I had to cut him off actually

That’s the original version of Bucky from the 1940s, back when child endangerment was the most popular part of superhero comics. When Captain America was brought back decades later, however, teenage sidekicks were considered deeply uncool, and Bucky was unceremoniously written off by explaining that an airplane exploded on his face. That’s how few fucks Marvel gave about the character: Not only did they kill him off-panel, but they actually allowed him to stay dead.

That wasn’t enough for 9-year-old fan Ed Brubaker, though. Bucky was his favorite character, and he spent years looking for the issue where he died. When Brubaker found out that issue didn’t actually exist and Bucky had essentially been killed off in a footnote, he made a solemn promise: “If I ever write Captain America, I’m undoing this mistake.”

Cut to about 30 years later. Brubaker made a name for himself writing gritty crime comics, but was finally offered a job as a Captain America writer. Guess what the first thing he did was.

5 Famous Storylines You Didn’t Know Were Written By Kids

(Prompt: so you sort of passed out and i had to take you to the hospital and i told the doctors i was your spouse so they’d let me stick around but hey being married has a pretty nice ring to it don’t you think?)

Nursey wakes up slowly. He sees ceiling tiles. White. There’s a lot of white, actually. And he’s cold. 

He blinks. Tries to flex his fingers, just to make sure he still has all ten, and- 

Five are occupied.

Slowly, he turns his head to the right. Dex.

“Hey-” Dex says softly, smiling, but Nursey cuts him off.

“What happened?” He knows, sort of - he remembers a little, but not everything. 

Dex looks down at their hands tangled together on the white bedsheet. “You slipped. The sidewalk outside my dorm is always icy, Nurse, but if you had told me you were coming I could have-” Nursey moves his head, then winces. Bad idea, very bad idea. “Don’t do that, idiot. You have a concussion.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“I know that, but-”

“No, Will. It’s not your fault,” Nursey repeats firmly, and Dex falls silent, hanging his head. He holds onto Nursey’s hand a little tighter.

“I should go get one of the nurses,” he murmurs. “They told me to let them know when you woke up.” He moves to get up, but Nursey doesn’t let go. 

“Stay, please? Just for a minute.” Dex sighs and falls back into his chair. He looks exhausted, Nursey realizes, and he feels guilty. “The nurses can wait. How’d you get past them, anyway?” he asks with a grin, hoping to get one out of Dex. Instead, Dex flushes a brilliant red and stares at the floor.

“You can’t laugh." 

"I won’t,” Nursey reassures him, rubbing small circles into the back of Dex’s hand with his thumb, and Dex looks up.

“I told them we were married.”

Nursery blinks. Now he remembers everything. 

“Where’s my jacket?” Dex rolls his eyes. “Chill, babe, it’s important. Where is it?”

Dex reluctantly unravels their fingers and crosses the room to unearth Nursey’s jacket from the pile of his clothes resting on the other visitor’s chair. “If you’re cold, Nurse-”

“I’m not cold.” Dex is back at his side in an instant, delicately laying the jacket across his lap. He snags the sleeve, worrying the material between his fingers and thumb. 

Nursey watches Dex for a moment, then shifts over as best he can in the tiny bed. It’s a slow process, but by the end Dex’s head rests on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped around his waist, so it’s totally worth it. 

Nursey’s hands drift to the jacket’s right pocket. “So, you really told them we were married?”

Dex huffs. “Yes, Derek, I really told them we were married. It worked, didn’t it?” He adds indignantly. 

Nursey hums in agreement and digs around in the pocket until he finds it. “It did. Why’d you think I’d laugh?”

Dex shrugs. “Now it seems kind of stupid. I could have just as easily said I was your cousin or something, I guess, but… I don’t know. At the time, husband was all I could think of.”

Now or never. “Well, I don’t think it was stupid.” Nursey pulls the little black box out into the open. “In fact,” he says, lifting the lid, “I think being married has a pretty nice ring to it, don’t you?”

Dex’s eyes widen, and he props himself up on his elbows. “Derek-”

“I know, it’s not very romantic. It was going to be, I swear, I had a whole big plan and I wrote you this really good poem and everything, but then I wasn’t watching where I was going and-”

Dex cuts him off with a kiss. “It’s perfect. Ask me again tomorrow, when you’re not wearing a dress, and maybe I’ll be able to overlook that godawful pun and say yes.”

X-Men Preference: First Kiss

Alex Summers/Havok: There was a lot of build up towards yours and Alex’s first kiss. You’d been denying your feelings for each other for a while when one day, neither of you could take it anymore, pulling each other into a heated kiss.

Charles Xavier/Professor X: Charles’ kiss was soft and sweet. He’d promised not to read your thoughts, so he had no clue as to whether or not you actually liked him, but finally decided to take his chance after you’d both been friends for a while.

Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto: Your first kiss with Erik was passionate; he was fairly confident about your feelings for one another, so he decided to just kiss you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Hank McCoy/Beast: Hank was just anxiously rambling on, trying to confess his feelings for you when you cut him off, smiling and planting a kiss on his lips. “I like you too, Hank.” He looked so relieved to hear you say that.

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler: Kurt needed some words of encouragement from his friends before he finally decided to kiss you. It was slow and sweet, Kurt gently biting down on your lower lip.

Logan Howlett/Wolverine: You were the one to kiss Logan first; he’d been denying his feelings for you for a while, but as soon as you kissed him, it was as though everything fell into place.

Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver: Your first kiss with Peter followed a mission. Peter was so relieved to find out that you were okay that he pulled you into his arms and pressed a kiss to your lips, surprising you and everyone around you. You were happy that he did though, smiling at him and saying, “Finally.”

Scott Summers/Cyclops: Your first kiss with Scott was unexpected. One day when you were both hanging out he just pressed his lips against yours, expressing feelings for you that you had no idea he had.

Sean Cassidy/Banshee: As much as he pretended that he wasn’t, Sean was so nervous to kiss you. He sort of just awkwardly leaned in whilst you were both watching a movie together, and nervous as he was, the kiss was just so sweet and perfect.

Warren Worthington III/Angel: Your first kiss with Warren was impassioned; he knew that if he didn’t act on his feelings now, someone else would surely make a move on you. He pressed feverish kisses against your lips, you running your hands through his blonde hair.

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  • also totally unrelated but i really liked the actress’s performance at the beginning of the episode 
  • look at those HOT GRANDPA SWEATERS 
  • “we’re besties” same, dean 
  • i like how sam is looking at this lady like “man chuck would never do any of this he is way too lazy we couldn’t even get him to be nice to an actual prophet" 
  • the whip cracking noise they made during this episode felt a little too intense 
  • sam’s phone wallpaper that damn nerd. he actually had to make that himself 
  • sam u, uh, u technically were the devil but it’s fine 
  •  if chuck is listening he’s probably like, “shit sam these people are crazy best luck to you” 
  • AW MARY!!!! 




“That’s…fantastic, Cas. But what the hell happened to Dean?” you asked, covering your smile with your hand.

“Oh,” Cas said, looking to the elder Winchester slumped over his shoulder. “There’s a pinata in the other room and I was practicing my swing for later. I’ve never actually had experience with a pinata and I might have used too much force,” Cas explained sheepishly.

“Might have?” Dean mumbled through a bloody lip.

“We might want to cut the cake soon. Sam’s going to be drunk off fruity drinks in about ten minutes,” you added. Sam sat nearby with glazed eyes, simply laughing to himself at the scene around him, and took another sip from his umbrellaed drink.

x x

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things in hamilton that you don’t get from the soundtrack, act i

ok so since i got to see hamilton and and had like, a MILLION revelations in actually being able to see the show instead of hearing it i want to share a couple of things i saw. read under the cut if you want to see! it’s not spoiler free, so be warned. here is act i.

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you take care of him when he’s sick [4/4 blurb]

Calum would wake you up in the middle of the night with his snoring, and you would have to nudge his shoulder, “Calum, turn over,” your arm would pull him back around, you being the little spoon, “you’re snoring.” It would take a few tries to get him to actually reverse directions, because he’d be so tired and his head would be so congested. “Sorr–” his apologies would be cut off with an immense amount of coughing and he’d sit up in a flash, covering his elbow over his mouth and crinkling his eyes shut. “I’ll make you some tea and turn on Criminal Minds.” you’d smile a little to yourself, because in the past week this had been a constant cycle from his cold. Even though it was two in the morning and his nose was running and his throat was scratchy, he didn’t mind being awake because he was with you, and he’d always say, “Your cuddles are the cure, really [y/n], I don’t need this cold medicine.” Although of course that would be cut off with a series of hacking and coughing.

Michael would refuse to admit that he had the stomach flu. “Oh, it’s just something I ate,” he’d say and fill a bottle with hot water and hold it over his sweater, sipping the scalding tea. “Something you ate? Okay. Do you want some aspirin–” you’d be interrupted when he would shake his head no, “I’m fine, really.” But once you would try to persuade him to take any kind of pain reliever he wouldn’t respond but bolt out of the room, and your face would twist into a grimace as you hear him vomiting in the bathroom. Michael would trudge back into the room, his head hung low, and after he rinsed his mouth out with water, he would stumble over his feet a little until he stood behind you, resting his chin on the top of your head. “Can I have some aspirin, my head’s killin’ me.” You’d only sigh in return, planting a kiss on his flushed cheek and heading toward the medicine cabinet. “I’m getting the thermometer too. Do you want more tea?”

Ashton would be half-lidded and absolutely wiped out from a day at the studio. It would be late, definitely late, but none the less, you would be waiting on the couch. Not quite prepared to take care of a feverish Ash, you would stumble around your flat, eyes adjusting to the brightness when he’d turn on the lights, not only waking you up but making it hard to see and read tea brands. Once you’d find the soup can and his favorite cup of tea, you would rush to the couch to give him some warm soup for his sore throat, except he’d be crashed on the couch, already starting to snore a little. “Just stay… please…” His muffled voice from the pillow would cause you to set down the tray of curing food and his long arms would envelope you into his chest, “You’re the only medicine I need.” the cheesy line was followed by a congested laugh and a kiss from you to his knuckles.

Luke would take a hell of a lot convincing for you to at least check his temperature. He’d want to be all independent and try to manage on his own, only you’d be cut off from your reading in the kitchen when you’d hear a crash coming from the bedroom. “Are you okay?” Your worried nerves would become laughter when you’d see him sitting on the floor of the closet, hangers filled with coats and dresses on top of the blond. “I just wanted to get a sweater.” He’d sniffle a little. His hopeless and needy side coming out a little, “And then I hit my head on something metal and everything fell down.” Shaking your head, you’d help him get the fallen contents of the wardrobe back onto the rack, and he would just wrap his arms around your middle, pushing his face into your stomach, a muffled, “Can I have some tea?” would be heard from poor Luke, and it would take several minutes to pry him off of you, although at that point he’d just be needy and clingy, the sweater excursion being the breaking point.

All Of The Stars- An Aaron Carpenter Imagine

“Finally. It’s just us.” Aaron says, grabbing my hand and leading me to an open field by a lake. “Aaron, this is beautiful.” I say, looking up at the night sky. “Not as beautiful as you, princess.” He says, making me blush. I place the blanket on the freshly cut grass, and Aaron and I lay on it.

“We can relax!” Aaron says, excited to have some downtime with me. It’s been forever since we actually had a date. Ever since Magcon came, his career took off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him. I just wish he was more available. Now that he is famous, I cherish every moment I have with him. 

Aaron gets up and turns the car radio on, then comes back and lays down. “This was the place that we had our first date, remember that?” He says, laughing. “Oh my gosh, don’t remind me.” I say, shaking my head. We both just look up and laugh. It was a terrible date. Aaron was so nervous that he forgot everything that we needed for the picnic except the blanket. 

Since then, we just bring a blanket and lay on it, watching the stars together. After a while of silence, I asked him about Magcon, and the fans. As he talked about it, I turned on my side, and watched his eyes light up. “You truly love what you do.” I say, smiling. “Yeah, and I truly love you.” Aaron says, turning to face me. He leans in and kisses me gently. He always had the softest lips.

As we sit and stare at each other, I hear All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran come on the radio. Aaron just looks at me and gets up. He offers his hand to me, which I gladly take. “May I have this dance, (Y/N)?” I just nod and wrap my arms around his neck. He gently places his hands on my hips, not going any lower. I always loved how gentle Aaron was with me. We start to sway back and forth, and I lay my head on his chest.

He just kisses my forehead gently, then decides to kick it up a notch. “I thought Aaron Carpenter didn’t dance.” I say, surprised at his taking of the lead. “I picked up a couple things from the boys.” He says, smiling brightly. He dips me, and I smile back at him. We just stare there, staring at each other, until Aaron says, “God, you’re beautiful.” I just look up at him, and say, “Kiss me, would you?” as I place my hands on his cheeks. 

I was only 18 at the moment, but I knew that I was going to marry Aaron Carpenter. 


I play with the ring on my finger, sitting on the blanket with Aaron. “We did it, Aaron. We’re married.” I say, my voice full of happiness. “Yeah, we did.” Aaron says, grabbing my hand. “I’m only 24, and I’ve never felt more alive.” He says, getting up and putting a CD in his car CD player. “May I have this dance?” “Can I ever say no to my husband?” I say, laughing. “I don’t think so.” He says, grabbing my hand. 

“This is our song playing. How did you…” I ask, smiling. “I know my way around a CD.” He says, smirking. “Okay then.” He grabs my hips gently with his hands as mine lay on his neck. “You know something?” I say, thinking back to that night. “What?” He says, smiling. “It was here, when you dipped me, that I knew I wanted to marry you.” I say, laying my head on his chest. He kisses my forehead, saying, “You know when I knew I had to marry you?” I just shake my head.  He says, 

“I took one long look at you on our first date, and I said to myself, ‘I have to marry this girl.’" 

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Grease: Live Broadway World TV Exclusive: ‘Becoming a T-Bird’ (x)

“Didn’t you like have a big ol’…you had a mohawk.”
“I had a -”
“He had like a little bit - a little thing - a little tail at the back.”
“A little tail.”
“And I wanted to cut it off every day.”
“And Aaron would make fun of me, so one day I just cut it.”
“I wanted to snip it - I got mad that he didn’t let me.”
“Did you bring it to him?”
“NO! But I came to work and he was like, ‘What happened?’”
“I was like, 'What happened?’”
“I was like, 'I cut it off,’ he was like 'You didn’t let
me do it?!’ I was like 'No!!'”

1. The video actually has virtually nothing to do with “Becoming a T-Bird.” 2. I know the saying goes “work hard, play hard,” but have we ever seen them work. 3. Don’t trust either of them with golf carts.

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I'm new to the whole phan thing, but what's this "rebranding" thing I hear so many people talk about?

Dan has been hinting at rebranding for a while, culminating with him making a joke on twitter that seemed a little overboard. (I put off answering this ask because I had intended on hunting down links but I can’t find that tweet and want to go ahead and answer while I’m still thinking about it.) He corrected himself by saying ‘light aesthetic rebalance’ though - basically just saying the years old ‘lions and llamas’ thing was probably going away. I don’t think anyone is surprised by that. 

(oops i wrote a lot, demon stuff under the cut)

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Aaron groaned as he slid down further onto the couch, and Robert leaned back against the table, enjoying the view unashamedly.

“You still tired?” he asked, shrugging out of his jacket and hanging it on the back of the chair.

“Well… yeah, cause you didn’t bother to help me,” Aaron retorted, his voice nothing but a husky growl which did terrible things to Robert’s heart rate. He pushed himself off the table and stalked forwards, giving Aaron his easiest smile.

“I could help you now,” he said quietly, nudging Aaron’s legs apart with his knee. Aaron stared him down, evidently unimpressed.

“Er, no. You had your chance earlier-”

“You were offering me a clapped out car to rip apart. Hardly the deal of the century,” Robert cut in, still inching closer despite Aaron’s attempt to glare at him through his sweaty fringe.

“Actually, I was asking my boyfriend to help me so I didn’t knacker my back.”

“Would it help if I said sorry?”

Aaron shook his head vigorously. “No.”

“Would it help if I said I could make it up to you?”

Aaron hesitated, eyes shifting away from Robert’s gaze as his cheeks flushed a little redder. “…No.”

“Feel like that was a yes,” he murmured, leaning down so he could squeeze Aaron’s thigh just a little. 

“Not what it sounded like,” Aaron responded, but every muscle in his body was tensed now, like he was ready to jump Robert’s bones any second.

“Pretty sure that’s exactly what it sounded like.” He slid his hand further up until Aaron practically gasped and gripped Robert’s wrist, eyes darting around the empty room.

“Robert, not here.” He looked so fucking scandalised that all Robert could do was laugh and haul him to his feet, their noses bumping together as they grinned.

“Then get upstairs so I can start ripping off something way more tempting,” he said, eyes dropping to Aaron’s already unbuttoned top. It was so tight against his stomach, that trim waist leaving very little to the imagination. Robert highly approved.

“What?” Aaron asked, obviously confused as he scrunched up his eyebrows. Robert huffed a sigh.

“Your clothes, idiot.”

Aaron dropped his gaze to his jeans before pursing his lips like a petulant child. “Oi, don’t expect to get into my pants after calling me an idiot,” he said, even as he was heading towards the door, watching Robert follow him.

“What d’you want me to call you, then? Baby? Sweet cheeks? How about sugar?”

Aaron stifled a laugh, slipping through the doorway with Robert hot on his heels. “Shut up.”

“I think you secretly like that last one,” he murmured into his ear, lips so close he could bite Aaron’s earlobe just the way he liked it, the way that made him yelp before arching into it.

“I’m gonna kill you,” he growled, but he was unbuttoning his jeans as he headed up the stairs, hands at the hem of his top to tug it over his head. Robert felt the ache low in his stomach and practically bounded up after him.

“Don’t be like that, sugar!” he called, and grinned as he heard Aaron laugh along the landing. 


A couple of adorable moments during JunGyu’s night eating show-

  • Mingyu accidentally cut off Jun’s “Say the name” intro, so he had to restart
  • Tried to introduce the show in English with Mingyu being Mingyu, and Jun cutely parroting what he says (”Joshua, Vernon, are you guys watching?”)
  • JUN CALLED OUT THE8… as usual. I knew it was coming sooner or later but not that soon (”The8, are you watching? We’re having lamb skewers”)
  • They mentioned that Woozi likes coke
  • Mingyu showing Jun how to eat noodles properly, actually a huge proportion of this is Mingyu lecturing Jun how to run the show properly lol, and taking care of him like a mom (passing him eating utensils, feeding him, etc) I’m sorry but which one of you is the hyung again
  • Except for that one time where Mingyu accidentally burned the meat and Jun told him to put it on the sides
  • Mingyu randomly put his arm around Jun, it was adorkable. You could see him contemplating whether or not to do it lol
  • Jun’s been hinting for Mingyu to feed him
  • And for Mingyu to be fed by him
  • Mingyu did feed Jun lol, it was very sweet because Jun was talking about how he would stress eat, and Mingyu chose that very moment to feed him and say, “Don’t feel stressed~”
  • Jun comes to Puppygyu’s rescue when the meat won’t come off
  • Jun trying to air draw China and Mingyu following along
  • While Mingyu was trying to describe what lamb skewers taste like, Jun put a lamb doll on his shoulder
  • They mentioned that S.Coups really hates doing commercials(?)
  • Mini Chinese lesson from Jun about how to order one serving of lamb skewers
  • For whatever reason Mingyu really likes calling Jun by his full name
  • More Mingyu feeding Jun + Mingyu eating Jun’s leftovers (indirect kiss) then getting shy about it
  • Mingyu praises Jun and gives him a highfive, Jun just gives this cute little shy laugh they were so adorable just look at the gif (were they holding hands under the table?)
  • When they were deciding who to call, Jun immediately brought up Seungkwan (just saying, I’ve always had this suspicion that they’re wayyy closer than what their on-screen moments suggest)
  • Seungkwan, DK, and Joshua apparently watch cooking shows while they’re dieting
  • On another note, Jun’s “names” for them: Seungkwanie, Dokyeomie, Josh-hyung
  • The fans commented and gave suggestions, Mingyu was reading them out and he was like “The8-” and Jun immediately repeated “THE8!” bruh get your obsession checked out
  • Hoshi “has problems” so they can’t call him
  • Mingyu helps Jun wipe his mouth
  • Jun tells a story about how he brought back Chinese food, put them in the fridge, and then found them gone the next morning. The culprits were Mingyu and Seungkwan, he could tell from their breaths (I wonder if he went around smelling everyone’s breaths…)
  • CAN I JUST SAY THAT THE WAY JUN TEASES SEUNGKWAN BEFORE THEY CALLED HIM IS SO ENDEARING OMG (”Are you watching now? Hm? Are you drooling? ewe”) //if I were Seungkwan I’d punch him
  • JUN ALWAYS EATS WOOZI’S PORTION OF FOOD seriously how many off screen moments go on man
  • Jun gives Mingyu posing advice
  • I live for them feeding each other (Jun is very insistent on feeding Mingyu LOL, “Am I eating too much?” “No, you have to eat more *proceeds to stuff more food into his mouth*”)
  • Joshua, Seungkwan, and Mingyu have similar taste in food
  • Joshua and The8 like Chinese food
  • DK is a good friend to eat with along with Seungkwan and Woozi according to Mingyu
  • Jun doesn’t eat rice with meat
  • Woozi and Jun like to eat rice (Woozi eats a lot of rice and coke)
  • Mingyu accidentally said that he’s 150cm instead of 186cm, Jun choked
  • THIS ADORABLE CONVO: “I used to be 185cm, now I’m 186cm. I hope I don’t grow taller or I can’t be in SVT anymore.” “No way, even if you’re 200cm you’re still SVT~”
  • Just… just Jun being so supportive of Mingyu through the whole thing I swear THEY’RE SO SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER SSGJSHJSL:HALHA
  • Jun patting Mingyu on the back when he choked
  • Mingyu being super hyper and happy when they changed their photos to better ones on the Naver main page
  • Them originally planning to pose like they’re going to feed each other, and Mingyu being like, “Aren’t you going to feed me??? DD:”
  • “Dear son, eat a lot. My son.” - Jun while actually feeding Mingyu //Jun why /we have a new branch family aside from Jeonghan and Dino the competition is intense
  • Jun literally stuffing Mingyu with everything on the table and Mingyu glaring at Jun for not saying anything to the viewers while he’s chewing (and the first thing Jun says after that is, “Eat more”) Jun what exactly are you plotting
  • “Please stop feeding me” - Mingyu
  • After he finally swallowed everything, the first thing Mingyu said was “Moon Junhwi”… why is he so random I swear
  • “As we’re coming to an end his Korean suddenly became so fluent” - savagemingyu
  • “I will feed you, you did it to me.” - Mingyu’s revenge + Jun’s nervous laugh
  • Jun randomly repeating each dish’s name in Chinese with his mouth full (because Mingyu keeps stuffing him)
  • “You do it.” “I don’t do that. You need to do that.” (why so mean to Jun, Gyu)
  • They play rock papers scissors to see who gets the last one, Jun feeds Mingyu again I’m crying
The Arrangement pt 2

WELL WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT I wrote another chapter bc yesterday was a slow day. Here’s part 1 if you missed it. I’m actually really enjoying writing this even if most of this part is literally just self-indulgent smut.

Summary: Dan is a spoilt, drug-addicted kid with rich parents who cut him off when they get tired of his ways, so he finds a sugar daddy to supplement his rich lifestyle.

Word count: 2797

Content warnings: drug and alcohol abuse, (consensual) rough sex, big age gap

You can also read this on fanfiction.net if you’d prefer

<< Part 1 | Part 3 >>

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Imagine Sam turning into an actual moose

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

“I’ll turn you into a moose, an actual moose,” Rowena threatened as Sam stepped closer to her with an evil gleam in his eyes. Now, everyone new that it wasn’t like Sam to be cruel or unkind, but when this witch came around he had to firm his personality or she would feed off of what she mistook kindness for weakness.

“I dare you,” he spat with a chuckle but it was cut short as a flash of white light raged towards him. Rowena was out of the building before Dean or Castiel could grab ahold of her.

“Sam!” Dean yelled as he rushed over. With wide eyes, he came to a stop when the giant animal stared him in the eyes. “Son of a bitch…she actually done it.” The moose that was Sam huffed and grunted before rearing on its hind legs and stomping the ground angrily.

“Dean,” Castiel commented, “I think the moose is angry…”

“Oh, no, he’s pissed!” he laughed as he clutched his stomach before taking out his phone and taking multiple pictures. Sam charged with his antlers causing Dean to bolt behind Castiel. “Okay! Okay! Calm down, gigantor! We’ll get you back to normal, but until then…make the snorting sound again. It was hilarious!” Sam stomped his foot on the ground again like a bull ready to charge. “O-Or not. Who’s laughing? Not me!" 


I’ve seen a fair share of people claiming that Bedelia cut off her own leg, prepared it and dressed up all fancily for Hannibal.. And honestly, I don’t see the logic in that. Because there is none.

First, Bedelia was freaking out when Will told her about his plan. He just gave her a glimpse of it and she was already in panic. She has been mostly stoic, but this time, she was clearly disturbed by what she had been told. She is just not the kind of a character who would be like “Oh, I’m just gonna cut off my leg for the guy who wants to eat me.” 
It would be just out of character.

Now to get to the technical part. Bedelia is a psychiatrist. Not a surgeon. Hannibal used to be one and then switched the psychiatry, so he possesses the necessary knowledge that would allow him to actually saw someone’s leg off. Not that it would be the first time, anyway. 
Also, would you really be in the condition to prepare a fancyass meal on just one leg? Not to mention that the meal was totally Hannibal-styled. He is well known for his wonderful presentation, and that leg was actually pretty damn delicious looking. 
She also seemed to be pretty out of it - definitely under the influence of some drugs. She looked pretty scared too.
And then the clothing. Hannibal has a habit of playing dress-up. He has changed Will’s clothing more than once now - the time before the lobotomy scene from Dolce included.  Also, would you really be able to dress yourself up like that after LOSING A LEG.

Then the two extra chairs. We can see that two chairs have been moved from the table and set closer to the wall, only so that you can have two empty chairs waiting for someone to sit in them and enjoy the meat. 

She should have packed her bags. Meat’s back on the menu. 

imma-lick-sehun-all-over  asked:

Kags one accidently hurts yama while practice so he treats him extra carefully and now yama's all like "wow tsukki isn't kageyama so great!" "tsukki isn't kageyama so nice!" "tsukki isn't kageyama ..." Etc basically tsukki gets jealous

“Yamaguchi are you ok?! I-” Kageyama cuts off his apology upon seeing that no, Tadashi was not ok, and there was actually no way he could reply. “Shit.”

Kageyama blames Hinata. It was his idea to race, and had sped ahead without warning. He was only trying to catch up. How was he supposed to know Tadashi would walk out of his classroom door right as he ran past it? He didn’t know he had cleaning duty. It’s all Hinata’s fault.

And now Tadashi is laying on the ground in the doorway of class 4, blood flowing out of his mouth.

“I– I’m fine, Kageyama-kun, I just bit my cheek…” Tadashi mumbles, trying to stand, but Kageyama pushes him down.

“No, you should sit,” Kageyama insists, kneeling down and pushing Tadashi back to sit on the ground. “Did you hit your head?”

“N- No, I’m fine–”

“Are you sure?”


“Let me see your mouth.”

Tadashi flushes, his eyes widening, but he can do nothing but comply as Kageyama lifts a hand and gently pries his lips open, shifting closer to inspect the inside of his mouth with a concentrated look set on his face.

Kageyama bites his lip, seeing the blood gushing out of a spot on the flesh of Tadashi’s mouth. “You bit your cheek pretty hard…”

“No, mouths just bleed more than other body parts. I’m fine, really, Kageyama-kun, now we should get to practice…”

This time, Kageyama doesn’t refuse, and stands quickly, offering a hand to his team mate before he could get up on his own. Tadashi takes it gently, and Kageyama pulls him up before letting go of his hand and straightening his ruffled clothes.

“I’m really sorry. Dumbass Hinata–”

“It’s fine, I know,” Tadashi giggles lightly, covering his mouth. “I saw him run past. I should have known you were right behind, really. So I’m sorry as well.”

This doesn’t seem to satiate Kageyama, however. “You got hurt, though…”

“Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Tadashi says, waving a dismissive hand. “Let’s go. We’ll be late.”

Kageyama follows Tadashi dumbly, his words still stuck in his mind as they head to the gym. “Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Who hurt Tadashi? Was it a family member? Bullies? Tsukishima? When had he been hurt worse? As they enter the changing room, greeted by teammate’s grinning faces, and as Sugawara starts to fuss about the blood on Tadashi’s lip, Kageyama makes himself a promise.

He was going to protects Yamaguchi Tadashi.

- - -

“Here, Yamaguchi, you forgot this.”

“Oh, I was just going back to get it! Thank you!” Tadashi takes his jersey from Kageyama with a smile, and turns back to Tsukishima with a smile as Kageyama jogs away. “Isn’t Kageyama-kun so nice?”

Tsukishima hums. He has noticed Kageyama acting different; only around Tadashi, though, and that fact bothers him. “He seems as pretentious and rude as always to me.”

Tadashi laughs. “He’s acting different, though…“

Tsukishima rolls his eyes. Sometimes Tadashi can be oblivious.

- - -

“Kageyama-kun is so sweet, isn’t he?” Tadashi asks Tsukishima, taking a small bite from the ice cream cone Kageyama had bought him after practice. “He’s been treating me to treats all week, and he’s been spending a lot of time with me. He’s nice, if you get to spend some time with him.”

Tsukishima scoffs. “Sure.”

“He is! I don’t get why you two don’t get along…”

Tadashi pouts, and Tsukishima rolls his eyes. “Some people just don’t like each other.”

- - -

“Hey, isn’t Kageyama-kun–”

“Cool? Amazing? Nice? Sweet?”

Tadashi’s puffs out his cheeks and frowns. “Are you mocking me, Tsukki?”

“No. Moreso him, really,” Tsukishima says, not looking up from his book. “He’s not all that, no matter if you believe it or not.”

“But he’s been so nice–”

“As of late, yes, but when is ‘nice’ going to become overbearing, Tadashi?” Finally, Tsukishima looks up, shooting Tadashi a pointed, sharp look. He raises an eyebrow. “You know he’s flirting with you, right?”

Tadashi sputters. “F- Flirting?! No way! He’s just being nice,”

“And he has no reason to be.”

“What? No, he does, he’s just making up for running into me–”

“He ran into you?”

“Well, yeah…The other day, when I came in with a bloody mouth, it was because he ran into me. Don’t you remember?..”

“I was at a dentist appointment?..”

“Oh yeah…”

“Whatever. Not like it matters, anyway…” Tsukishima sighs. “I just…Don’t like it, is all.”

“Oh, really?” Tadashi grins. “Why’s that, Tsukki?”

“No reason. Shut up.” Tsukishima flushes. “Shut up,”

“Tsukki, are you jealous~?”

“I’m not,”

“You are!” Tadashi grins. “Tsukki’s jealous~”

“I’m– I’m not,” Tsukishima tries to insist. “It’s lame to be jealous.”

Tadashi snickers. “Sounds like you.”

Kei growls. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Tadashi laughs. “Nothing.”

Tadashi smiles, and hides his face in his hands. He didn’t mind at all that his best friend was jealous. Maybe he’d aught to talk about Kageyama more…

Lizzy vs Sebastian: Looks like he’s pulling punches and she’s actually nearly got him twice.

So a few things of importance about the recent spoilers for Black Butler Chapter 117. 

Firstly before anyone freaks out too much over Sebastian hitting Lizzy, let’s take a quick look at the fight. 

On the first page you get Sebastian cartwheeling away from Lizzy to avoid her swords, you can see in the second panel that she manages to cut off one of his buttons. Meaning she hit close enough to him to actually get a hit on him. Anyone else that would have been a straight up hit, and we’ve seen how good Lizzy is with the swords given how she takes down the zombies. 

Sebastian catches her sword and she’s shaking. Really wish I could read this to see what she’s saying. 

Later we see her manage to take a window out with her second sword, mind you these look like the same sort of swords she had on the Atlantic arc. Sebastian still is holding on to the blade of the first one. And he barely dodges the blow. 

That’s two hits for her, and he’s rather surprised in the following pages. What’s kind of important here is that. For one thing, Sebastian smirks. He’s pleased to do the fight, and yet he’s getting tired of it because he has to deal with his mission. 

Something I mentioned in the reblog is the fact that Sebastian is still in human mode for most of the fight, it’s only when he smirks and gets the demon eye that he hits her. Then, there’s something a bit important, he hits her with an open palm, something he doesn’t normally do when he get’s into fights. We never see his hits because they are so fast and hard, so he pulls them. 

Then after this happens, he still takes the time to pull her away from where they’re at, and ties her up, but is still being gentle with her. Again we’ve seen how he treats people he doesn’t like, and Lizzy, for whatever reason, he likes her enough to rest her on his knee, and tie her up with his coat, (meaning he sees her as a threat), but still does so in a way that isn’t hurting her. 

And then later, when he’s at the house with Edward and Ciel he’s carrying her far more gentle then he was earlier. But even when he’s carrying her unconscious he’s doing so in a way that’s not ungentle either, at least for Sebastian. 

What’s interesting about this is that I’m starting to wonder if he has more respect for Lizzy now in a way, because of how she’s actually able to give him a actual fight. And you know who also gave him a fight….Undertaker. 

Also what’s interesting to me is why did they target Lizzy so hard in the first place. You would think it was for Ciel, but yet, it’s clear that they’re not trying to capture him, but rather they want Lizzy for some reason. 


When I finished Sons of Anarchy, I have an amazing Samurai sword at home, and my friend who played Opie, Ryan Hurst, always loved that sword. When he would come to my house invariably it was the first thing that he picked up and he was always playing with it. 

When he wrapped we bought him a sword. Ryan Hurst is a tall chap. He’s six foot eight, so we bought him this over-sized sword.  And then when he finished the show and it was time to cut his beard off, we cut it off with a samurai sword. 

There was a moment where I actually cut someone’s beard off with a sword in this film. There was a moment, sort of discussion, about how that would work and I was in the rarefied position of actually being able to tell them exactly how it works because I have had the experience of cutting a man’s beard off with the sword, so there you go.

It’s the little things in life that inform this job, you know. In a sort of exciting way. 

Can You Trust Me?

This is my first fic and it’s a long one. Please Let me know if you like it 💕  Jikook/Yoonmin Angst;Fluff

Part 2 


Part 3

November 20, 2015

“Happy Anniversary” Jimin barelled down the hallway, arms outstretched as if he was about to take off into the air.

“Happy Annivers-” Yoongi barely got the words out before Jimin had wrapped his small frame around Yoongi, cutting off his breathing.

The older boy smelt like vanilla and sugar. His hair was stylishly disheveled, giving him more of the rough guy look which stood contrast with the smoothness off his skin as he reached to reluctantly return the hug. To Jimin, the onslaught of senses was intoxicating.

“So where are we going tonight, hyung? We can’t let this special day go by without dinner.” Jimin’s eyes lit up as he looked up at Yoongi, who looked away passively.

“Actually I was thinking I’d get some work done tonight.” He ran his hand through his hair awkwardly “How’s tomorrow sound?”

Though he attempted to hide it, Jimin’s body slumped in disappointment. Still a joyous smile remained plastered on his face. “That’s fine.” He motioned to the straight line Yoongi’s lips remained in, “is there something the matter?”


“You sure?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Jimin’s heart broke. Not again. Yoongi had been keeping to himself every once and awhile, refusing to let Jimin in on what was going on. It wasn’t like it was some huge secret or anything, he just got upset like everyone does sometimes. The only difference was he refused to tell his boyfriend, the closest person to him. One night, when Yoongi was heavily drunk he’d whispered in Jimin’s ear, “I’m sorry jagi, I just don’t all the way trust you yet.” The words had shattered Jimin. An entire year and he still couldn’t be trusted with Yoongi’s feelings. But there was still the hope of that “yet.”

Now it was two years and each day Jimin had prayed that his boyfriend would trust him. This was not the case.

Jimin smiled and begun to turn away before he got too emotional. “Well alright, hyung, tomorrow it is. Don’t keep me waiting” He feigned a laugh and began to make his way back to his room.

In time. He’ll trust me eventually.

June 9, 2016

Yoongi stood at the entrance of the new apartment as his friends, Hoseok and Namjoon, carried in boxes. He’d finally buckled down and bought a place of his own away from the dorms. Jimin had been more than overjoyed when he announced the news to the rest of the guys. 

“This place is all ours,” Jimin whispered, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend as he usually did. Three years was creeping up on them slowly and he couldn’t be more overjoyed that they’d be spending this year away from the dorms and with each other. 

“Yeah, I’m glad I got this place when I did, I didn’t even know it was on the market.” A quick relieved sigh escaped Yoongi’s lips as he ran a hand through his hair. An everyday habit now. 

“If you would’ve told me you were looking into new places I would’ve been able to tell you it was”

“I preferred that I be the one calling the shots on my own move.” The words were leveled and normal, but freezing cold against Jimin’s heart. Unbeknownst to Yoongi, Jimin tensed and began to look away from him and at the floor in front of them. “But I’m glad I found this place for the both of us. Now we can finally have some privacy.” Yoongi reached back and grabbed Jimin’s ass tightly.

A faint smile played on Jimin’s lips before Namjoon accidentally dropped a box next to them. There was the sound of metal tumbling around.


“The god of destruction strikes again. You’re lucky that wasn’t glass.” Hoseok chimed in, carrying a stack of boxes into the kitchen. “Why don’t you two help us unload the truck before Namjoon breaks something.”  

“Yeah sure, let’s go.” Jimin turned quickly towards the door. “I’m sure there’s not much left, right?”

There can’t be much time left before he trusts me.

May 20, 2018

The two boys lay on the couch, worn out from their third orgasm of the afternoon. The rain peppered the windows softly, the light sound mixing with their simultaneous breathing. 

“That was good.”

“Isn’t it always.”

Jimin turned so that he and Yoongi were spooning (he was the little spoon of course). He smiled as he snuggled back into Yoongi’s chest, humming lowly to a song only he could hear. They spent most of their evenings cuddled like this, on the bed or the couch or the floor or the bathtub, after an intense session and Jimin considered it to be the most comfortable they ever were with each other. So, like he did every once and awhile, he asked Yoongi about how he was feeling. 

“Are you going to actually tell me why you were so upset when you came from the studio today?” he smirked. “Or are you going to just tell me to help you get over it for the fourth time this afternoon?” A part of him was hoping he’d have his first question answered.

“I don’t really want to talk about it.”

I know. “That’s fine.” Jimin stood, pulling on his now-wrinkled clothes. “Well I’m meeting a coworker at work for coffee. Will you be fine here by yourself?”

“Is it that Jungkook guy? You know you really shouldn’t be around any other guys, especially the younger ones.” Yoongi’s face shifted into a grimace. 

“What’s wrong?” Jimin began to grin as he pulled his jacket from off a faraway chair. “Don’t trust me?” This was a question he wouldn’t need an answer for. Of course he doesn’t.

Before Yoongi could respond Jimin was at the door, with an umbrella in hand. “I’ll be back home and on top of you before you know it.” He blew a kiss and was gone.

*   *   *   *

Jimin caught sight of the younger male the second he walked into the cafe. He was leaning back against his chair with his normal caramel machiatto in hand, nodding his head to some music in his ears. It wasn’t hard to miss him as Jimin stood in line waiting for his tea, and he was so absorbed in whatever song was playing that he hadn’t even noticed Jimin had walked in. When he finally took a seat, Jungkook’s face lit up in a cheesy grin. 

“Jimin hyung! I almost thought you wouldn’t make it today.”

“Yeah, Yoongi almost didn’t let me leave.” He took off his hat quickly, apologizing stupidly for not thinking to sooner. 

“It’s just a stupid hat, don’t worry about it. Why didn’t he want you to leave? Too worried about the rain?" 

Jimin felt a distant and familiar comfortableness at the sound of Jungkook’s voice. He hadn’t had much meaningful conversation other than these weekly meetings at the cafe. "Nah, too worried about you. Guess he still doesn’t trust me.” Jimin seemed to laugh, but Jungkook saw straight through it. 

Jungkook was a new guy at work and fairly new to town. He had been assigned to Jimin’s floor and Jimin had been assigned to show him the ropes. Though one year his senior, Jungkook took a liking in pushing around and making fun of his hyung, to which Jimin, after long weeks of frustation, didn’t began to mind. Jungkook took to the job easily and soon enough Jimin didn’t need to train him anymore. Still, Jungkook had taken a liking to the hyung’s babyface and habit of singing when no one was looking and his ability to make anything sound sexual. So, he told Jimin that now that he’d trained him on the job, Jimin would have to help him get used to the new town.

And so, their weekly cafe meetings were born. Even though a year had passed, and Jungkook was well accustomed, he kept finding reasons to make Jimin come back. And Jimin didn’t mind. He found Jungkook to be a welcoming confidant, and a good-looking one too. 

“That hyung is strange.” Jungkook’s lips twisted into both a frustrated and an amused smirk. He didn’t find it very fair that Jimin-hyung went home to Yoongi and not him. 

Their conversation went as usual, they asked about each other’s days and slowly it became time for Jimin to return back home. As they walked across the street to their respective cars, Jimin made the same remark he always did. “Yah, Yoongi would starve if not for me.” And they laughed together. Jungkook secretly wished Jimin would be caring for someone who could appreciate and trust him.

Suddenly, he got an idea. He backed up away from his car and into the middle of the driving lane, while cars waited at the light two streets up. 

“Hey, Kookie, what are you doing?” Jimin tilted his head in amused confusion. Jungkook simply ignored him as he whipped out his phone began to text. 

Soon, cars were beginning to accelerate quickly towards him. “Kookie. Hey kookie.” Jungkook still didn’t quite seem to hear him. 

The cars kept getting closer and closer. Jimin felt his body move before his brain could figure out what was going on. He pulled Jungkook back against himself, right before a car sped over the spot where he had been standing. And, instead of landing straight on his feet, the boys began tumbling until they were both on the wet ground. 

Jimin’s face turned bright red, his concern not on his now-soaked pants. 

“Jungkook! Why would you stand in the street like that?! You could’ve gotten-”

“I knew I wouldn’t.” His voice was calm as he cracked a small smile.

“What?” Now, overshadowing his anger, Jimin was confused. “How could you have thought you would be safe standing in the middle of a goddamn street?”

“I knew you’d pull me away.”


“I trusted you, Jiminie hyung.”

Jimin felt his chest warm in a way he hadn’t felt with anyone other than Yoongi. Before he could respond, Jungkook had his hands wrapped around Jimin with their lips pressed softly together. Jimin’s heart began to flutter between the sounds of Jungkook’s desperate groans and the rain soaking them as they lay on the pavement. Luckily no one was around or he would’ve been embarrassed.


“I trust you,” he ran kisses down Jimin’s neck, encouraging soft moans to escape his lips. “I love you Jiminie.” Jungkook bit down softly. Jimin found himself gasping for air, his heart thumping too fast for him to comprehend. Jungkook didn’t stop, peppering more kisses from Jimin’s neck to his face and then back again. “More than Yoongi ever could.”