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Jumped: Part 4

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The next morning I was picking up my apartment, grateful Niall hadn’t stayed to see the mess in the light of day. We ended up having a round 3…and a half (in my favor) before he had snuck out of here with a soft kiss on my forehead that I pretended to sleep through. It had been an amazing night and my body ached slightly from our enthusiasm. My dress and panties were still on the floor of the living room and I picked them up along with the discarded condom wrapper. Something white was peeking out from underneath the couch. Grabbing it up, I realized it was Niall’s underwear. He must not have been able to find them last night. He had had to go home commando, carefully tucking himself back into his jeans still smelling like me. The thought made my insides clench. I decided to text him, knowing he’d be awake for an early tee time this Monday morning.

E: is this what you do? Leave your underwear at girls’ apartments so they’ll call you back?

N: works doesn’t it

N: sorry bout that. Couldn’t find them

E: no worries. Do you want me to return them? I could mail them or something

N: no don’t worry about it. Just toss them.

N: unless maybe we see each other again

E: I’ll be around. Just give me a call

I didn’t expect this to happen. Knowing he was leaving Thursday for over a month with a busy schedule for both of us this week, it was unlikely I’d see him this week, or ever, again. And I was okay with it, truly. We hadn’t gotten to know each other well enough to form any sort of lasting bond or anything. My world would keep turning, same as it ever had, without the charming musician in my life. We had had fun and orgasms and laughs but that was all it would ever be.

He texted me again that afternoon, a selfie of him on the golf course with a thumbs up. His accompanying text said I had given him good luck, he was playing one of his best games ever. I smiled in my cubicle, going through the rest of my work day with a silly smile.

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Dear Future Wife,

I had the most amazing dream last night. In my dream, I was sitting in our living room with our kids; we had two little girls – all dark, bouncy curls, and warm hazel eyes, with the cutest, most heart-melting smiles you could possibly imagine. They were curled up on my lap in the armchair, and I was reading Archer’s Goon by Diana Wynne Jones aloud to them.

I was doing different voices for the characters as I read, really playing it up to elicit little giggles from our squirmy duo. In my dream, I felt happy and content, like I was finally home.
There was a chuckle in the doorway, and we turned to see you standing there, leaning against the doorframe. You’d been listening too – I just didn’t know it.

When I think back to my dream, I think about the look of complete love in your eyes as you watched us.
Our daughters squeezed closer, and insisted that we make room for you. You maneuvered yourself into the pile diagonally, your head tucked under my chin, our daughters sitting in your lap, content to cuddle with their parents.

You held the book open for me with one hand, as I cupped our daughters together with my arms, making sure that they were safe and comfortable, that there would be no skinned knees or bruised elbows that night.
Your other hand found the back of my neck, gently working out the knots that had formed over the course of the day.

I can’t remember ever feeling so at peace with myself, and my surroundings. I dream of us, and it keeps me going.
This is the kind of home I want to build with you – one of laughter, joy and love, the kind off home where silly voices and endless giggles are heard every night, before bedtime.

I may not know you yet, but I am so ready to fall in love with you, and us, and our life together.


17/100 days of productivity?  Is that right?

There’s no picture today because the thing that I so carefully photographed isn’t done yet, and I’m not going to break down my goals because I have to go to bed, but here’s what I got done:

  • absolutely nothing academic
  • moved words around a little in the fic, improving it in ways that I cannot quantify
  • a walk in the woods
  • 4 chocolate balls
  • 1 chocolate bowl
  • 16 chocolate leaves
  • 10 chocolate pumpkins that I don’t think look good enough to use
  • most of part 1 of the grant application
  • 1 Icelandic module
  • 4 Duolingo modules
  • giggled myself silly ‘cause I’m listening to Jo Nesbø’s Son as I work in the kitchen, and at some point the Jesus imagery went from subtle to unsubtle to hilarious

And it doesn’t count for today because it follows from what I did yesterday, but the petition has 116 supporters and a local radio personality wants to ask me some questions about it.

Flame Anon

God, this again? I just want to point out once more for like the 200,000th time that there is not one, single, solitary sneaky pic of Ben and Kit…or Weirdo and Kit…or Kit and any of his grandparents…or Kit and a nanny.

Not in the entire time he’s supposedly existed.

Not in London.

Not in New York.

Not in Edinburgh or the Isle of Wight.

Not in any street anywhere in the world.

Not in a zoo. Not in a pediatrician’s office.

Not going into or out of any home or playground.

Not one.

The only evidence this child exists is a birth announcement in People, some clearly arranged pap photos, a questionable registration and dodgy Twitter sightings by Nans or Weirdo related self-promoters.

That’s it.

Frankly, we have more “proof” of Sasquatch. At least there’s been multiple sightings in the wild of that.

So, that being the case we have to assume that either all the inhabitants of this planet, including the Nans - who would love to accidentally on purpose leak any photo they could get their hands on of their King and the little prince - have become extremely polite and sensitive - and I can assure you they have not - or something is definitely amiss.

Monkey music class? More like continued monkey business.


And thus I give up on doing ANY work today, and will give myself over to giggling myself silly  :D

Always Important

Based on Girl Meets World of Terror 3 (GMWoT3) - in which even an alternate universe cannot prevent Riley and Lucas from connecting hearts and sharing dreams. Inspired by @corn-chip-dave‘s post asking for a fic of WoT3!Rucas falling in love.

“Lucas, guess what!”


“I finally figured out the name for what you want to be when you get older!”

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I always feel so excited to see my female friend. She makes me feel like electricity is running through my body and I can’t help but stare at her and giggle whenever she’s around. I love her. But as a friend, you know? Look at me, having all these romantic thoughts about my best friend. This is silly and I can’t let anyone know because it obviously wouldn’t work out. If I told her I have a crush on her, it just wouldn’t be fair to either of us. She’s so important to me that I couldn’t possibly ruin that by dating her. Plus, I’m not sure if I could even bring myself to kiss her. A lot of girls want physical intimacy and affection. I just don’t know if I could give that to her because I feel really nervous and kind of sick (in a way that I kind of like sometimes?) whenever I think about her like that. I can’t deny her that chance to be with someone who isn’t scared to kiss her. Of course I’m only scared because I’m so straight.

Anyway, that pretty much describes our friendship! Haha we’re such bffs!

SCM: The Royal Red Myth Ch. 21

Pairing: King X MC
Romance, comedy, drama
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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! My gift for you is a new chapter of RRM! This fic is getting close to the end, so exciting! I’m not sure if people are losing interest or are just busy, but for those who are still reading, thank you so much! I truly appreciate every comment, reblog, and ask I receive about this fic. Without you all, this fic would would not even exist. So thank you. Please enjoy chapter 21 :)


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The Wolf of Mischief

TITLE: The Wolf of Mischief


AUTHOR: rainbow-cobra

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine allowing Loki to look through your sketchbooks. He discovers you draw creatures that are anthropomorphic wtih animal and human like characteristics and he asks you what they are…

RATING: G, some harmless flirting & kissing.

WARNINGS: None, really. If you don’t like furries, move along.

SUMMARY: Loki visits a good friend who enjoys sketching furries. He decides to use his magic to entertain himself and make her fantasies into reality.

A/N: I finally did it. I finally combined my furriness into a Loki fic. This one’s relatively tame, but part 2 will be just plain dirty :P


It was a muggy rainy Monday and it was day three of my week long vacation from work. Since my car had been acting funny lately, I decided to stay in the apartment today and get some artwork done. I owed a few commissions and trades so this would be an excellent day to get them drawn up or finished. I sat my sketchbook in the middle of my bed and spread out my miscellaneous art supplies; my mechanical pencils, ball point pens, a plethora of different colored Sharpies, and my giant tin case of Prismacolor pencils. I changed into my ‘art-day’ ensemble which consisted of a simple black tank-top and my camouflage sleep shorts. I was about to sit down and get comfortable until there was a gentle rapping at my bedroom door. I wasn’t expecting company and I didn’t hear my front door open which meant it could be only one person. I opened the door and beamed brightly up at my best friend and the God of Mischief, who returned a small smile in turn.

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Mistletoe Crush

Hello? Remember me? So I sent a request for prompts to cure my writers block. It’s sort of working! This is what @superheroshepherdess sent in:

Prompt:  AU.  Owen & Cristina are married.  James & Amelia are married.  Yet when Amelia is in Seattle & meets Owen at Derek & Mer’s house, they can’t deny the connection.  Some things are simply meant to be.

I did the unthinkable- I wrote about Omelia and Crowen in one fic! Hope you enjoy…

Why am I even going to this thing? Derek invited us to an early Christmas dinner party whilst his little sister and her husband are still in town. It’s going to be like every other dinner party of theirs- long, busy, loud, a drunk Meredith in the corner being socially awkward, and full of awful small talk. Cristina has managed to get out of it of course, pulling her ‘I’m a surgeon fixing a tiny child’s heart’ card, and yet she still ordered me to go to show 'our’ face.

I know what she’s doing of course- she loves me and she wants me to be ok. She knows that I keep myself to myself, and when she leaves for Switzerland in less than two months I’m going to go back to being my own island. She’s trying to ween me off her company and I hate it. I hate her for leaving as well, but I have two more months to process that. Tonight I just have to get through a dinner party.

I knock on the door and am greeted by a stranger. I frown and say, “Oh, sorry… Is Derek in?”

“Oh, hi, yeah… I’m James, his brother-in-law. Nice to meet you,” the dimpled grin of a dark brunette man beams across at me and it reinforces my reluctance to be here.

Nope, not in the mood, sorry James, bye, I think, and imagine my feet turning me on the spot and skipping away from the big dream house. But no, I’m too polite so I greet him back, “Hi.” I shake his hand and he leads me in.

“Owen!” Zola squeals, running up to me in some cute pajamas and slippers. I brace myself for the upcoming leap and catch her, laughing with relief when I feel a tight hug from her. She’s so cute. She pulls away and pushes my nose, knowing that every time she does she’ll receive a different facial expression. She giggles, telling me I’m silly, before squirming out of my arms and leading me to the drinks self-service station in the kitchen.

“Hi Owen,” Meredith smiles. She’s drunk, I can tell by her eyes. “I know… I’m as pissed as you are that she’s not here. I mean… Could the kid not survive until tomorrow without a working heart?!”

“Right?” I joke along with her. I grab a drink and leave her to get her fourth (I’m guessing). I soon find myself in conversation with Arizona and April in the dining room, before being trapped by a hammered Bailey cackling about a recent budget cut I decided to make. I need an out, immediately. I excuse myself and claim I need some air.

Grabbing my coat, I head for the back porch and pass the huge christmas tree taking up most the living room. You can tell it’s all Derek’s doing- the lights, the decorations and the over-the-top Christmas nativity in the corner. Meredith’s idea of Christmas decoration no doubt involves a strand of tinsel on an old, dead tree.

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Second Time Around ~A Joshifer WIP~

A/N: Hello everyone! This is the current progress I have on an upcoming thirteen part (if everything goes according to plan that is) novella, which takes place in the post-universe of my one and only full length, These Words are a Lie. I was going to be rather secretive and not post too much about this actually. But when I saw that this particular challenge fits my WIP to a T, I just couldn’t pass it up!

So I hope you all enjoy this…I guess you could say…extremely lengthy preview! Also, if you’ve read TWAAL, you'll definitely know the ins and outs of all the events taking place, but this fic can indeed be a standalone.

Rating: M for language (the final version will likely earn an NC-17)

Something’s off. Something feels different today. I can’t exactly put my finger on it either. It feels similar to that looming fatigue one experiences before they get sick.

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Happy 2016 everyone - I hope you all had a holiday filled with lots of fun and presents! (Or at least, a better holiday than Prez here - Figured it would be fun to kick off the year by drawing Sliske because of ENDGAME HYPE).

Anyway, thank you all for making my 2015 wonderful - all of the kind words, encouragement, and support of these silly cartoons made my day 365 times this past year. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate the feedback and comments - you all are wonderful, and hopefully I will be able to continue doing so throughout 2016.

And of course, thank you to my wonderful friends, old and new, for all the support you guys gave me through life’s wild curve balls (you all know who you are). From tolerating my rants about school/work, to ‘avin a giggle over silly memes, you guys have truly been wonderful people to me, and I consider myself lucky that I get to spend another year enjoying your company.


Orphan (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) - 5. Work

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Cover edit/photo credit to nawalrus. Everyone follow her, she’s super talented! :) Submit me your covers here and it might appear on the next chapter/wattpad! 



I strip off my jeans and sweatshirt and examine my naked body in the mirror. I tilt my head and look at my natural curves that I’m so used to hiding under loose clothing.

Unless I’m working.

I’m an entirely different person at work. I metamorphose into a package of just about everything I find despicable. I wear revealing clothing, speak as if I’m uneducated, and bat my eyelashes provocatively at disgusting men.

I sigh and grab my uniform out of the bathroom closet. I unwillingly dress myself in the tight clothing and stare back at myself. I’m wearing a low-cut tank top with the bar’s trademark spread across the chest area with short, black spandex, tight enough to cut off circulation to my legs.

Although I’m absolutely repulsed that dressing like this is the only way to earn a decent tip, I have to admit my body does look rather inviting. The tiny white tank top accentuates my curves, making my chest pop and my torse look slimmer. The suffocating latex spandex make my cheeks look plump and for lack of better word, spankable.

Shaking my head at my provocative appearance, I throw my sweatshirt on and pull my jeans over the spandex. I walk out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

“Jamie?” I call out as I enter the living room. I look around the premises frantically, unable to locate my brother anywhere.

Just as I begin to panic, I raise my eyebrow and peer out the window as I hear a faint, yet familiar laugh. Moving the curtains out of the way, I see Jamie and Jack throwing a football down by the lake. I watch as Jack does a ridiculously silly move with his arms and legs before throwing the ball back to Jamie, who completely misses it as he rolls on the ground dying of laughter. I bite my lip and smile slightly to myself.

I open the front door and slip out, slamming it closed. I look out towards the lake and yell out, “Jamie!”

He looks up at me, his face still red from laughter. Catching his breath, he yells back through giggles, “What?!”

“I’m going to work! I’ll see you tonight, okay?” I hold my hand up and twirl my car keys around my index finger. I glance at Jack to see him staring back at me blankly.

“Okay! Tell Mr. Howard I said hello!” Jamie smiles at me once before throwing the football back to Jack.

I turn around and saunter down the driveway until I reach my car. I hop into the front seat and start the engine, turning out of the driveway and driving towards the city.

I park my car in the employee parking lot, shutting off the engine in the process. I yank my sweatshirt and jeans off and immediately shiver at the sudden chilliness. I open my compact mirror to ensure my makeup is still in tact and apply my bright red lipstick generously. According to my boss, the lipstick is an essential part of the uniform.

I slip out of my car and lock it as I walk towards the front doors. I take a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair before faking a smile and pushing through the double doors.

I hear the familiar club music blasting through the dark vicinity, the insane bass drops drilling through my every ligament. The smell of vodka and tequila fill the air, mixing with the sounds of deep whooping and drunk laughter.

I make unintentional eye contact with a bearded man at the bar and immediately turn left into the employee storage room. I shut the door behind me and close my eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Working here gives me crazy anxiety, but the pay is worth it. After a moment, I flutter open my eyes and reach for my apron. I wrap the string around my waist and tie a bow in the back.

I open the door and squeal in shock as I bump right into my manager’s chest.

“Mr. Howard!” My expression relaxes. “I’m sorry handsome.” I fake a smile and lean against the doorway, twirling a strand of hair with my index finger.

His face softens and his lips curve into a smirk. He leans his hand against the doorway above my head and leans closely to me. “Hello, Katie. Long time no see. I was beginning to miss you.” The index finger on his free hand finds the underside of my chin as he leans in and presses his lips to mine. I kiss back unwillingly, my thoughts clouded with strain.

He pulls away and rests his hand on my waist momentarily, “You better get to work, sweetheart. I’ll see you around.” He removes his hand from my waist and straightens up his suit.

“Yes, sir.” I bite my lip seductively as I walk away, swaying my hips back and forth.

Once I’m out of his sight, I wipe my lips viciously with the backside of my hand. It’s not that Mr. Howard isn’t incredibly attractive with his muscular body, dark features and bright blue eyes, but he’s controlling, violent even. Sometimes to the point where I’m frightened for my own safety. He hasn’t made any violent actions towards me; in fact, he quite fancies me, treating me to elaborate dinners and extra tips.

However, I’ve seen him explode on his male employees on numerous occasions. The smallest, most asinine mistake could lead to an utter apocalypse.

Once, Franco, our latino bartender, accidentally prepared a gin tonic on the rocks, when the customer really asked for room temperature. The customer himself wasn’t particularly bothered, but Mr. Howard was livid. He shattered the glass on the floor and screamed at Franco so loudly the DJ had to raise the volume of the already defeaning music. His eyes were bulging out of his head and his entire face turned a deep shade of red.

My thoughts are interrupted as I hear a voice, “Hey babe!” I see a group of men in leather jackets hollering at me from the corner of the bar. I fake a smile as I walk over to them.

“What can I get you boys?” I ask and smile at them sweetly, holding a pen and pad in hand. I watch their eyes move from my face to my body.

The man in the middle speaks up, “Well I would really like you, sexy.” He winks at me as his friends snicker and nod their heads at me.

I force out a tiny giggle and place my hand on his shoulder, “Oh, stop.”

He chuckles and strokes my side lightly, “How about four beers, then?”

I smile at him, “Coming right up.”

Just as I turn around, I feel a giant hand smack me square in the ass. I let out a tiny scream and furrow my eyebrows. Taking a deep breath, I bite my lip and turn around, faking a small smile and wink. The men whoop loudly at me as they lick their lips.

I turn back around and walk to the bar, taking a seat on one of the stools. “Four beers, Franco.”

His head pops up from under the counter and he smiles at me, “Hi Katie.” He reaches under the bar for the beers as I smile back at him.

He pulls out four beer bottles, still slightly wet from condensation. I grab two beers in each hand and ask him, “How have you been?”

He looks at me and moves a piece of his curled, shaggy hair from his eyes. He shrugs his shoulders, “Alright, I suppose. Mr. Howard’s been pretty temperamental without you here.”

I furrow my eyebrows, “But Shawna and Kristy have been working.”

He looks at me with an expression that says, ‘And?’ He shakes his head as he begins wiping the counter, “You know he likes you the best, Katie.”

I bite my lip, “I’ll see you.” Franco gives a small nod at me before continuing to clean. Beers in hand, I walk back towards the corner of the room. The man in the middle catches my eye and he smiles widely, letting all his yellow teeth show.

“Here you are, boys.” I place the beers in the center of the table and smile sweetly as I wait for my tip.

“Thank you, princess.” The man in the middle smirks at me and motions his finger at me to bend over. I smile slightly and lean over, revealing more of my cleavage. He shakes his head unbelievably and blows out a breath of cool air.

“You earned this, babe.” He holds up a folded $20 bill in between his index and middle finger and stuffs it between my boobs, letting out a small whoop. I bite my lip and say seductively, “Thank you, daddy." God, I fucking hate myself for that.

As I begin to stand up straight, I feel a hand wrap around my waist. I furrow my eyebrows and look up to my side, the men at the table following my gaze.

I see Jack staring at the men with a straight face. My stomach drops. I suddenly feel self conscious. I clench my jaw and whisper at Jack through my teeth, "What are you doing here?”

He ignores me. He looks straight at the men and says, “I know my girlfriend’s hot, but I’d really fucking appreciate it if you didn’t touch her.” I let the words sink in. I shut my eyes and cringe, feeling the anger build up inside me.

The man in the middle snickers, “Girlfriend, huh? How old are you, kid? This fine lady,” He looks at me with a smirk and continues, “Is way out of your league.”

Jack smirks slightly, “Out of my league? Have you even looked at yourself? You’re like 50 years old and still wearing a leather jacket. This isn’t the 90’s anymore, bro.” The man’s jaw clenches, but his lips remain shut. Jack looks down at me and squeezes my waist, “Let’s go.”

He guides me away from the corner of the room, his arm still wrapped around me. Clenching my fists with anger, I yank him into the employee storage room, shutting the door and locking it behind me. I take a deep breath and turn to Jack, my smile completely wiped off my face.

“Why the fuck are you here?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “I wanted to see you in action.”

I look at him incredulously, “How did you even get in? You’re underaged.”

He looks at me, eyebrows furrowed and a smile pulling at his lips. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, opening it and revealing a card with a picture of him on it. “I have a fake ID, Kathryn. Not that uncommon for a senior in high school.” He chuckles slightly and returns the wallet to his pocket.

I cross my arms over my chest, causing my boobs to bulge out even more. Jack’s eyes snap to my cleavage and he gulps slightly, making his Adam’s apple bob. I clench my jaw at him, seething in anger, “You had no right, Jack.”

He looks back up at me and furrows his eyebrows, wrinkles forming between them. “No right to do what, Kathryn? Defend you and your insanely hot body?” His eyes move down my body, taking in every inch.

I feel my nostrils flare. “It’s not your job to defend me. We aren’t together.” I shake my head at him and throw my hands up. “We aren’t even friends!”

He places his right hand on his chest and leans back slightly, “Ouch.” His lips curve into a smile as I stare back at him with dark, hateful eyes. Why isn’t he taking me seriously?

He touches my arm, “Look, Kathryn. I’m sorry for coming here without telling you.”

I yank my arm back and his hand falls to his side. He continues unphased, “I don’t even know why you still have this job. You should quit.” He pauses as the upbeat music persists. “I don’t like the vibe here.”

I look at him with my eyebrows furrowed. I ask harshly, “What do you mean I should quit?”

“You have a house now?” He raises his eyebrows. “What would you need the money for?”

I let out a throaty scoff. “I told you I’m living there temporarily. Meaning, I’d like to move out as soon as possible.”

His face drops. “Why?”

I let my arms drop to my sides as I lean against the door. “If you haven’t noticed, Jamie and I don’t really blend.”

He raises his eyebrows with a puzzled expression and waits for me to elaborate. I continue, “You and your family are upscale. I mean,” I shake my head. “Have you seen your house? You own your own lake, for God’s sake.”


So, we don't belong there.”

He looks at me blankly. Before he can respond, I add, “I don’t plan to overstay our welcome.”

“You’re not.” Jack says bluntly. “Everyone in my family adores you and Jamie. You’re welcome to stay.” He pauses for a second. “We want you to stay.”

I lick my lips and say nothing. I stare at him as he inches closer. His hand reaches for my waist and his head comes dangerously close to mine. I hold my breath and gulp. He breathes in my ear, “Please don’t leave us.”

I shut my eyes as my hand desperately reaches for the handle. I feel the cold metal against my fingers and I pull down, instantly causing us to stumble out of the closet.

My hair in my face, I step back and look up at Jack. His eyebrows are furrowed as he stares at me bewildered.

“You should go.” I say quietly as I move my hair out of my face. I look at him once before walking away back towards the center of the noisy bar.

A/N: Hope y'all enjoyed. :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inbox me your thoughts and comments if you liked it! Thank you so much to everyone who’s messaged me! Your feedback keeps me going! <3

ALSO if you’re interested in making me an edit that I can use as the icon thing for 'Orphan’ on wattpad (@beckyxox1) please let me know!! I’ll give you credits and everything! :)

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Open Letter to the NMTD Fandom

So I have had a rough few days. My grandpa the sweetest, most amazing guy, went into hospice. Last night I found out he died. I was a wreck, especially since I was thousands of miles away and I can’t get home for a week. Besides my friends checking on me, and calls from family the thing that has helped me out the most is (amazingly) the series Nothing Much To Do.

I have always been a fan of Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice is basically my hero. When I stumbled upon this show it was love at first click/sarcastic quip. For a few minutes I can think about these characters and their problems and not mine. I can smile, laugh and flail around in pure happiness over the awkward wonder that is Ben and Bea.

But some of the best stuff that helps me is in between videos, when I log on to tumblr. There I find a friendly supportive community (including the creators and actors! when does that happen?) who just want to talk and laugh about these characters. They create intricate fanfics, gifs of favorite moments, over analyze videos, and allow me to just slip into a NMTD haven. The astounding thing is through my minor contributions, I have followers. Followers?! In my three different incarnations over the past five years on tumblr I don’t think i have ever had more than a handful, and these beautiful wonderful people are smart, funny and complete nerds like me. Now, when I am struggling to be happy and get through the day it’s this tumblr family that gets me to giggle and smile.

Why am I posting this?

A) I’m at work in my cubicle and it’s here when I start thinking of my family back home and my grandpa. I want to feel better, but I can’t bring myself to just call one of my friends randomly so I take a break and go on tumblr.

B) It occured to me that my followers, NMTD fans and the cast do not know how much they have helped me this past week. You all don’t know how much a lame joke, a silly reference, or headcanon suggestion can make me feel better

So this is me saying thank you.

Thank you to the cast and crew: harriettstella awkward-manatea oh-isthatso letslipthedogsofwar tina-pan bland-sand-eland luxelis quite-exploded sarahjessicagolding (for some reason it won’t let me tag you!) hey-lets-go minnie-grace clarisjacobs

To some of the amazing people I follow in this community: ramannoodles20 wibbelkind juliaperture borntofangirl1996 thedaytodaylifeofafangirl roses-en-decembre letthewordsoverflow

My incredible followers: completelynormalthings elsiethegreygirl  theimpossiblegirl87constanceboniful dracos-apple geeky-ballerina soy-lucha-soy-belleza thats-so-jokes brooklynbrooke niuniujiaojiao sassenach-bitch herculespoinot ilovewhodunit sierrasanator hannahbelle6900


Thank you. You all have made my day on multiple occasions and I didn’t realize how much that mattered til this week.


A “grown-up” fangirl

(Although is 22 REALLY grown up)?

</awkwardly emotional post with a severe lack of gifs>


Here is my KirinDave sheep! I had SO much fun making him, and giggled myself silly while making the chops and decided last minute to add a tiny Emerald shard cause he craves that mineral (you guys should check out the cool animation my friend @Palmlock made regarding the craving of minerals)

The last photo is the Kirin sheep next to my lyinginbedmon Clay foxy cause they gotta keep each other company.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can make next?