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The Wicked Witch

Words: 22k
Genre: Angst, (tiny bit of) Fluff, Drama, Soap Opera!Au
Summary: Your first misfortune is your parents. Your second is your brother. Your third is your husband by the name of Min Yoongi. You will not stop until vengeance has been sought.
Inspired by the idea of combining all Soap Opera/Makjang Kdrama tropes into one story. Based on this drabble.
Warnings: Sham marriages, betrayals, kidnappings, sibling rivalries, deaths, amnesia, infidelity, revenge, etc. Mentions of suicide, car accidents, abuse, etc.


[5 Years Ago]

You should’ve never fallen in love with him.

Your first misfortune lies within the family you were born into - a mother with a wealthy background and a father with ambitious political aspirations. It was a picture perfect family; a blissful marriage and two well rounded children, you and your older brother. But everything was merely skin deep. With the plastered smiles and exaggerated grins, as a young child, your mother would pinch you at your side to-

‘stand taller!’
‘look at that disgusting hair, tame it!’
‘ugh, do you not know how to act like a lady?’

The marriage of your parents was a sham, sleeping in separate bedrooms and leaving for days on end to other people. When they spoke to each other, it was cold and distant. If it wasn’t, then it was screaming and arguing. Though you never felt sadness. You never envied the children who had parents brimming with happiness. That was your reality. What could you do to ever change it? You were numb to it all.

Your second misfortune is the ambitious nature of your brother; a trait he had unfortunately inherited from your father. There was a time, so long ago that you can barely remember, a time where you could be considered close to your sibling. It was when you had no one else in the house but him, someone who cared and protected you. But along the way, with the praise of your parents showered upon the boy and criticisms thrown onto you, a gap was created which only grew with the years that came. Soon, he saw the responsibilities in his future and began to utter the same judgements that your mother always whispered into your ear.

‘We’re not children anymore.’
‘You need to grow up.’
‘Learn how to act like a lady.’

Despite being driven away by your one and only true companion, you should’ve stayed. If you had persisted and fought against him, maybe none of this would’ve happened. Perhaps you could’ve saved his life and yours. But the past cannot be changed.

It was two years ago that your brother was arrested for embezzlement.

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Clara: So, is this some kind of slytherin thing? You know, being all grumpy and mysterious, spending time in the dark woods all by themself.

Doctor: And I guess only gryffindor could be so annoying and think that they have a right to poke their nose into other people’s business.

Clara: I was just curious. Also, do you see that old tree with red leafes? It’s my secret thinking spot.

Doctor: If it’s so secret, why do you tell me about it?

Clara: I don’t know. I guess I like you and your big frowny eyebrows.

Doctor: Oh.

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