I enjoy color


It was bound to happen someday but hey here’s Bill in a suit! Just one big goofing around with style and colors, the black and white one is quite inspired by R. Sugar! ( twitter | treat me for coffee! )


NozoNico week
Day 2: Comfort

Pic 1 : 
↳ Nozomi : AHAHA look Nicocchi look! ahahahaha!!
↳ Nico : keep your voice down woman it’s annoying!

Pic 2 :
↳ Nozomi : *didn’t expect the jumpscare right after it and screams*
↳ Nico : JFC MY ARMS!!!! MY ARMS!!!!

Pic 3 : 
↳ Nico : hey Nozomi. are you okay?
↳ Nico : hello– earth to Nozoboobs?
↳ Nico : …

Pic 5 :
↳ Nico : Better now?
↳ Nozomi : *nods*
↳ Nico : D’aaw come here~ let this great Nico Nico nii gives you a hug♥

*P.S. Nico already watch the whole movie ahead and keep it down from Nozomi

Trick or Treat! Halloween Yohamaru!

Yoshiko didn’t want to put on a costume at first, because she is “a demon herself”…But how about her girlfriend being a fallen angel at her side?


Finally… Beach Day! 

I enjoy imagining these two quietly watching waving crabs pass by ~ so peaceful  (。◝ ◡ ◜。) ♡ 
There’s just something so charming about Odagiri and Fukumoto together ~