I had to cut him off actually

That’s the original version of Bucky from the 1940s, back when child endangerment was the most popular part of superhero comics. When Captain America was brought back decades later, however, teenage sidekicks were considered deeply uncool, and Bucky was unceremoniously written off by explaining that an airplane exploded on his face. That’s how few fucks Marvel gave about the character: Not only did they kill him off-panel, but they actually allowed him to stay dead.

That wasn’t enough for 9-year-old fan Ed Brubaker, though. Bucky was his favorite character, and he spent years looking for the issue where he died. When Brubaker found out that issue didn’t actually exist and Bucky had essentially been killed off in a footnote, he made a solemn promise: “If I ever write Captain America, I’m undoing this mistake.”

Cut to about 30 years later. Brubaker made a name for himself writing gritty crime comics, but was finally offered a job as a Captain America writer. Guess what the first thing he did was.

5 Famous Storylines You Didn’t Know Were Written By Kids

(Prompt: so you sort of passed out and i had to take you to the hospital and i told the doctors i was your spouse so they’d let me stick around but hey being married has a pretty nice ring to it don’t you think?)

Nursey wakes up slowly. He sees ceiling tiles. White. There’s a lot of white, actually. And he’s cold. 

He blinks. Tries to flex his fingers, just to make sure he still has all ten, and- 

Five are occupied.

Slowly, he turns his head to the right. Dex.

“Hey-” Dex says softly, smiling, but Nursey cuts him off.

“What happened?” He knows, sort of - he remembers a little, but not everything. 

Dex looks down at their hands tangled together on the white bedsheet. “You slipped. The sidewalk outside my dorm is always icy, Nurse, but if you had told me you were coming I could have-” Nursey moves his head, then winces. Bad idea, very bad idea. “Don’t do that, idiot. You have a concussion.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“I know that, but-”

“No, Will. It’s not your fault,” Nursey repeats firmly, and Dex falls silent, hanging his head. He holds onto Nursey’s hand a little tighter.

“I should go get one of the nurses,” he murmurs. “They told me to let them know when you woke up.” He moves to get up, but Nursey doesn’t let go. 

“Stay, please? Just for a minute.” Dex sighs and falls back into his chair. He looks exhausted, Nursey realizes, and he feels guilty. “The nurses can wait. How’d you get past them, anyway?” he asks with a grin, hoping to get one out of Dex. Instead, Dex flushes a brilliant red and stares at the floor.

“You can’t laugh." 

"I won’t,” Nursey reassures him, rubbing small circles into the back of Dex’s hand with his thumb, and Dex looks up.

“I told them we were married.”

Nursery blinks. Now he remembers everything. 

“Where’s my jacket?” Dex rolls his eyes. “Chill, babe, it’s important. Where is it?”

Dex reluctantly unravels their fingers and crosses the room to unearth Nursey’s jacket from the pile of his clothes resting on the other visitor’s chair. “If you’re cold, Nurse-”

“I’m not cold.” Dex is back at his side in an instant, delicately laying the jacket across his lap. He snags the sleeve, worrying the material between his fingers and thumb. 

Nursey watches Dex for a moment, then shifts over as best he can in the tiny bed. It’s a slow process, but by the end Dex’s head rests on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped around his waist, so it’s totally worth it. 

Nursey’s hands drift to the jacket’s right pocket. “So, you really told them we were married?”

Dex huffs. “Yes, Derek, I really told them we were married. It worked, didn’t it?” He adds indignantly. 

Nursey hums in agreement and digs around in the pocket until he finds it. “It did. Why’d you think I’d laugh?”

Dex shrugs. “Now it seems kind of stupid. I could have just as easily said I was your cousin or something, I guess, but… I don’t know. At the time, husband was all I could think of.”

Now or never. “Well, I don’t think it was stupid.” Nursey pulls the little black box out into the open. “In fact,” he says, lifting the lid, “I think being married has a pretty nice ring to it, don’t you?”

Dex’s eyes widen, and he props himself up on his elbows. “Derek-”

“I know, it’s not very romantic. It was going to be, I swear, I had a whole big plan and I wrote you this really good poem and everything, but then I wasn’t watching where I was going and-”

Dex cuts him off with a kiss. “It’s perfect. Ask me again tomorrow, when you’re not wearing a dress, and maybe I’ll be able to overlook that godawful pun and say yes.”

Highlights from Talks Machina:

Ashley talked about how frustrating it was to be on Skype–she can only really hear the top table, and has trouble hearing Matt. But she has a break in filming coming up soon!

Sam re: losing his party members in a card game: “I almost had my own spinoff show!”

If the first round vs. the pit fiend and the erinyes had gone better for the baddies, the pit fiend was gonna fly straight to Keyleth and drop a wall of fire behind him to cut her off from her allies. He probably would’ve dropped her in one round.

Re: everyone disguised as sextuplets when the pit fiend had True Sight. “He walked up and was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’”

It took Matt two hours to put together the battle map, and he actually brought it as a possible encounter to several episodes.

Matt never told them the pit fiend was “looking rough” because their characters would have no point of reference to judge that.

Someone asked how Sam feels about being the MVP. “Honestly, guys, I assume that I am every week.”

The vestiges are attached to characters’ personal growth. A moment of character growth and conviction can level them up, such as when Scanlan honored his promise to Kaylie and stepped away from Pike.

Sam talked a bit about how Scanlan’s now in the difficult position of having promised to stay alive, which means he can’t be nearly as reckless as usual. When asked if he’d leave VM behind in a terrible situation to run away and keep that promise, he said he’d have to think about it.

Matt pointed out that this mindset really fits well for Mythcarver, a bards’ weapon: “No one can tell a tale if they don’t survive.”

The whole idea of the vestiges was to have magical items that could level up with their wielders, rather than having to keep switching out items.

End of spring/early summer for the campaign setting. Matt had to rename some deities to avoid copyright issues.

There are more vestiges than the ones they knew about.

What’s in Cenokier’s box? Sam: “We’ll know when we bury it and it turns into a dragon that kills us.”

The group text thread is titled “Clusterfuck”.

They’ll likely be getting more into Pike’s character arc after the Conclave arc (assuming everyone survives).

Marisha re: Pike: “You’ve become the favorite older sister who went off to college and only comes home for holidays.”

Sam to Marisha: “I talk to you the least because Taliesin’s gigantic head is in the way!” They’re playing with the idea of changing around seating for the arc after Thordak, but Liam and Laura will be hard sells.

We all klance fans know what happened in ep 6 right? 
Lance: Looks like the mice did more than you tho.

Keith: I punched Sendak!

Lance: yeh. Apparently, after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.

Keith: We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!

Lance: nop! don’t remember! didn’t happen!

But seriously… None of that actually happened in ep 5. Lance doesn’t shoot Sendak’s arm off!

After Lance shoot, the Galra dude still has his two arms. And Lance goes back to coma.

Pidge cuts his arm off tho

If you count that as cutting an arm off…

And Keith never punches him!!

That last kick was probably the closest thing to a punch

Seriously, guys? what the quiznack just happened?


  • also totally unrelated but i really liked the actress’s performance at the beginning of the episode 
  • look at those HOT GRANDPA SWEATERS 
  • “we’re besties” same, dean 
  • i like how sam is looking at this lady like “man chuck would never do any of this he is way too lazy we couldn’t even get him to be nice to an actual prophet" 
  • the whip cracking noise they made during this episode felt a little too intense 
  • sam’s phone wallpaper that damn nerd. he actually had to make that himself 
  • sam u, uh, u technically were the devil but it’s fine 
  •  if chuck is listening he’s probably like, “shit sam these people are crazy best luck to you” 
  • AW MARY!!!! 



@likingthistoomuch just reminded me of this thought I had when she mentioned something in her post. 

So that moment right after The Phone Call when Sherlock jumps right back into wanting to talk to the girl on the plane. Seems to me he was in big time Conceal Don’t Feel mode in that moment. He was still attempting to hold it together. Because you notice that even Mycroft attempts to step in and actually acknowledge feelings! He said something like, “however hard that must have been-” And then Sherlock cuts him off and ignores him and demands to speak to the little girl. Someone did not want to dwell on the feels in that moment and wanted to move swiftly on! But of course that’s not what happened. Then Eurus made sure he had to deal with what had just happened, and we all saw how that went.

Sherlock Holmes lost his ever lovin mind.

Enzo with prompts 24 and 46 please? 😋

24: “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

46: “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

You were just starting to get changed ready for the party that Damon and Stefan were throwing later when you heard a voice outside your room and your door started to push open. “Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” Oblivious to your state of undress, Enzo had started to enter your room. “Hold on,” you called out, a moment too late, as you hurriedly pulled your dress up around your shoulders so you were at least mostly covered. Enzo held his hands up apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise-” 

“It’s okay,” you cut him off, offering a shy smile. He warily returned it, expecting you to snap at him for walking in uninvited. “I could… I could actually kind of do with some help,” you said tentatively, looking down at the floor as you blushed slightly. “I can’t quite reach the zip up the back of my dress. Would you maybe be able to give me a hand?”
“Of course I can, gorgeous,” replied Enzo. “Anything for a damsel in distress,” he added with a chuckle. You also laughed nervously.

“Thank you,” you added, as he walked over. You turned around completely so that your back was facing him, and pulled your hair over your shoulder so that it was out of the way. His hands were cold on your bare back as he reached for the zip and you couldn’t help but flinch a little.

“Sorry,” he said softly, his breath warm on the back of your neck. 

“It’s okay, you’re just a little cold,” you replied in the same gentle tone. “You’re the only one I trust to do this,” you added jokingly. “Damon has too few morals to see anyone half dressed.”
“And what makes you think I don’t?” Although you couldn’t see Enzo, you could hear the smirk in his voice as he finished zipping your dress.

“I think it must be the accent,” you replied teasingly. “British people always sound more polite, don’t you think?”
“If you say so…” You slowly turned around to face Enzo, carefully rearranging your hair. He whistled softly. “Wow… you look stunning, Y/N.”

“You don’t have to sound quite so surprised!”
“Come on, you know I didn’t mean to sound insulting. I never see you dressed up like this!” 

“I know. Thank you,” you said, a fierce blush colouring your cheeks. 

“Save a dance for me, perhaps? We can’t let that dress go to waste.”

“Of course. Now, out, and let me finish getting ready,” you said with a flirtatious smile, before shutting the door on Enzo.

Cassian x Nesta

So I’m the third book I want the Inner Circle plus Nesta and Elain to be at a meeting on how to go to war as nicely as possible with the spring court as quickly as possible to stop Amren and Rhys from going batshit crazy. (Well more than usual)
And then Cassian says something about how good he is at paying attention to his surroundings and Nesta just gives him this look. Mor and Rhys start smirking like crazy because they know something’s up between the two of them and they ship the hell out of it. Cassian just keeps on talking and Nesta keeps on glaring until eventually she’s just like “well actually I remember this one time-” and Cassian cuts her off because he knows where she’s going so Nesta smirks like “I wasn’t finished you know,” And if they would have had video cameras Mor would be filming it, and so Nesta opens her mouth to talk again and Cassian jumps up and grabs her and winnows away before she can say anything about the “incident” back in the human lands.
So then Nesta is pissed because she didn’t get the chance to tell everyone, and then Cassian just stares at her and she’s ranting about how much she hates him to no one but herself, so he grabs her and kisses her knowing if he gets kneed in the balls again there might be permanent damage because now Nesta is Fae. But then she kisses him back and they’re both surprised at that and Cassian pulls away with a shocked look on his face, staring at Nesta with wide eyes wondering if he’s dreaming and she smirks at him and pulls him back down whispering “I wasn’t finished you know,” against his mouth. And of course the rest of the Inner Circle continue the meeting without them because they know exactly what the two of them are doing.


A couple of adorable moments during JunGyu’s night eating show-

  • Mingyu accidentally cut off Jun’s “Say the name” intro, so he had to restart
  • Tried to introduce the show in English with Mingyu being Mingyu, and Jun cutely parroting what he says (”Joshua, Vernon, are you guys watching?”)
  • JUN CALLED OUT THE8… as usual. I knew it was coming sooner or later but not that soon (”The8, are you watching? We’re having lamb skewers”)
  • They mentioned that Woozi likes coke
  • Mingyu showing Jun how to eat noodles properly, actually a huge proportion of this is Mingyu lecturing Jun how to run the show properly lol, and taking care of him like a mom (passing him eating utensils, feeding him, etc) I’m sorry but which one of you is the hyung again
  • Except for that one time where Mingyu accidentally burned the meat and Jun told him to put it on the sides
  • Mingyu randomly put his arm around Jun, it was adorkable. You could see him contemplating whether or not to do it lol
  • Jun’s been hinting for Mingyu to feed him
  • And for Mingyu to be fed by him
  • Mingyu did feed Jun lol, it was very sweet because Jun was talking about how he would stress eat, and Mingyu chose that very moment to feed him and say, “Don’t feel stressed~”
  • Jun comes to Puppygyu’s rescue when the meat won’t come off
  • Jun trying to air draw China and Mingyu following along
  • While Mingyu was trying to describe what lamb skewers taste like, Jun put a lamb doll on his shoulder
  • They mentioned that S.Coups really hates doing commercials(?)
  • Mini Chinese lesson from Jun about how to order one serving of lamb skewers
  • For whatever reason Mingyu really likes calling Jun by his full name
  • More Mingyu feeding Jun + Mingyu eating Jun’s leftovers (indirect kiss) then getting shy about it
  • Mingyu praises Jun and gives him a highfive, Jun just gives this cute little shy laugh they were so adorable just look at the gif (were they holding hands under the table?)
  • When they were deciding who to call, Jun immediately brought up Seungkwan (just saying, I’ve always had this suspicion that they’re wayyy closer than what their on-screen moments suggest)
  • Seungkwan, DK, and Joshua apparently watch cooking shows while they’re dieting
  • On another note, Jun’s “names” for them: Seungkwanie, Dokyeomie, Josh-hyung
  • The fans commented and gave suggestions, Mingyu was reading them out and he was like “The8-” and Jun immediately repeated “THE8!” bruh get your obsession checked out
  • Hoshi “has problems” so they can’t call him
  • Mingyu helps Jun wipe his mouth
  • Jun tells a story about how he brought back Chinese food, put them in the fridge, and then found them gone the next morning. The culprits were Mingyu and Seungkwan, he could tell from their breaths (I wonder if he went around smelling everyone’s breaths…)
  • CAN I JUST SAY THAT THE WAY JUN TEASES SEUNGKWAN BEFORE THEY CALLED HIM IS SO ENDEARING OMG (”Are you watching now? Hm? Are you drooling? ewe”) //if I were Seungkwan I’d punch him
  • JUN ALWAYS EATS WOOZI’S PORTION OF FOOD seriously how many off screen moments go on man
  • Jun gives Mingyu posing advice
  • I live for them feeding each other (Jun is very insistent on feeding Mingyu LOL, “Am I eating too much?” “No, you have to eat more *proceeds to stuff more food into his mouth*”)
  • Joshua, Seungkwan, and Mingyu have similar taste in food
  • Joshua and The8 like Chinese food
  • DK is a good friend to eat with along with Seungkwan and Woozi according to Mingyu
  • Jun doesn’t eat rice with meat
  • Woozi and Jun like to eat rice (Woozi eats a lot of rice and coke)
  • Mingyu accidentally said that he’s 150cm instead of 186cm, Jun choked
  • THIS ADORABLE CONVO: “I used to be 185cm, now I’m 186cm. I hope I don’t grow taller or I can’t be in SVT anymore.” “No way, even if you’re 200cm you’re still SVT~”
  • Just… just Jun being so supportive of Mingyu through the whole thing I swear THEY’RE SO SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER SSGJSHJSL:HALHA
  • Jun patting Mingyu on the back when he choked
  • Mingyu being super hyper and happy when they changed their photos to better ones on the Naver main page
  • Them originally planning to pose like they’re going to feed each other, and Mingyu being like, “Aren’t you going to feed me??? DD:”
  • “Dear son, eat a lot. My son.” - Jun while actually feeding Mingyu //Jun why /we have a new branch family aside from Jeonghan and Dino the competition is intense
  • Jun literally stuffing Mingyu with everything on the table and Mingyu glaring at Jun for not saying anything to the viewers while he’s chewing (and the first thing Jun says after that is, “Eat more”) Jun what exactly are you plotting
  • “Please stop feeding me” - Mingyu
  • After he finally swallowed everything, the first thing Mingyu said was “Moon Junhwi”… why is he so random I swear
  • “As we’re coming to an end his Korean suddenly became so fluent” - savagemingyu
  • “I will feed you, you did it to me.” - Mingyu’s revenge + Jun’s nervous laugh
  • Jun randomly repeating each dish’s name in Chinese with his mouth full (because Mingyu keeps stuffing him)
  • “You do it.” “I don’t do that. You need to do that.” (why so mean to Jun, Gyu)
  • They play rock papers scissors to see who gets the last one, Jun feeds Mingyu again I’m crying

“Did you get distracted?” You laughed, stepping forward and clapping a hand over Alfred’s shoulder as he watched Bruce run for the doors of the solarium, where you’d promised a plate of freshly baked were waiting for him.

“No… That little bugger just happen to clip…” Alfred tried, mocking a jab in the air before huffing and barking off in the direction of Bruce had run. “Oi! You gobble all that chocolate down, you’ll be sicker than-”

“Hey…” You started, drawing Alfred’s attention and causing his eyes to snap to you. Pinching your lip between your teeth, you reached for his gloves and started unlacing the ties to easily slip his boxing mitts away from his hands before lowering your tone in a way that had him pitching forward so he could actually hear your voice. “You don’t need to snarl…”

“I’m not snarl-”

“I know you’re scared.” You cut, flicking your stare back to his face and tucking a mitt under your arm before starting on the other. “But you’re a good man and you’re doing better than you think. His parents left him in good hands…”

At that, the tension seemed to lift away from his shoulders as if a physical weight had been pressing them down and without hesitation, he smiled and said, “I’m glad to have you here, you know.”

“I know.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Helping Alfred Raise Bruce*

@harrisonwellstrash: Imagine helping Alfred raise Bruce (Gotham verse) x

Lose Control

Imagine during Negan’s visit to Alexandria, you’re in one of the houses when Dwight comes in. You spot the Angel vest as he leaves causing you to lose control and you tackle him the ground screaming at him to tell you where he got it.

NSFW: Swearing

Everything was so overwhelming, so heart wrenching. Two of your own were dead, Rick had his dignity and leadership ripped from him, and then Daryl was taken away. All because of…one man? One man had all this control? You couldn’t believe it.

“I’m sorry,” Rick mumbled, “I couldn’t fight for Daryl, not then. He…he almost made me cut Carl’s arm off. I-I don’t know if he actually would’ve made me do it but it’s possible. After everything…I know it was possible.”

“I don’t blame you,” you said, reaching for his hand, resting your hand on top of his. Rick stared at your hand but he didn’t grab onto it. You sighed, wrapping up his hand in both of yours, “It’s alright. Was Daryl at least okay? Had they hurt him?”

Rick was hesitant to respond. He avoided eye contact for a while but he knew that silence was just as much of an answer. Your eyes welled up with tears and you gave Rick a nod of understanding, “What…what happened? What did they do to him?”

“It looked like he was shot,” Rick said, “Negan clearly took him for a reason though so I don’t think they’ll let him die, Y/N.”

“At least there’s that I guess,” you said with a sigh, “Still, they won’t exactly be kind to him. They’ve shown us how ruthless they are. Fucking hell I wish it didn’t have to be like this.”

“I know,” Rick replied, nodding slowly. He still had Abraham’s blood splattered across his cheek, some of it washed away by his tears. His blue eyes were empty, a lost expression on his face. Normally he had a plan and reassuring words. But he had nothing now. The road ahead of them was dark and blurry. Anything could happen now.

You and Rick stayed and talked for a while but you decided to let him go and take a shower and get some rest, have some time to process what had happened the night before. And you definitely needed some time alone. And once you were alone in the bedroom you and Daryl had woken up in yesterday morning, you completely broke down and sobbed into your pillow. What would become of Daryl? Negan might keep him alive now but you knew Daryl better than anyone. He was stubborn and he was never one to back down without a fight.

You had your face buried so deep in your pillow, you barely heard the knock on your door. It wasn’t until the door opened that whoever was entering the room had your attention.

“Y/N?” Michonne stood at the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, “I just wanted to check up on you.”

“Thank you,” you said. You took a deep breath and rested your pillow on your lap. Wiping the tears off your cheeks, you chuckled, “It’s been a shitty day. Then again, you’ve had a worse day than I have.”

“It’s been awful for all of us,” Michonne replied.

You nodded in agreement, “Do you think we can make it through this? That we’ll all make it? That we’ll all be together again?”

“I…” Michonne started tearing up which made you start to cry with her, “Honestly, I don’t know. It doesn’t look like Rick’s going to fight it. Not right now anyway.”

“Maybe it’s better we don’t,” you said, “For now at least.”

“I guess so,” Michonne muttered, “But I’m just wondering how worth it it’s gonna be when Negan takes everything we have.”

It was going to be a long week. A week of not knowing if Negan would be satisfied with what you had, if Daryl was okay, if everyone would be ready for Negan’s arrival. Rosita was already on edge and definitely not on board. It was understandable considering she’d just watched Abraham get his skull bashed in. But still, everything needed to go smoothly if everyone else was going to live.

A week turned into three days. Negan arrived with three trucks and dozens of men behind him. Once Rick heard them coming, he begged you to stay inside the house. Seeing the look of desperation in Rick’s eyes, you agreed to stay out of the way. He somehow knew that you probably wouldn’t cooperate as much as you told Michonne you should. It was probably best you stayed out of the way as much as you possibly could.

Your bedroom window gave you the perfect view of the gate and it was difficult watching Negan’s men invade your home. And that’s when you saw Daryl standing there amongst Negan’s men wearing dirty old sweats. Maybe it was all in your head but the sweats made Daryl look so small. You were so tempted to run out there and hold onto him and never let go of him. It was enough to consider leaving with Negan just to be with Daryl.

But you promised Rick you would stay in the house. And that was probably the reason why. He knew you would consider going back with Negan. And he just couldn’t handle losing another member of the group.

“Shit,” you whispered to yourself, feeling the tears well up in your irritated eyes watching Daryl hang his head as Negan laughed and most likely taunted Rick. Soon after, Rick was leading Negan deeper into their community. Daryl was being shoved forward by a greasy looking man with short blonde hair and a burnt face. He was saying something to him but you couldn’t make it out. You pressed your palms against the window and whimpered, “God, what’re they doing to you?”

It was like the blonde man was reading your mind or sensed something with your house as he shoved Daryl towards your front door. You gasped and ran for the stairs, hurrying down to the living room. You needed just one glimpse. Just to know Daryl was alright. And technically you weren’t breaking your promise to Rick. You were staying inside the house.

Daryl entered the house first and he came to an abrupt halt when he laid eyes on you, “Y/N.”

“Keep fuckin’ moving,” the blonde man snapped, roughly shoving Daryl away from the door. He noticed you standing there and he chuckled, pointing his gun at you, “And don’t you go talking to him either. He’s the help. You don’t say a word to him.”

“Fine,” you grumbled. You crossed your arms, clenching your fists as the man smirked and started walking into the house, jabbing Daryl in the back with the gun so he would walk with him. Looking back over your shoulder, you found something that made your blood boil with rage.

That man had the nerve to take Daryl’s vest and wear it. He had no right to wear that vest. That was Daryl’s vest. No one else’s. It was bad enough he had Daryl’s crossbow. But his vest? You snarled under your breath, “You motherfucker.”

“Huh?” the man turned, “What the fuck did you just say?”

“Take that vest off,” you demanded.

“Excuse me?”

“I said take it off!” you screamed. Before you even had time to think, you cried out and tackled the blonde to the ground, your hands on his thin shoulders. You slammed him down repeatedly, your eyes blinded by tears as you screamed incoherently. Daryl stood frozen in shock, unable to do anything but silently watch you let your built up rage out on this man you’d never met until today. He couldn’t even say anything to make you stop unless he wanted to get another beating.

Footsteps came towards the house rapidly until you had a crowd surrounding you. Rick’s arms wrapped around your waist and lifted you off of the man as Negan helped him up. You kicked your legs, demanding to be put down but Rick refused.

“Y/N, stop this!” Rick exclaimed.

“You alright, Dwight?” Negan said, patting this Dwight guy’s back. Dwight nodded, adjusting the vest that had fallen off his shoulder slightly. Negan turned back to you still trying to wiggle away from Rick, “What the fuck happened here?”

“He stole Daryl’s vest!” you yelled, “He has no right! He has no right!”

“Y/N…” Rick sighed.

“Funny,” Negan chuckled, “Because yes he fucking does have a right to take that vest. All of this, all of you belong to me. So this vest here…it’s mine to give.”

“No it isn’t!” you cried, slowly relaxing in Rick’s grip until you were weeping, staring at Daryl’s black eye, the dried blood coming from his nose, his dark hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, “It’s…it’s not. It’s…please put me down.”

Rick carefully put you down and you cried even harder into your hands while Negan just laughed at your pain, “What, is Daryl your boyfriend or something? Is that what’s goin’ on here?”

“Yes,” you squeaked, “I’m…I’m sorry I…”

“Well…tell you what,” Negan said, “You’re lucky you’ve got some good looks on your side. I’m gonna let this little outburst slide just this one time. How does that sound?”

“Alright,” you murmured, “Thank you.”

“You can always come back with us,” Negan said, gesturing to Daryl and the sad, pathetic sweats he had on with the sneakers that were falling apart.

Daryl’s sudden voice shocked everyone, “No!”

Negan slowly turned as Dwight grabbed Daryl by the upper arm and gave him a yank, “I said I’d let it slide this once. Did you not learn from the other night, Daryl? Like I said before, Lucille’s thirsty. You want me to make an example of her too?”

Daryl shook his head and Negan laughed again, approaching you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder, “Good. Some people just never learn.”

You stared at Daryl with your teary eyes and mouthed “I love you” hoping he would understood what you were trying to say. Negan was too busy looking at Rick with a triumphant smirk to notice what you had done. Daryl gave you a nod, though he had Dwight’s complete attention and couldn’t mouth it back. But it was enough that he acknowledged it.

“Alright then,” Negan said, “Let’s keep going we don’t have all day. Dwight, let’s go. We’ve got guns to collect.”

With a nod, Dwight pushed Daryl towards the door and he obeyed, keeping his head down as he did. As Dwight passed you, he snickered, pulling lightly on the vest, “Most comfortable vest I’ve ever worn.”

Rick grabbed your shoulder before you could react, “Don’t, Y/N. We can’t risk Daryl’s life.”

You nodded, waiting for everyone to leave. You slapped your hand over Rick’s, the sudden contact surprising him. You allowed a few more tears to fall before you calmed yourself down and declared, “I’m not sure I can sit by and cooperate anymore, Rick.”

“I know,” Rick mumbled, “But…we have to.”

You joined Rick outside once Negan had finished taking what he wanted from them. His men were loading up the trucks as Dwight kept a tight grip on Daryl. After his outburst earlier, Dwight was a lot more aware of every move Daryl made, especially when he found out your relationship with him.

“I’d like it if Daryl could stay,” Rick said.

“Not a chance,” Negan retorted. Turning to you, he got another malicious grin on his face, “You plannin’ on begging?”

“What’s the point?” you said, “Seems you just find my devastation amusing. I’m not playing that game with you.”

“I like her,” Negan said. He turned to Daryl and pointed at you, “You picked a good one, you know that, Daryl? I could bring her back with us for the night, you can enjoy her one last night, everyone wins!”

“Sick,” you scoffed.

“Y/N,” Rick said sternly.

“Just thought I’d make this separation easier on the both of them,” Negan chuckled, “A good roll in the hay one last time.”

Daryl’s cheeks turned red and he looked away to avoid letting Negan and Dwight see his discomfort with the situation. Negan let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back.

“Just a suggestion,” Negan said.

“A terrible one,” you retorted.

“Well then, looks like that’s our cue to leave you guys let’s get outta here!” Negan called out. As he walked out the gate, he turned to you and the rest of the group, though he mostly made eye contact with you, “I’ll see all of you very, very soon.”

Thanks for reading! I hope this turned out okay and you liked it :) <3

Title: The Secret (Part 1)

Code: LB0004

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,161

Note: Over and across languages, this Love Bite Supreme has been born.

Warnings: Mentions of sexual abuse, some language

You’d been with the team almost seven years. Seven years, and yet here you were. Curled up on Gibb’s couch, simply flipping channels on the TV, you remembered how you had gotten here…

“Go ahead, (Y/N).” Gibbs nodded towards the interrogation room door. After a nod back to him and a deep breath, you entered.

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Just A Thought (M)

Originally posted by yoonkooks

» yoongi x jungkook (+TOP from BigBang)
» 4.4k
» bxbxb fic were the boy wants to save himself for marriage…
» warning: smut (exhibitionism and voyeurism)

“You want me to— what?”

Yoongi was totally perplexed. He was watching Jungkook with eyes like a hawk. No way – no fucking way – was Jungkook being serious right now. There was more chance of the over grown child jumping off a bridge than actually saying what he has just said.

There was a chance Yoongi had attained some form of hearing disability and now was also going crazy, but the man sitting on the edge of the bed that Yoongi shared with Jungkook (and only Jungkook) was proof that wasn’t the case.

“I want you to have sex with him,” Jungkook answers, smiling sweetly and holding his hands behind his back to capture the childish giggle behind his words.

“Oh— Excuse me,” the man cuts it. He holds up a hand, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “No, I’ll be the one fucking him. That’s what I specified on my page.”

Jungkook nods, biting his lip down as he turns to back Yoongi looking almost apologetic. “Right, he’s going to… do you.”

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Imagine Sam turning into an actual moose

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“I’ll turn you into a moose, an actual moose,” Rowena threatened as Sam stepped closer to her with an evil gleam in his eyes. Now, everyone new that it wasn’t like Sam to be cruel or unkind, but when this witch came around he had to firm his personality or she would feed off of what she mistook kindness for weakness.

“I dare you,” he spat with a chuckle but it was cut short as a flash of white light raged towards him. Rowena was out of the building before Dean or Castiel could grab ahold of her.

“Sam!” Dean yelled as he rushed over. With wide eyes, he came to a stop when the giant animal stared him in the eyes. “Son of a bitch…she actually done it.” The moose that was Sam huffed and grunted before rearing on its hind legs and stomping the ground angrily.

“Dean,” Castiel commented, “I think the moose is angry…”

“Oh, no, he’s pissed!” he laughed as he clutched his stomach before taking out his phone and taking multiple pictures. Sam charged with his antlers causing Dean to bolt behind Castiel. “Okay! Okay! Calm down, gigantor! We’ll get you back to normal, but until then…make the snorting sound again. It was hilarious!” Sam stomped his foot on the ground again like a bull ready to charge. “O-Or not. Who’s laughing? Not me!" 

anonymous asked:

(Heisuke route) Heisuke, when did you realize you had fallen in love with Chizuru? Actual love, not just infatuation.

Heisuke blinks, then glances self-consciously away. “I mean, I’ve liked her for just about as long as I’ve known her, so there’s that,” he mumbles, blushing furiously. “But I only started figuring out the love part after I left the Shinsengumi. I missed Chizuru more than anyone or anything, and I spent a lot of time thinking about her, but…” He hesitates. “It still took me till Aburano Koji to actually realize why. In the end, it only clicked right before I—” A convulsive swallow cuts him off, and he clears his throat aggressively. “A-anyway… after that, I had kind of a lot going on, so I didn’t have a lot of time to think it over or make sure or anything,” he continues lamely. “But then again, I remember thinking that I didn’t really need to. I’m as bad at lying to myself as I am lying to everyone else, so whatever I felt, it had to be true. And I was right,” he adds. “I knew Chizuru was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with—however long that may be—and now, I’m doing it.” He grins crookedly. “Telling her is the one decision I’ve ever made by myself that I don’t regret. I did my best to screw it up, of course… but she fixed it, just like everything else.”

So, I just watched Beauty and the Beast

And i went in, concerned about how they were going to portray LeFou, an openly gay character, literally named the Fool, and I came away actually happy with his characterization, and, thus post contains spoilers that i will put under the cut later, but for now ill be sure to tag it properly.

First off, yes, he was a bit ditsy, and definitely had a thing for Gaston. However, he was not at all the complete moron that most of us grew to associate him with. He was actually the voice of reason for Gaston, and tried to steer him in the right direction. He calmed Gaston so he wouldn’t lose his temper, reassured him that no one could measure up, and tried to make him rethink his abandonment of Maurice. LeFou had his own set of morals, and actually seemed well educated for someone who was supposedly illiterate.

Now, when Maurice confronted Gaston about leaving him to the wolves, he turned to LeFou fir confirmation that Gaston had done so. It seemed as though LeFou was going to admit it, and then Gaston plainly and clearly used LeFou’s feelings and attraction for him to his advantage and threw Maurice under the bus.

During the song “kill the beast”, LeFou had a line that really stood out, as it was intended, where he voices his doubts about Gaston, stating that maybe its Gaston who is the raging beast.

In the fight in the castle, LeFou is quick to turn sides and join the servants in beating back the rest of the mob, even having a little heart to heart with Mrs Potts while mid battle (gotta keep it light) because he is still the Fool, but his no idiot.

He realizes that Gaston isn’t just shallow, his cruel, vindictive and manipulative, and realizes that their relationship is unhealthy and imbalanced. Gaston literally strung him along and used him, used his feelings against him.

So, no, I don’t think they portrayed him as the fool in the way that most of us think. I think they portrayed him as the fool who would do anything in the name of love. Love makes fools of us all, really.

Also, he ended up with a really sweet mob member who turned out to be a drag queen/ cross dresser which I thought was great.

All in all, I think LeFou was really well rounded and had a really nice character arc

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Kags one accidently hurts yama while practice so he treats him extra carefully and now yama's all like "wow tsukki isn't kageyama so great!" "tsukki isn't kageyama so nice!" "tsukki isn't kageyama ..." Etc basically tsukki gets jealous

“Yamaguchi are you ok?! I-” Kageyama cuts off his apology upon seeing that no, Tadashi was not ok, and there was actually no way he could reply. “Shit.”

Kageyama blames Hinata. It was his idea to race, and had sped ahead without warning. He was only trying to catch up. How was he supposed to know Tadashi would walk out of his classroom door right as he ran past it? He didn’t know he had cleaning duty. It’s all Hinata’s fault.

And now Tadashi is laying on the ground in the doorway of class 4, blood flowing out of his mouth.

“I– I’m fine, Kageyama-kun, I just bit my cheek…” Tadashi mumbles, trying to stand, but Kageyama pushes him down.

“No, you should sit,” Kageyama insists, kneeling down and pushing Tadashi back to sit on the ground. “Did you hit your head?”

“N- No, I’m fine–”

“Are you sure?”


“Let me see your mouth.”

Tadashi flushes, his eyes widening, but he can do nothing but comply as Kageyama lifts a hand and gently pries his lips open, shifting closer to inspect the inside of his mouth with a concentrated look set on his face.

Kageyama bites his lip, seeing the blood gushing out of a spot on the flesh of Tadashi’s mouth. “You bit your cheek pretty hard…”

“No, mouths just bleed more than other body parts. I’m fine, really, Kageyama-kun, now we should get to practice…”

This time, Kageyama doesn’t refuse, and stands quickly, offering a hand to his team mate before he could get up on his own. Tadashi takes it gently, and Kageyama pulls him up before letting go of his hand and straightening his ruffled clothes.

“I’m really sorry. Dumbass Hinata–”

“It’s fine, I know,” Tadashi giggles lightly, covering his mouth. “I saw him run past. I should have known you were right behind, really. So I’m sorry as well.”

This doesn’t seem to satiate Kageyama, however. “You got hurt, though…”

“Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Tadashi says, waving a dismissive hand. “Let’s go. We’ll be late.”

Kageyama follows Tadashi dumbly, his words still stuck in his mind as they head to the gym. “Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Who hurt Tadashi? Was it a family member? Bullies? Tsukishima? When had he been hurt worse? As they enter the changing room, greeted by teammate’s grinning faces, and as Sugawara starts to fuss about the blood on Tadashi’s lip, Kageyama makes himself a promise.

He was going to protects Yamaguchi Tadashi.

- - -

“Here, Yamaguchi, you forgot this.”

“Oh, I was just going back to get it! Thank you!” Tadashi takes his jersey from Kageyama with a smile, and turns back to Tsukishima with a smile as Kageyama jogs away. “Isn’t Kageyama-kun so nice?”

Tsukishima hums. He has noticed Kageyama acting different; only around Tadashi, though, and that fact bothers him. “He seems as pretentious and rude as always to me.”

Tadashi laughs. “He’s acting different, though…“

Tsukishima rolls his eyes. Sometimes Tadashi can be oblivious.

- - -

“Kageyama-kun is so sweet, isn’t he?” Tadashi asks Tsukishima, taking a small bite from the ice cream cone Kageyama had bought him after practice. “He’s been treating me to treats all week, and he’s been spending a lot of time with me. He’s nice, if you get to spend some time with him.”

Tsukishima scoffs. “Sure.”

“He is! I don’t get why you two don’t get along…”

Tadashi pouts, and Tsukishima rolls his eyes. “Some people just don’t like each other.”

- - -

“Hey, isn’t Kageyama-kun–”

“Cool? Amazing? Nice? Sweet?”

Tadashi’s puffs out his cheeks and frowns. “Are you mocking me, Tsukki?”

“No. Moreso him, really,” Tsukishima says, not looking up from his book. “He’s not all that, no matter if you believe it or not.”

“But he’s been so nice–”

“As of late, yes, but when is ‘nice’ going to become overbearing, Tadashi?” Finally, Tsukishima looks up, shooting Tadashi a pointed, sharp look. He raises an eyebrow. “You know he’s flirting with you, right?”

Tadashi sputters. “F- Flirting?! No way! He’s just being nice,”

“And he has no reason to be.”

“What? No, he does, he’s just making up for running into me–”

“He ran into you?”

“Well, yeah…The other day, when I came in with a bloody mouth, it was because he ran into me. Don’t you remember?..”

“I was at a dentist appointment?..”

“Oh yeah…”

“Whatever. Not like it matters, anyway…” Tsukishima sighs. “I just…Don’t like it, is all.”

“Oh, really?” Tadashi grins. “Why’s that, Tsukki?”

“No reason. Shut up.” Tsukishima flushes. “Shut up,”

“Tsukki, are you jealous~?”

“I’m not,”

“You are!” Tadashi grins. “Tsukki’s jealous~”

“I’m– I’m not,” Tsukishima tries to insist. “It’s lame to be jealous.”

Tadashi snickers. “Sounds like you.”

Kei growls. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Tadashi laughs. “Nothing.”

Tadashi smiles, and hides his face in his hands. He didn’t mind at all that his best friend was jealous. Maybe he’d aught to talk about Kageyama more…

Jealous (Jefferson x reader)

You’d just gotten into the elevator when you heard someone shout out;

‘Hold the door!’

Before you could press the appropriate button, a hand stuck itself between the two doors.  The hand was attached to a man in a green suit, which was oddly tasteful–you’d never known someone could pull off an entirely green suit.

‘Hi,’ said the man.  ‘My name’s Alexander Hamilton, nice to meet you.’

You opened your mouth to respond but you were cut off–‘Are you new here?’

‘Hi, I’m Y/N, yes I’m new here.  Do you have any more questions?’ you asked jokingly.

‘Yes, actually!’ Alexander exclaimed.  You groaned but he continued anyway, relentlessly asking questions.  Still, you thought, it could be worse.

Eventually, you reached your new office.  You waited for Alexander to stop talking but he didn’t catch the queue.  Eventually, you had to interrupt him.

‘I need to work now, Alexander,’ you said, amused.

‘Okay, see you!’  Alexander walked off briskly.  Did he do everything at full speed?  As soon as he was gone a new face appeared in the doorway.  The first thing you noticed was the shockingly purple suit the man was wearing.  Did everyone here wear bright suits?

‘Hamilton?  Not really my first choice of company…’

Pompous much?  ‘Nice to meet you too.  I’m Y/N.’

‘Thomas Jefferson,’ he said, and held out his hand for you to shake.  You stared at him with your eyebrow raised, and left him hanging.  What kind of grown man doesn’t even introduce himself before he starts throwing shade?

Eventually Jefferson withdrew his hand.  ‘I see how it is,’ he said coldly, and stalked out of the office.

In the next few weeks, you settled down at work.  Alexander quickly became a close, if still occasionally obnoxious, friend, whereas Jefferson became a rival.  And yet, you couldn’t help notice the way Jefferson was when he wasn’t around you.  Yes, he was obnoxious, but so was Alexander, and you came to recognize Jefferson had his own way of caring.  And that his suit wasn’t that garish, and actually looked quite good on him.  And that he looked quite good in general–woah, let’s stop that train of thought right there.  We’re still rivals, you reminded yourself.  No matter how handsome Jefferson may be.

Of course, Alexander had noticed your petty crush and, after the initial disgust, had taken to teasing you relentlessly.

‘Had that feelings talk with Jefferson yet?’ he’d say.  ‘Shut up, Alexander,’ you’d reply.
Today was a 4th of July party; the whole office had been invited, and there you were, sitting in the corner alone.  Alexander was on the dance floor, grinding on Laurens in the most obscene way, Herc hadn’t even shown up and Laf had completely blacked out.

Eventually Laurens had to shove Alexander off.  Laughing, Alexander walked over to you.

‘How are you doing, lonely?’  He was clearly tipsy, if not more.

‘I’m doing fine, Alexander,’ you said, amused.

‘Come on,’ he whined.  ‘Don’t you want to go talk to Thomas over there?’  Alexander threw in a wink at the last part.

‘Alexander,’ you hissed.  ‘Not now!  Go back to humping Laurens.’

He chuckled; ‘Nah, we’re saving that for later.’

You playfully shoved him, trying to act scandalized.  ‘You are shameless, Alexander!  Shameless!’

‘Hey!’ Alexander exclaimed, and his eyes widened like they always did when he got an idea.  Oh god, you thought, mentally preparing for the worst.

‘Do you think Thomas will come over here if I do this?’  And then Alexander practically climbed into your lap.

Okay.  You clearly hadn’t prepared enough.  ‘Alexander!  This is not how I want this talk with Jefferson to go!  I’ll have it when I want to.’

‘But you’ll never get around to it!’ he whined, refusing to budge.

Suddenly, someone shoved Alexander off your lap.  You looked up and, just as Alexander predicted, it was Thomas.

‘Get off Y/N,’ he growled.

‘Why?’ Alexander asked.  ‘Do you have some claim to Y/N I didn’t know about?’

Alexander turned to you, feigning shock.  ‘Y/N!  Why didn’t you tell me?’

It took everything you had not to laugh.  Jefferson grabbed your hand.

‘Let’s go.’

He dragged you away from the corner, away from the party; he didn’t let go of your hand until the two of you were outside.  It was nighttime and there weren’t any lights outside–you strained to make out Jefferson’s face.

‘What was that?’ he asked you angrily.

‘What was what?’ you responded.

‘That show with Hamilton.’  Jefferson looked disgusted at the mere mention of what had occurred.  Had Alexander been… right?  No, you doubted it.  But…

‘Are you jealous, Jefferson?’

He looked taken aback.  If you could have seen in the darkness, you would have noticed a light blush dusted across Jefferson’s cheeks.

‘No!’ he exclaimed violently.

‘Oh!  So are you just disgusted by any display of Hamilton’s sexual side?’  You could tell Jefferson had cringed when you said ‘sexual side’.  You’d have cringed too, if you didn’t find this whole situation so amusing.

‘Yes,’ Jefferson sighed, frustrated.  His answer made you grin smugly–he’d waltzed right into your trap.

‘So then why weren’t you this upset when Hamilton had been gyrating against Laurens on the dance floor?’

‘What?’  Jefferson’s shocked face made your smile grow even wider.

‘You heard me right,’ you said, walking closer to Jefferson.  ‘If you’re so upset at any display of Hamilton’s sexual side, why didn’t you drag Laurens off the dance floor?’

By the time you were done talking, you were so close to Jefferson you were almost stepping on his toes.

‘Well,’ Jefferson stammered.  ‘Well… it’s different!’

‘How so?’ you asked coquettishly.

Suddenly Jefferson’s hand grabbed your wrist and yanked you even closer.  You felt a pair of lips descend onto yours hungrily and you smiled into the kiss.  It was rough and demanding and you gave everything you had, running your fingers through his hair and when he tasted with his tongue, surprisingly gentle, you opened your mouth with a low moan.

Eventually you had to pull apart.

‘You know,’ you murmured, ‘I’m almost glad Alexander decided to give me an impromptu lap dance.’

‘I never thought I’d say this,’ Jefferson began, ‘but me too.’

As you gave Jefferson a kiss on the cheek, you decided not to tell him about Alexander’s antics.

‘See you later?’ you asked.

‘Definitely,’ Jefferson said, holding out his hand.  You intertwined your fingers with his and let him lead you back into the party, hopeful for what the future held for the two of you.