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...how /could/ you. Now I'm sobbing. Also, good lord, did you really need to include Chloe there sobbing and obviously genuinely heartbroken but with NO ONE THERE TO SUPPORT HER UNLIKE NINO AND ALYA AND MARINETTE THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY I DID NOT NEED FEELS ABOUT CHLOE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING.

fyi i had a lot more in my script for this comic but it was already a monster and i figured less was more lol

but still tho… here’s a quick doodle from just before the funeral panel:


<i> || Drarry aesthetic || </i>


I found out later, the reason I was the only one who kept getting summoned here, it was because this man said I was the key to his life. At that point, the heroine of this webtoon had already changed from Yoon So-hee… to Oh Yeon-joo.

11 concerts?

11 concerts in Japan, in cities where they just did fanmeetings, so fans there get multiple opportunities to see them within 6 months; meanwhile Korean fans get one concert (never mind American/European/Australian fans who get nothing but we’re more of a novelty anyway or at least it feels that way sometimes)???

And are they doing these without TOP? Wasn’t he supposed to be not going to fanmeetings after August because he can’t leave the country before military service?

Is it too much to ask YG to actually explain things instead of hinting and teasing and then announcing something that contradicts it all? (Is it too much to ask that he remember these are human beings and not robots who can perform indefinitely with barely a break in between?)

Fletchling and Pidgey are X/Y only. While Pidgeotto can be found in the Safari Zone in ORAS (so Pidgey can be bred but not caught), it requires Groudon/Kyogre to be caught first before it appears so ORAS users don’t have early access to it unless they trade for it. While I could use something like Whismur, some other blogs already use them and I don’t want to step on toes.
Basically Zigzagoon is just one of the easier early route Pokemon for XY and ORAS users to find (especially if you wondertrade).
It’s not really “hard” to use. It’s just a pain to sort and try to find people at the beginning of a deposit line.

I wonder if Dennis had any names in high school. We know that he called himself Golden God, but it really sounds like the cool kids never actually called him that. Did they have a name for him? Especially since he didn’t seem well liked. There was Aluminum Monster, Ronnie the Rat, and Dirtgrub. I need to know if there was a fourth name in their little group.

So I made it no secret that i struggle with Islam, right? I really try but whenever I want to get closer to Islam and try to get my questions answered, it seems like the Muslim community lacks the ability to self-criticize. There is no genuine action to take accountability at all. Especially, growing up in Europe being stuck in basically two worlds makes it harder to criticize your own community. On the one hand, these questions are my thoughts and feelings so they are valid right? I’m allowed to question my religion, moreover I SHOULD question teachings to get to a better stage of Imaan but no I get completely shut down. 

So, where does this leave me? People like me? Who have genuine questions? I can’t get an answer in my “peaceful’’ community without getting scrutinized. On the other hand I can’t discuss inter-communal frustrations and theological critiques with non-muslim people cause obviously I don’t want to give bigots and racists the upper-hand and opportunity to unleash their Islamophobia. 

An other thing which I find myself to have a problem with is the fact that my Muslim peers with a similar background are drawn by a particular form of Islam; Salafism. Why is this mostly conservative stream of Islam so prevailing in the West? I might sound biased on this but honestly I haven’t had any good experiences with muslims who chose to identify as Salafi. 

Anyway, make dua for me to find my way back into Islam. I feel completely lost and this struggle has triggered some panic attacks and anxiety for me. I haven’t had a panic attack since 2014. 

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Smh at some people disliking Anne being the Lovers. She and her Persona perfectly fit the Lovers! It would have been gross and unfitting for her and Carmen to be the Magician!!

Ehhhh…..nnnggg….sigh… You do realize I’m one of the pro-Anne as Magician right? This feels kinda like a kick in the balls….. Again, people shouldn’t be upset/hate Anne/Lovers for Anne being Lovers…. I mean we did all see it coming but we thought it was a fake out….and that there would be a twist. Like a lot of us were hoping Ryu wouldn’t be Magician and when we saw he was Chariot we all breathed in relief, same goes for finding out that Yusuke isn’t Moon or Fortune (baby has a chance now ;w;) I mean their designs kinda match the other character’s (Ryu seems to have a Magician type role, and Yusuke looks like past Fortune arcanas and tbh he looks like he could also be Moon….which may or may not be because he looks like Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul and fyi Tsuki means moon so yeah that’s where people got it from)…. And then we have Makoto who looks like an Empress Character (she still very well could be), but she has all these Priestess symbolism going on that she’s all but confirmed Priestess, and c’mon she looks and acts NOTHING like the past Priestess characters. So I think it’s fair to say, a lot of use were thinking/hoping it would be the same with Anne. I mean, again, it’s not like we pulled the Magician theory out of our asses. Like there’s a lot of parallels, and heck maybe they’ll bring back secondary arcana in P5 and Magician will be Anne’s (tbh if they do bring back secondary and it’s not Magician I’m rioting :’D Can’t you at least give me this Atlus? XD ok jk jk). I mean if that happens, Anne will almost be like a reversed Yuka (Yuka being Magician and Lovers being her secondary, and Anne being Lovers with Magician being her secondary). Also it should be known that everyone has a part of a different Tarot card in them it just depends on where they are in their own journey that the Tarot card reflect their current situation (Anne’s current situation happens to mostly reflect the Lovers arcana), which is why there were secondary arcana in the first place in P1/2 (cause no person fell under just solely one arcana). (also sorry if that wording is really weird, it’s 5 am and I’m paraphrasing from memory ;w;) So yeah don’t say “Magician is gross and unfitting for Anne.” Considering a part of her is obviously reflected as Magician (either cause she already went through that stage in life, or because it’s a secondary arcana). But yeah….Sorry if I sounded a little upset, again, I felt the ask was a bit of a kick to the balls for me…. :/

I have not honestly seen ANY Muslims saying “Bernie or bust” and that should really tell you something.

Like damn maybe i am being selfish but I’d like to keep my husband in the same country?

Maybe it’s just me but maybe I don’t want my Muslim nieces or nephews to have to grow up in a world where the president wants to deport them solely based on their religion.

Don’t get me wrong, I honestly hate Clinton as a person and as a politician I would never even shake her hand but I’m still gonna vote for her because I’d like to keep my family intact, JFC.

The rules are answer the 11 questions and then write your own 11. I was tagged by @louiseeleanorbee

1. A song that’s a guilty pleasure? I don’t really have one that’s a guilty pleasure as such but I got a lot of abuse from my brothers when I told them that I liked Justin Beiber’s Sorry so??

2. What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish in life? I’d like to live in a cute little house at some point without worrying about debt and bills and job stability and all

3. What’s one thing you’re obsessed with? The Mighty Boosh

4. What brought you to Tumblr? Two of my friends at the time had it and convinced me

5. Dream pet? I don’t really like animals so ideally none  (I don’t dislike them don’t get me wrong I’m just not really fussed)

6. Favourite genre of movies? I don’t watch a lot of films really but I’m going to say sci-fi, maybe comedy but like dry comedy.

7. What do you like about yourself? I like that I like music so much and enjoy pretty much anything to do with it. Does that make sense? Idk

8. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Cold cold cold definitely cold. I can always warm up with a hot water bottle or something but if I’m too hot then I’m screwed. Also winter clothes are a lot better.

9. Are you a ‘capture the moment’ or ‘live in the moment’ kind of person? I’m going to have to say ‘live in the moment’ just because I’m so bad at capturing it, I just never remember to.

10. Favourite band/singer?  Tooooooo hard. Right now I’m loving The Last Shadow Puppets but that could change at any time.

11. What’s something you’d like to say to your future self? Eat your greens

My Questions:

1. How are you? 

2. Where are you from?

3. Where would you like to visit?

4. What pisses you off more than anything else?

5. Do you put your right sock on first or your left?

6. Do you keep your room tidy?

7. Are you easy to get along with?

8. Would you rather live without TV or music?

9. What are you most afraid of?

10. What’s your go to drunk food?

11. What makes you happy?

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