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Man Face Monday - Oliver is (Mostly) Troubled Edition

Hey kids! Hope you are well.

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Since last time, I posted a little theory/speculation about Vigilante. If you missed my post, please take a look here

But I digress. Here are some purty mugs for you. Oliver had kind of a tough week! My favorite is probably this Green Arrow image. I like how it turned out. Might try to do something more with it. 

A rare smiley moment. FBI agents are hilarious. 

A delicious profile. 

Moody black and white. Because that nose. 

He was very handsome this week. 

A final painterly take because even looking at Anatoly like he wants to kill him, the man is a work of art. 

Thanks so much for being a part of Man Face Monday. Looking forward to this week’s episode, though I will have to watch it late that night. A fun thing. I have been sharing some Lance fanart with Paul Blackthorne and he has been very kind in his response to me. You can see one of my pieces as the cover image on his Facebook page. Wishing you a great week ahead!! 

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We Need to Talk about Double Standards and Casual Racism in the Community

This isn’t going to be an easy post to write and I assume many people will not enjoy reading it but I have some things I need to say. Over the many years that I have been involved in the trans community, both online and in real life, I have seen a lot of casual racism. This can manifest in may ways including, but not limited to, POC being silenced and talked over and having their experiences as POC dismissed as being different than white trans folks. The type of double standard and casual racism I want to talk about today though is in regards to bodies; whose bodies are celebrated and whose are criticized. I’ve talked before about my not-so-great experiences posting photos of my top surgery results and having people make rude comments and this is sort of related. The incident which sparked this particular post happened last night on a Facebook page but it reaches far past that. It’s a trend I’ve observed for years and one that I’m not willing or able to be quiet about. 

Yesterday, I posted some photos both on here and on a few trans Facebook groups showing what my chest looks like at 1 year & 10 months post op. Posting my body on the internet is never easy and always a vulnerable act. In one of the groups, I someone request that I add a trigger/content warning and/or nest my photos in the comments. Now, I hadn’t thought that was a rule of the group and since my post had been approved by an admin prior to being on the page, I assumed it was fine. When I checked in on it today, several hours later because I was offline for most of last night and this morning, I saw many more people requesting this, tagging the admins, and overall making quite a big deal out of it, I made the edit and added the warning when I had a chance. 

Now, I understand that seeing post-op people can be difficult. I remembering removing myself from many spaces when my dysphoria was particularly bad to avoid feeling worse. I get it. What I don’t get, is why I was the one picked out. Because a pretty quick scroll through the group and I found other posts where post-op white folks did no have warnings, and no one was asking them to add them. They were only met with positive words. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it’s not an isolated incident. It’s part of a larger trend in the community where the bodies of people of colour are criticized and attacked while the bodies of white folks are celebrated. What about my body made people extra uncomfortable? What about my body made them comfortable enough to call me out and yet scroll past similar photos of other people?

This is part of a much larger problem in the community. It’s not isolated in the community of course, the bodies of people of colour have never been treated with the same respect as white bodies. However, I find it ironic and unbelievably frustrating to see white trans folks talk about creating these inclusive, progressive and safe spaces and yet that doesn’t extend to POC, not in reality. They speak about privilege and about being woke but at the end of the day - they are just like the people writing “no fats, no femmes, no asians,” in their profiles. They are comfortable choosing our bodies to criticize. They aren’t comfortable calling out other white people for doing the same thing. Looking at our bodies makes them especially uncomfortable, even if they don’t want to admit it, and yet they are especially comfortable criticizes us. There is a strong double standard in the community that extends beyond that incident, and it needs to be addressed. 


Hi guys!
For the last month I have been editing my old fic’s, and have posted them on wattpad. (The link to that is on my tumblr page)

I’ve decided to put a few one shots together that have been edited.

Here is the first one… hope you like it! ❤❤

P.s I’m not tagging because I don’t know if anyone wants to be tagged in these because they are old fic’s :)


A/N: Finn is an up and coming actor (like nico. I also love his style so I went with that too). He bumps into a young women who isn’t swooned by him and he becomes in captivated by her. This is set in modern times around 2013.


“Oh shit… I’m so sorry I still don’t know how to use my bloody feet even after 22 years” The young women huffed whilst she bent down picking up the condense of what had spilled out of her handbag.

She had been to busy replying to emails as she walked through the streets of London, whilst doing so she failed to see the dense crack in the pavement causing her to trip and land into some strangers arms.

She still hadn’t dared to look up to see who she had bumped into allowing her raven hair to cover her face. Notably she was embarrassed over the incident, but more then anything she just wanted to leave the scene of the crime. She noticed movement from the corner of her eye to see the stranger was now bent down next to her helping her collect her belongings.

Turning her head she took a glimpse at the strangers face, her mouth dried up taking in the georgous features of the fit young man smiling back at her.

“No really it’s fine” he replied; passing her some pens and a make-up brush. He was dressed in fitted grey skinny leg jeans, a oversized red and white knitted sweater that was rolled up to his elbows and black combat boots.

His sweet face looked recognisable, but she didnt know how. She had only moved to London 3 weeks ago; plus she didn’t socialise with anyone besides her two friends. She studied him for for a few seconds more before the light bulb in her head went off.

“Are you that actor from that show… Ahh what is it…” She ran her her fingers through her soft hair removing it away from her face as she concentrated. They remained squatted in front of her handbag on a busy London street, but they both didn’t care.

He let out a small laugh and his smile radiated towards her more, it was almost blinding. “If your thinking of the TV show ‘common’ then yes that’s me” he said shyly.

“Your name is Finn right, Finn Nelson?” She questioned rising slowly to a standing position. They still had their eyes lock onto each other, the world around them was just a blur for now.

They were both brought out of their gaze by an awkward clearing of a throat. Quickly they switched their attention to another young lad about their age pushing his glasses back.

“Yup that’s me, and this is Archie… And you are?“ Finn asked polietly extended his hand to shake hers.

"Oh right, my name is Rae… Rae as in Rachel not Raymond before you get all cocky and ask” she joked and they all started to laugh. She shook his hand and waved to Archie who was standing slightly behind Finn.

She was actually grateful she decided to look decent today, she quickly appraised her outfit as she straightened out her clothes slightly. She wore her sky blue skinny leg jeans with faux rips around the knees, her lemon blouse that hugged her curves especially her large breasts (who she caught him looking at a few times), white cardigan and white flats. She let her hair fall freely and had a light dusting of makeup.

She usually never dressed like this usually, preferring to chose comfort over style. But today she was on the way to meet her best friend Chloe at a fancy cafe, so she didn’t think it was appropriate to turn up in her sweats and band T.

“Nice to meet you Rae as in Rachel” he laughed at her cheekiness.

“Well since my little sister is such a big fan of the show would it be ok if I got a photo with you, ya know to rub it in a little?” She asked biting the corner of her lower lip, causing him to gulp.

“Yeah, yeah of course not a problem” he gestured his arms towards himself, whilst she fumbled around in her handbag looking for her phone. She clicked into her camera as he put his arm around her shoulders. They exchanged a small smile before the phone was raised to take a selfie together.

“Thank you heaps, I better let you lads go… Nice to meet you both. And Finn sorry for the run in” she waved goodbye to both of them and hurried off in the opposite direction.

Finn turned to watch her get lost in the crowd before turning his attention back to Archie. He wished he had of gotten the chance to say goodbye before she left, instead of giving her a dopey smile.

“Well that was a first” Archie said slapping Finn on the back. Both continued to walk the familiar street back to the apartment they shared.

“What do ya mean?”

“Well that was the first lass not dropping her panties over you…” Archie joked.

“Yeah. I guess so, it was nice I guess”.

“she was very curvy..” Archie gestured his hands like he was mimicking her silhouette. “And very beautiful” he finished.

“Ya know Arch for a gay man you like a women’s body. And yes she was very beautiful… Very beautiful” blush rose on his cheeks when saw Archie smirking at him.

“Come on mate we have to get ready for tonight.. Chop is dragging us out to the club tonight” Archie moaned picking up the pace so they could arrive home earlier.


Rae finally arrived home around 5pm that day after being dragged shopping with Chloe after their lunch date at the cafe. She was exhausted. Crashing down on her settee, she decided to look through her phone and came across the photo of her and Finn.

She smiled at decided to upload it to her twitter account, she started to follow him over a year ago not thinking much of it.

@raeraeearl so I nearly fell flat on my face today, but I got a photo with this lad out of it though @realfinnnelson #totherescue

Rae giggled as she uploaded the photo, placing her phone on the coffee table so she could make herself a strong tea in the kitchen.

She came back to the settee and switched on the TV looking for something to watch before she had to get ready for the night out with the girls. She was not in the mood to party but she promised izzy and Chloe weeks ago that she would be there.

Her phone buzzed and she looked at her notifications.

@realfinnnelson is following you!

@realfinnnelson retweeted you!

@realfinnnelson @raeraeearl anytime girl! Nice meeting you. Another time maybe :’) #chancemeeting

Rae’s face went bright red as she re-read her notifications over and over. Before she couldn’t reply she glanced up at her clock.

“Shit I have to get ready” she murmured to herself before dashing off to the bathroom.


“Chop what is this place?” Finn complained as they walked into the club.

Finn was never one for big night clubs and would rather head to the local pub for a pint of two. The music was loud and the lights could cause an epileptic fit to anyone at anytime.

“Oh Finny boy live a little look at all the lasses around here” he shouted trying to be heard over the music.

Finn didn’t care about girls, they just threw themselves at him for his name and what he looks like… They never lasted more then one date, so he decided that being single was best.

Well that was until he bumped into a certain lass…

“Yeah whatever Chop lets just get a pint at the bar aye” he said in Chop’s ear as they started walking through the masses of people dancing.

After ordering a round of pints they grabbed a table near the dance floor and glanced around watching bodies jump around. Finn was busy looking at his pint when he felt Archie nudge him.

“Isn’t that Rae” Archie yelled at Finn before cocking his head towards the dancefloor.

Finn’s head shot up and he started to look around until his eyes fell on a dancing raven haired beauty. Her arms were flowing freely in the air and her hair was floating down her back, her black mini dress and black stockings shone against the lights. Finn was mesmerised just watching her dance so freely.

“Who’s Rae? And is that her in the black?” Chop asked, Finn nodded leaving Archie fill in the blanks.

“A lass that bumped into us today, she was dead nice and I think Finny boy may have a crush. Heard him giggling to himself looking at his phone today after she upload a photo of them. Giggly git” Archie laughed and Finn swung his arm to connect with Archie to shut him up.

“Well go talk to her ya dickhead look at those fucking assets” Chop pretending to jiggle fake books in front of his chest. “And plus that red head next to her is a little minx so I might chat to her” he continued before getting out of the seat and walking towards the girls.

Finn quickly followed him, because knowing chop he would embarrass the shit out of him.

“Hiya ladies. Care for some company?” Chop asked the girls.

“Finn..” Rae gasped when she saw Finn walk up behind his friend; looking sexy as hell.

“Hiya Rae” he lent over to her ear so she could hear him over the bass.

“Wanna get a drink with me girl?”
She smiled nodding and reached out for his hand which he offered her. She turned to Izzy and Chloe telling them she would see them later.

Izzy giggled and waved her off turning her attention to Chop and Chloe stood there dumbfounded.


Finn and Rae spent the next hour chatting away in a private booth far away from the dancefloor. They felt like they were in there own little world, they barley noticed the flock of girls that kept walking upto them, instead they chose to ignore all outsiders.

Rae looked at her watch as it was nearing midnight and she could barely stay awake much longer.

“I had fun with you tonight Finn, but I’m really needing to head home. I’m exhausted” she yawned.

“Of course I’ll get you a taxi… Rae?” He asked nervously.


“Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?” As soon as he ask the question her eyes lit up and a wide smile reached across her face.

His nerves turned into butterfly’s as he reached out and grabbed her hand. It was something about this moment that had Finn lost in every expression that crossed her face. She was the only women he could see.

“I’d love to”



Seven o'clock was nearing; the anticipation of the date was driving Rae crazy.

It had been over two years since she last dated, mind you he was a curly haired git who only got a kick out of telling Rae she could do no better. She had dated Liam just over 4 months before kicking him to the curb, having finally had enough of his poor attempts to knock her down a brick or two.

She had come a long way since her college days, the bullying, and the running away from her problems. Sure, she still had some insecurities from time to time about the way she looks, but so does any 22 year old women living in London.

Before leaving the club Finn had passed her his phone asking if he could get her number promising to message her in the morning with a time and a place to meet. Rae had awoken that morning to a message that was sent just past 7am in the morning.

Unknown: hiya Rae it’s Finn here. Just messaging you about our date tonight, how does 7pm sound? Message me when you wake up ;) x

She had turned in bed to Squint at the alarm clock next to her to read that it was now going on 10am. She frantically started typing, feeling bad about having replied so late.

Rae: sorry! Just woke up! 7pm sounds great. Where would you like to meet? :) x

She sighed, hitting the send button she nuzzled more into her pillow. Not even caring that she let her phone drop off the side of the bed.

Her eyes fluttering closed as the smile grew on her face; her thoughts went back to the night that she had just spent with him. Their amazing banter, his shy looks every time she smiled. Everything about last night seemed too good to be true, that if she pinched herself she would realise it was all a dream. In reality, this was all happening to her, the chubby, tall lass with a personality of a clown. Her phone pinged and her sleepy eyes opened at lightning speed, she grabbed her phone off yhe floor and clicked on the unopened message.

Finn: Great! How about a quiet little bar on the outskirts of London? I’ll pick you up from your place if you send me your address. Can’t wait :) x

She waited a few minutes before replying with her address and a wink face, not wanting to sound as eager as she was.

There messages flowed back and forth throughout the day, keeping the conversation light. She learnt little bit about what he does during the day when he isn’t on set, which isn’t very often. She was rejoiced to learn that he would much rather spend his time in dainty little record shops then posh bars, music was his second love after his acting of course.

Rae was now standing in front of her open wardrobe assessing her miserable excuse of clothing. 80 per cent was filled witg raggedy old band tee’s that she so desperately loved and could never- (no matter how much Chloe nagged her) part with.

Rae looked through the small collection if dresses she had whilst clicking her tongue against the top of her mouth. She huffed when she realised that she had spent 10 minutes appraising her four dresses when she never planned on wearing any of them, she was just going to a pub after all.

A quiet little pub that had probably never seen the likes of a pair of women’s legs in the years that it had been open, she needed a more casual look. She flipped through her jeans pulling out a pair of black skinny legged ones that she had brought whilst shopping with Chloe yesterday.

Then she scurried towards her set of drawers pulling out the first presentable blouse she could find, a sheer navy sleeveless button up she forgot she had. She paired it with a white singlet and navy ballet flats. Her hair was straightened and clipped to one side, her makeup fresh with a hint of Smokey eye which she had picked up from a YouTube clip she saw weeks ago.

It was now 7pm, she was applying the final touch of lip gloss and giving herself a once over in the mirror. She wasn’t dressed to the nines and loved her choice about keeping it more casual.

As she was slipping on her shoes there was a knock at the door. Her nerves started to get the best of her, her hands were slightly shaking uncontrollably.

She knew what was waiting for her on the other side of the door, a god like man with an incredible northern accent.

She opens the door and brushes down the front of her blouse turning her eyes to Finn. The smile on his face could not be missed as he stood leaning against the door frame with his hands stuffed in his jean pockets.

“Wow” they both breathed in unison, and laughing when they realised what they did.

Finn was dressed in fitted dark blue jeans, a plain white tee paired with a light blue jean jacket. His shaggy brown locks styled into a quiff enhancing his incredible facial features, he could melt the polar ice caps with a single look if he tried.

“Ready?” He grinned taking her in one more time.

“Yup, just a minute” she said holding up a finger before she dashed over to her settee grabbing her leather jacket and clutch.

She shrugged on her jacket as she walked back towards the door, glancing at herself in the mirror by the door as she headed out. As soon as the apartment was locked and they stepped out onto the landing Finn grabbed her hand into his, Rae’s mouth going instantly dry as she stared silently at this romantic gesture.

He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and headed down the steps towards the door, Rae’s eyes never leaving their conjoined hands.


The 30 minute drive to the local was filled with comfortable silence; small talk was made but both wanting to save most of it for when they arrived, plus they both quite enjoyed the sound of the stone roses lightly playing through the speakers.

It was a quaint little pub just west of Kent, the building looked like it was barely keeping together with its rustic centuries old brick and timber framing. The front was dimly lit and she could faintly hear the sounds of the sign swinging as the wind picked up. Finn sat next to her nervously chewing at his thumb nail as he watched her eyes look over the pub.

She turned to Finn with an enthusiastic expression that was contagious, and they were both instantly laughing.

“Alright?” He questioned, still having doubts he made a mistake about bringing her here. Maybe she was classier to what she led on?

“It’s perfect, I couldn’t have picked a better place” Rae hummed in pleasure whilst she unbuckled her seat belt.

Finn made quick use of his and hurried around the passenger’s side of the car so he could open the door for her. She smiled and thanked him as once more her palm rested in his, neither of them willing to let go of the other.

“Come on, the pints are cheap and the old men are cheaper” he joked nudging his arm with hers.

She followed his through the open front door; the decor was no different to the outside. Old drum tables lined the walls with stools scattered around them, there were smaller square tables littering the middle section of the room in front of the oversized bar, the only thing relatively modern was the 90’s style juke box to the left of the room just before the toilets.

Men no younger than 60 gathered around the room talking amongst each other, not even bothering to make any eye contact with her and Finn. She was completely mesmerised by the atmosphere from the moment she walked in, it was everything she hoped it would be and more.

They were weaving their way through the pub making sure not to interrupt any of the other patrons. Rae noticed the bar was reasonably empty, there wasn’t even staff waiting to serve them.

Finn reached over the bar and rang a small bell hidden away, he turned to her smiling once he noticed her face of confusion. A small round lady hobbled out from a door around the back, Rae could tell her mood was glum as she made her way towards them.

The lady wiped her floury hands on her rose covered apron mumbling her profanities under her breath, but once she looked up her mood instantly changed as her eyes locked on to Finns.

“Finnley my boy” she cooed, walking out from behind the bar extending her arms out towards Finn.

“Mrs Dewhurst, how are you?” Finn asked pulling out of the hug and reconnecting his hand with Rae’s.

“Better now my handsome boy has come to see me! You should have told me you were coming in earlier. I would have made sure I was in the front” she fussed before turning towards Rae. “Now who’s this beautiful young lass on your arm”.

“This is Rae, Rae this is the sensational Barbra Dewhurst” Finn grinned turning towards Rae who was extending her arm out to the little old lady to shake her hand.

“Oh none of that dear. Give us a hug” she said shuffling towards Rae and wrapping her arms around her shoulders.

At first Rae tensed up, she had never been a fan of strangers hugging her but something about this lady made Rae melt.

“Now off you youngsters go and have fun, I’ve got a barman to hunt down” she said shewing them away with her hands but laughing at the same time.

“DAAAAAVVVVVIIIIDDDDDDD” she called as she waddled around to the other side of the bar.

"Where are we going?” Rae asked turning towards Finn.

“You’ll see” Finn pulled her towards the back entrance which was situated next to the toilets. Before pushing through the door Finn paused letting go of Rae’s hand.

The sudden loss of contact made Rae instantly mourn for his touch, but he had other ideas in mind. He stood behind her placing his nimble fingers over her eyes blocking her vision; Rae quickly moved her arms out in front of her as they shuffled forward slowly.

Her hands were now flat against the door; she felt a tingle run down the back of her neck as Finn learned in to whisper in her ear.

“Now just push” he whispered brushed his bottom lip against her ear as was pulling away. Rae nodded and proceeded to push the door until she felt a mild breeze whisk against her face. She kept moving as Finn did, until she noticed he paused.

Finn slowly removed his hands from her face, and Rae’s eyes fluttered open. She took a sudden intake of breath as soon as her vision cleared. They were surrounded by a least a thousand fairy lights dangling from the trees and fence. A large checkered blanket laid in the centre with a pinic basket placed in the middle.

Her eyes kept dancing around the scene before her, noticing the rose petals scattered over the grass. She turned to Finn, tears of joy stinging her eyes and before she knew what she was doing she was throwing her arms around his neck nuzzling her head into the crook.

Finns arms instantly wrapped around her waist holding her tightly.

“Is this ok?” He mumbled into her shoulder and pulling away but keeping his arms around her waist.

“Are you kidding me?” Rae scoffed jokingly. “Nobody and I repeat, nobody has ever done anything like this for me before” she emphasised grinning profusely.

“Come on let’s sit” he gestured towards the blanket.

They moved towards the blanket, sitting down as close as they could together without touching.

Finn opened the basket and turned to Rae and spoke. “Now something tells me that you aren’t a wine and cheese sort of girl” Finn pulled two cans of fosters out of the basket passing one over to Rae.

“Defiantly not” she chuckled grabbing the can off Finn with thanks. She tapped the top of the can a few times and cracked it away from her clothes in case of any spillage. “I do prefer a good beer before my lips touch any sort of crap wine” they both laughed clinking the tin together.

“So how do you know Mrs Dewhurst?” Rae asked quizativley raising an eye brow. Finn took a lengthy swig of his beer before replying.

“Long story short, that women raised me. I grew up in this very garden. You see when I was 4 my mother left me dad and I”

“Aw Finn I’m so sorry” Rae said laying a hand flat on his thigh.

“It’s ok, I’m ok. But once she left us we were left with less of an income and my dad had to work a lot more hours to keep a roof over our heads. Mrs Dewhurst lived down the street and kindly volunteered to look after me whilst my dad worked. So for 9 years I was at this very bar 6 days a week helping out or colouring in, or even putting on a talent show for the oldies until I was old enough to fend for myself. Archie use to live only two streets away, he would pop over and join the festivities we had here. She’s a really special woman. She will always have a place in my heart, she even calls me her superstar when people ask if she knows me” he chuckled shaking his head.

Over the next few hours were spent deep in conversation sipping on their cans and eating crisps straight from the packet, nothing about this date was fancy but he made it special.

They talked about their pasts, Rae opened up about Liam and school. The conversation moved onto lighter subjects revolving around family, friends and Finn acting career.

Rae was completely and utterly engrossed by Finns voice, the lingering touches, the solid eye contact that he kept. Nothing was unspoken.

“I’ve had a really great time” Rae spoke looking up at his face through her eyelashes. “I’m glad you asked me out on this date”.

“I’m glad you chose to come with me” he smiled brushing his fingertips along her cheek cause Rae to be completely lost in this moment.

“You intrigue me Rae”  he said shyly, he kept his hand lingering in the same spot on her cheek a moment longer then necessary before removing it.


“Because your you. You’re honest and open, and you don’t care that im an actor. You’re just generally interested in my personality”.

Rae looked down briefly smiling to herself, this was the nicest that any male has ever been towards her. She was chuffed really; it made her insides turn to goo.

“Well you are pretty amazing” Rae laughed lightly regaining her eye contact with him. He seemed to be closer than what he was just moments ago, their bodies were now directly facing each other only a mere few inches between them.

Finn brushed a lock of her hair out of her face that had fallen, and tucked in behind her ear causing her to blush profusely.

“Your beautiful Rae” He inched even more closely, extending his head so far forward that he had to use a hand on the ground to keep him balanced.

“Can I- Can I kiss you?” the words stumbled from his mouth and now it was his turn to blush bright red.

Rae took a small gasp of air and nodded her head twice. Finn captured her lips with his, the kiss sweet and playful but at the same time the passion ran strong between them.

It felt like they had been doing this for years, the unison of their movements, the longing for more, it all came naturally to them.

His tongue swept across her bottom lip begging for entry which she reciprocated almost instantly as she opened her mouth allowing him in.

Their tongues danced together in a singular movement, their heads tilting opposite ways as they changed positions. Finns hand reached out to cup her cheek as Rae pulled his body closer by his tee; it was a supercharged moment igniting a fire between them. They slowly pulled apart but kept foreheads resting together as they attempted to catch their breaths.

“Wow” They both breathed and laughed almost instantly over another mimicked expression.

“I don’t want this night to end” Rae sighed pulled away slightly to sit up more straighter, but kept the closeness.

“It doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it too, ive got all night to spend with you if you’ll have me” Rae nodded and once again took his lips to be against hers.

Little did they know in that very moment this would be the first of many moments spend together, being complete aroused by one and other, shutting themselves off from the world just so they could have a moment.   

3 years later…

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride…”




Just a RL theory and Rant about CN

I might get angry messages over this later but it is what it is:

I just read a little bit on Christina Miller (the President and General Manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang since 2014), and I’m wondering if the reason Cartoon Network has been avoiding good shows that appeal to kids 12+ (especially shows that appeal to older teens and young adults), is because they are trying to transition back to when kids watched kid channels and adults watched adult channels. I read through some reviews of Cartoon Network and what I noticed were a ton of disgruntled parents claiming that the shows on CN were targeting too old of an audience, and that the lessons and humor were not appropriate for kids under 12. Some of these reviews were absolutely ridiculous, one person actually went on a rant and there first point was that while the shows claim to have good moral lessons for kids, they focus “too much on greed”. Insinuating, in the process, there were too many lessons that were adult themed (like a first kiss, gay characters, black Jesus (?!), and beating up evil bad guys).
Once upon a time I was very concerned with the future of my favorite cartoons with their up and coming relevance, diversity, and the visibility they were attempting to introduce in ways other cartoons hadn’t. During this time mike pence had just become Trumps VP candidate and I saw a quick rise in sexist and anti-lgbt rhetoric. Basic bigoted white Christian bullshit, right? Granted it had already existed , but suddenly these people were getting on social media and causing a ruckus- coming into spaces that were previously safe places for the disabled, the queer, and other minorities to just enjoy and critic these shows- pushing their ideals and bigotry.
It was at this time I noticed what others were noticed, our shows being neglected by CN in small ways. Hiatuses and news silence, bad marketing, and pushing the crappier brain draining shows in their sted (less air time), all examples we identified early on.
I started believe that maybe their were CN employees who agreed with these disgruntled anti-inclusive individuals. Maybe there was pressure on CN or the shows creators to limit or pull these important themes.
No body in CN was talking about it, the shows creators and artists and writers and actors… no one was talking about it but a few fans.
So what did I do? I took to my phone and I talked about it, but I talked about it in the way you do when your making accusations, I was angry, and I was convinced that angry anti-lgbt Christian trolls were responsible for what was happening.
Next thing I know, it blew up.
All the sudden the fandom was pissed, they were fighting, attacking others on twitter and Tumblr. They were a decent handful of people convinced it was true too.
It was too late to point out it was just something I thought. That I wanted to make a conversation out of because if it WERE true, we’d need to make a plan. We’d need to figure out what we could do so that once again, minorities weren’t silenced by [Christian] haters. I didn’t mean to have a hand in creating a discourse. I was new to the fandoms, and I didn’t realize it would go the way it did when I made this post. The only thing I could do was delete it and try not to bring it up- so not to feed the fire.
Now, I wish to bring your attention back to the issue, how CN has been handling these shoes and the behavior the company has been showing in the last few years.
I do think there was an element of pressure, I’ve found severest articles online, from Christian sites or individuals, upset with the themes of our favorite show. I’ve found actual reviews saying similar things. So I think the pressure there has been very real. It’s silly to think that with everything that’s been going on in this country, these people WOULDNT attack inclusive shows that don’t push sexist heteronormative themes onto kids.
So while even if CN hope is to be inclusive (obviously they approved the shows in the first place), and while the fandoms and positive responses probably outnumber the negative when it comes to these shows specifically, they rely on the parents approval because they are a children’s network. And if all the reviews they get from parents are: the themes are too mature for our children under 12- then they will try to appeal to those parents by giving them what they want. Revivals of classic shows, shows other then the ones they complain about (they don’t praise other shows currently running, just say all the ones they don’t like: regular show, adventure time, Steven universe, Clarence, etc.) this is what CN is looking at.
What further supports my theory, is that while CN exc. is trying to appeal to younger kids and rob the older ones of their good-ass cartoon fix, and people of all ages are deprived of the diversity they crave… Adult swim has been doing exceptionally well appealing to that same fan base. Both Rick and Morty and the Samurai Jack revival, for example, seem to be popular to SU, RS, and AT fans.
So what if this is an attempt to lure older fans back to a channel that is meant to appeal to them, so that the children’s channel can play things that appeal to the parents of kids younger than 12 (or simply that are anti-inclusive and terrible) without backlash?
I’m hoping this doesn’t cause aggressive discourse- I mean part of their fuel is the toxicity the fandom can show (like threatening others, pushing suicide, and harassment) so let’s do this right.
Let’s talk about it like we want to fix the problem, not have an excuse to fight and be assholes.
(*edit: Below my rant starts)
We need to talk about why these themes aren’t inappropriate, and compromise on what might be (meat beat mania maybe? Lol). Maybe we should point out that 8+ is appropriate and if kids younger than that watch it is the PARENTS responsibility, not the channel. You don’t like that hero boy and brother dog beat up evil? Put your kids in front of Strawberry Shortcake and Barney. You don’t like alien moms, not because it’s about aliens and “fringe” science and magic themes, but because they come from a planet that’s strictly female passing so on the off chance their human-like hearts lead them to love it most likely with me another female passing alien AND THATS AGAINST YOUR RELIGION (?!?!) maybe you should discourage your kid from books and creativity and being themselves and be a shit parent who will never put them in front of a TV.
Idk, I feel like this is a problem.
Parents placing blame on others when it comes to their kids is nothing new. And the hypocrisy is real- “Loony toons had the best cartoons ever but adventure time has too much unexplained and unnecessary violence”- fucking really Bob?
“I miss when cartoons had good character development, with deep and complex personalities… remember *insert show were all the characters fed into stereotypes and the hero was always a white boy who was actually kind of a dick but everyone always forgave him because he was the main character, despite him and no one else ever learning anything ever*?”
“I miss the representation of the all American family, what happened to that? Where’s the visibility for my white Christian kids (whom I assume are heterosexuals because if they weren’t if either send them to church therapy or kick them out), how will they know how to act if the cartoon shows don’t reflect my personal fucked up narrative?” At least your honest Karen.
I know RL theories aren’t popular, but- I can’t stop thinking about it. Let’s talk about it. Do research. Campaign. Protest. Ask questions. Let’s figure this out.
Let’s stop canceling and the hiatuses of shows CN, if your concerned with your audience- get a new one. You’ve got plenty to chose from. Be brave, come out and say it “we are inclusive and we will continue to be inclusive”. Don’t try to back away quietly, we won’t let you. Do the right thing, call out the bigoted parents, let them explain to their kids that they can’t watch the same shows as their friends because they are haters. It’s not your job to cater to a single rhetoric. You do what makes your watchers happy and MOST of your audience want these shows to air. I repeat: Do not cave to disgruntled bigots. If you want to transition shows with heavier themes (while it would be a mistake) you have two other options! Move them to another channel! Let the series finish, air reruns if they are in demand.
If it’s about money, you will lose far more money by appealing to regressive ideals, and taking steps backwards in terms of modern relevancy. Backing out of this pattern of representation in your shows would be a mistake. These are the things the fandom needs to be saying on review pages. This is the kind of feedback they need I. Order to hear our voices. Unofficially calling them out without hashtags on social media, it’s not drowning out the voices of those who use the “proper channels” to give heir feedback. Yes, CN can see it. But I mean I’ve seen someone give the address to write letters to Joe Swaney, a CN employee, so that people can complete the target audience is too high on the network!
They are really trying to be heard, so we just have to be louder. The only reason these shows lasted as long as they did or are still running is because they are ACTUALLY amazing shows, and have such large fan bases that give them a lot of attention. Theorists, those who fan art, and even those who just have themed blogs- you keep it alive and relevant. But now we have to be louder. We don’t just love the show. We aren’t just older fans taking over a children network. We are human beings desperate for representation, visibility, good storytelling, and purposeful entertainment… not only for ourselves but for kids we care about. Our siblings, nieces and nephews, and kids are still learning things that shunning and hurting others is okay if it’s for your “beliefs”… it’s important for them to have shows that teach them how to handle their anger, how to deal with grief, how to respond to something new or someone difference, acceptance, tolerance, and selflessness, and not only how to love others and how to accept love, but how to love yourself. It’s important kids who aren’t taught these skills by their parents have a show they can relate to, something to resonate with them, teach them how to see their own worth.
The truth is there for all to see, thousands of kids have talked about how the show has helped them. Pre- teens or not, kids shouldn’t have to be depressed and self loathing and 12+ before it’s appropriate for them to love themselves.
That’s why I think it’s important we keep pushing how important these kinds of shows are.
Not just at people who agree, but those who disagree, to the parents and the network itself. The neglect CN is showing these shows feels like a reflection of themselves and it they want to prove they aren’t riding that line afraid to make a step, showing cowardice and trying to pass it off as bravery, then they need to make a move now. Either it’s an inclusive network, or it’s not. Either it cares about it’s audience and exhibiting excellent lessons to kids and adults alikeC or it doesn’t. If the age appropriateness is the actual issue, consider moving to boomerang or adult swim or another time of day OR change the age recommendation for the network from 8 to 12. Actually acknowledge the shows, show some respect to the creators of the shows, listen to the audience as a whole, and do the right thing. Be brave and bold CN- we know you want to be or you wouldn’t have signed these shows on in the first place.
The silence behind this shit is getting crazy sad and the network needs to handle it better.

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For the inheritance thing I would love to read #6 with literally anyone

6.  “you died and left me to repay a bunch of really weird IOUs”

sorry for the wait anon! enjoy some hidasaku!!

EDIT: here’s [ Part Two ] !

The Fine Print - Inheritance

By no means did Sakura feel obligated to repay the extensive list of bizarre IOU’s her great-great uncle had left her - all meticulously detailed and listed in a journal that Sakura had mistaken for a cookbook when she’d been going through the old coot’s attic - but, if she wanted to get rid of that damned rune burned onto her palm and the demon haunting her apartment, it looked like she was shit out of luck until she finished repaying his debts.

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Study Advice I've gathered from my GCSEs


Mathematics; English Language; English Literature; Religious Studies; Geography; Fine Art; Graphic Design; Biology; Chemistry; Physics


  • Learn how to do a Stem and Leaf Diagram. Remember the Key. There is always one of these and it’s usually easy. 
  • Don’t forget about the equations at the front of the exam sheet. You usually need them at least once, so keep an eye out for Prisms, Spheres and other aspects of the formula given.
  • Practice is really the only way to learn Mathematics. Keep practicing ideas, if you have a textbook, answer all it’s question. 
  • If you don’t have a textbook, look up equations online.
  • Learn the official names for Angles, Circle and Triangle theorems. This means phrases like corresponding angles or explaining that a tangent is at 90 degrees to radii. 
  • Know your way around your calculator. Self-Explanatory, you need to know how to type Pi or sin. 

English Language and Literature:

For Poetry:

  • Annotate all over the page you get for the poem. The more notes you have the better as there will definitely be loads of points that are too weird to actually use in an exam.
  • Don’t lose the anthology or poetry book! I did this and had to go a month without one. It means you lose your notes and have to rewrite them all out again.
  • Learn the links between your poems. The links are very important as they constitute a lot of your exam. 
  • Listen to class discussion closely or talk to friends. Sharing ideas helps in poetry, as everyone notices something different. 

For Speaking and Listening:

  • Find something you want to talk about. If you are aiming for a C or B grade, talk about something you are comfortable with. It will make you less nervous speaking it on the day
  • Bring water. Water is useful for all exams but especially this one and language speaking. I only talked for about four minutes but my throat got really dry.
  • Don’t worry if you stutter, pick it back up. I had to start again twice because I blanked and my teacher said I still got an A or possibly A*. Literally everyone makes a mistake.
  • Practice. Practicing with your friends is great preparation as they will notice little things you do wrong and you’ll be less nervous.

For Literature Essays:

  • Read the book fully. In Year 10 I didn’t actually read the end of Of Mice and Men and I didn’t know Lennie got shot. Read it in small chunks, even though you cover it in class, you might notice more when you are alone. 
  • If you are comparing two books in your assessment, find strong links between them. 
  • If you have a controlled assessment and you know the subject, write out an essay or at least a detailed plan. I did this and memorised the first section. 
  • In your final exam, plan. I keep saying plan, but planning is the best way to remove mistakes and create a structure. 

For writing coursework:

  • Hand it in early, so you can improvements from your teachers. English teachers are some of the busiest teachers and there is always a line of about six Sixth form students outside their classrooms. Finish it as soon as possible so you can have time to improve your work.

Religious Studies:

I did Christian Ethics and St. Marks Gospek

  • Learn the basic concepts of the religion. For Christianity, Loving others, forgiveness and saying something is God’s will are basic ideas. 
  • Learn the key terms. For 1 mark and 3 mark questions there is usually a mark for each term in them. By terms it can be things like Somatic Cell Therapy, Detterence or Reconciliation.
  • Learn the basic outline of all the stories you study. At the end there is usually a 6 or 8 mark question which asks for an outline. e.g.: ‘Summarise the events of Holy Week’.
  • Quotes. Quote every time you make a major point. Quote or give a concept. Most questions need a link to Christianity in order to be worth anything
  • You will have to say things you disagree with. The evaluative questions require reasons for and against. so you might be for Nuclear Proliferation but go against it as you can think of more reasons against Nuclear Weapons. 
  • All your reasons need to be Christian. Your conclusion also needs to have Christian evidence in order to gain 6 marks in Evaluation questions


  • For Geography you will have the answer Long answer questions, so it is good to learn how to structure, punctuate and fluently write an answer. The questions where this is needed are highlighted.
  • Keep your maps and sheets! Out of all my subjects, Geography is like the second biggest offender for workbooks full of paper. This includes maps of where cities are but also important images like the water cycle or formation of a spit. It’s way easier to keep and annotate these rather than re-draw all of them.
  • Do the coursework. I have a friend who didn’t get to hand in her coursework, I was nearly the same. I only managed to get in on my last day and it really freaked me out. 
    Try to get it in early so you can amend it, even if you are predicted lower grades you could get an A or A* for coursework. It makes the exam feel less daunting.
  • Use past papers for questions. We only had the exemplar as it was a new course and you could tell the difference. If you don’t get them in class, find some online and do the practice questions. 
  • Plan your long answers. There can be 10 mark questions, there will be a mark for grammar and structure. Write little notes in the corner so you get enough points and write your best. Your paper does not need to look pretty.

Fine Art:

  • Start Early. Art is great because you have one less exam in exam season. The problem is that you have to pay a lot of attention to it earlier. Finish as many pages as you can in Year 10, you don’t want to have to return to them in Year 11 when you have exams.
  • Prioritise it in January- March. You can revise for your exams later but the Art finishes earlier and cannot be redone after March/April.
  • Cover lots of media. Even if you’re amazing at collage or painting, do several types of media. You get more marks for some good and loads of terrible than loads of fantastic art in one form.
  • Make annotations that matter. Say why you like the thing even if you don’t, always talk about inspirations and what you’ve learnt from your piece.
  • Bring White Paint and your own paintbrushes. You don’t need them every lesson but we always ran out of white paint and all the little paint brushes had been ruined by younger years, so be prepared if you don’t have good collections. 
  • Have a glue stick. PVA is gross and ruins your sketchbook.

Graphic Design:

  • Go through the textbook in Year 10. The stuff in Graphics seems to be really vague, i.e.:Aesthetics, or really specific, i.e.: Paper properties, printing techniques. Learn the specifics as for most of Year 11 you’ll be doing the coursework.
  • For your coursework, choose something you know you can make. Choose something suitable for your skills, I choose to make a book as it was more creative orientated but people more orientated to computer designs and specifics created boxes.
  • If you are doing Art, another Technology or anything with loads of coursework, try to get ahead while you can. Work Earlier and don’t mess around during the planning stage. Not only does it make practical quicker, it takes less time editing it later. 
  • You may have to take days off in order to finish you coursework folder. My Art Exam and Graphics deadline were a week apart. I had to take two long weekends off to complete it.
  • If you have lunchtimes or after school sessions, go to them. There’s a lot of things you don’t have at home like a laser cutter, 2D design or saws.

Science Subjects:

I took the AQA course, taking Biology, Physics and Chemistry as a separate course.

General Science:

  • Buy the textbook for your course, especially if you are doing Triple/ Individual Sciences. Some of the information you need is missed because you are ill, away or your teacher doesn’t go into depth.
  • The textbooks aren’t very in depth though. A lot of textbooks are made for C grade aims. If you want an A* you need to listen to your teacher.
  • Try to learn from as many sources as possible. As i said, textbooks and teachers miss things. There is online videos and BBC Bitesize is a good site. 
  • Flashcards. Flashcards are good for all subjects but are the best for Science. 
  • Bring a calculator to your classes and exams. Not just Physics, all three need some maths.


  • Use Youtube videos. Picturing the reactions is annoying and the videos and animations help. Just search Gcse Chemistry *insert subject here*
  • Learn how to balance equations. People either love them or hate them and I hate it. Make a little table or diagrams below the question if you can’t.
  • Learn the Maths part of Chemistry. Meaning Percentage Yields, Energy Calculations, Concentration of a solution. If you get this down that’s at least 3 marks if not 6 on the higher papers, 
  • Powerpoint. I used Powerpoint like Flashcards, making a slide with information and then questions. This was good as you don’t have to draw all the diagrams and can just copy them from the internet. 


  • Use Flowcharts. In Biology there’s more processes you need to learn, i.e.: the movement of blood, a reflex reaction. 
  • Talking of Reflex Reactions, memorise that. It seems to have appeared in every Exam I have taken. 
  • You will still need to do Math in Biology but it will usually be easier. 
  • If you get a question with a picture, use the picture to your advantage. This also happens with graphs, where you should quote the data. 


  • Understanding. A lot of harder questions require you to understand the concepts. Don’t just memorise facts, try to understand how things work. 
  • Be precise. Especially with Lens diagrams and Refraction. The mark scheme requires your diagrams and numerical answers to be almost perfect. 
  •  For the last minute revision its best to look at the calculations you’ll get on the formula sheet in the exam. These lead to the key concepts you need and mean you can recognise which to use in the exam.
  • Learn the units. Kind of enough said really. 
Christmas Movie Edition: Love Actually

This is it, people. It’s the day after Christmas, I’ve consumed more white wine in the past two days than the entire cast of Real Housewives of Orange County did all of last season and now I’ve been smacked by a soul-sucking stomach virus as retribution. So there’s only one thing left to do—take on the Mount Everest of Christmas movies. Oh yes, I’m talking about LOVE. FUCKING. ACTUALLY. Gird your loins.

00:00:37 Crikey, I always forget about the 9/11 airport angle they tried to shoehorn into this shit. Nobody looks that happy at the airport, NOBODY. I step foot into LaGuardia and instantly morph into a gremlin after midnight.

00:02:44 “Oh! Fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!” Billy Mack is what my insides look and sound like.  

00:06:21 Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see a hideous turtleneck, sweater vest or any other form of aggressively patterned topwear.

00:07:14 DRINK, BITCHES. Also, Chiwetel Egiofor, you are a Commander of the Order of the British Empire—just say no to magenta on your goddamn wedding day.

However, fabulous lady behind you in the feathery magenta hat? YOU. BETTA. WERK.

00:08:30 “Anything to put off actually running a country.” Too real, Hugh Grant, too real.

00:10:04 Chiwetel Magentiofor is marrying Keira Knightley, who’s dressed like a glamorous chicken, so obviously these two are made for each other.

00:10:27 FOR GOD SAKES, LAURA LINNEY. You are a four-time Emmy-winning, three-time Tony-nominated, THREE-TIME OSCAR-NOMINATED WHIRLWIND OF TALENT. Who let you wear this crochet foreskin on your head to a wedding? WHO?

00:11:22 “Oh, pardon me, sorry about that, just have to shove my trombone under the church pew.” I hate everyone at this wedding.

00:12:23 Keira Knightley is mainlining champagne at her own wedding reception which, if I had a full cockatoo nesting in my updo, I would be, too.

00:13:46 “Colin, you’re a lonely, ugly asshole. And you must accept it.” Tony knows what’s up.

00:16:25 I know this is supposed to be a funeral and all but is there no indoor heat in the U.K.? Why is everyone and their mother dressed like they’re trudging through the tundra?  

00:16:41 Cue Natasha Richardson-related tears here.

00:18:17 Cue Alan Rickman-related tears here. Genuinely terrified of the day when everyone I know and love from Love Actually will have passed. Except for that fuckturd Colin. He can leave this earth at any time.

00:18:42 Double sweater-vest horror for the price of one. Drink and then drink again.  

00:19:28 Side drinking game: take a shot for every HR violation in this movie. GOODBYE LIVER, GOODBYE WORLD. 

00:22:24 Ok, so sometimes I’m Billy Mack but all the time, I’m his fat manager.

00:24:01 We’re just going to have to set up an IV of Hennessy for the entirety of the Prime Minister Hugh Grant/Not-Really-Fat-At-All Natalie subplot. Also anything involving that turtleneck trollop, Mia.

00:28:04 “No one’s ever going to shag you if you cry all the time.” Literally years of one-on-one sessions and NOT ONE therapist has ever summed up my life problems as succinctly as Emma Thompson just did.  

00:30:30 Laura Linney, I’m docking an Emmy for every godforsaken butterfly clip pinned to your already hideous sweater. I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND.  

00:33:20 We’re discussing Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs whilst in the Prime Minister’s office. You know what to do.

00:35:16 Me

00:36:40 Kentucky Fried Keira might be wearing one of those wildlife-killing plastic soda rings around her neck. Sartorially offensive and environmentally irresponsible. 

00:36:55 Professor Snape just smacked Sad Laura Linney in the workplace but she is wearing a sweater that looks like it’s knitted from the stomach spew of a drunkard, so she 100% deserves it.

00:37:33 The Turtleneck Trollop is trying to seduce Professor Snape in this getup. Girl, it literally looks like you wrapped your English muffin in origami. DO LESS.

00:39:19 Oh for fuck’s sake, I totally forgot about that “Mr. Darcy boinks the Portuguese help” subplot. Can anyone be employed in this fudging movie without penetrating their coworkers? Anyone?! NOT EVEN THE FUCKING PRESIDENT CAN KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS.

00:44:42 The Prime Minister just basically launched WWIII because he wants Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs all to himself. Sadly, this doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering our current batshit political climate.

00:46:47 I’m not saying I’ve recreated this exact dance in my underpants whilst alone in my apartment but I am saying it’s happened a couple thousand times.  

00:49:03 I’m going to need an entire dissertation paper on why the Portuguese help had to disrobe down to her underpants but Colin Firth got to keep on THREE LAYERS OF SHIRTS when they go into the lake for his dump typewritten pages. I want that shit APA style and with full citations and multiple sections dedicated to the Mr. Darcy wet-shirt scene from Pride and Prejudice, you hear me? Also, you should be chugging alcohol straight from a garbage can based on the HR violations in this scene alone.  

00:53:11 “I know you’ve never particularly warmed to me.” Well, Kentucky Fried Keira, that might be because you insist upon dressing like the homeless pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

00:58:02 THIS BITCH. We all know that this bitch just wants to have her own private audience with the Prime Minister’s prime minister and that’s why she’s size-shaming Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs. If we’re gonna get real, girl, Chris Kirkpatrick had your hairstyle for most of the ’90s and it ain’t doing you no favors, either.

01:03:21 Now, we can all agree that Thomas Brodie-Sangster was one of the cutest children to ever walk the planet, but we’ve got to talk about the hair height on this poor child. Exactly how many foreheads does he actually have under there?

01:04:12 FOUR FLOWER BROOCHES? That’s it, Laura Lonely, I’m taking away your Golden Globes, too.

01:05:37 The Turtleneck Trollop is wearing devil horns to the office Christmas party. At least you can’t accuse her of subtlety.

01:10:10 Laura Lonely is trying to get all up on her co-worker Karl because he looks like he stars in the porn parody of Aladdin but she keeps getting clam-jammed by her unwell brother and it’s just like CAN SOMEONE CUT LAURA LINNEY A GODDAMN BREAK IN THIS MOVIE? She had to go topless for this bullshit and is constantly covered in hideous brooches and FOR WHAT? Not even a little jammin’ of the clammin’ from real-life Aladdin? FOR SHAME.

01:18:05 The Turtleneck Trollop coerced Professor Snape into buying her jewelry without even serving up her English muffin to him yet. She’s a grade-A slutbag but you gotta admit, she’s masterful. Also, if I were on the brink of breaking up a marriage and ruining a family, it would have to be for something that doesn’t look a gold nugget that’s been pooped out and put on a string.

01:20:04 Listen to me: I adore Alan Rickman and mourn his passing on a near-daily basis but the way he says “yogurt” has haunted me for fifteen fucking years and now even more so because I’ve discovered AN ENTIRE SONG OF IT.

01:25:25 Know how you know Colin’s is the worst subplot of Love Actually? It’s soundtracked to not only “Smooth” but also “Wherever You Will Go.” It goes without saying but we’ll be skipping his scenes from here on out.

01:29:39 Try to argue that Emma Thompson didn’t deserve an Oscar nomination for these three minutes of exceptional acting alone. YOU CAN’T.

01:32:34 This woman only had one scene and she and her overacting eyebrow were going to make it COUNT.

01:34:43 I yell out “I HATE UNCLE JAMIE” at least twice a week, for no reason at all. I wish I was kidding.

01:36:36 The last we see of Laura Lonely, she’s hugging her brother which, okay, cute, but we both know you’d rather be hugging that beautifully tanned Aladdin dick. WE BOTH KNOW IT.

01:37:59 Okay, so we’re at the scene. And I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Firstly, how did Rick Grimes know that Kentucky Fried Keira was going to answer the door and not Chiwetel Magentiofor? What was the back-up plan, with you standing there with a boom box and notecards declaring your undying love for his wife? What if KFK didn’t play along with the carol singers bit? MANY QUESTIONS, NO ANSWERS. But, real talk, if a dude looking like Andrew Lincoln showed up to my door with all of this fuckery, I would relocate myself into that perfect little chin dimple of his and never come back out, bye.

01:41:10 I am 100% behind this old-man ship between Billy Mack and his fat manager. Which I think also means that I ship myself, er, with myself. Sounds about right.

01:42:12 That earth-shaking screech you just heard was my soul leaving its earthly form due to the fact that a movie about Christmas SPELLED FUCKING CHRISTMAS WRONG.

01:43:41 Why didn’t the Prime Minister just take the goddamn envelope with Non-Fat Natalie’s return address on it for when he searched for her apartment? I’m legitimately getting a migraine from trying to make this movie make any sense.

01:52:09 Yes, the performing kids are adorable but the sparkly scarf-wearing, obviously-gay back-up singing teacher is the real winner of the Christmas talent show. 

02:01:25 What is this half-yarmulke that Mini Mariah is wearing to the airport? Also, Five-Head Tommy wouldn’t be able to catch Mini Mariah in time because Heathrow is the seventh circle of hell and also when the guards do catch him, he 100% would be interrogated in the tiny terrorism room because of 9/11 but no, racial profiling and ARGAPSGAIHATGAEIS.

02:04:46 Mr. Darcy is proposing to his Portuguese help even though he doesn’t know her and only spent a few weeks talking at her but she has a cute little lower back tattoo and that’s all he needs to know! Also, I love Colin Firth as an actor but his on-screen kisses look like those adult virgin couples smooching for the first time at their wedding. What is your hand doing? 

02:09:31 And now we’re back at the airport and all of the subplots have woven together unrealistically and everyone’s hugging and not miserable and I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like how are Kentucky Fried Keira and Rick Grimes going to hang out with Chiwetel Magentiofor like nothing happened? Does he ever find out? Does the weight of their collective lie ruin their beautiful biracial marriage? Also, does Emma Thompson go crazy from resentment over Professor Snape cheating on her and kill him in a rage soundtracked to Joni Mitchell? And how does Non-Fat Natalie handle the public pressure of dating the Prime Minister? And does she use her vag power to have him fire Chris Kirkpatrick who shamed her non-fat thighs? AND WHERE THE FUCK DID LAURA LINNEY GO? Someone send me Pepto-Bismol and a new brain, please and thank you. 

Catch My Heart >> Jungkook, You (Part 1)

Okay~ this was requested by two anon. Their request is kind of similar and sick’s image teasers controlled my mind. So, well, I come up with this story :) I hope you will enjoy reading it. 

From the things that you hated was forcing someone to do something that he or she didn’t want to.

Walking across the room, hands behind his back. He kept glancing at you from time to time as if he was analyzing you, testing if you liked his presence here around you or not. He kept looking through the window at the view of the city lights and then back at you.

It was dark outside and the city view was the prettiest at that time as the building, cars and street light made it as if the stars had fallen from the stars down to the earth. Especially when you lived on the 12th floor, pretty high for a killer view.

Half an hour ago, He arrived and he still hadn’t said a word, walking around the house. Checking the rooms and the window, the buildings around you too. If it was another person who came instead of him, then a conversation would have taken place before all of this.  

To be honest, despite the memories hidden with the past, he was the safest person and the person you trusted so much to do something like this. And you didn’t know why he was so annoyed by this. He promised you way back before that he was doing this for you.

You yelped, when he stopped before you and bend his back down, close to you as you were sitting in the armchair. “What?”

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I’ll be completely honest. Last night I was ¾ asleep and when I woke up I had four pages of pointless Danny Phantom fluff with a touch of Iambic Prose at the end. I was both confused and pleased so I edited and ended up adding an extra page in length. In size ten font. So, uh, enjoy?



“I can’t sleep.”

In all due fairness it wasn’t exactly an uncommon problem for Danny Fenton. In fact it had happened so often over the past year he was used to sleepless nights, although usually they were caused by ghost attacks. No, tonight’s problem was just a bout of insomnia that he couldn’t seem to shake.

Letting out a sigh Danny glanced over to his digital clock, looking pained at the numbers that read three in the morning. At this rate he wouldn’t even be able to function tomorrow. Rolling over he intended to sit up on the edge of the bed, instead he misjudged the distance and rolled right off, landing in a pile of dirty clothes that had him gagging and scrambling backwards for clean air.

“Right. Need to do laundry.” It wasn’t like he trusted his parents to do his laundry, not after last time some lab chemicals got into the washing load and brought his clothes to life. That had been an interesting afternoon at least, although he wasn’t exactly eager to repeat it.

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New Tales from the Old Forest

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 13

Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

New Tales from the Old Forest; ~ 5, 500 words; FF.NET || AO3
(now with a shiny sequel - New Tales from the New Year)

At age 28 Emma Swan knows she hasn’t done many things right in her life but her son is definitely in the ‘knocked it out of the part’ category.

She is not sure how much credit she should be given though. She thinks she has raised Henry well, better than she expected, certainly better than she thought she would when she was doubting whether she should do it at all. But there’s only so much positivity and imagination Emma could install in someone. And her kid definitely surpassed her capacity for both.

And like the bright and joyful child that he is, Henry is absolutely obsessed with Christmas.

A part of Emma dreads every 1st of December just because she is sure one morning she’ll wake up and find herself on the North Pole. So far she simply finds herself in an apartment awash in the sounds of Christmas’s best hits. By the end of the first week of that long-awaited month she lives among dwarves of all materials and sizes, has gingerbread men and candy canes falling on her every time she reaches for the cinnamon and is constantly illuminated in some combination of red, green and gold.

How Henry developed such an affinity for the holiday with Emma’s not-quite-a-Grinch-but-definite-Scroogy-undertones attitude, she will never know. Mostly she likes to blame it on kindergarten and school teachers like Miss Blanchard and Miss French. If she didn’t know better, she’d think them related to Santa himself.

But Henry sweeps her along in his excitement like he always does and she has every bit of space on the surface of their fridge covered in drawings of the two of them building snowmen, hanging lights, reading by an imaginable fireplace that she has promised herself to look for when their lease is up, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies and every other cliché in the holiday book.

All of that should explain why she is willing to do pretty much anything to make sure Henry has whatever his pure, believing little heart wants for Christmas.

Of course, there are some things her son has without a doubt inherited from her. Like the ability to make Emma’s life as difficult as possible.

While every kid and their awesome aunts and uncles are obsessed with superheroes and everything to do with them, racing each other to buy comics, rubber hammers and plastic light-sabers, ordering Marvel DVDs and booking tickets months in advance, Emma Swan is standing in front of a shelf with heavy, leather-bound, luxurious editions of New Tales From the Old Forest and hoping beyond hope that Killian fucking Jones gets a new book out before Christmas starts really breathing down her neck.

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On Becoming Forsetti

For reasons I don’t fully understand, my recent post about rural America received a lot of attention and the number of people who follow this little blog of mine and its corresponding Facebook page grew exponentially in a matter of days.  As grateful as I am for the positive response and follows, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility.  The reason I started this blog was to have a creative outlet for the many thoughts that accumulate, unorganized, in my ADD-addled brain.  Writing is a way for me to organize and clear some of the mental chaos.  That anyone has ever really cared about what comes out all of this has always amazed me, but nevertheless I am grateful and it is something I do take seriously. There is far too much disinformation, propaganda, and lies being passed off as “truth” by a variety of people and sources for a variety of reasons, none of which are good.  I never, ever, want to add to the exponentially expanding pile of garbage that passes itself off as “critical analysis.”  This isn’t how I was raised or how I was trained to be.

Most of the people who have been following until now me know me either personally or have gotten to know me over the past few years through my writings and posts.  They have a really good idea of who I am, what I do, and why.  Because of this familiarity, I have never felt the need or desire to write about myself in any meaningful, direct way.  With the huge influx of new followers has come a lot of inbox questions about me and my background, so I thought I should get everyone up-do-speed.  I want everyone to know why I created Forsetti and what to expect.  So, as my undergrad mentor used to say at the beginning of every class, “As Gary Gilmore said, “Let’s do it!””

I’m a fifty-six-year-old white male living in a Big 10 college town.  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but grew up in a very rural, very small, very white, very not diverse, Mormon-dominated area of Southeastern Idaho.  I have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philosophy.  If I had ever written a dissertation, I would have earned a Ph.D.  My areas of interest in school were epistemology, medical ethics, and social ethics.  When it comes to social ethics, John Rawls’ “A Theory of Justice,” is my bible.  The puzzle-solver in me finds theoretical philosophy interesting, but the pragmatist in me leans towards getting things done.  I describe myself as a pragmatic idealist.  I know what the ideal is.  I know it will probably never be attained.  I don’t care if it can’t be attained as long as the bar is always being moved closer towards it. I have no use for any theory, any strategy, any person, anything that is not moving the bar forward.

Politically, I was raised in an Eisenhower Republican home.  The only things today’s Republican Party has in common with Ike’s are the name and mascot.  My mother drilled into me that truth, justice, and equality are fundamentally necessary for a functional moral compass.  You stand against injustice whenever and wherever you can.  Equality does not come with an asterisk.  Truth is imperative, even if you don’t want to hear it.  If I asked my mother for her opinion, she didn’t hesitate in telling me no matter how much it hurt or angered me.  In the moment, I never appreciated it but once my emotional reaction ebbed, I knew she was right and was glad she didn’t sugarcoat anything for me.  

If you’ve followed me looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, I’m pretty sure you are going to be severely disappointed at some point in time.  This is especially going to be true when it comes to progressive politics.  I’m a self-identified progressive.  I believe in progressive ideas.  When it comes to progressive political strategies, suffice it to say I think they are mostly mindless at best and idiotic at worst. Remember, I’m a pragmatic idealist.  If your strategy isn’t helping to legitimately move towards forward, it is functionally useless.  If it allows conservatives to retain power, it is dangerously stupid. If your political views and strategies don’t have a practical application or chance of being implemented, I have no use for them and will say so.

I disdain just about every single thing about modern-day conservatism.  They are against everything I was raised and trained to be and believe in.  As much as conservatives piss me off, my real frustration and anger are with progressives.  I never expect and are under no illusions conservatives will do the right thing.  Progressives, on the other hand, are supposed to be the smart ones, the ones who will do the right things.  They are Team Good™. When they aren’t Team Good ™ , when they don’t do the right things, I don’t respond very well.  Being Team Good™ isn’t much good if you act like Team Stupid™.  Getting things accomplished is the goal.  My motto is, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  Don’t be part of the fucking problem!”

I write a lot about politics, equal rights, healthcare reform, race, loss and grief (for reasons I won’t go into right now) and whatever is irritating me at the moment.  I find writing come easier when I’m upset about something.  I write to vent.  Most of the time it is a stream of consciousness which means I don’t take the time to organize or edit what comes out.  In my real life, I’m self-employed which often means when I’m busy, I’m really busy.  This means blog posts are sporadic. It also means I often don’t have the time to respond to comments here or if you follow me on Facebook.  Please understand if I don’t reply to or like a comment it doesn’t mean a thing.  However, if you send me a direct message or ask me a question, I will do my best to respond.

Forestti’s Justice came about during the 2008 presidential election.  I wanted to have a separate Facebook page from my personal one to post political articles and rants.  I chose the name “Forsetti” from the Norse god of justice, Forseti.  I added the second ’t’ because my last name has two ’t’s.  Because the format of Facebook is not conducive to long-form writing, I created the blog which I use exclusively for my writings.  The blog’s tag line is “Defending the Social Contract.”  The progression of the Social Contract from Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau to the likes of Rawls is the greatest, most significant moral and social achievement in human history.  It is responsible for our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. It is the great ideal that has never been fully lived up to. However, trying to reach this ideal is what I believe to be the most important goal for our government, our society, and each of us as individuals.  

Again, thank you so much for showing interest in what I write.  I have a feeling the next few years are going to provide me with a lot of frustration and anger to tap into and write about.

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you’re gonna like it
I think you’re gonna feel
You belong
-Alice Cooper


Your Son and Your Boyfriend Part 2 - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: cutie four-year old Dimitri!, your son, and a little awkward barry!

Summary: Part 2 to Your Son and Your Boyfriend. barry and you have been dating for a few years now, and Barry… Well, he has a certain question in mind. But, he needed to ask permission first.

Word Count: 1287


“(Y/n)? What is it?”

“I am so sorry about this, but I am running late tonight. Do you think you can watch over Mitri for me? Just stay with him so Amelia can go home?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Twenty minutes, and I’ll be there, ok?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Barry. See you later.”

Barry sighed, hanging up. He ran to your house, greeted Amelia, and found Dimitri.

“Mr. Barry!”

Barry beamed. He scooped up the six-year-old and greeted, “Nice to see you, too, little Flash. How’s everything?”

“Great! Momma gave my favorite breakfast today! It was really good.” The boy sighed in contentment.

Barry grinned. “Well, your mom does love you very much.” The young man put him down. “Now, question is, are you fast enough to defeat the meta!?” Barry chased the squealing boy around the house. Dimitri sped around the house, trying to escape the clutches of his caretaker. Dimitri jumped into Barry’s arms. “Super punch!” he yelled with a smile.

Barry fell onto the couch, holding the boy to his chest. The two laughed.

The young man licked his lips. He sat up and placed Dimitri on the couch. “So… Mitri, I actually wanna ask you… well, I need to ask you something.”

Your son tilted his head and stared at Barry blankly. “Are you ok?”

Barry chuckled a little. “I’m perfectly fine. Fine. I just… I wanna ask you something.”

“Momma says you get nervous a lot.”

“Your mom… Never mind. I need to ask you a very important question, ok? Can the young flash handle it?”

Dimitri nodded enthusiastically. He jumped to his feet and placed his fists on his hips. “I can handle anything!” he announced proudly.

Barry smiled. “Well, I know you love your mom. A lot. And I love her, too. A lot. So… I’ve been thinking a lot, and I want… I want to ask her to marry me.”

Dimitri froze. He stared at Barry for a few seconds.

“Mitri? Is it a bad idea? I understand if-“

“I thought you and Momma were already married.”

Barry’s eyes widened. Somehow, he felt pride bubble up within him. Your boyfriend beamed. “You thought we, that we… No, Mitri, we’re just… a couple right now. I want to make it official.” He licked his scratched the back of his neck, eyes staring at the couch. “So, what do you think?”

Dimitri’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “So, you’re gonna be my dad?”

“If she says yes, then yeah.” The young man sighed at the thought. You could be his wife. Dimitri could be his son. You all could be a family. Just the thought of living with the two of you made Barry feel complete.

Dimitri jumped on the couch. “I’m going to have a dad!”

Barry laughed. “Hey! She hasn’t said yes just yet.” He held your son still. “You have to promise me not to tell your mom.”

“Why? She’d be happy!”

“I’d like to think so, but I want to tell her, ok?”


“Do you promise not to tell?”

“I promise!”

“Ok then.” Barry beamed. He kissed the boy’s forehead. “Now, I’ll give you a five-second head-start!”

It had been two days since Barry asked Dimitri’s permission. The hero was still nervous, but he knew what he wanted. Barry just hoped you wanted it, too.

Everything was planned out to a tee. Barry just hoped that it would work well. However, like always, your boyfriend was stuttering the entire night.

Being his girlfriend, you grew worried. He was a superhero with unbelievable drama and problems to deal with, so it was natural that you jumped to the conclusion that something was wrong. You reached over the dinner table and grasped his hand. Barry was snapped right out of his thoughts. He smiled at you. “I’m ok.”

“You seem nervous,” you pointed out.

He scoffed. “What? Me? Nervous?” He laughed a little, licking his lips.

Dimitri just giggled. “You’ll know why he’s nervous later, Momma.”

Both you and Barry stared at the four-year-old. You tilted your head. “Mitri, what are you talking about?”

Your son just shrugged. “Nothing.”

Barry grinned a little too wide. “Trust me.” He took your hand in both of his. “I’m fine.”

You smiled softly. How could you say no to Barry? He was using the cheeky, little smile. His eyes were slightly crinkled, highlighting his joy. He even lowered his head, making himself appear smaller. Barry looked like a small puppy. Just seeing Barry happy calmed your nerves.

“Ok,” you sighed with a smile. “Ok.”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

You rolled your eyes. Dimitri had this tendency to use whatever he was holding as an instrument whenever he was excited. Then, your son had a plastic spoon and a wooden table. “Momma, can it be bedtime?”

You tilted your head in confusion. “Bedtime? You hate bedtime.”

“I like bedtime now,” Dimitri stated, as if it was as simple as the concept of gravity.

You laughed. “Ok, Mitri. Uh, I’ll clean up, and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Before Barry could suggest something else, Dimitri was on it. “I wanna bedtime story!” your son exclaimed. “Barry got me a new storybook!”

You smiled at Barry. “You got him a book?”

Barry shrugged. “Yeah. We both liked the plot.”

“All righty then.” You clapped your hands. “Story time.”

You tucked your son in as Barry leaned against the doorframe. Dimitri handed you the book. “I think you’ll like it a lot.”

You read the title. “The Life of a Superhero,” you began. “One day, one young man’s fate was changed. Some extraordinary happened, making him the extraordinary. The man, with his powers, helped others. He had a long journey. It was difficult. He had friends along the way, but something was missing. Then, the hero met his one true love. The two were perfect for each other. They completed each other. It was almost perfect. However, the hero had one question on his mind. With permission from his love’s son…” You paused. A picture of a masked hero on one knee was on the last page. You smiled at a loss for words.

You lowered the book and gasped. Barry, your boyfriend, was on one knee with a shy smile on his face. “With permission from his true love’s son, the hero asked for his true love’s hand,” he whispered. “(Y/n), will you do me the greatest honor, and marry me?”

You smiled, tears in your eyes. You’d think it would be so hard to commit everything to memory. There were so many details in this one frame of memory. However, you could easily picture everything. Barry’s blue and white plaid shirt, his shaking hands, and even the small giggle that escaped from Dimitri’s lips.

You nodded silently. You didn’t trust your words to articulate any of your thoughts.

Barry laughed. He smiled. His eyes crinkled a little. He jumped up, wrapped his arms around you, and spun you around.

You laughed, feeling your spirit soar.

As Barry set you down, he leaned his forehead against yours. He beamed. “I love you so much, (Y/n).”

You grinned. “I love you, too, Barry.”

Barry licked his lips. Your boyfriend, well, fiancé, slipped the ring on your finger. However, none of you watched as you gazed into each other’s eyes.

Barry kissed you sweetly, holding you tightly against him. You kissed him back, pulling him closer to you.

“Barry’s my dad!” shouted Dimitri, jumping off the bed and hugged both of your legs. You laughed, picking the boy up. “Yes, yes he will be.” You smiled and kissed Barry on the cheek. “And my husband.”

Phew! That took longer than expected, guys! But, I hope you all like it! I really like it, despite the fact that I rushed through ti. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Love you all!

EDIT: What’s this? A Part 3!And I’m working on a Part 4??? What? You should read Part 3 to prepare for upcoming Part 4….. Just a suggestion.

EDIT:  Part 4 ′s done! You’ve done all this preparing for something. Might as well click it. You know, if you want.

EDIT: Part 5 is up!

Creepypasta #551: Retractions

Something about newsprint… the smell, the texture… always intrigued me. I can trace it all back to when I was a kid, playing under the dining room table. Within this shelter of table legs coupled with the legs of adults, I created an entire world of made-up, half-baked adventures.

Every so often, a page from the newspaper would descend to my level, working its way back and forth through the air before making that final, decisive slash toward the floor.

These discarded, lost pages would become any number of playthings. Boats, hats, (same thing), or even perfectly rectangular islands. If they were crumpled, all the better for mountain exploring.

Through these pages I learned little bits of world events, just what my attention span would allow. I learned who “Fergie” was… no, not THAT Fergie… I saw Princess Diana marrying some guy, and I saw the Challenger exploding in mid-air.

This is part of why I was hit by a mixture of nostalgia and guilt when, as an adult, I saw someone trying to sell newspaper subscriptions. The guilt came from the fact I’d gotten all my news from television and the web for a little over a decade.

The newspaper guy was standing near the entryway of the local supermarket. He had a folding table of “The Morning Star” newspapers, all crisp and folded and lined up like perfect roof tiles.

“Hey,” he was basically accosting anyone who passed, “Can I interest you in a free newspaper?” People shook their head “no” or just blew past without acknowledging him.

The guy looked exhausted. His face was stubbly, and his clothes looked as if he’d put them on in his car. He might’ve lived in his car, for all I could see… with only heaps of newspapers to keep him warm.

“Hey,” he noticed my interest and locked eyes, my mistake, “Can I interest you in a free newspaper?”

The situation struck me as so awkward that, before I even thought about what I was doing, I had stepped up to the table. I had now abandoned my safe distance in which I could have forgivably ignored him.

“What’s the deal?” I asked, casting my eyes to the papers instead of the man.

“The papers are free, and we’d like you to sign up for a trial subscription. You can cancel at any time.”

“Well… Okay. What do I have to do?”

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Fairy Tail 516 Review

Alright here’s my review of FT chapter 516 titled “The Truth About Enchantment”

And once again we have a cover page that can be added to my ever expanding FT edition L.L. Bean catalogue. When Hiro stops doing glamour shots, I’ll stop making jokes. In all honesty this is a really nice shot of Lucy. Yeah sure there’s some cleavage but it looks good.

We start off with Erza reaffirming that she doesn’t care that they’re family and Irene says it’s a shame because she thought revealing thing to Erza would change her mind about fighting. I don’t know Irene after calling her trash last chapter I don’t think she’s in the mood to join you. I guess Irene’s strategy may have been to lower Erza’s guard then kill her but still seems a little crazy.

Oh my god. Erza is fighting someone using back up and not just going in like a tank. Is hell freezing over? Also that line of dialogue Irene had about beating her with “merely using magical powers”, how else they beat you? This is a world of magic, hell, it’s not even like an element attack was hitting her, it was Erza’s swords not powered up so that line really feels dumb as if say that Erza should just stop using the sword’s magic and just use them plainly and that’ll defeat her. Look I don’t usualy try to hark on dialogue ut it was just so stupid and stupid is a common thing in this chapter.

Oh my god i was making a joke last time with this armor being like a playboy bunny outfit but with the little fuzzy tail on the back, this really is an armored playboy suit. Some people have a problem with Erza’s armor’s being so revealing, I don’t have a problem with fanservice or the revealing/skimpy nature of Erza’s armors. But my problem is this is just a stupid idea for an armor. Some people hate the sea Empress armor but y’know it at least had a theme and could be argued that it’s based of mermaids and mermen who are often portrayed with not that much clothing. Plus, sea empress’s power was to control water, so at least it was cool enough to justify its design.

Okay right back to the story

Umm Wendy. How did you figure out the truth about the dragon soul spell? Not to my recollection did you learn about it. Also Erza seems to have put two and two together to figure out that Natsu has a dragon seed as well.

We then cut away to find natsu in his heart. Again.

So we learn from Igneel (who is possibly the new spirit guide). That the dragon seed grows with the darkness the dragon slayer carrys. More on that later. But through dragon soul Igneel and the other slayers dragons ceased it’s growth.

Okay not going to lie, that is a freaking awesome and badass shot of Igneel, like if anything this is the best thing about this chapter.

So according to Igneel the demon seed is trying to merge with the dragon seed and that’s the reason Natsu’s dying. Okay that would be an alright explanation if, y’know, we didn’t have Zeref already shoot a hole in the book of END. These two seeds would be an alright explanation if we didn’t already have the book which has been shown before in the series, and a better answer than one that was just established 3 chapters ago.

Okay so Iren is enraged that there was a solution to the dragonification all along. And since Belserion died she couldn’t use dragon soul if she wanted to. It makes sense she took Belserion’s name because she most likely had her douche husband’s last name and after all that crap he did to her she probably doesn’t want to be reminded of him. But one of my complaints is still, how did Irene become this way? Yes, we have the torture explanation which really only explains why she should want to be human. But this personality now, how did she become like this?I called her a petty Queen last time and that’s accurate for all of her posturing she seems almost childish like right now claiming it’s not fair. Now that could just be she really despised being put through all that suffering.

So after a quick back and forth Erza power up by Wendy’s support manages to land a blow on Irene. Now if some one is going to complain that Wendy used detachment magic when she never has before, I’m going to say that in universe, thanks to the time skip, she trained over the last year and picked up a new ability.

Oh my god how strong was that hat. I mean yeah we se Erza cut it and Irene is bleeding but Erza’s power was reinforced thanks to Wendy’s enchantment, Irene’s head should be split open. Anyway Irene explains how she failed with enchanting Erza was because she was a baby and the two were related.

Oh no… No you have got kidding me…

Originally posted by boldlygiffing

That is my actual reaction when I first read this…

This is so stupid. Okay first off, enchanting personality can only happen if one is compatible, okay that makes sense not even for just personality but enchanting anything in general. I mean it’s not like your going to enchant the land with the berserker enchantment. Why couldn’t she enchant her personality into Erza, if you had said she was a baby and Irene would basically be helpless in that form, fair enough but your family. Family should be the MOST compatible but instead it’s the only reason you can’t enchant on to Erza. Yes, Wendy and Irene share enough qualities but now I have to ask, how did you enchant personalities of Juliet and Heine to swords? Only similarity was they were black and white but maybe you could make the case that Irene is talking about enchanting to other living beings and Juliet and Heine were enchanted to swords, so there may be some difference. But know we just have Irene’s line that “my magic has decreased a bit”. Welp, you just wrote how Erza will beat you. You are so OP that you need to take the body of someone who’s weaker. It’s so stupid.

Post Chapter follow up: I didn’t like it. This is just a dumb chapter but going into it I was already well aware that it would be dumb so my expectations weren’t all that high but this.

I’ll start out with what I liked about the chapter which was, surprisingly, Natsu talking with Igneel in his heart. I was surprised that Natsu was actually thinking about Igneel being out of him that maybe that’s why the seed’s being affected. I’m happy when Natsu isn’t being an idiot most the time. It also made a lot of sense for Igneel to be here as the spirit guide, seeing as this is a dragon problem and that Igneel has lived inside him for so long already.

The mention of the demon seed isn’t dumb. Invel stated that Gray’s devil slaying magic was similar to the “seeds” of darkness. Perhaps these seeds aren’t just indication that Natsu’s a demon but is what makes demon/devil magic unique, maybe even the start of curses and anti ethernano. But this is just speculation, I hope Hiro does find some way to tie the seeds of darkness Invel talked about to this in some way as well as zeref.

The rest of the chapter is mainly stupid. The armor Erza is wearing has no designation of what it is or why it seems the most effective against Irene when really it’s power is just “Really powerful sword” which is not only underwhelming but also makes me pine for all the pre time skip armors. While I’m one who doesn’t delve into the nitpicky too often the Playboy bunny thing is just stupid.

As for Wendy being enchanted, I just find it incredibly dumb. Now I understand why Irene wouldn’t  just enchant on to acnologia when she saw him because she wants to be a human and he’s a dragon so it wouldn’t work. But from a narrative perspective it’s obvious why Hiro did this, Irene is too OP that so she needed to be decreased so there was a logical reason Erza could kick her ass. But it is just dumb way of doing it, making a character lose her body is just ridiculous, the only advantage might be that Erza is going to not want to fight a member of her “true family”.

And my biggest point is Irene’s personality being twisted. While I think her psychological breakdown is only enough to justify wanting to be human again, the rest is just but this current attitude is what makes me scratch my head the most. I don’t know if this is intentional or not but “Irene Belserion born anew” is fitting. Because now Irene has a body that reflects what she acts like now. A child. Someone who whines when something is unfair, someone who uses their great magic for petty torture, and someone who hasn’t grown up, and someone who doesn’t realize that she’s taking advantage of people the same way she was taken advantage of and doesn’t seem to realize that doing that is how she became this way.

Final verdict: 3/10

  • Some ideas presented were good
  • While expecting it to be bad, this was just far more than I was expecting
  • the stupid moments aren’t even something I can see fans looking over
Like You A Latte (2/4)

A/N: Heavy on the Captain Cobra this chapter, but I suppose it’s fitting after yesterday ;)))

Summary: A horrible bout of writer’s block brings novelist Killian Jones to the charming little town of Storybrooke, Maine, where single mother and coffee shop owner, Emma Swan, proves to be the exact spark of inspiration he needs to finish the first book in his new series. (Coffee Shop AU)

Words: 3,694 | Rating: T | ao3



A blur of motion startles Killian as he rounds a corner on his way back to his table from the restroom, making him jump with surprise when he almost bowls over the small frame. It’s a familiar face he stares into, one he’d briefly met just yesterday, in fact.

“Hi again,” the young lad says, warm hazel eyes dancing with mischief as he waves cheerfully at Killian.

The grin tugs up the corners of Killian’s mouth before he can stop it, incredibly charmed by the strong-willed child who appears to have a penchant for disobeying his mother. (He shares her chin too, a fact he’ll have to remember to write down later.) “Hello. You’re Henry, aren’t you?”

Henry’s eyes go wide at that, jaw dropping open in complete surprise. “You remembered.”

The look on his face alone is enough to make Killian feel like the hero of the series he’d written that Henry appears to be so fond of. Killian chuckles and doesn’t even hesitate to crouch down so he and Henry are closer to eye-level. He’s been at enough book signings and met enough fans to recognize the shock and delight that comes with being acknowledged in some way by someone they deeply admire. It’s something he’s still unused to, the bit of celebrity that has come with writing a worldwide bestseller, but he finds that he deals with it better in small doses. One little fan is easy and great, but a horde of fifty like a previous encounter flying into LAX a few summers back? Not so much.

“Would you like to sit with me today?” he asks Henry.


“If it’s not too much trouble, of course. I’m rather keen to hear your thoughts on the ‘Lost Boy’ series.”

Henry’s beaming smile is almost blinding, until it suddenly falls as he casts a nervous glance over his shoulder. “I’d love to, like, a lot…but my mom-”

“Don’t worry about Emma,” Killian shakes his head, smiling again. “I’ll take care of it if the need arises.”

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