I don't know what changed about him

@littlestpersimmon this isn’t very good because I’ve been writing it on a note on my phone but I thought maybe you’d enjoy my ideas about kindergarten!Kent and his teacher. The best kindergarten teacher I know was a certified scuba diver… and after graduating high school I decided to become one too, because their passion stuck with me. I’ve had a history of passionate teachers who love what they do, and I wanted that for Kent.

Hockey doesn’t enter the life of Kent Parson seriously until the very first day of kindergarten. Mrs Smith is an older lady (well, old to kindergarteners but probably only a decade into her teaching career) and she’s well known and well lived in the community. And she’s absolutely mad for hockey.

His first day is okay. He’s kind of afraid at first, but he’s Kent Parson and by snack time he’s got a gaggle of friends and they’re eagerly listening to Mrs Smith read a hockey book. When he’s picked up by his mom that evening after the after-school program he excitedly tells her all about his day.

His mother recalls in an interview after he’s drafted by the Aces that it was the first time he’d ever mentioned playing hockey. And that’s when life changed.

Mommy enrolled him in a learn to play hockey program a few weeks later, after getting a flyer in his backpack from a kind Mrs Smith, who saw Kent’s excitement and knew of a program that was affordable and single parent friendly.

Kent learned a lot that year. He learned every NHL team from the pennants on the walls (and how to read them!) all the jerseys of his favorite players (and numbers!) how to work together (like on a hockey team!) and how to work alone (like a penalty shot!!). He learned to skate forwards and backwards, how to hockey stop and even got to play goalie!

Dear Mrs Smith sees that excitement Kent has for the game on the weekends when she goes to all the games her husband coaches: mites and squirts and peewees and bantams. Of course at Kent’s level the little ones are following the puck in a group and still wobbling around on shaky legs, but she’s here for the joy, not the sick plays. They watch enough professional NHL hockey at home, weekend days are for the kids and their unbridled joy for things they love.

Her favorite memory of little Kent Parson was his last day of kindergarten when he hugged her and told her that she could wear his jersey someday, promise! She had smiled and hugged him back and sent him on his way to first grade, thankful once again for the job she got to do every year.

She keeps tabs on as many of her kids as she can. Bobby married three years ago and has a little girl, Shelly swims for a college down south, Austin moved to New York to act, Janie’s oldest daughter is in her new class.

But she can’t help but tear up when a picture of little Kent Parson lifting the Stanley Cup over his head is the front page of the local news. She and her husband attend the parade the city holds, and John has the picture of Kent hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head framed for her classroom.

And her favorite memory of the no longer so little Kent Parson is when he awkwardly knocks on her classroom door a few days before he heads back to Vegas, a backwards cap on his head and a jersey under his arm.

She didn’t think he’d remembered her, which was fine. Her job was to give her small ones a solid foundation for their education, a passion for learning, a good first year to grow and learn.

But when he holds out the jersey for her with that same silly smile she’d seen years ago on a much smaller Kent Parson she can’t help but grin and ignore the jersey while she wrapped him up in a hug.

After letting him go, she takes the offered jersey and flips it over to see his name on the back.

“I told you that you could wear my jersey someday, Mrs Smith.” He says softly, his eyes flitting around the pennants that still grace the walls, eyes lighting up when he sees the Aces one in the collection. “I had to keep my promise.”

And for that, she has to wrap sweet little Kent Parson up in another hug, jersey once again forgotten on her desk.

I’m just so disappointed.

Y’all claim to stan BTS but y’all really stan the maknae line.
Why is Joonie not getting the recognition that he deserves for Change?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone is completely disregarding him and his efforts, but he works so damn hard to reach out and include his international fans and we all sleep on him.

It’s a fucking great song.

“Si tu pouvais lire dans mon cœur, tu verrais la place où je t’ai mise.” - Flaubert

Finally, I’m done with this. ( ╥﹏╥ ) I tried.
Jumin x MC in a Miraculous Ladybug AU.

Jumin is a precious cinnamon roll, I love him with all my heart.


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [24/∞]

Is he plotting //is he thinking about me?
He wants to kill me//why does he hate me?
He is a vampire//there has to be a reason he is so distant.
I followed him around because I was afraid of him//worried about him
Where is he? He is plotting against me//I miss him
You have to change the rooming arrangement//I can’t take this anymore
I have to make sure he’s playing football//i love watching him like that
Ugh he’s of course perfect as always// he’s perfect

Might as well make a grant entrance//I want him to notice me
He is a fucking mess//he’s beautiful
He’s the worst chosen one to ever be chosen//I don’t like when he’s in danger
I pushed him down the stairs//i don’t know how to handle this
I am hopelessly in love with him//Crowley, I am
Simon snow is gonna die kissing me//I have to save him
Simon snow is still gonna die kissing me, just not today// I want to be with him forever
I chose you//I love you

Father Gaston and Clopin Djura.

Has this one been done before? I tried googling, but no luck. So I made my own. The fandom seems to have accepted the Gascogne-Gaston association, and that’s marvelous. The lyrics for Gaston’s song are already so spot on without any changes except names (they even can’t spell his name at the end).

More Bloodborne art coming this week and next week. And next…

What is even in the book? I don’t know, probably something about sparing beasts. And no pictures.

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it's 8:49 nd i'm dying at uni but i'm thinking about joon being cute also about bea's face when she was talking about him and at one point thought about all force one and her expression changed to one of complete admiration

ppffFFFFFFFF EVEN IF YOU’D HIT THAT ANON OPTION AND LET MY EFFING NAME OUT OF IT IT’D BE CRYSTAL CLEAR WHO IT IS hello my sweetest dude my bromeo i hope you’ll be able to power-nap in between classes or properly later and that guk follows you into your dreams and next time i won’t stop gushing abt his bunny teeth for 15mins (also we do not talk abt my facial pudding when it comes to kim namjoon or bts in general or YOU /pokes cheek)

have a good one slay them with your grin reaper looks anja!!!!!!

that’s me laughing abt bashful you bC I TOLD YOU TO SLEEP

this is me ripping the ninth cup of coffee from your trembling fINGERS STOP

this is me pretending to know what a healthy sleep schedule is and telling u abt it my dude 

and this is my attempt to bring you home when you pASS OUT BC OF NO SLEEP

this is me smashing myself on top of you bc i haven’t slept either hAH

but srsly rest lots when you’re back home look you’re chim i’m taeguk and next time you better listen to good ol’ bea’s shark bedtime stories and go to bed my love >:^(

Anonymously (or nah) tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.

What about Rumple?

I think that one of the most important things in the latest episode of OUaT was Killians proposal. But many people forget about Rumplestiltskin.

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We saw him as the biggest villain so many times that we don’t see anything good in his character. In this episode we saw him wanting to do something heroic. I think this may be for him time to change. 

In the flasbakcks we saw he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but he did. And it was only because Bae had his dagger. Rumple really didn’t want to go deep through the darkness. But he had no choice. He even did let his son think it was all his fault. 

Well… Unfortunately, then he decided to follow the dark path. 

Belle always saw good inside him and maybe she was right. In the lat episode he did bad thing to save Gideon. 

Even if he will still follow the darkness we should remember one thing. He will never let anyone he loves go the same way as he.

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NB Murasakibara Atsushi

a.k.a. my most favorite grape child

  • who has time for gender when there are snacks?
  • dresses are more comfortable than pants anyways
  • the only downside: lack of pockets
    • luckily Himuro can sew
    • he was coerced into sewing special snack pockets into all of Murasakibara’s clothes
  • he/him pronouns because that’s what he’s used for years now, no point in changing, but he doesn’t bother correcting anyone if they use different ones
  • apprehensive about makeup, except for mascara and sweet flavored lip gloss
  • bonding activities with Himuro include nail painting and playing with his hair
  • responses to gender questions include ‘ehh’ ‘uuhhh’ and ‘go away’
  • finding clothes in his size is a bit of a hassle, online shopping and at home alterations and homemade clothes become a ‘thing’
    • Kagami comes to visit one time, only to be met with a flood of fabric book, design sketches, and no less than four rolls of measuring tape
  • Kise’s the one Murasakibara goes to for fashion advice
    • do not let the purple child pick his own clothes, he’ll try and pair patterns and it won’t work
    • for the most part, Kise sketches up the designs and then helps Himuro make them

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i know you said you were having trouble connecting with harry before, has that changed for you??

No, it hasn’t! I think this is my new normal. I’m just figuring out what that means for me as we go along.

this has probably been mentioned 2932288 times already but Lana did the Young!Regina voice thing again when she said Robin’s name in the last scene and it still hit me just as hard as the first time

You know what? I don’t think DDL’s going full method for this new PTA’s film. He didn’t change his hair, he didn’t grew a beard or any awesome facial hair. There’s no visible change in his appearance. The film is set in 1950s London so he’d probably just use his own accent. You know when was the last time he used his own voice and accent for a film? “A Room with a View” in 1985. That’s more than 30 years ago! Even then he didn’t sound completely him. Personally, I think 2016 has ruined method acting. 

“We forgive you but what about him?”

- Snow about Hook 

Um…I don’t know…maybe if he was a supportive, understanding, respectful person he would forgive her, try to help her and you know not just be a pouty sulky person who just straight up lies to her all the time!

Just look at the difference. 

Finds out about Emma’s secret: 

Hook - sulking and judgy, like Emma’s parents he seems to chastise rather than support. 

Regina - worries about Emma and her role in Emma’s future, goes to try and help change things for the better while she can.

Truth and honesty: 

Hook - I swear they keep having Emma and Hook say no more secrets, maybe one of these days it might actually be true! As of this episode…no.

Regina - Emma always knows she’s lying and vice versa. They have a mutual bond of trust and support. 

I know which one of the two I saw as a better partner to Emma this episode and it wasn’t the sulky pirate who lied (and continuously lies) to her.

So, I made some of the Fairy Tail sims characters and here’s what’s happened.

  • Natsu and Lucy won’t stop kissing (among other things).
  • Gajeel insists on wearing his formal clothes (I will change him out of those clothes and as soon as I turn my back he changes into them again!)
  • Natsu and Erza do not get along. At all.
  • Loke likes to break into Natsu and Lucy’s house, use their computer, and then leave without even talking to them.
  • Gajeel and Levy are dating, but I don’t remember them ever meeting.
  • Loke got mad when Lucy was using the computer, so he stomped on a pile of garbage until it disappeared.
  • Natsu has lit himself on fire TWICE.
  • Gajeel didn’t talk to anyone until Lucy introduced herself to him.
  • People keep interrupting Natsu and Lucy’s dates. AND THEY WON’T GO AWAY.
  • I tried to make Gray a painter, but he refused, so now he’s a bum who sits around all day while the other boys work.

okay, but what about omega!finn

omega!finn who’s been on suppressants all his life, because the first order believes that betas make the best soldiers, unencumbered by hormones, and therefore try to make stormtroopers as beta-like as possible.

of course, when finn defects, it doesn’t even occur to him that things might change if he doesn’t take more suppressants. hell, he doesn’t even realize heats are a thing, because knowing about that sort of stuff isn’t really important for stormtroopers. the suppressants were just another component of things forced on him in order to make him a “better soldier.” 

so when, after spending a couple of months with the resistance, he goes into heat, he has absolutely no clue what’s going on.

he goes to poe first, because poe’s become his go-to source whenever something new and strange confuses him. (as close as he is to rey, in some ways she’s as in the dark about “normal” things as he is, having grown up all alone in the desert.)

 of course, surprising an alpha by showing up on their doorstep while in heat probably isn’t the smartest idea, but finn doesn’t know this. but poe’s sweet, controlled, and does his best to explain to finn what’s happening, before trying to take him to the medical wing. finn doesn’t want to go, though, a little drunk off poe’s scent.

so poe takes care of him – not sexually – but feeds him, wipes at his brow with a cool, damp cloth when he gets too hot. and part of finn hates this, how he feels weak and overheated and needy, but part of him likes it, because poe is taking care of him.

no one’s taken care of him before.

however, part of the way through the heat, rey barges in, hissing and spitting at poe like a cat, yelling about him taking advantage. poe and finn talk her down, show that nothing untoward has happened, but rey takes time to trust, and at the moment her protectiveness for finn wins out. so she settles in to help.

(by the end of finn’s heat, she trusts poe, though; realizes he cares about finn as much as she does.)

when finn’s heat finally breaks, he hides for a day or so. he doesn’t entirely mean to, but he’s a little embarrassed about how he’d acted, needy and pathetic. eventually rey and poe (mainly rey) confront him on it, and he mumbles his way through his feelings. they ask him if he wants to go on suppressants again, and to finn’s surprise, he finds himself saying no.

because now that he’s thought about it some more, he’s okay with being vulnerable around poe and rey, and he enjoys the closeness heat brings. he likes it when they take care of him.

What a good thing this isn’t music

Gioacchino Rossini on Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique

When composers throw shade

Ja’far’s expression when Alibaba and Sinbad argue/when Sin is told he doesn’t act like himself worries me, like a lot. 

Add that worried face to the last tegaki and to his reaction when Alibaba and him met and he was told that he hadn’t changed a bit. What does he know? What has changed ? What does he look so scared/worried about ? I’m afraid that tegaki was a little warning as to what is going to happen and I fear that Ja’far won’t be doing so well.

I’m honestly still overwhelmed by those few little Triles nuggets. I was expecting nothing, so I was pleasantly surprised. Miles saying Tristan never tried to change him and he liked hanging out with him. Miles saying it’s about the person not the gender. Tristan calling Miles hot and basically imagining kissing him at the end. I wasn’t ready.

alright do you know what this panel says? do you know what that simple word of “courage” says, says about these two characters and their overtly complex relationship?

this panel says that they gave each other courage.

ichigo gave rukia the power to stand up for her beliefs–her belief in herself, her belief in her own powers, her belief in him. we see it in the fullbring arc where she stands up to captains telling her to spy on ichigo, we literally see her explicitly marvel at how much change ichigo has incited in her after she gives him back his powers.

and rukia. rukia gave ichigo his powers–the one thing that his entire courage relies on. she gave it to him. she is the reason he has any courage at all to stand up to enemy after enemy, to get back up when he seems to be beaten down. his courage stems from her, she and his powers are one and the fucking same.

this panel very simply, very concisely states that ichigo and rukia gave each other the courage that kubo seems to think this entire manga has been revolving around since day one.

without each other, rukia and ichigo would not be the people they are today.

And like Bitty looked like he was going to tell him, he really did! But then he probably reminded himself “No- no. Jack is straight, and telling him won’t change that. Even if he wasn’t, what then? He’s leaving, and he’s not going far but it’s far enough to make a difference. And what about coming out? He can’t do that- it’d change everything for Jack, so they’d have to keep it a secret, and that’d be hard and-” and it’d all add up to one conclusion: that Bitty can’t tell him. So he backs out and stammers something about seeing him on TV even though his heart is breaking and he probably thinks it’s for the best and UGH, MY HEART IS BREAKING