I guess that's why they tell you to always read the fine print

BONUS // Q&A with Christian Yu
  • Christian and you have been spending so much time on Youtube. Watching everything from puppy videos to conspiracy theories. Christian then suggested to you that he wants to do a Q&A with you. He even printed out the questions so he knew you would say yes anyway.
  • Christian: C’mon babe, it would be fun and the fans will get to know us better. Pleaaaase.
  • You: Okay fine but you owe me something.
  • Christian: Awesome! The first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we had dinner Jamie's Italian.
  • Christian: Yeah the one near Circular Quay and after that we went to check out the lights because Vivid was on. Oh and all of this is back in Sydney btw.
  • You: Mhmm. What's the next question?
  • Christian: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We actually met at Boost. We were waiting for our drinks and funnily enough, we ordered the same one. The girl called out the drink and we both went to grab it. Christian then insisted I take the drink so I did. I thought oh what a gentlemen, he's so sweet.
  • Christian: What did you do after you took the drink?
  • You: I said thank you.
  • Christian: Yeah and you just ran off.
  • You: I had a train to catch.
  • Christian: So rude babe.
  • You: So that was your first thought of me? Rude?
  • Christian: Nooo, I saw you standing there and I thought oh hey, this girl has good taste in clothes. I remember because we were wearing the same type of sneakers.
  • You: Nice save.
  • Christian: What is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: I really loved it when you took me here for the first time. It was the afternoon and the sun was setting. The view out of this window was amazing! And you had like scented candles all around the place. Another bonus was you made dinner and DESSERT that night.
  • Christian: Yeah, you know that dessert was a fluke. I definitely did not expect the cake to rise because I added too much flour and little baking soda.
  • You: It was really good. So what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • Christian: You babe have the habit of leaving the cupboard doors open. Like it's not fully closed or opened. Just like a few centimeters away from it being fully closed. Why don't you use a tiny extra effort to make it close all the way?
  • You: Er I wouldn't be bashing me with my habit, Mr. Always leaving the bathroom lights on. And Mr. Always Spending So Much Time On His Hair. Your hair is always fine babe.
  • Christian: Fine, guess we're both bad. The next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: We tend to have dinner at home then take a stroll. I remember that time when our stroll lasted until 3am.
  • Christian: Yeah, I remember that. And it's nice walking around at night because I like to shoot short videos on my phone. You guys probably can see them on my Instagram.
  • You: You included this next question?
  • Christian: I didn't read the questions beforehand. I just printed them straight off the net. What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Christian: OHHHH. I see what you mean. Do you want me to address this babe?
  • You: Yeah but keep it PG.
  • Christian: PG? I'll try. Umm we do a lot of erm you know, sexting, dirty talk and sometimes foreplay. That's all I'm gonna say.
  • You buried your face behind Christian's back.
  • Christian: Alright, glad we got that out of the way. The last question is do you have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: Babe, you take this one as well.
  • Christian: Umm funny, embarrassing sex stories? Only one comes to mind. Okay so we were on the bed, this one behind us, and I was um going down on [Y/N] but my back was facing this wall. So like you couldn't see anything besides the back of my back and [Y/N]'s legs. Anyway so after the deed was done, we cleaned up and stuff then I realised my laptop's cam was still on. I was doing a short recording of Lori trying to jump on the bed before we did it and I forgot all out it. Turns out, it was recording the whole thing. So being me, I actually made a short time loop of me and [Y/N], you know just me going down on her.
  • You: I still can't believe you name that file as TEST01.
  • Christian: I wouldn't think anyone would open it.
  • You: But who opened it babe?
  • Christian: Dabin. Well I didn't expect him to open that file, not my fault. He thought it was a test video for his new mv. I should've filed that video in my personal folder and not on the Desktop.
  • You: Take notes for next time then.
  • Christian: Next time aye? Anyway Dabin couldn't even tell it was us.
  • You: Are you sure? Your tattoos and that painting on the wall would have given it away.
  • Christian: Well he hasn't said anything so let's just say Dabin didn't see anything.
  • You: Is that all the questions? I'm hungry now.
  • Christian: Hmm yeah, that was the last one. Want to you wanna eat?
  • You: Pizza and let's watch Back to the Future?
  • Christian: That's my girl.

Return to the Isle of the Lost sentence starters (part 5/5)

(feel free to change pronouns/places/etc)

  • ❛That wasn’t here before.❜
  • ❛I don’t think we have a choice.❜
  • ❛It looks like a desert in here!❜
  • ❛This must be my territory.❜
  • ❛Something tells me we won’t find any magic lamps, friendly genies, or flying carpets here.❜
  • ❛Weren’t you listening? Oh wait, I forgot, you weren’t.❜
  • ❛What does the map say?❜
  • ❛Wonderful, a cave within a cave.❜
  • ❛I didn’t create this world.❜
  • ❛Let’s go in, but we all stay together. Agreed?❜
  • ❛Do you think a cobra can make that noise?❜
  • ❛Ghosts don’t scare me.❜
  • ❛Hauntings aren’t a big deal.❜
  • ❛Oh yeah, what would you know about that?❜
  • ❛A ghost might try to scare you by rattling his chains or slamming a door shut, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. They’re basically made of air.❜
  • ❛Why do I get the feeling that someone is trying to convince himself of something?❜
  • ❛Someone is totally scared but won’t admit it.❜
  • ❛Okay, so I might be a little freaked out. But it takes a real man to admit his fears.❜
  • ❛It seems to me that just a moment ago you were telling us that ghosts were nothing to worry about.❜
  • ❛Ghosts are the worst, okay?❜

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fairy tail 428

well fuck. this chapter ruined me. actually. i have homework, but that can wait because thIS FUCKIN CHAPTER GUYS. o yea, mini warning, buncha swearing. & this is gon be really long, enjoy.

okay but can we talk about romeo’s new hair do.

WHAT IS THIS ROMEO. wendy ain’t gonna be down for you if you keep it like that. honey, you look like boruto-gone-wrong, like an enhanced rock lee. but on the other hand he is looking damn fine holding that hobo sack. I wonder where he and Macao went off to during the year, the next time he appears, i hope Cancer will give him a haircut.

The scene where Wendy was washing down Juvia put a smile on my face. and it pissed me off when other people were putting it down, calling it over the top fanservice n shiet, like thats what you do when a loved one of yours is sick with a fever like that, you take care of them. which is exactly what wendy’s doing

seriously mashima, starting off a fricken chapter with good vibes and cute panels, when the next pages are only filled with hardcore-tear-jerker-heart-aching-mind-boggling panels like wHY YOU GOTTA PLAY ME LIKE THAT

i honestly hoped to see more of their powers, but i guess we’ll save it for later in the arc. & as per usual, natsu and gray are equal, as they always have. it actually made me happy to see natsus smile after they exchanged blows. that smile he did, almost pleased that nothing changed in the last year. they’re still the same. ugh fk u dark gray

then when lucy tries to stop them & gray’s like “what’re you even doing here?” and bae comes in like “right back atcha hoe, what’re you doing in a scummy place like this?” and ugh when natsu brings up how juvia’s waiting for him GRUVIAFKFK and mashima drew his facial expression, which is just so hard to read. he looks conflicted almost. we all know gray is good deep inside, but we all also want clear and upfront reasons as to why he did the things he did. people can make assumptions (as i will later on LOL) but nothing is truly confirmed without it being on print, from the hands of mashima y’know and ugh, who knows how long it’ll be until that. and JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE, its like hes shouting “i know, i know, fuck natsu, i know i left her”. AND UGH HE JUST LOOKS SO FULL OF REGRET IT MAKES ME MAD, LET ME HUG YOU GRAY


AYEE WADDUP GURL, YOU TELL ‘IM. i can almost here it, the subtle “getcho damn ass together gray mu’fuckin weakbuster, n go back to juvia cus shes depressed as without u n just be good fk u” 

but in all seriousness what Lucy did was incredible. think about it. she’s had no contact with the dude for a year. found out he left one of her bestfriends, about half a year ago because he had dark marks growin up his whole body then disappeared altogether, and now hes obviously affiliated with some dark ass guild in a creepy castle. and she could’ve whipped out her celestial keys, and fought him but no. she went right up to this jerks face and slapped him. she looked so broken, when she was talking to him, just so truly sad that she’s losing one of her comrades. it also warmed my heart to see that gray did nothing whatsoever in retaliation, he stood his ground and just took it. he obviously knew it was coming, it’s not like Lucy teleported there and hit him as fast as she could. he could’ve hurt her badly if he wanted to, but he didn’t. there are so many glimpses of hope in his chapter it makes me frustrated because i know i have to deal with dark gray for the rest of the arc.

before i carry on, something i also noticed were Gray’s eyes. they change. the entire time, mashima’s been showing his eyes with hollowness and strain, like not his usual coloured in pupils. for example;

-when he was talking about his ‘i aint your guildie nakama no more, ft aint inside me’ shit, putting up an act trying to make natsu & them leave, but we all know that’s impossible

-& when after lucy slapped him. see? he looks like our regular stripper gray that’s hair-dried his hair for too long

no, i don’t think Gray’s entirely possessed by darkness, i mean, this has got to prove something,right? i just feel like, for the sake of protecting everyone, he’s doing this. its like, he knows this darkness that’s clamped onto him, is uncontrollable so he’s trying to distance himself? especially juviaa hehe. I also think he’s trying to avenge his dad, i mean its quite obvious in the chapter before the time skip, where he’s like “i’ll destory E.N.D”, since it was mentioned by his late father and all.

what got me was this scene, Gray was suprised  by Lucy’s sudden stomach ache. then in the following page, his eyes reverted back to their hollowness, and then he acted like he knew dumbass-mary was there all along. 

like no honey, nO. and it hurts me because again, HE LOOKS SO CONFLICTED AND HURT, AND JUST UGH. fuckin’ Mary don’t touch our lucy.

-sidenote; am i the only one who thought lucy was fricken pregnant when her stomach started hurting? ;-;



THIS BROKE MY HEART. but is also just looks so fake. like hes trying so hard to convince them, maybe even himself, that this is the path he chose. 

These panels seriously broke me. Lucy looked so distressed with tears still running down her face, and Happy even had a shaky quote bubble, and Natsu just looks so determined to get him back together like fk man.

can we also just talk about how natsu&gray are being possessed(?) in the same arm (IF, what natsu is hiding underneath his bandages are indeed dark marks)


WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS MASHIMA. WHY WHY. its already messed up as it is. i mean,natsu’s already the ultimate muthafkin DEMON aka E.N.D., in which is trying to get his bestfriend, who has fallen into darkness, trying to find & kill E.N.D.. and we don’t even know what’ll happen when natsu goes full out demon mode n shit, and its like hurting my head thinking about it, because 


this took me so long to write omg, how will i manage to do these every monday??