I don't understand my coworkers

Also. I used my snow day to cook for the potato’s birthday party this weekend. Six pounds of ground beef has been transformed into meatballs, which will go in the freezer (still cooling). Huzzah for being able to get some of this shit done ahead of time!

Oh and since we were chatting about constantly being surprised by the financial privilege of coworkers, I’m flying away today! (Yay!)

I was trying to figure out what time I had to wake up to catch my flight.

Coworker: it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport.

Me: no, it takes about 45. I safely plan for an hour.

Coworker: for a taxi?

Me: a taxi costs a minimum of $48 to the airport, not including tax and tip. It ends up being like $60… The bus is $2.50.

Coworker: just take the taxi!

Me: … No.