I even open the door for you

Are you ever sorry?“ He asked.

"For loving you?” She smiled and shook her head. “No. There are so many things to be sorry for, but loving you isn’t one of them.”

For some reason, that answer made him even more restless.

“What are the things you’re sorry about, then?” He asked after a while.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t quite right for you. That you weren’t quite right for me. That the timing wasn’t quite right for us. We were never lacking in love. It wasn’t ever a question of whether we loved each other enough or not, because if love could fill a whole room - ours would have needed more space. It would have burst out of the windows and banged open doors.” She stopped, and smiled such a sad smile it broke his heart all over again.

“You know I loved you so much.” He whispered.

She reached out to squeeze his hand and said, “I know, darling. I know. But even the greatest of loves cannot withstand the wars of this world. And no matter how much we loved each other, it wasn’t a war we were supposed to win.

—  we were beautiful but we weren’t quite right // Genefe Navilon
Christmas Prompt #1 - Stiles Stilinski

Requested by @thejulietfarciertlove

Paring: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word count: 402

5. “No, no no, get away from those presents!”
6. “Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.”
7. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!”

Finally, you thought to yourself. It’s been a hectic day with shopping, wrapping presents and decorating at home. You had invited the pack over for a small Christmas-gift-exchange-evening tomorrow and the only thing ahead of you were a good night sleep.

You woke up by a loud thump from the room next to where you sleep. The rumbling sound of someone walking around made you sit up in your bed.

The sounds seemed to stop when you sat up and climb out from your bed. You peeked to the slight open door towards the living room. You looked around to see Stiles kneeling down in front of the Christmas tree.

You saw how he was fidgeting with his fingers and then rumbling around the presents while mumbling, ”Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.” while tossing presents away from the tree.

The light giggle from you made him turn around. He flinched when he saw you standing by the door frame. ”Heh-hey!” he stuttered while waving awkwardly. You crossed your arms over your chest while approaching him.

”So, you’re the little burglar running around while I’m sleeping?” you asked and he stood up. ”I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so excited for tomorrow. I wanted to-” he starts. ”How the hell did you get in?” you interrupted him with a frown.

Before you could panic he fished out a set of keys and dangled them in front of you. ”I made a copy.” he admitted and you rolled your eyes at him. ”Well of course you did.” you gazed around the room and saw a big gym bag just by the tree, overly filled with presents.

”What’s this?” you asked with a smug and reached for the bag. Stiles eyes went big as he slapped away your hand and took the bag in a tight hold against his chest. ”No, no no get away from those presents!” he exclaims.

”Why are there so many?” you ask and he shyly scratch his head. ”Well, ehm..” he starts. ”I didn’t know what to get you…” he admits and you immediately starts to giggle.

”That’s so sweet! But I’ve got something to admit for you.” you said as you snaked your arms around his neck. ”Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!” earning a dorky smile from Stiles before he leaned down to catch your lips in a soft kiss.

Thank you for reading! ♥
Credit to gif owner.

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A cute little Christmas/holiday blurb idea I always daydream about is getting a tree/decorating and making festive cookies with Niall and just all around fluffy boyfriend :))

Here are other Christmas Themed Stories

You come home to the smell of burnt cookies. You wiggle your nose and look around. The air looked a bit smokey, “Ni?” You ask out in a giggle. 

“In here!” He calls out from the kitchen. You wander in and can’t help the laugh. The windows and door were open, the fan over the stove was on, he was scrubbing at these black charred circles on the pan. “Heyy baby.” He says sheepishly. “I was gonna surprise you with cookie decorating for the evening. But, well. I burnt the living shit out of the bastards.” He chuckles, flushed. 

You nod a bit, “I can see that.” You laugh a bit and come over to give him a kiss. “Let’s try this again? Together?” 

“Yeahh. That would be nice.” He nods and glances at the pan. “This thing is ruined. We need to toss it.” All you can do is agree and pull out the ingredients for a fresh batch of sugar cookies. 

You watch with a grin as Niall pulls out the unburnt cookies. “Baby they’re golden.” He says and puts the pan on the oven. 

“Just like you.” You nod and start to take the cookies off the pan to the cooling tray. “We just need to let them cool and we can decorate them!” 

“Y/N, this is the best cookie.” He pulls out the smaller pan and smirks at you. He had insisted that he needed to make a dick shaped cookie and of course you had to allow it. 

After you set all of the cookies to cool, you make the two of you hot chocolate. He puts all of the marshmallows into the mug. It was basically over flowing with ‘mallows. 

The two of you sit in front of the fire and sip on the cocoa, munching on marshmallows. 

After a bit, you two wander back to the kitchen and frost the cookies, putting various sprinkles on them. After a bit, Niall puts a dab of frosting on your nose, giggling a bit. 

You swat his hand away, “No! Stop.” You pout and wipe it off and lick your finger. He puts his frosting fingered to your lips. You shake your head but suck on his finger, cleaning it. 

He watches you carefully and pushes his second finger into your mouth. You suck on them, keeping your eyes on his. A low sound comes from him. “Love in front of the fire place?” He asks and wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you towards the living room again. 

You smile and lay on the couch. He comes over and lowers himself gently over you. “Yes.” You whisper, leaning in to give him a long kiss. 

“Love you.” He whispers as he starts to unbutton your blouse. 

“And I love you.” You whisper back, laying back, eyes closing. 

♕ ┊ ❝ — MARGAERY.

[ text: maedhros  →  sent ] oh
[ text: maedhros  →  sent ] come over?
[ text: maedhros  →  sent ] I don’t care if these were an accident
[ text: maedhros  →  sent ] I’ll leave my window open

[ text: sweet rose → delivered. ] oh crap.
[ [ text: sweet rose → delivered. ] oh??? I won’t even think two times then.

[ text: sweet rose → delivered. ] Why the window? Why can’t I just barge into the door like a normal person, grab and kiss you and take you to the bed… Sounds better, if you ask me.

( @rosereigned. )

You know what’s really great about the Pearl scene where she says ‘everything should grow and everything should change and isn’t it so great how it comes so naturally to humans? Well it’s not natural for us; it’s not natural for me’ and then just starts crying?

Pearl’s the Gem who’s changed the most since Steven’s been around. Aside from Steven she probably understands humans and human society better than any of the Gems. She’s the one they get to open the doors when a human comes knocking, she cooks (although I think Garnet helps), she does laundry, she hands out stickers as prizes, and does puzzles (honestly can you see 15-years-ago Pearl doing a puzzle? What’s the point?), even before Mr. Greg she tried to be friendly with Greg for Steven’s sake. She’s warm and caring and doesn’t recoil at being around other humans.

She’s changed so much for him. And that’s so sweet and beautiful because she didn’t think she could change at this moment.

But it’s also a little sad.

Because the Pearl crying in the backseat of Greg’s van is a skilled fighter who moves like water but wasn’t made to do either of those things. The Pearl in the back of Greg’s van has changed so much but she either doesn’t think she can change again, or has, in that moment of grief, forgotten how much she already has.

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hi!! can you perhaps do smth with mccree coming home to genji or hanzo (your pick!) and they love o n him a bunch? thank you!!!

rfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (lmao imma do both) THIS TURNED OUT WAY LONGER THAN I INTENDED its a ficlet aaaaaa


A long, drawn out mission had left the gunslinger on the brink of death. Not literal death mind you, but he was driven to the point of exhaustion. The only real thing he was looking forward to was climbing into his bed and hopefully slipping into a coma. He hadn’t even set his hand on the door to the apartment he and Genji shared when said man threw open the door and launched himself into McCree’s arms. The pair landed on the floor with a loud ‘oof’ and a mechanical chuckle. Jesse lifted himself onto his elbows and pressed his forehead against Genji’s visor. 

“Now darlin’, you mind telling me what has gotten into you?” Jesse smiled wide as he searched the green of his lover’s visor. The cyborg chuckled softly as he ran his hands through Jesse’s hair. 

“I missed you.” 

Jesse sighed softly and pressed a kiss to the top of his visor. “I missed you too darlin’, now what do you say we got up off this floor and make our way inside?” All Jesse could see was his boyfriend’s visor bobbing up and down above him. Taking that as a yes, Mcree let out a hearty chuckle and lifted himself off the floor, bringing Genji under his arm as they walked into the apartment. While Genji went in search of his favorite movie, Mcree went to go change in the bathroom. Donning on a red T-shirt and a pair of sweats, McCree made his way towards the couch that Genji was currently occupying. 

“Stand up darlin’” With a head tilt that McCree could only describe as confusion, Genji stood up and faced McCree. Jesse slid past him and sat down in the space the cyborg had previously occupied, and once seated, he tapped his hands on his lap. 

“C’mere” Genji made a happy noise from the back of his throat as he settled in to Jesse’s chest and set his legs atop McCree’s. The cowboy curled his arms around Genji and set his forehead on top of his visor. 

“Yeah sweetheart?” 

Genji smiled behind his visor and curled a hand into Jesse’s shirt. A blush dusted across his face, and for once he was glad for the visor. 

“I… would like to try something.” Genji sounded calm and collected, but he was anything but. 

“What is it?” McCree’s concern was evident from the way his hands came up to Genji’s shoulders, to him leaning forward, ready to offer support if needed.

Genji said nothing as he brought his hands to the back of his own neck, breathing in and out as he heard the face plates click. Another breath in and the visor came off, revealing his face. 


One breath out.

“Ah…” The cyborg looked away from McCree, ready to put the visor back on. However he was stopped by a metal hand clinging to his wrist. 

“Genji. Look at me.” Hesitant, he brought his gaze to Jesse’s shirt, his neck, the tips of his hair, and then finally up into his eyes. 

Slowly and carefully, Jesse traced the lines of Genji’s face. His forefinger traced the webs, the scars, the still healing skin. With every pass of his finger Genji continued to edge away from his touch. McCree simply applied a small amount of pressure to his chin to bring him back. “Genji you don’t have to be embarrassed, what is it that you wanted?”

Genji was surprised at the question. He thought McCree would ask how he ended up like this. How and why he looked like a monster. Instead he asked what he wanted, and for once Genji was speechless. Slowly, he straddled McCree’s hips and chuckled at the red that was crawling across the cowboy’s cheeks. One hand in his hair and the other cradling his cheek, the ninja shook his head. 

“Nothing.” And it was true. There wasn’t anything he wanted other than the blushing cowboy beneath him. Genji stopped his upcoming protest with a kiss. Chapped lips clashed against warm ones as the two battled for dominance. Before things could escalate however, McCree pulled back and met Genji’s gaze with a wide smile. 

“Well that certainly wasn’t nothing.” 

The cyborg shrugged and beamed at the cowboy, pressing their foreheads together.

“Thought it’d take your mind off the mission.”



Mission lost. 

“Hanzo are you there?” 

2 casualties.



Barely got out. 

There he was. On top of the cliff. Winds blowing, and the sounds of a skirmish dragging on behind him. 

“Jesse?” Hanzo searched the impassive face of the cowboy lying on the floor. Jesse had burst through the door practically screaming his name, then suddenly collapsed onto the floor. Hanzo, being as cool and collected as ever, had moved him onto the couch upright and draped a blanket onto his shoulders. With a last minute thought, he burrowed under the blanket and rested his head on McCree’s shoulder. This had happened before, and this time Hanzo knew he had to let Jesse ride it out. 


The dead cannot scream.

With a gasp, Jesse sputtered and blinked furiously, trying to get a read on his surroundings. He groaned and pressed the heel of his palm into his eye, not yet aware of Hanzo’s presence. It was only when the blanket fell from his shoulders that he realized he wasn’t alone.

Hanzo carefully wrapped his arms around Jesse’s waist and hugged him close. Jesse slumped into the embrace and breathed a sigh into Hanzo’s hair. 

“Bad day?” The gunslinger nodded into the archers hair, biting back a remark about a bad day being an understatement. “Somethin’ like that.”

“Would you like to talk about it?” 

Jesse pulled back with a pained expression on his face. Hanzo nodded and brought his fragile cowboy back into a tight embrace. Grateful for the contact, Jesse instantly melted into his arms. The day was over, and for some the next day would come. Others would never see the next day. Jesse tried to shake the screams of the dead from his memory. Their last wishes whispered into the cold dead heart of a murderer. 

“Hanzo…” Jesse curled into himself, breaking the embrace. He curled his hands into his hair as his body was racked with sobs. Taking quick action, Hanzo very carefully, and very gently pried Jesse’s arms from his hair and whispered sweet nothing’s to McCree in an effort to calm him down. 

“Jesse what do you need?” 

The gunslinger shook his head and buried it into the archer’s chest. Hanzo slowly worked on getting McCree to calm down, asking him what he needed and providing for him. Once he had gotten McCree back to a semi-normal state, Hanzo moved his head from his chest and encouraged Jesse to sit upright. Jesse cooperated, but wouldn’t meet Hanzo’s eyes. Instead of looking up, McCree resorted to fiddling with the hem of his serape. He needed to patch it up, but couldn’t find the time or supplies to do so.

“Jesse?” Hanzo placed his hand on top of Jesse’s and waited for him to look up. When he finally did, McCree sighed and ran a hand through his hair, not caring about how he must look. Disheveled hair, red-rimmed eyes, and a beard that had seen better days, McCree was shaken to say the least.

“I’m alright darlin’” McCree curled his lips into a small smile and sighed.

Hanzo enveloped him into his arms and peppered kisses across his face, into his hair, and on his facial hair. Hanzo was relentless with his scattered kisses, as he just wanted to distract McCree, even for a little while. The gunslinger laughed at his antics, and finally got Hanzo to pull away by gently grabbing his wrists.

“You’re too good to me sweetheart.” 

Author’s Note: ^.^ looks like you made it to the end! This was waaayyyy longer than I intended, but I’m ok with the way it turned out. I hope you are too nonnie! Also I am by no means a professional writer so please excuse any mistakes and all the shifting points of view! Thanks for reading! 

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May I have a scenario with Suga where his girlfriend's parents totally love him? You can choose how long Suga and her parents have known each other it doesn't need to be their first meeting. I'm sure Suga would charm the hell out of them and become super close with them. Whenever Suga goes to his gf's house, he hangs with her parents too. The gf doesnt even have to be there for them to have a blast!

As your mother opened the door, her smile was widened. “Suga-chan! Welcome, home!”

“I’m home, Auntie!” Sugawara greeted, kissing your mother on the cheek. As he held out the dish, your mother held her hands together excitedly. Sugawara only smiled, proud to make your mother happy with her favorite dish. “Is Uncle home?”

“Is that Koushi I hear?” Soon, your father walked out the living room and gave Sugawara a handshake.

“Hello, Uncle. How are you?” Sugawara asked, toeing his shoes off.

Your parents and Sugawara made their way back to the living room, your father and him sitting on the couch. Your mother informed the two that she would heat up the dish, letting Sugawara and your father to catch up.

“I’m good, work’s been keeping me busy. How’s college?” your father asked.

Sugawara chuckled nervously. “Harder than I thought. I’m glad I changed my mind about college, but all the homework piling on top of each other surprised me. But it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“That’s good to hear. Has ____ talked to you at all today?”

“Like you have to ask. Of course he has. We’re her parents, honey, of course she won’t call us back right away,” your mother answered loudly from the kitchen.

Sugawara chuckled, feeling a bit guilty as your father frowned disappointed. “I know, I know. But it feels like she’s forgotten about me.”

“Oh, no, she always complains she would rather be home fishing with you than doing homework,” Sugawara comforted. Your father’s eyes beamed to hear that. Your mother came back into the living room, tea in hand for both your father and Sugawara. “Ah, thank you Auntie.”

“Your welcome, Suga-chan,” your mother beamed. Sugawara took the cup, drinking it. It had been colder than he expected and his throat was beginning to feel sore. The warm tea trailing down his throat eased the irritation.

“Honey, he’s about to be our son-in-law, why don’t you call him by his given name already?” your father asked casually.

Unexpected to hear that, Sugawara coughed into his tea, having some of it splash onto his face and shirt. Your parents looked to him shocked, your mother immediately handing him a napkin.

“T-Thank you, Auntie,” Sugawara coughed, a nervous smile. As he wiped his mouth and some of the tea off his shirt before it stain, your parents looked to him worried. “Sorry, I just didn’t expect that.” Sugawara became confused to see your parents look to each other suspiciously. “What is it?”

“Oh, nothing, dear,” your mother started.

“We just thought you two would be talking about it by now,” your father added. Sugawara turned a bit pink to the mention. “Seeing as you two had been going out for awhile. And you are at that age, we were hoping it would be soon so a grandchild could come around.”

“A-A child?!” Sugawara stuttered, now his cheeks red. “Uncle, don’t you want us to get married when we’re ready for it?”

“Of course, but if its financially you guys are concerned, we would help of course,” your father brought his tea up to Sugawara with a smile before taking a sip.

“But Uncle, I should do that,” Sugawara suggested. Your parents looked to him, confused. “When I told you both I would take care of ____, I meant that. I should pay for her dream wedding.”

It was silent between the three. Sugawara was beginning to think he shouldn’t have said that. Your parents just stared back at him, their bodies almost petrified. Just as he was about to speak up, your parents shed a few tears simultaneously. 

“A-Auntie?! Uncle?! Are you-”

“Koushi, we’re so glad ____ has you,” your mother cried, covering her mouth lightly. She let the tears fall freely, sniffles and all. As your father rubbed her back with a smile, wiping away his own tears, they both bowed to Sugawara.

“Please continue to take care of our daughter,” your father requested slowly. Sugawara flinched, a bit surprised.

Your parents and him had an amazing relationship. Some would say he was too close to your parents, because what if you two broke up? Seeing your parents would be awkward. But with this step, Sugawara believed in nothing but the way he’s kept up this relationship with your parents.

Sugawaa bowed back, shedding a few tears as well. “Thank you.”

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thing to write bout; suddenly every day everything starts acting like tar. it all stays the same every single other way possible, but it melts and moves like tar would. all except you

The sun kept getting warmer. We’d joke about it at first, like we always did. not that unusual.

But it wasn’t a “normal” heat. This was different. It was too thick for where I live, or anywhere i’ve been for that matter. It’s not just that you couldn’t escape, it almost seemed to mesmerize people. They’d stand outside in it, waiting. 

Then they started melting. The elderly were the first to go. Grandma got all squishy, and when she hugged grandpa they got stuck together. Soon the nursing home was pretty much off limits even though you could see the pinkish goo running out from under the door. It was so thick and heavy they couldn’t get the doors open, couldn’t even save the potential survivors.

Soon it was just everybody. And everything. My dogs got stuck to the floor and I couldn’t get them free. People would walk down the street, trying to act like nothing was wrong, while the oozed like candle wax. Nobody would high-five anymore, that’s for sure. Big balls of people would become a common sight before long, still kicking, still screaming.

Why not me. That’s what I thought, after a while. Why didn’t it happen to me. It was sort of weird, warped jealousy. Sunscreen, I thought. I never liked being outside much anyway. Still, I almost felt left out. I didn’t pity anyone because, to them, life was just going on as usual.

It’s a hell of a thing to watch an office building wobble and bend and melt to smother half a neighborhood, but it happened. I thought maybe it was some freakish, world-ending catastrophe. But it wasn’t. It was just our little town and the world didn’t seem to notice.

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Don't forget how Killian has absolutely no problem letting Emma decide the fate of their relationship! Look no further than the beautiful conversation with David in "White Out," and basically how Emma's initiated every significant step in their relationship, and Killian's perfectly content to give her full charge!

True. You don’t see him saying, “I’m the man, I should lead this relationship”.

And at the same time I like that he’s being a gentleman and he was the one to plan their date in the most romantic way, even though she was the one asking him out.

Because for me being a feminist is not being an ass saying “oh, you wanted to be treated as equals, so why should I open the door for you, or help you carry your bags?”, it’s about idolizing women respect them, and believe in their capability to do everything themselves, but to know they deserve the best treatment because they are handling so many things simultaneously on their own.

larryappreciation replied to your post “I’ve lived in London for three years and I’m still not used to the…”

that,….doesnt happen in italy? i thought it was just a thing that happens. haha

It’s really not? But that’s just my experience. They might stop the car to let you cross the road even if it’s not a pedestrian crossing (but I usually side-eye them, because I assume they’re trying to look at the girl’s ass lol), or let female drivers pass first at crossroads (road rules be damned), or even pay for you if you’ve had something together. But the whole cultural ‘let’s open doors with women even though they’re strangers’ - nope. It’d different with friends/girlfriends/relatives tho. 

I genuinely just want everyone I’ve ever met to be happy. Even the people who didn’t hold the door open for me, and the friends who talked about me behind my back, and the drivers who cut me off. I don’t understand how you could live your life wishing anything but happiness for the people around you. Even the shitty people.

I’m not sure if anyone’s going to read this pretty long and possibly boring post, but as a person who lives in a country that faces terrorism every single day (Turkey), i have things to say.

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I remember my childhood, which was not so long ago. I remember that my school had this trip to a book fair. You know, a place you can buy cheap books and stuff. I remember my mom not letting me go there because of some bombings that happened in Istanbul a week or so ago. I wasn’t allowed to go out without my mom, except for school, for months. I remember not understanding what’s happening, and i remember crying.

Now i study in Ankara, the capital. You may remember, some bombings happened in Ankara in the last few months. Just a few months ago i was about to leave my dorm room for a walk. I really like walking in evenings. As i opened the door of my room, i heard a terrible noise. The first thing i thought was, “Oh, is it raining!? Come on, please don’t be a thunder!”. I went back to the window, and saw that it was not a thunder at all. I was confused. Then my mom called. She was terrified. She was crying on the phone. I kept asking her what was the matter but she kept crying. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then she stopped and said, “I’m so glad that you’re safe.”. When we hung up, i was devastated. Nope, it wasn’t a thunder. It was a bomb. I now wish that what i heard that very evening WAS a thunder.

I remember calling and being called by friends to make sure each of us are okay. I remember foreign friends sending messages, asking if i’m safe. 

If you haven’t been through this, you may not understand how hard it is to go through all of this. And now imagine. This is just me. Imagine the terror millions of people faced on those damned days. All over the world. Imagine the pain, the fear, the tears and the losses. Stop for a while and think about all the innocent lifes that has been lost to us. 

This has been happening here for so long. This has been happening all over the world for so long. Now i see posts like “Pray for Nice!”, “Pray for France!”, “Pray for Istanbul!”, “Pray for XXX!” But it doesn’t work that way, you know. No matter if you have or don’t have a religious belief, deep down inside, you know that it doesn’t work that way. Don’t just sit there and pray for people. You know that terrorism is a plague that can not be cured with prayers, even if the prayers come from the purest of hearts. 

Now i know, i know that we can not make this plague vanish overnight, but we can fight it. We can fight it until the very end. 

We can fight it with education. 

We can fight it with equality. 

We can fight it, and we CAN defeat it. 

So, no matter what cultural background you have and your ethnicity, don’t teach your future children to stay away from people who are different then themselves. Teach them to accept everyone as they are, and to love everyone as they are.

Don’t teach them to just sit and pray. Teach them to act.

Teach them to care.

Teach them to help.

Teach them to love, not hate.

Teach them to make this world a better place. 

obligatory Pizza Boy au

  • after a long night of marathoning gay movies (frustratingly few were any good), keith and pidge want some pizza, keith fills out the order in his name online but pidge the gremlin puts “send your cutest delivery boy” in the special request box
  • “anddddd send.” “PIDGE WHY??? THEYRE GOING TO THINK I SENT IT” “you spent all night thirsting over that swedish actor and there werent even subs on that movie. you need a boyfriend my dude”
  • 29 minutes and 59 seconds later (still on time, still have to pay, my friend) the pizza arrives, pidge is in the bathroom so keith opens the door and he is faced with, as ordered, the cutest delivery boy the pizza place could offer
  • spoiler alert: its lance and he’s their ONLY delivery boy
  • leaning against the door frame with A ROSE IN HIS TEETH and his cap backwards like a douche
  • “hellooooo, beautif- oh wait youre a guy?? my bad……….hellooooo, handsome”
  • lance is uncontrollably bisexual
  • and long tan and handsome 
  • keith is a raging homosexual and channels all of his inner strength into not letting his voice crack when he pays
  • “so you requested our cutest delivery boy…any other special requests???”
  • “leave”
  • (keith “accidentally” leaves the special request there on all his future orders because DAMN SON THATSA SPICY PIZZA BOY)
  • five deliveries later lance leaves his number on the inside lid of the box
  • i hope this isnt too CHEESY but call me ;) xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • “oh my fucking god”
  • their first date is at lances work after closing, hunk works there too
He’s the kind of guy that could make the Mona Lisa smile
With all her teeth;
Make Van Gogh wish he’d kept his second ear just to hear the way he laughs
Like pollination;
And the mirror sighs when he walks away
And the open doors are always
Begging him to stay
And the bus stop hopes
No buses stop;
And I want to kiss his neck
And his knuckles when they’re covered by his thumb.
He’s just like me because
He hates letting go
So we walk with ten fingers between us
Holding inside jokes
About how we’ll have to share a coffin
Cause we’ll die this way
but he’s too beautiful to bury;
And I think those three words are too odd;
So even when I want to;
I say something else instead like,
I’m glad you’re not dead; and I hope you stay that way as long as I do; and your smile is like an oasis; and you make me feel like a hot air balloon in the Bermuda triangle; and when you’re gone I’m a missing poster; a face on the milk box; and it scares me that you put your milk before your cereal; but I still want to have breakfast with you every morning; and I’m not good at labelling things because there are too many words to choose from; but if this is something; if this something had a name; what would you call it?
Would you call it love?
—  mentamorphisis 

 “To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered” 

I cant look at this anymore… it has taken so long. 

I’m not much of a romantic person - I am one of those unfortunate people who has been hurt very badly in the past and so keep my emotions tightly locked behind a vaulted door, but god Sarah has this way of writing that reaches down and wrenches that door right open so that everything comes flooding out. I love that she writes multiple relationships with her main characters because it reflects real life - there is no prince charming, not straight away anyway. There is heartbreak and heartache and you spend a while picking up the pieces before you can fully heal again. 

So, thank you for making me feel something again, Sarah, even if it has turned me into an emotional mess! 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas

I don’t understand why people bitch when they’re comfortable in a relationship, and complain that it’s not exciting anymore. Like isn’t that what we’re all searching for? Someone who knows us better than anyone and someone who we can do anything in front of? Someone who you can be naked with and you don’t care that the light is streaming in on you. Someone who you can laugh during sex with. Someone who you can stuff your face in front of and not care. Someone who can be taking a poop and it doesn’t phase you that the door is open and you walk past them. Someone who you can be crazy weird with and they love every second of it. Someone who you snuggle with and feel so at peace with. Someone you fight with and know they’re not gonna leave. Someone who can tell when something is wrong even before you really know something is wrong. I would rather take all of that then leave the person who knows me inside and out then to go find someone to feel a temporary high with for a short amount of time because we all know that fades after awhile. It’s not gonna be as exciting as it used to be and if you want excitement then make some. Now days we want something and bitch when we have it. I’ve never been happier and were boring as hell sometimes. I don’t know about anybody else but I’ll be sticking with my comfortable relationship because I searched a long ass time to find it.
—  Chapters of my life