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So I REALLY love the YGO Abridged version of Bonds Beyond Time; like to the point of ripping the just audio onto a CD to listen to in the car. But it occurred to me that I’d never actually seen the original so I looked it up for shits and giggles… and ended up really adoring it both ironically AND unironically >3> And somehow this is what I got out of it.

Note that I’ve never watched GX or 5D’s and only know Jaden and Yusei from this movie and LittleKuriboh’s videos. 

*slinks under the couch*


VS嵐 #124 | 2011年01月20日 ♦ 「スクール!! 」 Team VS 嵐+千原兄弟
└ Sho being bullied teased ignored blamed adorable.

Bonus: Tonight’s MDA is…


plot twist: older team taka collectively raises suigetsu/karin child while still maintaining their cool rogue ninja status

kris pisses me off with how gorgeous he is

he manages to be gorgeous even in the middle of dancing hOW



he’s getting out of a car and he manages to make it look like a photoshootbsdzkfjvbgzdkbf










More Emcee dress up because it’s strangely comforting. A bit of old school, a bit of new school, and a bit of ???

(side note: it should surprise no one that I headcanon the Emcee as genderfluid)


he was standing in the front parlor of the shop when the bell
rang out—he knew who it would be of course and he did his
best to keep his face from showing his amusement.  the
moment he’d happened upon that spell he had been curious
to see if it would work…and it had. quite swimmingly, too.  it
would be quite fun to see her reaction to one, anyone else
being in the shop, and two, realizing that it was actually him
and not simply a stranger. 

as he caught sight of her out of the corner of his eyes, he moved
around as though he were simply a patron in the shop, admiring
the many trinkets on display, barely sparing her a glance, a slight
nod of acknowledgment at her presence before he went back to
pretending to be shopping.

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1. MBTI type? INTP 

2. Unicorns or Pegasi? Pegasi

3. Ice cream or froyo? Froyo

4. Least favorite season of the year? S U M M E R

5. Last thing you googled? "blog view counter"

6. Top 4 sites you visit most? Every time I get online, I visit Facebook, then Pinterest, then Tumblr; and on occasion, Goodreads comes last.

5. Last TV show you watched? 19 Kids and Counting

6. What do you waste your time on most? YouTube

7. Two strange fears you have/had? 1: The fear that my parents have installed security cameras in my house to watch what I do when I’m home alone. 2: The fear that my webcam or my iPhone will independently take a picture of me when I’m undressing/in the bathroom. So essentially the fear of being watched.

8. Would you rather live in a Castle and not be able to travel or live in a small apartment but travel lots? At first I thought, “THE SMALL APARTMENT” but then I was like… “All that space to do whatever I flipping want…” I DON’T KNOW. The small apartment. I like traveling too much.

9. How many pairs of shoes do you own? S…seven? 8. Pretty sure it’s 8. 

10. Top 3 pet peeves? GOSHDANGIT I WAS GONNA MAKE A LIST FOR THE NEXT TIME I GOT THIS QUESTION BUT I’ll have to respond from the top of my head.

  • When people wake me up and then immediately tell me all the work I have to do that day as if that will motivate me to get out of bed.
  • Grammatical errors. “Lose vs. Loose.” “To vs. Too.” Etc. I have the tact to resist correcting people, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dying inside.
  • When people think it’s worth the hassle to correct/send back a restaurant order they’ve already received. Unless you’re deathly allergic to something on your plate, it’s not. I’m looking at you, old people.

11. Fashion style you would like to adopt for yourself? Punk-grunge.

My questions:
1. Can you see yourself getting married within the next 5 years?
2. What was the last song you had stuck in your head?
3. What is your favorite character’s Hogwarts house?
4. What is the most widely controversial work of fiction you’ve read?
5. If you had your own garden, what kind of garden would it be?
6. Opinions on guys wearing skinny jeans and/or makeup? (This is a subject of much controversy in our household.)
7. You can design an entire house interior. Describe in basic terms how you would go about it.
8. What do you usually have for lunch?
9. If someone forced you to dye your hair one tone, what color would you choose?
10. If you could move anywhere in the U.S., where would you go?
11. Some words you mis-pronounced/misunderstood as a toddler?

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chris, what are your feelings on schecters? diamond series in particular

I know this was sent in because you thought I was going to make fun of these a ton. There are a couple models of these that are ok. The neck felt surprisingly nice. There are a couple at the studio. Greg had active EMG’s installed by a former engineer at the studio who went on to do front of house for people like Coheed and Cambria, Aretha Franklin, Lorde, etc. That dude modded the pickup somehow where it is super aggressive and tighter sounding than a normal active EMG. The couple he has like that work really well for metal and hardcore actually.

Otherwise all those brands like LTD, Schecter, etc get super goofy because of shitty dragon inlays, cheesy flamed maple tops, gold hardware, etc. When someone in a local band rolls up to the indie rock show with one of those you can usually tell they just stopped playing death core last week and needed to hop on a new trend.


Spoilers. I'm sorry.

So after all we have been through with the fairy tail fandom with tartaros arc and the after shock of the hard battle and its effect on the fairy tail mages and the people of Magnolia. Yet..

Natsu is still as destructive as ever and always ready to have a fun brawl. But then shocker..

Lucy is brave enough to think she can somehow keep Natsu on his toes and isn’t afraid after what she saw in crocus. But I really wonder how well she has improved to make her have that kind of confidence. But with this Chapter being called lamia scale thanksgiving we all knew who would be there.

Of course Wendy the sky dragon slayer is with Cheria the sky god slayer, they would make the perfect team of cuteness and determination.

Then of course Natsu feels like she has turned against them and needs to take her back from the “Dark side” and of course happy is looking for Carla. Guys it does get better.

Carla is somehow a fucking human. How? I know some kind of magic but this just seems so I cant even process this. Hiro Mashima, you are driving us insane. 

Sorry for the spoilers but this chapter seems like it will be like a nice arc. 

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I'm sad cause I told a couple of my friends about me practicing witchcraft, and one of them was like "That's soooo weird, that isn't real, you're WRONG, you worship satan!!!!" And I really wanted to defend myself and be like lol no ur wrong... But ugh it just stresses me out that people can't respect other peoples beliefs and instead have to embarrass them somehow and make them feel like shit. I'm just ranting rn, but seriously not caring is way easier said than done... Sorry about this I'm mad

Sometimes it is best to keep your beliefs to yourself.

Witchcraft can be very fun and exciting when you start practicing, so you want to tell everyone about it - like getting a new puppy. But in the real world being totally ‘out’ is not very practical for most.

Hell, I don’t even respect everyone’s beliefs. I think anti-vaxxers are dumb as hell and nobody should listen to them. And if one of those people told me I needed to respect their beliefs, I’d tell them to shove it.

I truly believe that witchcraft will never be truly accepted by the public unless it is significantly de-clawed and watered down and made light and fluffy and palatable. The witchcraft of poison, shades, the underworld, sacrifice, ritual, and manipulation is simply unappealing to the general public, to the point of revulsion and fear.

Very few people know I practice witchcraft. And they don’t know because A) I am unwilling to lie about my beliefs just to be accepted, and B) it’s none of their damn business and my beliefs are not up for public consumption. Even people on tumblr called me a satanist and a devil worshiper when I posted a picture of my pentagram tank top! 

I’m sorry your friends are jerks. I hope you will get better ones in the future. Until then, I think it is wise to be careful whom you communicate with regarding your beliefs.

i’m still not over using exclamation points in math. like i still feel like the numbers are trying to be enthusiastic or something. my head reads it as being enthusiastic. “let’s make math fun!! 6! is 720 somehow!!!”

Comforted by an Angel

Based LOOSELY on: This Imagine. Very loosely. I don’t even know what happened with this. It started as a completely different story, then I deleted it, and it somehow turned into a mushy feelsfest. So, sorry it’s not a fun road trip or anything. Maybe I’m in a bummed mood. Not a clue. Hope you like it regardless! lol

Word Count: 1391

Warnings: Loss of a loved one.


Going down the long stretch of winding back roads, you’re joined by a certain angel.

"If I wasn’t so used to you dropping in out of nowhere, you could cause me to crash." You joke.

"I apologize. I could go…?"

"No, no. I like your surprise visits."

"Would you like to talk about it?" He could tell when you had something worrying on your mind.

"Not yet."

He nods, and you reach over to turn the music up a few notches, and he patiently waits for you to be ready to talk.

A few songs later you turn the radio down, “I got an email today for an old friend’s memorial service.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He looks over at you with sympathy.

You just nod. You’ve never really known how to take condolences.

“Are you going?”

You nod again, “Yeah. That’s where I’m heading now. I got the message a little late, so I’ll pretty much make it there just in time.”

“You’re going alone?”

“Sam and Dean have a lot on their plates right now. They offered to come with, but I can handle this solo.”

“Would you mind if I came then?”

“You don’t have to do that, Cas. I’m sure you’ve got other things to worry about too. I’ll be fine, and back home tomorrow night.”

He tilts his head, and watches you for a minute.

Laughing lightly you say, “It’s not polite to stare.”

“If I don’t have anything else to worry about at the moment, can I come with you?”

“I guess if you want to, I can’t really stop you. I really will be fine though.”

He nods once then looks back out the windshield, “I insist then.”

You smile. You don’t know exactly when you became close with Cas. It kind of happened all at once. He didn’t always get what you were saying, but he always listened. Something between the two of you just clicked, and it easily turned into a good friendship.

“Were you and this person very close?” He asks, interrupting your thoughts.

“Yeah. She was more of a family friend really, but she practically raised me for so long.”

“Your friend raised you?” He asks a little surprised, and face looking puzzled.

“She wasn’t my age or anything! She worked at a bar my dad frequented. I’ve told you about how after mom died, dad took to drinking. A lot. I know he didn’t mean to be anything less than a good father, but losing her changed him, and addiction took over. This bar had a kitchen, so I’d go in there to get lunch or to find dad, and Nancy eventually kind of took me in as my maternal figure. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at her house, she helped me with homework, even did the majority of keeping me clothed and fed. I owe her everything. Without her, who knows the kind of person I’d be now, or if I’d even be here. Kids need a good role-model. A drunk wouldn’t have cut it.”

“She sounds like an amazing woman.”

Your eyes well up, but you blink the moisture away. “She really was.”

“Have you always kept in contact with her?”

“As much as possible. Of course, I had to lie about what I was doing all the time. I couldn’t call her as much as I would’ve liked to either.” Guilt twists your stomach.

“What happened to her?”

“Old age took its toll. Thankfully, she passed in her sleep. Her sister and nieces were there.”

He looks at you solemnly, before reaching over and gently wiping away a tear you didn’t even realize had fallen.

You quickly wipe at your eyes, and stare hard at the road ahead. “I should have been there. I knew she wasn’t doing great, but I never knew it was so bad. I could have been there. I could have said goodbye.” Even though you didn’t see her nearly as often as you did growing up, it felt like you somehow lost another mom.

Cas places his hand on your shoulder. “Maybe I should drive? Or we don’t have to drive at all?”

“It’s okay. I have to drive.”

He knows how you use drive time almost therapeutically, so he nods and lets his hand fall, and you both fall into a comfortable silence.

When you get to town, you can’t help but think that it’s never changed. It always felt like going back in time when you came home. When you pull up outside the funeral home, they have you line up in the procession line. Once you turn the car off, you just sit there for a moment. After a few minutes, Cas gets out the car and comes around to your side. He opens the door, and when you look over, he silently offers you his hand. You take it, and get out of the car. Using your free hand to flatten your top.

“I should have changed. Wore something nicer.”

“You look lovely regardless, and I’m sure Nancy wouldn’t mind what you came wearing. Just that you came.”

You nod slowly, and  nearly cling to Cas’ arm, as you make your way inside. Thankful he came with you after all. Just passed the doors, you’re greeted by Nancy’s close family.

Her sister pulls you into a tight hug, making you let go of the angel. “Nancy would be so happy you came, Y/N! She loved you very much. Always called you her girl.” She says through sniffles, and dabs at her eyes with a crumpled tissue.

The second she let go, you reach behind you looking for Cas, He takes your hand back in his, and walks with you as you make your way through the crowd of people gathered around. When you turn the corner though, you freeze. At the front of the room, was an open casket.

“Are you alright?” Cas asks in a whisper from beside you.

No words come, and you’re afraid your voice will give away that you don’t feel so okay anymore, so you choose to nod slowly.

“You wanted to say goodbye, Y/N. Now is your chance.”

You look into his crystal blue eyes, and your can’t help the tremble in your lip, and the tears that spring from your eyes. “You’re right.”

You walk closer, and Cas lets go. “I’ll be right right here.” He stops, and waits a few feet behind you.

Taking the last few steps to her side, you can’t stop the tears now. She was in a peach lacy top- not very Nancy, but with blue jeans- so very Nancy. She looked like she was just sleeping, and would wake up any minute. The hunter side of you couldn’t help but to actually fear for that for a second. Tentatively you touch her folded hands.

“Hey, Nan.” You sadly smile down at her. “Sorry I haven’t been home in awhile. I didn’t realize you needed me here. You stubborn woman you. You said you were doing so much better. I’d say something like ‘I know you’re in a better place though,’ but I know you hate that kind of mush. So, instead I just want to let you know, I’m going to be alright. Thanks to you, I’ve always been alright. I know you have never expected anything back for that, but I owe you everything. Thank you.” Stopping to take a deep, steadying breath. “Love you, Nan.”

You take a few steps back before taking your eyes off your true hero. When you turn around, Cas is already right there with open arms. Hugging hasn’t always been natural for him, but it still felt comforting. He silently holds you for a few minutes until you let go first. He goes to the nearest box of tissues, and gets you a few.

Taking them, you try to smile at him. “Thank you for coming with me. For always being there, actually.”

“No need to thank me.”


“You’re welcome, Y/N.”

As other people come in, you both take a seat for the service. Cas comfortingly holds your hand again, and you sigh in relief for having him there.


I have decided to abandon this blog once and for all.

Somehow, I lost all connection to the Doctor. I don’t really feel like rping as him anymore, it’s just…odd.

I also won’t come back. 

If you want to rp with me, I made a new rp blog with another character —> salvagx

It was a fun time roleplaying as the Doctor and roleplaying with you.

Good bye.

It makes me so happy that my Mexican/Latino brothers Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Inarritu kill it at the Oscars. Not to mention, Pierce The Veil are blowing up. Like I grew up thinking being Mexican was a disability. Somehow I was made to feel like knowing another language was a handicap. I had to watch people make fun of my parents when I had to translate for them as a child. It makes me so happy that there are people like the ones mentioned above showing all these young Hispanic/Latino people that we can do so much more than pick fruits and vegetables. We can make masterpieces, we can save lives, we are fucking amazing people. 

[Anai Chihiro’s G+] 2015.02.12 8:10PM (edited at 8:31PM)

Good evening。

Today I’ve gone to
Odekake’s location shoot!

It was really exhausting
however I had
a whole lot of fun\(^o^)/

Somehow, I feel something like a sense of accomplishment。Right now, I mean。*laugh*

I’m happy since It was a first location shoot for Odekake after a long time。。

Odekake has been broadcast for over 2 years, hasn’t it!

Thanks to the program’s staff-san
and those who have been watching it(´-`).。oO

And now, announcement!

In “Young Animal” which will be released tomorrow
I was allowed to make to the front cover
with Natsu, Mado, Aoi and Haruppi♪

Somehow, a big poster and a clear file
will be included!

Since it’s for the Valentine
the shooting was taken in an adorable atmosphere♡

Please check it out by all means!

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hibiscus, ginger, ginseng

hibiscus:do you like when people try to start a conversation with you? -not in random public places, unless i’m brimming w drugs and booze! When i’m just out and about in the world, i’m standoffish to a fault. but i LOVE cool overshares with good friends, and fun banter with the people who have somehow wormed their way thru my armor of anxiety.

ginger:what animal do you act like? - a circus seal who just wants to sleep and be cute, hates its obligations, and flat out refuses to balance the damn ball on any part of its anatomy

ginseng:post a photo of somewhere you feel calm

a) there’s a TINY bench in front of this painting at the Met. My bf and I used to squish in beside each other and stare at it for a long time:

Also any luxe hotel room, esp if it’s in tokyo and has a great bathtub!!!

(honorable mention: all the drug stores, from each humble walgreens to french pharmacies to Neergaards in brooklyn, which had a window display w a gremlin action figure in a thong bikini)

Our store is very “clique-y” like pretty much if you’re not part of the “clique” (which includes our assistant manager), you feel like an outsider and it’s a lot of fun because like we’re all such good friends but then it really sucks for the people who aren’t included. I feel so bad, I feel like I’m in the middle because I am included in everything and somehow I am part of the clique (I’m not an outgoing person or make friends easily so I don’t know how I ended up being friends with these amazing people) But then I always make friends with the outsiders too so yeah I kinda hear both sides of the story and it’s interesting but also kind of awkward like someone in our tight-knit group of friends will complain for an hour about one of the outsiders and I’m sitting here thinking like yes some of those points are valid but also I like her so she’s not that bad, and then an outsider will complain to me about how bitchy one of my friends are and it’s like woah ok yeah I can see it from your point of view but that is my friend you are talking about