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did you ever really accept dain as your king?

Anon Hour

   Dáin had done…some truly amazing things for their fallen kingdom, in the short time he’d thus far spent on the throne.  The results spoke loud and clear; he was precisely the kind of dwarf that Erebor needed to get it back on its feet.  It may not have been back to its former glory — still a long way to go for that — but it was inhabitable, which (all things considered) was good enough for many of them.  For that, Nori could hold Dáin in regards.  However, there were other things to consider; such as the fact that, chances were, they wouldn’t even be there, had it been up to Dáin.  At the start of it all, back in Bag End, Thorin had relayed his message, that the reclamation was up to them, and them alone.  That would never sit right with him, no matter how much time had passed.  

No, it was Thorin who brought them back.  Thorin who led his company to their stolen home; who stuck with them through thick and thin.  Come what may, if the company had to deal with it, so too would their leader — how could anyone overlook that?  Sure, they may have hit a…a rough patch, after Smaug had fallen — but in the end, it changed little.  Like the rest of them, Nori would have followed that dwarf anywhere.

                       And that, he didn’t take lightly.

                 ”Dáin is the Lord of Erebor.”  King Under the Mountain, Lord of Silver Fountains, and whatever other title people chose to throw around.  ”I’ve accepted that.”
                                                                                             “But Thorin will always be my king.”

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Okay so I need your advice because I'm getting scared. I live with an abusive man. He's never hit me but he's hit my aunt before many times over the course of their 10+ year marriage. He recently applied for a gun permit. I live with them and he's still very emotionally abusive and manipulative. He's actually dying of cancer right now. I'm afraid that he's going to try and take my aunt down with him basically. I feel like he doesn't want her to have a moment of happiness. What should I do?

Okay, so.

First off, I am so, so sorry that you are in this situation.

Secondly: from my admittedly amateur perspective, I’d say you have good reason to be scared. You’re living with an abusive man with a history of physical and emotional violence, who has a (I am inferring) terminal diagnosis and now a fucking gun.

Darling, you’d be stupid if you weren’t scared, and I seriously doubt you’re stupid.

The question is: what to do about it?

Here’s the catch: a restraining order likely won’t help. For one, your aunt would have to file the charges. For another, it won’t do her any good if they live together. Additionally, they’re hard as fuck to get without a previous record, and lastly, restraining orders actually appear to escalate the issue in a lot of cases.

So: what do, Anon?

Well, if you were asking me, I would say to contact a domestic violence line local to you. They’ll have vastly more training than myself, and will be much better situated to assist you. If nothing else, they’ll be able to provide you with practical support should you need it.

But you didn’t ask them, you asked me, so here’s what I’ll tell you to do: 

Put your own oxygen mask on first.

That’s standard emergency response—essentially, in this case it means that you are only responsible for your own safety. That MUST be your priority. Your aunt has chosen—for whatever reason, and I am sure she has a few she believes are completely valid—to stay with a violent man.

So have you; but you have also come to the realization that he’s probably going to kill you, her, or himself one of these days.

So: save. yourself. first.

You’re the one with the situational awareness and objectivity. You can see the warning signs. You may want to help your aunt, but you should not do so if doing so compromises your own safety, because you will be no use to anyone—least of all her—if you’re dead.


Save. Yourself. First.

Read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. Memorize the trigger signals for someone about to lose their shit. Have your aunt read it, if possible. 

If you see those signals amping up, I need you to get the fuck out of the house. A neighbour. A friend. A shelter. A cardboard box in an alleyway. MY house. I don’t care, just get out. 

Understand that your aunt may not follow you. Consider it a bonus if she does. Try to slip her a copy of the relevant passages of the book, or better yet, talk to her.
Explain your concerns. They’re valid. If she tells you, “you’re overreacting”, “you’re being dramatic”, she’s lying. She might believe the lie, but it is nevertheless a lie.

If you have a job, I’d like you to start a private banking account and sock away whatever you have to spare. This will be your “get the fuck out of dodge” fund. Open a credit card, if you have to. You’ll want enough for a week or so at a cheap motel or youth hostel.

Keep cash on you at all times, if possible. A smart technique is to sew a small pocket inside each of your bras. Tuck a $20 in each one, if you can. That way, if you have to run, you’ll have a little bit of money that he won’t know about.

If you can talk to your aunt, and do convince her to leave, the two of you will have to be extremely careful. As you say, this is a man with nothing to lose but his fucking mind, and that sounds like it’s already happening. 

The plus side here—and this is a plus—is that if he’s dying of cancer, he hopefully won’t be an issue for very much longer.

Essentially, you just have to outlast him. 

I hope this was able to help—and like I said, pleaseplease please call a local domestic violence line. They’ll be able to help you much better than I ever could.

And for the love of god check in with me every now and again. Otherwise, I am gonna give myself an ulcer worrying about whether or not you’re okay.

Stay safe, anon, and if there’s anything at all I can do to help, please let me know. <3 

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How do you feel about the accusations of verbal, emotional and physical abuse levied against Bill Demott? Do you think they're legit, and if so, doesn't his firing seem like the right thing to do?

Literally not one single bit of the claims surprise me since it’s exactly how Bill Demott comes off just, like, in general. Not saying it’s true but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I think he’s been playing a Gruff Trainer character for years now. And I know that Back in the Day training was rough and tumble and nasty and mean, but it’s 2015, not 1970 or 1983 or 1987 or 1992. Concussion awareness, for one thing, is much higher, and then there’s the smaller stuff, just basic politeness and, like, not calling people faggots all the time. “If you can’t take it then wrestling isn’t for you” is a tired excuse. Wrestling is not what it used to be, for one thing, and wrestling also is not excused from the major shifts in culture and society, either, especially at the WWE level. If they want to be a major, publicly traded corporation, a giant entertainment company, then there’s just no room for that antiquated bullshit. I’m not an overly sensitive person, either; it’s just common sense. If you do this shit in today’s world, it will eventually become widely exposed, and then you have to answer for it. You can only brush it off with “we TOTALLY did this full investigation and it’s just haters smh” one or two times. But WWE culture does constantly attempt to live in the old school wrestling bubble, modernized to send out press releases and heartwearming videos about all their good deeds and charitable efforts, claiming a “wellness policy” that clearly many are able to skirt. But I don’t think a lot of the mindset about stuff has actually changed. They have long attempted to divert attention from serious issues, and will continue to do so. Like most soulless corporations, there is a strain of pure evil that runs through every level. Always has been, always will be. WWE will forever be “problematic” if you care enough to spend any time thinking about so many of the things they’ve done or that go on under their alleged watch. It’s lipstick on a pig with almost everything they do for PR as a company.

TL;DR version: if accusations true, Demott should be fired

Imagine #3 it's complicated with Niall Horan (short)

You have just changed your Facebook status to “It’s complicated with Niall Horan”. A single tear falling down your face. Your relationship was definitely far from perfect. Between all the skype dates, late night phone calls, letters and text messages, you had expended every resource when it came to long-distance relationships. None of which were leaving you feeling confident about the future. The emotional toll was growing unbearable so you called him on the phone.

You slide the lock, the background, a cute picture of him you took nine months ago. You breathe heavily into the receiver as the phone rang.

" Hi-i Niall. Can you talk?" You had trained yourself to ask first.

A groggy voice responds “Uhh I’m a little busy right now but, yeah babe what’s up?”

The response sent anger into your heart.

"Niall! What is it that you’re doing?" You interrogate him and it perks him up.

"I’m gettin’ ma work done, what do ya think I’m doin’?" His Irish accent gets thicker when he’s mad.

"You never have any time for me anymore. You’re constantly surrounded by women. I can’t even remember the last time I held you in my arms! With this distance I feel like I’m in a relationship with myself!" you cut.

"I’m not gonna apologize for bein’ who I am, you eithder love me enough to deal or you don’t. You’re wastin’ my time, I have a lot of things ta get done. If you want to be alone then you can." He’s practically yelling back.

By now you couldn’t hold back the tears in anymore, they were streaming down.

"How can you be so insensitive? Are you really breaking up with me over the phone? How do you expect me throw away, like, an entire year and half of my life?" You whine.

"Your life? No,I’m done. I didn’t answer the phone for this." He said and hung up.

You throw the phone at the wall and fall back into your bed in a mess of heartbreak. 

"I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a great guy like Niall Horan but nobody knows what its really like to be his girlfriend." You think to yourself the pain now aching in your chest. You lie in covers for 30 minutes crying. The mascara staining your pillow case. Until you get a call back.

You immediately answer the call.

"Hey babe, I’m sorry, I really am. I bought a flight and I’ll be there tomorrow." Niall says. You really are the luckiest girl in the world.

I wish I had drugs right now lol :( I feel so emotional/crazy lol I want a scorpio friend. I have hella scorpio in me and I think I would trust someone that has a lot of scorpio in them. Well it depends if they’re a balanced/evolved scorpio also depends on their numbers. Gonna stay in bed and drink coffee. I don’t feel good. I’m changing my room today going to put more plants in here :)

The fact that Kishimoto made Sasuke narrate this chapter meant so much. The way he asked for sincere forgiveness, the way he’s returned to Team 7, the way he wants to journey and find truth after everything he’s been through to finally see with unclouded eyes. I’m speechless because of this beautiful chapter, and I’m speechless because of Sasuke’s words…


from beginning to end.


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you

the Welcom to Night vale fandom right now:

under Carlos’s voice message:

after the voice message:

when cecil and carlos couldnt see each other:

when carlos said that he didnt belong in night vale:

waiting for the next episode:

when carlos and cecil finally could see each other again:

when carlos ends the voicemail with “good luck at home, I love you”:

please cheer up

Chen: *breathes*

Me: you are literally the most important thing on this planet. the sun, the moon, and the stars were all created for you. the miracle of life is meaningless without your existence and without your smile all atomic motion would cease to exist leaving the universe is a cold vast motionless void devoid of all life and humanity.  

a one time thing (and other untruths) (18/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

"She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: An update! Finally! Apparently it’s been 4 weeks? So, a month? I didn’t realize it’d been that long. Apologies. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Next chapter hopefully won’t take too long. Thanks for reading, and messaging me (sorry I suck at responding, I just tend to get overwhelmed but know that I read and sincerely appreciate every message and comment, I just lack the words to express that well). So, yeah. Enjoy. 

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“So, Killian. I have a question.”

            “What is it, lad?”

            He can feel Henry’s eyes on him so he turns to face him. 

            “Will you help me plan a surprise for my mom’s birthday?”

            (And he feels like her birthday is probably something he should’ve known about.)

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