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147 for Klance? for the writing prompt thingy *eye emoji*


Also, it’s short bc im dyin.

147: “I can take care of myself just fine.”

“I can take care of myself just fine.”

Lance rolls his eyes as he pops his hip to the side, looking unamused.

“Keith, you have a crab hanging from your big toe.”

Keith pauses. He then looks down to his leg that hangs in mid air and winces when his foot wiggles a little, making the tiny crab on his toe to tighten its hold.

“Um, so, yeah anyways, like I said, I can take care of myself.”

“Keith, just come! My family is not going to bite you and Mama always brings her first aid kit, it’s fine!”

“Lance, no! I will just go back to my shack -”

“Keith, you will be - how you say that? Uh, cogeando? Lifting? Li -  limp? Limping! Dude, you will be limping the entire way there and it’s like, miles away!” Lance huffs, crossing his arms over his chest and Keith makes an effort on not following the movement because damn, Lance’s abs could have a showdown with the Mona Lisa and they would win in the imaginary On What Will Keith Spend His Time Staring At Conest.

Instead, Keith bites down on his lower lip and nods his head, resigned to his fate and finally accepting that his toe is starting to hurt.

Fucking crab.

But he’s still a nervous wreck, because being friends with your secret crush is one thing but meeting your secret crush’s family? Bro, that’s like….

He doesn’t know much about baseball bases but he knows it’s like one of the highest bases.

“Come on, you big baby,” Lance teases, grabbing him carefully by the arm and pulling him closer until Keith’s arm is resting over his shoulders and he’s holding him up by the waist, starting to walk, “I guess you’re lucky that I was on the beach today, huh?”

Hah…yeah, because Keith definitely didn’t know that Lance was going to be here today, of course not. Just like he definitely didn’t make his brother to drive him to the beach early in the morning nor did he brought his binoculars with him in search for a familiar brown mop of head.

He did but that’s besides the point.

“This is so embarrassing,” Keith mumbles quietly as he tries to hide his face with his free hand and flushes when Lance’s laughter shakes him slightly.

“Dude, it’s fine! And it’s good because my family can finally meet you; they have wondered who is this mysterious lab partner I keep hanging out with, ya know.”

Keith’s heart skips a beat at the words but he has no chance to voice anything before they arrive to a big canopy tent where at least twenty people sit under it. He swallows the nervous lump in his throat but still waves shyly with a small smile at the million pair of eyes as soon as Lance speaks up.

The entire family waves back at him friendly and greeting him warmly. Lance’s mama is quick to get on her feet and making Keith to sit on one of the free beach chairs, taking out a small white box from one of the big bags laying on the sand before starting to treat Keith’s bruise.

She’s careful to remove the tiny crab slowly, sending Keith a soft apologetic look when the teen flinches out in pain but she cheers when the crab finally lets go. She puts the crab on a small bucket next to her and gets to work.

“Mama was a lifeguard back in the day!” Lance shares excitedly as he sits on the sand next to his mama and helps her with passing the things she requests him as she treats Keith’s toe, “That’s why she’s always prepared for any kind of disaster we may make.”

“With you as her child, I can imagine.” Keith jokes weakly but his smile grows when the entire family chuckles with him and at Lance’s mocking offended expression.

One of Lance’s nephews, Jose if Keith recalls correctly, crawls towards the abandoned bucket where the small crab is and then he gasps in awe.

“Can we keep it?” The four years old asks, voice high pitched and tugging at the sleeve of his mama’s dress, “Mama, pleaaaaase?”

“No, corazón, we can’t keep the little guy because he belongs in the beach, you know this.” Lance’s sister replies, patting her child on the head playfully.

Keith smiles softly when Jose just pouts at the answer, clearly upset that he couldn’t keep his new little friend. Then, the kid’s eyes shift and they fall on Keith.

The teen’s stomach drops suspiciously when Jose beams at him and tugs once again at his mama’s sundress while pointing at Keith with his free hand.

“Can I keep him then?”

Keith chokes on his own saliva, nodding in thanks when Lance’s father pats him on the back with a chuckle.

“Uh -” he starts but then Lance’s laughter cuts him off.

“I’m sorry, buddy, but I called dibs long ago,” Lance declares, tilting his head to the side to catch Keith’s eye before winking at him.

Keith’s blush just spreads over to the point that Lance’s mama thinks he’s having a stroke.

She got hot!- Peter Parker

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Peter x reader

Requested: Yes, by anon

Request: Can u write about Peter and reader being friends and she moves away around middle school and come back junior year and she glowed up alOT and Peter is too scared to talk to her thinking she changed but she’s still in love w him.

Warnings: angst? fluff

A/N: It feels good to be back writings!! This is my first peter imagine. Hope you guys enjoy it xx

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For as long as anyone could remember, Y/N, Peter and Ned have been the three musketeers. The best of friends who always caused mischief everywhere they go. Their friendship dates all the way back to first grade when six year old Y/N dissed Ned’s and Peter’s favorite movie, Star Wars, claiming that it was stupid and that Star Trek was way cooler than Star Wars. This caused an argument between the three. Ned and Peter telling Y/N why Star Wars is superior to Star Trek. Which led them to Peter’s apartment where they watched both Star Wars and Star Trek. The rest was history. 

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Do You Miss Me (at all) Sherlock x reader part 1

A/N: This took me forever to finish! For the love of god, I struggled with this hours and days! So, this will be two parted, and apologizes for not posting fanfics for awhile, I’ve been busy with other things (also tried to figure out how to continue the heartless, there will be a new chapter of it soon enough, hopefully) also this was supposed to be out at Friday, but I couldn’t get myself to finish this since this basically a dialogue done by shouting and fighting. But anyway, hope this is good in some sort of weird way.

Here’s a link for the next chapter http://all-fandoms-fiction.tumblr.com/post/157287362239/do-you-miss-me-at-all-2-sherlock-x-reader

You had been in a relationship with Sherlock for over four months now and not to get you wrong, you did love the high functioning sociopath even if it got rough. For example he barely told you he cared for you more than as a friend. It had taken him all his might to tell you that just that once when you started dating and you were as surprised as anyone would’ve been in that situation. To hear Sherlock Holmes, the detective incapable of understanding sentiment or compassion, say he loved you was enough to make you faint, but you didn’t. First you thought it had to be a trick, to test an experiment and one specific kind had slithered in your mind. He was probably testing how you felt about him, even having his own suspicions of you having feelings for him. Maybe he was waiting for your pupils to dilate, testing your pulse? Then he did something that nearly gave you a heart attack. He had kissed you. From there on you two had started dating, but it took some time from him to convince you he really liked you and it wasn’t for a case or a test.

It had been just once he had said he loved you, from that on everything had gone down hill. You knew he wasn’t into opening his heart, which you had become aware of that second he had opened it to you, but you couldn’t but wonder had he come to his senses of you and realized he had only fancied you for short amount of time and the feelings had died by now. At bad days he seemed he barely even acknowledged you were in the same room. He was snarky with his comments, nearly making eye contact and ignoring you at times. It wasn’t anything John hadn’t ever experienced with Sherlock but you couldn’t stop thinking that you would be even slightly privileged to be treated in better way than that.

Sherlock had been buried with work, now on his list at the top was a new case that hadn’t made any progress and it frustrated him. He was tense and easy to piss off. You were the same, but for other reasons. His acts had reflected on you, his now nasty personality and way of ignoring you made it impossible for you to stand him.

The two of you had just come back to Baker Street from a crime scene and you were fuming of rage. Once again you had been pushed aside and treated like you knew nothing. Even Lestrade, just like Sherlock always said, was capable of sensing the situation. Even the police inspector was able to make out Sherlock was doing a lousy job as a boyfriend. You couldn’t forget the wide eyes and the blank, puzzled stare he gave to you two when Sherlock pushed you, no, he literally pushed you more than once aside and kept telling you to keep quiet as your suggestions and deductions would just embarrass him, you and everyone around.

You stomped up the stairs to the flat, Sherlock following after you. You stayed close to the door leading back downstairs while Sherlock went to sink in his chair. He released a long heavy sigh and closed his eyes in disappointment. He muttered how useless the visit had been and how it had only cost his precious time on the case in hand. The crime scene you two just witnessed had, as he said, obviously nothing in common.

”Did you really have to do that?” You questioned after waiting enough, listening to Sherlock muttering and complaining about the case. Your hands were crossed over your chest and your right foot was tapping the floor in an impatient way. To this Sherlock answered with lowered brows and watched you in confusion. You huffed and looked away. ”Embarrass me in front of the whole Scotland Yard?” You corrected. Sherlock only rolled his eyes and went to correct you. ”There was nearly even half of the Scotland Yard present.” Sherlock shifted in his seat. ”I wouldn’t worry about them. They barely know anything so you being incorrect now and then wouldn’t make them any better than you.”

You could hang onto that statement, he had almost praised you just now and it was the best you had got from him for since he had been burdened with this particular case, but then again you didn’t need to settle for this. This wasn’t enough to wipe all the bad comments he’d made in the past though you weren’t even sure was there anything he could do, a one single act that would calm you.

”To you that was the entire Scotland Yard.” You pushed persistently. He had said it himself countless of times. The people in Scotland Yard that had ever worked with him were the only people that counted if you asked for his opinion.

”Well, yes, but obviously it wasn’t exactly the whole Scotland Yard.” Sherlock placed his fingers under his chin, resembling his mind palace position but he kept his eyes open and on you. He eyed you suspiciously, trying to deduce what you were going through in your head, but judging by his expression he had no idea what made you so pissed. ”Is something bothering you?”

To that you let out a sarcastic laugh. Had he really only got that out of you? He really was as magnificent and astonishing as John always said. Sarcastically saying of course. But this time he surprised you by how dumb he was.

”Are you really that blind?” You finally snapped. You humorously watched as Sherlock gave away how offended he was by your statement but without skipping a beat you continued. ”You embarrassed me in front of Scotland Yard! And that’s not all! You’ve treated me worse and worse the further we get down on this case. Hell, you even treat Anderson better than me!” And it was true. He had even praised Anderson today for stating something so obvious and simple that even a blind person would’ve seen it.

”I was being sarcastic.” Sherlock muttered seriously and looked down on the floor, clearly drifting away from the conversation and to his mind palace.

”Well, it wasn’t clear!” You yelled and threw your hands in the air. ”Everybody thought you really meant it. And don’t dare shut me off now!” You took three long steps and put your hands on either side of Sherlock’s armrests on his chair, your face inches away from his. ”Don’t treat me like this!”

”Treat you like what?” Sherlock shot up from his seat, you taking a fast step backwards to make more room between the two of you. He stared back at you coldly. His blue eyes were like frozen and he looked intimidating. Sherlock tilted his head, his eyes narrowing as he questioned you.

”I told you already! You ignore me! Like I don’t exist at all! You always pretend like I’m not there. You put your work first and I feel like I don’t even exist on the list of your priorities! You also have pushed me around, literally, and you won’t let me even speak when we’re out!”

”Stating the obvious shouldn’t be reworded! You want me to let you embarrassed yourself? By pointing out what everyone is able to witness with their own eyes?”

”Oh, so now I’m embarrassing myself? Thank you for saving me, Sherlock, for keeping me quiet when I could’ve said something dumb!” The room was silent for a second, until you took a deep breath. ”Look, you keep me around but make it feel like I am the one clinging on you and following you like a lost puppy, and when I try to advance you, you only shoot me down. You won’t show me I matter!”

”I have told you how I feel about you, do you really need me to do it several times a day? Because you know I won’t be up to it. I am not a man who keeps showering you with all the pleasantries and praises-!”

”I know that and it’s not what I asked!” You snapped back. You were wondering was Mrs. Hudson listening to you two shouting. If she was she was probably worried. Worried what you’d do if this would go further on and how you would end up like. Mrs. Hudson knew what Sherlock was capable of when he was bored or even drugged, but when angered? And with you against him? You couldn’t answer to that either.

”Then what is it? I can’t quit my job and forget all the cases just because of you. Just because of love.” He pronounced the last word with disgust, as if the whole word was ridiculous to even be said.

”I’m not telling you to quit, I’m suggesting you to leave it be when you clearly can’t work it out, not now at least. You’ve run out of clues and there is nothing you can do to make the problem solved. You have to wait!”

”I can’t just wait until another one gets killed!” Sherlock spit out and glared down at you.

”Well, there’s nothing else you can do.” You told him matter of factly. ”Just talking about the case makes you a mess, Sherlock. You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, and how you treat people around you is horrible. Even if you have a problematic case in hand it doesn’t give you the privilege to act like a moron!”

”Oh so I am the one acting like a moron?” Sherlock looked down on you. ”You have done nothing to help me on this case, the reason I keep you around is only because I thought there would be use of you, but guess I was wrong with you. And here you are, waiting for me to sugar coat you with flatter and sweet talk. Like it wasn’t enough I told you once how I care about you.” He had struggled enough by telling you he loved you once, and what were the looks of it he wasn’t going to do it ever again and actually it made you want nothing more than him to never say anything to you.

”I knew what I was getting myself into when I started this relationship with you.  I know it’s hard for you to say how you feel, but I’m not asking you to tell me that. It’s just that you never show it! You never sit next to me, you never walk close to me, and you barely talk to me! If you could just treat me like a human being!” You didn’t let Sherlock answer, you paced around nervously, but not scared. You were infuriated. ”I really thought I wouldn’t be the only one to do things I don’t usually like to do. Like waking up at 3am in the morning to visit a crime scene, or running around London after a maniac without eating for a whole day! I still never complaint! But where I draw the line is when I am treated worse than even the people you can’t stand!”

”Enough with Anderson already!” Sherlock sighed and spin around.

”I’m not talking about Anderson! I am saying you don’t treat me like your girlfriend and even Lestrade saw what was going on today!” You felt bad at thinking about it again, your stomach dropped at the thought of it. ”The way you act towards me isn’t normal, Sherlock!”

”So I’m supposed to be all around you when we’re on a case? Oh, wake up, (Y/n)! I do not show emotions or am I even capable of feel certain of emotions. Love and sentiment do not get me anywhere and there for I keep them out of my life!” You flinched. That was it. You had enough.

”Then let me help you.” You said and went to get your bag.

”What are you doing?” Sherlock asked sounding bored and fed up by your attitude, his brows furrowed.

”Like you said, you rid yourself of certain feelings. There for I’m leaving. Sorry I ever bothered to step into your life.” You said and turned. ”Goodbye, Sherlock Holmes.” And with that you left. You went down the stairs in a hurry and rage, stomping loudly. You heard Mrs. Hudson come out of her flat, now standing next to the front door, looking at you worriedly.

”Are you two having a little domestic?” She asked with a sad and nervous tone.

”Could say so.” You answered coldly and opened the door.

”When are you coming back, dear?”

”I’m not.” You deadpanned. You had stopped at the entrance and were looking at Mrs. Hudson with a serious expression.

Mrs. Hudson gazed up the stairs to the living room. ”I’m sure what ever he said he doesn’t mean it.” She assured you, but you knew better and you also had made up your mind.

”I’m sure he did.” You told, then closing the door and left Baker Street.

Mrs. Hudson was left alone to wonder what had happened. She let her eyes wonder towards the stairs again, whispering sadly to herself, ”What have you done now, Sherlock?”

To young musicians

Today, a stranger reminded me of something very important.

I had just finished performing and being adjudicated at one of my first solo voice performances. I’m trying to perform as much as I can so I can get used to it in time for my university audition next school year.

I did okay. Not as well as I wanted to, but fine. As I was walking out, I couldn’t help but think to myself “man, if I were to audition right now, I probably wouldn’t get in… how am I ever going to get to where I need to be before I audition?”

I got into the uber that would take me home (neither of my parents were available to pick me up) and since I live an hour away, the driver and I had a while to chat. He was originally from India, and then lived in Europe for a while. He had moved to Canada last year.

When I told him I was coming from a voice performance, he told me (in a very thick Indian accent) that singing is a god gift, but that I should also be proud of all the hard work it takes. Though I don’t believe in god, I thought that was really sweet. But he also reminded me of something else. He probably didn’t even realize how much needed to hear it then. His exact words were “never lose your heart.” I’m sure that wasn’t word for word what he was trying to say (given the language barrier) but I think it’s a perfect way to put it. He said “it will go up and down and up and down, but never lose your heart.”

We talked more about music (turns out he loves listening to music) but I have a feeling that I won’t be forgetting this encounter any time soon.

For all the other young musicians out there, don’t stop doing what you love just because you aren’t where you want to be. Some times in your musical journey will be better than others, and sometimes failure will cloud your judgement. Remember that music is in your heart, and that hasn’t changed. Never lose your heart.

The Upside of Falling Down {II}

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: University!Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! Thank you so so much for the positive response to pt. one of TUoFD!!! I’m so so so glad you guys liked it!!!  Just to let you guys know, I’m going back to university in a few days, so I won’t be as active as I’d like to be :( I made a full post about it here, so check that out if you want to know my update schedule and ask answering schedule.  Also, shout out to everyone who is going back to school this year, and I especially want to send all my love to everyone going into their freshman year at university!!! I get lots of messages from you guys asking for advice, and I just want yall to know that I am so proud of you for continuing your education, and I’m rooting for you!!!  You’re killing the game, yall.  And I’m sure university!Peter would be proud, too (didn’t know there would be so much discourse around where I decided to send him for university??? lmao oh well).  All my love.


You had been in awkward car rides before.  There was the time that eight year old you threw up all over your friend’s cute older brother on a family road trip, or the time when you had accompanied your cousin and his girlfriend on a lake trip where she said no when he asked her to marry him.  Once, on a high school band trip, you accidentally gave a boy a boner the night before travelling home, and spent the rest of the next day avoiding him over the entirety of the bus and the plane rides with the help of your friends.  All of those experiences were sufficiently awkward, but, you had come to learn, none of them compared to the bus ride back to Columbia after you discovered that your biology partner was Spider-Man.

Each of you were tense in your stance, not allowing any parts of your body to touch the other, even on the small faux leather seat.  You kept your gaze glued to the scenery outside your window, watching as the trees by the side of the road flew by.  You were hyper aware of Peter next to you as he sat with his arms crossed, eyes firmly staring at his planted feet.  He hadn’t shifted since you had settled into your seats an hour and a half ago, and neither had you.  In your mind, you couldn’t help but reply the event that had unfolded in the cave, your discovery, and what had followed.

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Not Safe (C.H)

{pic not mine}

warnings: cussing, mention of religion

A.N: i’m not christian so i’m sorry if any of what i say is offensive,, im trying not to mention as much religion…

His hands started to give out from holding his weight up for so long, so he hovered above on his elbows for support. That deepened the kiss. Tongue was everywhere, you wouldn’t even know what the goal was with this tongue. His crotch brushed against hers, a slight tough but enough to make him moan her name ever so loudly into her neck.

“Oh, Y/N,” he sighed into her neck. He placed small kisses on her neck and on her shoulder, moving back up to her neck. He was having the time of his life. As for her, she stared up at the ceiling. In lust? In desperation? Was she grabbing onto his shirt, desperate for a deeper touch? No. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes filled with boredom, her breathing stable, her body stiff as wood. The routine was simple and the same. Her five year long boyfriend would come over for steak and mashed potatoes for dinner with her parents, sometimes it was with mac and cheese when her mom felt adventurous! Then they’d go up to her room for their 7-8 study session, only to turn into an intense make out session. Or an intense make out session for him. But it never ended with sex. The Lord would not approve of premarital sex. Please do not break the routine.

He let out a grunt and placed one last kiss to her collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. He lifted his head above hers and touched their noses, rubbing his tip against hers. “God, I want to marry you,” he sighed. His eyes were still closed in lust as he savored her smell, the taste of her. Her eyes were wide open, her lips forming a fake smile to show him she was just as enthusiastic as he was. His eyes opened to meet hers and he returned a bigger smile to her. He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly made his way off of her, letting out a loud groan as he made his way up. He sat back on the bed and watched as she made her way up as well, her hair just slightly messed up from the slight head movements on the pillow, her lips glistening from spit and chap stick. Their eyes met and his smile turned into a smirk, proud of his work of art. She placed her hands in her lap and returned a small smile. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached up to move a strand of hair away from her face.

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Imagine: Thorin calling you armalime and lying to you about what it means, you eventually find out the true meaning of the word from Fili and Kili.

Not requested.

A/N: I thought I’d take a minute and write an imagine for myself since I haven’t done that in AGES lol.

You had been walking for hours when Thorin finally announced that it was time to set up camp, you let out a breath of relief, finally. You had joined the company shortly after they had begun their quest to take back Erebor. You were a human so the dwarves -particularly their leader- were reluctant to let you join, but upon seeing how well you could fight, they decided you’d be an asset.

You had just begun to settle down when you heard loud footsteps coming your way. All of you were instantly on your feet, weapons ready. A group of goblins came forward, carrying weapons of their own, you could tell that they came with the intent of robbing you.  

They came at you and you charged back with full force. You killed two of them without earning a single scratch, the rest of the company was proving to be just as successful. The remaining goblins shortly learned that they were no match for you and they fled.

Thorin order for camp to be moved to a safer location. 20 minutes later you had set up a bit deeper into the forest. Everyone instantly went back to their tasks, and you settled down by the fire, already having finished the job you were assigned. You were lost in thoughts when you felt someone drop down next to you. You looked up to seeing Thorin, you instantly looked away, pretending that the proximity between you and the King wasn’t bothering you. When you had first joined The Company, you thought Thorin was a bit stuck-up and you tended to stay away from him, but as the months went on you found yourself drawn towards him. Slowly but surely, you had begun to fall for him, but you refused to admit it.

After sitting in silence for a moment, Thorin finally spoke up, “You fought well today Amralime.”

You look up at him with a confused smile, “Thank you, but what does that mean?”  

He opened his mouth but quickly shut it again, and for a moment, you thought you saw blush rising up behind his beard, but you brushed it off, Thorin Oakenshield would never blush, “What does what mean?”

“That word…am…amra-amralime.

“Oh, forgive me lady Y/N,” He said shaking him head, you had given up on telling him that he could just call you Y/N -you were no lady after all- he just refused to listen, “Sometimes I forget you don’t speak Khuzdul. It’s just a word we use to describe good warriors like yourself.”

“Oh…” You nod, a bit disappointed that it didn’t mean anything more special. Stop it Y/N, you’re just a human, he’s a king, you’d never be special to him.

As the days went on, you began having more and more interactions with Thorin, he’d always call you by that name and you had grown quite accustom to it, you loved the way it rolled off his tongue. One thing you noticed however was that he would never use it in front of the other dwarves, this made you wonder, was he actually telling the truth when he told you what it meant. But why would he lie to me about something like that…?

You were walking at the back of the rest of the group, alongside Fili and Kili. You were completely lost in your own thought until you heard one of the brothers say the word ‘amralime’, “What’re you boys talking about?”

“The lass Fili fancies,” Kili smirks, earning a glare from his older brother.

You laugh, “I’m sure she’s wonderful. Is she a good fighter?”

“Not particularly,” Fili responds, “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious,” You shake your head. Why would they be using that word if she isn’t even a good fighter, “Say, what does that word you used earlier mean?”

“Which word Miss Y/N?”


Kili chuckles, “Oh, it means ‘love of mine’ or ‘my love’.”

“Really?!” You feel your face heat up, “I-I just thought it meant something else…”

The boys shrug at your confusion and go back to their conversation.

For the rest of the day you kept picking up on little things you had never thought anything of before, like the way Thorin watched you when you weren’t looking and the way he’d quickly turn away every time you noticed. Maybe he does like me, but why? Why would Thorin, the King under the Mountain, like a simple human girl like me?

Night fell and you were sitting by the dying fire, the other dwarves had fallen asleep but you just could stop thinking of what you had discovered this morning.

“You cannot sleep either?” The baritone voice sends shudders down your spine. Thorin sits down next to you and your heartbeat picks up even more than usual, “You look nervous, what’s wrong amralime?”

Your heart fluttered, you definitely didn’t hear the word wrong, it was definitely the same word Fili and Kili were talking about. How could this be? But what if the brothers had heard their uncle calling you by that name, what if they were only messing with you, “Y/N? Are you alright?”

“I-I…what does amralime mean Thorin?”

You can visibly see him put his guard back up, “I already told you, it means war-”

“Forgive me for interrupting my King, but what does it really mean?”

“Y/N, why are you asking this?”

“I had a chat with Fili and Kili…” You trail off, knowing he’d understand what you were talking about.

“I suppose you know what it really means,” You nod, and he shuts his eyes and turns away, “I’m sorry for lying to you.”

“Do you really feel that way about me?” He nods, “Why? I’m just a common, human girl.”

“You are so much more than that Y/N. You are braver, stronger, smarter, and so much more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever met,” He says genuinely, making your heart melt.

“Thank you,” You whisper. He gently places his hand against your cheek and searches your eyes trying to find out whether or not you feel the same way. You take in his beautiful features, illuminated by the dim fire in front of you, without thinking, you lean in and softly press your lips against his. He pauses for a split second before kissing back, your heart stops and you can’t believe this is actually happening. He finally pulls away and you can’t bring yourself to look into his eyes, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that…”

“Don’t be sorry. Y/N? Do you know the significance of hair in Dwarven culture?” He asks. You nod shyly, knowing that the touching of hair was considered a very intimate act. He pauses for a moment before continuing, “May I braid your hair amralime?”

You blush, did he just ask me to court him?! Oh my God…you finally manage to give him a small smile, “You may.”

He sits you in front of him and gently begins to braid your hair, singing softly as he does so. He finally closes the braids off with some of his beads. You turn to face him and he hums in approval. He places a kiss on your forehead, “My Queen.”


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BTS Reactions To Realizing They’ve Fallen In Love


It was one night when Jin held you against him that he wondered out loud, “I think I’m falling in love with you Y/N.” Caught off guard by his words it took you a few moments to realize what exactly he had just said. By the time you registered what he had said, he was already talking again, “Actually, no. I’m already in love with you.” All you could do was stare up at him, speechless.

“Y/N? Did you forget to breath?” He laughed as he carefully observed your reaction, “I know hearing these words coming from someone as handsome as me is pretty life-changing but please say something.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his usual cockiness, “I love you too you big narcissist.” He shot you a pearly white smile, “I love you so much that I’m willing to admit that you just might be as attractive as me.”  You playfully punched him, “shut up before I take the words back.” It was hard to sleep that night for the two of you, both of you overwhelmed by happiness and affection.

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Yoongi wasn’t the type to fall in love easily so the words, “I love you” were often reserved for when he was absolutely sure. He was incredibly pensive the day you said those words to him. He knew you had been slightly hurt that he hadn’t returned them but he couldn’t bring himself to until he was positive he felt the same. He didn’t want the words to be empty. Did he love you? He knew you were important to him. It wasn’t until he considered a life without you that he knew. A life without you would be dull. Without realizing, you had become the light of his life and he didn’t think life would be as interesting or fun without you in it. Sure of his feelings he wasted no time in calling you. He didn’t even let you say hello before he said,

“I love you Y/N. I wanted to be sure of it before I said anything but I love you, I really do.”

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It seemed as everybody but himself could tell that Namjoon was in love. It was painfully obviously in just the way he acted, talked and did anything really. He always seemed to be in an extremely good mood and a smile would tug at his lips at the mere mention of your name. Lyrics seemed to come more naturally than usual; there always seemed to be a song playing in his head. When he finally came to terms with his feelings and he found that he could no longer ignore them, he wanted to make sure that the moment he told you was special.  So, he waited. He waited in hopes of the right moment presenting itself but it never came. After all, it was in those small seemingly insignificant moments that he had fallen. So he’d never imagine that the moment he’d told you would be right after he had slipped and fallen on a patch of ice. Having been too busy listening to you he completely disregarded his surroundings and before he knew it he was falling. It was your immediate burst of laughter that drew the words, “I love you.”

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It was hard to take Hoseok seriously when he said “I love you” due to his already affectionate personality. However, Hoseok wasn’t one who took those type of words lightly. Sure he said them a lot but it wasn’t something he’d say without being sure. He knew he was in love with you when he realized just exactly how much you understood him and made him happy. Despite his outer sunshine facade, he was human and there were times when he was down but continued the act to not let it affect those around him. You were quick to figure him out though and just knowing how well you could read him would fill him with an affection that he’d naturally start to feel happy again. So when he saw the slight doubt in your eyes at hearing the three words, he placed a hand on each of your shoulders and looked right into your eyes, “I love you Jagiya, I’m being serious.” The sincerity you felt through his eyes left you breathless and you felt silly for not having taken the words seriously the first time.

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The sudden realization that he was in love with you hit Jimin like a ton of bricks during one of your dates. Nothing particularly special happened to have sparked it but he was sure of it. You were walking hand in hand when you suddenly felt Jimin stiffen. You turned to him concerned, “are you okay?” He was visibly flushed and flustered at your sudden attention and you wondered if he was getting a fever. You reached a hand up to feel his forehead but he caught your hand mid-air and pulled it to his mouth giving it a kiss before letting go. You were surprised by the sudden act that all you could do was stare up at him quietly waiting for him to explain himself. He was incredibly shy but he managed to get the words out, “I love you Y/N. I wasn’t sure of whether I should tell you or not but I wanted you to know.”

“Is that why you were acting so weird? I love you too Jimin,” you said with a smile as you placed a hand of each of his cheeks and kissed him. He was shy and giggly the entire date after his confession.

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It was right after a concert that Taehyung pulled you into his arms and began littering your face with kisses saying “I love you,” with each one. The words had left his mouth on impulse but it didn’t take him long to realize that they were true. He couldn’t believe it had taken him so long to become aware of his feelings. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t recall the exact moment he had fallen in love with you. All that mattered was that he knew now. Pulling away from you he had the biggest smile on his face as he looked at you with soft eyes, “ My God, I really am in love with you Y/N.” His smile only grew as he saw your face light up at the words. You returned the words within seconds. He was incredibly clingy that day.

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He didn’t recognize the signs at first; the lingering feeling of loss he felt when you weren’t around, the incredible rush he got from seeing you smile. It wasn’t until he saw you cry that it clicked. Never before had he felt such empathy towards a person. It was as if he had been hurt himself. When he arrived at your apartment and you opened the door face flushed, tears staining your cheeks he wanted nothing more than to take the pain away. He was quick to envelop you in a hug and calm your hiccups with sweet words. Being certain of his feelings he couldn’t stop himself from blurting, “I love you Y/N.” Instead of feeling embarrassed, he felt relieved.

Your sniffling stopped at once as you pulled away from his hug to take a glance at his face. Your eyes were wide and you couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of his mouth nor the amount of joy they filled you with. Your worries had all seemed to disappear as you broke out a big smile, “I love you too Jungkook.” You were met with a small adorable grin.

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BTS reaction: their innocent girlfriend getting startled by them accidentally swearing in front of her.

minlii requested:

Can I request a BTS reaction to accidently swearing in front of their girlfriend and she quickly clasps her small hand on their mouth and forms an ‘o’ shape with her mouth? Like she was startled to hear swear words because she’s innocent? Thank you😇💙


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Jin wouldn’t be one to swear a lot. And even if he does it he would swear quietly, knowing that you don’t like it. But when he notices expression and realizes that you heard him he would start apologizing and smile at how innocent you are. 

“Shit…” He mumbled under his breath. “Oh, I’m so sorry, jagi! I didn’t think you were listening!”


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Yoongi cusses a lot. So ever since you told him that you don’t like it when people swear around you he was trying not to swear….at least in front of you.

One afternoon you decided to visit him at the studio, but just as you walked in you heard him yell:

“Fucking hell!”

You stood at the door, frozen, with a shocked expression on your face. When Yoongi turned around and saw you he mumbled a quiet:

“Aww…I’m sorry baby…”

And started giggling uncontrollably at how cute you were.


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Hoseok was sitting on the couch in your living room, reading something on his phone, when without realizing, shocked by whatever he was reading he mumbled a quiet:

“For fuck’s sake!”

You were just walking into the room, but after you heard him say that you immediately froze and covered your small mouth in shock. When he noticed you he started laughing at your shocked expression and came over to you wrapping his arms over your small figure and kissing your forehead.

“Oh my gosh, jagi! You’re so cute and innocent that it actually hurts!” He said still laughing.


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Just like Yoongi, Namjoon swears a lot. But he would still try not to do it in front of you, because he knew exactly how innocent you are and that you don’t like it when people swear around you.  

But one day he just couldn’t hold in his frustration over something and started yelling swear word after swear word, completely forgetting that you were in the house with him. And when he saw you standing by the door, looking absolutely startled by what he just said, he was actually kind of embarrassed. 

“Oh…H-hi, jagi! I promise that I didn’t say…what you think I said!”


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This boy! He found your shocked expression to be so cute that he constantly swears in front of you on purpose. 

Every time he sees you freeze and clasp your small hands on your mouth, he can’t help but start giggling and showering you with kisses, apologizing for saying what he said.

“I’m sorry, baby, but you’re so cute I just can’t help myself!”


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When Tae first saw your reaction after he accidentally swore in front of you he couldn’t hold in his  excitement over how cute you were. 

He always loved how small and innocent you are, so seeing you react like that to him accidentally swearing made his heart flutter. He started giggling, pulled you in his lap and started making comments about how small, cute and innocent you are.

“Jagi! You’re so cute! I love you!”


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Jungkook started swearing at the TV, really annoyed by the decisions the main character in the movie you were watching was making. You immediately sat up and looked at him with a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong [Y/N]?” he asked concerned. When you didn’t answer he realized what cause you t look at him like that.

“Awww…Jagi….” He chuckled, “Is it because I was swearing at the TV?”

You nodded, your eyes still wide.

“You’re so cute!” He said laughing and wrapped an arm around you.

two year; shawn mendes

a/n: love me some husband! shawn [masterlist]
synopsis: celebrating their two year anniversary, wine drunk and in love

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She’s got flour on her nose, half empty bottle of wine in her hand – red, cheap – and music echoing in her ears. 

She’s topless, wearing a lace bra and a pair of booty shorts as she stirs the flour and sugar into the eggs – singing ABBA, wiggling her hips to the beat. Shawn’s watching from afar.

Tonight’s their two year wedding anniversary, and instead of going out to a fancy restaurant – putting on a socially acceptable smile – they’re inside, making cookies while wine drunk and belting out disco hits. 

Got her hair mopped up into a bun, strands dangling around her neck and forehead while she bobs her head, singing: mamma Mia, here I go again.

They all said he was too young to get married. You’re 27 Shawn, live a little before you settle down. Yet Shawn knows that he’s lived – had been living since he was 16, on the road, a rock star, hyped by the sound of people cheering his name and the exhilaration of being on stage.

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If you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, here are 10 things you should NOT do:

Number 1, if you wanted to forget about him, maybe you shouldn’t have told your friends that you have a sort of frustrating crush on the guy you’ve been talking to lately. If you did, it’ll be the last time you’ll ever know peace. Before you realize it, your whole class knows, your teachers know, your family knows, your neighbors know–the president himself is in the process of knowing. Every time he walks by, you will be stripped of your composure. Your life will become a romcom onlookers tune in to. 

2, do not think about the last text he sent you just before you go to bed. It’ll haunt you in your sleep and you’ll dream of his eyes, of his voice, the way his nose crinkles when he laughs, and it’ll leave you with fantasies impossible to come true.

3, do not stalk his social media accounts. Just don’t. Don’t look at his posts or, god forbid, his pictures. And for the love of all that is good, do not message him. It will lead to several awkward conversations that will leave you both giddy and mortified and you will find out that he uses too many emoticons and not enough words which means you don’t really understand what he means, but that he is more adorable than you first thought he was.

4, if you want to forget him, don’t smile back. Oh, it will be tempting, I know. After all, how can you resist when he smiles at you as if the sun itself resides in his chest? When he smiles like it’s the first and last time he will ever be happy? How can you not smile back, when he reminds you just exactly what happiness feels like?

5, do not associate songs with him. When your favorite song comes on, do not think of slow dancing to it with him. Do not imagine the two of you sharing earphones and listening to a playlist on repeat. Do not devote the lyrics like an ode to his laughter, do not think of him when you sing. Melodies are not supposed to echo a name. 

6. do not name him “What If”. Do not think of all the ways he can make you better. Do not name him “Maybe”. Do not come up with reasons why he can love you just as fiercely. Do not name him “Almost”. Do not hope for something you damn well know could never be.

7, do not get jealous of the girl he laughs with. Do not compare yourself to the way she looks, how she’s thinner, prettier, more breathtaking than you will ever be. Do not look at his smile–it is the same smile he gives you. It is the same smile you’ve fallen in love with, the same smile you thought was meant for your eyes only. Do not get jealous of her. He was never yours to keep in the first place.

8, if you want to forget about him, do not cry over him. He’ll disappoint you again and again and again and I know it’ll hurt, god, how it hurts–but do not cry over him on the car ride home. Do not let them see that he has broken you. Don’t let them know you care. Don’t let heartbreak paint your face with mascara tears, do not cry yourself to sleep.

9, do not tell him how you feel. Do not tell him that he saved you when you couldn’t save yourself, don’t tell him you cared. Do not rearrange your words over and over in hopes his feelings will change. Do not wait for his answer. Do not save his reply, do not hurt yourself this way. You do not need a constant reminder that he does not love you back.

10, if  you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, do not write about him. Do not immortalize the way he stood, the curl of his lips, the shade of his eyes. Do not make permanent the memory of his last words as he said goodbye. If you want to forget, do not write him poetry. Do not surrender the beauty of your metaphors. Do not make symbolisms about his name, do not compare him to stars. He is just a boy, who felt like a miracle in what little time you had together. He is just a boy. Do not give him the power of your words.

If you want to forget him, do not commit these mistakes. If you want to forget him, don’t do what I did.

—  10 things you should not do to forget
Confessions | Part 1

Thank you for the request! I hope I did this justice.^^

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: angst

word count: 1.6k


part one | two | three

Jimin sat on the edge of his bed, his laptop on his thighs and his hands in his hair. He had to do it now, he told himself. He had to call you now and confess what had happened. There was no way to hide it anymore. No way to pretend that everything was the same as it used to be. No more having to hide the guilt that had plagued him constantly these past 3 months. He finally pulled his head up to look at your smiling face on his screen. His fingers hovered over the trackpad as he willed himself to hit the call button. He took a deep, shaky breath and tapped on your name. It was time for him to tell you the worst secret of his life.

You were laying in your bed that evening, staring at your BTS poster taped to your closet door. The few people very close to you knew that you weren’t just an ARMY fangirling over the boys in the picture. You were always only looking at one boy. You were only ever looking at your ChimChim.

The chronic times apart hadn’t been easy for either of you. When Jimin had gone to be a trainee, leaving your hometown of Busan, you’d hoped that things wouldn’t be over between you two. You’d hoped that your connection was strong enough to overcome the distance. And it had been. Sure, being limited to video chats or talking on the phone wasn’t nearly as good as having him there in person; but you’d both learned how to navigate the rough waters of him being an idol with a secret girlfriend.

At first it had really bothered you that you had to keep your relationship a secret. Every time that Jimin claimed to have never been in a relationship before used to feel like a stab to your heart. The precious few days you had together when he got to visit home was filled with disguises to prevent fans from recognizing him and therefore wondering about you. You had a strong love-hate relationship with the other ARMYs. You loved that he was being successful. You loved seeing others see all of the good inside him. Loved watching their clever edits that were made with so much care. But then there was the ugly side of being an idol. Having to watch other girls screaming his name and reaching for him constantly. Having to watch him doing his fanservice and smiling his shy smile at them and answering their sticky note questions flirtatiously. It was all part of his job—you knew that. You knew in your heart, even without his constant assurances, that Park Jimin loved you and only you. The girl of his hometown.

At least that’s what you had to keep reminding yourself of more and more often lately. Five months ago, BitHit had asked Jimin to publicly date an actress that had been in their newest music video to help promote their comeback. It bothered you that BigHit often put things on only Jimin’s shoulders like when they told him that only he had to show his abs in their debut song. It had been a tough conversation but you told Jimin you understood. He was doing it for his career and helping hers as well since Jimin was always thinking of others. None of it meant anything. They didn’t even talk outside of their public appearances that were always so carefully crafted even when they were just “going to the grocery store.” The public ate everything up so easily.

Suddenly your phone sounded with a video call. When you saw the familiar handsome face flash across your screen, your mood instantly picked up and you were ready for one of your long five hour conversations that Jimin always called “conversations with friends” when asked about it in interviews.

“Hey, my ChimChim,” you greeted him happily with your favorite nickname for him.

“Hey, jagiya,” he said, his voice noticeably subdued.

“What’s wrong?” you asked instantly, sitting straight up in your bed. You took in his facial features that were filled with a mixture of anxiety and sadness.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” He gave a nervous laugh.

“Jiminie, I know you better than you know yourself….What’s wrong?”

“Ay, Jaigya,” he sighed, leaning back and running his hand roughly through his hair. “I—I really don’t want to tell you this,” he said quietly.

Your stomach started to sink and you felt your throat starting to close up. There was something very wrong. You’d seen Jimin when he was feeling down more times than you could count but this was something else. This wasn’t just him having doubts about himself. This was him holding back. He was always so caring; always thinking of everyone else first. This was something about you.

“Are you breaking up with me?” you managed to squeeze out through the tightness in your throat.

“Y/n, it’s not that. It’s um…it’s something else.”

“Please just tell me, ChimChim. I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” you admitted.

You watched as his throat gulped on the screen. He ran his hand through his hair again, biting his lip as he did so. If you weren’t in such agonizing suspense, you’d be thinking some rather naughty thoughts right now. If only that’s what was happening you thought to yourself.

“You know h/n noona?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” you responded quickly. How could you forget the beautiful, talented actress fake dating your boyfriend?

“Something happened one night…with me and her,” he finally said. You stared at the image of your boyfriend on the screen, feeling like every inch of blood inside you was draining out.

“‘One night’?” you repeated softly. “What do you mean?” You had to hear him say the words. It wasn’t real until he said the words.

“Y/n, I was drunk,” he started. “I was drunk and lonely and missing you more than you could possibly know. And I—I slept with her,” he finally admitted. “I don’t even remember any of it. I just woke up next to her.”

You closed your eyes tightly to prevent the tears that had welled up in your eyes from falling down your face. You never in a dozen lifetimes thought Jimin would be that guy. Not your ChimChim. All of those pictures you would send him, all of those video and phone calls—they were all for nothing. You still couldn’t be there to satisfy him and he’d turned to someone else. You were so stupid to think that this would ever turn out any other way.

“Y/n, that’s not all of it,” Jimin’s voice broke in again.

You didn’t care anymore if he saw the tears. Let him see. Let him see how much he’d hurt you. “What else do you want to tell me?” you choked out. You hid the surprise from crossing your face when you saw that Jimin was crying on the other side of the screen.

“She’s pregnant.”

Anger streaked through you. “Are you kidding me?” you burst out. “You’ve always made sure we were careful! Even with you wearing condoms, you asked me to take birth control even though I get to see you only two weeks out of the year! And then you sleep with her without using anything?!” You couldn’t stop the accusing words from coming out of your mouth.

“Jagi, I was drunk. I didn’t plan for it to happen,” he replied.

“How far along is she?”

Jimin stared at you. “Twelve weeks,” he finally answered.

“You did this three months ago and didn’t tell me?” you whispered.

“It was one time. I knew it would never happen again. I couldn’t bear to see you hurt like this.”

You nodded mockingly at him through your tears. “How long have you had feelings for her?”

“What?” He looked like you’d put your hand through the screen and smacked him.

“How long, Jimin?” you demanded.

“I don’t, jagi.”

“Don’t call me that,” you protested immediately. “I know you, Park Jimin. Even drunk, you would never sleep with someone you didn’t feel anything for. What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know, y/n,” he admitted. “She told me she’s keeping the baby.”

You let out a small sarcastic laugh. “Of course she is. It’s your baby. No one could end a part of you…,” you trailed off, your heart squeezing even tighter as the realization that this was happening hit you. She was carrying your boyfriend’s child. She was always going to have a connection with him now. She was always going to have a piece of him that you would never have. And with that thought you realized what your next question needed to be. “Are you going to marry her?” He didn’t respond. “You will, won’t you?” you whispered. “You’ll keep her from scandal.”

“She doesn’t deserve it,” he said. “You don’t deserve this,” his voice broke. “I’m sorry, y/n. More sorry than you could ever know. I would never want to hurt you.”

“Oh, Jiminie,” you said slightly mockingly. “It’s way too late for that.” And with that Jimin broke down into a pile of sobs on the other side of the screen. You couldn’t watch this anymore. “Goodbye, Jimin,” you choked out and hung up the call.

Before you fell into your own mess of sobs, you sent a quick text to Jin. You need to go to Jiminie. He needs someone right now. Please don’t be too hard on him. Because even after all of this, you knew that you would always love that beautiful boy with the shy smile from Busan. 

“Panic Attacks” Finn Wolfhard (part 2)

Plot - Y/N struggles with panic attacks. Finn is the only one who knows

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader

“Are you nervous?” Finn asked me, his voice just a little louder than a whisper. We were in a van, heading to our first interview. “Yeah, a lot actually.” I whispered back. “It’ll be okay Y/N, you’re good at interviews.” He replied, a smirk on his face, as he quickly hugged me.

“Aw shit. I forgot my fake teeth.” we heard Gaten swear from the front seat. “Welp, back to being toothless for you.” Caleb laughed, all of us joining in. “Shut up.” Gaten laughed as well. “Jeez Caleb don’t be so rude!” Millie giggled. Light hearted banter continued from there on. I stayed quiet, too caught up in my thoughts. The only thing that was keeping me from completely freaking out was Finn. More specifically, his tight grip on my hand. I focused on his fingers intertwined with mine, and the way he was rubbing circles on my hand with his thumb.

“Y/N’s being awfully quiet.” Gaten stated, taking me out of my thoughts. “You doing okay?” he asked. “Yeah im fine, im just tired, Noah and I had to get up at 2am.” I replied, slightly smiling. “Yeah, it was shit, and I forgot to pack my carry on so I was late to picking her up.” Noah added. I squeezed Finn’s hand, feeling my nerves bubbling up again. He squeezed back, reassuring me that it was going to be fine.

We got to a set, a couch and a few chairs were on the left side and a single chair was on the right. We all took a seat, Finn making sure I was right next to him. We were on the couch in front, along with Millie, while Noah, Caleb and Gaten sat on the chairs in the back. The blonde interview came in and shaked all of our hands. Then the interview started.

The lady asked us a few questions, I didn’t answer any. My anxiety started to bubble up. Before a second thought I took Finn’s hand in mine, forgetting we were on camera. “You doing okay?” he whispered. “Ish.” I replied.

“Okay, if you were to use one word to describe season 2, what word would you choose?” The interviewer asked. “Different.” Millie responded. “Dangerous.” Caleb smiled. “Intense.” Finn answered. “Amazing.” Noah beamed. “Romantic” Gaten replied, wiggling his eyebrows. “Fun.” I mumbled a bit. Oh shit, could they hear me? “I’m sorry Y/N, I couldnt hear your answer.” The blonde lady said. Fuck, they couldn’t hear me. “I said fun, sorry.” I repeated, lowering my head, embarrassed. Thankfully, the interview was almost over.

“I’m so fucking stupid.” I kept mumbling to myself in the hallway. We were taking a quick bathroom break before the next interview, which was a whiles away. “Why are you stupid?” I heard Finn ask, as he sat next to me. “I just embarrassed myself, because I couldn’t say the word ‘fun’.” I snapped. “Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. That interviewer was old, and probably has bad hearing, that’s all.” He reassured me, taking my hand in his once again. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, thanks.” I responded.

“Oh my god! Are you two dating?!” I heard Gaten shout, pointing at us holding hands. “Gaten, shut up, we’re not dating, no.” Finn replied, letting go of my hand. I felt my heart sink a bit. “Then why were you two holding hands?” He asked, a confused look on his face as he sat down next to me. “Uh, we, uh..” Finn stuttered. “We were comparing hand sizes.” I interjected. “What? Why?” Gaten chuckled. “Because I have really small hands.” I answered, putting my hand up and gesturing Finn to put his on mine. “See?” I said. “Holy shit! What the hell?” Gaten laughed, taking my hand and putting his up to it. “Wow! That’s so weird.” he laughed once again.

“Comparing hand sizes?” Finn whispered/laughed once we got back into the car. “It was all that I could think of! And he believed it.” I giggled back. “Yeah, true.” Finn mumbled. “I like how small your hands are.” He commented after a few seconds of silence. “Okay, uh, thanks?” I slightly chuckled, a little confused. “I mean, it fits with mine quite nicely. It’s the perfect size for my hand.” He explained, making me blush.

“Hey, hand me the aux cord.” I heard Noah say to David. He played ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ by The Clash. “My god Noah.” Caleb shook his head. “C’mon, we love this song!” Noah laughed, singing along. Eventually all of us were singing with him.

The last interview was fine, nothing embarrassing happened which was good. Finn held my hand during it as well. “Hey, Y/N?” Finn asked, once we got back to the hotel room. “Yeah?” I replied. “How come you don’t want the others to know you have anxiety and get panic attacks?” He asked, making me stop what I was doing. “Because I don’t want them to know.” I answered, turning around to face him. “That’s not an answer and you know it. You won’t even tell your mom, the only reason I know is because you had one in front of me once.” He remarked. “Yeah and you never should’ve found out. It’s not something to go out and tell everyone all casual like ‘hey everybody! I suffer from this dumb mental illness called anxiety!’ it’s just hard to talk about, even with you.” I almost shouted. I could feel myself getting angry. “I’m not saying it’s something easy to talk about. It’s just, like you said, you are suffering. Maybe if you told someone like Millie or Noah as well-” “Finn, no. you are the only one who needs to know.” I interjected. “Ill tell them if and when im ready. But right now, it’s too much. Im taking a shower.” I mumbled, leaving the room and going into the bathroom.

After my shower, I had calmed down alot. “Hey Finn, I’m sorry I got mad.” I said, walking out of the bathroom. “It’s okay, i understand why. Want to watch a movie?” He asked “the T.V has netflix.” He added. “Sure, what are we watching?” I responded, taking a seat on his bed instead of mine.

I didn’t get much sleep. It was 3:30 and I was sat up in my bed, Finn soundly sleeping in the bed next to me. My mind was wandering again. I was thinking about our argument. ‘I shouldn’t have yelled’  I thought. ‘He’s probably so mad’ ‘I probably just ruined our friendship’ I kept thinking. The thought of losing Finn as a friend was enough for me to start silently crying. ‘He hates me.’ I kept repeating. Not being able to stop myself, I started pacing. The feeling of my heavy chest came back. Slowly it became heavier and heavier, until I couldn’t handle it. “FUCK!” I yelled, kicking the wall next to me, my crying became louder, I couldn’t breath. I fell to the ground. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I heard Finn question, his voice lower than normal, since he just woken up. “Oh god.” He mumbled, turning on the light and rushing over to me. “Y/N. Y/N, it’s okay i’m here now.” He whispered, rubbing my back. “I’m so sorry.” I cried, turning to hug him. “For what, sweetheart?” he asked, hugging me back. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” I sobbed, my tears wetting his shirt. “Its okay, im not mad.” He whispered, helping me to my feet. “Let’s get back in bed, okay?” He asked. I slowly nodded in response as he brought me to his bed. I got on one side and he quicking got in on the other. Without another word, he pulled me closer to him, his arm around my waist and his other hand playing with my hair. I rested my head on his chest, my breathing still uneven and little tears still falling. I focused on his heartbeat, to distract myself.

Around half an hour later, I still couldn’t sleep. “Finn?” I whispered, moving my head so I could see him. “Finn, I cant sleep, im sorry.” I mumbled. I watched as his eyes slowly fluttered open. “Understandable.” He answered, making me laugh a bit. “Want to stay up and talk for a little?” He asked, moving a bit so we were sitting up. “Yeah.” I replied.

We talked about random shit until he asked a more serious question. “Y/N? Did you think I was mad at you because you yelled? Is that why you had the panic attack?” He asked, looking me in the eyes. “I thought I ruined our friendship, I thought I had lost you.” I admitted, ashamed. “Baby, I would never leave you. I’m here to stay, you’re my best friend.” He spoke, I could hear how sincere he was. “That’s what they all say.” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. “Y/N, look at me.” He demanded. I did, he rested his hand on my cheek. “I’m here to stay.” He repeated, before softly kissing my lips. “Finn.” I mumbled, a stupid grin plastered on both of our faces. “Y/N” He mumbled before connecting our lips again.



Alec seeing Magnus’ cat eyes for the first time

“No, don’t.” Alec said. He raised his hands and gently put it on Magnus’. “Don’t do that.” Carefully he led Magnus’ hands away from his eyes and, still holding them, lowered both of their arms together. “Why not?” Magnus asked, his voice trembling. Magnus held on to Alec’s hands, not daring to let go of them because he knew if he did he would hide his eyes again. But clearly Alec wanted to look at them. So he let him, but the warlock wanted to avoid Alec’s stare of potential fear so bad that he couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere else than the ground. “Because you don’t have to. Please just… just look at me.” Alec answered, putting all the gentleness and reassurance he had in this one sentence to make Magnus believe he meant it and there was nothing for him to be ashamed of. He watched Magnus and knew from the look on his face that this was the least thing the warlock wanted to do in that moment. Magnus fought with himself, he knew it, but he also needed to look at him in order for Alec to tell him all the things he wanted to tell him. Then, after a few seconds, Magnus took a deep breath and did the bravest thing he ever did in all the years he lived. He raised his head to look at Alec.

He did it. His hideous warlock mark was exposed in front of one of the few Shadowhunters he ever truly loved. All the wards he built around himself, his soul, his heart, his eyes, removed by a single look at the boy. Magnus was sure he never looked as vulnerable as he did now, standing in the middle of his living room, just looking at the boy he loved so much, his hands shaking while still holding on to Alec’s. He was also never as afraid of someone’s reaction as he was now in this very moment, because thousands of people reacted in the same, humiliating, mortifying way. And he wasn’t sure if he could take another one from someone so close to his heart he didn’t want to ever lose.

Alec’s eyes widened as he fully saw Magnus’ amazing yellow-green cat eyes for the first time. He still held Magnus’ hands and felt them shaking in his. “You’re… they’re… I… I don’t… I’m… ” Alec stammered as he kept on staring at them. His mind just blacked out at the sight of Magnus’ warlock mark that he now stood there and was out of words. He knew he needed to say something, he wanted to say something, he wanted to talk to Magnus so badly and tell him so many things at once, but now he just couldn’t think of anything to say. Even Alec’s jaw now began to drop a tiny bit.

Magnus knew it would be that way. He knew it. Why did he even hope for some other reaction from a Shadowhunter than the usual one. Alec wasn’t as different from the others as he thought in the end. If he would just start talking instead of just standing there and staring at him, obviously shocked. If he would just show his fear, his disgust like everyone else did. Magnus couldn’t take the silence any longer. He felt his eyes start to tear up, the last thing he needed right now. He hated to cry in front of people. He bit his lip and hoped it would help, but it didn’t. “Please, Alec. Say something.” Magnus nearly whispered and only barely managed to not let his voice break. “Say anything, but just please stop this silence.”

“I’m trying Magnus, I really am.” Alec answered. He took a second to clear his thoughts. “But… your eyes, they… they look so…” He stopped. He searched for the right word to say. Good, great, amazing, wonderful, stunning. None of these words seemed to fit to describe the beauty that was his boyfriend’s mark. Suddenly, a tear started to roll down Magnus’ cheek. “Ugly? Hideous? Unnatural?” Magnus ended Alec’s sentence, his voice shaky. He freed his hands out of Alec’s grip and let them hang loose at his sides. Blinking away tears he met Alec’s eyes, who was now looking at him even more shocked than before. “There’s nothing I haven’t heard yet, Alec. I believe I know what you’re thinking. So go on. Tell me how hideous I am. Tell me I’m a monster. Tell me you don’t want to have anything to do with a filthy demon spawn.” Magnus balled his hands into fists, desperately trying to prevent himself from crying even more. But nothing worked. “Do you think I haven’t seen that exact reaction hundreds of times before? Do you think I don’t know people are acting nice but are actually scared of me? I might act like I don’t care but do you know what? It hurts. It hurts somewhere deep inside me and it already hurt more times than I could count.” Tears were now streaming down his face, he didn’t look at Alec anymore, avoided eye contact because he felt so ashamed of himself once again, and this time it was even worse because it was his dear Alexander. As he spoke the next sentence, his voice finally started cracking. “I thought you were different. Different from all your Shadowhunter friends who think they’re oh so better than everyone else. Who don’t have a problem with calling me “Warlock” as if it were the filthiest curse word, who don’t even really look at me once they’ve seen my mark, who don’t consider for one second that I might as well have something like feelings. You’re all just the same.”

Alec went utterly silent, honestly shocked of what Magnus just said. He wanted to hold him, kiss him and tell him he wasn’t like that. He wanted to heal the broken part of Magnus’ soul, wanted him to forget all the words people insulted him with, all the heartbreaks. He wanted to tell him his eyes were the most beautiful thing he ever saw. That was the word he was searching for before. Beautiful. Alec reached out his hands to take Magnus’ again and tell him all of that, but just as he was about to move closer to him and start talking, Magnus flinched away from his touch. “That’s… that’s not true, Magnus. Believe me.” Alec began, his hand still stretched out a few inches in front of Magnus’.

“You know it’s true. And it’s horrible. Every single time it’s horrible.” Magnus answered in a chocked voice. “Ever since I was a kid and my mother killed herself after she saw them the first time, I hated showing them to anyone.” He pointed at his eyes. “Even my own mother thought I’m a monster. And there were many after her that thought and still think the same. Now even the boy I thought I could trust.” He hated it, but right in the moment he looked at Alec as he said the last sentence, everything came crushing down on him. All the insults, the hurt he always tried to conceal with witty remarks and so many more buried pain he had to bare because he was what he was and he had what he had.

“Don’t you dare say that, Magnus!” Alec couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulders. “You’re wrong.” There followed a silence where just Magnus’ sniffling was audible. Alec reached up to Magnus’ face to carefully wipe a tear away that slowly made its way down his right cheek, where Alec let his hand rest. Magnus closed his eyes and lowered his head. “I don’t think your cat eyes are hideous Magnus. They’re part of who you are. And people who won’t accept that are stupid. Don’t you dare think I would be disgusted or afraid or anything of you. Don’t you dare ever think that!” “You… you really mean that?” Magnus asked after he processed what Alec just said, his eyes still closed. “Yes I do.” Magnus’ mouth formed itself into a little relieved smile, he again could feel tears coming up. But now they were happy tears. His boyfriend did actually accept who he was, he couldn’t believe it.

Magnus was so incredibly happy, he put his hand over Alec’s on his cheek and let himself draw closer to Alec. He felt Alec putting his other hand under his chin. “Open your eyes my dear.” he said and raised Magnus’ chin up so that he was looking at Alec when he opened his eyes a few moments later. “You actually mean that, Alexander?” Magnus asked quietly, only to convince himself even more. “Yes.” “You really do?” “Magnus I assure you, I swear by the Angel, I mean it.” Magnus was still red- and wet eyed, but he grinned. A vow to the Angel. From a Shadowhunter. That was something. But just to be really sure, he narrowed his eyes and asked again. “By what angel?”

“Dear god, Magnus.” Alec now grinned too. He put his other hand on Magnus’ left cheek, so that the warlock’s face was cupped and looked him deep in the eyes. “I swear, on the Angel Raziel, that I, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, accept you, Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, as you are. You have cat eyes and that’s okay. You don’t ever have to be ashamed, and you better don’t ever think that I hate them again, because I don’t. Is that good enough of an oath to you?” Magnus looked very serious during Alec’s vow, but began to smile again now and that was all Alec needed to know it was good enough.

“It was. It really was Alexander. And I swear I will never let myself believe again that you wouldn’t accept who I am.” He put his hands on Alec’s hip, and because Alec still cupped his face, he didn’t have any other choice but to look at Alec and smile at him. He felt Alec moving closer to him, but before he could bend down to kiss him, Magnus had to get another thing off his chest. A few weeks ago, he had told Alec that he unlocked something in Magnus but he wasn’t aware that the Shadowhunter boy he didn’t even know that long, managed to unlock parts of Magnus’ soul he didn’t show anyone but himself before. “Alexander… you should know though, that until this day, I try really hard to accept my mark. Some days I don’t have a problem with showing them, at least when I’m not around mundanes. But there are some days where I just hate them. Especially after someone once again showed me what he thinks of them. Be it through looks or through insults. On those days I hate them so incredibly much because all they ever did was bring me pain. That’s why I mostly glamour them, why I didn’t show them to you from the beginning. That’s why I didn’t want you to see them, because I was sure the minute you’d see them you would end all of this. As so many before you did. But you didn’t and I’m forever incredibly grateful for that. But Alexander, the truth is that I doubt I’ll ever fully accept my mark. You know, my cat eyes, they are…” “… beautiful.” Alec quietly ended the sentence.

Alec ended Magnus’ sentence with the one word he thought would ever be remotely accurate to  describe the yellow-green colouring of the irises and the perfectly slit-shaped pupils of his boyfriend’s eyes. A moment later, the most amazing eyes he ever saw widened and the pupils thickened a tiny bit. “They’re… they’re what?” Magnus asked surprised. Did he just not get that right or did Alec just say his eyes were… beautiful? His mark has been called many things, many many things, but never beautiful. Interesting, fascinating, captivating, those were some of the best things they’ve been called by people who actually liked Magnus. But beautiful was utterly new. And unexpected. Very very unexpected. Magnus stared at Alec with disbelief in his wide open eyes.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Alec asked gently, stroked the warlock’s left cheek with his thumb and watched Magnus slowly shake his head afterwards. “No one ever called them that Alexander. No one. Not once. I didn’t think anyone would ever do. I don’t even believe it myself, how should anyone else ever think that?” he said sadly, his grip on Alec’s hips getting tighter to remind himself he’s actually there and actually just said that. He watched as Alec moved his head closer to his and felt his hands moving down to Magnus’ shoulder again. And there it was. The smile he loved so incredibly much. The gentle tiny, light-up-the-world Alec-smile. “Oh Magnus.” Alec whispered, if to himself or to Magnus, he didn’t know.  

There was now barely any space left beween them and the remaining space got filled with Alec gently resting his forehead against Magnus’. Alec holding Magnus by the shoulders and Magnus holding Alec by the hips, their foreheads touching they stood there for a few moments, just looking at each other, until Alec cleared his throat and whispered “They’re so so beautiful, they’re… you’re so beautiful.” Alec brought his head even closer to Magnus’ than it already was and had his lips now nearly touching Magnus’. They both let their lips hovering over each others for a few hearbeats. “My god, you’re so beautiful.” Alec whispered against Magnus’ lips and finally, finally kissed him.

They kissed once before, at Alec’s almost-wedding with Lydia. But that kiss was totally utterly different to the one they shared now. The wedding kiss was fierce, intense and full of desire from both of them. The kiss now was slow, gentle, intense in a whole other meaning. Alec was so incredibly tender, he wanted Magnus to know how ridiculously in love he was with him, wanted him to believe everything he just said through that kiss. They both could feel each others heart beat, Alec realizing that right now, in that moment, both their hearts beat as one. It felt like they shared one heart together, which Alec was sure, was actually the case from now on. Magnus felt it too and was taken aback in the best way he could imagine, that after all those years, he finally found true love again. And not only true love. He found someone who would fight with him against any evil in this world and he couldn’t describe to anyone how happy and grateful he was for that.

They both weren’t sure how much time had passed during the kiss, but they were both still standing, Alec now cupping Magnus’ face again and both of them not wanting to move their head away from the other. Alec started to whisper against Magnus’ lips again. “You’re so beautiful Magnus.” “You already said that.” Magnus whispered back and smiled, he now cupped Alec’s face too. “I know but… it seemed worth repeating. And I will repeat it over and over again until you believe it. And even then I will tell you again and again.” “You’re so sure I will eventually believe it?” Magnus asked. He honestly wanted to know if someone could actually do that. “I will help you to.” Alec answered and brushed his lips against Magnus’. “You know why?” “Why?” “Because…” Alec placed a kiss on the edge of Magnus’ mouth. “… you should know you’re beautiful…” Another kiss on Magnus’ left cheekbone. “… just the way you are.” A third one on the edge of his mouth again. Alec closed his eyes. “Magnus Bane, you are the most beautiful human being there ever was and ever will be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The people who don’t appreciate you don’t deserve to even be in your presence. They don’t deserve you, because you are so kind, so loving, and so incredibly optimistic even after living so long. They don’t deserve you, because you deserve the universe. You don’t know it, but I do.”

“My dear Alexander, how do I deserve you?” Magnus asked in a husky voice, being very moved from Alec’s little speech. “I just told you. You needed someone to tell you the truth.” Magnus let out a sigh and pulled Alec into a tight hug, because right now he didn’t have any other idea what to do. “I know and I thank you a thousand times for that. But I have to note one thing. You said ‘human being’…” “Yes, and?” “You know I’m a warlock. I’m not a human being.” “Technically, yes. But not to me. To me you are exactly what I said.” Alec answered and buried his face in Magnus’ neck. “I wish I knew how to find the words to describe to you what this all means to me. Until I find them, thank you. Just thank you, Alexander.” He began to stroke Alec’s hair and felt the boy smile against his shoulder. “And I promise you, no glamouring of my cat eyes anymore when we’re together. Because a certain someone told me I don’t have to change myself. And I won’t.” he added and began to smile himself. As an answer, Alec squeezed him a little tighter for a second.

So they stood there for a few minutes, until Alec started asking questions like “What happens if you’re pissed? Do your pupils then get three times their normal size? Oh my god, can you see in the dark?” and some more. Magnus had to get himself a glass of wine. He was in the middle of pouring him a glass in as he heard Alec shout from the living room “Will you ever stop drinking?” “I don’t think so, Alexander.” he answered and grinned.

A push

Prompt: Just a little push for someone to confess their feelings. 

A/N : Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Superboy

Warnings:  Swearing, fluff. 

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-My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.
-Well, children can be cruel

Everyone burst in laughter at that quote. Really, this was the best idea ever, looking at lego Batman with all the family at the Manor, since the movie began everyone has been laughing for minutes, even Jason.

“Bruce, please tell us you thought that!” Tim said as he tried to control his laugh

“Right! Have fun with my nickname, I don’t care… At least I’m cute” Dick said with a chuckle but with a frown as he heard his brother laughing.

“Awh, let it go…Dick” Steph said but when she said his name she lose control on her laughter again.

“Who had this idea?” Dick asked with a scoff.

“Me” you said with a bright smile, as you tried to hold back a chuckle.

“I hate you Y/N, you knew this was going to happen” he said with a smile as he returned his gaze to the big screen.

“That’s not true! It didn’t happen that way” Dick said when he saw the scene where his lego-Dick, had the list with attributes.


“Don’t you dare Bruce” Dick said with wide eyes.

“Ohhh!!! Bruce, Bruce, Bruce” everyone wanted to know if Dick actually made something similiar to his lego being.

“Well, Dick actually did something like that” Bruce said with a smirk as he looked at the first Robin.

“I hate you forever if you continue that story” Dick said with pleading eyes.

But, of course Bruce did, so everyone was laughing hard, really hard. You couldn’t help your eyes but stare at Jason, he had tears of joy, his smile was big, really big, actually a toothy smile.

God, he was beautiful, he looked so handsome when he was all happy, you wish you could saw him everyday like that, he was gorgeous.

“Y/N” You escaped your own world when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned your head towards the person, Tim.

“Tell him” he told you in a whisper and your face turned red as a tomato

“Tim! not now!” you whisper-shouted at him and he chuckled.

“Y/N, you literally looked at him when the (I Just) Died in Your Arms played in the movie” Tim said with another chuckled as your cheeks turned more red.

“Shut up” You told him while biting your lower lip.

“Did time really froze when you look at him?” Tim asked you

“Did my fist leave a mark on your eye last time?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Woah, I get it, I’ll leave you now” he said with another chuckle.

“Thank you very much” you said and you returned your gaze to the movie.

“She looks cute with red cheeks, right?” Dick told Jason as he stared at you and Tim

“Totally-wait what?” Jason turn to see Dick who has a smirk on his face.

“Jay, tell her, you are too obvious” Dick said with a chuckle.

“I’m not” Jason said with a scoff

“If you say so…” Dick said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to see the movie.

The movie ended, it was understandable seeing Damian fast asleep on your lap, everyone called the night and went to their bedrooms. Bruce wanted to take Damian to his bedroom, everyone was shocked when Jason told he wanted to do it, still you couldn’t move, you wanted to wake him up. So everyone leaved the room, leaving you with Jason… great.

We kneel in front of you to look at a peaceful Damian sleeping, he smiled and then he chuckled.

“He will never say it out loud, but he really loves you” Jason told you, his eyes finding yours.

“It’s because we are blood brothers, Jay” you told him with a smile

“Still, you know, he is weird and don’t fight me on that” he told you with a chuckle.

“True” you tell him with another chuckle as you yawn.

“Right… I take Damian” he tells you and you nod with your head.

Jason takes Damian like if it was a Teddy Bear, your heart melt at the sight and you stare at them, until you see Jason’s mouth moving, what he was saying????

“Sorry what?” you tell him as you rub your eyes with the back of your hands.

“You want to come with me? you know to leave Damian” he said and you saw a light shade of pink on his cheeks.

“Yeah sure" you told him as you stand up to walk beside him.

You two walked with a sleepy Damian to his bedroom, you couldn’t speak but you could totally hear your heart hammering inside your chest full speed, you were praying to anyone who could hear you to not say something stupid or that your cheeks turn red in any moment.

“So, did you liked the movie?” Jason asked you.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s Lego after all, and it’s funny to look at our Bruce that way” you said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it was… I’m grateful that Superboy wasn’t in the movie” he tells you with another chuckle.

“Come on Jay, why you hate him so much?” You asked him with a yawn.

“He is a brat” he tells you with a scoff.

“His not, his nice” you tell him without catching your words, fuck, you didn’t mean like you like him! you liked Jason!

“You like Superboy?” he asked you as he stood in front of Damian’s door.

“What? No, no! I don’t! I like someone else!” you said once more, without catching your words. FUCK

“So, Y/N Wayne likes someone?” he told you, but you couldn’t help to notice something, he had a smirk but it didn’t reach his eyes, he was jealous? sad?-

“I don’t know what I’m saying anymore Jay, I’m more asleep than alive” you tell him with a chuckle, trying to forget the topic.

“If you say so. Well, you should, go to sleep now, I have everything under control” Jason told you with a smile you nod your head.

“Okay, goodnight Jay” you tell him with a tired smile, which he returns and then he gives you his back.

You walk to your room and you wanted to slap your face after that. You go to your bed and in minutes you are fast asleep.

Next morning at 8 am you were already in the kitchen with Damian and Alfred for breakfast. How you managed to be up so early? one name. Damian.

You were sleeping when someone came to your room at evening, like 3:00 am, then you heard someone calling your name, and it was Damian, he will never say it out loud, but you knew him, he had a nightmare and he didn’t want to sleep alone, that had happened a lot of times before, so he fell asleep by your side.

For a reason you still don’t know why, your little brother enjoys mornings so he woke you up, at first you wanted to kick him out of your room but, one day couldn’t hurt anyone, so you tried or managed to get out of bed, looking like a total zombie or after an entire apocalypse, but you were now in the kitchen, falling asleep in front of your breakfast.

Why this situation was a bad idea? well, when you are asleep, you take very bad decisions because you are not thinking at 100%, you are half dead hald alive, so, this was very, very bad idea when Bruce stepped in the kitchen

“Damian, are you going with Tim and Dick today?” you heard Bruce somewhere in the kitchen, you eyes still focused on the fruit Alfred chopped for you.

“Tt, father, Todd it’s coming too, he wanted to know Dick’s friend” Damian said with a scoff, it was obvious that he didn’t enjoy so much Jason’s presence.

“Did you know who carried you to your room last night, Damian?” Alfred said, his back facing everyone as he keep chopping food.

“Father” Damian said.

“Master Jason did” Alfred said with a chuckle

“What?! You let him touch me! I’ll burn myself later!” Damian yelled as he looked at his arms with disgust, when he slammed his hands on the table, your milk somehow flew in the air, making you return to life for few minutes.

“Godamit Damian, be more careful” you told him as you tried to dry the table with a napkin.

“Y/N” Bruce said as he had a new idea.

You looked at thim with a raised eyebrow and you couldn’t decode his face, I mean, have you looked at him? he had no emotions on his face, it’s like a white wall.

“Yeeees, father?” you asked him with a tired voice.

“What are you doing today?” he asked you, but your mind was totally dead, if you had any appointments today, right now you couldn’t remember them.

“Aaah, I don’t know… why?” you asked him confused.

“Tt, you should said ‘yes’ ” Damian told you in a whisper causing Bruce to give him a glare.

“I need you to come with me, be ready, we leave in two hours” he told you and then he leaved the kitchen.

“What the fucked happened?” you asked Damian, Alfred look at you with his famous 'language’ glare and you smiled at him.

“Sister, never tell Bruce you had a free day” he told you with a smirk.

“What does that mean?” you asked to no one in particular.

“It means, Lady Y/N, that your father it’s taking you with him to visit Master Kent” Alfred told you with a smirk

“Oh hell no! There’s no way he is taking me with that family, haven’t he learned about me and Kara?” you said with wide eyes.

“Lady Y/N, Mr. Kent told your father that Kara or Jon wasn’t at home” Alfred said with half smile.

“Hm, so… it’s going to be a boring meeting?” you asked him, it was getting worst.

“You can take a book from Jason” Damian told you.

“Next time I’m going with you to the Teen Titans Tower” you told Damian as you started eating your breakfast.

“Bruce! Y/N!, it’s good to see you two” Clark said as he hugged you like a bear, fuck this man was going to kill your father and you just with a hug.

“Likewise, Clark” Bruce told him as he adjust his suit once more.

“Nice to see you too Clark” you tell him with a smile.

“Come on, he’s waiting for you at the main room” Clark told you as you looked at him confused, Clark saw these as he looked at Bruce.

“You didn’t told her, right?” Clark said with a sigh you looked at your father even more confused.

“I forgot” he said with a shrug.

“Who it’s waiting for me?” you asked Clark.

“Y/N!!” Conner said as he made his way beside Clark at the door.

“Oh my God, Y/N, I haven’t seen you since that day!” Superboy tells you as he hugged as hard as Clark.

“You are choking me” you tell him trying to breath.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, just that I’m happy to see you!” he said with a wide smile.

“Likewise” you tell him with another smile.

Someone kill me please, you thought as you entered the house with Bruce behind you.

Jason was having the most boring day of his life in the Tower, because Dick was a total boss here, so it’s wasn’t so much fun for him. He had already seen all the Tower three times, until he reached the sofa again.

He tooked out his phone, he looked at Tumblr for minutes and then he went to Instagram, the first photo nearly made him threw his phone.

Long time no see this pretty Lady @Y/N !’ said the photo from Superboy in which he was giving you kiss on your cheek, still the only visible from you was your lips and chin.

“This motherfucker” Jason said under his breath feeling his blood boil with every passing second, was he really jealous of Superboy kissing you cheek and spending his time with you?

“Everything alright Jay?” Dick said as he sit beside him on the couch.

“Look at these” Jason show him the photo and he started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jason said with a glare as he looked Dick still laughing, soon after Damian and Starfire appared on the room.

“Is Grayson finally dying?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow

“I hope, i showed him these” Jason gave Damian his phone and Damian just looked at Jason with a 'really’ - glare.

“Listen Todd. I hate you, but I hate more this guy, so fix these, now” Damian said and starfire chuckled.

“Let me see the photo” Damian gave Jason’s phone to her.

“But they’re so cute together, since that day-”

“No they don’t look cute together!” Jason said with wide eyes and Starfire laughed too.

“I still don’t know what’s so funny!” Jason said with a scoff.

“You are jealous because you like her!” Dick and Starfire said in unison.

“No I don’t” Jason said, but his cheeks were red by now.

“Tt, just go and fix these, Todd” Damian told him with a scoff and he returned his phone to him.

21:30 you read at your clock, how many hours does Bruce needs to stop talking with Clark?, you don’t have any fucking idea, you have been here since morning, you had meal here, you are now at dinner and they haven’t finish?!, what the heck.

You have done your best to keep it cool with the superboy, but it wasn’t easy, he wanted to hold your hand every minute which you denied gently, he had hugged you all day, like if you were his favorite teddy bear, he had taken more than a hundred pictures with you or about you, he had talk enough to make a trilogy in books, you just wanted to leave right now.

You were looking at tumblr and instagram and you arrived at Damian’s 24 hrs, story, you took a look, you would kill him when you arrived at the Manor, he took photographs of you asleep and when you were dying at breakfast. That little shit, the story kept moving with cute animal videos and then pranks with Tim, you laugh as you looked at your brothers yelling in the video.

“What are you watching?” Superboy asked you as he tooked your phone from your hands.

“Some videos my brother took this morning” you told him with a tired voice.

“Hm, which brother?” he asked you confused.

“Damian” you told him as you rubbed your eyes.

“Oh, that little guy, Jon and he are really close friends, like you and me” he told you as he keep looking at the videos.

“Yeah, exactly the same” you told him, trying to make clear that you were friends.

“Yeah, or it could totally change” he told without looking at you, but you were totally taken aback. What.the.heck.

“Right, like, super-friends” you told him as you looked at your nails.

“You know what I mean Y/N” he told you and his super cool-attitude changed as the story changed. 

Now it was Jason’s story, you and him the night before.

You looked at his hand, in a swift motion he closed it so hard that your phone broken inside his hand.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” you yelled at him as you picked the pieces of your phone

“Heck, sorry Y/N, I just, sorry, please forgive me” he told you as he helped you picking up the pieces.

“Fuck, don’t. don’t worry, maybe Tim can fix these” you told him trying to stay calm, which you clearly wasn’t and he sense it.

“Y/N, really I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break you phone, it’s just -”

“Y/N, we are leaving, say your goodbyes” Bruce told you and you looked at Conner, he was kind of sad for breaking your phone so you gave him a kiss on his cheek. 

“It’s okay Conner, really, don’t worry, Tim can fix it, but I gotta go, right now, take care“ you told him as you stood up to say Goodbye to Clark. 

You arrived at the Manor, and Bruce went straight to the Batcave, you went to the kitchen for a glass of water when you heard the famous song again. I just died in your arms tonight, you thought that maybe Damian was looking again the movie because he fell asleep last night.

You grabbed your glass as you made your way, when you arrived to looked at Damian, in fact, looking at the movie, but Jason was with him. They heard you and Jason stood up, you looked at him confused as he walked towards you.

“Having fun with Superboy today?” he told you with a raised eyebrow, he hadn’t asked with anger, more like curious.

“His like a puppy you know? How was your Tour in the Tower?” you asked him as you looked at Damian in the distance.

“Go to another room!” Damian said as he get annoyed by your chat, you and Jason chuckled and made your way outside the Manor, to the big back yard.

“Well, you know, it was kind of boring, Dick it’s really a bossy man back there, and it’s like a kindergarten” he told you, and this made you chuckled.

“I promised Damian that next time I will go with him, but Bruce tooked me with him today” you told him with a chuckle.

“But everything…fine? you have some news for us?” he asked you, and for his tone of voice, you were confused, he wanted to know id something happened between you and Conner, and you knew what.

“Yeah, my phone paid the price tonight” you told him as you showed him a piece of your phone.

“What the heck happened?!” he looked at you with wide eyes.

“He got jealous” you told him with a smile.

“About what?” he asked you confused.

“You” you told him with a tender voice, at this point you just really wanted to kiss Jason on the lips, you couldn’t help it anymore, being with Conner for hours really made you realize why you liked Jason so much.

“You’re joking, why he will be jelous of me? a normal guy? he had superpowers and shit, I just know how to fight” he told and it broke your heart a little, he didn’t knew how amazing he truly was.

“He’s jealous because I don’t want a guy with superpowers and shit” you told him with another smile as you touched his hand.

He looked at you with confusion in his eyes, but somehow, curiosity made their way to those sweet blue eyes.

“So, what are you looking for?” he asked you as he leaned a little.

“I had a thing for guys that are totally badass at fightning” you told him as you watched his lips getting closer to you.

“I may know someone that fits in that description, but he has much more things to show” he told you as he looked at your lips too.

“I take that as a bonus” you told him as you lean further.

Jason kissed you as if you were made of glass, it was tender, soft but full of love. His hands rested on your hips and yours went straight to his hair, caressing the soft raven hair. He hummed in the kiss and you felt him smile on in, you didn’t want it to end, you wanted to kiss him every day now on. 

You broke apart after you felt like you were going to black out for lack of oxygen and you looked at his eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the most amazing thing on earth, so you blushed. 

“I wanted to do that long ago” he told you with a smile as he caressed your cheek. 

“Took you long enough, don’t you think?” you said with a chuckle as you smiled at him. 

“Well, it was worth the waiting, it was even better than I imagined” he told you as he kissed your forehead. 

“Likewise, Jay” you told him as you buried your face on his chest. 

“We should get in, Bruce brought Dick a Lego pajama and I need to kill Damian” you told him with a chuckle, he chuckled too and you made your way inside the Manor, holding hands with Jason.

The Pretty Lies, The Ugly Truth - Chapter One

Nothing ever happened in Prythian. Nothing interesting, anyway. That is until the night, Andras – one of the stars at Prythian High – goes missing. And then it all changes forever.

A year later, his body is found. And when nothing seems to be done to uncover the truth, Feyre Archeron decides to take it into her own hands. And with the help of the new boy at school, Feyre promises to find Andras’ killer. But when she uncovers more and more, she learns that in a town like Prythian, everyone has secrets.

And they would do anything to keep the truth from getting out.

Chapter One: Everything Is Lost


Andras had never really been afraid of anything.

Most teenagers like him weren’t. His family had money. He was popular. He was going to an Ivy League college next year. His whole life had been planned out for him, and it was going to be perfect, every business man’s dream.

So, no, Andras had never really been afraid of anything.

Until now.

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Imagine Kraglin being in love with you and always being curious about your sketches

(WOOOOO KRAGLIN ONE SHOT FLUFF!!! I was just so inspired by that one hc that was sent in I had to write this out!! :3 Hope it is to all your liking and you can enjoy it!!! BECAUSE I DO XD IT’S SO CUTE!! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

For as long as he could remember, Kraglin had always had his eyes on you. You were so kind and gentle to everyone on board it was hard for him to not weak at the knee just thinking about you.

He liked that you were easy to talk to and even more to look at. He just couldn’t stop thinking to himself how adorable you were as you would always run around the ship with your book and pen in hand, ready to count the inventory and bump into everyone to make sure no one was forgotten on each of your stop.

It always made him laugh and smile to see you and even warm in his heart to listen to you. However, there was one thing that bugged him when it came to you. It was your eyes.

Despite how pretty they were to him, they were always down in your book and not the same book as you’d use for work. They were always different somehow, and at that point you were killing him by making him too curious. Looking over at you, he just felt the need to know as to what could be so important to you that you’d rather pass your time on that rather than look his way.

From the different color pens you would use he had figured out that you were actually drawing. Although, he thought it was even cuter of you to do such thing in your spare time, he had just gotten even more frustrated over time.

Looking at you each day, he could tell you were scribbling something. Something rather serious from your tongue sticking out but each time he’d try to catch a glance at what you were doing, you’d always move away purposely.

Your action upset him, thinking to himself that you didn’t even trusted him to look at what you were up to and that thought always made him a little moodier than usual.


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BTS Fic: The Devil Himself pt. 2 ~smut warning~

Kim Namjoon X Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (COMING SOON!) |

Genres: smut (fingering/oral), angst, tutor!Namjoon AU

Summary: You’re failing math class and are forced to see a private tutor by your teacher. “It can’t be that bad,” or so you thought before you met the strikingly attractive tutor from hell with seemingly sweet personality. Little did you know that Mr. Kim’s charming smile was simply a facade for the real devil that resided within.

~ In part 2, you discover yet another side of Mr. Kim, one that brings the two of you much closer

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: I hope you all enjoy part two, I’m sorry it took so long I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block~

The bell rang loudly echoing throughout the classroom, startling you as the other students began to file into the hallway for their next class. You had been too busy daydreaming, if you could even call it a dream, about your next lesson with Mr. Kim to realize that class was over. After your first tutoring lesson, you dreaded going back and had even planned to tell Mr. Park that things weren’t working out so you’d be better off saving your time for other things. Mr. Kim had threatened to tell Mr. Park that he should simply fail you for the semester, but you figured it was worth a shot to try to convince Mr. Park before Mr. Kim could get to him. You snapped out of your thoughts as Mr. Park began to collect his things and you quickly rose out of your seat before he could leave the room.

“Mr. Park, wait!” You called, slinging your backpack over your shoulder as you bound toward him.

“Yes, Y/N? Did you need something?”

“Yeah, I wanted to talk you about my tutoring lessons actually…” You began but were cut short by a grin stretching across Mr. Park’s face as he nodded slightly. You raised an eyebrow in confusion at his amusement before he spoke up.

“Ah, yes. I meant to talk to you about that. Mr. Kim told me that you did very well at your first lesson and that he can’t wait for you to come back. You know, I’ve always known him to be a bit of a grump but it seems you were really able to brighten his day. I’m glad these lessons are working out for you, Y/N, keep up the good work.” Your eyes practically bulged out of their sockets upon hearing Mr. Park. You blinked rapidly to check if you had actually fallen asleep in class and were having a nightmare. You felt confusion and anger bubble up inside of you as you stared at Mr. Park with disbelief, half expecting him to burst into laughter any second.

You couldn’t believe what Mr. Kim had told your teacher, that you managed to “brighten his day”. You shuddered as you recalled the first lesson and the way Mr. Kim’s had towered over you authoritatively, demanding you to obey him. It seemed to you that the last thing you had done was leave a good impression on him, yet Mr. Kim had said that he’d, in fact, enjoyed your lesson. It seemed almost laughable to imagine the words coming out of his mouth, ‘Y/N is an excellent student, I can’t wait to see her again. 

“Uh, yeah…thanks.” You said as Mr. Park smiled, gathering up the last of his things as he left the room. You stood in the empty classroom utterly confused and unable to comprehend what you’d just heard. You were well aware of Mr. Kim’s double sided personality that could flip from sweet to sour in a matter of seconds, so why on earth would he want Mr. Park to think he liked you? With your second lesson being that very day, you dreaded going into that library once again. Nonetheless, you knew you were running behind on time and didn’t want to unleash the devil’s fury if you were late.

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dazzlingtiredeyes  asked:

I'm not saying that I'd give you my first born in exchange for a continuation to the Lance revealing his feelings for Keith under the effect of weird space plants... But I'd totally give you my first born, a new Mac and the blood of a virgin.

Ayyyyyyy six months late (sorry, I know, I’m terrible) but trade out the human child for a puppy and you’ve got yourself a deal

Here’s the first part of this fic

And here’s the continuation, to heal the angst:

Keith had been weird ever since Wivicor.

Of course, Lance reflected, Keith was always a little weird, so it was all relative, but he’d changed in ways that Lance couldn’t account for. He wouldn’t make eye contact with Lance anymore, would barely talk to him. When Lance tossed an insult his way, instead of responding in kind, Keith went silent. If he ever found himself alone with Lance, he left the room as quickly as possible. Training sessions between the two of them eventually devolved into ominous quiet as Lance gave up trying to get Keith to talk to him. He would have worried Keith was ill, if he didn’t continue to interact with the rest of the team as normal. He’d laugh with Hunk at dinner, or peer over Pidge’s shoulder as she hacked into Galra systems, or talk long and quietly with Shiro. He even seemed to have a better relationship with Allura than with Lance.

Lance didn’t want to admit how much it stung. He nursed his wounds in private, trying to convince himself he was seeing something that wasn’t there. He knew Keith didn’t like him, sometimes was even afraid he flat-out hated him, but he’d thought they were getting better. Whatever dream that had been, Keith seemed determined to crush it. There was a hint of bitterness in his mouth whenever they formed Voltron now, a thread of something unpleasant that seemed to run between the two of them.

It was a small thing that broke his resolve. Unable to sleep, he stepped out into the hallway, thinking of getting a midnight snack or possibly just stretching his legs. Keith’s door started to slide open, he caught a glimpse of Keith’s startled eye, and then it slammed shut again. Something crumbled in his chest, but there was a tiny flame of fury there too. He stewed for a moment, considering his options, before he steeled himself, walked over, and banged on the door.

“Keith!” he shouted. “Open up!” The door stayed close. “Open your goddamn door, Keith!” He hit it so hard his knuckles stung. “Open up or I wake up the entire castle and we have this discussion in front of everyone.” The door slid open a single grudging inch, revealing Keith’s purple eye.

“Go to bed, Lance,” he said. Lance stuck his fingers in the door, hoping Keith was not actually mean enough to slam it on them.

“Not a chance, Kogane,” he said. “We need to talk.”

“No. We don’t.”

“Let me in,” he growled.


“We need to talk and you know it. Unless you want Shiro to start chewing us out for being irresponsible Paladins and letting our personal problems get in the way of forming Voltron.” There was a moment of silence, and then the door slowly slid open the rest of the way. Keith was barefoot, in a gray t-shirt and sweatpants, arms crossed over his chest. His bedsheets were rumpled and the room was dark, but his eyes were bright and alert, undulled by sleep.

“What.” Lance shut the door behind him, flicking the light on. Keith squinted in the brightness.

“You know what,” he said.

“Humor me,” Keith said flatly.

“You’ve been acting weird ever since we got stranded on Wivicor. I thought we were getting better, Keith, I thought we might be becoming friends. Now you won’t even look me in the eye.”

“I’m looking at you right now.”

“Yeah, for the first time in weeks.” Lance crossed his own arms, matching Keith glare for glare. “That night in the cave. You were supposed to wake me up for guard duty, but you never did, and you lied about why. Then you barely talked to me the next day, and ever since then you’ve been weird. What the hell happened?” Keith’s eyes narrowed.

“Nothing,” he said. “I told you, I couldn’t wake you up.” Lance shook his head.

“Bullshit. You’re an awful liar.” They glared at each other for a long moment, before Lance gave in to the crumbling in his chest. He dropped his arms to his sides and sighed. “Please, Keith, just… tell me. I don’t get what I did wrong.”

Something cracked in Keith’s expression, and he sat down heavy on the bed, his head hanging low. His bangs dropped over his eyes as he shook his head. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Lance,” he said. “Please don’t think that.”

“Well what the hell else am I supposed to think?” he asked.

“It was that stupid fucking flower.” Lance blinked.

“The what?”

“You sniffed a flower on Wivicor and got all this pollen in your face. Do you remember?” Lance shrugged.

“Sure, a little, I guess. What does that have to do with anything?” Keith sighed.

“The pollen from the flower. It gave you some kind of alien infection. Later that night, when we got to the cave, you started… talking, but your voice was all flat and monotone, and you weren’t thinking about what you were saying. It wasn’t you, not really. And then you didn’t remember it the next morning.” Lance blinked.

“Well what the hell did I say?” he asked.

“Stuff I had no right to hear. Please, Lance, I’m trying to just forget it, you would never say those things really, not to me. I shouldn’t have heard a word of it.” Dawning horror constricted Lance’s chest.

“Keith,” he said, the word tight around the lump in his throat. “Whatever I said… I’m sorry, I wouldn’t ever say anything to hurt you, you have to know, I… I know we throw insults back and forth, but I don’t mean them, I mean, I’m not trying to actually upset you, I—” Keith’s head shot up, his eyes wide and wild.

“No!” he shouted, and Lance jumped. “I… I mean, no, that’s not… That’s not the kind of thing you were saying.”

“What, then?” Lance frowned.

“It was…” Keith took an stuttering breath. “You were speaking without a filter, basically, telling truths. Or I assume they were truths. You… talked about your family some, but… Mostly it was about me, and you and me, and how you…” Keith trailed off, met Lance’s eyes, swallowed, and finished the sentence. “How you feel about me.”

Lance had the odd sensation that gravity was shifting, changing. He was going to fall through the floor, and at the same time he was coming unmoored, floating out into space without a tether to pull him back to safety. His chest crumbled like ash. Keith continued, unstoppably, mercilessly, plowing through his words.

“You said you know – you think you know – that I hate you, but that you think that you might love me. You said you’d cried because you think I don’t… I couldn’t ever…” Keith looked down again, squeezing his hands into fists. “I should never have heard any of it. I should have blocked my ears the minute I realized something was wrong.”

“So now you know,” Lance said. The words didn’t seem to come from him. He couldn’t remember deciding to say them, they just slipped out, unbidden, from a voice very far away from him. “Now you know and you really do hate me.” Keith shot up so fast off the bed that Lance stumbled backwards and almost fell.

“That isn’t what I said at all,” he said fiercely. “But you deserved to tell me when or if you wanted to. Not like that. Never like that.” Lance backed up until he was pressed against the cool metal of the door, palms flat. He looked down at Keith, in his tattered grey sweats, mussed black hair falling over violet eyes burning with a fury Lance didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry,” Lance whispered. “I’ll just go. I’ll leave you alone, I swear.”

“Stop apologizing!” Keith shouted, and Lance flinched. The fury in his eyes calmed slightly. “Stop, please, because you’ve got entirely the wrong idea about all of this.” Lance frowned, biting his lip.

“What does that mean?” Keith’s hands chopped uncertainly at the air around him, trying to aid his explanation but seeming just as lost and unsure as his words.

“It means… God, Lance, I’m no good at talking about this. I’m mad because this spoiled something… I thought we were finally getting better, finally getting to be friends.”

“So did I,” Lance said, so quietly he wasn’t sure Keith heard. “Or hoped, anyway.”

“And I don’t know what I felt or would have started to feel but it’s not like I’m blind, right? I always knew you were pretty, anyway.” Lance blinked, feeling something in the conversation derail, something step out of line and jam up his thoughts, freezing his brain in place.

“You knew I was what?” Keith, however, didn’t answer, plowing through his words with a kind of desperation.

“It wasn’t like I had a crush, that’s too generous, but I think I knew, subconsciously, somewhere, that there was… there was potential, I guess? Well, I mean, I thought you were straight, too, which didn’t help. I really don’t know where my head was.” He glared at Lance. “But then you had to go and pour out this confession under the influence of some kind of alien drug, and you don’t even remember doing it. And that accelerated things in my head, got me to notice some things about myself, but now that I’ve heard you talking I can’t do anything about what I’m noticing because that’s unfair to you. And I didn’t want to hurt you by telling you what I heard. So I’m stuck. I just tried to avoid you instead, but obviously that was never going to work.”

“Keith,” Lance said slowly. His fingers curled against his palms, tapping uncertainly. “What are you talking about?”

“You, you idiot,” he replied. “You and how goddamn complicated you are.” Lance shook his head.

“I don’t understand.” Keith sighed.

“Oh, to hell with it all. I was never any good at words.” He closed the distance between them. Lance yelped, trying to scramble away, but there was nowhere to go. Keith caught his hands, reached up, and very gently placed a hand against Lance’s cheek. Lance froze. “May I?” he asked. Not daring to guess what Keith wanted to do, Lance nodded numbly. Keith leaned up and pressed his lips lightly against Lance’s.

The kiss was over almost as soon as it began, and Keith stepped back, holding up a hand. “Don’t say anything,” he said. “Not yet. Go to bed. Think about it. Think about how you feel, and whether you’re ready for me to know how you feel. Then come back and tell me, if and when and how you want to. Okay?” Lance still couldn’t breathe, but his chest wasn’t crumbling anymore. Something warm sat there instead, tethering him to safety. He smiled gently.

“Okay, Keith,” he said.

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