I feel so emotional right now

i’m thinking about how terrible Scanlan must feel right now. Right there at the end, when him and Grog were desperately trying to kill Ripley before she could get a shot off, and Grog landed a hit with his axe, but scanlan doesn’t have ranged weapons, she’s too far away, he can’t do anything…

so he throws Mythcarver, in some last ditch attempt to stop her, before she shoots Percy, before she takes away a member of Vox Machina, of his family… and he misses.

He misses and she lines up the shot, but maybe, maybe he can still stop it, he can distract her, he can stop her, he can say or do something, anything, to keep the shot from finding its mark. But no, he fails that too, finds that when it really matters he cant find the words to help. 

And the shot lands, and Percy is gone. 

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it’s so wonderful to think how all throughout your life you will read books that will change you, that will stay with you. you don’t just read one particular book series and that’s the end, that’s the last really good book you will ever read. there’s always new books being written, and some of them will be those books. the ones that fill your heart up and make you cry when you finish them. the ones you come back to because you miss the characters. the ones that feel like home, in a way. there will always be new books to fill you up and to inspire you, and that’s pretty amazing

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14

Why do I feel like the show made me waste energy with Hye-ji when all along I could have been a die-hard anti fan of the emotional manipulative, gold-digger Madam? I can’t believe she is using Ha-won as a scapegoat for what she did. Putting all the blame on her for what happened with grandpa. And, if we are being accurate, Gramps is in this state because he needs a freaking TRANSPLANT. I’m so pissed right now.

AND WHAT UP WITH SECRETARY LEE GOING ALONG WITH THE EVIL WOMAN’S PLAN??? She is a snake and her words are poison, damn it. How come he seems to actually be okay with all that’s happening. Okay, they have a sad story but does that make it fine for them to play with people’s feelings? And then he acts worried about the Chairman’s health? I feel like I am getting played here. Anyone else with me?

And who is this person that’s helping Hye-ji, show? With a readily job offer and a place to stay too! Where was this eleventh hour friend when Hye-ji was going through hell with Hyun-min and smooching on Ji-woon? If she had other friends to rely on, why did she choose to hang out with Ji-woon? Because of the proximity to Hyun-min? That’s seriously messed up and it pisses me off so much. Also, with a scholarship in the mix of her storyline, are we getting a time-jump? That’s usually what happens in dramaland. Either that or she’ll have a tearful but promising goodbye at the airport.

I spent the first 20 minutes of the episode like this: 

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Ji-woon’s refusal about breaking up with someone was telling, but his storyline today was more about family than romance.

The entire scene at the café was heartbreaking for two reasons: the notes and the fact he is living through the same thing with Ha-won. I felt like crying along with him reading all those love letters and the reasons behind why his mother decided to give up for good on Ji-woon’s father… GAH! (T_____T)

I absolutely understand where he was coming from when he decided to leave Sky House for good too, going along with his mother’s wish for him and standing up against Grandpa’s views. Especially now that he knows his father didn’t abandon him and it was Grandpa’s doing what came between his parents and him having a loving family.

But I agree with Ha-won on this one. Ji-woon complains but never once had a proper conversation with his Grandfather about why he was left out of the family all this time or if he knew the reasons his mother and father weren’t together. I knew he would come back eventually but I was glad  it was on this episode and that there was struggle on his part. He is not all that happy to be here but is ready to step up into his place inside the Kang family. Also, the man can’t say no to Ha-won.

Question: one of the Chairman’s sons committed suicide, which one was it? I know two of them died together in a car accident, but I can’t remember the story of each of them.

I was disappointed that the show didn’t explain to me why Ha-won left Sky House and Ji-woon. We know she would never take the money but then why not fight for Ji-woon? I had to infer that she felt guilty for breaking the rules and about what the woman said. This is were I’m confused, show, because the Ha-won I know and love would have throw a shoe at someone (again) and call them on their BS. This would have been the perfect moment for that girl to show up. And why didn’t she even express how insulting what Grandpa said to her was? Why did she just go along with it? I mean, what??

What a good friend Ja-young is to Ha-won and Seo-woo (Yes, I’m considering that she went from fangirl to friend). Ja-young not only called Ha-won on her BS but also took care of Seo-woo on his time of need. Also, 95% compatibility? You go, girl!

I was also happy to see that Seo-woo pointed out that the three cousins don’t really know each other that well. This is good because it means they care about each other enough to try to find out where they go, what they do and what they like.

It makes sense to me that Hyun-min is the one finding out about the woman and Secretary Lee. After all, he is supposedly the heir of the company but also has the ways and personality to deal with them. I’m hoping for badass, charming Hyun-min making a comeback next week. ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO.

What am I expecting for next week?

  1. An united front from the Kang Cousins. We need it, they need it and is a long time coming.
  2. Ji-woon and Ha-won fighting for their relationship.
  3. THE ROMANTIC AND FUNNY DRIVE DATES. I want them back, show. I want them back now. Even the ones between Hye-ji and Hyun-min because, let’s face it, we all loved that scene. It was hilarious. But I am angling more into HA-WON and JI-WOON’S DATES, SHOW. DON’T DISAPPOINT ME.
  4. Some real talk between Hyun-min and Hye-ji. 
  5. Gramps waking up and recognizing that ring.

What do you think is going to happen??

The K2 ep 2

It is a thriller alright.

So far it is really two people show.

A superb, really superb female villain.  The steel in her eyes, the ticking time bomb feels she gives off, the dangerous and evil vibes that come off her are better than any of the baddest kdrama caricature villains I have seen so far.  The actress is simply fabulous.  I have never seen her before and her acting gives me goosebumps.  She is fabulous.  I can not take my eyes off her.

And she is so freaking elegant.  


And there is Ji Chang Wook.  He continues to look handsome and does thrilling action.  We have not seen too many opportunities for him to show a huge emotional range yet but I am looking forward to start feeling something soon for someone.

Right now, I just feel two emotions.  (1) The thrills from watching decently choreographed and shot actions sequences - and there are plenty of those and lengthy ones too…(2) The awe that you feel when there is someone fantastic on your screen, showing what it means to make you feel strong emotions purely watching them act…

I will be looking forward to my Friday/Saturdays…We have potentially a fun drama here.


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It makes me so sad when I don't know if I am being myself or my disorder

That’s actually okay, you don’t have to be sad, please know that it’s okay. Let’s breathe for a moment, center our being and just re-focus, pretend I’m holding your hand, you’re okay and you’re safe. What we need to do is work on gaining control and order back into your life, I know that whenever one deals with having a disorder, their life tends to become disorganized and they tend to lose sight of who they are and so they believe that they cannot gain control over themselves and their life, which I feel is what you’re dealing with right now and it can cause confusion which leads to frustration which leads to anxiety which leads to panic attacks, so what we need to do is just learn day by day how to re-focus and gain control over our mental and emotional self, that is all. See, you’re okay, there’s nothing to fear and nothing to worry over and please don’t be sad okay *hugs*, you’re fine. Message me when you’re ready to begin, we’ll take it one day at a time, trust that everything is going to be okay. I also want to know if you’re seeing a therapist because if not, we need to talk about that too, because I don’t want you dealing with this on your own, okay. So just relax and know that you’re safe and everything is going to be fine, don’t overwhelm yourself, it’s going to be alright. <3  

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My crush and I have picked on each other for years (I was new too school so he picked on me a ton) but I grew feelings for him and I catch him looking at me and I die inside every time. He has told me he likes other girls, and one of my friends told him I liked him and when he asked me I said something really mean so he wouldn't think so. I really want to tell him but I think he'd laugh at me. So many emotions!!! What would you do?


  • Me:why do I feel so sad right now
  • My brain:you're a human being with emotions and a lot of stuff going on in your life, on top of that you have a known history with depression which means sometimes you have moods that don't necessarily reflect your situation, and you've just got to be patient through the times when your contentment lies fallow
  • Me:no that doesn't sound right
  • My brain:oh shit then maybe we should buy like ten dollars worth of candy
  • Me:that seems right, that feels right, I'm glad we had this talk

“May I have this dance, my queen?”

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Jack in prince suit? Plus, I also love it when he looks at her so lovingly. No, scratch that. I love it so much when they both look at each other sooo lovingly.

Jack’s suit is based on this amazing cosplay

The fact that Kishimoto made Sasuke narrate this chapter meant so much. The way he asked for sincere forgiveness, the way he’s returned to Team 7, the way he wants to journey and find truth after everything he’s been through to finally see with unclouded eyes. I’m speechless because of this beautiful chapter, and I’m speechless because of Sasuke’s words…


05/05—06/15 › 42 — 70/100

school just ended today and i’m feeling so relieved (but i also have a club workshop tomorrow though!!) right now :’-) i haven’t updated in so long but i haven’t been feeling motivated to do so; so instead i’ll upload the few spreads that i really liked in the past few weeks ;; the week of the last picture was probably my most stressful week and i decided to worry less about the color scheme and focus more on expressing my emotions- it extended to the next to pages but i did not include it here!!

i was blessed with amazing teachers this year and supportive classmates and kind close friends and a wonderful best friend (wink @studiix) 💕 and now that my junior year is over, senior year is quickly approaching and i need to prepare for the stress and anxiety it may bring! but for now, i’ll enjoy my short break before i go off to the otis summer of art program in july :’-) it’s great to be back honestly!! i’m excited to update more often this summer ^^


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you


this is all too much at one time.

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco


The way his Adam’s apple bobbles up and down.