I expect a second season once the manga finishes


The summons for Eren Jaegar and the Recon Corps were suspended indefinitely. The custody of Annie Leonhardt was granted to the Recon Corps, who kept her deep underground. However, it would still take much sacrifice and time before humanity learned what it was that held them captive…

Well, i think it’s time to be honest, i didn’t liked Nisekoi since i started the anime, i always said “If i’m going to watch Nisekoi, i’m going to watch it just because the brunnete girl looks perfect” (Kosaki), I started the anime, didn’t enjoy it, not even a bit. While i was watching it, i noticed that Kosaki was even MORE perfect than i thought. After finishing the first season, i readed that there will be another season of Nisekoi (SS), without expecting anything i followed the second season while it was airing, i loved the chapter 11 btw. When the second season ended, a friend showed me a manga picture of Kosaki and Shitrock-kun having a date in the mall, then i started reading the manga, just to see if Kosaki could be Happy for once after like 1000 times trying to confess her feelings… At the end Nisekoi was the tipycal Tsundere ship shitty Harem anime like any other… Even now i hate Nisekoi, and i don’t think it’s worth watching.