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So ever since buffyfan145 pointed out the imdb updates…


Name ten of your favorite characters and tag ten people

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker

Padme Amidala

Ahsoka Tano

Bo-Katan Kryze

Adi Gallia

Siri Tachi

Quinlan Vos

Sabine Wren

Plo Koon

I could go on forever (and I just did all star wars because that’s my main fandom)

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Selfie tag! (still deciding wether or not I’ll regret this… probably!)

I was tagged by thereyougogreenie and she is absolutely gorgeous! bleh I look about 5 years old, oh well, it’s the first time my face has been on tumblr ;-;

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I watched the Ant-Man trailer today and to be completely honest my only thought on the matter is still

dear god  w h y 

Just sent a long, embarrassing fanmail message to Aziz Ansari instead of doing some work for writing class.

That is so me.

I have a tendency to get really anxious over completely hypothetical situations

Fun Fact #5 About Scam15o

I enjoy tags immensely, to me they are a reblog’s/post’s personal flare to whatever it is that is being shared.
This is why I make a million silly tags, and why I-given the time- watch the tags.

Think of it like passing notes in class.

\OWO/ Now go forth and Tag my children, tag like the wind!

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I thought I’d just make a new list of questions since everyone I know has already done these. And since this is an iKON blog, I thought I’d make it pertaining to iKON.

1. Who is your iKON bias? Why?

Bobby, because his face when he smiles makes me feel like he’s truly enjoying life. He’s filial, and he has so much charisma, but the thing I like most about him is his raspy voice.

2. What is your favorite song from them?

Climax. I bawled my eyes out and literally became a leaking faucet.

3. If you could be iKON’s manager for a day, what would be their schedule?

I would set them lose at a waterpark then take them to a noraebang.

4. iKON invites you over to their dorm for a ______. (Fill in the blank)

watermelon eating contest. Hanbin chokes on a seed. Bobby dances to Like a Cat, Dongyuk and Yunhyeong laughs at Hanbin, Jinhwan tries to rescue to Hanbin, Junhoe leaves the room because he just can’t even, and Chanwoo falls asleep on the couch.

5. What color would you like the iKON fandom to be?

I really like gold, because it’s so classy, but they’re always rocking white so that would work too.

6. If iKON’s fans had a fandom name, what would it be?

KONqeur, because iKON will dominate and conquer everything in their path!

7. Describe each member in one sentence.

Hanbin: Sentimental leader is secretly an emo french poet.

Bobby: Fuckboy.

Jinhwan: Equivalent to Ellen.

Junhoe: Angel that can strangle lame mofos.

Yunhyeong: Prince of being cute af.

Donghyuk: Currently ruining my bias list to shreds.

Chanwoo: If you’re 17 than I’m 17, if you know what I mean.

8. How did you get into iKON?

I first saw Bobby and Hanbin in Born Hater, and wasn’t into them until my friend told me to go and watch SMTM3. I watched because of Vasco and Swings, and ended the show falling in love with Bobby. And their goes my life.

9. Tag 5 people

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Why did you choose your url? It’s really just one of my default usernames because Zella and Zizi are usually already taken. If you find a HybridZizi elsewhere on the internet, it’s probably me. (I think the hybrid part was referring to a character I had when I made the username)
What is your middle name? Don’t have one. I’ve had more than one person independently decide that Marie was likely, though, so we can use that if you like.
If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet, what would it be? I like dragons.
Favorite color? Green.
Favorite song? Right now it’s Stronger Than You from Steven Universe.

What are your top 5 fandoms? Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, My Little Pony
Why do you enjoy Tumblr? It’s a good way to keep in contact with internet friends, fandoms, and communities.
Tag your Tumblr Crushes: booksandbrownies, kelsbraintumbler, pistachi0n, sci-cats, onlyslightlytwisted, krazieleylines2, glassgraffiti, darcygirl1815, ilsknos, irascibubble

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today in truths the @nti-regin@ folks don’t wish to acknowledge: if emma “found out” about graham (in the unlikely event she hasn’t already put those pieces together, which… side eye, but ok) her opinion of regina wouldn’t change, there would be no face heel turn, she watched regina try to murder her own mother and still believed in her for crying out loud

Wow. When and how did this happen?! I remember when I got to 100 followers in January and I already was wondering as to why I got more than… 5 followers.

Seriously I still get confused whenever I get a new follower and just go “Yes… Hi… Why?! But yay!”

So thank all of you for following me <3 I hope you will be finding whatever you came here for. You are all very awesome!

Getting to know you

Wooooo thanks for tagging me luciferlordofheck

Why did you choose this url?

Um I already had one blog so I knew coming up with URL’s was a pain and I was a bit like bluh and I have a blog so bluhgger is like a mix

What’s your middle name?

Paravaneh (I’m not even sure i’ve spelt that right tbh) which is persian for butterfly, because my dad’s iranian and my parents are hippies 

If you could have a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

Idk maybe a dragon or a phoenix or even a nemean lion

Favourite colour?

oh y’know the one that’s a colour

Favourite song

ahhhhhhhh what the frick sort of question is this you wouldn’t choose a favourite child so I can’t choose a favourite song

Top 3 fandoms?

1) the stress fandom

2) the crying fandom

3) the “fuck this” fandom

Why do i enjoy tumblr

Because then I don’t have to think about all the work and exam revision I’m putting off also friends which is fun

tag 8 blogs : hmmm young–potato my-precious-acorn miss-cupcake123 tomsussex satan-has-the-sass istapledmythumb and zestyb

also anyone else who wants to do this (especially my peeps in the fajitanet)

It me.

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1) Why this URL? - Darling, why do you think. Take a good while to consider this. 

2) Middle name? - Celeste- *Blinded by the whiteness*

3) If you could own a fictional pet what would it be? - Aslan, because I live for cats. (◡‿◡✿)

4) Favourite colour? - Blue!

5) Favourite song? - This MIND-BLOWING cover of Miss Jackson, go check it out!

6) Top three any number of fandoms? - Gravity Falls, Over the Garden wall, Steven Universe, Inuyasha, Harry potter, The Mortal Instruments, the list is endless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7) Why do I like Tumblr? - I feel like a tru 90s kid. Plus the feminism, songs, representation, photography, art and generally amazing people on here :D

8) Tag 8 people: I don’t even have 8 friends how can I do this? Okay,

iwritesinsnotfivepageessays already-fluent-in-sarcasm maeverox fishingboatproceeds thatsthat24 taylorswift falloutboy  staff

Come on guys, don’t let me down! :D

Someone loves me!

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1) Why did you choose your url?

One of my oldest WoW characters’ surnames is Blackstone. Blackstone has become one of my many handles. Blackstone was taken. So, Blaqstone. I’m edgy or something.

2) What is your middle name?

Kendall. My parents spent the first 16 years of my life disagreeing on how to spell it and I didn’t find out which was correct until I got my birth certificate.

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Gryphons would be cool. So would dragons. I’m not picky. Something big and spooky I can ride.

4) Favourite colour?

Red. That bright firetruck red.

5) Favourite song?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

6) What are your top five fandoms?

WoW, Mercy Thompson, Dresden Files, Marvel, Um… GoT? Myself? I’m my biggest fan.

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I look at pretty pictures! Seriously. I’m pretty much here to look at pretty things and reblog them to the appropriate character’s bit.

8) Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes baes (they do the 8 questions too):

ryuzhin, aeronablack I don’t know anyone else that hasn’t already been tagged. :( Except the people I stalk accidentally.