I don't know why I love this quote so much but I do


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 7: Favourite Male Character

Okay, so most of my favourite characters are creepy tricky types and shadow powers are pretty badass imo, so when they get put together into a weird lazy creature in Oda’s beautiful style, I just have to absolutely love it, right? <3 <3 <3

I know a lot of people think Moria-sama is the most annoying character in OP, but I pretty much love him due to all the reasons they give for not liking him lol xD. I love weird character designs, and he is just one perfect leek. His laugh is pretty much the best in OP imo (with Caesar close behind) and I think his voice is pretty damn awesome overall as well (so many props to his VA). And the fact that he decided to be lazy and use his shadow zombies to fight for him and do all his work is just genius imo. And then we find out that the zombie stuff and him becoming a leek all started due to him losing his entire crew T_T.

Also he was just the cutest kid, and I can’t wait to see him after the TS <3

(I so did not do him justice with those edits D;)

“in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

It’s like my favorite quote of all time and mostly the reason why I do so much.

I’m really happy about having so many chances to meet new and different people and to get to know new things.

About having the chance to live no matter how hard it is at the moment. Others don’t have the chance to live, or go to school and else.

But we do. So we should live as long as we can and take all the chances, because nobody knows what’s gonna happen in the future.

As long as we live we should live freely and passionately.

It’s our only chance.

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What do you think about love at first sight? You think you can love somebody just by looking at them? But the thing is, man, it’s like I felt like I knew her. You know? You ever get that feeling?

Yeah, like, you seen her before, you just…know her.


It’s a feeling. But actually, you really don’t know her.

Yeah. I probably…I don’t, right?

That’s right.

I felt like I did, though.

I want to tell you everything. I want you to know you’re the reason why I keep people at a distance. I’m afraid they’ll suck me in to their misery and let me rot there like you did. I want to tell you how awful I felt about myself when I was around you. I want to tell you how scared I am that you still might come back and take everything from me out of revenge. I want you to know how many excuses I made for you. I want you to know how many people hated you because they loved me and they saw how you hurt me. I want to tell you that I was never who you thought I was; I’m so much more than that. I want to tell you I’m not angry with you at all but I’m angry at myself for letting you do this to me for years. But if I ever saw you I wouldn’t say a word. Because you would never understand. You’re always the victim and you can’t see how your actions affect others. You don’t want to recognize that you take advantage of people who love you. I was once one of those people, but never again.
What I liked the most in the episode 9 of YOI

In this scene, what Yuri really said was: “Until I retire, take care of me(boku no koto), please!”. AND THAT IS WHAT I LIKED SO MUCH. Do you know why?

Not because of “marriage proposal”. (but i loved it, anyway)


Victor said, somehow, “I wish you’d never retire”, what means: "In that way, I would take care of you for the rest of my life.”



And I love them so much. <3