I feel so emotional right now


As you can see ps and I have a very complicated relationship where after two years I still don’t get it. Anyway that is not important. but please do forgive me for making your eyes suffer with the quality of these edits. 

Just like I did last year I’m going to say a few things now… This is harder this year I think because so much has happened but even with everything right and wrong I still care about Liam as always. I still see him smile and it still makes me smile because how can one see that smile and not feel warm inside? Liam is sunshine, he shines so bright that it reaches everyone around him and makes everything better. I always get too emotional when talking about Liam even if I really don’t know him personally… I know some people find it silly that I waste my time writing this or that I even say that I get emotional when it comes to Liam but that doesn’t matter because Liam matters to me. It’s been years since I first heard Liam’s voice and immediately wanted to know who this kid was and why his voice was so captivating. Since that day Liam has been another source of happiness in my life. I’ve seen Liam turn into a lovely man, I’ve seen his mistakes and I’ve also seen his kindness, I’ve seen how powerful he is. I’ve seen how things affect him and how he affects others in every way. It’s been a roller coaster but also an absolute pleasure seeing him grow and being who he wants to be because regardless of mistakes, regardless of not knowing things the way others do he is always kind and he has learned a lot. Seeing Liam on stage is for me definitely one of the greatest things I’ve seen, he is absolutely fascinating. This year especially has been a great year for him because I feel like he has let go of what was holding him back before and he is full on showing how capable and wonderful he is on stage. He has so much stage presence and he is a great performer. I feel like I owe his parents another big thank you for creating someone as talented and fascinating as Liam. He is this precious energy that makes everything okay. He radiates so much happiness, warmth and comfort that it makes everyone see him the way he is. Although there’s plenty of people who still see him as a kid who knows nothing he has proven more than once how smart he is, how much he cares, he shows so many emotions and so much of who he really is but still so many people have miss this because they don’t give him a chance. Liam is always trying and that is something I personally admire. God, honestly Liam is so endearing. I don’t even know what else to say because my emotions, thoughts and words are all over the place but you should know that there’s so much to say there’s so much of Liam you are missing and you should definitely let this precious sunshine warm up your days. 

Liam, although you won’t read this, I still want to wish you all the happiness, that you always find yourself surrounded by love and peace and that happiness is always constant in your life. I hope that you remind being who you are, that you keep growing and learning as you go. I hope you always know that you are loved and wanted, that there’s so many people out there who just by hearing your name have better days. I hope you always know that those who love you do because you’ve changed or you impacted their lives in so many different ways that all they can do is love you. I hope you keep being as kind, sweet, lovely and generous as you are. I hope that you never forget that you have brought happiness to so many and that this can also be happiness for you. I hope you keep smiling as big and as full of happiness because your smile makes me smile. I hope that there’s always someone in your life who’ll remind you that you are a beautiful lovely warm soul that deserves to be happy. And thank you for being so kind and brave. 


When I first started this blog, like a year ago or so, I had never expected to reach 100. Liike me? A random little weirdo just bouncing through life? Kudos to those I know personally and get to see whenever and put up with me and are following me on here (you loves know who you are, I’m grateful that life has crossed our roads as it has).. Before the unfortunate night when everything I had built before was deleted, there was around 350-400. Eventually I get back there but right now, this is still an amazing start. Along the way I have gone through so many crazy events, been up and down on the emotional scale, and have met some of the most amazing people from miles away who feel as though they’re right around the corner sometimes. So, here’s to each of you for following me and some of those who I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to know: 


Luci. Bae, prison wife, whatever nickname, it hardly matters because they all fit us. When I first began this roller coaster of a crazy journey into the world of roleplaying, I never expected to meet someone as amazing as you. You are one of my rocks and even if I don’t always open up, I do know that you’ll always be there for me. I’m not sure what I’ve ever done to deserve someone as special and amazing as you, but I’m glad you’re in my life. No matter what the future may hold, I know that we’ll be friends. Even if we’re miles apart and may only meet, if we’re lucky, a handful of times, I feel like I’ve known you a while. If that makes sense? I hope it does. You da bae. 


I’m not sure how often you check your tumblr, but you deserve this mention! Despite having not talked for months, we still got back in contact and I can honestly say it’s been an absolute blast reconnecting and get back into writing with you. Beyond that, you’re so chipper and a joy getting to chat with you every single day plus getting good morning messages is an absolute fantastic way to begin the day; just know I appreciate each of them. I know that maybe we’ve just recently become friends but I hope this bond continues. Forever? No matter what? 


 Peter Pan. I know that we don’t get to talk every single day or anything, but how could you not be up here? You have put up with my disappearances and despite our busy schedules and time difference, we manage to still be talk. You are an angel and I’m beyond thankful that we had the ship that we do. I say do because let’s face it, Danchel is still as strong, even if we don’t write it together anymore. For when they gave each other heartache or just gave their heart a break, I hope I never forget that experience. And that is yet another reason; we talk outside of just them, about our lives and all. Stay your amazing self, don’t ever change okay? 


No matter what we’ve been through, I’m glad that we’ve stayed friends. Best of friends, I’d even say. I know that things haven’t always been great between us, but we’ve also had fantastic moments. You are another one of those within the group that have helped pick me up when I needed and I hoe you know that I’d be there in return. Not many people would have remained friends as we have, but I think that just goes to show the strength and our stubbornness to not lose each other from our lives. Here’s to wherever the future leads us and to being friends for a mighty long time. 


Luna! Oh my gosh, where do I begin? Thank you for putting up with me all of the time. And especially for making graphics, even when I don’t ask. You keep getting better and better at them, I swear. Getting the chance to skype with you every now and again is honestly so much fun! You are one of  I’m glad we met in that one random RPG for what feels like forever ago. I honestly can’t see us never being friends; mainly because if we did, I’m sure Charlie would just bring us back together anyway. 


Our friendship begins with a ship. Like, right from the beginning, Puck and Dani hit it off; and I’m glad that it lead to us talking and being friends. Every passing day, I’m increasingly grateful for the fact that we’ve become friends. You are so creative and without so much a ask, you’re there to create graphics and on the list of the most understanding people I’ve met here.  

To the people who I either RP(ed) with or talk with or even admire from afar, each of you are lights in my life. I admire all of your creativity and writing I could honestly write a paragraph for each of you guys as well; but I think you all know what you guys mean to me. Each of you have made me laugh, or lended a hand when life had it’s down moments, and/or  just have made me feel so welcomed in this crazy little RPC. I heart each of you and thanks for making me smile when I didn’t even know I needed to:

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Now, of course I cannot put every single URL up there (mainly because of my patience level will not allow me to look through every single follower).. But if you even think I forgot you, then just hold up and backtrack that thought right now. The above are my angels and stars; but the rest of you? You are the fire that provides the warmth. Without any of you, I know for sure that I wouldn’t be on this place writing as I do. You guys give me the inspiration and boost when needed. So even if you don’t see your URL, you are just as important to me, as an English major, a future author, and most importantly, a person. Reblog this for yourself for being so freakin’ rad! -BLOGROLL

To the next 100 and however many more followers I might gain, I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how life will change even from now. Thank each and every one of you for following me and always making my day a little more interesting whenever I have the chance to log on. I promise to stay true to myself and I might change, sure, but it will never be too much. I’m just maturing is all and getting a little more…confident


Listen i know you’re all still worried and sick of “Dan lying about his feelings”

I am too

But I also bottle up my emotions a lot, I’m a compulsive liar when it comes to covering up display of negative emotion so like, I get it. And i think a lot of you do as well

And it sucks and it’s frustrating and annoying but everything takes time and everything we posted/tweeted isn’t less important or valid just bc Dan isn’t being open with us- his fans

I know everyone just wants him to be ok and feel loved and appreciated and be open, i do too

But if a few tweets is all we’re going to get right now then we need to respect that

Before I start talking I want everyone reading this to know that where I am right now it is 4:45am and I am tired and delusional and emotional and talkative (apparently) so feel free to ignore this if you want

So of course I saw Mark’s posts today (and his call for kittens, which added a nice touch), and I was scrolling through the tag just now, looking for more fun pics and such to reblog, I noticed something else: change.

Real and actual change is taking place, and only in a matter of hours. A lot of people are posting kind messages, spamming kittens, apologizing, and just being nice. And it gives me some real hope to see that, to see the majority begin to grow into something better again.

I’ve never experienced that kind of change in any other fandom (never experienced the same kind of drama either, but that is not the point).

And I know I’m new to the fandom. I probably don’t have much right to comment on anything going on right now (though I’m clearly going to anyway). But it’s actually amazing to see that not only does someone extremely influential to several million people actually care about all of those people and want to help them, but that said people are actually receptive to his wishes (for the most part, anyway).

But this is just a really great thing, and now I feel proud to step into this fandom, this community, and try to become one with it, and with all of you.

Because none of the other stuff that’s happened matters. This is what matters. Supporting each other and being kind is what matters. Helping others is what matters.

And along those lines I’d like to say a special thank you to the handful of people who messaged me earlier today and tried to make me feel included in the kinder parts of the fandom (I’m not going to tag them, mostly because I’m terrible at remembering urls). You know who you are, and I appreciate your kindness towards me, and towards the posts that I had made earlier regarding this subject matter.

I hope everyone is either able to sleep easier now, or can have a brighter day, and I wish everyone here the best. Keep spreading the love, everyone.

Guys… Like I can’t help but feel emotional in this part. In The Titan’s Curse, Nico made Percy promise to watch out for his sister. And in Mark of Athen, Percy was asking Nico to promise to lead the others to the House of Hades. My heart can’t even right now… Watching someone you care about fall into the pit of tartarus. And Nico went there alone and he barely survived. He was shattered. Now, the person he cares so much about is meeting his doom there.

I’m reading this book for the second time. I really can’t help it. I miss the argo crew, especially Leo Valdez.

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Your pron is not just pron for the sake of it. It is the emotional connection between two people. I feel the acceptance between your characters, the love and feelings they try to convey. So no, you're not *just* a fanfic writer, you're a queen who dissects her characters and leave them bare for others to see the fragility of being human. You're your own person. Follow your own pace because no two person are the same. If you feel the need to cry then do so, but eventually you'll emerge victorious

Oh my Gold thank you so much! I really needed this message right now ;-;

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cou ld i pl ease get something for Foxy from fnaf ? ;; im rlly sorry t'ask I'm just rlly feeling bad right now ;;;

Hey foxy. So I heard you’re feeling down. It’s okay! It’s okay to feel sad! Even pirates like you have to experience emotions. But that didn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Because guess what? Getting through hard times, even with the help of others, can make you even stronger! Keep your head up, Foxy! You’re doing great already!

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I just wanted to say that Dan you don't have to hide your emotions. Let us know how you really feel because we care so so much x We all love you and you mean so much to so many people. Over 5 million in fact. You have saved a countless amount of lives and we really can't thank you enough for that. I just hope that you feel better soon x I hate that you feel so bad right now :( - Maya x

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aaaaaaaaa milo im so emotional right now and i hope ur doing good!!!!! u deserve everything you're a real angel

Thank you ♡ this ask makes me feel better

okay but imagine this

alistair holding his child for the first time and just staring down at them and saying 

“But Maker’s breath… Look at you. You’re so small. You… I helped make you!”

and then he totally starts crying and the baby grabs his finger and dad!alistair makes me feel things

We punish ourselves so much in our own imaginations. We convince ourselves everything we do, everything we think, is wrong.
For eighteen years I’ve believed what other people told me about what was right and what was wrong. From now. I’m deciding.
—  Robin Talley, Lies We Tell Ourselves

#how many times do you think jake’s been dumped or rejected by someone who’s just #‘not looking for a relationship right now’ #someone who doesn’t 'feel the same way’ #that’s jake peralta #reckless jake peralta #loves-with-his-entire-soul jake peralta #he’s always the one who loves more #he’s always the one who says 'i love you’ on the third date #he loves and he loves and he LOVES #so wholeheartedly and childishly #what do you do when you’re uncomfortable with emotions but have far too many of them? #you hide them as best you can #jake peralta loves so much and so deeply and it hurts but he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions #he was never taught how to handle them #the only thing he’s been taught is that it’s a bad thing to have so many #because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and they just explode and create heartbreak on all fronts #brooklyn nine nine is essentially jake learning one step at a time how to deal with himself #holt teaches him to be selfless and that his own feelings shouldn’t come in the way of other people’s happiness #gina teaches him to finally start confronting his own unwillingness to be dragged out of childhood to become a responsible adult #rosa teaches him to be loyal; in the real world you need to work with your team and there are no john mcclanes #charles teaches him to be more sensitive to his own friends because they’re the ones you’ll remember in the end #terry teaches him that you can’t ever truly run from your mistakes – you have to face them and make amends #and amy santiago with her many binders and her tightly pulled back hair #she teaches him all of these things all at once #just by falling in love with her jake has learned to be selfless and mature and loyal and sensitive and courageous #she isn’t gone yet because this time it’s different #this time it’s real


Over 15 mil!!!!!!! We can make it to 25 by the end of this month! WE ARE ONE! 😘❤


At the D23 Expo they shared a whole bunch of concept art and other stuff from the upcoming film “Moana” and I’m SO EXCITED. It looks incredible and all the accurate references to different Polynesian cultures that I can see in the artwork is just giving me all the feels right now.



So it’s been a while since I sketched in paper~ I drew this based on reading Amatsuki’s 6th year anniversary of his community a few days ago!

(I feel like saying personal stuff here so I’m not forcing nor recommending you to read it, I just want to let out my feelings…)

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Laura Hospes

Laura Hospes is one of the 50 best emerging photographers for 2015, as voted by international jury for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015. She was also one of the eight “jurors’ picks.” Here is her winning entry and her artist’s statement.

I’m portraying myself in a very difficult moment of my life: I’m depressed and suicidal. My self-portraits are a direct reflection of my emotions, which I can’t show in real life. My camera is my consolation and listens to me better than anyone else.

I want to share the difficulties and loneliness I feel right now. I want to let you feel the pain and fear I feel, even if it’s just a fraction. I want you to be with me in my situation so that I feel less alone.

—Laura Hospes