I enjoy color

Give a little time to me or burn this out,
We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around,
All I want is the taste that your lips allow,
My, my, my, my, oh give me love,

Some Mianite doodles of Alyssa and Mot <333


                                              I am Haise Sasaki. Today I am Haise Sasaki.

                   I am Haise Sasaki. Haise Sasaki I am. I was Haise Sasaki. A Ghoul Investigator.

                     I don’t know of a 3-2-1 Investigator Kaneki investigation. I don’t know him.


I have no idea if a Free! and Steven Universe crossover has been done yet, (Free!ven Universe?) but have some crappy doodles of whom may be whom. One of my non-tumblr friends helped me figure out whom would be whom. If it’s hard to tell:
Steven: Nagisa –> Rose: Makoto
Garnet: Haru –> Ruby: Rin Saphire: Sousuke
Amethyst: Momo
Pearl: Ai
Connie: Rei

The bonus consists of people whom I think would fit the characters as well. I didn’t get the chance to draw Goro, but I think he’d be a good Greg. Expect nicer art of this in the future!

Well, this reaffirmed my belief that blue tinted animals are hard to draw. The glossiness of the colored pencil wax bloom reflecting the light did NOT help.

Quirks and oddities aside, a lot of effort and care went into this one, and when I wasn’t second guessing every little thing, I was enjoying it.

Colored pencils (Derwents and Caran d’Ache) on Fabriano Tizziano pastel paper, roughly 11x13″ (28 x 33 cm). This is a commissioned piece, so please do not use, thank you!

thekingyeager asked:



[high res or something, idk]

Send me a ✄ and I’ll write your URL in my handwriting.

WOW! how long has it been since I did a full on color drawing e_e;;

when i said this is gonna be chibi…i lied haha

edit - fix and add some details

andarkness23 asked:

14, 4, 3

already did 14 so-

4- lineart or coloring?

UM LINEART DEFINITELY!! i do not enjoy coloring that much, mostly because i suck at it

3- show a thing you last drew

well, disregarding the ask memes i drew for, i did a really ugly oikawa doodle last night before i went to bed

And just like that it's day 7 of the Fairy Tail 30 Day Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Ending
Don’t Think Feel!

Most of the time endings for any given anime are kinda slow paced and little bit on the gloomy side for some reason not this one it’s full of pop, color, and the music itself is really upbeat like I have this song on a playlist for when I wake up and I’m not going to lie it wakes me up just cause of how fast and loud it is plus they did good incorporating the beat to the animation in the ending itself which is like pure gold to look at for an animation major like me to just watch! 
And like I said COLOR!