I had to do this


Idk if anyone did this already but quick list of all the differences between the maps, or at least I spotted besides the colouring of the sea

1- The island is now a lot more barren and has a lot less greenery to it, it dosent seem to be a play of the colouring like in otherplaces but maybe

2- The stones have been removed which restricted surfing 

3- Stones have been added to restrict surfing

4-ofc theres the purple swirly thing but also the island has lost some rivers beneath and theres no shining light in the original on the tree

5-Kinda hard to notice but the buildings have considerably changed, mainly the mall

6- new beach area

7- added island in the sea it appears

8-another added plot of land

9-again this could be a design choice but theres no more steam/smoke suggesting the volcano is dormant

10 -the bg island is no longer covered up,might suggest a new mini island

11- Unidentified objects in the water, maybe pokemon, boats or rocks but considering all the other boats are in the same location I’d say its important.

12- New gateway of what looks like the league added to the mountain

13-really hard to see but the plot of land is now a building, suggesting all of them have been built

14- Mountain bulges out more suggesting a expanded cave

15- New trailer on the small beach