I don't really care

quick psa:

if you’re talking to me in the tags and i don’t respond:

  • i didn’t see it
  • i forgot we were talking in the tags
  • i got distracted
  • i fucked up and posted before i added tags

i promise i’m never EVER ignoring you.  i love talking in the tags.  and if i ever stop i’m not mad, i’m not upset, it is nothing against you.  it’s my screw-up 200% of the time.  so pls don’t feel bad, and if you want you can always pester me in my inbox or via im if we’re mutuals.

5sos always has the nicest things to say about calum like he’s never the messy or grumpy one, they always say he’s the most loving or humble (and his hips don’t lie) but anyway I think if his best friends don’t even have anything bad to tease him about then that really says something about him


Anyone remember the time Chris Evans dressed in drag and sang “I Will Survive” in an a bad falsetto with two other guys?
Because I sure do.