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You Left Me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Before I start this off I just have to say thank you. Sincerely, thank you. I have been writing fiction since before I can remember, but I’ve never posted anything before. The fact that it’s so well received blows my mind and makes me the happiest person alive. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to message me, and please feel free to comment on anything. You are all angels.

Okay now that you’ve all had a taste of how sappy I am, let’s get on with this.


Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader

Words: 2795 (I kind got carried away…)

Warnings: angst, fear, like two curse words, major feelings??


The first thing you feel is the cold.

Reaching out across your blankets, you feel around for Cassian. Your hand reaches the other edge of the bed without finding another body. The other body that fell asleep next to you last night. The body that had slept next to you every night, without fail, for the 7 months that your best friend had lived with you.

You shoot up, scanning the room for Cassian. His shoes are gone from the foot of your bed and his jacket is no longer hanging on your chair.

He’s gone.

There’s no note on your table, nothing to tell you where he’s gone or if he’ll come back to your room. A sick feeling settles in your gut.

You pull on your boots and thin jacket before sprinting out of your room. The halls are empty.

You beeline for the airfield, noticing immediately that Cassian’s u-wing is gone. You think through the events of the past few days. Did he say he was leaving? Did he mention a mission? Nothing rings a bell.

You head to the dining hall, trying to find Vera, a friend of yours that often works with Cassian. She’s nowhere to be found, and neither is her girlfriend, Blair. No one else seems to notice the missing faces, but they do notice your frantic behavior and unease.

“Captain, are you alright?” a nurse named Millie asks.

“I’m fine, thank you. I just seem to have misplaced Captain Andor. You haven’t seen him, have you?” you try to ask lightly.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t. But I’ll let him know that you’re looking for him if I see him.”

You search the entire compound, but can’t seem to find him. The missing ship worries you.

That evening, you confront Mon Mothma about it. She’s in the middle of her diner. You sit down across from her, “Sorry to disturb you.” You start off, hoping that by getting into her good graces, she’ll tell you what the hell is going on.

“Don’t worry about that, Captain. What seems to be the problem?” For being our leading political figure, her composure is surprisingly easy to crack.

“Captain Cassian Andor seems to be missing, and his ship isn’t on the landing pad.” She drops her head, spearing a carrot with her fork. “I must not remember being told about a mission. Do you know where he is?”

She puts down her fork. “Need to know basis only, I’m afraid. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to return to my diner.”

Knowing that the dining hall wasn’t the right place to make a scene, you nod and back away quietly, returning to your aimless pacing outside of your room.

Something could have happened to him. Anything could happen to him. You’re not there to watch his back. You don’t even know where he is. You chew at your thumb nail, running scenarios in your head.

You stay up well past dark, waiting for Cassian to return and tell you that everything is alright. You can’t sleep without him in the bed next to you.

The two of you had always been friends, and he didn’t know how strong your feelings were for him. He wasn’t someone that was ordinarily dense, but when it came to your feelings, he was a brick wall. There was nothing platonic about the way you thought about him, and he didn’t seem to notice. If you lost him…

You’re hands begin to shake as you realize that he left. He could have told you, and he didn’t. You can’t contain your anger as you pace your room, muttering to yourself.  

In an attempt to stop worrying and take some action, you decide to find Mon Mothma and ask again. You’re one of the best pilots in the Alliance. You have a very successful record. She can’t just deny you.

Hurrying through the halls, you try not to draw much attention to yourself. You pass everyone quickly, head down, the purpose of your mission a mystery but the presence of a purpose evident.

You reach the council room, assuming that she will be in there. You hadn’t realized that a council meeting was in session before your hand in on the knob. You pause, hearing voices.

“They should have returned before sundown. This was a basic reconnaissance mission. They should not still be in the field.” A man says. You can’t identify the owner of the voice.

“There was nothing basic about their mission, Senator.” Mon Mothma speaks up. “Jalucan is in the heart of imperial territory. I agree, they should have returned by now. But the odds of this mission failing were high. Captain Andor knew that when he agreed—“

That’s all it takes.

You burst through the doors, shouting, “You sent him to Jalucan?”

“Captain, please,” a few council members stand and attempt to subdue you.

“Get out of my way.” You push them, and end up standing in a circle of guards and council members, facing Mon Mothma. “Tell me what the mission was.” You beg, the anger laced in your tone causing a few people to take a step back.

“We sent Captain Andor and a team of 10 to Jalucan to retrieve information about the Clone armies, and statistics about weaponry and droid manufacturing.” Mothma explains.

“You sent them on a suicide mission.” You spit.

“We need the information.” A woman you can’t see speaks up.

“Why wasn’t I sent? Cassian and I could have completed that mission together. Two ships. Two teams. Better odds.”

The room is quiet.

“You are too valuable to risk on a mission like this.”

“And Captain Andor isn’t? You said you need this information? Have I not proven myself to be reliable?” you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. “I just want to understand.”

“Someone please escort the Captain from the room.” Mon Mothma waves a hand at you and turns her back.

You’re dragged out of the room. The doors are slammed in your face and bolted.

You manage to make it back to your room before tears escape your eyes. Sobs wrack your body as you lay in bed, trying desperately to sleep. Cassian is gone. He might never come back. He’s on Jalucan of all places.

He could be dead.

Your tears eventually run dry, and you fall into a fitful sleep.

It takes three days for them to return.

You had locked yourself away, refusing summons, refusing orders, your anger fierce and unquenchable.

Lea, a young pilot, bangs on your door for the second time that day and says, “We just received word in the com tower. They’re back.”

You throw open the door and blow past her. You reach the airfield just as a crowd gathers to watch them land. The moment the ship touches the ground, the back gate opens.

A bloody Cena stumbles out of the ship. Two men carry a third between them, following her. You don’t recognize them at first, under all the dirt and blood.

It’s Cassian, suspended between Juren and Galgi, his head hanging limply. Your chest seizes up. You push through the crowd to Cassian. Shoving Galgi out of the way, you take his place supporting Cassian. “What happened?” you spit at him.

“The troopers were on us the moment we opened the doors. They knew we were coming.” Galgi huffs. “Senani went down, and the Captain went out after him. His body is in the ship.”

“Dammit Cassian.” You hiss in his ear, hoping he can hear you, “Why do you always have to play hero?” you turn back to Galgi “Did you lose anyone else?”

“Vera and Blair.” Juren answers. “We couldn’t save their bodies.”

“Did you at least get the info?” Galgi shakes his head. “Trooper stats? Blaster count? Base locations?”

“We were pinned down the moment we got there. We couldn’t get anything. We had to stop on some moon for days to avoid patrols and repair the hyperdrive. The amount of times that we almost got caught… we couldn’t retrieve any data. I’m sorry.”

Three lives, lost for nothing. You try to contain your anger, but can’t help but spit, “We have to get him to the infirmary. You can go find Mothma.”

Galgi steps away, nodding his head at me respectfully. “Yes, ma’am.”

A man you can’t name steps ahead of us, wheeling a stretcher in our path. “Here.” He says calmly. “Lay him down.” You and Juren lift Cassian up and lay him as gently as possible on the stretcher. Cassian groans in pain, the first noise you’ve heard from him.

You kiss his forehead quickly, “Stay alive.” You order, voice quiet.

The man wheels him away. A sick feeling settles in your gut as you watch him leave you again, but you know that staying with him right now will just get you kicked out. Wait a moment, you tell yourself. He’s not leaving any time soon.

You and Juren return to the ship for a moment to ensure that everyone has gotten off safely. Senani’s body has already been removed.

You try to distract yourself from running off after Cassian. It doesn’t work. He’s all you can think about.

Juren breaks the tense silence, “How did you find out about the mission?”

“Mothma. I wouldn’t leave her alone until she told me.” It comes out as a near-snarl. “What I want to know…” you turn on him, “Is why I wasn’t told in the first place.”

“The captain wanted to tell you. He tried to bargain with Mothma to bring you along. She wasn’t having any of it. She said that the two of you were a dangerous pairing. In front of everyone.” His words are jumbled and rushed. “I’m sorry. We would have been defying direct orders.”

You grit your teeth and whisper, “Dangerous pairing?”

“Something about sacrificing the mission to save each other.” Before you can turn on him, he raises both hands in surrender, “Her words, not mine.”

You storm out of the ship, past K-2, and across the airfield to where Mon Mothma was standing with Galgi. “Please excuse us for a moment.” You tell Galgi.

“Captain…” she starts, but you cut her off.

“Let me speak.” A look of resignation crosses her face, but she stays silent. “I don’t understand why you are under the impression that my work with Cassian Andor is anything but adequate. We are the most successful pairing in the Alliance. I have access to those stats. I know that for a fact. You compromised the mission by keeping us apart. Why?”

She takes a moment before explaining, “If the mission went south, I needed to ensure that one of you would be kept alive. Even if I had sent you, we would not have attained the objective.”

“Bullshit.” You snarl.

She lifts her head, looking down the bridge of her nose at me, “The ‘spirit’ that keeps you alive on the field has no place in politics. Follow your orders, or you may find yourself somewhere you’d rather not be. Now, I would advise that you spend what time you can with Captain Andor.”

You strut away from her and to the infirmary, picking up your pace to a run once out of sight.

Reaching the doorway, you see many of Cassian’s company laying on beds and getting stitched up. “He’s through there.” Millie, the nurse, points you through a set of doors.

You nod in thanks and push them open.

Cassian lays on the bed, shirtless. Large lacerations crisscross over past scars across his chest. One side of his face soaks the pillow under him in blood. An older man stands over Cassian, stitching a large cut across his collarbone. His head snaps up as you enter.

“I won’t get in your way.” You promise. “I just need to be with him. How can I help you?”

He nods once and gestures to a table in the corner. “Get me more thread. I can’t stitch all of this using the current method. I have to go traditional.”

You nod, tearing your eyes away from Cassian’s broken form and handing the man the spool.

The two of you work side by side for hours, cleaning, stitching and trying not to flinch every time Cassian groans or convulses in pain. Each time it happens, you thank the maker that he’s still alive to distract yourself from the fear that soon, he may not be.

It’s into the early hours of the morning before the man (whose name, you learn, is Abistus) tells you he’s done all he can. Cassian still hasn’t woken since you arrived.

Without asking permission, you pull a wooden chair from where it was tucked under the desk, and sit next to Cassian. Abistus rolls his eyes slightly, wishes you a goodnight, and closes the door with a click.

You let your head fall into your hands, the exhaustion and weight of life resting on your shoulders. You aren’t sure how long you sit there before you murmur, “Come on, Cassian. I can’t lose you.”

“Not planning on that.” He groans.

Your head snaps up, “Cassian?”

His eyes are dull and sunken, but open. He looks down at himself and makes a sound of disgust. You giggle slightly, Cassian’s eyes meeting yours and a small smile gracing his lips. “Is my pain funny to you?” he teases.

“No of course not. Your ‘ew’ sound is funny to me.” He laughs at that, wincing at the sudden movement.

“Don’t make me laugh. It hurts.” He whines quietly.

“Don’t make me laugh. I’m trying to be mad at you.” The smile falls from his face.

He takes a deep breath, “I couldn’t tell you. I would have been—“

“Disobeying direct orders.” You finish is sentence. “I know. Juren told me.”

You see unease in Cassian’s eyes. He hesitates before asking, “Did he… tell you anything else?”

“He told me what Mon Mothma said about us being a dangerous pairing. I confronted her about it.”

“That must have been a fun conversation.” He smiles.

“I sort of… yelled at her? A little bit?” Cassian laughs gently again. “I’m not letting that ever happen again. I’m going with you, or you aren’t going.”

“Why?” Cassian asks. “Why do you care so much? Why are you here with me? You should be mourning and helping the others.”

“I came straight here.” After yelling at our boss, you add mentally.

“But why?” his desperation is evident.

“Because I’m in love with you.” It slips out before you can stop it.

He freezes, mouth slightly open. You’re almost certain that he can hear your heartbeat from where he lays. “What?” he whispers.

“I’m in love with you.” You repeat. “I never wanted to fall in love. Not at all. But at some point you smiled and I was like holy shit, I blew It.” tears brim in your eyes. “When I woke up and you were gone, I was terrified. You left me, Cassian. You disappeared and I had to barge in on a council meeting to make enough of a scene for someone to tell me where you were. I was so scared I’d never see you again and I just…” You trail off, looking at the ground.

“Look at me.” He whispers. You look up. “I never wanted to scare you. You’re my best friend and I’ve had feelings for you since I met you, and I thought that maybe Mothma was right. That what I was feeling, the loyalty and want and love I felt for you, was dangerous.” You relax as he continues to speak. “I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Don’t ever do that again.” Your tears fall and he reaches out a hand to brush them away.

“I promise I won’t ever leave you again.”


He falls asleep soon after that, and you rest your head on the bed, your fingers intertwined with his. Your eyes fall shut and you sleep soundly for the first time since he left.

Love Triangle

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pt2  pt3

REQUESTED: a love triangle scenario with Jaebum and Jinyoung

Jinyoung x Reader (you) x Jaebum 

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: suggestive

note: requested by the lovely, @meepynixter! I got too carried away with writing this tbh and I’m so sorry if it’s really badly written haha! i’m honestly JJP trash because they’re both such good looking fellows. should there be a part two for this? let me know! happy reading and take care! -admin

You were sprawled out on bed, your clothes scattered around the floor as you stared up at the ceiling. You wondered how you got here in the first place. Closing your eyes, you tried to think about the events that happened last night. Party, alcohol, and a handsome man. Your eyes shot open as you turned your head to look at the person sleeping soundlessly beside you. His hair remained styled, brushed to the side, like how it was last night. Shirtless and striking handsome features spoke out to you. You widen your eyes in realization as you discovered who was right beside you.

Jaebum was a man who you met at a bar a few nights ago. He was a gentlemen and you two clicked instantly after the first meeting. You gave him his number and he gave you his. After the meeting at the bar, Jaebum and you started to meet up more frequently and it resulted in you falling for his charm. But after a night of a lovely dinner, Jaebum told you he didn’t date girls like you. And truly, it broke your heart. That night, you went over to Jinyoung’s house to cry about this situation. Jinyoung, being your best friend, comforted you by being a great listener. He told you that there were other guys who would treat you better than Jaebum. And you couldn’t be more grateful towards Jinyoung after he comforted you. But last night you were invited to a party by a friend and things happened that you didn’t expect it would.

You softly cursed under your breath as you tried to get out of bed without making a ruckus. Slowly picking up your clothes on the floor, you rushed to the bathroom and quickly got dressed so you could leave as soon as possible. Fixing your hair, you rushed down the stair to greet a lady with some clothes in hand from the dry cleaner.

“Who are you?” She asked as you stood there, trying to think of an answer.

“Who are you?” You fired back, realizing that you didn’t have anything to say as an excuse. So asking the same question back was a classic comeback anyone would do.

“I’m here to drop off dry cleaning for Jaebum.” The lady said, giving you a mean stare. You would have to admit that this lady was pretty. And you understood why Jaebum hired a lady like this to drop off his dry cleaning. For sexual reasons.

“Well, I’m just about to leave.” You stated, eyeing her down before running towards the door. You grabbed your shoes and rushed out the door to avoid that lady and Jaebum. You didn’t want to cause trouble and you certainly didn’t want to see Jaebum’s face. Although Jaebum was a good person, he was the one who rejected your love which broke your heart.

Waving down a taxi on the street, you gave the driver Jinyoung’s address and sat there in silence. You thought that talking to Jinyoung would make everything better, since you told him everything. Jinyoung was always there for you, no matter what happened. He was caring, kind, and handsome as well. But the thought of loving your best friend would just ruin the perfect relationship you had already.

After a while, the driver stopped in front of Jinyoung’s house. Paying the kind driver, you hopped off the car and walked up towards the front steps to move a flower pot to the side to find his spare key. Jinyoung always kept a spare key waiting outside for you incase you wanted to come over to his house and stay. You always used this key and entered his house without any warning. You two were close enough to let that happen anyways.

“Yah, Jinyoung! Where are you? Let’s go for lunch!” You yelled as you entered the house. Closing the door behind you, you noticed that the house seemed empty and quiet. You wandered around the first floor, setting your stuff down as you looked around for any signs of Jinyoung. Since you didn’t see him downstairs, you decided to find him upstairs. As you climbed up the stairs and started walking down the halls, you took a sharp turn and found yourself collided with a tall figure.

“(Y/N)?” Jinyoung raised his eyebrows in shock as he grabbed your waist to save you from falling. You looked up at him and widen your eyes at the sight in front of you.

Jinyoung’s hair was wet and brushed to the side with a single strand bent down, kind of giving off the James Dean vibes. He was half naked, a towel covered his lower half, indicating that he just took a shower. You couldn’t help but stare at his lean, toned body. You knew that he started working out awhile ago since he wanted to build his muscles. And you were completely satisfied with his hard work at the gym.

“Jinyoung.” You breathed out as you looked at his handsome face. You could feel your cheeks rise in color and your heart starting to beat fast. To be honest, you never felt this way before with Jinyoung. And you would have to admit, you were falling for him.

Jinyoung pulled you closer to his body as you laid your hands on his bare chest. His hands brushed your hair to your side to get a good look at your face. Then he slowly leaned down so that your lips were merely inches away from his. Your heart started to race and you didn’t want this feeling to stop. You were about to grab Jinyoung’s face to pull him down until, your phone from your back pocket started ringing.

Jinyoung immediately let you go as he stepped back, running his hands through his wet hair. You looked at him and bit your lips as you slightly wished that you turned your phone on silent. But Jinyoung looked at you and motioned you to pick up the phone as he let you standing in the hallway to get dressed.

“Hello?” You answered the phone.

“(Y/N).” A familiar voice answered back. You widen your eyes in shock as you heard this voice calling your name. You never thought that Jaebum would ever call you, after leaving you that night. But here he was, on the phone with you.

“Yes, this is (Y/N).” You said, anticipating on what he was going to say.

“Can we meet today? You left your wallet at my house so it’ll be best if I can give it to you.” Jaebum stated. You mentally facepalmed yourself, thinking that you had everything in your hands when you left his house but actually, leaving your wallet behind.

“Yeah sure. Just stop by my house anytime and drop it off.” You said, slightly rejecting his offer to meet. If he was dropping off your wallet, there was no point in meeting up. Since you weren’t his type of girl than why should you meet him.

“Sounds good.” And with that, Jaebum hung up the phone. You leaned against the wall and sighed to yourself. No matter how hard you tried to avoid Jaebum, he would always come back to your life. And whenever he did come back, you would catch feelings for him. Just a moment ago, you were about to kiss your best friend and now, you were trying to deal with your feelings for Jaebum. It was like you were stuck in a complicated love triangle.

“Hey, you said you wanted to go out for lunch right?” Jinyoung asked, interrupting your thoughts. You turned your head to look at Jinyoung, whom was fully dressed, as he leaned against the wall.

“Yeah, but can we stop by my house first? I just need to grab something.” You said.

“How about I get some food at that place near your house and we can just chill at your house.” Jinyoung suggested, smiling brightly at you.

“Sure, why not.” You smiled back. Jinyoung led you down the stairs and out the door. You both entered his car and Jinyoung drove off to grab some lunch. Although the atmosphere was awkward, you would never forget how Jinyoung grabbed your waist and looked at you lovingly. It made your cheeks rise in color just by thinking of him. You shook your head as you started to think too much. Your feelings were overwhelming you and you wished that you didn’t have these two boys in your life. It was too much to handle.

“I’ll be back in around fifteen minutes with food. You do whatever you want in the meantime.” Jinyoung finally spoke up, breaking the silence in the air, as he stopped in front of your house.

“Can you buy ice cream too? I’m in need for an ice cream today.” You stated, hopping out of the car.

“Anything for the princess herself.” Jinyoung joked. You rolled your eyes at him since he always pulled out that princess card whenever you asked him for something. You closed the door behind you and watched Jinyoung drive off to pick up some food. You were about to enter your house when someone startled you out of nowhere.

“Your boyfriend?” A voice asked. You turned around to face Jaebum, looking fine with a leather jacket on, as you noticed him holding your wallet.

“No, he’s a friend.” You answered back, frozen at your spot. Jaebum flashed you his famous smirk before walking up towards you. He looked good just walking up your steps to come meet with you and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

“Friend or not, I think he sees you differently.” Jaebum grinned as he stood in front of you, sending at wink at your way.

“Give me my wallet.” You said, changing the subject. But Jaebum just brushed off your comment and moved forward towards you. You felt yourself moving backwards until you hit your back to your front door. Jaebum placed his hand beside your head, trapping you with his toned figure.

“Maybe I came by too late to call you mine.” Jaebum growled as he placed your wallet in the pocket of his leather jacket so that he could use his free hand to grab my waist.

“Jaebum.” You warned him. “You rejected my love weeks ago and now you’re here to claim that you want me?”

“Exactly my intentions, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked at you. “I can do so much more better than him.”

“I beg to differ.” You sassed before attempting to move away from his body. But his grip on your waist was too strong as he pushed you back against the door and tilted your head up to look at him with his fingers.

“Argue all you want,” Jaebum growled as he leaned in, “But he can’t satisfy you like I can. He definitely cannot treat you like I can and you know that.”

With that in mind, Jaebum leaned down to press his lips against yours. His mouth hot against yours as his hands moved down to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze. You gasped against his mouth and he took this opportunity to stick his tongue in. With his mouth fighting for dominance with yours, he lifted you up against the door as you wrapped your legs around his waist. You were getting sucked into his trance and charm and you couldn’t stop here. But in the back of your mind, you wanted to stop because of Jinyoung. Finally, Jaebum pulled away from your bruised lips and smirked at you.

“And he definitely cannot make you feel good like I can.”

Prompt Series; Alec Lightwood - #16. “I can’t believe they caught us having-”
Requested by: @crazyfangirl345
Warnings: smut. I’m sorry if it wasn’t really what you wanted, but I got a little bit carried away. 😅😂😊

You fluttered your eyes open as the light flooded your eyes from the window. You rolled away from the light and stretched, moaning as you did.

“Baby, I’m not even doing anything.” Alec mumbled to your left with his eyes still closed.

You giggled. “You wish you could make me moan.”

His eyes shot open. “Did you forget last night so quickly?”

You smirked. “Who said I wasn’t faking it?” His mouth dropped open, making you laugh, throwing your head back on to the pillow.

“Let’s play a game then.” He said, propping himself on his elbows.

Your smirk was still on your face as you asked, “what game is that?”

“Ten minutes.” He said.

“I don’t know what that is, Alec.”

“Well, first I set a timer for ten minutes. Then, you just lay there. If I can get you to moan before the clock runs out, I win. If not, you win. I can do whatever I want to try and get you to moan.” He said, a smirk playing at his features.

You tried to not let your face waiver. You were only joking before and Alec knew that. He knew all of your sweet spots. You knew it was very possible that he could win. But you were very stubborn.

“What do I get if I win?” You ask.

“You won’t have to worry about it.” He said, grinning. “Be as confident as you want, but you know that I know exactly what you like.”

You rolled your eyes playfully and say, “Whatever you say. If I win, we have to go on a double date with Simon and Izzy.”

He rolled his eyes. “If I win, you can’t wear Izzy’s clothes on missions anymore.”

“It’s a bet.” You say.

He leaned over to the table and grabbed his phone setting a timer. “And… Time begins… Now.” He said and came over to you smirking.

He leaned down to your neck and began kissing, sucking, and biting all of your favorite places. You bit your lip, but so far you were okay. You and Alec were only in your underwear. His hand trailed down your stomach and to your panty line. He came to your ear and breathed softly on it before licking your earlobe.

His hands came back up your body and unhooked your bra. He took it between his teeth and moved it out of the way before kissing in between your breasts. He smirked a little as your breath hitches in your throat. You gritted your teeth and cursed yourself in your mind telling you to get a grip.

He went to your left breast and began kissing. Then, he licked a circle all the way around your nipple before suddenly taking it in his mouth, using his tongue to do circles around it. Your head instinctively went back into the pillow and you gritted your teeth harder. Your hands balled up into fists as his hands traveled down to your panty line, removing them.

His mouth left your breast and kissed your lips as he spread your legs, rubbing his covered self against you. His tongue began to explore your mouth and it was taking all you had not to give in to a moan. Alec pulled away from your mouth and went to your ear. He whispered, “Baby, you know you want to give up.”

“Never.” You whispered back. How long has it been anyways? You couldn’t see his phone, but you were sure and alarm would go off.

“Stubborn ass.” He whispered before removing his boxers. Your eyes went wide. “I said I could do anything I wanted to make you moan.” He said as he hovered over you again.

He rubbed himself against you and your head threw back, opening your mouth, but you stopped yourself. Alec chuckled. “I love a challenge.”

He began sucking on your breast again. Your eyes closed, trying to focus on clenching your teeth, when suddenly, he entered you. Your hands grabbed the sheets, balling them up in your hands. You screamed out and suddenly the door opened.

“Guys-” you heard clary say. You immediately pulled apart, but it was too late. Clary and Jace had seen you. “Oh my-” clary started as Jace interrupted her.

“Sorry!” Jace yelled slamming the door shut.

You and Alec just laid there a moment before you said, “I can’t believe they caught us having-”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Alec said quickly. “Ever.”

You just busted out laughing.

how did i get to thinkin’ that you’re kinda hot?

you thought i forgot about sakacchan? i can never forget ✧sakacchan✧ 

for a friend‘s kissing prompt: needing to kiss to hide from bad guys** (but there weren’t really any bad guys, they trespassed into their school in the wee hours of night to save a stray pup from other doggos and the guards caught them – almost. sakamoto got a little carried away heh)

Work on Me

Pairing: Dave Lizewski  (Kickass) x Reader
Summary: You and Dave get assigned a project to work on together for class and one day you come over to work on the assignment, and you walk in on him shirtless which leads to sexy time ;))
Warning: sexual tension, sexual thoughts, lots of smut
A/N: My brother and I had a Kickass marathon the other night so I just started writing this and it turned smutty adkslfm I know how crazy me writing smut while thinking about Aaron Taylor Johnson woah very unpredictable

but seriously if you like Aaron in any of his movies just read this, even if you haven’t seen kickass. P.S. This is almost 4k words because I got carried away! Yikes Im sorry! No im not

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Tongue Tied

Prompt: Damian has a crush on the reader, but every time he tried to tell her how he feels he gets embarrassed and messes up. Sooo I got a little carried away with this one. I intended it to be short, I swear. >> Damian is probably around 17/18 in this. Hope you like it! ^^ __________________________________________

It was turning out to be a relatively uneventfully day all around. Not that anyone was complaining, patrol had taken a turn south last night and they’d all come home a little roughed up and dead tired, three hours later than planned. None of them were strangers to sleep deprivation, but as nothing was going on anyway the boys had decided to retreat to the den to watch movies for the day. It was Tim’s choice today, which meant that they were making their way through the original star wars movies when you popped your head around the door.
Damian was relieved, quite frankly. Tim’s taste in movies very rarely agreed with him, and he’d been struggling to pay attention for awhile now. The only reason he was still awake was that Tim kept nudging him and attempting to explain parts of the movie to him, and even though he was whispering, Tim Drake would not be ignored when he was on one of his ‘geek rants’.
“Pssssssst,” you whispered, waving at Damian, even though his attention had been on you since you’d appeared. Jason grunted. “You can talk out loud youknow. Nobody’s actually watching this,” “Hey!” Tim shot him a wounded glance, to which Jason just shrugged. Damian raised an eyebrow, motioning for you to continue. “Okay, so. I was down in the batcave, and you know how Bruce wants us all to be well rounded fighters or whatever?” Damian nodded. “Yeah, so I decided I was gonna practice my swordsmanship, and Bruce was down there working on a case or whatever, and well, he says I suck.” You made a face, and Damian snorted in amusement. Trust Bruce to be blunt about these things. Dick chuckled from his position in the armchair, clearly listening in, and you threw him a wounded look.
Thing is, you’d been with Bruce for longer than Damian had, arriving only a little after Tim. And you were still terrible with most weapons. Also, Damian was completely head over heels for you, but that was irrelevant. It just meant that his stomach did an embarrassing little flip at your next words. “Bruce said I should ask you to help me Dami. So um, if you’re free this evening…?” You threw him a pleading look from under your lashes.
Damian, in fact, wasn’t free this evening. He had landed wrong on his ankle last night and twisted it, Alfred had warned him to stay off his feet for the day if he intended on going on patrol tonight. One look at your face though, and that suddenly became completely inconsequential. He nodded. “Of course. Father’s right, a weakness like that could prove fatal on the battlefield.” He was trying for nonchalance, but his voice was gruff. You beamed at him, bouncing over to press a quick kiss against his cheek. “Thanks Dami! I’ll go tell Bruce,” You cheered, already halfway out the door.
Damian’s expression was stoic, except for the uncontrollable blush spreading across his cheekbones. Damn it. Jason gave a low whistle. “Maaaan, you are whipped,” Dick nodded knowingly, and Tim hummed in agreement. Damian gave him a nudge with his foot. It was Tim’s own fault for sitting at his feet. He chose not to acknowledge Jason. It was an old argument, one that always lead to the youngest being incredibly embarrassed. The best defense against this particular topic was to stay silent. His brothers were having none of it, however. “Just tell her,” Dick urged, leaning forward in his seat to look Damian in the eye. “She obviously likes you too. Even Bruce can see it, he’s clearly trying to win you some alone time,“ Damian shrugged. “You cannot be sure of that,” But despite himself he felt something leap in his chest at the prospect. He struggled to push the hope back down. He was the son of the world’s greatest detective, he would have noticed if you liked him in that way. Maybe it was true that you were closer to him than you were the others, but that was just coincidence, he was sure. You simply understood each other, nothing more. Dick saw the momentary flicker of uncertainty on Damian’s face. At last he was getting through that thick skull of his. His next words to his baby brother were casual as he turned back to the movie. “You’ll never know for sure unless you tell her how you feel little wing,” Damian huffed, not dignifying that with a reply. He tried to ignore the sense of truth to what Dick had just said.

To his credit, over the next few days Damian did try. He made the decision that evening during their training session. He had to admit that Bruce was right about your sword skills. If it came to you needing to use one in the field you would effectively be useless. He kind of hated himself for finding that fact almost endearing. But standing behind you, adjusting your grip and stance with careful touches that sent little jolts of electricity through his veins, he realised that this had gone too far for him to be able to ignore it any longer. And when you grinned up at him, he knew it would be worth it. 

 His first attempt was during patrol. Bruce had cleared him to go out despite his ankle, partially because it had healed somewhat since the night before but mostly because arguing with Damian was unnecessarily exhausting, and Bruce was tired enough as it was. It was a thankfully quiet night, and you were seated on the edge of an apartment building rooftop when Damian came over to sit beside you. “Sup Robin?” You greeted easily, swinging your legs over the ledge. “Songbird,” He seemed somewhat uncomfortable, you noted with surprise. “I -” He paused, cleared his throat. “Would you like to see a movie with me?” His face was flushed, and you frowned. Was he not feeling well? You often cuddled up and watched movies together when one of you was under the weather. Well, you cuddled, Damian allowed you to. “Sure, how about in the morning? We can do the whole blankets and popcorn thing. You should probably get some sleep tonight though, you don’t look so great,” You studied him, concerned. He simply nodded at your words, and you swore his face got a little redder. Next thing you knew he was gone, jumping between the buildings with a dexterity you could only admire.

 As it turned out, Damian was not good at this. Which was surprising, to say the least. Words had always been his strong suit, not to mention his father was the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Regardless of this, whenever he tried to ask you out he turned into a fumbling idiot, mixing up his words and turning tomato red from the neck up. It was absolutely humiliating. He tried to tell you how he felt several times during the next few days. Each time was even more of a disaster than the last. For your part, you found Damian’s sudden inarticulacy around you to be undeniably adorable, but confusing as hell. His newfound tendency to freeze up around you and honest-to-god blush didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the family either. You felt you were being left out of some inside joke when Jason or Tim would snigger at something Damian had said or done. It was perplexing, to say the least. Especially when one morning you walked into the kitchen for breakfast to find Damian seated at the table, pen in hand and frowning down at a piece of writing paper. He didn’t seem to notice your entrance, and curiously you came up behind him and hooked your chin over his shoulder. “Whatcha doing?” “Nothing!” His head jerked up and he snatched up the piece of paper, scrunching it into a ball in his fist. You raised an eyebrow, backing off. “Ohhkay then,”

 As soon as you had left, Damian slammed his head down onto the tabletop. Earlier that morning Alfred had taken pity on his sorry state and suggested that Damian write you a letter instead, seeing as telling you in person wasn’t working out. Damian had scoffed at the idea initially; letters were a cowards way out. Damian was going to be a man about this. Alfred had brought him around to the idea eventually though, hedging that perhaps such means of expressing oneself were for a more refined class only. It had been going well until you had caught him. He was starting to think he was doomed. 

 You had taken to practicing your swordsmanship every day now, and with Damian’s help you were slowly but surely improving. The more competent you became the less of a chore training felt, and to your surprise that night you found you were actually having fun. Damian was his usual confident self with a sword in hand, and now that he was satisfied that your drills were somewhat passable you had taken to sparring. Damian of course always won, but you couldn’t bring yourself to mind, not when he seemed to enjoy it so much. You made what you thought was a decent pass with your sword, confident that this time you would disarm him. Instead, Damian easily sidestepped, dodging your blow and lunging forward, knocking your sword from your grasp. The force of the blow unsteadied you and you overbalanced, huffing out a surprised gasp as you hurtled for the floor. At the last second Damian reached out and grabbed your arm, halting your fall. He grinned down at you smugly, and you were suddenly acutely aware of what a mess you were.

 Your hair was coming loose from your ponytail and sticking to your face, as was your shirt. You were out of breath and flushed, while Damian stood there in all his perfection, completely unaffected as he smirked at you. That, you decided, was not okay. Quick, too fast for him to stop you, you kicked out a leg, aiming for his knees. The strike connected and you savoured your partner’s shout of surprise as his legs went out from under him and you both tumbled to the floor. A second later you were both laughing, your limbs tangled awkwardly together. You weren’t quite sure how it happened, but suddenly you became acutely aware of Damian’s closeness, strong arms braced on either side of your head to keep himself from crushing you. His face was mere inches from yours, and when your eyes connected you felt a blush spread across your cheeks that had nothing to do with exertion.

 The next thing you knew, Damian was leaning in, and your lips were pressed together and he was kissing you. Time seemed to stand still for an instant, and then you were kissing him back forcefully, freeing your hands from beneath his body to tangle them in his hair. When you eventually parted, you were both out of breath, and the way Damian was looking at you made your heart stutter. And then he was grinning at you, and you were grinning back, and he leaned in again to steal a chaste kiss. “Would you like to go out with me?” His words were whispered against your lips, and your response was to pull his mouth to yours again heatedly. When you parted this time, there was no hesitation. “I would like that very much,” “Good,” He smirked.

My sister, Jessica there, caught me and I ended up like this… I’m sure she’s satisfied!

It’s my fault, I guess. We can look identical since we’re twins as long as we try. Well, I was trying and I ended up sleeping with her boyfriend- a couple times. I didn’t mean to, really! He mistook me for her one night and… I got carried away.

He was so amazing though! I couldn’t help myself, I’d let him think I was her any day if he’d fuck me like that again~

This last time was the best by far! I’d went over to his house, dressed up in Jessica’s cloths. He let me in and we talked for a little bit about her volleyball team- I had to make some stuff up but he didn’t notice.

Finally we were both getting ready. Before I knew it we were making out. I got up to go to his bed room but I guess he was too excited to wait because he actually bent me right over his kitchen island and pulled my black yoga pants down.

He grabbed my hips and slammed in like he was in heat! It was fantastic. God, it was so sexy- he kept groaning about how sexy I was and how much tighter I felt than usual, moaning Jessica’s name as he pounded me. And he’s big too! I couldn’t believe Jess could take his thick, eight inch shaft so easy, I had to work not to moan to loudly.

He pressed down on me, leaning over me as he pounded me into the counter! It felt so good, I loved it so much~

Before long I could feel him twitching and pulsing, signalling he was almost done. I sighed a little, he always pulled out. I didn’t want to get pregnant, but I wanted it to go on forever. But… he just kept slamming into me, pounding deeper.

I tried to look back and as what he was doing but before I could he slammed in, balls deep and started to pump the thickest load of cum right into my womb! I panicked knowing his cum was meant for Jessica, not me, but couldn’t stop him. I just listened to him groaning as he unloaded, as if he’d wanted to breed me all along!

Finally he pulled out, but not before leaving my belly full of hot cum… I moaned, pulling my cloths on as he waved good by.

It turns out, Jess found out! And she told her boyfriend, the next time they had sex, she’d be safe so he could finish in her. That sneaky little-!
…Ugh, I guess I deserve it. But now I have to live with his baby swelling my belly up for nine months. And every time she sees me, she rubs my belly and asks how I liked her boyfriend with a laugh.

That’s what I get, I guess…

ML Ask Box: Party Time! Adrien

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

this one was too cute! Also I’m going to apologize right now because I got a little carried away. There is some slight sin but no smut.

Still working on requests and still taking them :)

Also for anyone wondering, I’m one chapter away from finishing my first official ML fic on Ao3 ^-^

Adrien’s dad was out of town (shocker!) and thanks to the help of Chat Noir he had been able to sneak out of the house without the Gorilla or Nathalie noticing. Kim was throwing a party that night for Alix- who was the last of their class to finally be turning 18 which meant one thing– drinking, lots and lots of drinking. Adrien wasn’t really excited about the drinking after all he had already turned 18, he was more excited about getting to attend a party with his classmates and what a party it would be. When Adrien got there he was the last one to arrive. Everyone was already chatting or dancing or playing games. Everyone had a drink in their hands and seemed to be having a good time laughing with one another- even Chloe seemed to have loosened up some. Kim had gone all out with the booze- he had an assortment of wines, hard liquors, even beer. Adrien wondered to himself as he selected his first drink why Kim wouldn’t just ask her out already. Adrien started playing catch up first taking two shots before settling on a glass of wine. A few minutes later and he was starting to just feel the effects of the alcohol.

Marinette told herself she was only going to have one drink. She selected a rosette and sipped it slowly throughout the evening- she didn’t want to get drunk after all. Alya and her had been dancing in the corner with Nino. The three were having a great time and Marinette tried not to let it show how disappointed she was that Adrien hadn’t shown up. When a slow song started playing Marinette groaned as Nino whisked Alya away. She loved that they were together but she hated being the third wheel. Marinette leaned back against the wall opting to finish off her Rosette. She considered getting herself another drink when someone leaned against the wall next to her.

“Good evening Princess,” Adrien purred next to her. Marinette’s body stiffened. She didn’t dare look over at the boy next to her. She would NOT let herself get excited over that dumb cat boy being here. He WOULDN’t be here! COULDN’t be! Slowly Marinette let out a sigh of relief as she turned to see Adrien next to her, Chat Noir wasn’t here.

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Run (Steve Rogers x Reader)

idk where I was going with this but I got really into it yikes

also reader becomes very sarcastic in this i need to stop


Prompt;  ‘You took my hand and then we both started running.’ - Circles, Pierce the Veil

Request;  For the lyric promts, could you please do #5 with Steve?

Other characters featured; none


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language, angst 

Word count; 1372 (i got carried away) 

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and when the sky burns with the fire inside you
when the clouds turn to ash and theres nothing you can do
when the rain sets alight all the dreams that you hold
when the silence drones on, let the chaos unfold
let your heart beat once more, let it flush out the pain
let the world see you’ll never be broken again
let the moon and the stars lead you far far away
to the hope of tomorrow, from the fight of today

Okay, so, uh…

This started as another silly headcanon -
We know Saitama is frugal to a fault and eats parts from monsters he kills (why waste free meat?!) so the idea was, what if he sees all these metal scraps laying around whenever they’ve fought something mechanical… and maybe he also saw Genos salvage the G4 remains after that battle and so he starts to pick up little bolts and screws and whatever he finds and gives to Genos “in case you can use them”.

99 % of the time Genos can’t, but he would never tell Saitama that. He protects them with his life in a box he keeps at Kuseno’s

As for the drawing itself, I’ve not done anything traditional for a while and I missed it. I drew this last night (New Years Eve) while waiting for the clock to strike midnight so I could go to bed (a real party animal here) and I got a little bit carried away… I feel like the background is a bit too dramatic now for what it depicts but whatever (maybe it’s Genos-vision?!)

anonymous asked:

i am a fan of the "chocobros rescuing s/o" scenario and lots of angst. ;) could you please write short scenarios for the bros saving their severely injured gf during a battle and maybe the aftercare they'd give? thank you!

Hello Anon! Thank you for sending such an angsty request! This was originally supposed to be posted last night (according to Aussie Eastern Standard time) and it is now Saturday night xD I got a little carried away with the angst part! I didn’t quite go too much into detail in regards to aftercare, but I tried to add in fluff and cuddles so that ya’ll don’t hurt too badly! I think Ignis’ is the only one that explicitly mentions aftercare LOL! Hope I did your request justice though, lovely!

**NOTE: Can you tell? Ignis is my fave… LOL- I feel slightly guilty about how long his scenario turned out, but I also don’t want to cut anything out xD**

Noctis: It’s strange how life works. One minute, you’re implicated in a routine battle with a nest of hundlegs, and then the next your whole world turns is knocked off kilter. A heavy weight is pressed up against your back and a low growl hits the ear that’s not currently pressed into the long, green grass beneath your pinned body. You try to squirm away from the creature- you’re pretty sure it’s a full-grown coeurl- but your upper back is burning where the coeurl’s claws have punctured long, deep gashes into your skin.

You let out a weak cry for help, and try to reach out towards Noctis- but he’s too far away and too focused on warp-striking the creepy crawlies around him. He has no idea you’re in trouble. You begin to lose focus as the heavy weight on your back, and your quick blood loss, render it hard for you to breathe. The last thing you remember hearing before your whole world turned blank was Prompto’s panicked scream, followed by the tell-tale blue light that usually followed Noct’s warp-strikes.

When you come to, you find that your right hand is encased in a strong, sweaty grip. Whoever was holding your hand, they’d been holding on for quite some time. You try to flex your fingers in the person’s grasp, and whoever had been holding your hand immediately lets go. You slowly open your eyes and turn your head to your right, your tired eyes meeting with your boyfriend’s midnight blue orbs. The skin around his eyes are tinged pink, like he’d been rubbing tears from his eyes continuously.

You attempt to sit up, only to let out a pained cry when the movement stretches the wounds on your back. Noctis’ face falls and you swear you hear him whimper. His shoulders are hunched and his eyes are now averted from your pained stare. You frown at his behaviour.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I was careless…” you begin, only to have Noctis shake his head almost violently. You stop speaking and regard him, a concerned expression fixed onto your face. After a few moments of stillness, Noctis turns his face back to you and stares deeply into your eyes- resolve evident on his handsome, yet youthful features.

“I promised I would take care of you, and you almost bled to death. If Prompto hadn’t noticed, you could have died… I failed.”

You shake your head. “No, Noct…”

“Don’t try to make it better- I screwed up.” Noctis states firmly before hesitantly leaning forward and planting a soft peck on your cheek. Bewildered, you keep your eyes wide open and watch Noctis’ movements carefully. He reaches for your hand again and squeezes it firmly in his grasp. His palms are still sweaty- he must have been really shaken by your attack and resultant injuries. “I’ll do better… so that there won’t be a next time.”

All you can do is nod, because you don’t know what to say to make it better. You know it’s not his fault- that it’s not his responsibility to look after you. As a matter of fact, you were part of his Crownsguard- his tactical intelligence advisor. You were supposed to be protecting and guiding him…

It was your turn to look away, as the consequences of your incompetence in battle- and your rather unsavoury relationship with your prince- hit you hard. It was you who failed today- not Noctis.

Prompto: You’re not sure what’s going on. There’s a flurry of movement above you, next to you… all around you! You’re getting dizzy and you feel some wet stuff pouring out of your shoulder from what you think is a small bullet hole. You try your best to keep your eyes open, but you’re losing blood quick and no one can hear your small voice calling out for help. A few minutes later, after fighting the urge to shut your eyes for what seemed like the longest time, you succumbed to the heavy downward tugs of your eyelids.

The next time you pry your eyes open, you’re surprised you’re actually alive. You had lost a LOT of blood and everyone was too confused to have come to your aid on time. Your eyes shoot straight to your injured shoulder, and you can’t help but roll your eyes at the thick gauze dressing surrounding the bullet wound. Disbelief slowly turned into annoyance, and then annoyance very quickly turned into red hot anger. Your boyfriend, Prompto Argentum, sharpshooter extraordinaire… had shot you. He freaking shot you! You almost died! You swing your legs over the side of your cot, fighting the dizzy spell that tried to pull you back down onto your sick bed, only to be met with the concerned face of your boyfriend.

“No, y/n, you need to lie down.” Prompto’s voice sounded kind of strange- like he’d been screaming or crying for a prolonged period of time. His voice was raspy and pitchy, and nothing like the cheery tone you were used to. You tried to cross your arms in front of you, but the position pulled at your wound uncomfortably, so you settled for placing your uninjured hand on Prompto’s chest to shove him out of the way. You were still mad that he’d shot you.

“Where was that concern when you pierced a bullet through my shoulder?” You grit out, your notoriously fiery temper showing itself. Prompto’s bottom lip immediately trembled as he shook his head, denying your words.

“That’s not how it happened. I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry- I know I messed up. I almost killed you… I don’t even know what… I can’t even…” Prompto hiccupped between words, each of his heaving breaths causing your heart to clamp painfully in your chest. You did this. You hurt your sunshine.  

“It was an accident and I’m sorry for getting mad at you for something that wasn’t even your fault. I’m such an ass hole- look at you taking such good care of me, my baby chocobo,” you cooed, fighting hard against your own guilty tears as you leaned against the warm body of your boyfriend.

Without letting go of the supplies he brought for you, he brought his warm and gentle arms around you, sobbing his guilt out quietly onto your shoulder. You rubbed the nape of Prompto’s neck and pressed a kiss to his shoulder in turn.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad I can call you mine. I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, I promise.” Despite your desperate words of reassurance, Prompto’s sobs hadn’t subsided for another few minutes. You shut your eyes tight and tried to control your own breathing- you could be terribly cruel at the worst of times…

Gladiolus: You’re fighting side-by-side with Gladio, stabbing at the Ronin whenever you found an opening with your lance. Gladio’s hacking and slashing at the tall daemon, a satisfied smirk on his face as he notices that the daemon doesn’t have too much life left in it. Noctis, Prompto and Ignis are all pre-occupied with a Lich that has just joined the fray in an ambush. They’re a good ways away from you and Gladio, so you focus all your attention on the Ronin’s seemingly sluggish movements, and your boyfriends beautiful yet rough battle form.

Suddenly, while you’re checking to see if Gladio needs a potion or remedy, you feel an unbearable burning sensation rip right through your abdomen. You gasp in immense pain as you’re lifted off your feet, impaled by the Ronin’s long katana. Just before it is able to throw you off its blade in a cruel display of battle prowess, Gladio slices clean through the daemon’s middle with an enraged roar.

You feel the blade inside you dissipate, and a chill races up your spine at the unnaturally cool sensation that emanates from the stab site. You hardly feel yourself fall with a thud onto the cold dirt below. You barely register your boyfriend’s shaky voice speaking in low, gravelly tones right into your ear. You don’t know what he’s saying- all you know is pain.

You shut your eyes, and the pain takes over completely.

When you awake, you’re wrapped up comfortably in blankets. You don’t dare try to sit up, because you remember what happened with the Ronin and you can feel the sharp throbs of pain shooting fire throughout your body from where you’d been stabbed.

“Babe?” Gladio’s voice suddenly calls out from beside you. You turn your head, finally noticing his presence, and you can’t help but break into an amused smile at the look of sheer relief on his rugged face.

“You look like you’ve been to hell and back, sweetie…”

Gladio runs a hand through his hair and nods in agreement. “It sure felt that way. I almost lost you back there.” Gladio’s usually strong voice grows shaky with every word he utters. Your heart breaks a little at the sight and sounds of his apparent worry for you. “Iggy was almost sure you’d be dead before we got to civilisation.” Your eyes widen at Gladio’s words and he barks out a weak laugh. “Yeah, you were THAT bad, babe.”

You’re both silent for a few moments before you register Gladio’s uneven breathing. You place your hand on his knee, and look up at his face, only to see silent tears streaming down his scarred cheeks.

“Gladdy… I’m still here. You saved me, I’m safe now.” You say, trying to calm your boyfriend down. Your heart is breaking, and the pain you experience from seeing your boyfriend in such a state dampens the physical pain that had been plaguing you since you woke.

Gladio suddenly leans in and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, his hand barely resting atop your bandaged abdomen as he silently cries out of relief, shock, pain and guilt. You let a few of your own tears slip from your watery eyes- you’ve never seen Gladio cry, and you are touched by how much he actually cherishes you.

“And I’ll make sure you’re always safe. This will never happen again.”

You press a soft kiss to Gladio’s temple and sigh, reaching up to bury your fingers into his hair.

“Thank you, my hero.”

Ignis: You’re an academic- not a fighter. Ignis knows this very well, and continuously insists that you stay back at camp while he and the rest of the chocobros take down a nearby hunt. But you won’t have any of it, and forcibly come along- armed only with a notebook, a pen and a magic flask containing a simple healcast spell. Noctis had handed it to you quietly, a small apologetic smile on his face, after Ignis had thrown his hands up in the air in clear frustration and walked away to get ready to take down the bounty.

You and Ignis don’t usually argue, but this situation is slightly different. Your life is potentially on the line, and Ignis absolutely loathes not being in control of any given situation that he may have the power to control. Daemons are unpredictable, and while he didn’t have to worry about his other travel companions not being able to hold their own in the midst of a raging battle, you are inexperienced and quite quick to lose your cool. You are his exact opposite in most aspects, and he fell in love with all your quirks. But your stubbornness… that is always a challenge.

When you and the boys finally arrive at the hunt site, Noctis warps straight into battle, followed by Prompto’s quick volley of bullets at long-range. Gladio leaps into the fray with a loud war cry and quite literally smashes one of the baby garulas out with a single swipe of his blade. Your eyes land on Ignis and his previous frustration at you is obviously being channelled into his powerful jump-strikes- his lance stabbing viciously into the screaming Garulessa he is targeting. You observe the battle, the magic flask tight in your grasp, with awe. The boys fought with artistic precision, twisting and turning amongst each other and working collaboratively to take the pack of Garulas and Garulessas down.

You’re so enthralled with the beauty of the fight, you don’t notice the enraged Garulessa charging at you from your left. By the time you realise you’re about to be trampled to death, your body freezes and then… excruciating pain fills your senses. You feel your ribs crack under the immense weight of the Garulessa’s hefty hoof as it runs over you and towards the boys in a rage. You’re on the ground, unable to even breathe without your agonistic pain increasing two-fold. You crush the flask in your grasp, desperate for relief. Electricity surrounds the atmosphere around you and you slowly find that it’s a little easier to breathe.

“Y/n! Shit- Iggy! She’s down!” You hear Gladio’s voice cry out in a panic. You loll you head to the side, still on the ground, and you notice Prompto, Gladio and Noctis fighting their hardest against the last Garulessa in the fray- the one that had trampled you over. You shut your eyes, just as the familiar accented lilt of your boyfriend’s voice enters your ears.

“No… this is not happening. This is not what is happening right now…” This is the last thing you hear Ignis say as he gathers your head into his lap. The slight jostling shoots pain into every region of your body and you succumb to the darkness.

You don’t know it, but Ignis has not left your side since you fell unconscious. He does not let anyone near you after the doctor has dressed and bandaged the most severe of the injuries you sustained. Due to the shock and trauma your body experiences from the Garulessa ambush, you do not awaken for three days.

When you do eventually open your eyes up, Ignis is by your side, glasses off and looking strangely unkempt. He heaves a sigh of relief when you slowly turn your face towards him, and leans forward to brush his lips across your brow. He leans back, and his moss green eyes are filled with affection.

“There you are- I’ve been worried. You caused quite the stir, young lady.” You groan weakly and shut your eyes momentarily before re-opening them. Your mind is filled with flashbacks from the argument you and Ignis had before the whole ‘trampling’ incident. Your eyes fill up with tears, and Ignis immediately knows what’s on your mind.

He presses a long finger to your lips and shakes his head, his brows furrowed in compassion as he carefully gathers you into his arms. He rocks you gently as you sob, the entirety of the situation crashing down on you.

“Hush, sweetheart. We all make mistakes- I’m just glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would do if I’d lost you.”

“I’m sorry Iggy,” you whisper through your sobs. The small movements hurt your ribs, and Ignis notices you tense. As if by magic, he brings out a Hi-Elixir and holds the medicine to your lips with a small, sad smile.

“I forgive you. Here, drink.” You smile back, and let Ignis take care of you.

Cinderella Part 2

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Warnings: Swearing, Social Anxiety

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

Request: So I was wondering if you could do a Bucky X female!reader fic where Tony throws a huge masquerade ball fit with gowns, tuxedos, masks, and everything and the reader is a friend of one of the female avengers and ends up getting invited. Then Bucky and the reader could dance and later after the party find out who the other was. (The reader could be hanging out with the avenger she is friends with at the tower or something)

For @sebastiianbarnes  - Sorry I got a little carried away and had to split it into two parts. Hope you like it!


The next day Wanda tried calling Y/N several times, but she wouldn’t answer. Wanda and Nat had talked about it last night and as far as they both saw Bucky and Y/N were having a blast together, they were even dancing awfully close the last time Nat saw them. Becoming increasingly worried Wanda decided she had had enough and she was going to confront Bucky to find out what the hell happened. She was almost to his door when she heard Bucky and Steve talking in Bucky’s room. The door was opened slightly so she could hear every word they were saying. She was about to walk away when she caught the word Cinderella and knew they were talking about Y/N.

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Poolside! Luke

So I just realised…I personally haven’t written a Luke smut on my account its all been Liv! :))

Words: 2K

Warning: Swearing, Blowjob, eatingout, squirting…

Summary: SWim swIM fucK fUCk

“You coming in?” Luke whined from the swimming pool. He was resting against the side with a hand wrapped around a bottle of beer. His blonde hair in a sidewards fringe and his nails painted black from when I did them last night. Overall he looked amazing with the sun blazing down on his slightly tanner skin. 

“Baby I just got back from shopping” I said waving my arms around which were carrying a few (I say a few I had seven) shopping bags. Sometimes I just get carried away. Luke likes to treat me and I’m not saying I like to spend my boyfriends money, I’m actually a keep scate. I always buy cheap make-up that are knock off of normal make and buy my underwear from cheap shop. Unless Luke buys me it, the ones he buys are so beautiful and expensive. 

“Jesus what did you buy?”

“Ok so I bought some lipstick and I bought this really cute swimming costume and a sexy one too which I think you’ll like I also-”

“Put the sexy swimming costume on and get your beautiful body in this pool” he grinned taking a sip of his beer

“You sure do have a way with words Mr Hemming's”

“Please the boys went out and I’m so lonely” He sighed pouting his pink lips at me. I faked annoyance and crossed my arms which made him giggle. He knew I couldn’t deny his pouty face even if I tried. 

“Fine, give me a few minutes” He cheered and I walked inside our luxury villa. It was a beautiful white stone villa with 3 rooms, I was sharing with Luke, Calum and Michael were sharing and because Ashton is the oldest he got his own room. The boys had been offered a well deserved holiday after there tour and it was to the beautiful Hawaii. You’d always wanted to go to Hawaii and always complained to the boys when they didn’t go and tour there. Today you’d been sight seeing the shopping mall. Not by yourself, two years ago your cousin had moved out here and you hadn’t seen her in a long time. She’d met Luke a few nights ago and she even taught him how to surf a little. But today it was just a girly day and Luke hates shopping anyway. 

I walked into your une-suite and placed the shopping bags on the bed taking off my shoes. I pulled off my t-shirt putting it onto the bed neatly. I opened up the bag with the bikini in, it was a black bikini with a silver chain around the waist, when you walked into the shop where it was you weren’t really expecting to get a bikini because you already had three, but when you tried it on you knew Luke would absolutely love it. So of course I had to get it. I took off my bra swapping it for the bikini top and strapping it up, making sure to push my boobs up. I pulled down my jeans along with my panties and put on the bikini pants. I looked over at the mirror and smiled, I looked good. I smirked walking out of our une-suit and outside.

I walked up to the pool Luke wasn’t facing me so I stood opened legged and wedged my bikini further up making sure to show my ass. I walked by the edge of a pool flinging my hair over my shoulder.

“Lukey” I whined, he turned his head a round doing a double take.

“Oh fuck me” he moaned swimming over to the side of the pool I was stood at. 

“You like my costume Lukey?” 

“Yeah get in here” he licked his lips as I bent down sitting on the edge and sliding in. His hands immediately went to my waist bringing me closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck looking deeply into his eyes and fluttering my eyelashes. He leant his head on mine and pecked my lips. 

“You look amazing baby” he whispered in his oh so sexy raspy voice. I bit my lip feeling his hands stroke over my body in the water, he was admiring my body feeling all my curves and sensually looking into my eyes. He moved his hands to the curve of my breast, tucking it under the bikini top and rubbing his finger over my nipple. I gave out a deep breath as he pinched it between his fingers. He took his hand out of my bikini top and moving to my ass. He pulled me closer so my legs wrapped around his waist as pushed me up against the pool side. 

“You’re so sexy” he moaned grinding into me. The water around us swished over the edge dripping into the vents. Luke stared directly in my eyes edge his puffy pink lips forward and kissed me once again, the warmth of his mouth sent a current running through my body. His soft lips were warm contrasted against the coldness of the swimming pool water. He swiped his tongue over my lips, entering his tongue into my mouth and moaned slowly grinded are wet bodies together. He reached around untying my bikini top and left it floating in the pool. He kissed down my chest down to where the water touched the bottom of my boobs. He sucked his way back up, sucking hard around my boobs and swiping his tounge over the light purple marks he was leaving. He then cradled my boob in his hand, they fitted perfectly as he squeezed them and attaching his lips to my neck.

“Lukey feels good” I whimpered as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger. My hips thrusted into Luke as I leant my head back, making sure to dig my nails into his freckled shoulders. 

“Baby, I want you to suck me off” Luke whispered into my hair and nibbling onto my ear. I smiled pushing him off me, he grabbed a hold of the side and jumped up as I saw in between his legs. I ran my fingers up his wet legs feeling the water droplets on his blonde hairs. Today he was wearing his dip dyed dark blue to light blue swimming trunk which match his beautiful blue eyes. I grabbed string untying it and tucking my hand under the waist band pulling his wet swim trunks down his legs and letting them float in pool along with my bikini top. I ran my hand over his dick aver his balls and along his long pale dick. 

Lukes dick was so pretty, the sun making the small freckles that surrounded it more promanate along with blonde hairs. I ran my fingers over his balls grabbing the base of his dick and tugging on it lightly. I licked over his tip whilst continuing to jerk him off.

“Y/N, baby please” Luke muttered rotating his hips around. I moaned sucking onto his tip and making my way down his dick making me slightly gag when I got to the base. I nestled my nose in his blonde hairs whilst pulling back up and bobbing my head and coating his dick in my salvia. 

“Shit, feelings fucking incredible baby”

“Taste so nice Lukey” I said flashing him a smile and a lip bite. I licked back over his dick and taking it whole in my mouth and rolling his balls in my hand. I choked on his dick slightly coughing but then sucking back onto it, squeezing the base in my other hand. I pumped his dick around the base whilst inhaling through my nose. 

“S-stop babe” 

“Aww why?” I pouted, stroking his dick

“Because I’m going to cum, I don’t really want to cum like this”

“Oh” I smiled

Luke jumped back in he pool as we switched places so now I was sat on the side with my feet dangling in. Luke undid the bow and pulled my bikini pants, throwing the pants next to me causing it to splash all over me. I grounded and Luke just laughed at me tucking his head in-between my thighs and licking a bold stripe to my pussy. I let out a shiver and ran my hands through Lukes wet hair as he nuzzled against my pussy sucking onto my clit.

“Oh my god Luke” I moaned grinding my pussy into his face. He sucked onto my clit looking up at me and winking sliding his tongue up and down my fold slurping all my juices. He smirked at me circling his tongue around my entrance and flicking over my folds.

“Please stop teasing” I whined pushing his face closer to my pussy. I heard him laugh as he delved his tongue into my heat. I let out a load groan leaning back and clenching the side of the pool with my hands. His tongue moved in me at a rapid pace and I felt it rub against my walls. Both his arms came around my thighs making me fall back as he pulled me closer to his face burrowing his tongue deeper into my pussy. 

“Luke I’m going to cum”

“Then cum” he said huskily, his lip ring putting pressure on my clit as he slurped my juices and fucked his tongue into me rapidly. I came around his tongue flopping onto his body and stuttering into his face. I slowly grinded into his mouth as he sucked in my juices. I ran my hands through his hair pulling him  back and looking at his rosy blown lips.

I climbed down from the side swinging my legs over likes waist and my arms around his neck grabbing a hold of the small hairs on the back of it. He grabbed a hold of his dick rubbing it between my folds and pushing it into my hole letting out several curse words and moans of my name. He pushed me once again up the side of the pool sliding in and out of my hole at the fastest pace he could go with the water splashing everywhere. 

He grabbed my legs and held them up over his shoulders and grinded into me. The best thing about this was Luke was so tall and so broad that he could touch the bottom of the pool and keep us still even though the water made it slower. 

“Lukey, harder and deeper” Luke growled pushing me out of the swimming pool and climbed out clambered his wet body over mine. I watched him enter his dick into my wet pussy and thrust into me once again. He grabbed a hold of my wet boobs squeezing them and groaning as his dick glided in and out of me. I felt his tip hit my g-spot and I wrapped my legs around his waist linking my hands with Luke which were still attached to my boobs. 

“Fuck so beautiful” he stuttered 

“Im going to cum again baby”

“Same baby, come on three” He whined he closed his eyes and started to count. He looked so fucking hot, his hair covering his face and water droplets coming down over his face and running down his body. He had his lip ring in-between his lips and his eyes clamped shut. 

“Three” he whispered squeezing a hold of my hands and moaning out my name. I came with him closing my eyes and letting the pleasure take over. I opened my eyes looking at Luke who was already pulling out of me and looking at me with a smirk.


“You just squirted” Luke said grinning at me.

“Oh my god” I said covering my face.

“No baby it was hot” He said kissing my lips and stroking my thighs where my remains of my orgasms were. I smiled picking up my wet panties and fishing out my bikini top as he did the same. 

“DID YOU JUST CONTAMINATE THE POOL?” Michael shouted from inside the villa.



“Bien joué.” 

Oh wait, wrong crime fighting team quote.  ;)  (Ladybug tends to seep into other areas of my life, apparently)

Anyway, this was SUPPOSED to be a doodle but (as usual) I got carried away.  :P

I FINALLY watched Zootopia last night because I saw it was on Netflix and OHMYGOSH WHY IS IT SUCH A GREAT MOVIE AND WHY HAD I NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE???!?!!  I totally was not expecting it to have so many utterly hilarious moments, I belly laughed more times than I can count.  XD

(I never ever ever draw animals, omg this was kind of hard)

Deserving You: Part 9

Previous Parts

Pairing(s): Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Prompt: Y/N and Sam attend Dean and Lisa’s party.

Tags: smut, oral sex, angst

Words: 2306

Note: You’ve hopefully begun to notice something about Sam that is going to be talked about in this part… also, don’t hate me (and no I don’t hate Sam, this is an AU, shut up)

this isn’t beta’d but what’s new. feedback is always appreciated.

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Beyond All Reason.

Thank you to the adorable anon who requested this. It turned out to be ridiculously long, I really got carried away but I really hope you like it  ❤

Requests are open. If you ever want to be tagged in upcoming fics please just ask :)

Request: Prompt where Bucky and his fiancé decided to take a brek from each other but during it Bucky couldnt take it making him visit her where he sees her with someone else and decides to fight for their love ❤❤

Warnings: Some cussing/cursing. A lot of angst. Eventual fluff.

Words: c.3,610

Notes: The fight between Bucky and reader is based loosely on the fight between Joanna and Michael in the film Last Night (2010) and Bucky’s fighting for the reader at the end on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV4DiAyExN0

Also this fic containes an OC named Miles but I had a very clear idea of an actor in mind, you are more than welcome to imagine him however you like, but for me he looked like this: 

You sipped your hot chocolate contentedly, your oversized jumper and fluffy socks as well as the crackling fire beside you meant you were toasty compared to the blaring wind and pelting snow that was falling down outside. This was your first week away from New York in your dreamy wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, that you would never be able to thank Pepper enough for organising for you. You so needed to escape New York, just to sort your head out, Bucky had really messed with your head and the only way you stood a chance of getting over him was if you spent some time away from him and this, well this was perfect.

Lately you and Bucky had been going through a rough patch, constantly arguing and constantly picking at each other for the littlest things but seeing him openly flirting with another girl had been the last straw for you and thinking back now you wondered if that single event had been the end of your relationship. You couldn’t stop your brain from replaying that night and even now you were thinking back.

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