I don't speak german but I can if you like

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So what happened to Gilbert and Ludwig's mother? I mean I know canonically they said nothing about their mom, but you came up with a backstory for Romano and Feli's parents(car accident. I teared up). You don't have to answer. I was just curious. And it might help you flesh out the Germanic family.

Oh, I put the backstory of the mother in there! It’s just not as crystal clear as the Italian brothers one.

I just like to put in little hints of story, you can find them all over. If you pay attention to it though ;) But if you found it here (and speak German, that helps.. yea that helps) You can see that Germania is calling and what he is saying: “What?! You’re not coming back?! We have two childeren together! You can’t do this to me! To Ludwig and Gilbert!” And if you really pay attention well, you see that Germania is shaking from anger.

So what happened to the mother of Gilbert and Ludwig? She left. (Let the water works flow! Or be angry at the mother, I would understand that too) Should I maybe let the mom appear in the comic at some point? Let me know.

Thanks to my mother though, because I actually don’t speak any German (Or any language besides English and Dutch) So all the love to her for the translations!

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Hi!! I'm trying to learn German. How long does it take you to learn a language? And how would you suggest learning it? I'm no longer taking a class with my high school for it but would still like to study it independently and don't know how to go about it

Honestly, it really depends on what skills you want to develop. If you want to learn conversational German, I’d say you can learn that in 4-5 months, which is what I did with Duolingo. But languages are the sort of thing you have to practice, which is why my speaking skills have eroded but my reading skills have improved. 

Like I said, I used Duolingo to learn German, and while it’s a great method it does not teach you grammar in the regular lessons. You kind of pick it up but it’s not formal, and that wound up being a huge weakness for it. There are probably grammar lessons in the Immersion tab, but not in the regular lessons. I would up diving in to my German reading this semester and doing the best I could, translating words I didn’t know and writing summary paragraphs as I went. I got better over the course of the semester, but I still wish I’d had formal lessons.


I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it before either, but yeah I do. I have a strong (???) German accent when I speak English, which mostly means that it doesn’t sound as fluid as the language is compared to German. Also sometimes I pronounce things funny/how I would in German because I’m too lazy to look it up or just plainly never heard it out loud before. If you’re interested in what it comes closest to, this is a pretty good example, because he actually gets voiced by a German actor (shockingly, most accents in film or games are Not So Great lmao). Though he’s a professional/more practiced ofc + I’m just generally inhibited by nerves.

edit: i just realised that if anyone reading this hasn’t played Crysis but is planning to do so, better not click the link because off the top of my head I can’t remember how potentially spoilery it is lmao


If paper could talk I would probably be better off lmao

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"how do you know you don't like to speak german if you've never tried it" "because I don't want to learn it" "you don't know until you try. You may like it" "I don't want to learn german and have no desire to learn it" "is it because something happened to you as a kid" "WHAT! No! I just don't want to learn german! How clear do I have to make myself!" "are you scared to learn german? I can teach you if you like" "I Don't Want To Learn German!" want it's like as an Asexual replaced with german


Call-out for tumblr user broodyfenris and ccrutherford (formerly deshmund) on account of transphobia/misgendering/nb erasure.

Tumblr user broodyfenris (otherwise known as ranyamasaki, vaelsome and potentially more roleplay accounts) is transphobic. While being transgender himself, he believes transgender people’s pronouns are a right to be earned and dependant on how they look. A trans man who will wear a dress is not a man to him, a DFAB non-binary person who doesn’t want to be called by female pronouns is still a ‘queen’, a 'bitch’, a 'woman’ and should be referred to with 'she’ pronouns because of their genitalia.

His friend, deshmund, now ccrutherford, agrees with this sentiment, going as far as to publicly call the same person a 'girl’, backing herself as a cis woman that isn’t transphobic by saying that 'she has transgender friends’, despite considering pronouns a privilege depending on how nice you are to her.

They have has since screened off their Twitter account to be fully capable of misgendering said non-binary person (ergo me) without it being publicized. Screencaps come from prior to this screening.

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