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Reconnection - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - an imagine where Jason and the reader had a relationship before he died and the reader leaves Gotham after his death because it reminds them too much of Jay and years later Dick reunites them after Jason comes back to the Batfam on good terms

You were just finishing dinner for yourself when a knock sounded from your front door. Sighing at the delicious food in front of you, you pushed it aside to go and open the door. The person on the other side was someone you hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Oh! Hi, Dick,” you exclaimed, taking in the sight of him. His hair had grown longer in the years since you had seen him last. Actually, the last time you saw him was the day you left Gotham after…well, you rather not think about that.

“Hey, (Y/N). It’s been a long time,” Dick said softly. He looked you up and down with a small smile. “You’re looking good.”

“So do you,” you answered, trying to hold the memories at bay. You could feel it creeping on the edge of your mind, gnawing at your sanity. Biting your lip hard, you tried not to think of him. 

The two of you fell into an awkward silence. Dick shrugged his shoulders, peeking into your apartment. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, sure,” you replied quickly, embarrassed you didn’t think to let him inside earlier. Shutting the door behind him, you guided him toward the kitchen. “I was about to eat. Do you want some?”

Dick looked at the food before nodding his head. “Sure, if you don’t mind,” he said, giving you a charming grin. You smiled half-halfheartedly at him as memories of Jason finally broke into your mind. Even though Dick didn’t look anything like him, your mind started interchanging him with Jason. Your eyes burned with tears, but you blinked them back.

After giving Dick some of your food, you both sat down to eat. He ate happily while you played with your food. It took you a little bit, but you finally spoke the question that was on your mind.

“Why are you here, Dick?”

Dick eyed you carefully, studying you for something, but you didn’t know what. “I just came to visit an old friend. I haven’t seen you since you left Gotham after…” His voice trailed off as you both knew of the event that made you leave Gotham years ago.

“You haven’t contacted me for years except for the occasional email, and I know you wouldn’t just drop in for a random visit,” you confronted, a tear slipping down your cheek. You brushed it away, feeling Dick frown at you. 

“I know I should have tried more after Jason’s death,” Dick began, stopping when you turned away from him. He reached out to lay a hand on your shoulder as you started shaking. Jason’s face kept floating in your mind after years of keeping it out. Perhaps it wasn’t healthy, but you hid from your memories of Jason as it was the only way you could cope with the pain of his loss. 

“No, it’s fine, Dick. I’m nothing to you, really,” you insisted. A sob escaped you as you finally gave in to your memories. Your pain returning in a tidal wave even after all these years.  

“Don’t say that, (Y/N). You meant everything to him, and therefore I care about you,” Dick soothed, standing up to slowly wrap you into a hug. You clung to him, your pain somehow still felt as fresh as if Jason had died just yesterday.

For a long time, Dick held you. He let you cry into his chest while gently rubbing a hand up and down your back. Part of you wished more than anything that it was Jason who was holding you instead. 

Once you had calmed down enough, you pulled away from him. You kept your face turned away from him, embarrassed by your appearance. “Why are you here, Dick?”

“I came to give you an invitation,” Dick admitted after a long moment, pulling an envelope out of his pocket. You reached out to take it, staring at it in wonder. “It’s to Bruce’s wedding.” Your eye popped out of your head at his words. He chuckled at your expression. “I know it was a shock to us too.”

“Well, thanks….but I don’t know if I can make it,” you mumbled as your heart tugged at the thought of returning to Gotham. 

“I know it will be hard, but it would mean so much to Bruce,” Dick insisted, taking your hand. He gripped it tightly, trying to comfort you. “You have to come home sometime, (Y/N). You can’t run forever.”

Taking a deep breath, you tried to work your mind around returning to Gotham. You knew you couldn’t stay away forever, one day you would have to face Jason’s death. It might as well be now.

“Okay, I’ll come,” you sighed as Dick cheered, trapping you into another hug. 

“Bruce will be so happy, (Y/N),” he stated while a secretive smile played upon his lips. You didn’t know it, but you were following Dick’s plan to a T. 

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koshikikagamine  asked:


Sorry this took a while, friend!

  • Damian says he doesnt care about Dick (or anyone really), but the moment Dick is injured Damian takes it upon himself to scold Dick and then spend a week looking after his moron of a brother
  • Damian is thought to not show affection, but he always perches up on high places and waits for Dick to walk by so he can pounce and ride on Dick’s shoulders
  • Just imagine Dick holding onto Damian’s tiny ankles while Damian sets his chin atop Dick’s head and glares at everyone or grumbles about homework
  • If Damian gets sick but is out on patrol Dick comes by where he is every other hour with a cough drop in one hand and the offer for a warm hug
  • Dick insists on reading Damian a bed time story whenever he’s at the manor and Damian sits through it with his arms crossed grumpily and a glaring pout on his face; Tim likes to sit in during this time because Dick is really dramatic and does different voices for each character
  • Dick carrying Damian to bed because the kid fell asleep on the couch……that is all
  • Dick dramatically singing Happy Birthday while trying to put a birthday hat on Damian’s head; Damian doesnt appreciate either one
  • Dick once took all his siblings to the carnival and he won a giant cat plushie that resides in Damian’s room, and lord forbid anyone touch it!
  • (there had been a small fight over who got to keep the cat; Steph insisted it should be her because she was the most responsible, but Tim reasoned since it was a fake cat that didnt matter. And since he’s the most antisocial of the bunch, he should have it; Cass shook her head and signed that she should have it because she has to put up with all their shit, but then Jason pulled the “I died once so I should have it” card so Dick finally just handed it to Damian who’d been eyeing it with aggressive need)

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Is there any way we can get more of the JayDick Guardian Angel AU?

(I’d say there’s a distinct possibility XD)

“So,” Dick says, scooting eagerly across the length of the couch closer to Jason, “You’re my Guardian Angel?”

“I’m sure we’ve been over this already.” Jason grunts from where he’s sitting, curled up on his favourite chair in Dick’s apartment with a mug of hot chocolate in his hands - the best his charge could provide in lieu of not owning any tea. It’s strange to be here with Dick able to see him, instead of looking around or through him. Disconcerting even, to have those dark blue eyes focused so intently his way.

Letting Dick know he exists was, in retrospect, a terrible idea. But he hadn’t been kidding when he said he couldn’t continue watching him throw himself into danger against terrible odds alone; not when he’s already borne witness to it so many times and watched Dick escape only by the skin of his teeth on every occasion. His duty is to keep him safe, to protect him, and more than that he…

Some days, Jason really wants to throttle Bruce Wayne for allowing Dick to put on that awful Robin outfit in the first place. The man’s own lack of self-preservation had fed down to his ward, and was the reason Wayne’s own angel looked to be in a perpetual state of moulting thanks to all the stress he put them through.

Jason’s not that bad over Dick yet, but he’s close.

“I know, I just… I can’t believe you’re real. That Guardian Angels are real.” Dick shrugs, setting aside his own cup of coffee so he can wind his hands together in his lap.

“You fought Trigon, and you’re friends with his half-demon daughter, but I’m the thing that breaks your suspension of disbelief.” Jason remarks dryly, sipping the hot chocolate just for something to do. It’s a little burnt but otherwise good. “Right.”

Dick snorts, but otherwise doesn’t pursue the topic. “And you’ve really been with me the whole time? Since I was…”

“Nine.” Jason fills in, and this time his voice gentles. He still remembers his first sight of Dick as clear as day, when he was kneeling and sobbing before the broken bodies of his parents: the rush of love and compassion he’d felt for him even in that first moment. How he’d wanted to lift the boy up into his arms and wrap his wings around him, so that he could shield him from all the needless cruelties of the world.

“If that’s true, then how did I never realise… how did I…” Dick looks uncertain. His teeth pull at his lip in a motion more familiar to Jason than the back of his own hand.

“Because that’s how it’s supposed to work. We’re not supposed to interfere directly.” Not like he had tonight, breaking every rule in the book. “We’re… we’re supposed to be guides. We nudge you in the right direction, comfort you in small ways. Watch over and keep you out of danger.” Jason smiles grimly. “Or at least try to.”

He laughs a little, “I’d apologise for your trouble, but I… I’m not really sorry for anything that I’ve done, you know?”

“I know.” Jason sets his mug aside, then rubs his forehead. That was exactly the reason why he’s sitting here right now, and if any of the higher ups realise it, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. “I know you.”

“Yeah, I daresay you do after watching me all these years.”

Watching. Touching. Jason’s throat thickens with memories of watching Dick grow up. How he would always stroke his hair when he was upset, and sing to him when he had nightmares in his sleep. How he’d interfere to the best of his abilities when he was in danger, acting as the gust of wind that swung a thug’s aim wide, or pushed Dick those extra inches forward to make sure he’d land safely from a misjudged leap.

How at some point during all of that, his feelings for the wonderful, selfless and kind man Dick had grown to be had far exceeded the point of professionalism.

“When you put it like that, you make me sound like a stalker.” He says, self-conscious once more.

Dick’s eyes light with laughter, “Well, you kind of are. Just a little, you know?”

Jason blushes as he pulls his wings in tighter to himself, and he’s really starting to hate that reflex. He’s fairly certain he never had it before he revealed himself to Dick.

“So what happens now?” He asks him.


“What happens now, you’re not going to go invisible on me again, are you?”

Jason sighs, by all rights he should and go back to the way things were before. “I don’t know yet.”

“Well, feel free to take your time thinking about it.” Dick smiles hopefully at him. At him, and no one else. “It’s pretty cool having an angel living in my apartment, you know?”

“Yeah.” Jason swallows, pinned in place like a butterfly beneath the weight of his sincerity. “I daresay it is.”