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Okay, Tumblr, we need to talk.

Listen, mermaids are not usually my thing. I am pretty indifferent towards them in general, but I see a lot of you in my dash posting about mermaids, so I saw this novel and even though I have just started it and I can’t tell you if it’s going to be good or not, I feel it is my civic duty to tell you it exists. Ready?

Ice Massacre, by Tiana Warner. 

A book about a little island at war with a growing colony of mermaids living in the waters around them. So they send warriors to fight them, but historically men don’t do very good against that mermaid lure magic thing they do, so they decide to send a ship full of highly trained girl warriors, and the protagonist is the one Useless Lesbian™ of the ship (who, by the way, also happens to be a lady of color, like most people in the island).

Like I said, mermaids are not my thing and I have only read a few chapters, but so far it is fast-paced and action-y, with a touch of fantasy. The kind of entertaining book you read fast and easy.

Sounds good? Happy to hear it. The paperback is fifteen dollars, but it’s literally less than a fucking dollar for Kindle right now and until July the 31st, because a sequel is coming out in two days and they are having a special offer.

Now go grab your fantasy lesbian mermaid girl warrior novel.  

Edit: I finished the novel and it was great fun, I basically demolished it in two days. Mostly lots of action (and it gets way more graphic than I expected it to) with a touch of fantasy. It’s the kind of book you can just keep reading. If you are into fantasy YA, badass lady protagonists and mermaids, give it a go, I know many people around here will enjoy this a lot!

so uh… a shooting just happened at a mall close to where i live (in munich). like, really fucking close. the shooters are still on the loose and the police are warning everyone to stay indoors. i can hear sirens and helicopters outside and there’s a bunch of rumors going around about other shootings happening somewhere else in the city too, tho they’re probably all false reports. i’m home, i’m safe, i don’t really know what to do with myself right now. i haven’t seen anyone else make a post who lives this close to it so i guess that’s what i’m doing.

if you’re in munich, stay indoors, stay safe.

Honestly everyone’s so tired of all this age discourse bullshit. Sheith is toxic? Where in the world two guys caring for each other is toxic and problematic and gross?? You know what’s problematic??? Turning this into a fucking ship contest. And if you’re going to post hatred about sheith at least don’t tag it as /sheith/ because no one’s there to see your bullshit.

And stop saying things like “I see Shiro as a father figure so I can’t ship him with anyone :////” like back??? off??? Shiro is canonically a teenager and he has already gone through so much at such a young age and you come here to tell me he’s a father figure and that he’s condemned to “have adult responsabilities” for the rest of his life??? He was supposed to live a happy life ok none of the paladins should be carrying this huge weight on their shoulders. And the dad thing is a joke why do people take things too literally gdi.

Just give Shiro a break and let him be a teenager for once.


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I actually wasn’t sure where this theme was going for the lonest time, but I definitely wanted to make a space inspired theme! This one is an all in one theme with up to 5 tabs (2 are for the ask and submission page, and they will not appear if they aren’t enabled).


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more theme details can be found here

Please like/reblog if you’re interested and me know if there are any problems!

If you have any long fic recommendations involving MCU!Tony Stark, please let me know because I’m going on a trip where my wifi access is limited and I need reading material.

Preferably fics that will make me go “Ohhh, Tony 😢😢 

Or “Tony! 😫 ”


i really need active ships, so if anyone’s interested.. i miss it..

Listen here!

You can come and say that i’m sick or better off dead just because I ship Kaisoo, but you can go and just live your life, w/o sending hate asks to us, shippers!

There’s a lot of nice people in this fandom that doesn’t deserve your hate, threats and blackmail!

You don’t even understand the weight those words ‘Kill yourself/selves’ hold!

It’s nice to act brave and tall on internet where no one could get in your track and really teach you so morals and everything that you didn’t learn.

And let me just say something else - S*M are a shady company, AND THEY DON’T EVEN NEED TO BE SHADY OR TRUTHFUL WANTING TO PROTECT THEIR IDOLS (We don’t know their true intentions), FOR ME TO NOT BELIEVE THEM (And lots of others too for the same matter)

You have to understand that there are a lot of conspiracies in the world, like Ki* K was in a false marriage (I think you’d understand this level of education at least), hell, there’s even conspiracy that the first man on the Moon was actually filmed in a studio with some good equipment…And don’t me even start with the biggest conspiracy of them all - how we all generated from only one man and one woman…

What I’m trying to say is - You shouldn’t accept everything you’re served, and by that, let me just remind you of something –


So please, don’t hate each other, since we’re all in this together (HSM cue), this fandom that we love so much and care for all of the members (Whether your cup of tea is OT9 or OT12), and we’re all here to support our boys no matter what…

There’s no need for you sending death threats to one another, since this is all for fun, shipping and writing fics and making fan edits and vines and videos and making fan art (god I love those)

And just lil’ something - I’m and many other writers are gonna write Kaisoo still even when I get hate mail from anons (too afraid to show yourself?), and I’m gonna enjoy my ships because we all have reasons for shipping whoever with whoever!

So thank you for reading it this far, and please, stop with the hate!

Kpop High School ~ 1

Summary: Link here ~ basically high school AU where you go to school with a bunch of idols. 

Written for funsies! Please enjoy some light hearted fun. I adore all the idols in my story!

Warnings: A few “f” bombs. Otherwise none
Word Count: ~1,800

@eureka-its-zico @lvtbeth @twigsafear @mylastword-blog

Chapter 1

“Right here?” Ungjae asked as he held his palm in front of his face.

“Yep, right there,” you said, slapping the back of his hand forward so that he slapped himself in the face.

“Hey!” Ungjae rubbed his nose and scowled at you. “That wasn’t nice.”

“Well, you get mad at me when I slap you, so I’m making you slap yourself,” you replied, sticking your tongue out at him. He reached up to grab you, but you ducked out of the way, twisting around and running into another person.

You blinked rapidly, apologizing immediately when you saw who it was. Taeyong, one of the boys in your grade that you had a crush on. He towered over you, his gaze strong and steady, but he didn’t look upset that you had barrelled into him.

Ungjae grabbed your arm to pull you away, also apologizing to him. Taeyong’s gaze lingered on you an extra few seconds before he nodded in acknowledgement and headed past the two of you.

You gripped Ungjae’s arm with your two hands, squeezing tight as you fought for air. “Oh…my….God…!”

Ungjae rolled his eyes, twisting his arm out of your grip. “He’s just a dude. A dude with a bad haircut.”

You let go of him so you could flick his forehead. “You’re one to talk,” you frowned.

“Guys!” Xiao came from nowhere, sliding onto the bench that was next to the two of you. “Look what I got!”

“It better not be food,” you grumbled, plopping down next to him.

“It’s better than food,” Xiao made an annoyed face at you.

“It’s chicken!” Ungjae cheered, pulling the packaged food from the bag in Xiao’s hand.

You stared at Xiao blankly, knowing better than to point out that chicken was, indeed, food. Xiao stared back, daring you to say those exact words. He had to look away, however, because Ungjae was going to eat all of the chicken. Xiao snatched it back to get his own portion before handing the rest back over to Ungjae. The two were best friends, peas in a pod, and shared everything.

You let your feet swing as you sat on the bench, letting them eat. Chicken was not one of your favorite things, and they knew it, even though they did offer you some. Instead, you watched as students milled into the school from their lunch break. You had a crush on half the male population of your school, so you enjoyed people watching.

There was Jungkook, the athletic star of the school, number one in everything that was sports, but not very good at academics. His adorable face and accommodating personality made up for it; most of his grades were probably bumped up by adoring teachers. He was very sweet and you had never heard a bad word said about him. He was walking with his fellow athletes Jeup, Jota, and Wonho, aka the muscle brigade. They were all very nice to look at.

Then, ironically, there was the chess club leader, Kevin, walking with his backpack carelessly slung over his shoulder, actively scrolling on his phone. He was too adorable for words, but the nerdist nerd that ever nerded. He had a couple cute friends around school, but they were known for their good grades and quiet demeanors, not really stand outs.

“So are you ready for the quiz today?” Ungjae asked. Despite the doofus act that he put on, Ungjae was in the top five of our class, pretty much a genius. If he actually applied himself he would be number one.

Xiao gave him a side-eyed look. “What quiz?” Typical Xiao. The kid didn’t pay attention to much of anything at school. How he wasn’t flunking out was beyond me.

Ungjae punched Xiao in the shoulder and pulled out a book from his backpack to give Xiao a quick review in hopes of Xiao not failing miserably. You had already studied, so you excused yourself, with a little slap to the back of Ungjae’s head on your way by. You don’t know what it was about that boy, but he made you want to hit him constantly.

You were busy pulling things out of your locker when someone leaned against the wall next to you. You let your gaze slide to the side to find Sang grinning wickedly at you. With a frown, you slammed your locker shut and faced him. “What?”

“What are you doing after school?”

You pressed your lips together before telling him. “I have plans.”

“Do you? Do you really?” he knew better.

“I will have plans.” you amended.

“With me?” Sang raised an eyebrow.

Ever since that one day you consented to make out with him behind the bleachers for a half hour, he decided he wanted to do it again. While it hadn’t been a bad kissing session, you really didn’t want to just be a girl he messed around with. That would give you a negative reputation very quickly. Sang tended to mess around with a lot of girls and everyone knew it.

“Not with you,” you put a finger on his shoulder to push him out of your way. Still, he fell into step beside you, slinging an arm around your shoulders.

“You’ll change your mind.” You could hear the grin in his voice.

You felt something hard rap on your head; a second later Sang was flinching and removing his arm from your shoulders with a cry of pain. You both turned to see your gym teacher, Eric, looking at the two of you with disapproval. He crossed his arms, tucking the stick he hit you both with under his elbow. “Too much PDA,” was all he said.

You wanted to protest that there was no affection between the two of you, but you knew it would fall on deaf ears. Eric lived to rap people on the head with his stick. Plus, Sang would probably call you a liar and then you’d be back to square one. So, you kept your mouth shut and looked down at Eric’s red sneakers. They clashed with his teal track suit, and you couldn’t wait to talk about his train-wreck of an outfit with your friends at lunch.

“Sorry,” Sang apologized for the both of you. You each backed away from his stern gaze in opposite directions, veering off into your respective homerooms. As much as Eric had given you a headache, it was better than Sang hanging on you any longer. He was cute, but naughty; he would bring you nothing but trouble.

You slid into your chair next to your bestie, Beth. She was bright, bubbly, and cheerful; everything that you strived to be and always failed at. You could be one of those things at a time, but never all three at once. How she managed it, you’d never understand.

“I saw Ungjae tutoring Xiao outside,” Beth remarked, pulling pencils from her backpack. “But I think it’s hopeless.”

You nodded, pulling out your own supplies from your bag. “Xiao usually is,” you agreed. You loved the kid, he was practically your brother, but he just did not get along well academically. “Still, he’ll make it through somehow.”

“I wish I was cute enough to get away with murder,” Beth murmured under her breath.

“Don’t worry,” you said, patting her shoulder lightly. “You are.”

“Awwww, ain’t that stinkin’ adorable,” Changkyun appeared suddenly, kneeling in front of your desks, resting his chin on his hands and looking between the two of you. “The two of you are so cute-ahhh!” He was being sarcastic; everything out of his mouth usually was. He was harmless, just a kid who tried to be funny at all times, but sometimes he was super annoying.

You had no problem flicking his very conveniently placed forehead. “No one asked you,”

“Yah!” A loud voice said, headed in our direction. Changkyun looked over his shoulder, scrambled to stand up, hit his knee hard on the desk, and half-limped, half-shuffled away when he saw who had yelled at him.

Jenn came closer, arm and arm with Kathleen. Jenn made a threatening motion toward Changkyun, causing him to flinch, but the two ended up smiling at each other. “Don’t mess with my girls,” Jenn warned him.

“I was calling them cute,” Changkyun tried to defend himself, now across the room.

Jenn waved a dismissive hand at him before she and Kathleen slid into the seats behind you and Beth. The two leaned forward on their elbows as Beth and you turned to face them. Jenn lowered her voice so it was just the four of you in the conversation. “Did you see what Zico was wearing today?”

Beth’s eyebrows shot up, “Isn’t it a school uniform?”

Jenn blinked at her twice, then nodded slowly. “Yes, but he’s not wearing his jacket and his shirt is fucking sleeveless!”

Kathleen sighed. “Those arms.”

You wrinkled your nose at them. “I don’t get what you see in him. Isn’t he a bully?”

“Well,” Jenn looked thoughtfully toward the ceiling as she spoke. “He might take a few kids’ lunch money from time to time,” she admitted. “But I saw him rescue a stray puppy once. And he stopped that one kid from the other school from beating up Kevin.”

“Oh yeah, well then,” you nodded. “He has a heart of gold.”

Jenn stuck her tongue out at you, fully aware of what you thought about Zico and his friends. “I know he’s not perfect. But he’s fucking perfect for me.”

You reached out to pat her hand. “I know. And I still love you.”

Jenn’s hand snaked away, then was immediately back to smack the back of your hand playfully. The two of you exchanged smiles. As opposite as the two of you were, you would both fight tooth and nail to protect the other. That’s how your little group of girlfriends was. All as different as could be, and all loyal to the bitter end.

“I wish Brittany had been in our homeroom,” Kathleen voiced the thought that was going through your head right now.

“Me too,” Daehyun said from her immediate right.

“Are you eavesdropping?” Jenn looked ready to start World War III.

“Just the Brittany part,” Daehyun sighed. “I didn’t care about the Zico part.”

Before Jenn could get expelled for beating up a boy, your homeroom teacher walked in. For some reason, the teachers at this school all just wanted to be called by their first names. Minwoo set his binder on the podium and cleared his throat. Ungjae and Xiao slipped in the back and into their seats just as Minwoo starting calling roll. The teacher knew they were late, but chose to ignore it, just continuing with attendance.

It was a fairly typical beginning of a school day. Little did you realize that by the end of the day, everything would be turned upside down; your world was about to be thrown into chaos. Things would never again be this simple.

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This is a game where you choose a band and answer the questions only using their song titles

I chose: The Wombats

What is your gender? Avocado, Baby

Describe yourself: Here Comes The Anxiety

How do you feel? Walking Disasters

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Moving To New York

Favorite mode of transportation? Girls/Fast Cars (I mean, either or ya know)

Your best friend? School Uniforms (all of my friends are younger than me okay)

Favorite time of day? Lost In The Post (THERE ARE NONE WTF IS THIS QUESTION)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials

What is life to you? Greek Tragedy

Relationship status: Sex And Question Marks

I tag @latinenglishfandomblog @laurellanceisalive and @canarycassidy because this was hard and I want y'all to struggle with me

New game: 5 things I don’t understand!

1. What fire is

2. How animals know where to migrate to like wtf

3. That bit in LOTR where pippins hands are magically untied like how did they fuck up that badly

4. Mechanical physics

5. The song “ I’m an albatroz”

Tag some more people to list 5 things they don’t understand. The aim here is to share confusion and to get answers.

I tag : @angstrydenbytch, @phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess, @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, @the-seventhavenger, and @itsstuckyinmyhead

go forth and share the things you don’t understand

Tag Game

Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. tag ten people at the end.

Artist: Carrie Underwood

What is your gender? Good girl

Describe yourself? I Just Can’t Live A Lie

How do you feel? Forever Changed

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Mexico

Favourite mode of transportation? Two Black Cadillacs

Your best friend? What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

Favourite time of day? This Time

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called? Lessons Learned

What is life to you? One Way Ticket

Relationship status? Leave Love Alone

Your fear? You Won’t Find This

I tag:

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tfw you have a random dream where you, @nctrivial and @carvingdeath and some guy (SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE WAS BUT I WANTED TO SIT NEXT TO HIM SO I STOLE MACE’S SEAT WHEN SHE WENT TO PEE) go on a road trip and then later film a music video to this song

It was a wild ride from start to finish.

i’m going to go into greater detail in this hc about william seward, sr., florence’s husband, basically building off what i talk about here and talking abt it more in-depth! to clarify my approach, i’m not super interested in william’s personal history e.g. where he was born, his family, etc., but more in what he meant to florence and what impact he had on her.

in this post i’m just gonna focus on the beginning of their relationship. i’ll prob make a second post soon with more details about the timeline of their marriage itself, as well as the way his abuse manifested and escalated.

  • william and florence met in medical school. as i mention in other headcanons, she was one of the first women in america to attend medical school, and was subject to a “probationary status” that allowed the school to get away with basically anything they wanted w/r/t her treatment. if she fucked up even once, she was out the door, and the entire student body + faculty waited breathlessly for her to fuck up.
  • into this picture william seward stepped. he was a brilliant student, easily florence’s intellectual equal, and while a number of men had proposed themselves as florence’s “only ally!” at school, william was the only one who seemed to do it without ulterior motive. moreover, he was the only one who stood the test of time. the other students quickly realized that not only did florence have a blunt, even harsh personality, making her difficult and “unattractive,” she also had an intellect vastly superior to theirs–or at least, an intellect she was willing to bend to achieve surpassing academic excellence. (again, remember she was hypervisible, everyone was waiting for a fuckup; she had to be perfect.) william seemed unthreatened by both of these things, even charmed, delighted, intrigued by them.
  • the initial romance with an abuser is often a whirlwind, intense and passionate, blowing through one’s customary defenses; the same is true for florence’s initial relationship with william. there was one major point of vulnerability that made her especially susceptible to being charmed by him, and eventually to falling in love with him:
    • florence had resolved, prior to medical school, to completely reject romantic attachment, long-term relationships, and, beyond that, the entire institution of marriage. she went into adulthood under the assumption that she would spend her life essentially alone; that, as a misfit, no one would ever truly understand her, or ever really want to, and that there was no room in her future for a relationship.
    • this sounds like something that would prevent her from falling in love with william, but remember that intoxicating whirlwind of feeling that abusers can generate. florence, believing herself immune to those feelings and assuming that she would never find anyone who’d make her feel that way, was in fact making herself doubly vulnerable. it excited and dizzied her to feel romantic feelings that she had imagined to be out of her reach forever.
  • there was an element of chase and pursuit in their early relationship that kept william’s interest in florence very high. her resistance thrilled him. he took it as a kind of game or puzzle, figuring out exactly how to break down her walls. he got emotional confessions out of her that she’d never shared with another person before–honest words about her fears, her longings, and her experience of deep loneliness and alienation from other people. he met her parents and her brothers, even before florence was willing to admit he was a suitor. he squirmed his way into florence’s heart, presenting himself, again, as her “only ally,” the one person she could really count on.
  • they did not marry immediately out of school. atm, i’m putting it at six months to a year after their graduation. in the interim, william went into practice as a physician–possibly in his father’s extant practice?–while florence began to work with charity groups and to give her services to the new york underclass. william deliberately pulled back, not seeing florence for weeks at a time so that when they did meet again, it would blow up into intense, emotional, passionate reunions. this tactic eventually eroded the last of her resistance to marriage, and they were married in, hmm, 1852ish? florence was 24-25.

au where harry is a housekeeper and louis is a painter who doesn’t leave the house. he doesn’t even know why he hired harry, really. his mum told him he needed to “leave the house” but well. he hasn’t done that in five years, aside from the essentials. he’s not even lonely, really, is the thing, but his mum kept badgering him and when she pulled the “i’m worried about you card” (which really wasn’t fair at all) he had to do something. so here he is with a housekeeper he doesn’t really want, that’s too long and too big and too bright and he’s annoying. and the worst part is, he’s not even trying to be annoying!! in fact, anyone else would think he’s “endearing” but he is everything louis has grown so… unaccustomed to and it’s just weird okay? but he hires him on for three days a week on a trial basis bc why not until he finds that harry actually isn’t….so….terrible….and he finds himself looking forward to his visits??? and then they become friends, which is terrifying and louis absolutely does Not think about it at all. honestly, king of Crossing That Bridge When He Gets To It 

and then one day after work, harry is sitting on the sofa with his legs in louis’s lad and some movie playing on the tv in the background when he asks louis why he never leaves the house. and it’s not…. it’s not even a big story, really. it’s just that it’s safe to keep your distance when everyone hurts you anyway. it’s safer to stay in the house when the only thing that makes sense is the canvas and his paint. and then harry points out that, “hey we’re friends and i think we’re gonna be okay. i think we’re gonna be better than okay” and louis definitely goes into panic mode because yikes this is definitely Not What He Wanted and he kicks harry out and doesn’t let him in the house for like two weeks before he gives up. and when he opens the door and sees harry sitting on the front porch on one of his workdays (like he has been doing), louis still doesn’t let him in but only because he impulsively bought tickets to see a movie and he wants to go before he chickens out

anonymous asked:

Really random question, but I noticed you don't curse much or at all on your blog. Just wondering if you curse irl and just avoid it on your tumblr.

I do curse often but not enough to the point where each sentence needs a bleep haha. Sometimes, I will curse in my tags or when private messaging because I’m human and truthfully have a somewhat vulgar sense of humor. I just don’t do it when answering asks or posting publicly because the way I see it, I wouldn’t go up to a stranger I don’t know in real life and start throwing  the f-bomb around. There might be nothing wrong with doing so for some, but since my blog is also kind of my “work,” it’d just feel uncomfortable.

people should send me links to their fave videos of the spn cast, or send me their favorite stories about them, or ask me to write stories or make gifsets or graphics or anything because it’s only 11:50am and i have been crying for six hours and i am on my way to a really difficult meeting in the psychiatric, and then i will go home to my own apartment where my psychotic neighbor is probably waiting to harass me again and i am honestly really scared to go home, so please send me stuff to take my mind off things? please?

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end!

1. ARTIST: Coldrain
2. WHAT IS YOUR GENDER?: Pretty little liar
3. DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Chasing dreams
4. HOW DO YOU FEEL?: Whole
7. YOUR BEST FRIEND: My addiction
10. WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU?: The Revelation
11: YOUR FEAR: You lie

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