I had fun!

I had to pick a friend up at the mall because it was too crowded for her to meet me so I ended up walking with the float Natasha was in for a bit 😂  Enjoy this small video of Natasha dancing, waving to people, and waving a rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈


Growth will come from my decay and flowers will bloom from my failures.
My heart is sprouting plants, and roots have gone deep in my veins.
From the ground I rise, bringing envy to the spring.
I will be as beautiful as your ugly and as ugly as your beautiful.
Winter is devoid of growth but spring is promising on renewal.
A resurrection of spirit bringing new generations of green leaves and bright flowers.
For my soul found a new form.
And a great escape from void.
The old has become the new and the cycle has repeated again.

Collaboration by: @bruisedpens@vardhanaaaa@giulswrites@justscribbledwords@misplacednotes@mark-poems@inkflawed 💚💚

nightwingnotdickgrayson  asked:

The Favorite musical of every Batfamily member?

Bruce: The King and I 

Dick: Curtains

Jason: Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tim: Hamilton

Steph: Cats the Musical

Damian: My Fair Lady

Cass: Chicago

Duke: The Book of Mormon

Barbara: The Drowsy Chaperone