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Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community


It really is hilarious, though, to see the bonnacons screeching and sobbing about Neal being “retconned.”


Neal was always presented as a hero on the show–a flawed hero who had made mistakes but deeply loved Emma, didn’t manipulate or use her or pursue her for his own happiness (unlike Captain Rape Culture).

They were, are, and have always been wrong in the way they see Neal, because the show has been 100%  consistent that when it comes to Neal and Killy, Neal was ALWAYS in every way the better man.


That’s how you become Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

L I B R A  E L E M E N T I A

For the charming and beautiful @verryfinny! <3 Here’s your bb. 
The background is supposed to be the three elements. 8D 


There also exists an alternate version of Iggy that I will not post to save spoilers but if anyone wants to see I can send you a link! <3

Les Amis de l’aesthetic: Triumvirate edition
  • Enjolras : The first day of summer, that moment you finally make a difficult decision, writing until your hand hurts, days that pass in a blink, hair tickling your neck, eye rolls that make you dizzy, biting down in an orange, the juice running down your chin, quirked lips, eating lukewarm leftover pasta in your kitchen because you’re too lazy to wait for it to heat completely
  • Courfeyrac : Late morning sunshine, worn down converse, sound of running footsteps on wooden floors, hugs where you mush your cheeks against your friends’, pulling faces, slipping through elevator doors before they’re closed, cooled orange juice, laughing until you’re out of breath, warm skin, the smell of sunscreen
  • Combeferre : Pressing down on library books so the plastic crunches, pouring milk in coffee and stirring it hard enough to make the spoon clink against the cup, a collection of beautiful stamps, turtleneck sweaters, burning dinner because you’re distracted, flipping around your pillow to sleep on the cool side, pulling your hoodie up over your nose when you get cold 3 hours deep into midnight wikipedia browsing

Hope for Anna’s birthday clip: Jonas comes over because he’s worried that Isak wasn’t in school, he asks what’s up, Isak tells him what happened. Jonas asks how Even is and Isak says what he texted. Jonas tells Isak that he should think of the rest, not only the end of that night. Isak realises Even is in love with him for real and texts him / goes to him so they can talk about this. For real now.

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Uhm could I ask you something? What sexualities do you think the dmmd boys have? (Sei and Mizuki included)

!!! I like this question a lot omfg

Aoba: bisexual

Koujaku: bisexual

Noiz: pansexual

Ren: demisexual

Clear: doesitmatterhesarobot

Mink: demisexual

Mizuki: pansexual

Sei: asexual maybe? I don’t think he’s thinking much about that 🤔


So I start out watching the trailer and I’m all like:

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But then as the trailer slowly progresses:

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I’m so excited for this movie but at the same time I’m terrified…

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could you do a short story of yuri p X crush?

Gosh this made me nervous, don’t judge too harshly, i don’t really write and i’ve definitely never posted something i’ve written online @-@


Short chocolate hair, warm dark eyes, an a smile that naturally drew everyone in. They were the exact opposite of Yurio. Perhaps that was the reason why Yurio became so fond of them and grew to admire them from a distant. His mind would drift off to another place, daydreaming about achieving his goals, cuddling with a mountain of cats, and…them. And somehow, every time he thought about them in his daydreams, his icy eyes end up on them.

Lean body, a soft face, and same age. Yurio learned little by little of the type of person they were by little gossips of them here and there. They were known for their kindness, their willingness to help out everyone for everything. Occasionally, if they spotted him needing help, they would immediately come and offer help. Yurio, of course, would never admit he needed help. They did anyway.

Calm, collected, and shy. Yurio examined them, as they were very different from him. How did he end up loving someone so much different from himself? Ah. It was the things he was missing that they had. Yurio goes to the market every Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s. It was where they saw each other the most. It became a routine for them. He’d look at different juice boxes for 20 minutes before making a choice, and bring it to the from where they were. He’d pay, say “Thanks.”, and walk away. But today, today was different. He was going to do it today.

Yurio hesitantly walked up to them, like usual, and paid. And instead of saying “Thanks.” like usual, he quietly whispered.



“D-do you w-want to…”


He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He was going to do it.


Their eyes widened in slight surprise, and chuckled. “Sure. When and what time?”