13 days and I am nowhere near ready. The process of packing is going to be horrendous. I have to pack three months worth of stuff in 50 pounds! That is just completely absurd. I know that airlines created these limits because of the recession and it takes more gas to carry heavier items. BUT REALLY!?! I need more than 50 pounds to pack what I need. I cannot bring more than 50 pounds because of the ridiculous overweight baggage fees. Oh well, hopefully I will be able to manage 3 months worth of clothing in 50 pounds. Here are some pictures of how my packing is going.

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