I don't want this to end!

I really hope this asshole gets what’s coming to him next week

Upon your request, my lovely @seraphofivorylight, I have drawn my human Bill for you~! Compared to the first one which I only did a few months ago, this one is much better…I’ve improved so much ;w;

4 more days left until we say goodbye…!

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lmao i love the jerk with a heart of gold as much as the next gal but i’m so tired of every single male YA love interest being a shitty attempt to cash in on the love for this trope because YA authors can’t fucking do it right. they invariably add too much jerk and not enough gold and then the relationship which is supposed to be cute ends up having rather questionably abusive elements. can a YA author just write a nice fucking male love interest please ???? yall can’t write proper jerks with hearts of gold for shit i’m sorry to be the one to tell you this 

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SC GRAPHIC BATTLE - kateargented vs leeeeeex

↳ ROUND 6: Gifset: AU

“Okay, okay! He should just take it easy. He’s a senior student, right? Not some schoolboy! He had seen things, strange things, like Professor Finstock flirting with Miss Margaret from Dean’s office. Gross! So just breathe, Stiles. In and out. Ignore the fact that there’re aliens. Ignore the problem until it goes away. Denial, denial…

But there are freaking aliens, okay? And hot dudes, like freaking hot dudes that casually approach him with this giant… This giant something! And ask for help! Stiles’ help! Nobody asks Stiles for help, okay? For sure not an Autobot and his… driver? Who is this guy even? And more importantly, when his life become so awesome!?”

Or the story about a great adventure, finding a true path and falling in love for the first time where…

Stiles’ jeep is a Spark, a Prime Autobot, who have found a safe place with Stiles and fell in coma to hide from his enemies. Now, not only his kind needs his help, but the whole human race, while evil Decepticons try to take over the Earth. Bumblebee, a lieutenant from Cybertron, and Derek Hale, a former Navy commander, find Stiles and asks for his help, because Stiles might be the only one who can wake up the Spark.

I love how Very Official™ Jacob’s Master Assassin outfit is

I’m stuck and I don’t know how to move on from this kinda stiff style… Everytime I try something more adventurous I hate it… but here’s 60′s Roxy, beacuse I love her so much like this. 

At this point, I’m 100% convinced that: 

1. One Direction has a new team. They’re still signed to Syco though, otherwise this farce would have already ended. 

2. Babygate has been managed by the new team. Remember the smear campaign against Louis a few months ago? Yeah, I don’t believe for a second that those same people could have made Louis look like a good dad after the birth. They’re doing the bare minimum, a few tweets here and there, an old picture with a baby, pap pics with a carrier and an invisible baby, but it’s enough. Louis doesn’t look like he doesn’t care anymore but like he’s actually involved in his child’s life. Goodbye deadbeat dad stories. 

3. Babygate is like a copy and paste of Simon’s own fake pregnancy. So many similarities between Simon’s pics with his newborn son and Louis’. And if someone mentions coincidences, I’ll thow my fro-yo down your back. 

4. This story about Louis renting Paul Mckenna’s house made me suspicious. I don’t think Simon planted that story. That man is so ashamed of being gay that he faked a pregnancy scandal and now he’s making his clients do the same. Don’t tell me that he put Paul’s name near Louis’ in the press (after this fandom has said multiple times that he might be Simon’s boyfriend) willingly. I think this was a warning from the new team. Something like, you think you have the upper hand here but think about what your next step is going to be. Or whatever. 

5. Hendall and the yacht from hell. Why didn’t we dig those pictures from Simon’s yacht before? I haven’t stopped laughing since this morning. NOW WE KNOW WHY HARRY WAS COOPERATING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS. 

5. Lounielle or whatever their ship name is: this fake relationship is literally Elounor 2.0 and I’m not just talking about the fact that Eleanor and Danielle look the same. It’s been so obvious from the beginning and, in fact, no one except the het fans believes it. Danielle and her update-account-managed-by-her-mom can try all they want but eh. Sorry, girl. You must be new here. 

6. Whether they’re going to end it today, next month or even next year, I’m glad they’re doing the bare minimum and, at the same time, they’re beating Simon at his own game. This man tried to be smart but he’s getting bitten in the ass. 


Sometimes I think everyone’s problem with “reylo” boils down to language. When I say I “ship” Kylo Ren and Rey together, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a) I think they’re end game or b) that their relationship/interactions are romantic or even acceptable as they stand now or c) that I want them to suddenly fall in love and get married. (Okay in an alternate universe where Ben Solo never turns to the Dark Side I DO want that. I want that so much. That is exactly what I want. But in this one I admit it’s an impossibility and, with regard to the sense and integrity of the narrative, I would be displeased if they did that.)

I don’t think there’s any way Kylo Ren and Rey could be in a stable relationship by the end of this trilogy and I don’t want Rey to be in any kind of relationship that even approaches something unhealthy or unstable. She deserves so much more than that. She’s been through too much to be saddled with a partner who will only drag her down or make her unhappy. So, even if Kylo does have a redemption arc, I just don’t see a romantic relationship between them realistically happening. Because, in one respect, I completely agree with people who hate reylo. I completely agree with the underlying theme of every anti-reylo post I’ve read on this website. And that is that Kylo Ren does not deserve Rey. And (and you can disagree with me here if you want) I don’t think he will ever will.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea of a love story that, if necessary, is entirely one-sided. In fact I kind of hope it is one-sided. It’s not the idea of Rey falling at Ren’s feet that makes me catch my breath. I don’t need her to become even a semblance of a damsel-in-distress. In fact I would hate that. I don’t need her to pity him, to excuse his actions or say “oh look at the poor baby he’s so misunderstood maybe he isn’t really so bad” or, heaven help me, fall in love with him. I don’t want her to change a damn thing about herself or the way she treats him. I expect nothing less than rage and complete disgust at their next encounter and I hope I get it. 

But I love the idea of Ren falling at her feet. I love the idea of him being fascinated and intrigued by her, of him trying his best to understand her, of him eventually…falling for her and of falling for her so hard that he has to re-examine everything he knows about himself and Snoke, about the first order and the dark side because of her, to try to see everything by her light. I want to see him desperately try to fight it at first, this weakness within him, this compassion that he thinks he has to uproot in order to be strong. And I want him to fail. I want him to fail spectacularly. I want his love for her to grow and burn inside of him until he can’t fight it anymore, until it’s become too strong, until it becomes the most important thing in the world to him. Because, to me at least, Kylo Ren’s most tragic flaw is equating darkness with strength and light with weakness and the only way to uproot that in him, I think, is for his soul to be gripped by a love that threatens to tear him apart with its savage strength, proving to him again and again that light and love are not just as powerful as the dark side but more powerful– infinitely more.

And I know Rey doesn’t exist to serve as his savior; I don’t want her sole purpose to be his salvation. I want her journey and her story to be the focal point; I want her bravery and struggles to be the heart and soul of these movies. She is the hero, not him. I never want her to exist only in relation to him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want his entire world to be shattered and broken by Rey and her goodness, a goodness so strong, so vital, so fierce that it looks nothing like the weakness he imagines goodness to be and then to have those broken pieces slowly put back together again– not by Rey, by Kylo. But because of Rey. By her light. And in her image.

I pushed you. I pushed you away from me and towards me all at once, and now you don’t know what to do. I dragged you into my hurricane and now you’re fighting to survive. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.
—  i just wanted to love someone, and i’m sorry that i picked you, baby // an excerpt from a book that i’ll never write #1