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Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation!  In September, I got my first studio job and moved across the country, so since then my life has been insanely busy!  Things are finally starting to settle down enough that I have time to finish the personal work I start, so expect to see more from me from here on, and thanks to everyone who stuck with me!  You guys are awesome.

Now let’s talk about Dwarf women.  Recently I decided to take on the task of designing dwarf women who didn’t just feel like little humans, who could be considered attractive, and who also have beards-  because Dwarf women really really should have beards, even if it’s just a little.  Over the course of designing them I considered that probably the main reason Dwarf women are so rarely portrayed with beards is that in our society, beards are a sign of masculinity and being women, they are often still drawn to appeal to our society’s sensibilities.  But Dwarves in fantasy are an entirely separate race from humans with their own styles and sensibilities and saying that their females shouldn’t have beards because it doesn’t appeal to humans is kind of like saying a bird shouldn’t have a beak because it doesn’t appeal to cats.  That all led me down the rabbit hole of thinking about what would likely actually be considered attractive in a Dwarven society– well-maintained beards; Solid, muscled bodies; dainty hands suited to detailed crafting, etc.-  all in all, it was a pretty fun and challenging project!

BTS (Suga, Jimin, V) Reaction to You Having an Anxiety Due To a Fight With Them

I know that everyone gets anxiety attacks from different things. These are sort of written in the way that I get them, which is usually from stress due to over-thinking situations or thinking that someone hates me or that they are mad at me for no reason. I hope that makes sense. If any of you deal with anxiety or panic attacks, and you want to talk about it, feel free to shoot me a message on this blog or through my personal blog @kittykatr . Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

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-Admin Kat

Suga: It was rare that the two of you would fight. He would usually simply let things roll off his back, not wanting to hold on to grudges and understanding that everyone had their own opinion on situations. However, if you managed to catch him on a stressful day, he may accidentally blow up at you. That was exactly what happened today. You came over, expecting to find him asleep while you cleaned, but instead he was busy working on his music in his room.

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“Hey, do you mind not vacuuming at this moment. Damn it, you are always finding a new way to distract me,” he yelled at you as he stuck his head out of his room. You stared at him in confusion, not really sure what had warranted him yelling at you. You assumed he would apologize when he realized what he said, but when he just turned away and slammed the door, your mind began to race with ideas of what you could have done to make him that angry at you.

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As you thought about it, your heart began to race, and your mind swarm a bit. You felt dizzy as you worried about having messed something up with Yoongi. You took a seat on the floor, trying to reassure yourself that you hadn’t done anything, when he came out. He looked as though he was ready to punch a wall at any moment, but when he saw you on the floor, tears peppering the corners of your eyes, his expression softened to concern. “Whoa, jagi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you this much. I just… I’m just frustrated with my music. I’m so sorry,” he quickly apologized as he pulled you into his arms, helping you to relax as he continuously reassured you that you had done nothing.

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Jimin: “Jimin, you should be eating more. You don’t look well,” you tried to tell your boyfriend as the two of you sat in your apartment and tried to figure out something for dinner. Jimin had turned down everything that you brought up, telling you that he had to lose weight and work out more instead of eating. This was a topic that usually led to the two of you arguing, but this time, you were starting to get fed up with him putting his health at risk, and he seemed just as tired of the same old argument. “Listen, this is my body. Let me do with it as I want!” He blew up at you.

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You quickly got out of your seat, storming off to your room as you started to feel your blood boil. Once you were in your room, you started pacing the floor. Let me do with it as I want. Let me just pass out for all I care. Who cares if you hate seeing me in pain? You thought to yourself, getting angrier and angrier as you continued the fight in your head. Your heart was racing faster, really making your anxiety build. While you were pacing, Jimin managed to calm himself down in the other room. He slowly made his way to your room, wanting to apologize for having blown up at you like that.

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“Hey, jagi, are you okay? I’m sorry I yelled at you, I know you are just looking out for me,” he apologized as he opened the door to your room. You were on the edge of the bed, hugging yourself tightly as you tried to calm yourself down. He stared at you in confusion for a moment before he noticed how shallow your breathing was. He came over, kneeling in front of you and reaching out to place his hands on your shoulders. “Okay, just take a deep breath and hold it for a moment, then let it go. Everything will be okay. I didn’t mean to do this,” he whispered as he helped you through your anxiety attack.

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V: You knew you shouldn’t have blamed him for having to do the photo shoot with Rose from BlackPink, but you couldn’t help but feel jealous as you saw how close he was getting with the new group. The two of you never fought, unless it was play fighting, but you couldn’t hold yourself back as you made sly comments under your breath in passing. “Hey, if you can’t trust me, then maybe we shouldn’t be together,” Taehyung finally said as he grew tired of the comments you were making. Your eyes widened, you had never seen him that pissed.

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“Are you breaking up with me?” You asked, half in anger and half regret. Taehyung nodded his head, turning away from you in annoyance. You felt as though your heart stopped in your chest. You knew that you had made a mistake and should have apologized right away, but as the weight of the consequence hit you, you found it harder and harder to actually form words. Your body was filling with jittery energy; as though you could run a mile, but also couldn’t move.

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It took a moment for him to realize that the two of you had both over-reacted about the whole thing. He turned towards you, finding you a sobbing mess on the floor of your room. He hesitated for a moment, not really sure what to do, but decided to sit next to you, placing his hand on your back and holding you against him as he waited for you to relax a bit. “How about we talk about this? Why do you feel jealous about the photoshoot? Talk to me about it,” he urged you as you finally managed to stop crying.

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if we’re talking about pink bias I want to say pink bias is never as obvious or annoying to me as red bias. it feels to me like for better or for worse pinks rarely have a concrete goal beyond “I want to beat the bad guys/make everyone happy” but reds do usually have a specific thing they work towards which is sometimes part of the main plot. you also see plenty of villains with a personal vendetta against red but rarely against pink. idk how to explain this exactly. it’s like, with red bias it’s red’s personal issues overwhelming the narrative AND he gets all the powerups. with pink bias it’s like, she helps other people too much and she gets all the powerups. in precure I think girls other than pink often have more satisfying story arcs than she does but I can’t say that’s true for the majority of non-red rangers

These nightmares come tracing back into my mind whenever I look at these pictures of you. How these pictures make me feel like the monster that I truly am. How I can hurt something so beautiful and perfect.

You always told me how you were so jealous of the way I used words in such a poetic fashion. Even in our regular conversations. And I told you that sometimes I just couldn’t help myself but talk to you in such a flowery manner because that’s how I express my love for you.

I also told you that I really try my best to abstain from using flowery words because I don’t want to sound like a very sweet and cheesy guy. And I also told you how being a poetic guy makes me feel a little feminine sometimes. Because sometimes I just want to be the kind of man who rarely cries. The kind of man who does not obsess on his own emotions too much. The kind of man who does the manly things.

Like marrying a beautiful girl like you and starting a family with you and providing for you and our children with happy things. And that’s my definition of what a real man is. A selfless provider to the family that he loves. And that’s the kind of man that I want to be someday. Or maybe in another life…. 

I’m just a poetic, melancholic boy stuck here in neverland. Never growing old to become the man that I want to be because I have so many emotional issues. And I’m just sick of the person I was yesterday to have the courage to get out of this place filled with poetry, beauty, and magic. Because in here, I’m just stuck in the middle of madness and sadness. A childish place where I will always fall in love with you.

And looking at these pictures of you I yearn to have you again. Even just as a friend. Or even just as a stranger for forever.

Anything to keep me away from feeling both happy and empty every time I look at these pictures of you. Because feeling this way makes me feel crazier than I already am. Because I know that what I am feeling isn’t real. Because I know that these smiling pictures of you aren’t real anymore because I hurt you so bad. And I am so sorry.

I just want us to care for each other again. Here in neverland. Even with the absence of romantic love.

I just want to look at these smiling pictures of you and know that what I am feeling is real.

—  Currently Listening To: Pictures Of You by The Cure 
I Love You, You Idiot


Imagine Sam overhearing you and Dean talk about your feeling for Sam but gets the wrong idea and becomes jealous. 

P.S. I’m sorry but I just really felt the need to steal from Gilmore Girls

*Note: Just so you guys no I am not taking any requests. I literally never have time to write imagines except on rare occasions like these. I’d hate to get requests and keep people waiting for such a long time. So all the imagines I write are ideas I come up with on my own. Thanks for understanding! :)

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“I probably could’ve used the money from this statue for making the city bigger than 100 people but I’m a huge egomaniac. That’s how democracy works everyone!”


I’m sorry I dissed you Mr Mayor, you’re still pretty cool.

This really does feel like a gag out of Looney Tunes.

This guy is really starting to get on my good side, it’s rare to see a politician character who’s not a total asshole.

i have a really harsh saturn. he is in the most elevated position in my chart, in 9th house aquarius, its home sign. the only aspects made in my whole chart (3) contact saturn via opposition. so he opposes leo, the place where people feel good about themselves. i don’t talk my chart much on here because this blog is about you guys. but i want to say thank you so much for everyone that has written to me messages of appreciation and love over the past 4 years. i always feel like my writing and my astrology is inadequate. saturn rarely tells me any of this is good. if you understand saturn in aquarius 9th house singularly, you can see how this would happen. i constantly feel like i am presenting astrology that is unsatisfactory, and saturn tells me so. one day, i hope i will please him. i will probably be 99. but i want to say that the messages of support i receive from you guys helps me continue to write and gives me the sort of validation i need to keep going and try to listen harder to the cosmos so i can share more with you. i can really feel your love, and i hope you can feel mine and scarlett’s. thank you so much. you’re the reason i write
-cherry <3