I don't think I ever think logically

oh my god okay please don’t get me wrong you guys about what i said earlier. I’m just thinking what the most logical thing would be rn.

i love kris, okay? i will never stop supporting him no matter what. but some of us are still living in this fantasy that we need ot12 forever and it will be the end of the world if it ever becomes ot11 or whatever the case may be. yes, i want it to be ot12 again and yes i want kris to come back and for things to be jolly again. but will it ever be the same? do you really think the best thing would be for him to come back after all that is happening right now? do you think he will be happy coming back? yeah we don’t have any clear information right now but just think about all the things that will go down if they ever make him come back.

this is just how i feel about the whole situation. i think it’s for the best. i honestly don’t want him back, because like i said, i love kris and i care about what happens to him and i think the worst things can happen to him if he returns.

but if kris ever comes back, i will support exo as 12. or if kris doesn’t come back, i will support exo as 11, and support kris in whatever he decides to do. whatever actually happens, i will support them all.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone to agree with me. i respect whatever you decide to believe. this is just my honest opinion. I’m just done pretending things will go back to the way they were because i know they won’t.

  • me:i just think ace and aro people should be loved and-
  • ace dicourser 1:*bursts through the door* did you know an asexual person killed my dog? they also burned down the entire house, then brutally murdered my whole family and that's why everyone who's not attracted to anyone makes me (and every lgbt person ever) uncomfortable
  • ace discourser 2:*jumps through the window* here I have a huge post with no sources and ass-backwards logic to tell you I'm right and you're homophobic
  • ace discourser 3:*falls through the ceiling* i fucking hate everyone and everything makes me angry
  • ace discourser 4:*crawls out from under the floorboards* here sweaty :) let me explain why you're wrong and asexuality is valid and cool, but I have 12 bullshit sources on why its inherently sexist and homophobic-
  • ace discourser 5:*from outside, screaming* get the fuck away from our resources that I'm going to talk about like there's a fixed amount and it's a constant battle for
  • me:what the fuck