I got to play this one time

One day something just clicked in me and I’ve accepted what I was denying for a few months… I saw what I wanted to see. I’ve imagined you the way I wanted my friend to be and fell in love with an illusion. This helped me to survive really dark times, you were a good friend once. Now this is over and I see how you played me, but I am not mad at you, no, this won’t take away from me the good memories and the feeling of love I’ve got to experience for the first time.
I am only curious was that a game from the beginning or at some point you get bored with me and decided to just play along. I believe there was something more than just a game in the beginning, this way it is less painful. Just another illusion to survive.

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Serious question that's been tormenting me for awhile now: How the fuck did Sweden become like it is today? Like... what HAPPENED?

I think the biggest reason is since this country has been war free for over 200 years people has become too comfortable and take this country’s values for granted. For many people who grew up with swedish views on eg human rights it can be difficult to see that other cultures may not share the same values. Sweden has been seen as one of the most successful societies in the world and I think that the vanity has gone to our heads. We think that we are invincible, and that our country can take all kind of punches.

Other things that play a part is the WWII guilt and also the fact that the ones who currently run our country grew up in 60s-70s, a time as we know where leftist hippie “make love not war” degenerate mindset got a big part in the society and affected many people’s view on the world in general.

I also believe that this has something to do with the swedish mentality. Swedish people don’t like making a lot of noise over things and tend to have the “if it doesn’t affect me personally I shall stay quiet” mindset. So the swede from Luleå in the north wouldn’t really care about no go zones and gang riots in southern Malmö because it doesn’t affect him or his family.

So these are the reasons I can come up with right now. Any of my swedish followers, feel free to add things.

I wish I could tell you, ‘oh I feel so much better now yesterday I was being silly and jealous but I totally understand my worth today!!!’ but I can’t do that. 

My boyfriend posted some silly, cute picture on his snapstory of himself with one of his (girl) friends at a party he was at last night that I couldn’t go to (I’m out of town performing) and I just got SO upset seeing it. I KNOW it means nothing and they are just friends but I keep thinking of all the times that I wanted to take pictures with him and he shrugged it off. I tried to play it cool but I know I still came across as jealous to him and now I’m just sitting here in the morning waiting for him to wake up to see what he says and I just HATE this. I hate that I literally got nauseous when I saw that picture of him with another girl. I SHOULD NOT feel that way. I should trust him and know that nothing will happen (because deep down I DO know that) but something in me is preventing me from doing that. 

Basically, I’m asking if there is any literature I could read regarding this sense of self bullshit that I’m currently dealing with. I think it stems back to a trauma I experienced as a child and am coming to full realization of it now and I would like some reading recommendations that would help me work through this pain I’m feeling, manifested as a weak sense of self, a lack of trust in my relationship, and a constant pull between being extremely clingy and pushing my partner away. I see the problems in my emotional state and the way I handle situations and I want to make a change. Please help me out, fam. 

I had to make a quick run to the corner store and of course I Pokemon Go’d on the way there and there was this one fucking Butterfree that popped up and it literally would not stop breaking out of my great balls—it halved my supply of razz berries and it took me like 10 minutes to catch the fucking thing because it kept breaking out and by the time it finally stayed in the fucking pokeball, I was so fucking mad at it that I knew I had to give it the most horrible, hateful, insulting name I could think of on the spot and I was about to name it a whole bunch of curse words when I remembered that little kids play this game and that Niantic was working on a trading system and I thought it would be terrible of some little kid who wanted a butterfree got stuck with one named “Captain Cockbag” or something like that so I had to come up with a name that represented what an utter dick and piece of shit this butterfree was and that it was a wretched asshole worthy of only scorn and hate.

So anyway that’s why my butterfree is named ‘Dio.’


Pictures from tonight!

Basically me feeling cute and awesome and taking pictures in my dress. OH and one of my girlfriends gave me flowers to say thank you for running our ladies group—the dinner tonight was to celebrate the 5th year of the group (4 of which I have ran).

Oh also I got to play this games called Farkle for the first time, and came in 2nd place. Woot woot!

Behold one of the teens in Elmdale.
I got quite a lot of them actually. I had to put an extra rabbit hole rug in the school building to overcome routing troubles at the gate.
I divided them in two groups.
I like the idea of gameplay with kids. Making friends, hang out, go to places grown ups don’t go..
Can’t wait to play. So little time..

Enjoy your Sunday.

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have you played monster hunter generations at all yet? i think you'd really love the 4 new flagship monsters and the new hunter arts mechanic a lot! it's very fun if you haven't had a chance to play it yet I would definitely recommend it

Goddd I really need to, i’ve been an MH devotee thru all the titles since the PS2 for over 10 yrs now but i’ve stalled on this one bc it dropped at the same time as I got into Destiny AND Overwatch and started replaying Bloodborne, which was kind of a deadly trifecta and I couldn’t afford to sacrifice any more productivity lmao. When things quieten down, it’s top of my list.

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hey petra how are you? so it's been literally a week since i've watched suicide squad and im still confused on why enchantress and the joker were relevant in the movie but chato, katana, slipknot, and killer croc had little screentime

hey anon i’ve been pretty okay, how are you? also they were so irrelevant like beyond useless, like i know they included the joker to further harley’s backstory and he was The Love Interest TM but enchantress was fucking horrible like talk about a boring villain, aside from being boring she was also being played by someone who can’t even be captivating with her mouth closed and walking so like??? just a mess,

i want justice for chato, katana, slipknot, and killer croc, not only did they barely get screen time but two of which were killed off in the dumbest ways like slipknot said like 5 things and then was shot and like??? also why was boomerang there? who ever asks for a drunk australian man? no one, croc got like 5 lines and shit and we barely saw him in the foreground, he got 0 backstory, and same for katana like??? unless we google her, new audiences don’t even know if she has a name like? ew just ew

“about me” tag

Tagged by: @letoikawasucceed Thank you, Ria, for always tagging me. I truly appreciate it! ♥꒰・◡・๑꒱✿

Rule: Post 10 facts about yourself, then pass on to 10 of your faves! 

This was a long one so you can read my response under the cut! (◠‿◠✿)

*SPOILER ALERT I have a Haikyuu season 2 and HxH spoiler under the cut w/ some spoiler gifs so pls beware! You’ve been warned*

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If you receive this, post 10 random things about yourself & then pass it on to your 15 favorite people. 

i got tagged by lovely @hoyainifinite 💜 (OMG you play too many instruments! you are sooo talented!)

1. I walk too fast

2. I took classic guitar classes for one semester at the university but i was bad at it. i mean i passed the class but you could see it wasnt for me

3. I also took Japanese classes for one semester but didnt keep going becuz it required too much studying and i didnt want to spend so much time on it. 

4. I saw B.A.P and Infinite live (both in Germany)

5. I’m from Turkey

6. I don’t like shopping unless it’s for sneakers and kpop albums

7. I have a resting bitch face 

8. I love kids

9. I have bad vision but my smelling sense is really good. However i wish i had a good vision i mean what is strong smell sense for? i aint a police dog or sth? ://

10. I used to have a very strong personality like it was hard to break me down. But lately i drop my guards so easily.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. :)

Thanks! <3 I’ll pick the Ambassador because he plays a big part in this mini series.

The Ambassador

1) He’s extremely loyal to his country and dedicated to his work. He’s always 100% focus at all times. Thou, it’s taking a toll on him. But, he still strives for the best.

2) He’s best friends with Marie’s brother since they were kids.

3) He’s a very reserved person. He’s not one to share about his personal life.

4) To everyone’s surprise, he has got quite the sense of humour for being very stern in nature.

5) He loves books and collects as much as he can.


Andy smiled as he used his Haus phone to message Beau. He had recently discovered the boy and had high hopes for him. Assuming he didn’t disappoint him he was certain he and the boy would get along very well. But to know that he of course had to keep pushing and demanding to find exactly what the boy was capable of giving. 

[Text] Hello pet. Check your door there should be a package for you. Daddy’s bored come and play once you get dressed. 

Outside the door is a box wrapped in pretty paper. The first thing one sees is the pretty white dress Beau had picked out the skirt time they had played. Under the dress was a pair of shiny pink Mary Jane’s and two pink bows. The last item was a hot pink diaper in a zip lock bag. 

[Text] I hope you got the package. And just to answer the question I’m certain you have yes that’s a used diaper. Don’t worry it’s just Daddy’s pee pee. Since you were a good girl last time. And yes you have to wear it and come find Daddy I’m at the Bella Notte we’ll have lunch before we play. 


Beauty and The Beast {Requested}

Terrified is an understatement. This was the show where all my family and friends were watching, and it was my last night as lead. My palms were sweating like mad and I couldn’t stop shaking. Now was the time to put this fear into positive energy and forget about the audience and focus on my role for the last time.

I was casted for Belle about a year ago, and from then until now has been probably one of the best times of my life. Playing the lead role every night in different cities was becoming one of the best experiences, as well spending time with the awesome crew and meeting fans at the stage door. The only hard thing about all of it was not seeing Shawn for weeks and weeks on end. I would like to say that I got used to it, but you just can’t. There’s nothing worse than seeing the disappointment seep onto his face when I say I have to go, and vice versa.

Tonight however, Shawn had managed to come and see me, making my want to cry tears of happiness and fear. He had never seen me perform this role before, and damn that freaked me out.

I hear the music start to play and I give my fellow cast members and huge smile. This was it. Now was my last chance to give it all I’d got, and man, I did. Every song I sang I managed to nail it completely, also feeling like the other cast members did their best performance yet too. It felt heart breaking to take the bows for the last time, yet at the same time it felt so rewarding. I finally get to spend some time alone with my family, friends and Shawn. Just the thought made my heart melt.

After the show I changed as soon as I could so that I could go and see Shawn. I slipped on the dress that I’d brought for the after party, which was where I’d get to see everyone. I made my way down to the room that was full of the cast, their family and loads of other important people that I knew I’d have to speak to at some point during the night. I pass through the groups of people saying brief hello’s and receiving many ‘well done’s’, but I was just dying to find Shawn. It was then when I heard that laugh. That beautiful laugh that made me go weak at the knees, and the laugh I’d missed so much. I look up and see the back of a tall guy, wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans, looking so beautiful. It was then, when he turned around and his face lit up.

“Y/N!” He says opening his arms open wide for me to run into. 'Well done beautiful, that was insane!“ He says holing me in his embrace.

"Thank you!” I whisper, just relieved that I can finally be in his arms again.

“I’m so proud of you, you have no idea’ He says as he pulls away, pecking my lips. We were never into the PDA kind of thing, but right now I could’t give to shits about who saw us. It was just me and Shawn, even in a room full of people.


hey, that was not good im so sorry oml. sorry it took so long, i’ve had a really busy weak!! i hope this was okay @moderatelygoodhair ! xo

KIT AND OSWALD ARE V NICE TOGETHER TBH.. i mean oswald started off having romantic feelings for her but kit, being aro ace, was basically “sorry my dude we can be friends tho” and oswald immediately accepted her offer and that they would not be a thing

so sometimes they hang out at Kit’s house and some upscale places and just chill. one time, when Oswald found out that Kit played chess, he asked to play with her and he lost so hard. they are good friends and i love them.

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So I have this game that I was so excited to play, right? It's Wind Waker! I got it for Christmas and I was sooo pumped! One of my closest friends was ready to help me play it as well. But now she doesn't talk to me and I'm pretty sure she hates my guts, and the very sight of the game makes me feel all sick inside. What should I do?

I completely know the feeling, I understand where you are coming from. I think the best thing to do in this situation is try to associate the game with something else, a task that is indeed difficult and it will take time. When thinking of the game, force your brain to think about it’s features and the characters and such instead of thinking of your friend. When you think of Wind Waker, think of Zelda, think of the other games. 

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On Tapmatsu how many times do you need to tap to get 50 diamonds?

It doesn’t matter how many times you tap, I tried it with a few different account from my main one and you’ll never get diamonds no matter how fast. Like I got 10 diamonds when I only got about 70 taps. It’s weird. 3 times I played Tappymatsu I got 10 diamonds all 3 times.

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As much as I know he probably won't, I would love Johnny to have a bit of his evidence leaked. Or somehow go to court to use that evidence against her. She's been playing dirty since Day 1 and she deserves a taste of her own medicine & deserves to be exposed.

I’ve got a bunch of similar asks like this so I’m just gonna answer this one. Like I’ve said before, it would be AMAZING to have him vindicated and have his narrative instead of only hers out in the public. But he had his reasons and we need to respect whatever they were. I don’t think he’ll leak anything or stoop to her level unless she LITERALLY won’t shut the fuck up. Time will tell!

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What is your opinion on Mother(Earthbound)?

((Warning ooc))

The Mother series is one of my all time favorite game series.  I think they’re adorable, clever and charming games and anyone a fan of Nintendo, RPGs or old school games should try them out some time.  They’re very important to me and I hold them very close to my heart.  I’ve played and beaten all three of them (in English and Jap) and I would say my favorite is either Mother 1 or 2 (it changes often).

Mod Gyro has only played Mother 2 (Earthbound) so far and they only got up to defeating Titanic Ant last time I checked.  I’ve been pushing this game series on to them for years.
-Mod Johnny