I even open the door for you

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           “Oh, please. You’re all talk” you shrugged off your boyfriend, wriggling your eyebrows and turning on your heel, leaving your dumbstruck, jaw slacking, smirking boyfriend behind you as you opened the front door. Tossing the keys into the bowl and shrugging off your jacket, you heard his boots click in on the hardwood floor of his home, the door shutting and locking behind him.

           “Yes, I can!” He continued, even though you were halfway into the kitchen by now, leaving him by the door as he took off his expensive boots.

           Nothing at all sounded better than the bottle of wine you’ve been thinking about since after his dinner meeting, you all but sighed when it came into view on the rack in his kitchen. Grabbing two stemless wine glasses from the cupboard, you set them on the cool granite, reaching into the familiar drawer under you for a cork screw.

           “You need to give me a chance” you heard him behind you suddenly, jumping and gasping just a bit, clutching the corkscrew to your chest. The moment you opened your eyes and swallowed, he was leaning up against the counter next to you, that stupid smirk on his face, plucking the corkscrew from your hand, the bottle in his other hand.

           “What if I beat you?” you challenged, wriggling your brows and circling the massive granite island before you, perching yourself on one of the barstools across from him, your elbows on the cool stone, licking your lips.

           “Oooo, love”, he swiftly removed the cork from the bottle, pouring the liquid into both glasses, plopping a wine stopper into the bottle and joining you on the stool next to you, handing you your drink, “is that a challenge?” he leaned in close and smiled, taking a sip from his glass.

           “Possibly”, you shrugged, “but I think I’ll win”, you smirked and took a sip from your glass, eyes trailing off from him to the living room in front of you.

           “Confident little thing, aren’t you?” his free hand was now on your ear, tucking your hair behind it. Glancing over, you sipped from your drink again, blushing faintly. He took notice.

           “Looks like I’m already winning”, the back of his index finger danced over your cheek and you huffed, putting your wine glass down on the table, turning to face him.

           “Don’t be so sure, Styles”, you glared standing from where you were, slightly annoyed that he was taking you from your wine. It was your turn to put your hand on his face, cupping his cheek, your cold fingers making him shiver a bit, leaning in to kiss his forehead slowly, “bedroom. Now.”

           Your lips left his skin and once again, you turned from him and made your way into the bedroom, this time is hand was holding yours. Butterflies started to creep in your stomach at the coming events, the anticipation and sheer excitement that he was okay with experimenting, this early in your relationship, made your ears burn.

           Before you hit the threshold of the bedroom, you glanced over your shoulder to only make your stomach jolt even more: he was smirking, the shirt he was wearing was halfway un-buttoned, eyes half-lidded, holding his large hand in yours, the other hand still holding a glass of wine, taking a tiny sip.

           Stopping, you turned to face him, he bumped your chest lightly, his half-lidded eyes peering down at you, bottom lip stuck between his teeth.

           “Hello”, he hummed playfully.

           “Wait here”, you were so drunk off of his smell, his aura, his everything – that you were tempted just to give up and let him have this, let him have you, let him win – but somehow, you caught your second wind and watched him take another sip of his wine, pushing his chest further into you when your hands rested on his pectoral muscles, taking a step back, “come in before I say so and I’ll chop your balls off” you peered and pointed your finger, fleeing to the bedroom, closing the door on him.

           Even though you were crashing at his place this weekend, you knew you had to have packed something, some sort of toy, that if, just in case, this conversation came up, you’d be ready. And here it was, right before you, as you ransacked your bag, in the tiny zippers and compartments, swearing yourself off that you didn’t’ think about this – until your fingers landed on it. You could cry of happiness when you took it out and realized it was not just what you needed, but it was the right one. Grabbing a few more things, you hid it in his nightstand quickly and made your way back to the door, glaring at it to see that it was opened just a hair.

           “Hey!” you swung the door open and put your hand on your hip, “what did I tell you?” his finger was pointed out as if he had been poking the door, the cockiest grin on his face.

           “I didn’ open it allllllll the way”, he rolled his eyes and made direct eye contact with you, his free hand wrapping around your waist, “may I come in, now?”

Cookies [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: I need more Sebastian. somebody give me Sebastian rp or something. I have a Sebastian shaped hole in my heart

Who would know that opening doors when you’re drunk is so hard?! Frustrated, Sebastian twists the knob again, shoving his shoulder into the wood; his hand slips off. “Fuck!” he shouts, giggling as he tries yet another time. Okay, he’s got this. “Y/N/NNNN… I need heeeelp!” he sings, mouth hovering in front of the apartment door.

Suddenly, it opens and you stare back at him, arms firmly crossed over your rosy red tank top. You do not look amused. “Woah! You look…sss’hot…” the former Warbler smirks, black petticoat wrinkling at his elbows. Oh man, the temperature - “I’m hot!” he exclaims, wrapping his hands around his clothing.

Before you can even register, his jacket lands on the floor as he walks in. Sebastian stumbles but manages to kick off his shoes, chuckling the whole time. “Um… Seb? Why are you…” you pause, gesturing to the ground, “Here?” you try, bending your upper body to the side. Your black sleep shorts sway against your thighs while you follow him.

Sebastian rips off his black and blue striped shirt, leaving his chest bare, and tosses it on the floor. “I want cookies.” he randomly states, spinning to face you. Locking eyes with you, he unbuttons his dark washed skinny jeans and pulls the zipper down. Oh my god; you cover your eyes as he drops his pants, face completely stoic. “I was at the club-” he hiccups, stepping out of the jeans. “And I re’lly wanted those kiss cookies you make. The ones with the kisses on top and peanut butter and taste très bon (very good)…” he mutters, rubbing his flat stomach, green eyes scanning the cabinets.

Snorting at the sight of the Warbler scratching his tummy, you shake your head. Gently stepping in front of the brunette, you grab a container from the lowest shelf, waving it. “You mean these cookies?” you grin, craning your neck faintly.

Gasping, Sebastian’s eyes go wide and his hands fly out, snatching the container. “Mmm… cookies…” he hums, popping the plastic top off. His long fingers pink up a treat, bringing it to his lips: chestnut locks fanning in front of his ears. “‘hank you…” he mumbles, chewing. The container is cradled to his chest while he stalks back into the living room.

Laughing, you roll your eyes at your boyfriend, putting away stray dishes that the boys didn’t put away. It only takes a few minutes until you finish. “Hey, Seb, I was w-” you cut yourself off, hearing soft snores. Quietly, you tiptoe into the room, smiling at the sight of one of your boyfriends passed out on the couch; cookie hanging from his lips, body hunched. “Aw…”

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Im curious what if s/o is so stressed It makes Her Sick af but she has no idea of how To deal with that and 76/reaper try To help Her uh Can You do Lil fics for 76 and reaper ?( like 2 fics)

Soldier 76

You felt nausea building up, hands burrowed in your hair. Tears welled up in your eyes as you stared at the swimming paperwork. A tear slipped out and that nausea built up even more. The door opened and you didn’t even look up as Jack slipped in.

“Do you know you’re doing this to yourself,” he asks, hand hesitantly resting on your shoulder.

“Yes,” you stressed, “I can’t help it.”

“How about we take a break,” he pulled your firm grip off of the desk, “Before you vomit.”

You struggled for a moment before acquiescing, tiredly following him. He made you turn around, resting his hands on your shoulder. He pressed into the muscle, massaging the skin underneath him.

You groaned as he worked out your kinks, your shoulders relaxing and stress ebbing. Way too soon he pulled away, you feeling a lot better.

“Thank you,” you murmured and he pressed a tender kiss to your forehead.

“No problem,” he whispered, breath tickling your skin, “Let me know if I can help again.”


You leaned against the bathroom door, body shaking as you vomited into the toilet. Shivers spread through your body, suddenly cold and you hesitantly flushed down your sick.

“If I come in are you going to vomit on me?” Reaper’s muffled voice came from behind the door.

“No,” you groaned, head pressing against the cool seat.

The door opened and the wraith stood there, dropping down next to you. He rubbed your back as shivers wracked your body. 

“You should probably learn how to relax,” he deadpanned and you groaned, “Especially when you get so worked up you vomit.”

“I’ve tried everything,” you felt tears prickle at the corners of your eyes, your bottom lip shaking.

“Shh,” he cooed and he rubbed a little faster.

“Let’s try to deal with this,” he finally said, hand reaching out for you to take.

When you took it he helped you out, returning back to the paperwork. Giving you tips on how to relax a little while you work.

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*OPENS DOOR* I LOVE THIS BLOG AND YOU THE AUTHOR (cough: even though it sometimes gets me reared up) *SLAMS DOOR*... *OPENS DOOR* 💋💋😙😙🎉🎉🙋👍👍 *SLAMS DOOR*



Christ, I think my ears just popped. How is that even possible? I don’t have any eardrums anymore, let alone ears!

I’m at the clinic again. John is sitting in what looks like the staff room, halfheartedly nibbling on a sandwich. The last few days have taken their toll on him. There are dark circles around his eyes and he is drooping in his seat.

The door opens and he straightens up, trying to look more alert, but it’s not much of an improvement.

Sarah: Hi! Wow…you look like hell.

J: And hello to you, too.

Sarah:Been out late, huh?

Sarah sniggers while hanging up her jacket. The contrast between her and John is startling. Freshly showered and with a relaxed glow to her face, she must have just arrived, enjoying a late morning before her shift.

J: You can say that.

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There’s a soft smile on his face, causing her to lift an inquiring eyebrow at him as she take a seat opposite of him.

J: Not like that. I was working a case with Sherlock.

Sarah: Ah. Running around London all night, catching bad guys again. I see.

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He rolls his eyes at her smirk and takes a long swallow from his cup of coffee.

J: Stop it. I told you, we are not like that.

Sarah: Not saying anything.

She gestures as if zipping her mouth shut and gets up to pour herself a cup from the still hot pot of coffee on the counter.

Sarah: By the way, there is a medical conference up at Edinburgh next week. With panels, showings, discussions, the full monty. Melanie was going to come with me, but since she had to take her maternity leave a little early, I was wondering if you were interested in going?

John blinks over at her in befuddlement.

J: Me?

Sarah: Why not? Paul and Amanda don’t want to go and most of the expenses are already paid for. It would be stupid to let it go to waste. And you look like you could do with some R&R.

She is leaning against the counter, sipping from her mug, while John regards her with a thoughtful expression.

J: I do have family up at Glasgow. Haven’t seen them in ages. Might be nice to drop by and pay them a visit. If the surgery can spare me for a couple of days, that is.

Sarah: Shouldn’t be a problem. Nurse Addy might go into hysterics, but you know how she is.

John widens his eyes in mock horror.

J: Do I Ever.

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Do you have any irrational fears?

I’d say yeah, I always get this feeling of panic/fear when I’m alone and I have to open the door or closet because I think that someone is gonna be standing behind it even though I know that’s not the case. It’s so silly but I can’t help it

Okay. so. I’m back. But I need to make some changes in how I do things on here. A lot of it is a me thing, I need to check certain thinking at the door and I am not going to be posting anything about my mental health on here. I will be creating a blog to express that sort of thing, in the hopes it will help me (and maybe even help others battling anxiety and depression). It’s not that I don’t want to be open and honest, and I will still discuss things privately with people if need be, but I don’t want my mental health to bleed into and affect this blog. If you do want to follow my mental health blog, I’ll be more than happy to give you the url when I created though :)

The next thing I need to address is the number of threads I have. I currently have 60 drafts, and that’s just too many. I will be dropping all my current drafts to start fresh. This does not mean, however, that I’m dropping ships or anything. If you want to continue any of the ships we had, please please let me know and we can start something fresh with them. However I may not be able to do all the ships at once, as I need to think about the amount I’m doing with each person, so I am not getting overwhelmed, and can get more quality replies out faster. 

Lastly, I just want to say a huge thank you so so much to those people that have been there for me the last few months. I know it’s been really rough, almost impossible at times, but you guys have truly been angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Ezra returned to Cherry’s house later that evening, around nine o’clock. Cherry was sitting on the couch when she heard the door open and saw him walk in. When she walked over to him, he pulled her into a hug. She was taken by surprise at first, but hugged him back just as tight.

“Thank you so much, Cherry, it means the world,” Ezra said.

“It wasn’t a problem at all, Ezra. You really have a wonderful daughter,” Cherry replied.

Ezra smiled at her, “I know… God, I’ve really been blessed with her. She gives me almost no trouble, ever. She falls asleep and stays asleep, she’s smart, she loves to talk… I don’t know what I’d do without her,” he said, exhaling. 

Cherry smiled back. She couldn’t begin to understand the closeness between Ezra and his daughter, but she knew it was a bond that she always wanted to have with a child. 

wow i cant wait to have my own apartment n come running down the hallway to my door in my heels after a long day at work and opening my door and hearing the sound of my keys hitting the counter and looking at what mail arrived that day and then going to the bathroom and taking care of myself and applying lotions to my entire body n applying face masks and listening to the way you look tonight by frank sinatra on vinyl n dancing around slowly while wearing nothing but my cute lace bra & undies n a dark red silky lace robe that i havent even wrapped around my body yet and makin myself a snack. i cant wait to get to that.

Are you ever sorry?“ He asked.

"For loving you?” She smiled and shook her head. “No. There are so many things to be sorry for, but loving you isn’t one of them.”

For some reason, that answer made him even more restless.

“What are the things you’re sorry about, then?” He asked after a while.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t quite right for you. That you weren’t quite right for me. That the timing wasn’t quite right for us. We were never lacking in love. It wasn’t ever a question of whether we loved each other enough or not, because if love could fill a whole room - ours would have needed more space. It would have burst out of the windows and banged open doors.” She stopped, and smiled such a sad smile it broke his heart all over again.

“You know I loved you so much.” He whispered.

She reached out to squeeze his hand and said, “I know, darling. I know. But even the greatest of loves cannot withstand the wars of this world. And no matter how much we loved each other, it wasn’t a war we were supposed to win.

—  we were beautiful but we weren’t quite right // Genefe Navilon

Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. 

Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.

{PART 22} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You hear the great history of Vampires as you have never heard it before. But as the door into Jungkook’s world is opened wide for you - many more open in turn. Jungkook finds himself overwhelmed with anger - and that anger turns into something you least expected.

“His love and protection were both her weapon and shield. She didn’t belong or willingly surrender to anyone; anyone that was, except him.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 21} {Part 22} {Part 23}

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Reptilian Anatomy 101

Our normally cautious Elf wasn’t so cautious this time and ran into a room without first checking.

DM: You open the door and startle a Medusa. You see her eyes and feel your finger tips begin to stiffen and lock into place. You’re stuck in the doorway.

Elf: Watch out! Medusa!

Me the Gnome:  I’m coming!

Me OOC: I run in past (Elf) only looking at the ground to avoid making eye contact with the Medusa. I want to slowly raise my head until I see her mid section and throw my javelin.

Rogue OOC: Yeah, throw it at her vagina!

Me OOC: *stops rolling*Wait, would a Medusa even have a vagina or would she have a cloaca?

Battle stops and a discussion of mythical creatures & reptilian anatomy ensues.

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”

Spiderboy And The Invisible Girl

Pairing: Peter Parker x Inhuman!reader

Summary: You’re the invisible Avenger, both figuratively and literally, as an accident when you were a little kid caused you to gain the power to turn invisible. Even when you’re not invisible you manage to blend in, until Peter Parker joins the team.

Warnings: Language (goddammit Tony)

A/N: Tagging @skymundane477@takenbymyfandoms​ and @pattypotterpevensie​ bc I know you guys love Peter as much as I do xx

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after months of trying to make sense out of this damn apartment i finally sat down and did the math (or like. i didn’t do math at all, which is why the proportions are all wrong. sorry about that lol). i think this is pretty accurate? possibly? man i’ve looked at every single angle i can find of all these rooms now and this is like. the only way for the whole thing to make sense? i think?

the only thing i can’t map out is where the door ins ep7 is (where isak opens the door for even and they make out). i have two guesses, which is why there are these vague (front door?) things in blue. lmao. i’m pretty sure where the blue door where the boys leave is tho (the one that just says front door). 

but! let me know if you can find any mistakes or have any new thoughts!!

{PART 10} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook watches you become more acquainted with cousin, he also manages to share some of his worries concerning you; with Taehyung being able to draw out Jungkook’s true heart of the whole situation.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1}// {Part 9} {Part 10} {Part 11}

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This Valentines Day
  • Whether you're spending it longing
  • Fisherman: Would you stop putting chocolates in the ocean? You're probably poisoning the dolphins!
  • Laughing
  • Laurens: Okay, way way mon amay Jeh mapple Lafayette?
  • Lafayette: *chokes on drink*
  • Working
  • Mulligan: If someone asks me to sew one more pair of god damn assless chaps for another "valentines day surprise" I'm swear to god
  • Traveling
  • Madison: Sir you smell like you haven't showered in weeks
  • Jefferson: I know isn't France great
  • Or even mourning
  • Burr: Dear Theodosia, what to say to you...
  • Just remember th-
  • *cough*
  • Just reme-
  • *cough*
  • What is that loud coughing nois-
  • Peggy: AND PEGGY!
  • Oh, right! Ahem
  • Or even being forgotten
  • Peggy: Finally thank y- heYWAITASEC-
  • JUST remember that no matter how you're spending your Valentine's Day
  • Eliza: *opens door to Alexander with a half eaten box of chocolate*
  • You're always loved
  • Hamilton: Mmrph?
  • Eliza: *sigh* I love you too honey
  • ~<3