I hate packing

Packing for DragonCon & I’m only bringing 7 costumes. That is the fewest I have brought since my first year. For those of you thinking that’s not a lot, I have brought 14 before. Lol. I’m bringing Shepard for all the Bioware stuff, Big Barda (bikini version) for the DC stuff, Misty Knight for the Marvel stuff, She Hulk (no specific plans to wear it, just bringing it bc it’s small & easy to pack). 3 new costumes for Aquarium night, a Capcom group & a Runaways/Young Avengers group. What are you bringing to DragonCon?

Tomorrow my annual Journey to the West begins! In case you missed it, I am attending SDCC as a panelist and spending a week in San Diego!
I am taking the long, scenic route from NYC to California and will arrive on Monday morning. I’ll be making stops in various cities along the way. And resisting the urge to eat my way through the Southern United States…but the barbeque tho…UGH WHO AM I KIDDING food photos are coming lmao

2 days left until I move out of my apartment, never to return. First is pre-DragonCon madness trying to finish costumes with friends, then DragonCon itself in all its splendor, then 2 days of Baltimore Comic Con (working) and then I join the Marvel Universe Live tour. Just in case anyone missed the big news, I will NOT be at New York Comic Con or Comikaze or any 2014 conventions after September. ok back to packing and crying 

I love traveling but I hate packing. I’ve been on numerous vacations but I still worry and panic days, even weeks, before a trip - I worry about what to bring and I worry about what I can possibly forget. My family labeled it as my obsessive compulsive behavior. And tonight we’re leaving for a short vacation to the mountains but I haven’t finished packing and repacking my stuff! Ugh! 😰

Photo: Cary Grant in a publicity still for Holiday, 1938.

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My thought process while packing
  • me:ugh i hate packing
  • me:where the fuck is my suitcase?
  • me:is this gonna be big enough?
  • me:eh whatever i'll make it fit
  • me:oh this is cute i'll bring this
  • me:i forgot i owned this!
  • me:i just came up with the best idea for a textpost!
  • me:i've packed like 5 shirts, time for a break
  • me:tumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblrtumblr
  • me:okay im actually gonna pack now
  • me:what's the weather like where im going?
  • me:is this too sumery?
  • me:how long am i gonna be there?
  • me:whatever just toss some shit in there
  • me:fuck i have to do laundry
  • me:where is that one shirt i saw three months ago...
  • me:damnit i need stuff to wear on the way there...
  • me:do i have enough clean underwear?
  • me:one pair of socks should be enough right?
  • me:now for books!
  • me:geeze i hope this doesn't weigh too much
  • me:aww damnit i forgot to pack this!
  • me:now i don't have enough room in my suitcase...
  • me:i'll just pack another one

So it looks like we are going to be selling our house. We’re under contract on one with a lot more space (Yay!) but there are still a lot of different things that have to work in our favor for us to be able to get. Thank goodness for contingencies. This week I’m busting my butt to pack up our house (the offer was accepted over the weekend) so that various people can come in starting next week to do their thing. We’re hoping to list it the weekend before the Super Bowl but it might be the weekend after. Tomorrow is filed with appts (inspections, painters, stager, handyman) and I work at the hospital this weekend. Throw in trying to pack with a toddler and I think I’m going to be totally used to the no sleep thing when the baby comes.