I had a lot of fun

I haven’t posted anything here in a while and I apologize for that. School has drained me of a lot of energy artistically, physically, and emotionally. Though I do still enjoy it I’ve just had a hard time fitting personal art into my schedule. 

Anyways, here is the first piece in a series of drawings that I’m (hoping) to work on over the next few weeks. 

I had this idea while looks at cute pictures of dogs and basically I’m drawing the main characters of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns with dogs that remind me of them!!!

So of course I started with Ardeth since he’s my ultimate favorite character of all time. And the dog accompanying him is the the Saluki, a sighthound that was at one time the official royal dog of ancient and modern Egypt! They’re used for hunting in the middle east and are one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world. Many nomadic tribes have also adopted salukis into tradition.

I have multiple reasons for associating the Saluki with Ardeth. 

  •  Physically, the Saluki reminds me a lot of him. I mean, their ears look like locks of finely curled hair, which is reminiscent of Ardeth’s own hairstyle. They’re also very lean and agile dogs. 
  • I also chose them because of personality. Salukis are very reserved and calm dogs that can seem aloof at first, but they are actually quite affectionate and extremely gentle. If not socialized with early in life, Salukis can become shy and withdrawn from people. 

As soon as I get free time I will begin to work on Rick and the dog I associate with him. I can’t decide if I want to draw a German shepard or a golden retriever. I’ll find out soon.

EXO In Vancouver
  • Mkay so I'm seeing a lot of negative things about the EXO concert in Vancouver and I just need to clarify some things.
  • First off, Suho did NOT cry. I don't know where that came from, but it definitely didn't happen. Also, the members repeatedly and politely asked those in the pit to step away from the stage for their safety. They didn't seem mad or anything, they were simply concerned for their fans.
  • Yes, I will admit that the pit seemed pretty crazy. There were a lot of people getting injured and we almost didn't get an encore because of it. I'm not entirely sure what went down, but the injuries eventually stopped and the concert went on smoothly.
  • Overall, it was a really fabulous concert and everyone, including the EXO boys, seemed to be enjoying themselves. I know that I had a lot of fun! Although, my good mood was sort of ruined by all the negativity I saw on the internet afterwards.
  • Honestly, most of these people don't know what they're saying, because they weren't even there. The concert wasn't nearly as bad as it may seem. So please don't think that Vancouver was a total disaster, because it definitely was worth leaving school early and driving for six hours straight.
  • I hope that everyone in Dallas and Vancouver had a good time, and that everyone else attending the concerts to come will have a good time as well!

We’ve had a lot of fun as a little troupe. Jason, it’s funny. I mean, the demands of this shoot schedule have led to a situation where two Aussie guys in the same cast haven’t even had a beer together yet, which I’m pretty embarrassed about, to be honest. But it’s the truth. And I think that’s just a testament to how hard everyone’s been working. It’s been nuts.
- Jai Courtney, Inflitration and Termination

I don’t know I like to make fun of Kylo Ren a lot but I get really defensive when people act like him being “ridiculous” and “easy to make fun of” is the same as him being a bad character

I had someone literally tell me they thought Darth Maul was a better villain than Kylo Ren because Kylo Ren was “too whiny” and that meant he “isn’t scary.” Like I mean objectively I can’t dispute that because I too would be afraid to open my door and see Darth Maul standing there, but I’m sorry if you can’t recognize the merits of a character with some humanity and the suggestion of an upcoming actual character arc over a guy with a scary face who can do super-fast flips and cut you with his sword

savvy-kaye asked:

Hey! So it's musical season at my school, and it's my first time doing pit orchestra. ((I don't know why I thought I would be smart and do that on top of 4 AP classes and 2 ensembles….)) Anyways I was just wondering if you had any tips on how not to stress out too bad during tech week when I'm unable to do something I consider relaxing. ((Does that make sense? Wording isn't my strong suit haha!))

i fEEEEEEEEL U OMG i do pit orchestra too!!!!  its so fun aaaaa

here are my tech week survival tips [or just for when u busy]:

  • prioritize ur tasks!!!! [i use my bujo]
  • use extra time at school to do hw
  • drink a LOT of water bc ur playing a lot
  • simplify how u tackle homework
  • spread out ur work over the week
  • how i minimize stress video 

good luck!!!!

((Hi, mun Lovenu here! Just a reminder that this blog is STILL active, I haven’t abandoned it, but school has hit me hard and I haven’t had as much chance to answer questions.

I do plan on getting back to this askblog as soon as I can though, I guarantee. This blog is honestly so much fun and it means a lot that it has so much support.

Again, I apologize about all this, but I will respond to asks as soon as I can.))

Here in my abyssssssss. Just dropped this new Brain of Mensis here. Fun to drop down here in the abyss. But you know what I like a lot more than great one’s wisdom? this new Brain of Mensis here. But you know what I like a lot more than the new Brain of Mensis here? My Byrgenwerth lecture talk where I talk about this new Brain of Mensis here. Oh. Oh. Ohohohohohohooo. In fact I’m a lot more proud of these seven new abysses that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new Brain of Mensis. It’s like the Keeper of the Nightmare Micolash says, “Kos or some say Kosm.” In fact, the real reason I keep this Brain of Mensis, is the real reason I keep this Brain of Mensis here is that it’s a reminder. A reminder that dreams are still possible because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little Brain of Mensis sleeping in a nightmare in Mergo’s Loft with only forty seven billion blood echoes in my blood echoes account, and forty seven Brain of Mensises in my Brain of Mensis account, and only forty seven abysses in my abysses account, and only forty seven Bygernwerth lectures where I talk about Micolash in my Byrgenwerth Lectures where I talk about Micolash account. But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a Brain of Mensis, and another Brain of Mensis, and a few more Brains of Mensis. I found five Brains of Mensis. I don’t call it humanity anymore I call it insight. You must have enough insight. You must have enough Brain of Mensises. You must CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL CHALICES.

The Button Habit

Philip has been in my inbox (wheeeyyyy) with a genius prompt:

What about a new instalment of the habit series where Mer (or Owen or Maggie) keeps finding buttons around the house because Amelia keeps ripping Owen’s shirts open and sending the buttons flying?

I loved it and took that as a basic concept (and was slightly inspired by Room, if you’ve read that book…)

I keep finding buttons.

I used to think Uncle Owen had magical powers to make people happy.

He made Auntie Cristina smile lots a long time ago. That was when I was little. Then Auntie Cristina left and Uncle Owen stopped coming to our house. I saw him at the hospital though and he looked different and sad. He wasn’t like Uncle Owen. I was pretty sure somebody had taken his special powers away…

Until Auntie Amelia came along and gave them back. That was a fun day. Mummy was at work and Daddy was at President’s house so Auntie Amelia was babysitting us. She said it was too hot for clothes and let us play in the paddling pool with the hose. Uncle Owen came around with a bottle of water. I got a bit confused. We didn’t need water. We had lots of water in the fridge and the tap but Auntie Amelia invited him in anyway. He even had his swimming shorts with him which I thought was lucky. We played outside for hours. We made a slide, we splashed and we had a water fight. Auntie Amelia laughed more than usual and Uncle Owen had his special powers back.

After Daddy went to heaven, Bailey cried all the time. I cried a lot too but Mummy said I was brave, and a big girl, so that’s why Bailey was crying more. He even cried when we came back to Seattle with Ellis and saw everyone again. It was so annoying and he always looked so grumpy. Nobody could make him happy except mummy- not Auntie Amelia, not Auntie Maggie, not Uncle Alex.

Uncle Owen came around with some toys and I was so excited to see him. He stayed for dinner and sat in between Auntie Amelia and Bailey. He poked Bailey’s nose and made a silly noise that made him smile. I didn’t think Bailey remembered how to smile. Then Uncle Owen let Bailey poke his nose and made an even sillier noise that made them both laugh. I thought Bailey forgot how to giggle as well, but he was doing it. He was smiling and laughing and looked funny because he had a spaghetti hoop on his chin! That’s when I knew Uncle Owen had magical powers.

I keep finding buttons.

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Scrapped concepts for Round 3. I’m a bit sad that I won’t get to draw these outfits becuase Api and Enzo look so cool! But I drew these when I didn’t have an idea for what to do in this round and now they don’t make sense anymore for what I have in mind. I had a lot of fun designing these outfits though (they’re all steampunk inspired).


I had to delete the tumblr app from my phone for space and in that time i guess i forgot the password for my tumblr and couldn’t log in for a few weeks because i am forgetful and stupid

expect a post dump soon, i still do not have my desktop which a lot of unfinished pics are on, so i’ve been using this awful slow laptop to draw on and it’s been impossible :,D moving was fun

We had a really productive morning, unpacking boxes, running laundry, getting settled. And honestly, we had a lot of fun!
It’s days like today that remind me how thankful I am to have a spouse who makes things like unpacking have meaning and quality.
We danced around, singing while moving laundry, we laughed hysterically through some of the boxes, D would smack my butt every time I’d walk by, and when I got tired, I sat on our bed while he held items up and put them where I directed.
We paused for lunch, and I woke up three hours later while he was doing dishes. I’m so thankful to have a husband who is selfless, and kind, and funny. Truly my best friend.

He makes my Saturday mornings refreshing.