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I'm sorry if this comes off as weird or something I was just wondering how you stay motivated to draw. Ive been drawing and practicing for about 18 years now and its only seemed to get worse? Like its a chore to physically pick up my tablet and draw and I've found myself getting so stressed and angry about it. Do you have any advice?

i don’t draw when i don’t feel like drawing. thats kinda bad advice cuz i guess forcing urself to practice and study is how u improve, but since im kinda focused more on just makin stuff i like and not learning at this point in my life, i don’t rly feel compelled to practice.

but the other thing is that, i do like drawing. so i usually go thru periods of drawin lots and then some days/weeks where i touch my tablet maybe once or twice, cuz im not feelin the need to. imo drawing always becomes a chore when ive got “assignments”. i took one art class in my entire life, in 9th grade, and it was hell. i failed everything for the entire semester and the teacher was awful and it made me go through a period of nearly a whole year where i never drew anything aside from some notebook doodles- not cuz i “gave up on art” just cuz i was tired of it and it felt like a homework assignment and not a fun hobby.

i guess just try to find ur motivation. instead of forcing urself to do it and be miserable, remind urself that it’s a choice you can make every day and ask why you want to make the choice to draw. lean towards the positive- like “ok, i definitely have improved since 3 months ago, so im gonna keep at it, i know im going somewhere” instead of “this sucks i hate this i just have to get it over with so i can be better eventually”

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Prompt #1. 'Are you drunk?' for Vax/Percy if you're still doing it? Just want to say how much I love everything you write as well. They really brighten bad days!

1. “Are you drunk?”

“Ah, Vax’ildan. How are you on this fine evening?”

“Percy. I thought you were working.”

“Well,” says Percy with a wide smile, light glittering off his glasses so Vax cannot see what he is thinking, and it unsettles him to be wrong footed, “I was. And now, I’m not.” 

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