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I just want you to know that "Nice talking to you, Apple" is my favorite line in the entire fic and I think about it every day.

If I could draw I would reply to this with a doodle of teen!Amell sobbing into a pillow while teen!Jowan pats at his back and says something like, “I guess an apple a day really does keep the healer away.” 

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why is the green king after fushimi? what does he intend to do with him??

In LSW the Green King is after Fushimi because he wants Fushimi to join his clan. Hisui’s presumably had his eye on Fushimi since at least the time when Fushimi tried to hack jungle and failed (and Hisui does praise his “beautiful” coding) and after seeing that Fushimi’s grown into a strong clansmen Hisui decides that he needs to get himself some of that. Unfortunately for him Munakata steps in and charms Fushimi away properly. Whether any of this will become relevant or even mentioned in season two has yet to be seen.

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What do you think Hardy does for his birthday? What do you think Ellie does when she finds out about Hardy's birthday?

Hardy hopes with ever bitter fibre of his being that no one finds out when his birthday is, especially Ellie.  He mostly stays at home waiting for Daisy to call; sometimes he’ll take himself out for dinner.  Nothing too fancy though, just something so he doesn’t have to cook.  

Ellie doesn’t let on that she knows when his birthday is.  She plays it cool and casually invites him over for dinner that night.  He tries to brush it off, but when she asks what else he has planned he can’t think of an excuse, so he agrees.  He’s paranoid that she’s found out.  He braces himself for balloons when she opens the door, but there are none.  

They have dinner and everything seems normal.  He relaxes.  Daisy called him earlier in the day, so he’s not constantly checking his phone like he usually would.  

Ellie disappears into the kitchen after to get dessert.  Hardy sips his tea.  

His heart stops when he thinks he hears the click of a lighter.  

He listens.  It’s silent.  

“Are you ready?” Ellie calls from the kitchen.

He sees the flicker of the candle light before she emerges.


“Happy Birthday to you-”


“Happy Birthday to you-” (she sings louder)

The candle on the cake isn’t shaped like a number.  It’s the word “old” with one wick sprouting up from the L.  

He buries his face in his hands.

“Happy Birthday dear Hardy.  Happy Birthday to you!”

She sets the cake down in front of him and waits.

“Oh come on.  You have to blow out the candle.”

He looks up at her, not amused.  

She smiles.

With one swift breath he extinguishes the candle.



im ready

lay me to rest

the author of the journals (and also a fusion?)

gettin a feel and gETTIN THE BEAT

hey listen im bout to lay down some sick beats for you here

i just wanted a picture of his boss tattoo but i got the best picture ever instead.

rose quartz??

i guess ill come with you then

I fucking hate that you can’t like a piece of entertainment because there isn’t diversity, or you have to like it because it has diversity otherwise you are racist/sexist/etc. I want to like something because the plot or concept is interesting. 

Here’s an example, I’m not interested in Orange is the New Black because the story does not interest me at all. But I guess, according to tumblr, that would make me racist or have internalized misogyny. But I do like the show Steven Universe, a cartoon with diversity, but I love it because the characters, story, music, and artwork are nice.

Also I’m not gonna not play a video game because the protag is a white male, I won’t play a game because it doesn’t look fun or just isn’t relevant to my interests, or is buggy as hell.

So I just want to watch a show.movie or play a video game because it’s enjoyable, but I guess that makes me Satan on this site or something since the only way you can have fun, according to Tumblr, is playing with a hoop and a stick.

Soooo, when I was living with my parents after my first marriage ended, I randomly made this blanket.  When I finished it, I looked at it and thought, “This would be a good blanket for a little boy.  If I ever know anybody who has a little boy, maybe I’ll give this to them.”    And eventually it was me who had the little boy, and he does love this blanket.  So I guess this is a picture of the first thing I ever made for him (long before he was anywhere near existing)  plus the most recent thing I ever made for him (which was entirely his idea.)

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Hey there! Top 5 TV series ships?

ok rn i guess its

1. clarke x lexa !!!
2. carmilla x laura (does that count as tv sshh yes it does)
3. amy x karma
4. cosima x delphine
5. nicky x morello

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I guess if Ishida does really follow the arcana cards, Eto’s focus would be after the sunshine. I think that now we’re at moon’s arc with Tsukiyama, after will have Hide’s arc as sunshine and then focus on the whole plot, then Eto will show up more.

Yeah, if Hide shows up during the Sun arc, that leaves Judgement and the World. And if those arcs involve finally fixing the world, Eto will definitely play a major role.

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What does your name stand for??, or what does it mean??

Huhh I’m guessing you’re talking about the url? Spatziline.. well it’s all because of invisiblegerman <– She suggested spatzi and saved me from the torture. Spatzi (German) means little sparrow, I just added line I don’t know why… it doesn’t make any sense

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What kind of music does James like? O:

I guess he’s mostly into rock + alt rock, predominantly bands like The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins, The Strokes, Radiohead and vaguely Muse. I’ll queue some stuff up. Eventually there’ll be a spotify playlist.

He’s also a total sucker for kpop and loves Girls’ Generation and 2NE1, but he’ll die before he admits he loves that sugar pop bullshit.

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I love Kylie's style now, but heck do I miss her and her flannel shirts and blue short hair. I liked her whole 'grunge' look

I do tooooo 😭 she was so unique and I guess she still is but she really does dress like Kim now haha

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Death Knights come from a variety of backgrounds scourgening, do you think that any of them can recall magics or skills from their past lives or are they bound to their Runic sequences of Blood, Frost, Unholy?

In the terms of our system and personal lore I guess anything can apply. The Sunguard does recruit former death knights or living soldiers whom can be trained in the specializations listed above. These are known as Dreadnaughts and are a prestige troop choice.

you know how frustrating it is to light birthday candles? like how you try and light them and it looks like they’re ok and you take the match away and they fizzle out like half a second later? that’s like me with inspiration i guess it doesn’t last long and when it does it’s quickly consumed by dread just like…….everything………. el SE abt my life ha

I’m totally here for demisexual Tsukki because I can’t imagine him with anybody other than Yamaguchi because he’s so, like pulled away from everyone else, and he’s really only close to Yams and I can’t even imagine him falling in love unless he’s known that person for awhile idk. I only have like basic level knowledge on different sexualities, but Tsukki is the only one i hacve a headcanon for and it’s that.