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CONGRATS ON 3K !!!! I absolutly loooove your blog and I would like more spoiled Levi :3

Levi sitting in meetings, important meetings, with higher ups around and just randomly comments, “I`m kinda hungry.” Immediately the doors burst open with Eren carrying a tray of snacks, setting it down in front of him, then leaving without a word.

Levi keeping Eren all to himself even when he has experiments to run with Hanji or training to do, because Eren said he was his so that meant he had to listen to him and if he demanded cuddles he would have his fucking cuddles.

Erwin: Levi, you need to get this work done tonight.

Levi: Why should I? This is all your stuff.

Erwin: Because I`m the Commander. So I`m in charge.

Levi: Oh yeah?

Erwin: Indeed.

Levi: Oh Ere-

Erwin: Nope, nope, nope. Forget it, I`ll do it myself.

Levi: Thought so.

[160926] winnercity ig update:

SY: In celebration of Kim Jinwoo’s birthday… Even though his birthday has technically passed, since we failed to prepare a cake yesterday, we are a group who takes care of him like this. Alright then… we will go inside. Please open the door!
~Happy birthday to you~
SY&JW: ~Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kim Jinwoo, happy birthday to you~
JW: I love you~
SY: It’s a success! It’s a success! (in Japanese)
JW: Thank you~
SY: Please say something~!
JW: Thank you~

[Cutie right now] When TEAM WINNER heard that Big Hyung (Kim Beautiful/26) arrived at the recording studio to celebrate his birthday, we contacted the Leader with the small cake we prepared. But we’re just imagining that part when it feels like his back is saying, “That’s my cake. I waited for it, come on in 🤗 ” before the door even opened, right? #It_feels_like_he_smiled_but_anyways, we cheer on Hyung and Leader for working so hard even on a birthday!🎂 #HBD #JINWOO #Young_Master #Teacher #Blessing_of_September #Actually,_Hyung_is_8_years_old #His_birthday_is_2_days_long_because_he_is_an_angel,_right?
#Filmed_by_Leader #Narrated_by_Leader
#I_think_the_surprise_event_wasn’t_a_surprise #He_turned_off_the_lights_himself

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these days (i can’t take too much) - part eight

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader used to be a villain; a stone cold killer. But she doesn’t do that anymore. Helping the Avengers stop her old boss once and for all leads to a lot more than she bargained for, especially when it comes to Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: abuse, violence, language, torture, angst, death

A/N: there are some pretty graphic descriptions of torture/violence in this so pls read the warnings before you continue! let me know what you think/what you want to happen next? i’m open to suggestions ;)

masterlist - catch up on previous parts here

You are not well received when you arrive back at Avengers Tower. In fact, you don’t even get to walk through the doors before you’re being arrested right out of Bucky’s hands.

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Last on out of Altea City


  • I’m Making them all College students and everyone in here under 21. underage drinking yes naturally.
  • Shiro is a housebound smart hot nerd that does not go out much and had rich parents.
  • Lance is Lance
  • Hunk isn’t in  his right mind with the advice he give Shiro and shows Hunks wild side he’ll regret later on after think about it.

no more spoilers Read

You can also read it on my AO3 but I cant get the Images at the end in there so..

Shiro banged his head on the steering wheel.  How did I get myself into this? My parents are going to kill me if they ever find out!  Shiro groaned loudly, looking out the back of his parents’ very expensive, foreign, custom-made car. If his father ever found out that he’d been driving it while they were away, he wouldn’t even have a funeral. The back door opened and Lance hopped in, plopping a bag down next to him. Hunk go into the front seat and handed Lance his own bag.

“Now off to Wall-Mart! We need to grab some snacks for the drive,” Lance said as he made himself comfortable in his seat.

“We need to get Green Goop! That ice cream is the best. Stupid name, but it’s to die for,” Hunk added as Shiro started the car.

“How long is this thing again? My parents may be out of town, but I want this car back in the garage no later than 2 AM!”

Shiro’s tone was serious. He was already very nervous about taking the car; he had never done anything this reckless before. The possibility of getting in big trouble was scaring the crap out him.

“Got it, Shiro.” Lance said from the back of the car, tapping away at his phone.

Hunk was looking out of the window at the stars. It was early October, almost 7:00 on a Friday night, but it was still warm enough go without a jacket if you weren’t too sensitive to the cold. This was what Lance and Hunk had said when they begged him to use his dad’s car, and to come alone in the first place.

They all lived in a college town; Shiro’s parents liked being close so that he could still live with them. He spent most of his spare time at home (at his parents’ insistence), except when he was studying at the library. Shiro didn’t mind it, but he also would not mind getting out more and having some fun: that was probably the only reason he gave into Lance and Hunk’s begging. It didn’t hurt that Lance had been ready to kiss his feet to get Shiro to agree, either.

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Gabriel hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor in what felt like hours. He heard the door creak open & then shut softly as a tall figured sunk down beside him. They’re gathering evidence now. The forensics team will probably be here all night combing every inch of this camp & the challenge lot behind us. But he’s gone. They took him away in handcuffs. Detective Lewis said he confessed to all of them, even admitting that Honey & Kylo didn’t leave on their own. I hate to ask but are.. are you going to be okay?

I don’t know, Gabriel breathed, barely loud enough to hear. This is all my fault.

It’s not. Nobody blames you, Gabe, the blond assured him, pulling him in closer as Gabriel rested his head on his shoulder. 

I’m so glad that you’re okay, Keeno. I don’t know what I would do if you.. if..

Shhh, he soothed the man softly, kissing him on the top of his head. I’m fine. I’m right here & I’m not going anywhere. I promise.

Shawn Mendes Imagine “Mercy”

You stand in front of his door,nervously waiting for Shawn to open it. 
Earlier that day he texted you, asking you to come by for “that talk” because a couple of weeks ago the two of you shared a kiss.

The door opens and there he is, looking like a freaking god!
Shawn leans in for a hug and quietly says “Good to see you.” 
As he steps away he holds the door open for you to walk in. 

You two sit down on his sofa and just stare at each other. 
“Can you finally say something? Please?” you ask desperately. The vibe you were getting from him was weird. You couldn’t define it. Was he sad? Was he angry?

“I just..I can’t deal with this.” Shawn didn’t even look at you. 
“Deal with what?” You acted a little clueless, you wanted to hear him say what the issue was. 

“You kissed me, Y/N.” He suddenly turned his face and looked directly into your eyes but it was still hard to read him. 
“You kissed me and totally left me in the dark after that.”
“But Shawn,” You wanted to explain but his usual calm ways were gone. Shawn was pissed. Dear lord!

“No.This is your time to listen. Listen to what you’ve done to me.” Even though he was mad he took your hand and placed his fingers between yours. 

“You went from being my best friend to someone I fell for and now you’re someone I don’t even talk to anymore? Do you know how that feels, Y/N?”

“It wasn’t easy for me, Shawn.” You softly touched his cheek, trying to calm him down but he grabbed your hand.

“It wasn’t easy for you? You made me feel as if I was drowning. Drowning in all these emotions, drowning in all the love I had to give.. give to you.” he didn’t even seem mad anymore, it was more sadness than anything else. 

“Please, Y/N. I’m not asking for a lot. Just be honest with me. If that’s all it was to you, a kiss, that’s fine but have a little mercy on my heart and at least let me know. I fell for you. I fell hard.” He looked at you with unintentional puppy eyes.
You were fed up. He kept on ranting, but you had to get something off of your chest as well.  

“Shawn, that’s enough now. Please let me explain!” You exhaled heavily.
“I didn’t text back because I was afraid.”

Shawn rolled his eyes. “Afraid of what?” his tone changed, he had it with you. 
“Afraid you didn’t like me like that. I love you Shawn. It’s been like that since day one.” It was relieving to finally say it out loud. You’ve kept it in for so long, it was driving you crazy.

He was shocked, his eyes widened as he understood the words that came out of your mouth.
“I didn’t drive to your apartment all these nights just to see you for nothing.” Shawn giggled a little, trying to stay casual.
All the tension was gone, it was like old times when the two of you were sitting in your room all quiet because Shawn snug in and your parents were sleeping. 

“Just say you love me too.” You laughed, slightly punching his arm. 

Shawn looked at your lips as you were still smiling. He grabbed your face and placed his lips on yours. 
“I love you too, Y/N.” he whispered against your lips.
“I always will.”


“What are you doing out here?” I’d heard the door. I didn’t have to open my eyes to know it was her. I was laying on my back on the front walk, letting the cold from the stones seep through my flannel shirt and my skin and my subcutaneous fat, and settle in the space in my chest.

Moping, I didn’t answer. Sinking into the earth, and failing even at that. “Thinking.”

“It’s cold.”

“It is?” It was an honest question; I hadn’t really felt it. Autumn was coming on slow, but it was coming.

I felt tiny hands on face. “Wake up, Daddy. Bye, Daddy.”

“Bye?” I opened my eyes and my daughter was right there, bent over my face and giggling.

“She wanted to go to the park,” my spouse explained. “I thought maybe you could get some writing done.”

I sat up like a glacier retreating. “Thanks.”

“Do you have something to work on?”

“I’m open to suggestion,” I sighed more than answered, and she gave me a peck on the cheek.

“You’ll think of something,” she insisted, confident. “Remember the conversation we had earlier?” Then she and the baby were gone, and the house rang with her silence.

I turned the earlier conversation over in my head and wondered what I had to add. Sure enough, my thoughts sorted themselves like salt through a shaker and I hurriedly began to type.

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Like an emperor survey over his empire from days of old The Dark Lord stood inside the shadows looking out into the night beyond his imposing keep outside the massive bay window. The light had died from the day and he did not stir to light the room he occupied. Much to lost in thought was he. It wasn’t until the double doors open by his evening staff did the picture still figure move.

Alecto bow in her overly showy robes of maroon and accordion pleats. Lighting the room for him to show off the tasteful but stern looking design of the room. Here and there among the room hung banners of the Dark Mark and symbols of his still young kingdom. Soon to be emperor with the fortune of crumbling country’s around them.

Beckoning the guest Alecto was showing in to follow her lead. She announce Delphini to him and with another bow shut the door for the two to speak in private.

Clearing his mind of his many thoughts he turn to glance at the young woman. The golden glow of over head lights and the mute glow of orbs spotted around the room gave off his otherworldly pallor in a stark contrast to his more charming color guest.

He glance her over from head to toe, “Your photographs do you no justice, you are far more becoming in person. Fair face, good build, and from what I am told by your mother a talent for magic. She speaks highly of you. As young as you are still she says you are wise enough for knowledge and skilled enough to handle danger. Do you agree with her?”


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hiiii!!! thank you for opening he requests again! i would liek to request one with the quiett. an angst story please!

The Quiett (Illionaire Records): Angst Scenario

The Closed Door

“There’s something I need to get off my chest.” He says but you already know what it is. You know because you continued to let it happen, afraid of losing him. The first time it happened, you didn’t need to see it to know. You had come home from a night of working late at the office and upon entering your apartment, you say that your bedroom door was closed. The things was that you never closed your bedroom door, even Dong-Gab knew about your fear of enclosed spaces and he had grown accustomed to leaving the door open. But that night when you came home, it was closed.

           You remembered stalking up to the door slowly, staring at it as if trying to burn holes in it to see through. The handle was cold under your touch and your knuckles turned white upon struggling to turn the knob. But you never turned it, too scared to know what was happening on the other side. You had stood there long enough to hear them laughing quietly and whispering as they were not only keeping the secret from you but from your neighbors as well.

“We have reservations.” You say with your back to him, pretending you didn’t hear what he had just said, “We’re going to be late.” All you had to do was keep avoiding it, dodging every attempt he made, much like how you hid on your balcony that night once they finished and she had to leave before the girlfriend came home. It was easier to avoid it, pretend like it wasn’t happening.

“_____.” His voice is calm but stern, “We need to talk.”

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Eleven Eleven, Eternity and Raspberry Champagne.

I usually don’t write stories like that, or write at all for the matter of fact, but I watched Empire and the thing with Hakeem and Tiana after his wedding got ruined and taken over inspired me and my friends told me to post this. / This is about 2,5K words as a small warning.

10:05PM– 35 missed calls, 106 unread messages and the door to my apartment wide open, the spare key lying on my door mat.

I knew this day wasn’t going to be easy, yet it still ended up being even harder than I could have ever imagined. 

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“Visit Chrome, she’s a medium for the witch. Might as well sell coats on the side for the amount of fools that ask her information on the subject. If you bring her treats for her cats she’ll most likely give you at least decent information.”

So Reborn had said, but the house was certainly small. And on the edge of town where the grounds were swarming with felines of all diversities. Hibari made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat.

He wasn’t bothered by preparation, it was the amount of limited information and the fact some had to be withheld. None of the other folk knew much of the entity for the matter of fact.

But it was terrible by the way their faces blanched.

Confidently Kyoya knocked on the worn door, watching as it creaked open a bit. One violet eye peering through to stare at him hazily. “Who are you?”

The voice was quiet, almost afraid. Was this even the correct cottage?

“I’ve come for information, herbivore.” Straight to the point, dangling a package of treats for the many cats where she could see.

There was a pause. A small hand carefully pulling the door open, it lacked a pinkie but nothing was said on it. Instead he waited for her to slowly open the door.

She shakily took the package with her other hand, it had a full set of fingers. When the light hit her face it was revealed how very young she was, he had expected at the very least a woman in her mid-thirties, this child couldn’t possibly even be eighteen yet.

And yet as she gazed at him with one violet eye, the other covered by an eyepatch of an imprinted skull, she seemed to give off an air of secrets.

This might be worth something. “You may come in.” Says she. “Settle yourself over there, on the sofa.”

The ‘sofa’ was a single cushion stacked with piles upon piles of pillows, Kyoya stood as of it was too uncomfortable to settle there. The place smelt of must, he wrinkled his nose at the unsightly cobwebs in the corners.

She returned minutes later, three cats trailing her. Looking as if she’d never eaten a bite of food in all her life.

“So you would like to know,” She said, sitting down on a stray cushion. “About the witch, the one on the North mountain. What specifically do you desire to learn?”

“Anything worth knowing.” He replies, crossing his arms over his chest.

She blinks, then smiles. “Visitation comes with a cost you know. If you are to travel there, although it is hospitable at first, if you bear no gifts upon arrival your blood will spill the second you reach so far.”

“Wao. Without a contract first, wouldn’t the entity be desperate for such?”

Chrome frowns. “Our desperation is not the same as yours, he is by no means desperate for anything. It is those that are desperate for his power that form a contract. He humors them.”

Kyoya raises his brow at this. Herbivores were weak but to willingly seek out danger and form a pact with it at their own expense, was sickening.

“Desperation, greed, fear, many other combining factors contribute to actively seeking out a contract. Most don’t realize you need to offer an equal standing sacrifice of your own in order to succeed the contract. Souls are often offered, as are memories. Valuable things to the human soul.”

“And so, what did you offer?” Kyoya spoke, surprising her at such a question. No one often asked, they valued their lives too much.

“My right eye, my pinkie finger of the left hand and my body to be inhabited as a vessel.” There was no hesitation in her voice. “As a little girl it was all I had to give.”

“Was it an equal exchange?” It interests him a bit.

“Very much so. I get to keep my soul, and until the time of the contract ends, these replacement organs will continue to keep my body alive. Had the situation been different I would rather have died, but you see it wasn’t different. And that is the price of survival.”

She glances up at him in slight confusion.

“What is it you desire? Is it riches? Or perhaps recognition? For whatever reason I don’t believe it to be the wish to be loved.”

Kyoya eyes her as if she were joking, or perhaps she is earnestly attempting to irritate him. He answers anyhow.

“An equal opponent is all I desire, someone whom I can best with a higher difficulty level.”

She frowns. “To urge a fight as your reason isn’t a wise decision. You might never return, there are various ways there would be implemented torture on your very being. Becoming broken for a mere battle would be foolhardy.”

Kyoya scoffs. “I will never be broken, nor bend to the wills of anyone else.”

She suddenly smiles, teeth a bit yellowed. “That is a good thing. I’ll make you a deal, if you are able to find me the bones of a dead man, that have not already been buried in the name of Christ, and bring them here. I will give you the instructions you will need in order to find him.”

An odd request but nothing unordinary of a witch medium. As much as Kyoya detests being at the hands of another he craves a fight. A satisfactory one. And the task itself is not daunting.

“I agree.”

She seems satisfied with that answer, Kissing her palm she walks to the front of him and before a word can be said presses the palm against his cheek. It is cold.

“We have a deal then.”

when cole stepped away from the party to go to the bathroom, he didn’t expect to find one of the most popular girls at school sitting inside the empty bathtub, crying. his initial reaction would be to apologize and exit, but he was tipsy, and curious, and she looked like she needed a friend, so he shut the door behind him and started talking.   little miss perfect, cryin’? i never thought i’d see the day. what’s got you down, princess?

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How would nct react to their gf who love to watch horror movie&playing horror game but their gf is easily getting scared? Sorry for my bad engrisheu...

Thank you for requesting! And your english is perfectly fine bby!

TAEYONG: To not make a fool of yourself, you decided to agree to watch a horror movie, even thought it scared the crap out of you. You got to the part where the girl opens the door and you immediately scream and cuddle into Taeyong’s arms. You hide under the blanket the both of you are sharing and he laughs at you. He pats your hair and calms you down and kisses your forehead.

JAEHYUN: “I don”t want to watch a horror movie.” “You gotta.” As you two sat on the couch with the popcorn in your hand, you slowly got closer and closer to Jaehyun as the movie progressed. You were scared out of your mind and wanted to leave. Soon enough, you were clinging onto Jaehyun’s arm. The girl in the movie screamed and so did you. You ran out of the room and went to your bedroom to hide. Jaehyun apologized to you as he hugged you.

DOYOUNG: To act tough, you asked Doyoung to watch a horror movie with you. He knew you were scared easily but agreed since you really wanted to watch it. He purposely sat close to you to protect you when you got scared and you were glad he was. Everytime a scary part happened, your hand got tighter around his hand, and he sat closer to you. Once the movie ended you couldn’t fall asleep. “Doyoung, I’m scared.” “It’s ok I’m here, I won’t fall asleep until I make sure you do.” (a/n ;; honestly doyoung would be the sweetest bf ever.)

TAEIL: He had no clue you were scared of horror movies, but you insisted of playing one. The whole time, he was staring at you and your scared expressions. You were getting extremely scared and he was too worried. He closed the TV as you looked at him curiously. He couldn’t stand seeing you all scared and hesitant while watching the movie. He pulled you into his arms and said, “I’m not letting you watch the movie, I don’t like seeing you scared, it breaks my hurt so much.”

MARK: He knew you were scared easily, but didn’t think that easily. You two were watching a horror movie and nothing was happening, yet you were clinging to Mark’s arm. He wanted to tease you about it until he saw the look on your face. You stared at the TV screen with a blank face extremely scared and still. He decided to slowly cover your eyes whenever scary parts came and watched a funny movie after to calm you down.

I hope you like it!

I genuinely just want everyone I’ve ever met to be happy. Even the people who didn’t hold the door open for me, and the friends who talked about me behind my back, and the drivers who cut me off. I don’t understand how you could live your life wishing anything but happiness for the people around you. Even the shitty people.

I’m not sure if anyone’s going to read this pretty long and possibly boring post, but as a person who lives in a country that faces terrorism every single day (Turkey), i have things to say.

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I remember my childhood, which was not so long ago. I remember that my school had this trip to a book fair. You know, a place you can buy cheap books and stuff. I remember my mom not letting me go there because of some bombings that happened in Istanbul a week or so ago. I wasn’t allowed to go out without my mom, except for school, for months. I remember not understanding what’s happening, and i remember crying.

Now i study in Ankara, the capital. You may remember, some bombings happened in Ankara in the last few months. Just a few months ago i was about to leave my dorm room for a walk. I really like walking in evenings. As i opened the door of my room, i heard a terrible noise. The first thing i thought was, “Oh, is it raining!? Come on, please don’t be a thunder!”. I went back to the window, and saw that it was not a thunder at all. I was confused. Then my mom called. She was terrified. She was crying on the phone. I kept asking her what was the matter but she kept crying. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then she stopped and said, “I’m so glad that you’re safe.”. When we hung up, i was devastated. Nope, it wasn’t a thunder. It was a bomb. I now wish that what i heard that very evening WAS a thunder.

I remember calling and being called by friends to make sure each of us are okay. I remember foreign friends sending messages, asking if i’m safe. 

If you haven’t been through this, you may not understand how hard it is to go through all of this. And now imagine. This is just me. Imagine the terror millions of people faced on those damned days. All over the world. Imagine the pain, the fear, the tears and the losses. Stop for a while and think about all the innocent lifes that has been lost to us. 

This has been happening here for so long. This has been happening all over the world for so long. Now i see posts like “Pray for Nice!”, “Pray for France!”, “Pray for Istanbul!”, “Pray for XXX!” But it doesn’t work that way, you know. No matter if you have or don’t have a religious belief, deep down inside, you know that it doesn’t work that way. Don’t just sit there and pray for people. You know that terrorism is a plague that can not be cured with prayers, even if the prayers come from the purest of hearts. 

Now i know, i know that we can not make this plague vanish overnight, but we can fight it. We can fight it until the very end. 

We can fight it with education. 

We can fight it with equality. 

We can fight it, and we CAN defeat it. 

So, no matter what cultural background you have and your ethnicity, don’t teach your future children to stay away from people who are different then themselves. Teach them to accept everyone as they are, and to love everyone as they are.

Don’t teach them to just sit and pray. Teach them to act.

Teach them to care.

Teach them to help.

Teach them to love, not hate.

Teach them to make this world a better place. 


I knew it! I knew it! Nintendo Power was what had planted the idea of playing 999 into my brain! I only got around to playing it early 2015, but a May 2011 article and probably a few before and after that were what got the game known to me. Goodness, I can’t believe I found this. I sadly didn’t keep all of my old Nintendo Powers, so I was very excited to see this.