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Like You

Summary: You like Gray and have been courting him for almost  year now. His birthday is coming but you don’t have money to buy him a gift because you’re broke. You asked Jay for a part-time job, and he offered you work as mascot for AOMG after party.

A/n: I’ve been reading a lot of khh scenarios and honestly I couldn’t spend a day without thinking of requesting one from great writers. Recently I watched Gray and Loco’s radio hosting and I couldn’t help but admire Gray when he showed concern fr the person inside the mascot. I was having too much fluff feels when I was writing thing this so it got very long. Anyway, please enjoy!


Lee Sunghwa is your perfect man.  He’s kind, talented, tall, good-looking, shy at times, and every conversation you had with him never bored you. Not once. Maybe that’s the effect of liking him or was it the other way around?

In fact, if anyone asked you how he became ‘the one’ as you often described him, you didn’t really know. You never had any physical criteria when liking a guy, okay maybe one – height. He didn’t need to be very tall, but just enough for you to feel comfortable wearing heels and walking beside him. And this is quite strange as you never fancied buying or wearing heels. A pair of high-heeled shoes was, for you, always just a requirement for very special occasions. As an environmental researcher, you wore sneakers or boots, not heels.

This was of course met by Sunghwa. You were short of 4 centimetres than him. But other than that, what made you fall for him was his ability to make you happy. Of course this wasn’t probably his intention whenever he talked to you. He was just being friendly. You were Jay’s friend and no one really wanted to be on the bad side of their CEO’s friends.

The thing is… you fell for him. Hard. Deep. Your feelings grew intense each day that passed that one day you woke up and decided that you better do something or else you’d die from the burning sensation in your chest every time you thought of him. Things were getting out of control. How was it that you missed him even if he’s there in front of you?

So you called him and told him how you felt. On that fateful day when rain poured angrily outside, you dialled his number on your phone and once he answered, you told him that you liked him. “I don’t care if it’s two in the morning and I certainly don’t care if you don’t like me. But I like you and that’s what matters for me.”

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Hey!! Um if you want prompts? I've always loved the idea of Mercy tracing and kiss the scars of Genji's face, idk why it just seems like something she'd do to him ahaha

Soft Gency coming right up; I tossed in some noodles and went off prompt. Woops. 


Throughout her years on the battlefield, Angela had earned a total of ten different scars.

They weren’t bad scars, not by a long shot. Small ones, grazes by a stray bullet, cuts from falling too hard when testing out her suit in the early days. They were nothing anyone would think to be the product of violent combat. The fact she only had ten to speak of was practically a miracle in itself, perhaps the lowest number in comparison to her comrades. 

There were a few reasons she’d made it this long with so few grievous injuries. Her lack of direct combat unless the situation needed it. Her wings, which got her quickly out of danger. Her tech which made it easier to heal smaller wounds. Her friends who worked to keep her safe, even at cost to themselves.

Like Genji. Genji who had enough scars for a lifetime.

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"I'm drunk." @kaaras


Sahlin looked up a little concerned, peering into the Qunari’s eyes a moment before drawing a long slow breath.

“Well, in that case, you should sit down, first, before you fall over. And you’ll probably be wanting some water.” He had potions for hangovers he carried around in his satchel ever since he had managed to make the stuff, never knowing when it might come in handy. He was more concerned that an unsteady Kaaras was likely to topple and hurt himself or others. It was a long way to the ground from up there. 

He pulled Kaaras down into a seat gently, then gave him a firm look.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.” Water. Step one.

IRAQ. Basra governate. Basra. September 19, 2005.

“A British soldier makes his way out of a burning Warrior fighting vehicle in Basra, 340 miles southeast of Baghdad. I remember that day. I remember the risk, fear and danger with mixed feelings: “A man burns in front of my eyes, what should I do?” A part of me says, "This is something that I do not care about,” but the other part says, “The man is suffering. Go and save him. I feel his pain. Oh my Lord, why did you choose me to witness this? I am too weak for this.” Harder than that, insurgents surrounded me — I had to pretend to be joyful but my heart was breaking. After taking this image, I came to hate fire and I avoid the kitchen. I can’t stand seeing my wife cooking. Sadness hung over me for a long time — I hope to one day see the soldier and check on him.”

Photograph: Nabil al-Jurani/AP

British forces took the city on April 6, 2003 after having encountered unexpected resistance in Basra and its environs. In the aftermaths of the Battle of Basra (March 21 – April 6, 2003), several organisations accused the British Army of having committed war crimes such as: 

  • Indiscriminate bombing of heavily civilian-populated areas. Attacks on legitimate military targets must be proportional, and guarantee that the military advantage of such attacks outweigh the possible harm done to civilians. This was not respected.
  • Intentional or unintentional deprivation of essential commodities such as water and electricity. For instance, the Centre for Economic and Social Rights reported that the “Anglo-American deprived one million residents of access to safe drinking water for almost two weeks”, a war crime under the Geneva Convention and Hague Convention.

  • The use of cluster bombs. They are controversial because they can leave unexploded “bomblets” which, like landmines, pose an ongoing threat to civilians. The UK did not acknowledge any use of cluster bombs until 3 April, at which time it maintained that these bombs were not used near dense civilian populations. On 7 April, UK Secretary of Defence Geoff Hoon said he was “confident that the right balance [had] been struck” between avoiding civilian casualties and protecting Coalition troops. On 28 May, Britain said it had used cluster bombs in Basra. According to the UK Ministry of Defence, 2% of these (around 2050) were “duds” that did not explode immediately. UK cluster bombs caused numerous civilian casualties in Basra during the first few days of battle, Human Rights Watch reported.

  • Later investigation has found that coalition bombers used heavy metals, such as lead and mercury. These metals poisoned babies who were born in Basra after 2003, in some cases causing serious birth defects. A 2012 study found that babies born in Basra during 2011 were 17 times more likely to suffer from birth defects than babies born in 1995. These defects most commonly involved damage to the central nervous system. Childhood leukaemia rates have increased substantially. Cancer rates have also increased overall.

  • US and UK forces used depleted uranium munitions in the course of the battle. Depleted uranium used during the 1991 Gulf War had already been responsible for birth defects, epidemics of childhood sickness and cancer among the city’s population. The Basra area reportedly contains the country’s densest concentration of sites contaminated by these weapons. The UK Ministry of Defence later released information on 51 locations in Basra Province where it used depleted uranium munitions.

Without surprise the occupation was extremely uneasy. Contrary to US and UK pre-war declarations, the Shia population of the city did not welcome them. Until British troops transferred control of Basra governorate to the Iraqi authorities in 2007, they were daily plagued by attacks from the Iraqi insurgency (see picture above).

A BBC survey of local residents found that 86% thought the presence of British troops since 2003 had had an overall negative effect on the province.

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12 from the Drabble game. Fluff with Astro Moonbin. Thank you❤️💛💚💙💜. Love your blog

12.“Can I wear one of your sweaters?”

It had been a long day to say the least. Everything seemed to be going wrong, and you struggled to get out of bed, but somehow your boyfriend managed to convince you to come out with him. Though for him, convincing you was easy. All he needed to do was give you his signature pouty face and you were hooked. 

“Jagi!” He hummed as you flung open the door, engulfing you in his arms before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, “I missed you!”

“I missed you too,” you murmured, snuggling into his chest as you took in the scent of his sweater.

“Did you do a wash today?” You asked, lacing your hand with his before closing the door to your apartment. He nodded as you two walked out of your apartment complex, “I did! How could you tell?”

“It doesn’t smell like your cologne, it smells like your detergent,” you giggled.

Upon arriving at the Astro dorm, a place you’d consider your second home considering how many times you had been there, you felt a sudden rush of cold air hit you. It was summer time, and it was hot. You were wondering why in his right mind Moonbin was wearing a sweater this time of year, but now you new exactly why. 

“Ah, why is it so cold in here?” you said as Moonbin shut the door behind you, covering your arms with his hands as he rubbed them up and down in attempts to warm you.

“JinJin likes to keep the temperature so cold that we can see our breath year-round, not just during winter,” Moon Bin said as you both slipped off your shoes. Pouting softly, you let out a soft sigh, taking his hand in yours.

“Binnie~” you hummed, using the pet name you gave him when you two first started dating, knowing he melts every time you do so, “Can I wear one of your sweaters?”

A small smile formed on Moonbins lips as he gripped your hand tightly. “Of course, Jagi,” he said, giving you another kiss on your forehead before making his way to his room. 

He came back moments later with an extra sweater, slipping it over your torso before letting out a soft chuckle.

“What?” you pouted, tangling your fingers in the sleeves of his large sweater.

“You look really cute,” he smiled, bringing you into his chest for another warm hug.

xoxo Sara

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Hey so... for about a year and half now I've been thinking about making a youtube channel. I made the decision to make one in 2016. When January came I got a camera, stand, video editing stuff, ect... the day I was going to film something my oldest sister died. Just dropped dead. Literally. Brain aneurysm. Had to put the project on hold. (Obviously) now it's 7 months later. I've filmed a few things. But can't bring myself to post it. I made a tumbler just to tell a total stranger this.

I’m so sorry for your loss :/ 

First and foremost, if there’s anyone in your life that you can reach out to for guidance and support, please try to talk to them ASAP. I’m honored you chose me to vent to, but if you had to create a tumblr just to find someone to open up to, that’s a little worrying. I MEAN YOU’RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO, to be clear. I’m just saying.

Secondly, you’ve gotta let yourself grieve. That was a traumatic situation and it’s completely understandable that you haven’t been able to bounce back and continue about your business as usual. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make yourself post your videos. Maybe it’s just… not the right time to just dive back into this hobby that brings back such horrible memories. 

I mean, speaking as someone who wouldn’t want her sister to put her life on hold if anything ever happened to me, I definitely don’t think you should give up completely on the YouTube idea?? I’m just saying don’t push yourself too hard. idk maybe just start small. Make what you film personal (like a visual diary or something) and turn your hobby into a kind of therapy until you feel ready to move forward. 

a n y w a y , I’m gonna stop talking. If you ever need or want to vent again, my inbox is open [finger guns]

Her galaxies

We have our days, the days we cherish singing eachother songs through the skype call and laughing at eachother for forgetting the lyrics and finding each others embarrassing playlist and smile at each other for being goofy and enjoying each other as our whole and without judgement. We have are bad days at school and bad days at work or just sitting alone for too long, but we look forward to that skype call even if we are not happy at all. And on nights she is sad I fight to stay up a little bit longer incase you wake up again. Because I want to keep your smile flowing even if there are a couple breaks in it on the way because thats the smile that turns my world upside down when I had gotten so used to looking at it crooked. Her laugh fills my head and takes my demons away and turns them into beautiful butterflies my stomach seems to catch. Her slight little moments and the way she focuses on something amazes me every day. Her hair that she hates because of her curls and how long it is drives her crazy but what I want most for her to know is that I want to get tangled up in her long curls and get lost in every detail that was put into her beautiful goddess worthy body and every curve of soft skin and muscle she has was far more perfectly crafted to care for others the way she does and they way she thinks is like an undiscovered universe there is just so much to know and learn and so much beauty in this single being to not want her for the life that she is about to live but to also share that with her and let her help guide you through her crazy beautiful universe inside and show me all the wonders of her untold stories and to create new ones with her would be the best blessing I’d ever be able to receive. I love her.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out as Louise, too long in fact but that was due to our circumstances, which I’m pleased to say have changed now !

I had a day off work so the obvious thing to do was get all glamed up as Louise and go out with my gf for a while. Only to Tesco food shopping but never the less I was out as my female self, loving it !

It felt amazing to be wearing makeup, boobs, skirt & tights again…..all my favourite things !

One of my favourite skirts, my black wiggle skirt, my new green top and new tights. They’re from uk tights as always, Oroblu Adelle tights in nude, they have little nude coloured polka dots on them which are really sweet.

I will be posting a little more regularly now as it’s easier for me to be Louise where we live now but for now that’s all.

Happy Wednesday, we’re half way to the weekend, woop woop that means I can get glamed up again and be the real me 😉

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"I'm too tiny" fluff!! With Choi Youngjae

3.“I’m too tiny!”

You had invited yourself over to boys’ dorm after a long day at work, your apartment too far for you to walk this late at night. Not like the boys minded you staying over, they loved that you came over frequently, as you were always so nice to them. 

They all had decided that it would be a movie night, something they frequently had whenever they had a day off. Wanting to be helpful and contribute to the movie night set-up, you offered to take care of the snacks. On the way home, you had picked up chips and candies, not bothering to get popcorn as they always had some at their dorm. You arrived, all of the boys greeting you with smiles, half you were sure were fueled by the fact that you were the one that had the snacks. 

Going to the kitchen, you grabbed a couple of bowls, emptying the bags of chips into them before bringing them out to the boys, only to have them be devoured in a few seconds. You chuckled, going back into the kitchen to start making the popcorn.

You searched each cabinet down low for the popcorn, unable to spot it anywhere that was eye level for you. Sighing, you opened the tall cabinets, standing on your tippy toes to reach the cabinet doors. In a dorm for tall boys, you seemed like a dwarf among giants.

Spotting the box of popcorn, you sighed, hopping up on the counter in attempts to reach it.

“(Y/N)!’ you heard Youngjae shriek, making you partially lose balance on the counter. He rushed over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you down into his chest. “What were you doing up there?”

“I’m too tiny!” You pouted, pointing to the box of popcorn, “And i’m on snack duty.”

Youngjae’s smile widened as he shook his head, pressing his lips to your forehead as he reached up and grabbed the popcorn box with ease, “you’re too cute.”

Letters of Note – The Paperback

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Dear All,

It will soon, in October, be three years since the first volume of Letters of Note was published. Three long, surreal years. This was my first book, and making it very nearly broke me into the tiniest of smouldering pieces. My wife, too. And my editor. Oh, and my publisher. Maybe some of you, too, as you waited patiently for delivery of the not-exactly-cheap book you had generously helped to crowdfund approximately a century beforehand. Those were the days. Thankfully, it was worth every minute of the hair-pulling. That book remains, and I imagine will always remain, the highlight of my “working” life. It’s a gorgeous thing of which I am incredibly proud.

On October 6th of this year (UK only right now, sorry) it will be joined by the very pretty edition seen above, photographed just now on my infuriatingly draughty floor. It’s Letters of Note, in paperback form. The same book, magically redesigned to fit in a smaller body. A Letters of Note book that you, a human of average strength, can pick up with one hand. Shield your eyes from the blinding bias as I tell you this: I honestly think it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve held. A copy arrived this morning and I have done almost nothing but gawp at it ever since. I fear I may never stop. It will be available in all sensible bookshops from October 6th—indeed, I would consider boycotting any shops in which you cannot find a copy. Write to your MP or something. Start one of those petitions. The book will also be available on Amazon, no doubt priced at 10p, or maybe even free for Primers, shot right into your mouth by a drone before you’ve even checked out. And who wants that?

If you can, buy it from a shop. A little one. Give your money to a person with a face and make them happy. Tell them you love their bookshop. Have a nice chat. Take a thermos and hand them a cup of hot tea. Give them cakes. When you get home, write them a letter. Send me a copy too. I’m running out.

All my love,  Shaun
P. S. I am joking. Do not get all creepy with people who work in bookshops. 
P. P. S. If for some reason you want to see larger versions of the above photos, go here.


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, you guys are great! I had planned on having all commissions done Monday, but as it is Thursday, you can see that didn’t happen. :c
I am really really sorry! I was doing fine but out of no where I was hit by artblock and depression and I just haven’t been able to shake it. (Also i’m going to my hometown tomorrow for a few days so that’ll eat into commission time too) Again, I apologize for making you guys wait this long! I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you and I am still slowly working on commissions, I just haven’t been motivated enough and I always strive to give you the best I can, which I don’t believe I can do during an artblock.

As for anyone waiting on slots to open, I am hoping to have slots open again by the second week in August!

Thanks again everyone for being super patient and awesome! <333

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I finally got out of the house and ran errands that I'd been putting off for a long time. And also I started the book I have to read and it's been making my writing skills improve immensely. I had a nap too, and a nice lunch. Tonight was a good night.

That’s good you got your errands done! Good job! Hope you have a great day/night!!

let’s talk!! send anything to me!!

Pitstop of Trust (Prompt 3)

I guess you could say this is my first real sad one… Blame writer’s block and my job whoops.

                        The Pitstops of Trust

For Dipper Pines, the early rise wasn’t all that demanding for him as he often was up not too long after sunrise most days. Still most of those mornings revolved around going to class or researching, not packing clothing in the back of his best friend’s Silverado. In the glare of the rising sunlight, he could barely see the owner of the car, the girl who had become his closest friend over the years, although he could hear her talking to him just fine.

“Hey dude, put your bag in there already.” Wendy Corduroy asked of him. “It’s already past seven and I’ve been awake since like five. Let’s pick up the pace if we wanna make it to the bridge by evening!”

It’s too early for this. Dipper thought to himself as he threw his bag into the back of the truck. I just woke up, I’m not ready for this.

He had always known the morning of the trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge was going to be a lot more hellish than it sounded when they planned it months ago, but that didn’t make any less so when it finally came. He was still attempting to acquaint himself with his surroundings; Wendy’s truck, while not new, was much more improved on the front from the first time he’d seen it, dented and all,  a result of a “gnome sighting” as she had put it.

The inside of the truck was much as he’d remembered it, unorganized and messy throughout, yet still somehow usable. Sitting in the passenger seat, Dipper felt small and uncomfortable compared to the great heighth of the driver’s seat Wendy would sit in. A moment or two later Wendy opened her door to enter.

“Alright ready d-” She begun before falling down onto her face in the ground.

“Oh my God, are you ok?” He asked her. Wendy promptly got up and wiped the dirt and murk out her face. It was then Dipper realized how worn and tired she looked: the deep bags under her eyes resembled something reminiscent of what an all nighter would give, her eyes themselves looked dilated and out of proportion, along with rather shaky hands.

“Yeah I’m fine dude…” She said rather unconvincingly.

“I don’t know, maybe you should sleep a little and I should drive. I mean I know the way t-” Dipper began before Wendy hushed him.

“Dude I’m fine.” She said a little more strongly. “Trust me.”

…And this is the down side of a crush. Dipper thought to himself as he ceded control of the driver’s side to her once more.


A few hours had passed since the morning debacle and it had been smooth sailing to this point. The digital clock on the car radio read “11:27 AM” meaning that they were almost halfway there, hour four of an eleven hour journey. Although she had done well, Wendy looked no less tired, if not even more so. Her shoulders had begun to sag, her eyes bags now reaching the point where they were dropping off her face for some suspended slight of motion and she just plainly didn’t look good at all to Dipper.

She looks like she’s seen Cipher again. He thought to himself. We need to stop asap.

“Uh Wendy, are you hungry at all?” Dipper asked rather quietly. “Maybe we could take a break and get some food and relax?”

“No.” Wendy said. “I’m fine.”

“Well I’m kinda hungry…” Dipper lied, not really feeling the rumbling in his stomach so much as the twisting, worried knotting in there.

“Well we’re making too good of time to stop and kill it at some pancake shop, if I’m speaking quite frankly.” She said.

“Well if I’m speaking quite frankly, then I’d say I should drive.” Dipper said. “You look like you can barely focus right now!” He had raised his voice more than he had expected, it now matching the worry he had held in for the last four hours.

“I’m fine!” Wendy said as she began to make a sharp right turn, but as she did so, the car made a screeching sound. The tires were no longer going right, but now in three different directions for what could’ve only been no more than 20 seconds but felt like hours at the moment. The truck barreled right towards a grouping of trees, the only thing saving them from certain wreck and death being Dipper pulling the emergency braking, stopping the car just short of such, and merely on the edge of the road.

Wendy did nothing except drop the keys by a tearing Dipper and go into the back of the car. She knew it was all her fault for not trusting him. No one did or said a thing for an hour, although Wendy looked asleep (she wasn’t though.) She heard the truck finally start up, Dipper being the one to do so. Although she didn’t look up, she felt his presence over him and then felt his lips as he pecked her on the head.

She finally began sleeping at this moment, hearing him faintly say “I …. trust… still….” each word becoming less understandable as she fell asleep, hoping when she awoke the guilt of the world would escape her.

(To Be Continued)

((Next one will be happier I promise))

30 Years Ago

Six days.

Four since he’d sent the guards away. They were too young and squeamish for this. Might as well do it alone.

Three since his last communique with the Church. No, he did not require assistance. No, he did not believe it wise to move her from the tower, not after what happened last time. He would return when it was finished, and only then. He had dealt with worse.

The rain started on the fifth day, slowly building to a raging summer storm that shook the very foundation of the tower. It was perhaps too old to endure such sustained punishment, but the two within were young, and each damnably stubborn in their own way.

Six days.

A long time to be locked alone in a tiny room with someone you despise. The water dripping in through the aging masonry only served to make the setting more miserable and oppressive. He was just as exhausted as she was.

“I know now what I can do,” she said with an air of finality.

“Yes. Confess.” His voice betrayed how truly weary he was of the whole ordeal. Of her.

She laughed. It was a feeble, choked sound that seemed to rattle around her chest like a loose steel bearing. It was enough to make him hope that he was close. He left his tools where they lay and waited.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, the storm threatening to redouble its own efforts.

“No… words will not suffice here,” the witch sighed. Her head lolled up and to one side, like a puppet with its strings cut, but there was still a dangerous fire glinting in her eyes. She grinned at him, bearing her teeth like an animal. “But I can show you.”

He moved closer. “Show me what, precisely?”

“The truth.”

Six days.

She broke him after six days.



FINISH EACH DAY  && be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt may have crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day;  begin it well and serenelyand with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. Today is everything that is good and fair. It is too dear, with all its hopes && invitations to waste even a moment on the yesterdays.  

&& LET US walk this path, this new day together like every step we had taken side by side. As long as you’re with me to overcome every obstacle and burden, I know, I will be able to keep going && Arise every morning anew besides you; Taking in YOUR SMILE and remember what gift life is. You are the storm, that holds my heart, my dear. You’re the Sunshine that flickers across my skin, my Love. && YOU ARE MY HEART. ‘


                                                                                                         ( art cred. )
                                         PERSONALS DO NOT REBLOG


Anonymous said: could you imagine that new pokemon getting a super doting trainer thinking it has successfully disguised as a pikachu, only to have its wooden tail fall off one day, poor thing would have a panic attack over if their trainer will still want them i bet

okay arguably i got a little carried away BUT this idea was way too cute not to run with..! ;u;

i had considered making a comic with a child, but then i thought mimikkyu’s “““tail”““““““ would be a perfect height for a walking stick - and it makes them more huggable anyway!! or at least, sylvester thinks so ^q^

Yup. 50 000 of you are following my gay ass.

Thank you so much for sticking around and always having my back when my life gets too messy and stressful. Thank you for supporting my art and for inspiring me to draw more everyday with you lovely comments. Thank you for the dozen kind messages I get everyday, and sorry for not being able to answer to everyone! Thank you for not getting (too) tired of those ever-changing interests/obsessions of mine. Thank you for following me.

In other “milestone news”, I also reached $1000 of pledges on Patreon last month. The deal was that I had to draw a long (20/30 panels minimum) comic when that happened, so I’m working on that!

Thank you everyone for being the best (and gayest for the most part) followers a little artist from the countryside of France could have ever hoped for. You’re making my dream come true a little bit more every day. Je vous aime. ♥

- Maryne.


im turning 22 today and i currently happen to be using my old laptop that has all my old pictures and i somehow ended up looking at them and i had to post some cause omg look at my tiny emo self. i was 15 in the first 2 pics, and like 18-19 in the 3rd and 4th, and the last 2 pics are me currently (22). pls tell me im still cool & edgy

when u wanna draw tragic arima with a horrendously planned and detailed background and like 6 more characters in the scene but ur tired all the time, but then you find out its your fave bloggers bday so you power through your sketch while blasting MCR

 do it for arima 

do it for ur fave

do it bc itll make u actually process ur emotions of arima’s death