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can the mun draw themselves as a pony

This is a comic about being lonely and desperate on valentines day.
It’s ok Triss, it happens to the best of us.

this is supposed to be Triss, I’m just bad at capturing her likeness.

@storybycorey I think it’s been like a millions years since I’ve actually posted a photo for you of Gillian and this one makes me happy

  • McGonagall: Albus! Have you seen Professor Snape? I've been looking for him everywhere!
  • Dumbledore: Sorry Minerva I haven't but I know how we can find him.
  • McGonagall: How-
  • Dumbledore: *cups hands around mouth* HARRY POTTER IS-
  • Dumbledore: There he is.

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why dont some people get that this is a /ticcimask/ blog and yet people still ask for other character stuff here like??? that bothers me its so easy to just find a suitable blog for that wyd

It honestly doesn’t really bother me. It’s actually nice to take a break from ticcimask and answer one ask on another character (cause drawing the same two characters over and over can be tiring). Besides if I get too many asks on other characters I can just, you know, delete them.

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Please share with us your theories about the 1989 movie

AHHHHH okay so the first time i was watching it I was like TIME LOOPS. LISTEN. THIS COULD WORK. OKAY- so, Christine is pulled into a time loop in different situations/time periods but relives the same plot over and over again (her career, Erik, murder, etc) and she’s doomed to never escape. Think about it, there was the time in the 1800s, modern day, and then the scene at the end when “Erik” shows up on the street corner. It’s either a time loop or she’s stuck in a loop and keeps forgetting things that happen

Look, whedon’s wonder woman script was awful, but can we stop wishing death on him? This is an unnecessary level of vitriol.

In my experience the problem with a lot of famous men (joss whedon, john green, etc) is that they think they’re funnier than they actually are. They tell jokes that are misinformed or offensive or just fall flat, and that’s not great but also not something…exclusive to famous men.

Also, buffy the vampire slayer was seminal and great and you can’t just throw that away.