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oh boy oh boy anon christmas is coming early this year lets get the show started


- jake is the little spoon no questions asked

- one night jake just plopped himself in front of rich, curled his legs up and wrapped richs arm around him and rich was like :00!! and pulled jake against his chest while snuggling into him

- rich is very competitive

- one time the squip squad went to hilltop or someplace like that and he goes beast during laser tag theres no mercy whatsoever he will shoot anyone. one time jake was like “hey you wanna team up?” and rich was like “haha yeah sure :)” but he shoots jake and sprints off and jake is like BRO!!! rich will not put up with teaming up he is a lone wolf and he will win this game on his own

- he wins every time and everyone just groans 

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BTS Reaction: When their crush is weird

Requested by @wolffoggirl 

Jin: When he came home after practice, he had been surprised to hear BTS blasting from the kitchen. Following the booming noise, he walked into the room to find you dancing violently. Avoiding your arms so he wouldn’t be smacked in the face, he wraps his arms around your waist from behind, halting your movement by laughing into the crook of your neck. 

“This was something I never expected myself to come home to.” 

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Yoongi: He had found you sitting by the side of your pool, dipping your legs into the chilly water. Yoongi’s eyes widen when he sees your phone dangling from your fingertips over the water’s surface. After swiping your phone away from it’s death and putting it in a safe place, aka his pocket, he takes a minute to stare at you like you’re the most insane person he’s ever met. 

“What do you even think you’re doing?” 

“I was just thinking about what would happen if I dropped my phone in the water. I think the case is waterproof.” 

“You think the case is waterproof? I have some advice, don’t hold your phone over water period.” 

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J-hope: Coming home from practicing new choreography, he was shocked to find you wide awake with it being past midnight. You were absorbed in your phone, swiping through social media with earbuds in. After tapping you on the head and asking why you’re still up, he realized you weren’t listening to music, just sitting on your phone in complete silence. Realizing your little mistake, J-hope bursts into laughter before you can figure out what’s so funny. 

“Are you listening to music?” 


“You realize there’s no music playing, correct?” 

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Namjoon: The waiter had specifically told you not to touch the hot plate of food, and what did you decide to do? You sat and stared at the steaming meal before reaching out and placing the tip of your finger on the edge of the plate. The heat had burned your finger quite a bit by the time you gained sense to pull it away. You looked up to fine Namjoon with an unimpressed expression, but an adoring smile lingering on his lips. 

“Jagi, sometimes I just don’t understand you.”

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Jimin: It was a calm day at the lake and all Jimin wanted was to relax peacefully with his beautiful girlfriend. What he didn’t expect was for you to bust his eardrums when you suddenly screamed. You had jumped onto him in the lake water, clinging to his arm as you pointed at the water. You had claimed to see a shark, but when Jimin decided to investigate, all he found was a little fish that must have nibbled on your foot. 

“I swear I saw a shark!”

“Jagiya, that’s a fish and second of all, we’re in a lake.”

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Taehyung: You had offered to play music from your phone while the two of you cooked breakfast, something you guys had been trying for a couple weeks now. Claiming that you’d just shuffle and let the music be, Tae finds it adorable when he catches you flipping through songs still with a determined face. The perfect song for pancake making. 

“I thought you were- Wait! Did you just skip a BTS song?” 


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Jungkook: Coming home, he found his girlfriend positioned in front of the fridge, repeatedly opening and closing it while peering through the crack in the door. He would understand what you were doing right away and even join you, making it a competition. 

“Whoever can successfully cut off the fridge lights while still seeing it wins! Loser has to buy winner ice cream.” 

(I can low-key see him sitting and doing this forever) 

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jimin scenario | sharing

🌸 You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

💌 requested by @its-choi-re-ah and @the-allegorxst // 500 words // fluff

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You share everything with Jimin.

Smiles and laughter, tears and tissues, and a hundred smaller things: like tubs of chocolate ice-cream at three AM, chewed-on ballpoint pens, well-worn hoodies with coffee stains.

This evening was no different. Jimin lent you his coat while you waited by the bus stop, he shared your pain when you realised that the bus wasn’t coming, and opened his door to you when you had no way of getting home.

So why are you hesitating now, over this, over sharing his bed? Single. White sheets. Smelling of detergent.

“Y/N, please, sleep there,” Jimin pleads, “If it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs.”

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Imagine being Sam's twin sister and getting sick....

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“Dean.” You groaned as you laid on the bed, sweat pouring off of you as your head pulsated. 

“DEAN!” You groaned louder as the elder Winchester slowly opened the door, and was greeted by the sound of you coughing, and tissues littering the floor. 

“Yes Princess?” He asked as he stepped into the germ zone. 

“Can you make me some Tomato and Rice soup?" 

 "Are you sure you don’t want Mary to make it, even Sam admitted it was better then mine." 

"No I want you to make it. And then can you come in here and watch some Disney movie with me like you did when I was sick as a kid?" 

"Don’t you mean like I do every time you get sick?” He joked as you groaned and threw a pillow at him, “As long as it isn’t Tangled." 

"Thank you Dean." 

 "Your welcome, ya big baby.” He replied before gently kissing your head and leaving the room.

[My door is not fitted with a peephole either. Those without eyes or without limits to their knowledge have no need for peeping, and I am without either. I have never once peeped at or through something, and I doubt I ever will. 

Apertures built into physical surfaces to reveal what’s hidden behind them are for those with particular handicaps. They are for those lacking advanced vision to render the opaque permeable to light, or those lacking advanced knowledge to render the concealed information irrelevant, or both. They are for people who I call suckers.] 

We get it! You’re omniscient! Open the damn door already!

[I know the identity of anyone who stands behind this door, even in those cases where I have not extended an invitation to the visitor personally. Pardon me while I let Jack inside.]

Uh… which Jack? There are at least two of them running around.

Number One


Harry’s raspy voice immediately filled your senses once you aimlessly reached for your phone and accepted the call.

“Harry, good evening, love.”

“I know I woke you up, don’t pretend,” he laughed, making you smile and turn the bedside lamp on, rubbing your eyes and still not being used to not wake up beside Harry since he’s on tour.

“Go downstairs. There’s a package outside.”


“Trust me, just open the box downstairs.”

You stood up groggily, coming down the stairs and opening the locked door, a small box in your doorstep.

“You got it now?”

“What’s this?”

He laughed, smiling to himself.

“Just open it.”

You took the packaging tape off, the box filled with bubble wrap, only to uncover a small golden trophy, #1 being engraved on the middle and your name embossed on the bottom part.

“Harry,” you chuckled to yourself, ended up laughing which made Harry more than happy as ever.

“I know it’s random. But I just really miss you.”

“I do too. Did I win something or?”

He blushed, not being able to sleep minutes later because of how the thought of talking to you kept him up.

“Nah. Just to remind you that you’re my number one.”

Your First Homecoming // Riverdale Preference

a/n: Even though the actors look like they’re about 20, I think they’re supposed to be sophomores in the show so I decided to do your homecoming date with them! It might be kinda rushed sorryy

Requests are open!


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At first, you were nervous for Homecoming. You only ever went to dances with a group of friends but this time you had a boyfriend, Archie, when the occasion rolled around. Because you had spent the majority of the day fussing over your dress and outfit you completely lost track of time, and soon there was a knock at your door. Archie had insisted on picking you up at your house like the gentleman he is, so you walked down the stairs to meet your date. As soon as he saw you, Archie’s eyes lit up and suddenly you were no longer nervous. 

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A little birthday fic for the absolutely amazing @galindadaae!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

It’s hardly even six in the morning when Matthew awakes to the sound of little feet pattering down the hall near their bedroom door.

He rubs his eyes and rolls over, tapping Mary on the shoulder. “I think the birthday boy is awake,” he whispers.

“Already?” Mary groans, as the door handle rattles.

Matthew grins and pulls away from her to sit up. “I doubt he slept a wink last night, he was so excited.”

The door squeaks open and the little feet make their way across the room. “Mama! Papa! Do you know what today is?” a little voice asks.

Matthew moves to the end of the bed and lifts his son up onto it. “You seem so much bigger than you used to be,” he says, groaning. It’s partly in jest but also because George has grown a lot lately. “Why could that be?”

“I’m five today!” George says, bouncing up and down on the bed. “It’s my birthday!”

Matthew grins and kisses his son on the head. “That can’t possibly be. I’m sure you had a birthday last year. Remember, you had a party with cake and lots of presents?”

“Birthdays happen every year!” George protests. “Right Mama?”

Mary finally rolls over and sits up, convinced that she isn’t going back to sleep. “That’s right, George. Your Papa is just very silly.”

“You are silly!” George says.

“Now that’s not very nice,” Matthew replies. “Alright, I guess it must be your birthday today.”

George grins widely.

“I suppose you’re expecting a party,” Mary says.

“Yes! Barrow said Mrs. Patmore would make chocolate cake!” George replies.

“Well, only little boys who listen to their nannies and stay in the nursery when they’re supposed to get birthday cake,” Matthew warns. “And I don’t think Nanny wanted you to come here yet.”

“What would happen to the cake then?” George asks.

“We’d feed it to Violet.”

The little boy looks confused. “Violet wouldn’t want cake, she’s only two.”

“Well, you better get back to the nursery then. Otherwise we’ll feed all the cake to Violet, and she wouldn’t like it nearly as much as you.”

George’s eyes widen. “I’m sorry, Papa! I’ll go back, right now!”

He slides off the bed and rushes out of the room. Matthew closes the door behind him and gets back into bed with Mary.

“I see he shares your love of cake,” Mary teases.

“I’ve taught him well,” Matthew relies.

She looks him in the eyes. “Five years. I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can I,” Matthew says. “Five years and two beautiful children and the most wonderful wife in the world.”

“Three. Or soon to be three,” Mary says softly.

“What?” Matthew asks, unsure he’s heard her correctly.

Mary smiles and puts his hand on her stomach. “About seven months from now, we’ll have three beautiful children,” she says.

His eyes widen, and there is nothing he can do but kiss her. “I think I’m the luckiest man in the world,” he says.

“We should wait a couple weeks to announce it, just to make sure. But I have seen Clarkson and from what he can tell, everything is looking good so far.”

Matthew grins. “Oh, my darling, that’s wonderful. I love you so much.”

She kisses him in reply.

thank you for the kind wishes and the request, it’s adorable. I’m doing well (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I hope you enjoy ~Admin Anna


“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you got lost in this crowd right now?” Kuroo ruffled your hair as you stood in front of the metro doors in the evening rush of the train station in Tokyo.

Your roll your eyes at him, he only smiles back at you sheepishly.

“So funny,” you scoff, scooting away quickly and straightening your hair.

The doors open with a ding and you step out into the crowd. Kuroo smiles sweetly and rocks your hand back and forth. You had come to him to see his practice and he had promised to treat you to ice cream later.

“Hold on,” you mumble, let go of his hand and stop. “I need a sip.”

You dig through your bag you had on your shoulder and take small steps towards a less crowded corner. Victoriously, you pull your water bottle from the bottom of your bag. When you lift your eyes and look around for Kuroo. You hastily scan the crowd.

“Tetsu..” you mumble under your breath.

Unable to make his figure out from the crowd, you dive into your bag again, now searching for your phone. You fish it out quickly, press the button to open it and..


Your phone has run out of battery and not being able to find Kuroo in this forest of people. You start to panic slightly and decide to leave your corner of safety to go seek out your dumb boyfriend who was probably still wandering around cluelessly. You get pushed around by the people, making you mutter things towards big crowds and your small height, that’s making getting around a lot more harder.

You manage to reach a less crowded area, but still unable to find Kuroo. Suddenly, someone’s hands wrap around you and you’re pushed against someone tall.

“I finally found you, my little pixie,” Kuroo chuckles.

You spin in his hold and face him, pouting.

“Don’t leave me again, dude,” you push his bangs more to the side. “I said that I was getting my drink.”

“But you were barely in my hearing range, don’t blame me,” Kuroo laughs.

You frown and poke his stomach so he’d let go of you.

“You owe me more than an ice cream now,” you cross your hands on your chest and dramatically avert your gaze from him.

“Like a kiss?” you hear him say before he kisses your cheek.


“Tooru, you’re squeezing my hand too hard,” you try to wiggle your fingers that seemed so small compared to Oikawa’s huge hand.

“No, don’t let go. What if you get lost?” Oikawa looks at you.

Oikawa had invited you over to hang out, but when he opened the fridge to make you some dinner, he found it empty. After still trying to make something out of nothing for you, he suggested going to the store. For some reason, his eyes grew wide at the late evening rush and he held onto your hand a little more tightly.

“Then, we’ll find each other again,” you giggle.

You enter the store which is slightly less crowded, so you’re able to walk freely.

“I’ll go to the veggie section, I’ll be right back,” you touch Oikawa’s arm and take the basket from him.

Before he could say something, you were out of his sight. He sighed and looked around. He was unfamiliar with the store, but he moved a little to go look at the sports drinks. And then he got distracted by the candies and snacks. And then the magazines. And then he was lost…

Oikawa looked around him, panicking slightly. He had lost you and now he was lost himself. He walked down the isles, but he was unable to find the spot where he was supposed to wait for you. His stomach turned when he heard your voice from behind him.

“Oikawa Tooru!” you stand at the end of the isle that he was in as well. “Are you a little child or something? Can you really not stand still for two seconds??”

Your words went in from one of his ears and came out from the other, he ran up to you and pulled you close to him, knowing that it’d make you less angry at him.

“…Tooru,” you pat his back. “If you’d take your phone off of silent, I could have reached you.”

“O-oh,” he lets go of you and gazes at his phone, finding a couple of missed calls from you. “Sorry.”

You roll your eyes as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly.

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can you rec some transgender taehyung? either transguy or transgirl will be fine

we have a transgender tae tag, but there are only two fics in it so I’ll go ahead and rec those and give whatever else I can find^^ 

late night walks by taetastic - It’s that horrible time of the month again.

can’t find my way home (but it’s through you) by lilacflowers - maybe one day, hopefully soon.

Friday. by istherecolour -  Jungkook – over the two years Jimin had spoken about Taehyung – had put a picture together of what Taehyung would possibly be like; tall with tanned skin, bright eyes, smart, unusually witty and maybe even. . . handsome? Well, opening the door to said Kim Taehyung, Jungkook was right. About most of it anyway. “Y-You’re a girl.” Because yes, Kim Taehyung – born and raised in Daegu who likes Haikyuu!! Duarara!!! And Bleach – who stands in front of him bundled up in a bright yellow scarf, matching boots and glasses hanging around on a chain around her neck was indeed a girl. [They both fall through the seasons.]

Now That I’m Gone by feminist_killjoy - Taehyung learns just how much his friends mean to him as he deals with the consequences of his actions.

babyboy by pbandjin - jeongguk sat down beside him, a worried look in his eyes. “seriously, are you okay?” not wanting to hold it in anymore, like it was a bird that was held in a cage for way too long, its wings aching to move in flight, taehyung took a deep breath and spit out the words.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^


Not to bring up the past but how amazing would it be to date Seth?? I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge fan, I’m saying it because it’s so true! I mean imagine going out to karaoke and having the time of your life with him! Sipping drinks, singing and laughing your heart out, and just being adored by him! Imagine him walking you out to his car, opening your door, and driving you home (and doing whatever else you’d do to end the date 😏) how romantic?? I mean what a gentleman! Is he even real??? Every woman deserves a man like Seth.


Kyle’s POV

Random fires aside, I was kind of sad to leave our little cabin in the woods. I asked K.C if maybe we could go back for our honeymoon, and he promised he’d get an even fancier cabin next time. I said I liked the one we had much better and he just smiled.

Once we got home later that day, we saw the landlord coming out of our neighbor’s apartment. K.C told me he had sticky fingers and was the one that had taken my pig. It took him a few days to finally admit it, though.

“Rudy,” K.C greeted him as I opened the door. “I see your sunburn cleared up.”


“Maybe you can sell all the stuff you’ve stolen from your tenets to buy sunscreen.” Rudy just walked away.

“K.C, come on,” I said as I pulled some of our luggage inside before pulling out my phone and calling work. I sat down on the couch as I told my boss I’d be in first thing on Monday. He seemed excited to hear I was home. Apparently all the other interns suck compared to me. It’s nice to know I do something right for them.

Here I am..

This is a “fanfic” or something.. Idk.

Here I am, a bystander, watching this new crisis from my window. I put down my binoculars and take out my book. “The Wars” is engraved on a golden plate on the cover. I turn to page 66, the title of the page “Wars of Skelltales”.

The words “Skeleton war” was written on the first line. “Man, must be fun out there.. Even if people are being infected, few days later, they’ll be cured and be laughing about it.” I said as I wrote the words “Fresh Massacre” on the second line. I heard my older sisters voice. “Yo sista, you up for some fresh pie?” I jumped of my bed and opened the door. There she was, my sister…

In her pink pajamas.

“Which type?” I asked. “ CHOCOLATE CHIP!!” She squealed as she dragged me down the hall to the kitchen. I’m usually forgetful, but I can never forget the fact that my sister uses fresh lingo.

From everything that happened, I know two things, she’s too cool to ever be infected, she is the only one that can protect me from this fresh madness!

The Fresh Invasion will become a distant memory

The Five Times You See Dean Winchester Shirtless

Word Count: 1,658

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

The first time you see Dean Winchester shirtless, he’s sporting a large gash on his shoulder that you have to stitch up. He’s sitting on the foot of your bed, crumpled up T-shirt in his hand and looking at you expectantly.

Meanwhile, you’re trying not to implode from how beautiful he looks in the pale light the room’s lamp is shedding on him. Even though he’s thoroughly bruised and bloodied up, his green eyes are twinkling and his chest is slightly heaving. The wound probably hurts him and you blink a few times to knock yourself out of your reverie.

“Let’s get this over with,” he mutters, reaching for the large bottle of liquor he probably had stashed in Baby’s backseat.

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Summary:  You were visiting home for the weekend to find out that your parents have hired a new babysitter.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3.3k

A/N: Rated M - under 18 you have been warned :)

You were finally coming home to visit your family, from spending an exhausting year at college. Summer break! Finally some relaxation, hopefully. Your younger siblings might make that impossible.

As soon as you packed your bags for the next few months you had to say goodbye to your roommate/ best friend.

“We are definitely hanging out.” You gladly accepted her request. She only lived an hour from your parents house.


As you stood outside your family home, something felt different. You felt like you’ve been gone for so long. You were only a freshman in college, so much change in so little time.

You walked into your house expecting loud chaos from your brother and sister but surprised from the quiet.

“Hello….I’m home.” No answer.

You heard faint screaming in the backyard. As soon as you open the sliding glass door, you saw the kids running, your father grilling and your mother basking in the sun. You missed this.

“(Y/N)’S home!!” You heard your brother and sister run over.

“I missed you guys.” You said as you got smothered into hugs.


The few hours you have been home, your old childhood friends were already contacting you to come hang out tonight. It was already 6 o'clock when you went downstairs ready to leave but you noticed that your parents were dressed in a fancy get-up.

“Are you guys going out?” You wished for a no, but judging by their clothes that would be unbelievable.

“Yes, the company your father works for is hosting a dinner party.”

You did your best to try to stay calm, you knew if you complained about having to babysit, you would sound stubborn from only being home a day.

“Does that mean I have to stay home?”

“Where are you going?” Your mother questioned.

“Liz and Sana asked me to come over.” You nervously asked.

“Can Tae watch us?” Your twelve year old brother interrupt.

“Please, please.” Your seven year old sister joined in.

“Who’s Tae?” You asked your parents.

“He’s the babysitter we hired while you were at school.” He?

“Okay I guess, you guys wear that poor kid out.” Your mother answered. He must be some high school kid trying to make money for a new car or worse video games.

“So…I can go?” You already tried to walk towards the door.

“Fine….I’ll call Taehyung….but please keep your phone on just in case.” Your mother demanded.


“These were the days.” Sana said as she sipped her beer. You were at a beach party, scattered around a bon fire. In high school, this was your weekend. Even though you’re not old enough to drink, but that never stopped the young people around here.

It’s your decision to not get too drunk though. You hated the experience and you got grounded for a month.

“Hey (Y/N), long time no see.” You saw your ex, if you can call him that Youngjin.

You dated him for a solid month, until you found out he was cheating on you. After you broke things off he would occasionally hit on you and other women in your perspective. It got annoying that you even gave him a bloody nose once.

“Aren’t you looking beautiful tonight.”

You didn’t answer you just smirked and turned your back.

“I’m going to get a drink.” You left.

As you leaned down to open the cooler you felt someone aggressively grab your ass. The pain shot your attention to the person behind you. Youngjin.

“Get your fucking hands off of me.” You felt a little dizzy from the alcohol but you still had your right mind to not let that type of behavior pass.

“What’s wrong, don’t you like that?” He teased.

You pushed him away hard enough to make him lose his balance.


Youngjin had ruined your night and you decided to head home. You didn’t feel sick but you did feel tired. As soon as you got home you saw your parents pull up the driveway. Great, what if they can smell the alcohol on you?

You followed your parents footsteps walking through the door.

“How were they?” You heard your parents talking in the living room.

“They were good.” You heard a genuine voice. Must be the babysitter.

“They’re sleeping already.” Your mother told your father.

“Oh (Y/N)….come meet Taehyung.” Your mom caught you half way up the staircase.

You quietly groaned as you made your way to the living room.

“Tae this is our daughter (Y/N).” Your mother moved out of your view to reveal your new replacement and your siblings new best friend.

“Hel-” You started to say but got caught off guard as soon as you saw the mystery man. You felt your mind go into a daze, he was so handsome. You felt butterflies in your stomach, how can someone make you so tongue tied.

“Hi.” You cleared your throat. As soon as you felt him embrace your hand you felt tingles shot throughtout your body.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He smiled an adorable smile that made you felt week. “Your brother and sister share a lot of stories about you.”

You immediately blushed, knowing your sibling those stories were most likely embarrassing.

“Thank you for coming.” Your mother grabbed his attention from yours.

“It’s no problem, they’re entertaining.”  Your father laughed patting him on the back.

“Have a safe drive home.” Your mother hugged him. He really was your replacement, he was like part of the family now. He even got your brother and sister to bed quicker then you ever have.

“Bye.” You were caught staring the entire time.

“Have you been drinking?” You didn’t pay attention to your mother, you only paid attention to the adorable creature smirking at you as he walked out the door.

“(Y/N)? You have haven’t you? I can smell it.” Your mother pinched the top of her nose to stop a headache passing through.

“Those girls have always been a bad influence.”

“Mom no worries I only had like two drinks….trust me the first time was enough for me I never want to get drunk again.”

“Okay fine but please be responsible, your still considered under age.”

“For only three more months.” You defended.

“Doesn’t matter sweetie, the law is the law.” Your father rubbed your back then went upstairs.

“So Tae was cute wasn’t he?” Your mother teased.

“Mom.” You tried to hide your blush.

“He’s a nice boy.” Then your mother left you alone with your thoughts.


You made your way to the kitchen too early for your liking but school got you in the habit, even though you still felt groggy.

“(Y/N) sweetie, Taehyung will be here later to pick this up okay?” Your mother waved an envelope. “We didn’t have the cash to pay him last night, so he’s coming to pick it up okay.”

“Okay.” You yawned.

“Come on lets go.” Your mother guided your brother and sister out so they wouldn’t miss the school bus. They still had a another three weeks of school left.


You were bumming around just watching TV, when you heard the doorbell. You didn’t even think about it, you just got up and dragged yourself to the door.

When you opened the door you froze. Shit! Your mothers words flashed through your mind. Taehyung was suppose to pick up last night’s pay. If only you were more awake when your mother told you.

Here you were standing in front of an attractive man, wearing yoga shorts, baggy t-shirt, and hair tied up in a messy bun.

“Hi.” You nervously greeted.

“Hey.” He smiled. Butterflies, as he looked at your attire up and down.

“Sorry, I completely forgot you were coming.” You ran to kitchen quickly. As you searched through the kitchen drawers you couldn’t figure out where your mom could have put the envelope.

While you were still searching you heard someone clear their throat to get your attention.

“I got it.” You saw him take it off the magnet from the fridge.

“There it is.” You embarrassingly stated, causing him to laugh.

“How come you’re not in school, I figured you’re in high school?”

He laughed. “No I’m twenty-one.”

“Oh.” He’s older then you. “Are you in college?”

“No, I work with my parents.”

“Cool.” You said cheerfully, but you were just an awkward mess.

“I guess I better get going.” He smiled and started to leave.

“Okay see you later….or not…or I don’t know.” He turned around slightly and arched his eyebrows. Then he laughed cutely and shut the door behind him. You slapped your forehead disappointed in yourself.

“Why are you so awkward?” You whispered to yourself.


“You better be here in ten or we are leaving without you.” Liz snapped at you on the phone.

It was a few days later and your parents made plans for a social gathering for another work related thing. Your parents were pretty popular around the neighborhood.

You basically begged your mom to call Taehyung to babysit at last minute because your friends were hounding you to go to another party.

Your mother made the call, apologizing in the process, but you had to wait for Tae to get here yourself because your parents were running late. Your brother and sister was of course excited, they beg for him to be here all the time, even if your parents are home.

When you hung up the phone call with your friend, you heard a knock on the door.

You rushed over to answer and there he was, looking attractive as ever.

“Hi.” You greeted. He smiled, but as soon as he saw your outfit he was taken back. You couldn’t read his facial expression, he just looked shocked. Was it too much? You settled in a tight black skirt, stopping mid-thigh and a long sleeve black and red crop top that stopped right before your waist. It wasn’t too revealing but not too clean either.

As soon as he slightly brushed past you, you heaed your sister run into the room and attacked Tae with hugs, not to long your brother.

“Okay, my number is on the fridge if you need me.”

“Bye.” Your sister waved, not even paying attention.

“I wont be too long.”

“Don’t have too much fun.” Taehyung smirked.


The party was a disaster, it was over crowed, you were constantly getting dry humped on by dumb drunks and better yet your friends abandoned you, probably some random hook up. You have only been here two hours and counting.

As you were getting ready to leave, you bumped into someone. “Hey sexy.” Youngjin. Ugh.

“Where are you going?”

“Home. Goodbye,” but before you could leave he grabbed your wrist pushing you up against the wall.

“Let go.” He put his lips onto yours. You tried all your strength to push him off but he was not budging.

You bit his lip as hard as you can and kneed him in the stomach, giving you a few seconds to make a run for it.

“You bitch!” You heard him shout in pain.


You drove home as quick as you can not caring about leaving your friends. They can find their own ride. You didn’t even have an ounce of alcohol this time, maybe if you did you would of enjoyed yourself more. But you were proud you didn’t, Youngjin would of probably of taken an advantage of you and you would of let him.

Honestly you wished you could of met someone like your friends, you’ve been single for a long time and worse, sexually frustrated. Seeing your college friends in relationships were quiet envious. As you can tell though you have a lot to learn, you are too awkward with attractive men. Tae for example, he probably thinks your weird.


When you pulled up to the house, you noticed your parents weren’t home yet, as expected. You entered and you saw your brother sleeping in the recliner and your sister cuddled up next to Tae, trying to stay awake.

Tae looked at you surprised that you were home sooner then he thought.

“Hey.” He greeted. “How was whatever?”

“Sucked.” You slouched on the love seat.

“Date?” You were surprised at his annology.

“Party.” You looked down. “And my friends ditched me again so I wasn’t having fun.”

“That’s because they suck.” Dara, your little sister yawned.

“I think it’s time you go to bed.” You got up as you guided your sleepy brother up to his bedroom.

When you left his room, you saw Tae carrying Dara on his shoulder, gently putting her to bed.

“Thank you…you can go home if you want.” You suggested.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” He kindly offered.

“Yeah.” You blushed.

You followed him downstairs to the living room.

“I’ll make some popcorn.” You left and went to the kitchen.

You sighed, still thinking about the party. What’s wrong with you?

“Do you want to talk about it?” You heard Tae sweetly ask as you turned around.

“It’s nothing really, I just wish I could meet the standards that my friends have….I’m always a buzz kill.”

“What do you mean?” He questioned getting closer.

“My friends are so pretty and so good at talking to attractive guys….I mean thats why I can’t even talk to you.” You rambled as you turned around to the ding of the microwave. Then it hit you of what you just said.

When you turned around embarrassingly, he was leaning on the counter next to you.

“You have trouble talking to guys?” He questioned. You just nodded. “You’re talking to me right now.” He smiled.

“And if you ask me, a lot of guys are probably tongue tied talking to you.” He blushed. Wait. Did he blush at you?

You froze as he grabbed onto the counter behind you locking you in place.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“N-no.” You tied your best to speak. “Just nervous.”

He looked down shyly. “I felt intimidated as soon as I saw you.”


“Yeah…your sister talks about how pretty you are but I had no idea.”

Your breathing got heavier as you felt him lean in closer to you.

“Please hurry.” You whispered.

He arched his eyebrows surprised from your impatience. As soon as he press his lips to yours, he was surprisingly gently.

You kissed back, lacing your fingers through the back of his hair, slightly tugging. He grabbed your waist pulling you in closer so your hips were aligned, making the butterflies in your stomach shiver throughout your body.

You felt Tae deepen the kiss when you felt his tongue moisture your bottom lip trying to have access inside. It didn’t take you long to open your mouth, letting his tongue explore.

He slowly backed away to take a breather as he moved on to your neck. You bit your lips and tilted your head back as the pleasure was causing the dampness between your legs. The things you felt his tongue could do, you never felt more unexperienced in your life. You only had sex once and it was a dumb mistake with Youngjin, who purposely got you drunk. You don’t remember hardly anything from that night, so this was a new feeling to you.

Tae lightly sucking all up and down your neck, leaving marks behind. He reached around kissing you passionately again as he picked you up and placed you on to the counter top.

You both stopped for a second, resting your foreheads against each other. Your breathing was not slowing down from the gently touching, making his way up your shirt.

The adrenaline was revealing a side of you you never seen before. As he was making his way up to your bra, you grabbed a hold of his belt buckle. Your confidence getting the better of you. You undid his belt along with his pants.

“You really want to do this?” He asked concerned. You just nodded desperately.

“What if your parents walk in on us….I think it would be clear I would be fired.” You giggled from how cute he was.

“When it comes to social gathering my parents won’t be back till midnight….trust me.” You said lustfully.

He went back to kissing you, slowly pulling your shirt above your head and on to the floor. You placed your hand once more to his now open pants buckle, gently rubbing the sensitive area. As you started feeling him get harder he grabbed your hand stopping you.

“I wont last much longer if you keep doing that.” He laughed out of breath.

His fingers danced up your thighs making their way under your skirt. You felt his finger hook the edge of your underwear pulling them down.

You could feel your heart beating out of your chest, but you loved every second of it.

You saw Taehyung looked down disappointed. “I don’t have…..-protection.”

You laughed from the worry on his face. “What….I wasn’t planning on coming here, thinkin-” You kissed him to stop his ramble.

“It’s fine….I’m on birth control.” You pulled down the rest of your underwear and tossed them to the floor. He leaned into you closer, quickly pulling his pants down only enough to be exposed.

He leaned his forehead to yours for a second like he was thinking. His breathing quickened when you felt his member brush your folds.

“You sure-” He asked once more.

“Yes Tae.”

Then he pushed into you, following your request. You quietly squealed from the surprise of his size. You stiffened until your body could adjust. “You okay?” He asked sweetly.

You nodded wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him in even closer. He started kissing your neck once again as he started thrusting inside of you deeper. You couldn’t help but moan loudly as he quicken his movements.

He suddenly stop putting his hand over your mouth. “Let’s try not to wake your siblings okay.” He laughed.

“Sorry.” You pouted.

He rocked his hips as he leaned into you, kissing your neck diligently. He quickened his speed harder hitting your g spot. You felt a rush as the pleasure was setting in. The only sound was your heavy breathing and the light tapping from underneath you. You felt your walls clench as you heard his low grunts, the way he was turning you on you were going to let go any second.

“Tae.” You cried.

“Fuck….I’m-” You couldn’t get your words out. You were a moaning mess as you felt sensitive from your orgasm flooding through. You were trying to refrain yourself as best as you could, but the ecstasy was throwing you off. The new feeling made you numb.

“Shhhh.” He smirked.

You could tell he was close from his movements being sloppy. You embraced him with another tender kiss to ease his pleasure. You felt your body go week as soon as his juices shot through your body warming you up, the whole experience made you feel drowsy. 

You guys were breathing heavy as you stopped to process what just happened. You bit your lip as you looked up at him nervously. “Do you want to go watch that movie now.” You suggested.

He looked at you amused and laughed. “Sure.”

You watched him back away from you and buckle his pants. You couldn’t help but blush, the way he looked at you was so sexy. You developed feelings for him in such a short time.

You were about to hop off the counter when he grabbed your hips helping you down. “Wow a gentleman.” You teased.

“I’m going to change into something more comfortable.” He nodded. As soon as you turned towards the stairs he grabbed your wrist pulling you to his chest. He grabbed the back of your neck pulling you in a deep passionate kiss.

“Don’t be too long.” He bit his lip and made his way to the living room.


You and Taehyung were cuddled up on the couch with a blanket drenched over you. He would steal kisses from you here and there. He was sweet and adorable and the butterflies in your stomach were never ending. You were hoping that this wasn’t a one time thing. He made you feel….happy.


Your parents came home at the time expected, 1 o'clock.

Your mother came into the living room surprised to see that you and Taehyung were sleeping on the couch, cuddled side by side.

“Minho, come look at this.”

Your father just arched an eyebrow.

“They look so cute.” Your mother said.

“Should we wake them?” Your father asked.

“No let them sleep.”


Part 2 on its way


Steve x Reader

Summary: What does the color pink stand for?

Word Count: +2.8k | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. Oral sex (f receiving), one nsfw gif (directly under the cut) UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang before you bang, bitches)  

A/N: so, i wrote some kinks that Steve may have and i just had to write this down, ugh. show me some love, give me some feedback. and this is my first time writing steve x reader smut, so go easy on me

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Safe Places.

Based on an ask I received!
I apologize, the story had to be edited so I rewrote the whole thing here!

Original idea by: @lightderin

Lance looked around at the accusing glares of his teammates, all different intensities. He smiled nervously, “Oops.”

They had been mapping out locations in the observatory of safe planets to land, or easy places to wormhole, in the case of an attack that needed quick escape.

The team had been at it for hours, and had over 120 spots pinpointed over multiple galaxies.

Lance, who had found the entire ordeal quite boring, had strolled away to check out the little holograms floating around.

He couldn’t help that it was hard for him to pay attention, ADHD did that to a person. Focusing just wasn’t his gig.

The blue paladin had started across the other side of the room, hands in his pockets and he just looked.

Until he thought he found Earth.

He should know what it looked like, he stared at its little hologram nearly every night.

Lance missed home.
He missed the people back there.

Without much thought, Lance reached forward to zoom in, a happy little smile on his lips.


Look at it, just right there—

“Aw, what the heck?!” A chorus of shouts came from behind and Lance jumped.

He turned to see the team staring at him, looking annoyed and tired. “Hm?”

Pidge motioned frantically to the hologram around them, “Lance, we lost our spot! We lost our points!”

Lance blinked, “…how?”

Keith groaned, “Idiot, because you were screwing around with the screen!”

Lance frowned, looking back at Earth, and saw how zoomed in it was and how the constellations and stars around him had changed too.

Oh, he didn’t think that one through.
Lance looked back at them and smiled nervously, “Oops?”

He was answered with grumbles, and a yawn from Hunk. They were tired and now were too frustrated to get significantly angry.

“Let’s go to bed, we can start again in the morning.” Shiro said, rubbing his forehead. “You too Lance.”

Lance rubbed his neck, looking at the ground as the team and the Altean duo walked past him.

He grunted when Keith bumped into him, “Watch where you’re going, Lance.” The red paladin spat.

Lance frowned.
Keith was the one who bumped into him!

“Oh yeah, mull—”
He was alone in the observatory.

He took a shaky breath, watching the doors close behind his friends, and sulked.

He had annoyed them all, again.

Why could he just keep his hands to himself? Look don’t touch, his mama had always said.

Lance sighed, arms coming up to pull up his hood and put it over his head. A safe place, where he could only see forward, and no one could see him.

Hoods were nice.
When you can only look back at your mistakes, they allow you to dream ahead and block out any side distractions.

It was a new world, your own world, and provided the blue paladin with a sense of security.


He sat down, back in front of Earth, letting it float nearer to him and he watched it carefully.

The blue light illuminating the white space his head was tucked into, and it was just those two.

Lance and Earth.
She was such a pretty lady.

His sadness escaped through a sigh, and he allowed himself to be calm.

Tonight, he would fix it.
Lance would stay up all night and go through the map an replot every point.

And as morning came, the hood would come off, and Lance would feel a little better.

Everything would be okay.

It had to be, otherwise what would have been the point of staying up all night to do all of this for his team?

He skipped breakfast, as that time came the following morning. Not that he was incredibly hungry anyway.

“203…204, wait, no…” Lance put down another point, rubbing his eyes and swaying in his spot.

Lance had marked down every point they had previously plotted, and finding he hadn’t been able to sleep, continued on.

The blue paladin barely noticed as a door opened behind him, and the team entered.

“Wh— Lance? We thought you were still sleeping, you weren’t at breakfast.” Princess Allura said with a hint of surprise in her tone.

Lance chuckled, “Nah, thought I would finish up some of our plotting.”

Team Voltron and the Alteans were staring in awe at the color coordinated dots that glowed amongst the light blue holographic model.

“What is this?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked over, rubbing an eye.
“I felt horrible last night, messing up the work you guys did. So I stayed up and fixed it. I even took the time to color coordinate them by condition, size, and whether or not they are open at certain times.”

Each had their jaw dropped, staring at their blue paladin. He had done all of that?

“Did you sleep at all?” Hunk spoke up, brows furrowed as he stared at his friend.

The poor kid looked drained; skin paled, bags under his eyes, and red in the corners.

He was exhausted.

It took them a moment to process this, watching as Lance sat down and smiled at them. “I even found more. In at over two hundred charted locations giving the correct conditions.”

Keith said it. “Idiot.”

Lance blinked, visibly flinching at the sudden words, not what he had expected at all.


Pidge looked annoyed, although it was probably at the fact Lance had done something tech related better than her for once.

“You stayed up ALL NIGHT? On a map that wasn’t even that important?” She said, gaping.

Lance paused, “Not that…Wh… But you guys got so upset when I messed it up, an worked on it all day!”

Keith rolled his eyes, “Yeah, it needed done, but it wasn’t life or death. Look at you!”

Shiro, in a nicer tone, agreed. “He’s right, Lance. You didn’t have to do this, and it’s not healthy putting yourself through such stress.”

Hunk bit his lip, “I mean, you’re really tired right? What if, What o Zarkon attacked and you just fell asleep durin battle?”

“He would KILL you.” Allura confirmed. Coran nodded.

“You’ve got to take care of yourself.”

Lance looked around at his friends, not believing what he was hearing in the slightest.

How could they accuse him like this?
How could they be so rude?

Lance had done this for them, staying up all night to fix his mistake. He had wants to make them happy!

The blue paladin wanted to be apart of the team and help out for once, even if it was in a simple manner.

He hadn’t wanted to be reprimanded for a deed he believed was good.

Frustrated tears appeared, and Lance crossed his arms. “Fine, whatever, I’ll go to bed. Do what you want with that.”

He stood up, swayed, and nearly toppled over with exhaustion. Lance couldn’t stand the worried looks he was getting.

The hood came back up.
Things were supposed to have been okay.

Lance marched to his room, rubbing his nose with an aggravated sniff and glaring the tears away.

It wasn’t okay.
Why couldn’t it ever be okay?

It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 3/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!

Word Count: 3,405

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: Almost a month later, but this fic is officially done :D I hope you all enjoy this fluffiness. 

Originally posted by mackievanstan

Work managed to distract you enough to not keep looking at the clock every five minutes. Despite part of your brain telling you that there was no way you had a date with Captain America, there was another part that couldn’t help but to hope this was true. And so, you found yourself daydreaming of showing up to the restaurant and seeing him there. What would you even say to him? What kind of greeting would you use? Would you address him as Captain, or maybe Mr. Rogers, or just Steve?

By the time you got home, you had a few outfit options in mind and made a beeline to the bathroom, taking a shower before you got started on getting ready.

Peter came around as you were choosing between four different outfits you had draped on your bed. He helped you picked the one that was form-fitting, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

“We gotta tease him,” he said.

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