I get some uvu


I uploaded my babies to the gallery. Make sure the “include custom content” is checked in your “Advanced” settings or you won’t be able to find them. My EA ID is (DON’T LAUGH) cutieghostiebby

I think the CC they use is as followed:

Louis’ hair | Face blush | Skin

Have fun with them and please take care of them and make them feel loved 😘😘😘💖💖💖


Hey guys!
I’m gonna be doing some chibi commissions so I can get some money to get people Christmas presents! uvu 

Additional info:

  • Pixels are $9 (bust $6)
  • Additional characters +$3
  • Simple animation +$5
  • Will do: Mild gore, anthro/animal, mild nsfw 
  • Will not do: Kinks, extreme gore/nsfw, robots (since I can’t draw them)

You can also looks through my Chibi Tag for more examples! 

Thank you for your time uvu!!

It appears that Ashanti has found some… strangely familiar companions. 

Deriving from this post.

Patient Souls featured: 


Scarlett / @frisky-busiiness

Payton / @sixsmolsouls

Sera / @hxddenhumxn

Merry / @thefallensix

Leslie / @namethefallenchildren

Brett / @vxid-dwellers

Dayma / @determinedtemperance

Cees / @reset-those-souls

Liam / @asksixsouls

// This was fun! Took longer than I intended, but still had a good time with it. I might do some brave souls next… uvu