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Fes Matsu San'16 Programme Translation Part 10: Suzumura Kenichi Interview (Iyami)

What are your feelings now that the broadcast has finished?

Even the final recording simply ended smoothly with a, “See you again,” so I don’t feel like it’s over at all. But the recording was fun so I do feel very sad. If asked, “What did Osomatsu achieve in its run?” well it didn’t archive anything at all which I think is good and very like this anime. I think that if a gag anime makes you laugh out loud a lot, that’s all it needs. And speaking personally, it was an honour to voice the legendary character Iyami.

What is the charm of the Osomatsu-San world?

That it’s unrivalled. Isn’t it amazing how there’s no story? That whatever happens, the story somehow holds together is due to the broad mind of Akasaka Fujio or perhaps to the free and experimental nature of his works.

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i feel like one eyed king is someone we always knew but never be suspected of. (just like uta shock at tg's finale)

Someone we always knew but never suspected: 

It’s these two, anon! I’m telling you! It’s one of them!

My personal guess is Maris Stella! Look at her! What kind of an expression is that? She’s so suspicious! She looks like she’s plotting how to destroy the world and having so much fun while doing so. 

And I bet Loser is involved somehow, too. Maybe he’s her right-hand man?

(Plus, Maris is spying at the CCG and Loser at Anteiku and Kaneki’s group. I bet they have a whole secret animal organisation like that in “Phineas & Ferb” but the only difference is that they’re evil.)

The fact that people believe they can have systems/alters naturally or even outright have DID/OSDD without chronic childhood trauma is so disrespectful to victims and survivors.

DID/OSDD is not fun. This is not playtime. I have this disorder because unthinkable things happened to me at a very young age and I will suffer with it for the rest of my life, but you somehow get to have a fun ol’ time with your naturally occuring alters and claim you know what it feels like to have dissociative parts take control of your body.

You will never know what it’s like to not have a life of your own because every aspect of your life is now shared with others, even your own body. You will never know what it’s like to have littles who are incapable of acting like an adult struggle to be the host and live up to neurotypicals expectations. You will never know what it’s like to switch out and be in a place you don’t recognize and wearing clothes that aren’t yours. You will never know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see someone else’s face and body. You will never know what it’s like to have your past destroy your future and everything you’ve dreamed of. 

You will never know what it’s like to have people idealize your result of chronic trauma and act like they have it because it seems “fun” or “interesting” to them. You will never know what it’s like to have people steal your terms of your disorder, your voice, your chances for treatment and diagnosis, and respect, as if you haven’t had enough stolen from you already.

You will never know. 

Ups and downs

As always, life can be good sometimes, but it can also be bad sometimes. You have a great week behind you and enjoyed every minute of it, had a lot of fun and you feel like nothing can bring you down now. But then something unexpected happens and brings you back to reality.
A few weeks ago, I experienced ups and downs. And during that down time, I felt really weak and helpless. But I somehow managed to stay strong and stand through it (even when it meant I had to stay up the whole night).

Remember that things can bring you down, but you do not have to give them the strength to let them do so.

The quote under the picture says: “You will always surprise yourself and you will always make it through.”
Stay strong, guys! 

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Hello~! May I ask for a scenario where Suga and his great trusted friend are honestly fed up with failing at love and relationships, but one day after another batch of breakups the friend suggests that they might work, just to try it for fun since they spend time with each other anyways and it turns out they fall for each other HARD? <3

|| Oh no– I love tropes like this so much and now I am weak and just EEEEEE!!! I hope I can do this one justice! Expect light angst I guess since you know, pining and whatnot but we’ll give Suga and his friend the ending they deserve! ||

We’ll work.

Your words somehow feel like a double-edged sword to Sugawara all of a sudden as you shut the door after the two of you kissed the other in gratitude for a great time during your date. His heart’s raising, cheeks bright red from the lingering warmth on his lips.

Perhaps you two worked too well.

He’s always known that you were great and lovely, but it has never occurred to him to suddenly see you in a different perspective, in a lens different from the usual one he’s seen you in. And now he finds it hard to get himself to stop, thinking that maybe just maybe you two need to reconsider things.

However, little did he know that you were having the same dilemma as well. Your back against the door as you slid slowly to sit on the floor as your fingers touched your lips.

Sick of breakups, rejection, misunderstandings, you two brought this onto yourselves.

Having coffee together at your place, you two try to act as normal as possible. Fortunately, it all works out and the two of you are tossing popcorn kernels at the other after making a horrible pun.

The laughter dies down and you two find yourselves heading back to lean on the other.

“This is nice,” you murmur.

He hums in agreement, “We’re practically a real couple if you think about it.”

“Or an immature married couple.”

He chuckles, pulls you closer to him before silence makes it way. He then takes in a deep breath, “______,” he utters your name causing you to turn to face him.

“Yeah?” You respond.

“What do you think of… us?”

The question takes you aback for a second and you need to clear your throat. “Uh…” you stammer. “Well we make a great pair– You know, like in projects and all. And we’ve known each other for quite a while. Like I said, we’d work well and well… here we are. We’re pretty cute together for an official yet unofficial pair.”

He finds himself smiling slightly at your words. “So we’re still okay.” He murmurs soft enough for you to hear.

“We’ve always been okay, Suga.”

“I know,” he replies. “I just…”

He leans in. Your lips touch and you’re back to that feeling of your heart soaring the same it did not so long ago. Much to his delight, you return the gesture albeit shyly as he holds your face.

He pulls back in the heat of the moment and confesses despite the anxiety that still lingers in him, “I’ve fallen in love with you and I’ve been too dense to realize it from the start.”

You shake your head with a slight giggle, “You’re not the only who’s realized the same.”

“We should have dated from the start.”

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Am I the only one who's upset over Nancy and Steve?? Like bruh when she gave whatshisname the gift at the end I was like yooooo they're together but then she goes and cuddles up to the Reformed Douchebag Who's Somehow Not An Ass Now™ in a Christmas sweater by the tree ?? Like Nancy we were rooting for you ! Barbara was right omg. I mean Steve is a 10/10 he's hot for sure. But I ship Nancy and the other guy ~much~ more. They're too cute not to! Whew! End rant ! That's all my feels on the issue

Haha, truth is I don’t really ship Nancy with either all that much at the moment. But fun fact, Steve was originally suppose to just be an asshole the entire time, but the writers kind of changed their direction with him because they liked the actor so much, and how much charm he was able to bring to the character. 

I think the thing I’m fine with about Steve is that it was pretty clear that his ‘friends’ were pretty bad influences on him, and that he wasn’t really being true to himself when he was around them. I think we’re suppose to see that in the moments that he kind of stands up for Nancy when she’s not around, and it isn’t until everything that happens with the movie sign that he’s finally just done with being a douchebag. I liked that he admitted he shouldn’t have let the guy spray paint what he did. Teenage boys can be huge assholes, especially when trying to fit in with other assholes. So Nancy still being with him at the end of the season wasn’t that surprising to me. 

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The bat boys reaction to switching bodies with each other

I feel like they would react the same the same way. They would embarrass each other until it somehow ended up on national television. Another fun game is make Bruce guess who is who. Bruce ends up going on his first vacation ever as a result.

Weird thoughts

Have you ever felt like some things (somehow “immaterial”) have personalities ? The things that you see and use in your everyday life and that your mind linked with human characteristics.

For example, I ALWAYS play sudoku, I have an app on my phone and I spend my time on it. When a number is missing in a line or a square, I can FEEL it, because it lacks of something in that line. If a 9 is missing, there is no maturity. If it is a 4, it needs fun. If there is no 6, the line is not romantic. The 8 is sarcastic and the 7 is fearless, the 1 is innocent, the 3 is dumb, the 5 is proud and the 2 is nice.

It’s the same with playing cards, especially faces, and depending on their color. The black Kings are old and liked by their people, the black Queens are quiet and wise, the black Cavaliers are clever and good at archery and the black Jacks are talkative and hardworking. The red Kings are active and rich, the red Queens are pretty and talkative, the red Cavaliers are strong and proud, and the red Jacks want to kill the Cavaliers to take their jobs.

My brain is a total mess, I admit it.

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I feel like such an outsider for loving dan's jat. It's somehow what so ugly it's nice again. And it looks so perfect on him. Idk. Also, he looks so awesome in his leggings! I can't! He's such a teaser showing off his perfect legs like that!

I like the leggins, too! And yeah, the jat’s kinda nice, I mean, kinda like an ugly baby, horrible but somehow adorable. I just like making fun of it. :D

[Nissy’s blog entries that I missed / unintentionally overlooked.]

[January 2, 2008]

“Happy New Year!!!”

all members greeted at once this year…
is up next!!

I was eating in some restaurant………
and when I was in the middle of eating

Kuchibiru Kara Romantica 
Get Chuu!
played in the shop
I’m surprised (^_^;)

It didn’t just play continuously, it lasted for 2 hours and a half…

Somehow, I feel like celebrating ♪

Since there are various things that lie ahead this year, I am accumulating power!!
Looks like this year will pass in a blink of an eye!!
Of course, I’ll have so much fun with everyone o(^-^)o
With hopes that I’ll make the best memories with everyone this year,
I’ll do my best, “beyond mountains, beyond valleys”, so please treat me well☆

well, then………

Budokan DVD…
I’ll leave them to you!!!! 

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Olivia: oh don't worry about that besides Etch's not really my type. But that does not matter now I just want to apologize for what I've done. Look! I even got you a gift! *gives you a gold necklace just like mine* Olivia: you know I would really like to get to know you better if that's OK. ( In sorry I'm just having too much fun with this)

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I agree that Rory's S3 hair was absolutely stunning! I loved when it was a little curly/wavy in S5 as well. Like you, I wasn't a fan of the super short hair in S4. I'm also not crazy about her S6 bangs---somehow they just never seem totally Rory-ish to me! What about favorite/least favorite hairstyles for Lorelai?!

Oh, Lorelai! I think about her hair less, so this should be fun!

I really like Lorelai’s hair when it’s curly and closer to its natural style, though it looks great straightened too.  I like it a lot here:

Lorelai’s hair looks amazing almost all the time and I can’t think of any styles I really disliked.  I do, however, feel sad that it was tied up like this only once - I thought it was very cute and casual:

Thanks for the ask!

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004 Free! and Smosh :)

Okay, this is gonna be very weird… XD

  • Noah/Nagisa: 2 cupcakes. Though I really REALLY hate pairing Nagisa with anyone else but Rei.

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  • Rin/Wes: Cuz Wes is a manchild that needs discipline from time to time. And I feel like Rin would provide both - the sweet side and the rough side.

Originally posted by magicalgyal

  • Momo/Laser: 2 dorks. Would go well. And they both have orange hair. Both are full of energy.

Originally posted by animebigworld

  • Haru/Ian: That would be interesting to watch. Since Haru is a very quiet person, so Ian had to adjust his behavior somehow. I cold so imagine Haru shooting Ian annoyed looks all the time. XD

Originally posted by melonatics

  • Sousuke/Antuuni: Hell yeah. Sly bastard. Sexy beast. Broken boy. Who needs cheering up. Antuuni could do that.

Originally posted by melonatics

  • Nitori/Joven: Kohai-Senpai kind of relationship. Joven is a very sweet guy, he would go well with cutie Nitori.

Originally posted by gilbert-herald

  • Makoto/Courtney: Sweet and precious babies. Would go well together.

Originally posted by shigino

  • Rei/Mari OR Rei/Sohinki: both would be perfect. Very engaged and hardworking. And dorky.

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According to a prof I had in university whom I really respected, one of the (many) reasons Beowulf gets studied so much is because it's at this really cool crossroads in Nordic history between paganism and Christianization, and you can see the push-and-pull between them all throughout the narrative. I am finding it fun watching you pull those bits specifically out - I feel somehow like I am vindicating him by proxy.

Well, yeah - sagas too. It’s one of the cool things about them, insofar as Christianity is ever cool. (Sorry, Fia.) Watching people do utterly ludicrous horrible things while stalwartly protesting that they are Good Christians.

At the same time, having read the sagas, I am a Bit Miffed because every time Christians show up it’s fun, but after a generation or two people stop doing cool epic stupid crap. So it kinda signals the end of all that is good in the sagas. And/or the beginning of some horrendous sappy moralizing crap that the French probably had something to do with.

(Like the saga - I believe it’s the one with Dis in - that ends with a guy marrying a girl, having a bunch of children, yes, good, all is fine, and then suddenly they decide they are going to retire to hermitages and praise God all day and scream morals at their children and their listeners. No. Bad. Go ascend into heaven, you righteous egoizing propheteers.)

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Why do I get the feeling Greg will spend all $10 million dollars, or it will go away somehow, before the end of the next episode?

I’m laughing at this because I feel like Greg would get so used to having the money he would just…lose track of it

Steven wants a new toy? Greg buys him 50.

His car breaks down? No worries, he can just buy a new one

I can just picture Greg absolutely splurging with his new money and being absolutely clueless about it until he runs out of money

I can absolutely see this happening in the next episode. He has so much fun in empire city with his son he just loses track of how much he’s spending

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So he looks like Wade (maybe somehow Xan had a descendant and a member of Feemor’s biological family got together and somehow one of their kids ended up on earth where they became Wade Wilson’s ancestor)?

Feemor? You’re certainly free to HC as you like, but at least in this AU Feemor looks nothing like any version of Wade I’ve ever seen ^ ^; I also kinda feel like personality is one of those things that really doesn’t have to be inherited ^ ^;