I don't understand

It’s been a year and half and I still have not seen anyone at all talk about the fact that Luke sewed his cloak onto his robes

like?? do you see this???

what’s the point of that??

was he afraid of losing it like Obi-Wan lost all of his?/

why did the costume department find this necessary??

I have so many questions

Right, yeah, I understand.
—  Ravenclaw, who does not understand, but they have a reputation to uphold.
  • korra: *is able to bend three out of four elements at the age of four*
  • korra: *breaks out of amon's bloodbending hold without going into the avatar state and defeats him with first-time airbending*
  • korra: *defeats the spirit of darkness with only the sheer strength of her own inner spirit and ensures another 10,000 years of order and light*
  • korra: *learns metalbending in a day and becomes the first metalbending avatar*
  • korra: *defeats zaheer with heavy amounts of deadly poison in her body*
  • korra: *overcomes past trauma caused by her enemies and comes back stronger than before*
  • korra: *rips open a new spirit portal with her bare hands*
  • haters: korra is the weakest avatar ever
I don’t want to lose you but at the same time I can’t be friends with you because I can’t stand seeing you with her.
—  Day 99

I’m scared to leave home…

I’m used to staying in my safe space

What’s with the rise of musicals lately, like Hamilton was the new hit thing and that somehow lead to Heathers bubbling up from the depths. Then Dear Evan Hansen took off and that’s somehow awoken the spirit of Be More​ Chill??? Like I’m NOT complaining cause you all know I’m a slut for some angsty teen highschool song and dance numbers but really I don’t understand.