I felt it

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

svt ships


woozi: did it hurt?

hoshi: when i fell from heaven?

woozi: no, when you rose up from the depths of fucking hell


wonwoo: did it hurt?

mingyu: when i fell from heaven?

wonwoo: no, when you fell flat on your face. i saw it. everyone saw it.

anonymous asked:

i know it's been a while since you've drawn ulysses with a baby, but have considered ulysses and the courier swinging the kiddo between them

friend i know you sent this like a million years ago but!!! i did it!!!!!

ok ,,, so i’ve been playing with mystic messenger characters on the sims since Saturday.


request from anon.
a little letter for the boy with the buzzcut who’ll be on the big screen soon:

“Dear baby,
I hope someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight.

They don’t pull away, they don’t look at your face, and they don’t try to kiss you.

All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight without an ounce of selfishness in it.”

“I hope you become addicted, baby.

I hope you become addicted to saying things, and having them matter to someone.”

how does one fall in love? 

To some it may take months or years to even realize. 

but to the ones who fall in a matter of days, it’s probably the most scariest. 

when it honestly hits you like a slap to the face and you go from one moment to barely acknowledging that person to never being able to stop thinking about them. that moment when you never though that person would be the one, never saw it coming, but all it took was a day and time when that person talked to you and you felt as if your world had stopped and suddenly you were feeling things you weren’t sure what they were yourself. that moment when you’ve had other crushes, other little flings, but suddenly all that seemed so insignificant in comparison to what you’re feeling right now. that moment when you had to talk to yourself and ask yourself: what’s going on with you? why does your heart beat so fast like this? why is this happening?

And even you don’t know the answer to it. 

But do you know that feeling when you know you shouldn’t feel a certain way because of all the things you know won’t happen and in a way you’re leading yourself on? That feeling that even just thinking of that person brings a giddy smile to your face that it’s low key embarrassing and all your friends are confused as to why your smiling during a stupid math class. And that feeling when you know that person won’t like you back, ever, because there’s just absolutely no way, just no way. And you try not to think about that, because honestly that person itself is enough for you to make you happy, although that person being someone to call yours would be easily the best thing to ever happen to you. The small smiles, the playful winks, the lightest touch of your hands brushing. While every small thing that has happened has imprinted in your brain with nowhere to go, you remember that the other person has probably never even though much about it to the extent that you have. And even worse, if this were to ever happen to you I’m so so sorry, but even worse if that person were to like one of your closest friends, someone who you don’t know what you’d do without either. That feeling when you can’t help but feel obligated to make them both happy and sacrifice your happiness, just because they both mean so much to you in ways you can’t describe.

yea, I may just be a stupid high schooler in love, and this might all seem dumb and childish to me once I grow older. But today, I can’t help but ask just one question, every single day. 


what if? 

i just found this unfinished post in my drafts and i feel like u would all appreciate my ridiculous drunk rewatch of ssw i never posted

  • robert all curled up in bed looking sleepy and just chilling and his hair all flat and fluffy and it’s so normal and domestic 
  • the look on roberts face when he says ‘I like you don’t i’ as he just admires aarons back (me 2 robert, me 2)
  • the smirky look on roberts face when aaron asks what’s so special about today he’s just like we’re getting today engaged aaron dingle no longer single just u wait for how romantic I am about 2 be 
  • robert just watching aaron leave and his whole face is just like 'damn my boyfriend is gorgeous’ (me 2 robert, me 2)
  • the way robert literally jUMPS to get the ring out of his locker to look at it maintain ur chill robert
  •  victorias lil comment about it being gay made me laugh so much
  • 'I can’t see my future without him in it’ straight up murder me 
  • the Look robert gives rebecca when she says she wants the smart mouth cynic back he’s just like girl pls remove urself from my presence 
  • the whole scene with Lachlan in the boot was everything tbh I laughed I cried I laughed again 'what now cain' 
  • idk the way Ryan’s voice sounds when he says 'we going to ramble him into submission’ just does Things 2 me did he have a cold i wonder
  • 'I didn’t mean to push you’ aaron and robert being hONEST and communicating I’m Ded
  • aarons hand on roberts knee when they’re sitting in the woods is so sweet and pure and wonderful I live for casual affection 
  • the I love you from aaron in the car ruins my life every single time dear god
  • at this point i want it known i don’t have enough gin 2 get through this rewatch

i finally got the officer D.va skin and i was so happy but then i reALIZED 

…. !!!!! Junkrat’s jailbird skin!!! D.va’s officer skin!!!! an indirect match!!! *fangirl noises*

In light of the unfortunate recent events, I just wanted to say something. I know on this blog I would occasionally reblog news relating to world events and politics but recently I have decided not to anymore. Life is stressful as it is, and to be surrounded by this bad news all the time is just extremely exhausting. I want my blog to be a place I can come to so I can feel safe, so I can relax and forget about the bad. And I want it to be that for others as well.

I hope no one is upset with me for not reblogging anything. But please know that I do care.

Thank you and ily all. ♡