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200 Reasons To Love Jikook

1) When Jimin made Jungkook comfortable on the couch by bringing him a pillow and a blanket. He tucked him in and they fell asleep together in the living room. (BV s1).

2) When Jimin said that Jungkook is the member he would like to travel with because he would protect him from others. (Fanaccount).

3) Jimin using every cute variation of Jungkook’s name in his tags - kook, kookoo, kookie.

4) Jimin using the paw emoji after Jungkook’s name, the same emoji he used in his calico cat tweet. (JM’s twt).

5) Jimin serenading Jungkook with his part in Boy In Luv, “can’t get you out of my head.”

6) When Jungkook pinched Jimin’s nipple when Jimin leaned in for a hug and also the time Jungkook pinched Jimin’s neck to get him to move over. (Fancafe content & Bangtan Bomb).(Extra)

7) When Jungkook lifted Jimin bridal style to clear the limbo game and their faces were this close.

8) When Jimin had a nip slip in the middle of a performance and Jungkook was the only one who noticed and asked him to cover up.

9) When Jungkook literally moaned ‘I want you’ to Jimin who was in the middle of a photoshoot times three. (Now 3)

10) When Jungkook scolded Namjoon off cam, “How can you call a person dirty?” after Joonie said that they can’t touch the trophy as Jimin had kissed it. (Bangtan Bomb)

11) When Jimin groped Jungkook during DNA rehearsal. (Fancam).

12) When Jimin repeatedly hit Jungkook with a rubber toy to get a reaction out of him while Jungkook was talking to a fan, only for Jungkook to snatch it out of his hand to hit him back. (Fancams).

13) When Jimin dressed up as a Bok Choy (Napa Cabbage) so that Jungkook (The bunny) could eat him. (His words not mine). (21st Century Girl Halloween vers.)

14) When Jimin said that his favourite solo after ‘Lie’ is ‘Begin’ (JK’s solo). (Fansign)

15) When Jimin asked Jungkook to ‘accept his love’, twice on Jungkook’s birthday. (Danger Chuseok Spl.).

16) When Jungkook went up to Jimin to ask what his plans for Valentine’s day were. (Bangtan Bomb).

17) When Jungkook got distracted by Jimin’s hip thrusts and turned the wrong way during I Like It Pt. 2 Choreo. (Fancam)

18) When Jungkook laid his head on Jimin’s thigh during Ma City even though Jin tried to make him get up. (Fancam).

19) The times Jungkook used Jimin’s arm as his pillow. (Prologue Bts & BV s2)

20) When Jungkook filmed Jimin’s dance even though his arms hurt from holding the camera for too long. (Bangtan Bomb).

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anonymous asked:

what happened with jaia? what did i miss?

okay so dom did this interview and explained that he & darren basically decided to run with jaia wayyy before 213 was written and that jaia would have been explored a bit more but they have to stick to the books :)))) 

and then things just escalated from there honestly. i got a lovely anon telling me that dom’s been excited for jaia since his first takeover in september, when they just started filming 205.

and then i got another anon who reminded me that two of the interviewers on afterbuzz which dom is on next week hate cl*ce, and one of them actually asked for questions for dom last week and i was tweeting patty & thea and it just escalated quickly and i @’d the male interviewer because he’s the one who explicitedly said he hates cl*ce when alisha was on the show lmaoooo. AND THEN HE REPLIED LMAOOOO (he also liked our tweets about making dom’s jaia shipper side come out), so more tea shall be spilt next week otherwise dakota’s getting it tbh! 

edit: i forgot this great article that shows how amazing jaia are i’m :’))

Man, I’m so excited for you guys to finally see this cover! We went through so many different options, but this one was always my favorite for its classic simplicity, and I am mega excited that Leia is my big featured character. As I mentioned before re: the hair, there wasn’t really a way to make the double buns work because of where they’re positioned on her head and the angle of the silhouette. The book touches on Leia, Han, and Luke’s lives before the film, so I like to imagine this is just one of Leia’s many rotating hairstyles. 

Here’s the full summary:

The galaxy is at war.

Although the Rebel Alliance has won a few battles against the Empire, hope is fading. The Empire is about to finish building the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen-the Death Star. The rebels’ only chance to defeat it now lies in the unlikely hands of a princess, a scoundrel, and a farm boy… .

Acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Bracken delivers a captivating retelling of Star Wars: A New Hope like you’ve never experienced before. Since the premier of the original film, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker have become iconic, larger-than-life characters. The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy takes a deeper look at these three heroes as they join forces to defeat the evil that threatens their entire galaxy.

I jokingly call this “The Star Wars Breakfast Club” because it plays with the idea of labels–how Leia is dismissed as being a mere pretty princess when she’s trying to earn respect as a senator, and, later, work her way up through the ranks of the Rebel Alliance; how Han struggles to balance his need to stay alive and the sense of right and wrong he’s tried to suppress; how Luke is dismissed as “kid” and a “farmboy,” even by himself, and ultimately rises up to become a hero. 

(Editing this next bit from my original post to clarify since I was basically drunk with excitement and not totally clear and got a few questions–sorry for the confusion!) 

In addition to delving deeper with the characters, I had THE BEST time writing a bunch of “off camera” scenes you don’t get to see in the films; aside from the film script, I had permission to pull directly from the radio drama script (the sorely missed) Brian Daley was commissioned to write (something I’ve always loved and held as true canon), bits of the EU that have remained canon, and in certain moments, solely from my own imagination, so long as it stayed true to the new canon they’re developing with the upcoming films and novels. (Side note: it was super interesting to see what bit of lore/character backgrounds I couldn’t use–it gave me a little hint or two about what might be coming.) It was a privilege to have the freedom to use pretty much anything I wanted from this super rich material to create something that will hopefully feel fresh, but extremely true to the canon longtime Star Wars fans know and love.  

These are meant for younger readers, but I honestly think readers of all ages will get a kick of the retellings. I grew up reading Star Wars EU books exclusively (pretty much from ages 8-13, if it wasn’t SW, I didn’t want to touch it), and, as most of you know, it is a huge part of my life. My greatest hope is that you’ll share it with kids who are just taking their first steps into a much larger world, and that you’ll enjoy the story of this “found family” together with your own. 

If you’d like to pre-order it, you can find it available here:


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