I dont know the ship name

What is BMC Femslash Week?

  • A full week dedicated to creating and promoting content for the greatly underappreciated femslash ships in the musical Be More Chill

What can I post?

  • Any and all types of content are both accepted and greatly appreciated! fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, moodboards, and anything else you can think of  would all be super great!

What can’t I post?

  • anything offensive (i.e. racism, fatphobia, smut as theyre underaged,, basically the regular stuff you try to stay away from)  

How Can I participate?

  • Create content and post in the tags #bmcfemslash or #bmcfemslashweek
  • Track those same tags for more femslash content
  • Post your fics in the ao3 bmcfemslash collection
  • follow the @bmcfemslashweek blog for a tagged collection of bmc femslash content!

What are the prompts/themes?

  • Day 1 September 1st - Pining
  • Day 2 September 2nd -  Fluff, Angst, or Hurt/Comfort
  • Day 3 September 3rd - Halloween Party 
  • Day 4 September 4th - Poly Ship
  • Day 5 September 5th - Role Swap (with anyone in bmc!, not just with each other) 
  • Day 6 September 6th - Soulmates
  • Day 7 September 7th - First ‘I Love You’

What ships can I create content for?

  • all of them! chloe/brooke, brooke/christine, christine/jenna, chloe/brooke/jenna, jenna/christine/brooke, all four of the girls together, or any other combination thats interests you the most!

When can I get started? Why is it so far away? 

  • we’re giving you a little over a month to plan and organize what you’re going to post for femslash week so you can get started planning right away! just remember to save your posts for when femslash week is actually going down!

How can I participate if I can’t create content? 

  • reblogging this post and spreading the word to as many bmc content creators as possible!

Please remember this is all about having fun and creating more femslash content, you absolutely don’t need to follow the prompts but creating any type of femslash content at all for the week would mean a lot to a lot of wlw fans! Thank you and please please have fun with this!

i guess disclaimer time here since this has come up before when ive reblogged pics of dirk and dave standing next to each other. but you can rest easy knowing i will never intentionally reblog any actual incest content. if it goes beyond a freudian slip joke like this one you wont even see it on my blog because i dont even like any other dave ships (the only *very minor* exception being dead coinflip dave x dead tavros) much less incest ones. i generally reblog from the source 99% of the time, so if theres a pic of dave standing with rose/roxy/dirk and the artist intended it as ship content by tagging it with the ship name i will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. i will however tag the artist in cases when theyve drawn that kind of content before but the piece itself has no indication of that. anyway good night


so i started reading the Ron Chernow book and i just


he’s already naturally rosy cheeked, imagine if he gets flustered and laughs hard enough that he blushes im cryI N G


Honestly Bakugou would be the best sparring partner for Uraraka since he won’t hold back at all and recognizes her strength anyways! Also my excuse for wanting to drawing those pants cause I love doing that in my own pair … Ehehe

Also bonus!