I dont take selfies so I dont have very many lmao

opinions of signs as people i know

(im a pisces sun and gemini moon)

aries: so good in every way i don’t know how they do what they do. down to earth and honest, will always give you a legitimate answer. genuinely cares about all their friends, witty as fuck. always positive and sends out gud vibes. somehow procrastinates on shit for hours but gets it done. they throw shade tactfully so no one ever knows. forgetful at times.

taurus: forgets how great they are at times, but can end up wallowing in self-pity. super procrastinators, extremely welcoming as a person and probably is cool with u. excellent cookers. subtweets a lot. treats u like family, but you’ll know if they dislike you. great taste in music. all memories with them are good ones, unless u piss them off. always has a lot on their mind. good people if u need to vent to someone. highly valued friends.

gemini: absolutely wonderful, is actually the living embodiment of sunshine. truly just wants the best for u. has their days, but who doesn’t. prone to anxiety. has a line for everything. youre either their friend or you want to be. witty as hell the one thing that’s true, loves to make people laugh and build relationships. loves to be involved, can adapt well. sometimes is overwhelmed by life. someone who will go out of their way to help u. book smart but often naive. dont dismiss them because theyre a gemini, they are more than worth ur time.

cancer: sweet like diabetes bruh. they honest to god radiate positive and good vibes. thinks theyre living in a disney channel movie. i always picture them with a smile. empathetic, willing to help. makes a bigger deal than it is and cry for ages, or theyll brush it off like it never happened. forgiving. dont take advantage of it, eventually theyll stop coming back around and it will hurt. gets carried away at times and will manipulate stories. likes laughing at dumb things.

leo: steals the show, if u find out someones a leo it makes sense. furiously protective, would probably die for their friends. so great with people but often loses focus. doesnt cope well, but they will deal with things. more sensitive than u think. loves to laugh, ur stomach will hurt when ur with them. a foodie. wants u to do ur best. sometimes its hard to tell whether theyre serious or not. always on their phones and enjoys a good meme.

libra: every single libra ive met is like my bff. rapid talkers, always have something going on in their head and they’re constantly thinking, it’s insane. probably going to be ballin by age 20. truly beautiful inside and out. indecisive as fuck which can lead to real life problems and lots of dilemmas. loves telling a good story and likes having attention. gets good gifts. has a great sense of style. wants to explore the world. appreciates little things. can listen to any type of music i swear

virgo: the ones i know i have gorgeous eyes. often lets their priorities slip. in great shape. humbled, ive never heard one brag or talk about themselves. good at reading people. has a small group of friends that they love deeply. will listen to you. loves adventures and new things. looks for improvement. gets hung up on the wrong things. the last person to talk about their feelings. always looks like theyre up to something. 

scorpio: true embodiment of emo. is always wearing a bitch face, but you get to know them and they will treat you like they’ve known u for their whole life. down to do legit anything. someone you can sit in silence with for hours and have it not feel awkward. lots of trust issues. bad with breakups and letting go. goofy as hell. loves writing. if they let u in be thankful. 

sagittarius: will show u a good time, you could spend days with them and never get bored. youll know if they dont like u. notoriously flaky. generally pretty attractive. has 10 bitches on call. doesnt fall easily, but when they do its hard. can act sort of ditsy sometimes, dont let that fool u. class clown. theyre paying attention a lot more than u might think. very selective on what they want to put their effort towards. dont get emotionally attached to one unless u wanna get wrecked

capricorn: individualistic as fuck, each one has their own really unique style. killer sense of humor. screaming deep down inside. best at decision making and prioritizing for success, but sometimes it can be difficult to follow through. does stuff on their own terms. u think theyre high all the time, but thats just who they are. they probably smoke too though. will stick through thick and thin for you. can hold grudges for ages and really aloof. loves alternative music. u dont understand how great they are until u get to know one. 

aquarius: the best sense of humor, enjoys shows like The Office. as harsh as they can be, theyre kind of sensitive too? gets frustrated with friends. somewhat intimidating to approach. furiously loyal. loves to be outside and animals and shit. wants to do whats best for them and cuts off shitty people. under appreciated. never tries to look good, but when they do its like a kiss from the heavens on both of ur eyelids.  wastes time a lot. somewhat aloof until you get to know them. 

pisces: (lmao me) creative powerhouses, can spit poetry and loves lyrics with good meanings. gives too many chances to shitty people. likes to get along with everyone. down to do anything. loves to be sad as fuck and gets swallowed in self pity a lot. has individualistic opinions that they will share. craves a good relationship and good conversations. can be two faced. truly looks for the best in people. likes posting selfies. lightweight crazy bitches but in the best way. feels deeply. 

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what’s one thing you wish you had the time for but don’t?

Haircare. Learning how to groom and style your hair is super important in most Native American families, and mine is no exception. My grandma always made sure I was washing/conditioning correctly and my father sat down to brush my hair 100 strokes EVERY NIGHT, so for most of my life my hair has been very long and very healthy. Of course… when I turned 16 I went through my rebellious “cut my hair short becuase im #edgy” phase and now that im in college I dont have the time/money to take care of my hair the way it should be, but I’m really hoping I will get back into the ritual of it all when Im a bit older!

what’s your favorite type of tea?

Im team hot cocoa thanks lol

dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or neither?


candles or christmas lights?

I have sting lights EVERYWHERE around my bedroom so christmas lights all the way.

you’re on a ten hour flight. what book do you bring?

”Spinning Straw into Gold” by Joan Gould (read this if you can its INCREDIBLE)

what’s one thing you look for in a friend?

hhmmmmm, I like honesty above all. When people start going behind my back/telling lies/playing games I drop them so fast lol.

what movie do you watch when you’re sick?

Howl’s Moving Castle <3

what do you love about yourself the most?

I’m good at making others feel comfortable/welcomed! I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I like to know everyone around me is being taken care of, which is probably why so many people jokingly call me “mom” lol.

what kind of a tagger are you on tumblr (no tags, tags for organization, uses tags to scream, etc.)?

I have a few specific tags I use for finding certain posts, but I usually dont tag ships or what show/movie/video game a post is from. Occasional yelling if im re blogging a gift or something by a friend.

what book series were you obsessed with in middle school?

I was a Percy Jackson nut (and still am!) 

leave a cute baby animal gif <3


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Your questions!

  1. Ice Cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt?? Favorite flavor?
  2. What do you do on your “down days”?
  3. Stomach, back, or side sleeper?
  4. What was the last thing you watched on youtube?
  5. Which fictional character would you want to be stranded on an island with?
  6. Whats your favorite way of treating yourself on a budget?
  7. If you could finish one thing today what would it be?
  8. Name one video game you will always come back to.
  9. What was your archetype in school? Were you the popular kid? The funny one? The Naruto-runs-down-the-hallways type?
  10. How often do you change your blog theme?
  11. Post a selfie or a picture of your pet. Or both!


  • can u imagine it though? boo with those sharp teeth ;;; and red eyes
  • itd take him a while to tell you that he’s a vampire
  • but when its time this kid would be fearless and just straight tell you that he’s a vampire but becomes a bit nervous when you didnt say anything for the first 10 seconds
  • “vampire still exists? oh wow thats cool but you dont look like one” when he showed his fangs tho you’d jump a bit bc he did that so suddenly
  • “are u not scared” “i mean i am scared but i love you so its ok” HE’D BLUSH LIKE CRAZY AND BE TOTALLY EMBARRASSED
  • he’s so whipped like im gonna tell u that now
  • “lets take a walk”
  • “its 2 in the morning”
  • he’d sass you on a daily basis but you’d sass him back but you know he’ll win anyway
  • daily sass competition
  • seungkwan talking in his sleep but you cant make out what it is bc he sounds like he’s speaking some alien languages all you heard was the word blood which creeps u out a little bit
  • the type to be all confident around you but is actually so nervous and worry about all the little things he do
  • he’s gonna buy a puppy fro your anniversary knowing how much you want a puppy since so long ;; the puppy will be on a small box with a blue bow on its neck telling you its a boy
  • he would hold your hand everytime he get the chances to you see he wants to show you off to everyone ‘ok look at this beautiful human being right here shes mine’
  • “what do u think about having lunch with my mom shes coming here in a month”
  • AND YOUD BE NERVOUS BC OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING ???? A LUNCH??? WITH MRS. BOO????? youre gonna be a mrs. boo too hey
  • halloween with seungkwan??? WOULD BE FUN
  • you guys wouldnt dress as anything but youd run from house to house pranking them its seungkwans idea since when did he become a rebel
  • you both will laugh as you ran away from the house before you got caught he would hold ur hand and smile at you so lovingly why
  • its halloween yes and its midnight but he’d ask you to slow dance with him in the empty street with him singing a song that only made you laugh
  • kissing him after that as he tightened his grip on your waist ;;
  • im listening to when i grow up and its not helping totally iwant to cry its midnight
  • him singing you to sleep and his voice is ???? is this boy real
  • but would he bite you now thats the real question
  • ofc he would lmao
  • no but seriously he would just bluntly said out of nowhere that he wants to taste ur blood tHIS BOY youll gladly give in tho aDMIT IT
  • ok so short story he did bite u and it could either be intense or filled with laugh bc he keeps making jokes about it theres no inbetween i can see him laughing in the middle of you hissing at the pain
  • “do u think this outfit is good on me?” you dont even get the chance to answer bc he answered it himself “lmao duh ofc”
  • making out with seungkwan ??????? this boy is like what???? 17???? he is my son
  • but kissing seungkwan would be very nice even it’d take him a while to eventually kiss you remember he’s a sucker for you his palms get sweaty when he’s around you and basically he’s just v nervous to look at you in the eyes and kiss you
  • and when you finally kissed he’s gonna kiss you like anytime bc he loves it it feels like he’s close to you somehow
  • MAKING OUT WITH HIM WOULD JUST HAPPEN ACCIDENTALLY like youre just casually sitting on the couch he’d came up and kiss the corner of your lips you turned your head so he can kiss you and that is how it starts
  • his hand would be on the hem of your shirt and without reAlizing he’s lifting the up a bit and when he realized he’s gonna be like sORRY OH MY GOD but then theres a pause and he’s gonna be like actually? im not sorry and kiss you again
  • “that was great we should do that more often” YOURE 17
  • he’s gonna keep you updated when he’s away taking cute selfies or even him trying to be cool showing his fangs and all
  • buys you matching clothes
  • leave a very long yet cute voicemail where he just rants and tells you how he wish youre there to cuddle with him bc he doesnt get a partner :~(
  • “. …..actually coups hyung is sleeping alone bc jeonghan hyung chose to sleep with joshua hyung instead of him but no way i wouldnt want to sleep with him”
  • when he’s practicing and came home late, he’d see you watching the tv alone trying not to make any noise he IS GONNA SCARE YOU FROM BEHIND I KNEW IT
  • he’d laugh and apologize probably do some aegyo too
  • “ok now can u just forgive me lets sleep” and you’d say nothing so he’d carry you to your room and literally hug you so you cant escape
  • “i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu” starts making random songs with random beat
  • maybe he’d even raps
  • but he wouldnt stop bc he just wants to hold you close and he wants this moment to last forever how cheesy he’s gonna strokke your hair and sings a song that you like him singing before you sleep when he felt that youre asleep he’s just gonna admire you ;;;;;
  • wondering how he got so lucky to call you his and he’d want to keep it that way fOREVER OGHFHM

NICE is this good enough yall???? for more vampire!au click here

I FUCKIN HIT 10K!!!!! FUK.. ok i’ve been wanting to make a follow forever for so long so this has given me the perfect opportunity. Thanks for following me and therefor encouraging my louis thirst ( i promise it will never die). I’ve been wanting to get to 10k since the day i got out of my mama’s tummy.. so thanks a very much a lot. dreams come true kids.
ok here we go this might be a little long.. also sorry if i forget you i’m literally trash and it’s 2 am.

(also creds to my best pal for the edit even tho they dont have tumblr rifp). 

bolded are favs, italics are the squad. here we go.


Special mentions (not in order):

unrulyhealy: Hana my mother. i dont know which one of your blogs to tag so im gonna do this one because i think it’s your more active one? i love you lots like jelly tots youre so lame and you drag my ass so much but its ok bc i drag you right back. i love you and ur gross haddy thirts

haddyfic: lmao liv your haddy thirst is extreme and i love it. also i cant belieb you suck minion peen. ily

nsfwpayno: regine my innocent child. ily youve turned me into such a liam stan im so glad we became pals. your name on my phone still has the pasta emoji next to it rest in fucking peace. 

welingtonvideo: monster cock full of seed. everytime i see your name my monstrous beef stick goes from 100% chubbed to the sad shit dick photo.

louiswillian: sophie ily youre so funny and your love for louis is truly beautiful. (also youre v  savage i love it)

shadylarrie: my sweet bagen… you know how youre a bagel.. when you nut.. does cream cheese come out?.. 

newmanagement:  i love you kaddy… the way you drag ppl chubs by willy right up. Your use of chicken memes makes me crie with joy. i lov you and your hegg

leedsfics:  all i can say about you is that youre a true ho. 100%. the realest there is

aatyo: serena your art is also one of the things that chubs my willy up. i cant believe you drew that squad thing what a mess it was beautiful.

hickeylou: my willy is hard as i type this because im thinking of the fic youre gonna write..listen that will be the cause of my death. I love you loads youre so funny and great and also everytime i see your url i think of louis covered in hickeys and i think thats beautiful.

girlsmp4: megman.. youre the man ily.. hmu memether. (also thank you for helping me out with that download that one time ill be forever grapeful)

louietrash:  i can’t believe i’m giving a special mention to a narrie… i take it back. jk ily

harrietrash: allison i highkey love you and ur blog ok. it’s so refreshing to find someone else who hates the same people (-:

sugarbabykink​: rachep youre so funny i love your blog and your selfies are sO pretty i love you youre the cutest

# - E

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F - K

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L - N

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O - U

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V - Z

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hi yes hello this is my speed follow forever i do one every time i hit in the hundreds but this was some speed gaining and im kinda cryign bc i didnt expect it to come so fast who a im gonna have 2 do this sparingly but!! so many more friends came holy moly im :’) 

snazzy friends hello ((pls hmu))

asslord / bootyvibes / chemburleechurch-of-minho / crayonpoppunk / fuckyousunggyu / gaebara / goonhara / h0ejoon / himchan / hogays / hyadain / hyucake / inkyoo / jungcrocs / kimnogjog / koha-i / kolorau / little-jiyongs / lrritus / lvl21 / myalltimefavorite / oppa420 / oppas-eyeliner / parkjimbles / peperomint / rapmemester / sadhoya2001 / sangdont / sehuns-left-testicle / tsmwildturtle / tukut / tyleroppathecreator / vixxtoobomb / xehyun / xiumaine / yongguccimane / yungleean / yungnoona / z1c / zomqjessica

still cooler than me blogs ((and i re alize i follow a lot of fantakens n fyeahs this si gonna be hard))

boysjpeg / bvixxchyelo / crayonflopg-y-u / hnogbin / hoseokz / hyeok / infinitblaq / jddww / jelliedae / jiyeolie / kimseokjinksgyu / leopets / oppafightme / rapmonsters / iwatobi-gangtsentofficialvixxtoobomb / youngaje 

n last.. r my biases (ha ha its like writing valentine’s cards)

apogees - serena ur my favorite tao stan and ur selfies r so gr8 you r truly amazing
baekn0 - bethany ur a wonderful person and ur EYELINER HOW U DO THAT it’s awesome. ur awesome. 
baehwan - kay can take over a nation with her selfies its future life AND wife goals tbh i want to meet u someday
baldfather - cindy ur so adorable i would like a pocket sized cindy to make fun of on the go
chanyounot - i attempted justine’s leg thing n i almost broke my hip but justine is the cool n her leg thing is outta this world
choi-jae - kaede we’ve just started talking but ur just so cute ur probably cute irl what am i saying UR CUTE ALL AROUND
daddyong - nicole and I thirst follow buddies for LIFE
deepthoughtsbykanyewest - annie/kanye.,, we may not have kpop related url’s but we keep the game going B)
donutfetish - taylor ur the first internet friend that actually held a conversation with me at one point ur the coolest person bay area buddies forever
equilibris - tay is love. tay is life., love u tay
ewbangtan - michelle ur a beautiful person inside and outside and ur posts make me lauhg oh gogd u brighten my day everyday
feeleo - janie i will visit u up in the canada just wait for me. all 43 hours of it. 
floatlikeajellyfish - shreya u know 2 much about me… but our fear of wearing dresses outside the home is something wonderfully shared
hswagn - donte aHH ur so pretty n funny i remember when u though t my room was the kitchen i m still laughing about that
ivyclub - sef you ruined my 699 but that’s ok ur really funny and PRETTY GOD youre the coolest
jinkeu - kris you and i form the jhope protection squad aha can i say ur absolutely beautiful uR SELFIES!!! im unworthy 
jongisms - haley ur a gr8 person and a very cool person and so sweet fun fact spelling “blonde” describes females with blonde hair ive been using that to describe blonde kai what does that mean 
kimboobin - alice ur snaps are very worthy and very cool sorry i don’t reply to them a lot i’m a horrible replier
kimyugioh - aeleen i love ur snaps there’s an effort put into those that needs 2 be appreciated
luctor - ah ha whats up rox u meme lovin FUCK i love u
lulakkuma - fei. still dont knOW WHERE U AT
mosoli - alli i queued all ur potes to post on a v special day… wait for it
ninny-horse - natalie is a FASHIONABLE LADY natalie’s fashion sense is the goal
oppasassmilk - sarah ur tags r incredible and spicy and v graphic but still funny they make me smile
radboysehun - vanna u get super WILD at night and now i see shrek all i can think about is u mmM SORRY but ur so cool vanna super cool ;u;
sydsthename - sydney ur rockin rendition of nobody will make u famous
teurim - samantha um?? ur so pretty?? and u didn’t tell me?? ur humor is also making me smile i have the humor of an eleven year old
xiumania - penny ur the coolest and ur follow count is what i want in us dollars ur a very worthy person penny 
xiumeme - katie i cant believe u followed me i always like ur potes even when the baby exo fans come down on u ur hilarious 
xiuru - kira my fav suga stan i want 2 see u when i come down 2 LA we were so close the last time
zapdope - sydney ur my favorite pokemon and snsd stan i will tear u apart when we play cards against humanity again

ok i know FOR SURE i didnt miss anybody. unless i did. then im gonna slap my hand… n also… im literally less cool than all of u so if u stop by my inbox n say “hi” or “do it for the vine” then ur a friend automatically. 

im gonna b serious for a minute n say ive made more friends on here like record gaining of friends than i have ever gotten for the past 17 years… and that is so nice. like that is so cool. FRIENDS.., i was literally so happy that you started to follow me and then strike up a conversation or make jokes or even MENTION me. before i would just follow and admire you guys from here figuring out some way to talk to you without being weird lmao.„, but in the end I just started TALKING WITH YOU GUYS AS IF WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR A LONG TIME… truly amazing

thanks u guys for making this whole thing so much more fun c: