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As you're working on the scene adaptation of Good Omens, how has it been re-writing Terry Pratchett's (RIP) parts? Also, do you have plans to turn any more of your books into movies/shows? The Graveyard Book would make an excellent kids movie if done similar to Coroline.

I spent a lot of time during the writing of Good Omens the novel, about 28 years ago, rewriting Terry’s bits, just as he spent time rewriting, footnoting, or doing stuff to my bits. There’s not a lot in the book that doesn’t already taste like both of us. So it didn’t really matter who had originally written the bit I was adapting, it was a matter of how to make the pages in front of me something that would work on screen. 

(Even the bits that aren’t in the book, that are in the TV show have their roots in conversations and ideas and things Terry and I had planned for the sequel and for the movie adaptation we were meant to do in 1991. Although you won’t see the halos-used-as-lethal-frisbees sequence Terry always wanted to set in the British Museum…)

Disney have the rights to The Graveyard Book as a movie. I hope they make it into something wonderful.

Doodle ideas 1 - plants

Remember when I asked you what should I do with the remaining pages of my bujo? Well, the most suggested thing was to do some doodle ideas, which I did, yaay :D. Now I know a lot of people have done these, @studypetals has series of these, @studywithinspo has done some great ones too (he even has videos on how to do doodles!)… but here I am anyway :D. To do something a bit different, I tried to draw them all in one theme. So here’s various flora, all I could think of :D. I had fun making these and I still have a lot of pages left in my journal, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)

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You're honestly one of my drag idols and I'm super nervous to do drag but I want to be a drag king SO badly. Do you have an FAQ or masterpost about how you got into drag, or any advice for first timers?

I have this list i made that I would sticky to my page if i could where i spoke about things i learned within my first two months of starting drag. 

since then, if i had to add anything it would be:

- keep a journal with you as much as you can, or keep a notepad open on your phone and anytime an idea comes to you, even if its just a word - write it down! half the time i forget ideas i had, i go to my journal and im like oh yeah i wanted to do that! it’s important. 

- M A K E F R I E N D S - this was on my last list but i really cant stress this enough. and the friends you make, support them as much as you can. Having creatives in your back pocket to call about ideas and stuff is so great especially since their vision won’t be your vision so they’ll see things you don’t see. It’s helped me on several occasions.


- Learn how to be sociable. It sucks. I have social anxiety. But this is like. Beyond vital. It was rough for me at first but you get used to it.

- Don’t participate in drama, don’t send out negativity, and be wary of people who do. This should go under making friends because sometimes you don’t know who is out for your best interest and who isn’t.

- Record your performances. You can always delete a bad one if you don’t like it.

- Take photos of your looks! You’ll love looking back and seeing the progress.

- I didn’t realize this was a skill but after going outside of Miami to perform and seeing the shock in some of the queens faces that I make my own mixes - learn how to make your own mixes. Audacity is your friend if you don’t have a mac or don’t know how to use garage band. Get inspired by other performances and how they made their mixes! 

- Dont let anyone tell you what you’re doing isn’t drag. I had someone tell me I’d confuse my audience if I did a song sung by a girl. What did I do? Did the number anyway. DO YOU. There will be someone who gets it.


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader finds Bucky’s journal in her apartment after he broke up with her. Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,477

Warnings: Depression, Language probably, idk

A/N: It’s named Adagio because I listened to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings while writing this. Such a beautiful song. Also there are two BuckyNat quotes, they were too beautiful I couldn’t resist. Hope you’ll like the story :)

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“You should find a new secret place for your diary, miss.”

The repairer’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him and frowned as he waved a small book in the air.

“I don’t have a diary.” You extended a hand in his direction and took the book.

“Well, it’s what was blocking the vents. Should work now.” He closed the vent grill and climbed off the chair.

All your attention was focused on the small leather-bound book in your hands. You didn’t flinch when the repairer announced his ridiculously high price, you only made a noise of agreement and walked him back to the front door without taking your eyes off the book.

Once he was gone, you walked over to the kitchen and put the book on the counter. Carefully, you opened it to a random page.

Cursive letters, clear handwriting, nice loops, a bit in italics. You would recognise Bucky’s handwriting anywhere.

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Do you ever think about Alec doing little things to look after Magnus? Working out exactly how to leave him a fresh cup of tea when he's in the middle of working on something without him noticing, reminding him that he's been translating that book for ten hours now and should maybe think about sleep or even just a break, learning where best to dig his thumbs into tense shoulders to get them to release. I just like the idea of the little things he might do for him.

god yes i think about this all the time

we know alec isn’t exactly romantic but this, this stuff he knows well and this stuff i think he would do without thinking. never pushing but these little gestures that would speak volumes and i think about how magnus would react to this

that glow was spilling over his desk, all golden yellow and making his eyes feel just a little bit overused, considering he had been sitting in the same spot for hours. everything was fuzzy but his attention was focused, focused on the page of the book in front of him, running his eyes over each word as magic spilled from his fingertips and onto the blank page next to him. his shoulders felt heavy and his mind did too. so heavy. like lead dropping into the ocean. like someone had started to balance bricks on his shoulders. this job was taking far longer than he wanted it to and his patience was running out. he could feel his waistcoat digging into his shoulders, the pinch of clothes worn just a little too long on such a busy day. there was nothing he wanted to do more than to strip them off and be naked under the heavy spray of a hot shower.

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13 going on 30 Spider-Man AU

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so I had this idea in my head for a while and just thought that this would be really cool to write about

And I’m really sorry. English is not my first language

if you haven’t watched this movie yet PLEASE WATCH (it’s my favorite don’t even get me started) 

SPOILERS AHEAD // hope you like it <3

Ok, let’s start then (this starts in the 80s)

  • so you and Peter have been best friends since ever 
  • started with you being next door neighbours and outcasts at school
  • Peter was this really skinny nerdy boy and you were awkard and really smart  
  • you had this habit to share sweets (RAZZLES) and to greet each other in another languages
  • “Arrivederci”
    “Au revoir”

  • your relationship was based on mutual trust and weird stuff that only you two understood
  • seriosly you could almost talk telepathically
  • Peter had this hobby to take pictures around and sometimes he even took them for the school paper and some of you 
  • you have ever wanted to work on your favorite magazine (Poise) editorial and you have like all of their editions
  • the story really starts when you had the yearbook shoot in your 13th birthday and turns out B A D
  • but you don’t get too sad ‘cause Peter said that it looked good 
  • “don’t worry Y/N, it can’t be worse than mine. I actually sneezed!”
  • six girls walks down the corridor like it was a catwalk and stops right in front of you
  • oops, forgot to tell you that Y/N really wanted to be popular and those girls used her for homework and projects
  • Peter knew about that and tried to warn you but guess what, you didn’t listen
  • the leader of their gang (Tom-Tom) usually approached you two to make fun of Peter and you used to follow her lead, laughing together
  • shitty habit i know
  • and on that they she told you that her group and your crush Flash Thompson wouldn’t come over to your party unless they finish their group project 
  • so you say you would do it for them ‘cause you’re too naive to see bad in people
  • when you come home you start to get ready for your party, doing your makeup and picking a outfit that would fit better with the mean girls even putting some tissues on your top to look like you have boobs but nobody needs to know that
  • so while getting ready you read the last edition of Poise magazine and saw a story saying that the 30s are the best years of your life and claims that you want to be 30
  • 30, flirty and thriving.”
  • then you go down to your basement where the party would be held and put your jam on
  • I’m talking about Thriller ‘cause you know the whole choreography
  • when Peter arrived he just watched you dance because he is so fuCKING CUTE AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED
  • then he gives you the big box with a pink lace on top that is your present 
  • “You know how you always wanted a Barbie Dream House? Well, I decided to make you your own Y/N Dream House”
  • you just stare to the big doll house that he built by himlsef and made just for you, showing all the rooms and faces from old pictures cut and glued to little dolls 
  • then he sprinkles wishing dust all over the little roof and you close your eyes to make a wish by the time the doorbell rings
  • you began to panic and put the house away like it meant nothing and Peter just looks at you with his big doe eyes and feels his heart starting to break
  • the party starts and all of your guests are in the basement 
  • Tom-Tom starts to be mean to Peter and you again follow her lead so he goes upstairs 
  • then again, Tom-Tom comes into scene and suggests to play 7 minutes in heaven and says to you that Flash is dying to kiss you, but doesn’t closes the closet door before asking you where is her project and puts a blindfold in your eyes
  • Tom-Tom’s gang and Flash’s friends starts to leave the party and Tom-Tom finds Peter and says that you were waiting for him in the closet
  • so when he opens the door he sees you with a smile eye-to-eye and his world lights up
  • “I thought you weren’t gonna come”
  • he’s just so happy to hear that that he entrelaces your fingers together and leans in for a kiss, never making it because you called him “Flash” 
  • it all goes downhill when you see that it’s Peter and everybody is gone and you started to blame him and locked yourself on the closet
  • you slides down the shelf where the Y/N Dream House is and starts to hit your head back, making the whole shelf move and some wishing dust to fall on you while you keep saying:
  • “I wanna be 30“

  • Here’s where the shit goes REALLY crazy
  • You wake up in a bed that isn’t yours and a flat that isn’t yours either
  • you find a mirror and sees that the reflection isn’t the same too
  • then you find a weird nude guy calling you sweetbun
  • you leave your flat in your pajamas after you saw his thingy and finds a blonde woman standing in front of a car and screaming at her phone and telling you to get in
  • so you starts to find out a lot of things about you and it comes to your mind that your wish was fulfilled. You are now 30 and were the editor of the Poise magazine, best friends with Tom-Tom (now you call her Lucy) and prom queen with Flash as prom king.
  • but then you starts to miss Peter and wonder where he is, so you ask your secretary to find him
  • when she does you leave the office and runs across the city to find his flat and knock on his door
  • “You’re not chinese”
  • you just stares at him and realizes that Peter isn’t a skinny nerdy guy. Now he’s tall and strong, with abs showing on his shirt and his wavy hair is now pulled back giving a whole new and hotter look.
  • then your panic comes back when he tells you that you’re not best friends anymore and you find yourself sitting in a bench while holding a fluffy pillow and drinking a glass of water
  • when you calm down you two go back to your apartment and you find your yearbook seeing the pictures of prom and Tom-Tom’s gang that you turned out to be their leader
  • “This is incredible, I can’t believe that I got everything I’ve ever wanted”
    “Yeah Y/N, you got it all. Congratulations.”

  • You receive a call telling you about a Poise party at night and you invite Peter to come and he says that he’ll think about it
  • by the night you starts to get ready ala 80′s style and find thongs in your HUGE closet
  • Can you tell I’m wearing underwear? ‘Cause I totally am”
  • when you get to the party you find Lucy and asks for a drink
  • I’ll have a Pina Colada, not virgin. Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!”
  • then your boss comes to you and starts to panic about people starting to leave so you get an idea and go to the DJ
  • Thriller starts to play and you go to the middle of the dance floor, doing the choreography
  • starting to feel uncomfortable alone, you find Peter in the crowd and your heart skips a beat, your feet in a hurry to get him and making him dance with you
  • and literally everybody starts to dance too and your boss is so happy
  • but Peter says he need to leave and you hold hands for a second and your whole body heats up, having a weird sensation by the time he lefts
  • time passes and one night you’re outside a restaurant with Lucy and you see Peter walking by and ask what he’s doing there
  • then a beautiful ginger girl appears on his side and he introduces her as his fiancée, Mary Jane
  • your heart breaks a little and you feel numb for a second
  • you come back to your reality when the naked guy appears on your side and started to talk to Peter and his fiancée
  • Peter then leave and Lucy tells you to go to the naked guy’s (Alex’s) flat to play games
  • when you get there you suggests battleship and he starts to kiss your ear and you don’t know what to do while he keeps flirting
  • then he starts to striptease and do a weird dance and you look away trying to hide your shame
  • Put your penis away, I don’t want to see it again!”
  • as the days goes by you start to realize what an awful person you’ve become on this alternative universe. You found that you have been screwing your coworkers husband and things that you never knew you could do
  • feeling bad, you go to Peter’s apartment and ask him if he wanted to go for a walk
  • you start to talk about the future and his wedding plans 
  • then curiosity strikes you and you finally ask him about what happened to your friendship
  • you watch the pain in his eyes while he tells you about your 13th party 
  • he says that you threw the Y/N Dream House that he spent 3 weeks building at him and never talked to him again
  • you feel awful
  • you became a monster after all
  • after that night you crash into your parents house and locks yourself in the same closet from your birthday party and realizes that the Y/N Dream House isn’t there
  • so you hit your head purposely on the same shelf and your parents find you in there
  • the morning after your mother makes you pancakes with blueberry eyes 
  • If you were given one do over anything in your life what would it be?”
    “But did you ever make a big mistake… a
    huge one that could change your life… what about that?”
    Well, Y/N, I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I don’t regret any of them”
    How come?”
    “Because If I haven’t had make them I wouldn’t have learned how to do things right.”

  • going through the pages of your yearbook you see that Peter was the one who took the pictures and a huge idea comes into your mind
  • you hire Peter to do a photoshoot with people recreating those pictures and have lots of fun while doing that
  • he can’t take his eyes off of you and his hearts melts a little whenever you laugh
  • you even dance together under the fake snow while doing the winter dance shoot
  • he even gives you a white peony while doing the class of 2004
  • later that day you two started to talk about the past and you two get Razzles and go for a walk 
  • Hey Peter, tell me something. What color is my tongue?”
    Is red, I don’t know… red?”
    Red red or Razzles red?”
  • then you two started to compete who would go higher on a swingset 
  • it was beautiful ‘till you two fell
  • and it was beautiful again when you landed on his chest and his hand started to caress your bare sholder sending you chills on your spine
  • Hey, you got arm hair”
    “Never got quite that reaction before.”

  • then you two started to smile at each other like the two dorks you were in the past and he leans in to kiss you
  • it was magical, every second of it. You just wished you could stay like that forever
  • when the day of the presentations came, you were super nervous to show your ideas ‘cause you were afraid about the opinions
  • so Lucy presents first and it wasn’t very well
  • and when you present your project, everybody go crazy about it and loving the idea of the class of 2004
  • but Lucy wasn’t very happy and goes to your office to find out that you were the one that was selling Poise ideas to Sparkle, the rival magazine
  • Peter goes to your office to talk to you and finds Lucy, who said to him that you changed your mind about his pictures and hired someone more professional 
  • so you decided to go to his apartment to tell him that everybody loved his photos and you find Mary Jane wearing one of his shirts
  • the special one that he was wearing when they kissed on the playground
  • and she tells you that she will tell him when he gets back from picking up his tux and that they’re getting married on the next day
  • your heart completly breaks
  • the next day when you go to work you find out the whole floor empty and everybody packing from their offices
  • your boss tells you that Sparkle published your story and you find out that Lucy did it and she throws in your face all of the bad things you have done and how you sold all of the Poise stories to Sparkle
  • feeling worse than ever you decided to go to Peter’s wedding and calls a cab
  • later on you find out that the cab driver is actually Flash Thompson and just jumps out of it running like crazy
  • when you arrived at Peter’s yard you entered the house and ran to his old room, finding he knotting his tie while looking at the window
  • he looks at you and you can swear you saw a sparkle in his eyes
  • and you did
  • so you tried to tell him that Lucy was talking about a person that wasn’t you anymore
  • It doesn’t matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my poprocks on the third grade.”
  • you can’t help but smile at him and his dorkness
  • Peter, I have to believe that if you knew that… if in your heart you really really knew that, you wouldn’t be getting married to someone right now, unless that someone were me”
  • he doesn’t look at you and you begin to panic already regretting but feeling like going on.
  • you started to miss his eyes and every blink looks like an eternity
  • Y/N, I’m not gonna lie to you… I’ve felt things this past weeks that I didn’t know that I could feel anymore.”
  • you feel a smile forming on your lips but disappearing right after he completes his sentence.
  • But I’ve realized in this past few days… you can’t just turn back time”
  • when you question him about it, he said that he’d moved on and you had too. And when he mentions Mary Jane you think about how good she is to him and can’t feel comfortable about the view of him wearing that tux and being ready to say “yes”
  • so you started to cry
  • then he opens his closet and you see the Y/N Dream House, feeling a knot involving all of your internal organs and or fingers start to tremble
  • you cry even more
  • it still have the wishing dust all over the plastic roof and you feel your heart warms at the thought of him putting it all over
  • he gives it to you and you hold the dream house in your arms, trying to feel it like one of his hugs and smile at him
  • I’ll be fine, go on! I’m just crying because I’m happy… I-I want you to be so so happy”
  • talking a deep breath, your voice starts to shake while he gives you a sad smile
  • I love you, Peter. You’re my best friend”. 
  • when you put your hand on the doorknob he took an audible deep breath
  • Y/N, I’ve always loved you”
  • and your mind lingers on the word loved” 
  • he loved you, but now he loves Mary Jane
  • so you go down the stairs and sit in the front yard, still holding the Y/N Dream House
  • the wedding music started playing and every melody sounded lower than your heart breaking a little more while your chest felt so heavy that it could send you to the ground in a blink
  • you started to play with the objects in the little rooms on the doll house and the wind started to blow against your face
  • you didn’t even care, your mind was only focused on how you wanted to be with Peter
  • and suddently there was wishing dust all over the ar, flying around you as your eyes were closed, trying to fight against the tears
  • you started to hear a song that wasn’t a wedding song and tried to open your eyes, being stopped by a blindfold
  • as you took it off, you saw that you were back again in that closet in your 13th birthday party and a warm feeling was all over you
  • Peter opened the closet door and you attacked him with a hug and kissed him
  • on his lips!
  • “Wow, you really know what you’re doing!”
  • you smiled at him and grabbed his hand, leading him upstairs and found Tom-Tom in the middle of it
  • you saw the group project that you did by yourself in her hands and ripped it appart, smirking at her and running again
  • C’mon Peter, we’re gonna be late!”
    For what?”
    You’ll see!”
  • as the years passed, you and Peter only grew stronger and loving each other even more
  • the wedding music was now played for you two while you walked down the aisle and find his marvelous smile waiting for you
  • soon you two moved to a brand new house
  • Y/N and Peter Dream House

ADHD things

  • “Today was pretty good!” “what did you do today?” “,, uh,, ,”
  • Did I take my meds today or am I remembering a different day that I took my meds
  • I’m thinking about like ten different things right now and I have no idea what any of them are
  • Time travel
  • Start a conversation with another ADHD person about the weather or something and then two minutes later you’re talking about that one episode of that thing you saw the other day and neither of you can remember starting the conversation
  • You keep starting posts, going “I’ll finish it later”, then completely forgetting about it. You have 20 drafts saved
  • Its breakfast, you tell yourself you’ll get something to eat in a minute. It is four days later and you realize you still have not eaten anything
  • I have all these really cool projects and ideas I want to work on but when I start working on one I keep getting distracted by the other things I want to do and nothing ever gets done
  • People get upset at me for forgetting holidays, birthdays, and names. My dude I can’t even remember how old my brother is sometimes how the fuck
  • Looking through old papers is crazy cause almost nothing is finished. I found one piece of paper that just had “bein” on it and nothing else
  • I want to read books I love reading so much but I cant get past the first few pages before my focus stops working and the book no longer exists to me
  • I was thinking about this one thing really hard but then someone said something to me and now I have no idea what I was doing
  • I love my friends a lot but I keep forgetting to talk to them and now its been like three years and I haven’t heard from them
  • Trying to talk about something but theres a tv making sound in the background so I can’t think
  • You hyperfixate on a new thing and you’re super excited to talk about it until you realize no one cares nearly as much about it so you just think about it to yourself and suffer
  • “I literally just put down my phone where the fuck did it go”
  • If I even think I have inconvenienced, annoyed, or disappointed anyone in any way I Will Die
  • “Hey I’ll make a quick relatable ADHD post” I end up making this giant post
  • Its 2:37 right now. I space out for 10 minutes and look at the time again. Its 2:37. I space out for 20 minutes and look at the time again. Its 2:40. I space out for five minutes and look at the time again. Its 3:56
  • I look at the time and its 9:32. Three minutes later I look at the time again and its 9:31
  • “Okay I know its been only like three seconds but what did I just do for the last half hour”
  • Having to ask someone to repeat something because you were listening but you have No Idea what they said
  • You think about doing something simple like walking over to something or picking something up, but thinking about it turns into daydreaming about it and you can’t tell if you’re doing it in real life or just in your head
  • Sleep? Nah, instead you have two(2) hyperfocuses, ten(10) different lines of thought, and six(6) songs stuck in your head, good luck buddy
  • Selfworth is based on how much I accomplish
  • I just went from numb, to having a panic attack, to being frustrated at everything, to being happy in the span of half an hour
  • This thing is making me so happy and excited that it hurts. I can’t stop smiling bouncing and doing the Flappy Hands™ and I’m going to Scream
  • Emotions are either nonexistent or overwhelming there is no in between
  • I want to talk to my favourite person Right Now but its like almost always four in the morning, they’re busy, or I just got finished talking to them n I don’t want to smother them
  • I can’t talk about my problems to people because I will sound whiney and selfish and no one will want to talk to me
  • I hear people making fun of ADHD at least once a week and I want to Die
  • Hands? Just at my side not doing anything? Impossible. Never. I must be doing something with my hands at all times, even just like crossing my arms or something
  • I was just in my room and it was like six in the afternoon, and now I’m sitting on the floor of my kitchen at one in the morning what the fuck happened
  • Sunday was yesterday how the fuck is today Friday
  • “Dude you just spent five minutes trying to throw shit at your light switch from across the room and now you’re about to drink mint extract, what the fuck?” “,,,I got bored,, ,”
In the Palm of Your Hand (Jumin x MC)

You set up a hummingbird feeder after finding out about Jumin’s childhood fascination with the bird.

Word Count: 872

Honestly, I’ve had such a bad day I think I’m ready to go into hibernation but like never wake up. But writing for you guys always makes me feel better so thank you. Have a spectacular day :)


You had been scanning through the bookshelves one day when you’d come across a dusty leather journal, a thin black satin string curling out from within the pages.

You slipped it from the bookshelves curiously, furrowing your brow curiously as you opened to reveal a darling surprise. 


Had it only been the drawings, you would’ve assumed that it was just merely assumed it was a peculiar sketchbook from your husband’s childhood.

But as you read bits and pieces of his notes, you found it was of the small bird.

The drawings were of those brightly colored birds, their small bodies coiled about the petals of flowers

There were notes about specific birds and the little names he gave them, details of their colors and patterns off to the side. 

To say the least, it left a smile stretching from ear to ear.

So much so that a plan began to brew in your head.

A plan that you began to carry out that evening. 

So when the front door opened that night with Jumin stepping through, a grin tugging at his lips as he saw you. 

He enveloped you in his arms, pressing a soft kiss to your lips as you greeted him.

“Hey! Did you have a good day?” You asked, hiding the journal behind your back. 

“It was…typical. I would say it was wonderful though now that you’re in it.” He chuckled softly. “How was yours?” 

“It was very nice! I actually made an interesting discovery today.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” 

“I found…this!” You revealed the journal, excitement painting your expression. 

He stared at it thoughtfully before his eyes widened, realization smacking him in seconds.

“Oh…oh goodness I forgot I even had this. Where did you find this?” He laughed weakly, flipping through the pages in an almost childlike wonder. 

“In the bookshelves. I had no idea you were such a bird fan as a kid!” 

“I wasn’t really. But I was always amazed by how small, agile, and simply beautiful they are. You wouldn’t think a child would be delighted by such trivial things but…I was inspired.” 

“Do you think you still would be?”

He looked up to you with confusion, raising a brow. “What do you mean love?” 

“Well…I wanted to surprise you after finding this, so I decided to just go buy a small little hummingbird feeder!” 

You snatched it from its hiding place, revealing the quaint little feeder, tiny simple patterns lining the rims.

His lips parted as if he wanted to speak but no words escaped, merely a crooked grin as he approached it, pulling you once again into his arms. 

“It’s perfect darling, I can’t wait to try it.” 

“Why wait? I got some feeder!” You lifted the glass of nectar, stifling your anticipation as the two of you made your way to the balcony, night twinkling overhead. 

You set it up properly, the nectar pouring into the dish before the two of you went off to sleep, the day never taking longer to rise.

Yet eventually it did come, your eyes fluttering open to find your husband speaking to your sleepily, shifting upwards.

“Dear, I…I think I hear something.” 

You snickered groggily, peering up. “Does it sound like your hummingbirds?”


You nearly erupted from the bed. 

You both carefully trudged to the balcony, hearing the chirps of the hummingbirds as they fought to reach the nectar first, their wings a blur as they swooped to and fro.

“Are they territorial?”

“Very. They like to have everything to themselves,” Jumin said. “only one of them is going to be able to peacefully drink there.” 

And as if a lightbulb when off in his head he reached for the glass of nectar that sat in the kitchen, removing the lid. 

He took your hand, curling your fingertips like a bowl before he poured it into your palm, smirking.

“Now, keep still.” 

You nodded, Jumin holding you tenderly, having to withhold his quiet joy as one of the birds approached you, hovering just above your fingers.

Your breath hitched as it crept closer, climbing to the tip of your palm and dipping down, drinking the nectar. 

You could hardly feel a thing. 

And as it eventually flew away, seemingly giving a chirp of thanks before soaring off, it took nearly all of your strength not to squeal. 

Instead, Jumin embraced you, giving you a chaste kiss on your cheek. 

“Seems that you’re a bird whisperer,” He hummed, resting his head on your shoulder. “Or perhaps, they see just how wonderful you are.” 

“Do you think they love me?” You joked, sinking into him.

“Without a doubt.” 

“As much as you do?” 

“Now, I’m afraid that impossible.” 


“Because I love you more than any words could possibly explain.” 

Not liking Jen’s dress is one thing, but going to her social media (where she MOST DEF. SEES WHAT YOU SAY) to be hateful and rude and express your dissatisfaction sucks. Like I have no pretty words for you it just simply sucks. I mean she helped create this dress. She’s clearly soooo excited and happy about her work and this project and her input and seeing it come to life on screen. 

I don’t care if you are usually a creative person or not. We all have had SOME experience where we have created and made something we were excited for. How dare you go onto HER pages and shit all over it. Some of this fandom, and this is on ALL sides, has this idea that because these people have fans, are well known, and to put it bluntly, famous, that means they somehow don’t experience things the way we do. Create the way we do. And take feedback (or hatred the way we do).

I mean honestly people.

How do you see a face like this…look at a person like this…

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and want to be anything but supportive. We are so blessed to have this PERSON as the head of this show. The platforms we have been given are SHARED platforms. You words have intention and those intentions are seen and read and felt. Please think before you post.

Thank Reed Morano For The Nightmarish Beauty Of 'Handmaid's Tale'
The show earned an impressive 13 Emmy nods, one of which could go to Morano.

When director Reed Morano heard about “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Hulu’s then-developing adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel, she was determined to get on board.

She’d heard that execs had their hearts set on a famous male director (who she declined to name) to guide the pilot episode, but thought she’d toss her hat in the ring anyway. Given the opportunity to present her vision to series producers, she ― a director with less experience and name recognition ― came prepared: with a scrupulously detailed 70-page lookbook stuffed with photographs, film stills and a corresponding playlist that, together, outlined the appearance, sound and emotional feel of a show that’d go on to score an impressive 13 Emmy nominations.

Yes, Morano got the job. (And she’s nominated for a 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series because of it.)

“I’ve never directed a pilot before,” she told The New York Times. “They were basically betting on me, and what I was proposing, based on my previous work, but I had only directed one feature at that point, and one episode of television. They’ve already asked me to come back for the second season. I would love to, because I feel like, in many ways, it’s my show, and it’s so specific to my aesthetic.”

The show is, in many ways, Morano’s show. Created by producer Bruce Miller, based on source material from the beloved Canadian author Atwood, and cast to the brim with powerful actors like Elisabeth Moss, the series was poised for greatness before she joined the team. But without Morano, known for her work as a director on “Meadowland” and a cinematographer on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and HBO’s “Divorce,” the series might never have achieved the nightmarish beauty that’s become its signature. She’s responsible for the show’s first three episodes, marked visually by an unnerving symmetry, heart-stopping close-up shots and eerie use of natural light. The proceeding seven episodes, guided by a melange of directors, hew closely to the frightening world she built.

We spoke to Morano ahead of the Season 1 finale of “Handmaid’s Tale” about her unique strategy to landing a job, the emotional weight of directing such a dramatic story, and why she’s still asking herself, “Could this happen to me?”

I heard you speak at the 92Y about how you got involved with “Handmaid’s Tale.” In particular, how you created a 70-page lookbook for your meeting with Hulu, outlining in impressive detail the vision you had for the series. What motivated you to go to such lengths to get the job, despite the fact that, as you’ve mentioned, a big male director was already tied to the project?

Well, I wanted the job and that I knew I wasn’t a likely hire. I was honestly ready to do whatever I needed to get it. I thought, I’m going to go all out and get as detailed as possible about what I would do with every aspect of the show. It’s probably the first time I really realized that pitching for a pilot is one of the most competitive things because […] you get to tell the story, you get to create the world and create the tone, and basically create a narrative language that is going to be followed for the rest of the series, ideally. It’s like the best job! It’s the closest thing to making a movie on TV. I just thought, I’m going to go all out. I have no choice, because I’m not a known quality, I have to work harder ― or maybe a lot harder.

What was inside the lookbook?

So I took what I knew from making lookbooks as a cinematographer and expanded upon that. A lot of the lookbook is imagery, with some quotes from Margaret Atwood’s book; imagery that felt like shots that would be in the show, gathered from photography and stills from certain movies as references. There’s a section that sort of just set the mood and described what the tone of the whole show would be. And then there were sections that described the tone of the characters and performances, and what the sound design would be like, and how it would play into the storytelling and create an atmosphere. And because the show had voiceover, I would basically explain how I was going to visualize that and how I would differentiate the flashback world from the present-day. I did a whole section on the editing, and how it would be edited. I wrote pages and pages.

Really, I just brought up ideas that we ended up using in the show. Like, shooting flashback scenes like fleeting memories, with a kind of impressionistic, romantic, vérité camera. And not doing standard coverage, so that much like a memory, you don’t remember seeing everything, you just remember certain things. And just in general, the way the show would be shot, in terms of the choices of camera movement and lenses.

Did you think at all about how about how the concept of a dystopia translates visually? For example, you have a lot of orderly, symmetrical shots in the first three episodes, or eerie shots where the handmaids are perfectly arranged in their uniform clothing. Did these sort of aesthetic considerations derive from any personal conception of what a dystopia looked like?

Well, yeah, I think there’s almost a mechanical nature to some of the shots. Everything I wanted to do came from an emotional place and an emotional way of telling a story with a camera. And there is something disturbing about all these red dots arranged perfectly in a line, almost as if they’re just objects. The handmaids are just basically objects; they’re property.

There is something kind of disturbing about that, maybe even on a subliminal level, thinking about futuristic films that I’ve seen or grew up on. Even “Star Wars” and seeing Stormtroopers all lined up, and then you see all these handmaids all lined up. There is something a little otherworldly about it. There is something militaristic about it. When I think about dystopia, those kinds of things come to mind: the cold arrangement of objects. And there’s also this idea, particularly in “The Handmaid’s Tale” ― and this might not be true of other dystopian stories ― but for a lot of them, this loss of individuality tends to be a common theme. For that reason as well, this idea of symmetry and things mirroring each other and lots of objects looking the same … their arrangement being so perfect almost becomes inhuman.

One of my favorite scenes was the birthing scene in the second episode, when you strike these really stark contrasts between the experiences of the wives and the experiences of the handmaids. [Editor’s Note: In this scene, a handmaid is physically giving birth to a child while the wife of the commander who impregnated the handmaid is pretending to be in labor behind her.] Can you tell me a little bit about what you were trying to communicate in this scene?

I mean, just how bizarre it is, you know? The idea of these wives emulating the experiences so they could feel better about the fact that they’re not only taking the children from these women, they are also taking away the experience that they are having ― or, at least, diminishing it, by imagining that they could be feeling what that person is feeling in the moment.

For me, I just thought about the feeling that you have after you give birth to a child, which, I have two boys who are 8 years old and 6 years old. The instant feeling I had after I gave birth was you couldn’t get that baby in my hands fast enough. To imagine a scenario when the minute you give birth you part ways with this human that you’ve been growing in your body for the past 10 months and thinking about in every way, because you can’t not think about it because it affects everything, and then to have somebody take the baby away and know that it’s never really going to be yours. I can’t even pretend to know what that feels like.

All I know is that when I gave birth to my son, the first one was a C-section and the second one was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). But the first one I had to wait until I could feel a feeling again in my whole body to interact with my son. The [hospital staff] were like, “It’s going to be at least two hours, so just rest in the recovery room.” But I was so desperate to see him, that it felt like that scene in “Kill Bill” where she’s in the back of the truck and she’s like, “Wiggle your big toe.” I was awake the whole time pretty much and in 45 minutes I got to move my leg, so then she let me go see my son. Anyway, it sort of all comes from, you know, when anyone is making anything, they relate it to their own personal experiences. For me, everything that was happening was so bizarre to me in that scene, but you have to think about the most important part. There might be a lot of things happening at once, a lot of power struggles and interesting dynamics, but the most important thing for me to focus on in that scene is the fact that this girl who has given birth to a child ― it’s being torn away from her. And that’s ultimately one of the biggest crimes in the story.

Does that sort of emotional attachment to a scene ever complicate the way you shoot? Does it ever make it difficult for you to bring a scene to life? Or was there a scene in “Handmaid’s Tale” that was particularly tricky for this reason?

Oh, I don’t know, there are so many tricky scenes that are difficult to do for different reasons. But not too difficult to do, because they’re still, like … you kind of have to go all in, especially for actors, they just have to go all in and accept you’re going to go to this place. Not for any sort of particular reason personally, but even shooting the salvaging [in which the handmaid’s beat an alleged rapist to death] was scary. Really scary. There were many moments where I was watching Lizzy [Elisabeth Moss] or some of the other actors going through something thinking, “I think I’m going crazy with them.” Because you are in that world for however many months. It starts to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s the story you’re telling.

If I could pick another scene, probably the protest [before June became a handmaid] was the most interesting because we had shot that in October and I think, for me, the hardest part for editing was … that was after the election [of President Donald Trump]. I looked at it very differently. It was emotionally even more difficult than when we shot the [scene].

Did those emotions affect the way you edited the scene?

Not really, because even when I was editing it, it was well before the Women’s March that happened in January. When that happened, that was really crazy. What’s interesting about editing the protest scene prior to that even happening was that I still had some weird feeling like … Is this something that could happen? How do you get there? That was the question I kept asking myself in edits. Is this going to happen? What are the steps that it takes to get to this point?

Are you still asking yourself that question as you look ahead to Season 2?

Yeah, you kind of just keep a closer eye on the world around you. Margaret [Atwood] says so many things that resonate all the time ― they resonated in the past and they resonate now. The one [quote] that I’ve mentioned before is, “Nothing changes instantaneously: in a gradually heating bathtub you’d be boiled to death before you knew it.” To me, that says it all.

But I actually was watching things change in our country pretty instantaneously. There were a few days in the first weeks after the election where there was a new law being overturned every day, or a new law being made to get rid of an old bill. There were so many changes in the first few days that I was like, this isn’t even gradual. This is, after the fourth [change], I was like, “Hello? Is anyone seeing what’s happening right now? This is insane.”

And not to get political, but in a broader sense ― in terms of the world, not just in terms of here in our country ― there are things we should be more aware of. Because we’re so sheltered here, in America, typically. […] We have this whole thing of “this can’t happen to me, this happens to people over there.” So when something does happen here it’s like, “Oh my God, poor us.” But this is happening all the time in other parts of the world, while you sit here on your cushy couch on Instagram. Of course, I’m referring to myself. That’s who I talk to when I think about these things. You just think that all these other people who are politically active are going to take care of it for you. Well, guess what? They’re not. You have to take care of it for you. If you don’t say something, you only have yourself to blame.

Are you on board for Season 2?

We’re just talking about it now. They’ve asked me to come back for Season 2, and do whatever episodes I want to do, however many I want to do, and I can’t really say right now, but I am going to do whatever I can, schedule permitting, because I love the cast so much. And all my bosses on the show were pretty amazing, because, as you can see, they creatively let me have a lot of fun and take a lot of risks. And I’d love to do something crazy again.

My Future Self (Sanders Sides)

The four sides were doing some cleaning. They had each cleaned their rooms and Virgil had cleaned his room to the best of his ability.

They were now split up, Anxiety cleaning the bathrooms, Roman in the kitchen, Logic with the hallways and dining room and Patton cleaning the living room.

No one really enjoyed this cleaning except for Patton who was humming to himself, pulling the couch cushions off the couch.

He crinkled his nose at the sight of crumbs, popcorn, lose change, old tissues and scraps of paper.

“What a messy bunch we are,” Patton smiled, before opening up the garbage bin.

After a long couch-cleaning, Patton looked under the couch and pulled out a clear, plastic jar with papers in them. 

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can you please do an imagine of scorpius and albus' awkward first kiss? xoxo

this is so bad lol sorry. i couldn’t think of a good idea for what to write

“I can’t do it anymore! I hate this fucking class and this shit is never going to make sense to me!” Albus yelled and angrily slammed his potions textbook.

Scorpius had been trying to help him for hours now. It was a good thing he was patient and knew how to work with Albus, anyone else would have given up after the first 30 minutes.

“Albus c’mon,” Scorpius said gently and opened Albus’s book back up to the right page. “You’ve almost got it. We just need to work on it a little more.”

Albus slouched in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at Scorpius.

“Don’t look at me like that. You asked me to help you, so that’s what I’m doing,” Scorpius scolded.

Albus let out a defeated sigh.

“I’m sorry, Scorpius. I just hate potions. It makes me feel even more dumb and horrible at magic than I already am.”

“Stop. You aren’t either of those things.”

Albus just snorted out a laugh and shook his head. 

“Can you please explain this to me one more time?” He asked, pointing to a potion that he had been having a particularly difficult time with.

Scorpius told him what you have to do with all the ingredients and why, and how those ingredients mix together to give you what you need. He then explained everything that can happen if it’s messed up.

Albus just stared at him with wide green eyes when he was done, making Scorpius blush.


“Merlin, I never thought someone who is such a nerd could be so cute,” Albus said and then started to lean in.

Scorpius saw him coming closer, and instinctively leaned away from him. Albus captured his lips before he could escape, though. Scorpius had wanted to do this for ages, but now that it was happening, he was suddenly embarrassed. He kept his lips pressed tightly together and tried to lean backwards, away from Albus, again. He was sitting sideways in his chair, though, so when he leaned back far enough, he fell out of the chair and hit the ground with a groan.

Albus erupted into fits of laughter.

“O-Oh my god, Scorp!” He said between breaths.

Scorpius glared and got up to sit back in his chair, facing forward this time and blushing furiously.

“I’m glad you think it’s funny,” he said bitterly.

Albus’s laughter died down and he wiped the tears that formed in his eyes from laughing so hard.

“Oh stop. If you wouldn’t have tried to lean away it wouldn’t have happened.” Albus smirked at him.

“W-Well I was taken by surprise and it was unexpected and…” Scorpius went on rambling, which he did whenever he was flustered or embarrassed.

“Scorp, shut up,” Albus said and then leaned in to kiss Scorpius again.

Scorpius didn’t try to get away this time, and actually kissed him back. Albus pulled away this time and smiled at the blushing blond.

“Somehow potions just got a lot better.”

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i've never read the books so forgive my ignorance but doesn't the character being muslim conflict with the norse mythology? and while we're at it like what happens when some super christian person comes to a camp and it's like "oh actually.... greek gods not just one god"

Hi there! I’m sorry it took me about a week to answer you, but i wanted to do some proper research before posting. I have absolutly no idea how a very christian character would react after entering Camp Half Blood, but here’s how Samirah briefly explained to Magnus how her religion interfered with the mythology, after he asked her:

[Samirah to Magnus] “Being ‘religious and all’, a lot of things bother me about this place. I had to do some soul-searching when I first realized my dad was… you know, Loki. I still don’t accept the idea that the Norse gods are gods. They’re just powerful beings. Some of them are my annoying relatives. But they are no more than creations of Allah, the only god, just like you and I are.”

 - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, The Hammer of Thor, written by Rick Riordan, page 94.

Club Confusion Pt. 26 (Page’s Ending Pt. 1)

Adam’s Ending & Marty’s Ending

Word Count: 2,842

A/N: Welp, you guys talked me into it. Enjoy ;-) Also, the gif i used is a bit ironic. yes? 

Tags: @thegenericluchadora @wrestlingnoob @laziestgirlintheworld @originalbish98 @villainsqueendom @sheaxdevitt @kingslayers-angel @vipervenomisgoodforyou @karleedaniels27 @reigns420 @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @i-ship-it-okay @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @libby-rose-2016 @astilinski24 @baybayforlife @spotofimagines @phenomenal-forearm

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Happy birthday to the one who left too soon

I just wanted to say happy birthday to a great friend of mine. You don’t have to read this, but I would love if you could just hear a bit about her wonderful life and how she inspired me.

You were basically a sister to me and when you passed away I made a promise to your mother. I told her I would live the life you wanted, not just for her but for you too. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and I miss you everyday.

You were young, free, and accepting of all. I envied how passionate about life you were. I don’t understand what someone so young and beautiful could have done to deserve the ending you got. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you, but there must have been a reason I wasn’t.

It was a cold February night when your life was taken from you. Before you died I was in a really bad time in my life and you helped me through a lot of it. When I heard that you died I just couldn’t believe I was never going to see you again. All those plans we had to drive across the country and listen to our favorite bands on replay the entire time became just a fantasy to me. You would have been 16 years old today and we were supposed to bring up the topic of a car to your parents. You knew they would say no, but why not try, you would say. I just wanted to let you know I did try for you. I texted you mom this morning with just what I know you would have said. “hey mom. let’s talk about that car you wanted to get me. Jk jk, but really can I start driving?” she replied to me with a “I love you so much and I can’t believe how much this would have been (my friend’s name). Thank you for living her life for her. I know you miss her and we do too. You made my day adn you always made my daughter’s days better. Love you (my name), thanks for everything you have done to make this easier on us. ” 

I hope you’re listening to all the Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco you can in your new place of happiness. I still think back to the times you would sing on the top of your lungs all the lyrics to every My Chemical Romance song until your parents told you to calm the hell down. And all the times you would say “If I ever meet Brendon Urie I’m going to boop his nose and call him a hot dork.” Only if you could see how hot he looks in high heels best friend. 

When Twenty One Pilots releases a new album I want you to know I’ll be remembering all the nights we spent together discussing how much Tyler and Josh mean to us. Also what color Josh’s hair should be next. 

All my followers have this amazing girl to thank for me starting this blog. She always said I had a talent for writing and she asked me to write her a My Chemical Romance fanfiction (she was a serious addict) and when I did she told me never to think I wasn’t good enough for the world. She loved it and maybe one day I’ll share it with you guys. I also wrote her a few others and if I post them they will be dedicated to her. She gave me a notebook of ideas to write about and I hope you guys have liked past things I have written because some of them are from her notebook of ideas. In that notebook was also pages of her dreams and I want to live some of them for her. One of her top ones was to just be herself and show the world that she will do what she wants even if they don’t like it. So that’s what I do on this blog. I write stuff I know she will like and what my followers like, and mostly what I want to do. She also had pages of just how much she loved life. It was truly beautiful reading all the positive things she took away from negative situations. I think we all need someone like her in out lives and I’m happy that I have become like her and I have spread positive to many. 

Anyways so long and goodnight my dear friend. Stay street and keep good looking in your band merch that you owned way too much of. I carry on everyday because of you. You inspired me to look at the positive in life and make the best of what I have. The world is truly an ugly place, but with you and the inspiration you have given me I see it as a beautiful place with tragedies.

I love you always and I’m thankful everyday I have all those wonderful memories to keep forever. Happy birthday my little jumping bean of joy. I miss you but I know you’re with me every step of the way. 

Oliver Queen as a Slytherin: A Character Study

When asked what Hogwarts house I believed Oliver Queen to be in I very adamantly declared him to be Slytherin. I was asked to explain my reasoning and (with the editing and co-authorship of @emeraldoliverqueen) I wrote this absurdly long exploration of Oliver and his character as a Slytherin. (These are my own thoughts and interpretations- I’m not trying to fight anyone; you’re free to imagine him/write him in whatever house you prefer)

These are the traits that the Harry Potter wiki listed for Slytherin: Resourcefulness. Cunning. Ambition. Determination. Self-Preservation. Fraternity. Cleverness.  And if those don’t describe Oliver I don’t know what does.

Resourcefulness- the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

He made a bow from materials found entirely within his hotel room. He rigged together a booby trap in the middle of a jungle. He devises weapons on the fly. He may have come back to his city and have billions of dollars at his disposal to help him on his quest, but his origins are on a deserted island where his resourcefulness sustained him.  

Cunning- skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit (aka lying)

He came up with a plot to get himself arrested so that he could have someone else pose as him in order to throw the police off his trail. He dug up information and used it to blackmail Amanda Waller. He came up with a ploy to destroy the League of Assassins from the inside. He planned the ruse to get Sara Slade and himself onto the Amazo. Plans and strategies are his strong suit. Here we could also include, Oliver’s impressive skill at lying (he manages to convince virtually everyone that he is something he’s not for years. And he beat a lie detector test.).

Ambition-  a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work; desire and determination to achieve success.

admittedly not one of his more notable traits in that he doesn’t really seek success for it’s own sake. However, he is the mayor, was a CEO, was high-ranking Bratva member, was the head of the League of Assassins and also has a zeal he puts into perfecting different skills. So there is some element of ambition present in those things, because he rises to the top of everything he does. And of course, there is the incredibly ambitious endeavor that is Oliver’s crusade- the sheer size of the tasks he sets for himself speaks of his ambition. The idea that he would hold himself accountable for saving a city, and punish himself for failing (running away after the Undertaking) indicates his ambition.  

Determination- the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research.; firmness of purpose; resoluteness

His name is Oliver Stubborn Queen. Stephen Amell described stubbornness as Oliver’s superpower. Oliver’s sheer force of will is what propels him through most of his experiences. His determination is part of why he’s so able to resist torture (Oliver NEVER breaks under torture- except with Prometheus, but that was on a special psychological level and didn’t involve endangering anyone else). It’s why he’s able to endure so much. It’s why he is able to achieve such skill and physical fitness. It’s why he butts heads with literally everyone. And it’s why he is able to accomplish so much more than anyone thinks he’s capable of. Also think of his dedication to the list and his evolving crusade.Think of how absolutely impossible it is to dissuade Oliver from this course he has set for himself, either through arguments (Diggle, on multiple occasions but the Claybourne incident in particular) or through harm to him (Oliver going out to chase down the Count while still being affected by Vertigo). Once Oliver has set himself a purpose he does not back down.

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Why are you asking me for permission?

This post is a little bit out of the usual, but I’ve noticed a pattern in some of the asks I get. Sometimes people want to ask me not how to approach writing about something, or how to use a certain technique or how best to show off the research they’ve been doing, but whether or not they’re allowed to.

Questions about content are out of my purview, the focus of this blog is technical questions about writing, but I still get a fair number of asks wanting to know if it’s okay to write about certain topics/ in certain ways/ or to use certain styles. This can range from ‘is it okay to write a novel with nontraditional structure’ (yes, of course it is, structural experimentation is fine) to ‘is it okay to write about -thorny issue or content-’ (I can’t answer that, but if you look around there’s probably other blogs that will be able to help you answer this one yourself).

There’s been some discussion in the past about content/ trigger warnings [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE], and I think that this is relevant to what I’m trying to address here. People are often nervous about writing about ‘problematic’ issues or content. They want reassurance that they’re going about things the ‘right’ way, but quite often it’s going to be near to impossible for anyone (see: me!) to give you a 100% bonafide ruling on whether your Problematique Content™ is okay or not.

There are, of course some broad guidelines that you can follow yourself – does your MS present racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, etc ideas or narratives unchecked? Are you sure of that/ have you interrogated your own biases and sought out opinions from people who are part of the affected group (sensitivity readers*, etc)? And if you are not personally a part of that affected group, then is your story one that is going to support that group, or is it speaking over experiences from those people?

^Those are very general questions, and part of being a writer is to be reflective in your work, to consider what you write and the implications it might have. 

Sometimes we do want to write something horrific and brutal, and in those times we need more nuance, not less. Here the adage write what you know is vital – if you don’t know something through personal experience, then you had better be prepared to work very hard getting to know it through research. And if you do all your research and someone points out that you still screwed up? Keep working and learning, that’s all you can do.

Keeping in mind, of course, that writing a story is about problems. This post [HERE] has a great discussion of the matter. This section especially:

The story conceit is the pretty, flashy, Regency-Rococo frosting that you sink into because there’s a part of you that genuinely fucking enjoys the pretty dresses and serious manners and masc people in tight trousers, the part of you that maybe would fuck an elf. And there is no shame in that.

But despite what a lot of junior writers seem to believe, a story is not just the story conceit - you don’t make a book out of one pretty idea. You literally come up with something Problematic and then play with it. Harry Potter takes the conceit of a magical British boarding school with a distinct culture and specific rules, and gives you an abused outsider child who knows nothing of the culture, a child born outside of the culture, and a poor child born within the culture, and says “You’re at war. A civil war within the culture. Go. Break the rules.”

When you’re building your world it’s impossible to make it ‘unproblematic’. Life is messy, fiction is very messy. The thing is that you should try to be aware of the problems in what you’re writing and, if not addressing them, (because not all fiction is didactic moral school time) you should at least understand them and try to avoid writing stuff that actively perpetuates harmful ideas about real world people.

Notice, I say try to avoid. Because we all make mistakes. You can try to write the most perfect conceit in the world and still screw up monumentally if some element happens to fall in a place that you’re not aware of, it might be that you’re not even aware of a problem that you should have been reading up on until the piece is already posted and someone comes into your comments to say ‘wow, actually that part in chapter two was really offensive along x and y lines…’

And what do you do when that happens? Well, you could edit the work to reflect your new knowledge, you could leave it as-is with a note saying that you’ve been told about the problem and will work to correct it in future pieces, you could take the piece down and be more aware of that issue in your future projects. You won’t die from taking criticism – yes, it can feel awful to realise that something you’ve written is accidentally hurtful or harmful, but it won’t kill you**.

The main point of all of this, is to say: 

  • You will make mistakes. 
  • There is a lot that you’ll need to learn. 
  • There is no single authority (especially not me!) on ruling what is ‘allowed’ in your fiction.
  • You will have to take responsibility for the content that you create.
  • If you work hard and in good faith, you can write about almost any difficult topic.

And lastly, I know that it can be frightening to think that people might read your work and get the wrong idea about you as a person. Believe me, worrying about reactions to my writing is one of the main issues that gets me stuck in ‘writers block’, but the thing is there’s nothing saying that anyone has to read it at all. Counterintuitive? Maybe. But you can write about anything that you can think of, and you don’t need to publish it.

Go ahead, write the thing that’s eating your brain. Does it turn out to be too much? Does it say things that you’re not certain you want people to see? Fine. Good. You’re learning about yourself and your writing. Store that in your ‘practice’ folder and think about why you had the reaction to it that you did. Maybe someday you can rework it into something that you do want people to read.

Got a question about whether you’re allowed to write about something? Well you’re the only person who can find the answer to that.

Got a question about how to get your idea on the page? Now that’s what I can help you with.

(* Please make sure that the person that you’re asking is okay with being a sounding board/ answering your questions – there are paid sensitivity readers, and there are many blogs dedicated to many different facets of the human experience – don’t just find some random person that fits the demographic you want to write about and start demanding answers from them if they haven’t volunteered to help you!)

(** if you’re sent threats of violence, death threats, or instructions to kill yourself over something you’ve written, that’s illegal and you should report the people doing it to the site/ the proper authorities)


Anna’s first word

Apparently to have a free afternoon for finish a comic I started in December I have to sleep too much and lose an email from work… good to know.
“Elsa trying to teach Anna to say her name? Omfg it so sappy I could puke a rainbow, but how can I make it even sappier?” I thought when I had this idea. It may be one of the cutest thing I ever done in my life, and with the screenshots from Frozen Fever the last page is even better…
It was so much time I didn’t do a full comic, with pages and all… I should do it often.


Seventeen One Shot - Wonwoo: “Nobody Warns You About Love”

Anon: Trauma, Umbrella & Wonwoo

Hey! Here you go lovely! Hope you like it! And - listen to the song! lol I love this track so much you have no idea! <3 

Theme: Angst! Sorry - not sorry! 

Words: 444

*Note! I do not own any lyrics mentioned! And as always - this is just a reaction, it is in no way real, meant to offend, or to be taken seriously! I do own this gif!!*

The one thing nobody talks about is how sometimes falling in love isn’t all its cracked up to be. Well, at least, nobody told Wonwoo. 

He thought he had it all worked out. Yes, there were ups and downs in relationships - I mean its all there in the pages he reads. But, the day he met you was the day he thought none of that mattered. He fell in love, in one moment, from one word.

“Frog!!” a voice shouted nearby, jolting Wonwoo awake from his slight daze. He was waiting in a bus stop, book in hand, when he heard you. “Frog!!” 

In any other situation he would have been silent. Except, you just had this aura around you that meant he didn’t hesitate to speak. “Frog?”

“Oh thank god,” you stammered, holding your jacket above your head to shelter yourself from the rain. “Have you seen a dog who really looks like they shouldn’t be out around here?”

Wonwoo shook his head, a slight purse to his lips as he tried to remember if he’d seen anything. In reality he was just too engrossed in this chapter to have even noticed it was raining. 

“No, sorry…” The slight deflate in your shoulders held him for a moment. Taking in the lead around your neck, the worry in your eyes, he stood. You captivated him, a steady smile growing on your lips, the brightness to your eyes…all of you. It was as though you had waltzed from the pages of his book.

“Come on I’ll help you find him,” he said, opening the umbrella and holding it over your head. “I’m Wonwoo by the way.”

Except now, he knew that was all a fantasy. A dream. Wonwoo wished your love had been real. He wished it all to have been real. But, he was living in a box. An alternate reality where real love doesn’t happen at a bus stop at midnight. 

Wonwoo missed you. But, the ache, the pain in his chest was a trauma he was yet to deal with. So, in a dream state he would sit in that bus stop, an umbrella by his side, and a book in hand. The tales of that story however, were not a match on the love he thought you two were going to have. 

You had left. Without a word. Without a warning.

That was Wonwoo’s trauma. 

Today, however, was different. He’d awoken himself to the pain that was you, and had written a song. One he could sing that could make him forget. And so, he too left. 

All that remained was an umbrella, unopened, and forgotten on the bench.