I don't know what to say anymore tbh

Have some random Haikyuu!! headcanons out of nowhere! i don’t even know what I’m doing anymore tbh, like, I’m literally spending my free time writing Haikyuu!! hcs when I should be writing an essay. (this anime will be the end of me)

  • Bokuto’s favorite movie is Alvin and the chipmunks, but he can never watch it on his own without crying, so the other members of Fukurodani have to watch it with him
  • When I say the rest of Fukurodani I mean Akaashi because everyone else makes up excuses on why they can’t go
  • Iwaizumi probably can’t drink at all, he’s a total lightweight and is definitely a clingy drunk. Oikawa doesn’t mind though, actually he thinks it’s the funniest most adorable thing ever (he also takes a lot of pictures, but Iwa-chan doesn’t need to know that)
  • Fukunaga is the best at throwing Halloween parties, they’re always super detailed and just overall great. No one really know it’s him who plans them tho, not even the rest of the volleyball team
  • Terushima likes to go ghost hunting with the rest of Johzenji even though none of them ever want to go. Imagine one day Terushima trying to convince Daishou to go on a date with him and Daishou says yes, but instead of taking him on a date Teru takes him to an abandoned house in the middle of the night
  • Asahi has nearly blinded himself by spraying deodorant into his eye. He thought he was for real gonna die and started crying and breaking down, until Daichi and Suga finally decided to bring him to the hospital
  • Kuroo likes to eat nutela straight from the jar, he’ll just dip his spoon in and take a giant glop of it. One time Yaku slapped the spoon out of his hand and what did Kuroo do? He stuck his hand in the jar is what he did (Yaku has never been more disappointed with his children) 
  • Futakuchi once got so tired of waiting for his video to load that, in a fit of rage and frustration, he smashed the laptop on the ground then threw it out an open window. The worst part is that it wasn’t even his laptop, it was Aone’s
  • Yaku usually never misses school, so when he doesn’t show up for a week rumors start going around that he died, and some people actually believe it especially Lev. Everyone freaks out when he comes back the following week. (he went on some rich person vacation w/ his family and didn’t bother telling anyone) 
  • Hanamaki once tried to convince a drunk Matsukawa to wear a dress, it worked and thus Drag Queen Matsun was born. Matsun saw the pictures the next day and instead of getting angry he’s like “damn I look good~”
  • Hanamaki breathes a heavy sigh of relief,and he agrees, Matsun looks amazing
  • Kuroo is also a drag queen and a pretty good one too. It all started when Kenma asked him to wear a dress which then escalated to Yaku doing his makeup, Kai doing his hair, and Yamamoto and Fukunaga 
  • The captains dress up in drag and have a competition, no one wins because they all end up cheating and Oikawa sabotages Kuroo (who he had an alliance with) by pushing him off the stage durring his dance number
  • Matsun was the judge
I am not entirely sure what I want anymore and that in itself is so entirely confusing.
—  I want to stop being lost but I can’t figure it out.
You say i’m too much of a romantic but you kiss me like you’ve seen all my favorite french films and you never believed in magic but i swear we were made of it that night i kissed the stars on the back of your neck. i loved your hands and you loved the smell of my hair and together we made so much sense that i choked on my tears when you said we met at the wrong time. i was half full when i met you and half empty when you left and since then i’ve been filling my glass with cigarette butts and long drives that make me wonder if falling out of love with you was a bandaid or a bruise. the first time i met you i told you i didn’t believe in love and it took me four shots of tequila and drunken lips to realize that i would have shot the sunshine into my veins if it meant a moment with you and the stars in our skies burned out three days ago but they’re still shining the way they did three months ago and i swear to God i won’t forget you even when my dreams do.
—  you were so much of a realist that you couldn’t even believe in a happy ending 

I don’t even know what to say anymore, tbh. You guys blow my mind with this, I can’t believe how many friends I made so far, so I guess you deserve a BIAS List! Especially since my ass was too lazy when I hit 1k800. This goes to my best friends to people I enjoy seeing on my dash. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, tho! So before I start one more question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!?


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