I feel so emotional right now

I feel SO betrayed right now


I’m so done


Okay, for the past years I’ve been peacefully having Hyungwon as my bias but then Yoo Kihyun decides to come in and tried to steal mah hart mah soul…. and he succeeded…. hELP

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deym look at how he moves his eyebrows <3 so much emotions and feels and yes <3 ;u;

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look at how cute he laughs huhuhuhu

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just look at him. LOOK AT HIM ;u;

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Even when he’s not lookig, he’s still freaking ughhh :(( hELP MAH HART MAH SOUL

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so cute ;u; (i cant find the gif of him riding the vikings with dem boys ;-;)

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isn’t he cute when he’s cringing at his own words or actions or embarrassed idk anymore ;u; 

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LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE (and the cutie changkyun and minhyuk)

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ohkay idk anymore

i feel so betrayed by my own hart own soul own huhuhuhuhu ;u;


Fire and Air

I’m convinced that Severus is my little twin soul. He feels everything so deeply, he feels emotions that haven’t even been spoken yet, he is so unbelievably wise, and just as frustratingly abstracted at the worst of times. 

While our duplicate emotions usually don’t conflict, sometimes we are fire and air. Especially in the face of change. 

Which essentially means that, right now, neither of us are handling the intense pressure of this move very well. 

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I just got back from seeing Beauty and the Beast and let me tell you…it was PERFECT! Beauty and the Beast was my first favorite Disney animated film and it is still up there, and i’ve always identified with Belle in some way, and this movie did it SO MUCH JUSTICE! I COULD NOT STOP CRYING WITH ALL THE NOSTALGIA AND THE REALLY HAPPY PARTS AND THE REALLY EMOTIONAL PARTS!!! It was such a beautiful, gorgeous, funny, meaningful, AMAZING movie!!! I cannot wait to see it again!!! Oh, and Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have both STOLEN MY HEART!!! I AM FEELING SO MUCH LOVE RIGHT NOW!!

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Thank you so much for this fic i've recently been having trouble with feeling left out of my friend group and telling myself i'm worthless... this has helped me push through it all. Thank you, and i hope you have a wonderful day ❤

oh man,, i’m actually a little speechless right now, i didn’t think my writing could actually help people with their own issues… but i’m glad it did! i’m happy that it’s helping you push through :’D

stay strong buddy!

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I would never attack you for anything, there's no way, because it's not your fault if things don't work out. But I have a genuine question, are you losing hope on Louis being saved from his current team? I'm not, I'm trying to be positive and I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, but I value your opinion, too. If you feel uncomfortable with this ask, you can answer in tags with a yes or no, or you can completely ignore it. I hope your days are always nice, you're a kind person.

I think I’m not losing hope so much as emotional fortitude right now, if that makes sense? I’ve been remembering an anon somebody sent when this first started: that when they left their job, that’s when the fight really started, because they were caught in a protracted legal battle. And it’s a really long fight, and it’s not the sort of fight that involves us.

I think Harry took me aback because I somehow had it in my head that when Harry could do something, he would be fully free and things would be on his terms? But then I’m suddenly remembering that the other three have been releasing when they haven’t had full freedom either (although Niall and Liam are being held back).

Thank you for the kind sentiment anon, I appreciate it. <3

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Dear future me xxx

Dear future me,

I just wrote a 600-word letter to you and then deleted the whole thing by accident.
So, I’ve decided to shorten the whole thing.

How are you? And don’t just say fine, or good I want a long in depth answer written out hopefully better than this.

Did your plan work out? Are you now living away somewhere having fun, at uni or maybe you’ve finished uni now?
You seemed to think you had this plan all thought out only you didn’t because I’m realising there are some major flaws and there’s no plan B. So if you succeeded then FUCK YES. And if not? I’m still proud of you because it’s taking everything in you right now to stay sane, to keep a smile on your face to hide all emotion. It feels as though at any moment you might just break.

But that’s okay, right? Cause you made it this far!

It feels so strange to think I’m writing a letter to my future self.
A person who I have not yet discovered, not yet met yet it’s myself? I don’t know if that makes any sense haha.

I worry so much about the future that I forget to enjoy time now and I just hope that you have managed to stop all that worrying because it’s not good for you and you’re missing out on so much.

I saw a post the other day on facebook and it said something like “When you grow up thinking your teen years will be like Skins but it’s more like that episode of The Inbetweeners when Neil beats up a fish.” I relate at this moment in time but I’d love to know if you relate to your time.

I remember walking around the playground in primary school with Charlotte Zara and Sarah, we would plan out teen years thinking of how great it’s gonna be. Prom, parties, boys making mistakes that we’ll later find hilarious. I thought it was gonna be sick, you know, like some of the episodes of skins where all the gang are together, tight group of friends partying and having fun.

But, your whole life is pretty much an episode of The Inbetweeners.

Hell you didn’t even get a prom.

Have you fallen in love? Are you in love right now?
If you are, do not take him for granted and I hope you’re happy.
And if not? Well, I wouldn’t worry, your time will come.

I hope you’re still as obsessed with Harry Potter as you are now!

I’m low-key getting excited thinking about all the book’s you have probably read, stories I don’t yet know exist.

Why am I like this? Why are YOU like this?

Times are changing and you can’t be scared to grow up forever, it’s gonna happen sooner or later so just roll with it. Everything’s gonna turn out okay I swear.

You’re one strong lady, I believe in you (myself?) lmao.

So, I think I’m gonna leave this around here.
This was so therapeutic to write haha.
Take care of yourself, save your money, make sure you’re eating properly and last of all, have fun.


I’m starting to think that Victor is not planning on returning to the ice. Yes, it’s still not conclusive at this point, but with the release of Episode 9? It’s getting to the point where I believe that maybe Victor is thinking about retiring.

Remember this scene from Episode 8:

When Victor was interviewed regarding his return to skating, this was his answer. He wanted to wait for the GPF to be over before making any announcement regarding his own career.

Being a coach, Victor turned the subject towards praising Yuuri’s skills and promoting the skate during the interview, which prompted one reporter to ask:

Victor doesn’t actually answer the reporter-he just smiles and even uses Yurio to evade doing so, which is successful. And while the reporters were thrown off the scent, it has left us fans to wonder:

What does Victor plan for the future-for that time when the competition for the Grand Prix Final is finally over?

It reminded me of one scene from Episode 2. It was during Yakov’s, Victor’s former coach, interview.

Now, Yakov may just be saying this out of disappointment from Victor leaving, but it also got me thinking if this was some kind of foreshadowing of the end of Victor’s career as a skater.

We do know he was in a slump by the time the anime rolls around from this commentary by Yurio in Episode 2.

Victor himself is aware that his achievements are nothing new anymore. He’s won competitions so many times that I guess people aren’t expecting any surprises from the Russian skater. He had slowly been losing his inspiration with regards to skating, about what he could do to thrill the audience.

But then, Yuuri came into his life. 

Recall what Minako had said in Episode 1:

And I think Victor realized it when he watched Yuuri’s rendition of the program.

Something about Yuuri caught Victor’s attention, and it gave him a new idea, an inspiration, if you will. It was something that made him try a different path than that of a skater: being a coach.

In the onsen, Victor had offered to coach Yuuri to help him win the Grand Prix Final. Looking back now, I guess Episode 1 gave us a deadline from the very beginning. That the story of Victor being a coach ends once the GPF is over. Maybe, Victor thought that by being Yuuri’s coach for a while would help him get some motivation to get him back into skating.

But, something changed along the way. As Victor and Yuuri went through their journey as student and coach, a different aspect of their relationship also bloomed. We were there to watch as they both fell in love with each other.

Victor never saw Yuuri as merely a skater. Please bear in mind that from the beginning, Victor tried to get to know everything Yuuri by asking all sorts of questions. That enabled both of them to support each other, even if they had fumbled at some attempts.
And yes, I’m talking about Victor making Yuuri cry on Episode 7.

Whatever they went through though, their relationship came out stronger together. And I believe Victor realized this as well. They were not merely student and coach, what he and Yuuri share had now become something more. Which, in turn, affects whatever he had been planning for himself when the GPF finally comes to an end.

And that ending, it’s right around the corner. Yuuri was thinking of it too.

Like I said in this post:

“and…” what? Was Yuuri thinking about them separating, going different ways?

after watching this again, Yuuri didn’t sound sad or depressed about his thoughts at the time. It was more like, “I have something I want after the GPF; I’ve made up my mind”. Which somehow made it more positive for me.

Yuuri has decided to make Victor stop being his coach. But the tone of his voice didn’t give me the impression of negativity, the opposite actually.

Was Yuuri thinking that once Victor was not his coach anymore, once he had retired from skating, could he and Victor start something new, together albeit in a different aspect? I would like to believe so.

Episode 9 also told us that Victor was thinking about what happens next too from their reunion at the airport.

And Yuuri…

Yuuri’s unintentional proposal,

which Victor points out and accepts,

that Yuuri does not negate.

We were all very happy at this point, weren’t we? So were the both of them. Until YOI hit us with more feels.

Victor: I wish you’d never retire.

From my earlier post:

Since Yuuri wanted Victor to stay with him until he retired, Victor expresses the sentiment of not wanting Yuuri to do so.

Victor wants to stay with Yuuri forever, to never leave the skater’s side.

He was not expecting that, not at all. He was thinking that Victor agreed to stay until he stops skating. But Victor, the goner, doesn’t want it that way

Yuuri is finally realizing and getting it into his head that Victor doesn’t want to leave his side. I think he was so overcome with emotion that he gets tears in his eyes.

Yuuri is finally starting to believe that Victor will stay with him. That Victor wants to stay with him and never leave.

This is made all the more poignant by the reminder that their time as student and coach is coming to a close. Some may think of it negatively, but I don’t believe we should view it as so.

Just before that line, they were hinting at a marriage proposal. Victor himself expresses his wish of not ending their time together, that he wants to stay as Yuuri’s coach.

Which brings us full circle to why I am posting this in the first place.

Victor, a legendary skater, who everyone is waiting for to come back on the ice, is willing to stay as a coach for Yuuri so that they can stay together.

It hits me now that maybe the time they had apart, that one or two days that separated them, made Victor realize how much he wants to remain beside Yuuri. So much so that he was willing to leave his skating career behind.

He left the ice to find inspiration, but he found someone he now wants to protect. He found someone he loved so much he was willing to give up skating professionally.

This doesn’t mean that Yuuri didn’t love Victor with the same intensity, with the same capacity for sacrifice. No.

Yuuri was thinking of making Victor step down as his coach and return to skating, return to Russia, after the GPF, whether he won gold or not. He was willing to be separated from Victor if that was what Victor wanted, what would make the other man happy.

So, what happens when the Grand Prix Final ends?

Yuuri may yet change his mind about retiring, or Victor may choose to retire with Yuuri. whatever their future holds, I want to believe that they will do it together as a unit and not as separate entities.

That marriage proposal was put there for a reason. Let’s believe in the power of love that Victor and Yuuri has taught and shown us.

What else could you call this kind of ability to sacrifice, to think of the other person more than yourself? They have set the standards high for any kind of love story, in my opinion. I can never look at any sort of romance the same without comparing them to these two. And this is from a sports anime.

Thank you for reading this. And remember:


music stim things:

• bouncin on ur toes bc u cant dance but u Also cant Not Dance

• systematic tapping ur fingers and hands like ur really the song mixer and this is a launchpad video

• my Hands…………………. The Conductor

• i wasnt thinking the right thought at the right time when the song did the thing now i gotta start it all over

• my tongue got tired from secretly singing along Inside My Mouth

• im so full of emotions now??? just from hearing this one really good note??? my chest feels like really happy balloon now AaaaAAAAAA???

• when u got ur headphones in and it hits the Good Frequency™ and everything is just Fantastic

first off, jaemin’s health is absolutely the most important thing, and i’m so glad sm isn’t putting him at risk of further injury. but i’m just……my heart is so sad for this poor boy and how he must be feeling. since his injury, he’s missed:

1) the first major awards show of his career
2) the first year-end shows of his career
3) all the v lives/videos from the end of november til now
4) the fan interactions the rest of the group has had (christmas fanboard, new years greetings, etc)

and now his group is making their first comeback without him…….i can’t even imagine how overwhelmingly disappointing and frustrating and painful this has been for jaemin, watching his group do all these things without him, i am so crushed for my child i just

Okay so was I watching Order of the Phoenix again last night and idk why but I started paying a lot of attention to Draco, especially on the scene on Umbridge’s office after Fred and George explode the fireworks

Here he is all happy like “hehe Harry’s getting screwed”, as usual,but THEN

Umbridge slaps Harry and he’s like WHAT THE FUCK-

And then he has this look on his face like “wow I was just in for some light bullying but what the hell is this you old frog” (while the other slytherins in the room don’t even flinch or give a fuck about anything really)

And then right after that, they are interrupted by Snape and Draco goes back to smiling like “oh…yeah…I’m supposed to be finding this super fun” 

Now, leaving all my drarry shipping aside, it’s just really freaking brilliant the way Tom Felton portrayed Draco, and I feel like he understands the character so deeply. He portrays all of these mixed, confused emotions Draco feels, and how his image in front of others is important for him, how despite looking confident and cool inside he’s just utterly scared. Even when the scene isn’t about him he’s giving all this out. I love Tom and this saga so much.

soft emoji asks

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

🌿  - what place do you wish you where right now? why?

💫  - what’s the feeling of one emotion that you’ve never been able to label?

🌷  - what are some physical traits you are attracted to?

💐  - what are some personality traits you are attracted to?

📺  - describe a picture you’ve had in your head and wanted to take. 

👼🏼  - what is your ideal friend like?

🌙  - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?

☁️  - what colour does one of your idols remind you of?

💞  - what does love feel like to you?

🍃  - what’s one thing that you regret never saying?

🐰  - what’s one of your favourite childhood memories?

 - what normally happens in your dreams?

☕️  - who makes you feel warm and cozy?

🌟  - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?

Can we take a moment to talk about the importance of this hug?

Because it’s cute, of course, but it’s not just that.

In a way, it’s extremely domestic, and that’s partly what makes it so important.

If you think about it, before we’ve only seen Yuuri and Victor hug during competitions (or at the airport, over which I am still crying because it was so beautiful), and if you really wanted to, you could wave it off as just “acting on impulse” or “on spur of heightened emotions at the moment”.

But that’s not the case here.

They are both in Hasetsu, and they may be before a huge competition, but right now they’re still calm and trying to decide the changes in Yuuri’s program. No heightened emotions whatsoever. And yet, Victor just joyfully jumps into Yuuri’s arms just because he’s happy and he feels like it.

What’s even better is Yuuri’s reaction - he simply takes him in, wraps his arms around his back and smiles. And what’s also worth noting is that this isn’t their typical head-over-the-shoulder hug. Their foreheads (maybe even their noses) are touching, and Victor has his palm gently pressed to the back of Yuuri’s head.

It’s so simple but it illustrates their love so well.

Because this isn’t platonic - it’s a window into their daily life in Hasetsu, showing us how close they are, even when, you could say ‘there’s no need for it’.

They don’t need a ‘reason’ to be up close and intimate.

They’re in love and it shows, even without the wedding rings or their stating it out loud.

And I think that’s both, beautiful and important.


So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.