I had a lot of fun

Patton also said the new dynamic between Barry and Iris is “really fun.” She laughed thinking back to their scenes, “Some of the stuff Grant and I have been shooting has been some of my favorite stuff, lots of really great banter and interaction. There’s one scene that happens that I smile when I think back [to it]. It’s one of the best times I’ve had so far. I think fans will really enjoy the Barry-Iris dynamic. It’s very good. So cute. It’s so cute.” She gushed.
—  Collider

‘He has a bandolier of thread, he has ribbons tied on – all things he can make a hat with at any moment. At the first fitting I found all these crazy thimbles and showed them to Johnny. He stuck them on his fingers and started playing music on them. We had a lot of fun with all those bits that add to the character and he can use when he’s doing the part.’

Colleen Atwood - costume designer [x]

There’s virtually no reason why you shouldn’t try.

Went I first went vegan, I was an activist. I went around, asking people to sign petitions, to get involved, to become aware. I was filled with a lot of passion, and none of my peers (none that I took seriously, anyway) made fun of me or told me it didn’t matter. Perhaps it was because we were all so young and so many of us were interested in positively changing the future for the better. We had open minds and open hearts. 

I spent a long time collecting information, analyzing studies and statistics and reading and watching and absorbing so that I could be a good advocate for veganism and animal rights. I had met many people who expressed misunderstandings about animals’ lives and the state of their treatment in society, and I had a die-hard wish to dispel those misconceptions, because I felt that the closer we approach the truth, the more we alter our behaviour to match that truth. Simply put, deep down I felt that exploitation took root in a simple ignorance of fact, and not from a place of malice.

The longer I have been an advocate, the more I have been proven wrong about this belief. There are many people who know and don’t care; there are many more who refuse to open themselves to new information that might challenge their preconceived notions of moral treatment towards animals (or how human rights and the environment are connected to the issue). There are also millions of people who fabricate an overly complex philosophy that justifies unnecessary harm to others under the guise of transcendentalism or being “above it all”. Sufficed to say, people’s reactions towards animal rights, and especially just vegans as people, has given me a lot to think about. Sometimes it has made me blindingly angry at how horrible people can be, other times it has made me crushingly sad. Too many times, I think, has it made me want to shut off my emotions from other human beings in an attempt not to be harmed by it.

I still desperately want to change the minds of others for the better, and I know that thousands of people have their minds changed, even slightly, every day - a change that pushes them towards feeling again that we can do good, that we are responsible for the world we live in, and that unnecessary harm is never permissible. But I’ve also resigned myself to a very cold reality where there are droves of other sentient, feeling, living people who hold a very rabid hatred towards me and people like me who seek to challenge their way of living. Often I forget that it exists. Often I forget that this issue is responded to with anything from mockery to outright vitriolic rage. It is sad to see people say they want you to die because you are trying to prevent unnecessary death and torture. It is sad to see people make very unoriginal and trite jokes because you’re defending a very serious, complex cause.

There are many, many reasons to be vegan and very few reasons for the vast majority people to reject this change in their lives. And there is virtually no reason why you shouldn’t at least try. Genuinely trying, without shielding your current worldview from criticism in a blanket of excuses, can only benefit you. There are millions who stand to benefit from everyone (myself included) being more willing to make changes for the better.

Before you let your mind pull up barriers and excuses for why you shouldn’t try, think about the myriad reasons why you should.

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Because I know you're into languages, and I'm curious (and mean...you might hate this): pick three languages -- what's your favorite word (or one of them) in each and why?

Hey, man, thanks for writing - that’s an excellent question, and I had a lot of fun thinking this over.

So, I’m going to exclude Italian, my native language, otherwise we’ll be here all day, and I’m going to pick English, French and German instead.

I have to say - I used to have a lot more fun learning new words when I wasn’t trying to work with them. Before these studies, I was always happy to discover a word I didn’t know, and the more absurd, the better; now the whole thing has become sort of a prickly issue - first because it can be downright dangerous not to know a word or an expression (only last week I was interpreting a French speaker who said, “So now they really have a potato in a pot” and I’d never heard that saying before and I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing and aaaaaargh), and second because every time I read or hear stuff my brain now goes directly to ‘how do I translate this shit’, and there is never an exact equivalence and man, if I were a translator, and not an interpreter, this would bug me to death.

(Instead it just bugs me to illness, or something.

Like, recently I had an English speech mentioning filibustering. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is the act of preventing normal Parliament work, mostly by speaking for hours so a vote can’t take place. In Italian, there is a direct equivalent for that, which is ostruzionismo - you can see the word obstruct in there, and to be fair, ostruzionismo is an okay word and does its job - but the thing is, it misses the whole subcontext leading directly to pirates and things, which is the part I love about the English word.

Bloody pirates, man.



Schmetterling (‘butterfly’). I think this word has everything, really; or, at least, everything you need to understand how German thinks. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with German because of long and complex reasons I won’t get into, and this word sort of exemplifies why I am sometimes very wary and fed up with the language - it’s ugly and difficult and hateful and completely unnecessary for such a delicate creature. Have you tried pronouncing it? Schmetterling. Ugh. But the thing is, if you look at it a bit more closely, you find that the schmetter- part actually comes from Czech (smetana, ‘cream’) and the -ling suffix, like in English, means something like ‘creature, child, belonging to’. So Schmetterling is really a direct equivalent of butterfly, and is, in fact, more romantic and cuter than butterfly (which, as words go, is a bit gross, if you stop and look at it). Butterflies are ‘creamlings’, ‘cream creatures’, because they will come and lick up cream if you leave any out. Or, at least, that’s what our ancestors used to think - I’ve no idea if this still works. Maybe butterflies are watching their cholesterol intake now. Anyway, there you go. German words can be a bit ungainly when you first meet them, but they’ve got all this complicated thinking and clever history behind them - in this case, a reminder of how much of a recent concept ‘Western Europe’ is, because, of course, back then we used to have a ‘Middle Europe’ and Germanic languages had quite the love story with Slavic languages.


Clavarder (‘online chatting’). This is a verb used in Québec, and it comes from two different words - clavier (‘keyboard’) and bavarder (‘to chat’). I like it a lot because it sounds funny and also exemplifies this admirable and very French tendency to protect your own language at all cost (and if your whole continent speaks English, well, fuck them - you’re going to keep speaking French, and hope they come to their senses). As an added bonus, clavarder solves a very awkward problem. When online chats became popular, languages like Italian were like, okay, whateva -

- and just created a new verb for online chatting: chattare, in our case. But French was faced with an embarrassing situation - chat means ‘cat’, of course, and chatte, ‘female cat’ - but, like in English, it also means ‘pussy’ (the fun kind). So it was a bit weird to create a verb chatter, because it just looks - uh. In Québec, they just worked around the problem (we all know that people who live in cold climates tend to be no nonsense problem solvers), and in France they kept ‘to chat’ but adapted it to make sure people would pronounce it the non sexy way - hence the clunky spelling tchatter.


I’m not saying English can’t be complicated, but what I love about it is how creative and direct it can be. So, sure, The Economist wrote last week about prelapsarian this and that (“In the prelapsarian days before Britain kicked itself out of the European Union, a charming campaign called ‘Hug-a-Brit’ was waged in Brussels…”) and I had to go and look it up and I adored it, but that’s not why I love English so damn much. No, if I had to pick a favourite word of sort, it’d be those verbs borrowed from animal names. To ‘ferret’ or ‘squirrel’ something away, to ‘worm’ yourself out of a situation, ‘horsing’ around, ‘dogging’ someone, ‘badgering’ someone, to ‘weasel out’ of something. These words tick both items on my list - one, they are so damn flexible - they used to be nouns, and now BAM, they’re verbs, and deal with it. In other languages, like Italian, you’d have to twist them in some way - from gatto, 'cat’, you do get sgattaiolare, which means to act in a circumspect way and generally tiptoe your way around, but as you can see they’re two very different words. And two: their meaning is so visual and so immediately clear - in Italian we can traslate those concepts, and while sometimes we need entire paragraphs, for other stuff we do have very nice words (assillare for dogging someone, for instance) - but I find Italian much less visual and in your face, probably because it comes from Latin, which means things were in your face for them, and now too much time has gone by and the skin of our words is way too thick and all they are is sound. For instance, something like strazio, which means acute and severe pain, is perfectly understandable to all Italians (and often used ironically or metaphorically, if anyone’s learning the language: Questo spettacolo è uno strazio), but we can’t feel it against our skins or anything like that. It’s just a sound. But when a Roman used distractio, which is the same word - well, for him it would come directly from the verb distrahere, which means ‘to dismember’, and the verb is very violent - literally, it suggests the idea of pulling things in two different directions, and you could really see what was going on when the word was on your lips, and it would probably make you feel a bit queasy.

Unless you were a psychopath, or something.

Sorry, this became a novel. Let’s hope tumblr stays open, because I could never be on Twitter. 140 characters - as if. Thanks again for your question and have a great day!

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Do you mind doing some father daughter headcanons for Mccree, Soldier 76 and Reaper. (Preferably if the daughter is the eldest and the only girl)

I sure can darlin’ ! (☞゚∀゚)☞ I had a lot of fun writing this too. Bless your soul anon <3


  • Teach her some basic techniques with a gun. But he would tell them to never touch a gun unless they have to.
  • Smother his daughter with fatherly affection and pout if he sees his daughter spending more time with her friends than her own dad (sorry Pops!
  • If he sees his daughter spending time with guys he will act like his cool self but his eyes will glint a look that says “touch-my-daughter-and-I-will-beat-the-crap-outta-ya” 
  • Overall very protective and always wants his daughter to tell him that is going on through her mind.
  • The dad that everyone loves

Solider 76:

  • Solider 76 would be the strict and kinda quiet dad
  • If his daughter asks him to tell him stories from his missions he won’t be super vocal about it. He doesn’t want to relive those memories. But he will tell her funny stories about his team members during Overwatch’s golden age
  • Teach her some basic martial arts and fill her phone will contact information of every Overwatch member if she were to face an emergency.
  • This guy would do ANYTHING to see his daughter safe and happy because she means the world to him and cannot bear the thought of having his daughter harmed.
  • Would definitely be that father who would wake her up early in the morning just to workout with him. he feels it is important that she is in tip top shape.
  • Always worrying when he is away from his daughter.


  • Reaper would have the title of the most over protective dad on the planet
  • Would 100% teach her his native language and his traditions
  • Not too keen on the idea of having his only daughter having to protect herself if something goes wrong, but he will do so because who knows if someone goes after his daughter instead of him
  • He would teach his daughter how to use a gun 
  • Totally that dad who would call or text message her every hour to check up on her.
  • he might seem like a man incapable to showing happiness or love, but damn does he love his daughter to the moon and back.
  • Will not tell his daughter about the missions he goes on or recall the past.
  • The two of them would bond through watching dramas.
  • Doesn’t like ANYONE going near his daughter but tries to calm down because he knows that this would happen and needs to stop being so clingy over his daughter.

~Mod Rose


@flavntstreetwear he/him/his pins 👌🏼

Fun fact: I have this weird compulsion where I need to match the colors I’m wearing. So in order to take pictures of these awesome pins I had a lot of costume changes (complete with matching boxers) and I basically had a photo shoot alone in my room.

Fun fact: I’m a loser.

Mermaid!AU Tristana!

Here’s today’s exercise! When I saw this on my dashboard I couldn’t resist and I tried to color it. I surely have to practice more, I feel like I’m starting to paint differently from what I’m trying to learn from (could this be the beginning of my own style!?), but I had a lot of fun!

You can find the original drawing here! Once again, thanks for having let me use this!

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since i only watched snk november 2015 i keep seeing glimpses of the 2013/2014 snk fandom and honestly it looks fucking terrifying but it also kinda looks like it'd be fun to participate in or at least witness it while the show was going on or a little after it had ended. but since you've experienced the fandom back then and now, which do you prefer?

I definitely have a lot of nostalgia for the Attack on Titan fandom back in 2013 and 2014. There were definitely some high levels of drama in some areas, but I always felt that was made up for by a lot of positive and hilarious content. Nowadays it seems like everyone who is still left are just tired and bitter and exhausted, defeated by the long wait for another animated season, unsatisfied with waiting for only monthly updates of the manga, and we’re more prone to snap at each other without much positive or funny content to help kind of wash those things away and remind us why we love being in this fandom. It’s a lot more tiring being in the fandom now than it used to be, and it doesn’t help that a lot of the content creators moved onto other things (understandably so). 

We’re hoping that with season two, a lot of that activity will return. There’s always been some toxic things about the SnK fandom, but to have some of that fun and positivity back, that will be a huge breath of fresh air. I can have my complaints about the SnK fandom and even some of the people that are here but, this fandom is ultimately why I decided to watch the series in the first place, and we’re dysfunctional as hell but we’re like a big family as far as I’m concerned, and I’m glad to still be on the ride even though our waiting periods suck and we don’t always get along. Season two will be worth it though, and I’m sure beyond that will be, too.

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Was it more difficult to learn English than it would've been had had you been able to hear? I'm just curious, since I know English is one of the world's most confusing languages to learn.

Yup! One of most confusing language, and that’s right for sure.

I only started taking lessons when I was in 3rd grade, in primary school. It was fun at first because it was simple only for beginners but when everything went a bit complicated I sort of gave up. All happened in 5th grade, I think. The entire period had been a bit difficult for me, plus mom even helped me with translating essays and such. That was till I discovered DeviantArt and found out how useful it was. And so that’s how it got me hooked on there, realizing how important is to communicate with people whose English is their native language. Not to mention I did roleplaying A LOT. I could tell ya it kinda helped. XDDD

While aside chatting with anyone, I started to feel encouraged more and more enough to push obstacles over the edge, but nevertheless I STILL have a lot of things to learn. lol Can you imagine how hard it is to teach yourself, especially WHEN you can’t even hear teacher’s explanations!!! Can’t help but find it hilarious that I can’t speak/pronounce even a word in English. LOL

Popcorn War

Originally posted by leelchan

word count: 1,050

genre: angst/fluff

member: Wonwoo x reader (ft. Joshua)

request: “Can u make a scenario where Wonwoo gets jealous of you hanging out with Joshua a lot but then you find out and assure him it’s ok. So like jealous x fluff, it’s ok if you can’t!”

a/n: Of course I can!! Don’t worry about it and have fun reading~! (I also assume Wonwoo and the reader are dating?)

You had only just entered the boys’ dorm before you were trampled by a group of savages. Joshua had invited you over a little while earlier, claiming he and the boys were having a movie night; “It won’t be the same without you! We already have your seat warmed!” At his comment you giggled, and assured him and the others that you were on your way.

The relationship you and Joshua had were like siblings. When you needed help with anything, which ranged from English to even confessing to Wonwoo, he was there, and you were eternally grateful. In return, you swore you’d be his human diary, his wingwoman, his sister, so he knew you’d be there for him when he needed it too.

Joshua was the first to reach you, engulfing you in a bear hug before the others crowded around him and initiated a large group hug. One person stood at the back, waiting patiently for you to be set free, so he could have his own personal hug. As the boys removed their arms from around you, one by one, you could make out the figure of a certain someone standing a few feet away, their gaze fixed on you. The crowd had dispersed, except one person. Joshua was still attached to you, earning a few whistles from the boys and a sinister gaze from Wonwoo. You patted his back and he let go, a smile making its way onto his face. You smiled back and quickly slid off your shoes, making your way to your boyfriend.

Wonwoo stood by the kitchen counter and opened his arms warily when you had approached him. You grinned and walked into his embrace, deeply inhaling his scent. He swayed the both of you side to side, and placed a sloppy kiss on your forehead. Before either of you could say a word, Seungkwan loudly announced that the movie was starting with a loud, “LET IT BE THE SHOWTIME.”

You lightly smiled and lead Wonwoo to the couch. You took a seat and pulled Wonwoo beside you. To your right sat Joshua, holding a large bowl of popcorn in his lap. Wonwoo leaned over and whispered quickly to you, “I’m glad you could make it.” He grabbed your hand and pulled it to his lips, placing a quick kiss on it and replacing it in between the two of you. You smiled, looking over at him briefly before giving the movie your attention.

Not long after the intro, you could faintly hear Joshua munching on his popcorn, and whispering the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger.” You smirked and grabbed a handful of his popcorn, pushing it into your mouth quickly. He looked over at you shocked, his eyes accusing you of a crime.

You stuck your tongue out at him and proceeded to grab another handful. In an attempt to stop you, he grabbed a handful himself and threw it at you. You were stunned, and before you gave it much thought, you threw your handful back at him. You were repressing your giggle, so you wouldn’t be ruining the movie for the other members; Joshua was doing the same, clamping his hand quickly over his mouth before even a squeak could make its way out.

Wonwoo looked over at you and Joshua having a mini popcorn war and frowned. You were giving your attention to Joshua and not to the movie, where you should be cuddled up to your boyfriend’s side, his arm protectively around your shoulders.

He remembered when Joshua would call you, asking if you wanted to catch a movie with him, or even just hang out at the park together. His heart ached just assuming you were cheating on him. He shook his head and laid his eyes on the screen in front of him once again. Before it could gather his attention, he caught a glimpse of you and Joshua picking popcorn out of each other’s hair and feeding it to one another.

His blood boiled, and he needed some space. He hastily got up and huffed out an “I’m going to go get a glass of water” to his members before making his way to the kitchen. You took notice to Wonwoo’s tone, but didn’t think too much of it.

10 minutes had passed and Wonwoo was still taking refuge in the kitchen. After some thought, Joshua leaned over to whisper, “Your boyfriend has something on his mind, go talk to him.” You remembered Wonwoo’s tone of voice and nodded, standing and brushing off the remainder of popcorn left from yours and Joshua’s war. You entered the kitchen quietly, and was faced with Wonwoo’s back. You approached him and muttered a soft, “Wonwoo.” He turned to confront you, a frown on his red face.

A few moments had passed before he broke the silence, heartache attached to his words, “Are you cheating on me with Joshua hyung?” You were exasperated, a loud gasp escaping your lips before your heart, too, began to ache.

“If you are, just tell me and we can end our relationship right now. It looks like you’re having a ton of fun with him anyway…” He looked down and waited for you to reply. You took a step toward him, and placed your hand on his cheek. He lifted his head up slightly, making eye contact with you.

You looked at him adoringly and spoke with caution, “Wonwoo… I’m not cheating on you, I can promise you that much.” Your words were spoken softly, sincerity riding along every syllable. 

“Joshua and I, we’re just great friends. If I were to compare him to someone, I’d say he’s like a big brother to me.” Wonwoo’s frown had disappeared and was instead replaced with his open mouth, an audible gasp escaping him.

“Y/n….” Wonwoo had guilt written all over his face, and you thought he looked rather cute. You smiled up at him, and placed your hands in his.

“Don’t worry, Wonwoo.” You smiled up at him. “Now I know just how much of a caring boyfriend you are.” You giggled and reached up to place a kiss on his cheek.

“And if you want, we can have a popcorn war of our own.” You teased, earning a low groan from him.

a/n: Hope you liked it~! It’s not my best… but I was determined to write this even though it’s like 5 in the morning (please excuse any spelling/grammatical errors!!) :))