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SWR Asks
  1. Favorite member of the Ghost Crew?
  2. Favorite side character?
  3. Favorite villain?
  4. Favorite grey character?
  5. Favorite planet?
  6. Favorite animal/creature?
  7. Favorite Ezra moment?
  8. Favorite Kanan moment?
  9. Favorite Hera moment?
  10. Favorite Zeb moment?
  11. Favorite Sabine moment?
  12. Favorite Chopper moment?
  13. Favorite *insert character here* moment?
  14. Favorite original trilogy cameo?
  15. Favorite Clone Wars cameo?
  16. Part that made me cry the most?
  17. Part that always makes me laugh?
  18. Favorite episode?
  19. Favorite lightsaber of the series?
  20. Favorite Sabine hairstyle?
  21. Favorite outfit?
  22. Favorite lightsaber battle?
  23. Favorite relationship?
  24. Favorite friendship?
  25. Any other Rebels related question 

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Also, in case if anyone hasn’t heard about it recently– There’s a fanzine that @chibimonki put together! A lot of people worked really hard on it, so if you could promote it or share it with a friend-(Even better if you preorder!) It would mean, so-so-SO MUCH TO ME AND ALL THE AWESOME ARTISTS THAT CONTRIBUTED IN IT!! Thank you and have a nice day!!


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In all honesty finding Mokona in your bag is the best surprise of all. 

I would not complain. I’m just saying. 

Oh! Oh man, I love this game. 

I can’t decide what I like more: the fact that it actually works in keeping that darkness away, the fact that Watanuki just blatantly goes along with the game even though he’s running for his life, or the fact that Yuuko sent Mokona in a Cardcaptor Sakura backpack as a vital part of the plan to defend Watanuki’s life. 

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  • 87: What is your current desktop picture?

no surprise there

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Damianos writes to his parents part 3/3

Also translation:

Theeni pandaram= food panda

Mudi thai= stupid, moron, useless

kuruttu kabodhi= blind idiot

paradesi naaye= foreign dog

Velakku vennai= lamp oil

Yerumma maadu= water buffalo

Nee ellam maadu meika dha layaku= you’re only fit to herd cows

Arivu ketta mundam= brainless illiterate 

They were finally here. After a while of waiting, they were finally entering the exciting festival. It was still early, but there was already tons of excitement all around them. Voices of happiness and the sounds of rides and music filled the air. It was definitely not the biggest festival Sunny had ever been to, not by far. But she couldn’t help but feel this one was special, in fact, she found herself feeling more important than usual. Her parents had trusted her to run their store, and she was going to do great, she knew it!

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How do you make your gifs?

I use a couple of programs to make them, Nonny. The one that I use to make the actual GIF is called LICEcap. With LICEcap, I’m able to create a GIF from, for example, a YouTube video (I normally rely on videos to make my GIFs). Then, I use a few programs to edit them:

- Falco GIF Animator: Easy to playback GIFs, view individual frames, draw on them, adjust speed and, importantly, delete unnecessary frames (doing this can also lower your GIF’s size).
- Online Image Editor: Mostly used to add text, but also to resize GIFs, combine GIFs together, reduce colours and to overlay images.
- Ezgif.com: To adjust speed and/or optimise (ie. size reduce) GIFs. A last resort if I need to do anything else like resizing or cropping.

Then there’s these optional ones:

- Gifntext: To add moving text (like on my recent EarthCage GIFset), but only when I need to add text without adding too much to the file size.
- LunaPic: Normally if my GIFs need their lighting/colouring to be adjusted, or if I need to sharpen them, I go here, but not all the time.

I could go more into detail in a tutorial if you want, Nonny (though I’ve never done a tutorial before, but I’d be willing to try). My way’s not the only way to make GIFs, but I suppose each program that I’ve listed needs an explanation. If you’re keen on a tut, let me know and I’ll figure something out. ^3^

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❝ why are you so angry? ❞

( old af meme   —   closed )

                           It’s a   FAIR QUESTION   —   for all    intents   &&   purposes   she had   no right   to be angry  …   AUGUST   had never been hers  ,    not really  …   Their whole   relationship   had been nothing but a complicated  ,  tangled   WEB OF LIES   &&  she’s not   blind   or   stupid  ;;      she’d broken his heart  ,  earned his trust then    stabbed him in the back  …   There’s no reason she should be   upset   that   THIS   is how he’s trying to    MOVE FORWARD  …    But  ,  the thing about   ANGER   was that it wasn’t   RATIONAL  ,  as much as she tries to reason with herself  ,  the   FIREBALL  of  RAGE   only seems to   burn hotter    

                           She’s unsure of exactly   how long   this has been going on   —   maybe they were more   SUBTLE   when it started  ,  but now it’s so   p a i n f u l l y   obvious that she wonders how she’d missed it     (    making   goo-goo eyes   at Rhys was likely part of the problem    ).     Intuitive green hues watch the way August   stares  ,  they note how the pair get    downright friendly   once some   alcohol   was introduced into the equation  …   But it’s the familiar marks that surround her sister’s throat that really   cements it  ,   THAT   is practically   trademark August   &&   she can’t help feeling almost  …   Betrayed  … 

                           ‘    You didn’t   tell me  ,  I had to figure it out on my own  …   ’          Yeah  ,  let’s pretend that’s the   ONLY   thing she’s   pissed   about  …