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Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

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Happy premiere month! At the start of each season I like to make a masterpost for the new fans and as a way to promote all of the lovely tags that the fandom put so much effort into. Welcome to the AMC TURN fandom, we are the TURNcoats!

Hi there, I am majorjohnandre and I post a lot of gifs and edits of the TURN episodes. I hope the links below are useful and my ask box is always open :)

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They’re losing, and they deserve to win this.

you can throw shade when a relationship end in two ways

you can be bitter about it

and make everything be about the person


ended is in the past

and you don’t want anymore association


I was tagged by yummibooks a long while back to do the Selfie Book Tag! I’m channeling my inner Alba and rocking the red lipstick~ If you haven’t heard me raving about The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, where have you been. This book is the best YA contemporary I’ve read ever. 


Alphonse Elric and Elena Fiori (◠‿◠✿)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Prince of the Dawn and Daughter of the Dusk

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so I was watching bits of old hockey games and I watched the game last year stars vs pens where tyler scored the gwg with 3 seconds left and then at the end of the game the team was cellying and I found this

basically jordie is looking at tyler with the same proud big brother face he gives jamie and so it has been decided that jordie is the team’s universal big brother and nothing can shake me of this I don’t care that half the team is older than him he’s everyone’s big brother

I’m in far too deep already…

let me make this clear: if people decide it’s cool to trend #killkira when she goes dark, after the horrific event of #killallison back in s2, i will drag your asses so hard you’ll have skid marks for years


inktober 17: “I think you missed that one on purpose, but I suppose I have to ask now: Will you please…marry me?”

WHO EVEN WROTE THIS S-SUPPORT. Also, did you know my current Twitter name is “don’t look at me”? I think it’s fitting. Well, anyway, see y’all in prison.

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What is your favorite Paget tweet!?

Mmm. Hands down:

I sincerely regret not making that my senior yearbook quote I s2g.

  • trans person:*writes "trans*"*
  • tucute:hey, don't use the asterisk.
  • trans person:why not? as a nonbinary person, it helps me feel represented.
  • tucute:i know, but you already -should- be represented in just "trans." you're sort of othering yourself by implying you normally wouldn't be that. plus, cis people sometimes barge into conversation about transphobia to correct actual trans people who don't use the asterisk-- it ends up being a way for them to invade our spaces. plus, the person who coined it was pretty transphobic against trans women? it's just in general not necessary or good.
  • trans person:huh. alright. i mean i'm still kinda wary about it because people so often forget nonbinary people, but if you're worried more harm than good can from from it, i totally get that.
  • tucute:*uses nounself pronoun*
  • trans person:hey, remember how even though the asterisk made me feel safe, it made a lot of other people feel unsafe? and that it had transphobic origins? and helped a lot of cis people invade our space? weeeell nounself pronouns were coined as a transphobic jab to nonbinary people, and are still used to openly mock us, plus--
  • tucute:WOW I can NOT believe you are going to gatekeep like this
  • trans person:i am literally just asking you show the same consideration I showed, because when they--
  • trans person:wait, what? I said /them/, that's gender neutral and all encompassing, besides, how is "plant" even a gender because it has nothing to do with people--
  • tucute:YOU'RE DOING IT TO SPITE US. lol nice transphobia :)
Let's Throw Out Another Remake (A Dream is a Wish Parody)
  • Let's Throw Out Another Remake (A Dream is a Wish Parody)
  • Giselle Taraboletti

I feel like a new live action remake of a previous Disney film is announced every day, and I imagine that this is what board meetings are like nowadays. (karaoke track)


Let’s throw out another remake
Of our old cartoons
‘Cause this way not much is at stake
We’ll recycle all those old tunes

We already have an audience
So why risk a financial flop?
Just rehash some old Disney magic
And make it much more tragic
And we’ll always come out on top

Cheritz Team is too kind to us (´;ω;`) I think they read my massage (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)